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Chapter 941

Of course, what the driver doesn’t know is that there is really no minimum consumption in this box.

After all, this is Tiger’s private box. Those who can come here are basically Tiger’s distinguished guests.

In other words, the consumption here can be said to be ridiculously high, but as a distinguished guest of Lord Tiger, basically no one will pay for it, and Lord Tiger will treat guests.

Here, you can’t enter without identity.

Because the driver didn’t know these rules, when the waiter brought all the food and drink, he didn’t dare to move.

He even thought that when he was going to check out, he didn’t move a bit anyway, so he couldn’t let himself pay.

It was Dustin Zhou, who was devouring food, even Tiger Lord could not even talk to him, as if he hadn’t eaten for several years.

But in fact, Dustin Zhou did not drip in for more than two months.

He stayed on the sacred mountain for two months. During the two months he was in a coma, he did not eat a bite of food, all supported by the aura in his body.

Although the aura is a good thing, it can make people live well without eating or drinking, but it is not good!

It can be said that Dustin Zhou, as the emperor of warriors, would never starve to death even if he did not eat for three to five years and only relied on cultivation.

However, this does not mean that he will not be greedy.

One of the greatest inventions of mankind is cooking and food.

He hadn’t seen human food for two months, he had been gluttonous a long time ago, so now he will show such a windy side.

Lord Tiger looked at Dustin Zhou helplessly. After Dustin Zhou finished eating, he slowly said, “Mr. Zhou, are you eating now?” This was a polite remark, but Dustin Zhou said, “You can eat more. One point.” Tiger Lord, “…good.” When Dustin Zhou finally finished eating, he could finally enter the topic in the box.

There are a total of four people in the box at this time.

Hu Ye and Xu Wei, Dustin Zhou and the driver.

Xu Wei said first, “Mr. Zhou, we have wasted a lot of time. I think the farce should have almost stopped.” “What we are going to say,

But regarding the entire East China Sea pattern, I hope that before that, we can adjust our mentality and let go of personal grievances.

“Xu Wei did not follow Dustin Zhou downstairs to pick up Dustin Zhou. He came to the box later. But obviously, someone told him that A Chong stopped Dustin Zhou. So he felt that Dustin Zhou’s current attitude was obviously revenge on them. He thinks Dustin Zhou is a little cautious. Everyone is a person who does big things, and the things discussed are related to the layout of the whole city. Is it interesting for you to care about these little things there? That’s why he said that, reminding Dustin Zhou not to delay because of little things. However, Dustin Zhou wiped his mouth and said seriously, “There are no small things here, and there are no big things either.

“Only the things I want to care about, let me say something from my heart, Lord Tiger is kind to me, so I won’t embarrass you.

“I don’t care about what happened to me today, but if you don’t give my eldest brother an explanation, I am afraid I will only know Lord Tiger in the future for your entire Xu family.”

Dustin Zhou said it very seriously, without the slightest intention of joking, Hu Ye and Xu Wei also realized the seriousness of the matter. They turned their eyes to the driver. They said that this is something! Obviously, the driver has a bit of tolerance. No, it looks like he has never seen the world. “This is?

“Xu Wei also asked. “I said, this is my elder brother!”

Dustin Zhou emphasized. Xu Wei’s eyes flashed with contempt, and then looked at the driver again, “Your last name is Zhou?”

“No, no, my last name is Zhou, and I am not Mr. Zhou’s big brother. I am a taxi driver. This Mr. Zhou is my passenger.

“The driver said hurriedly. He could feel the boring atmosphere of the scene, and all the focus was on him. He knew Dustin Zhou was for his good, but he didn’t dare to delay Dustin Zhou because of his little things. Xu Wei I was very satisfied with the driver’s answer, and looked at Dustin Zhou and said, “Mr. Zhou, you have also heard it. People have nothing to do with you.

“If you want to embarrass us, or if you want to put forward any conditions, just say whether it is good or not, there is no need for such a farce.

“Is it not good for us to be honest with each other?”

“Do you think this is a farce?”

Dustin Zhou squinted his eyes. Xu Wei’s face also became cold, “Isn’t it?”

We are obviously discussing a very important matter. What do you do to involve such an irrelevant person?

“We are sincere now, Mr. Zhou, I seriously doubt your sincerity now!”

“Xu Wei was obviously annoyed. Obviously, he felt that Dustin Zhou brought the driver with him to make things difficult for him.


“My sincerity is not for you, as long as he is in my heart.” Dustin Zhou said lightly, “In short, you must give me an explanation about my big brother today.” Xu Wei was taken aback for a moment. , Looking at Dustin Zhou’s serious expression, I couldn’t figure out what Dustin Zhou meant.

“Give you five million, will you leave here, OK?” Xu Wei simply looked at the driver and said in one breath.

“Huh? I, I can’t ask…” The driver was frightened.

What a joke, five million, he won’t make that much in his life!

“Ten million, brother, you should do it well and let us go, okay?” Xu Wei looked at the driver impatiently, “Can’t you see that our situation is very rigid now?” It’s nothing to me. Don’t be embarrassed. Can you leave with the money?” Hearing Xu Wei’s words, the driver had no choice.

He never dreamed that one day the person in charge of this glorious hotel would call him the eldest brother and beg him to accept the ten million.

Moreover, he doesn’t seem to be able to collect this million.

In desperation, he could only choose to agree, because he knew very well that he had no right to speak in front of these big people.

The driver who got 10 million planned to leave, but Dustin Zhou slammed the table, “Sit down for me!” The driver panicked, and hurriedly sat down, “Me, did I do something wrong again?” Dustin Zhou Shaking his head, “You didn’t do anything wrong.” “It’s just that the ten million is their compensation for intimidating you, and what about your little niece? Speak up.” Dustin Zhou said lightly. , “Say it with confidence, I said, I will seek justice for you.” At this moment, the driver was a little moved.

He didn’t expect that Dustin Zhou’s casual sentence would actually fulfill his promise so seriously.

Of course he wants to get justice.

But he dare not.

Even if Dustin Zhou is here, he dare not.

Chapter 942

The relationship between several people is a bit strange.

Dustin Zhou wanted to help the driver and asked the driver to stand up boldly to get justice for himself, so he made things difficult for Xu Wei and Hu Ye and forced them to apologize to the driver.

Hu Ye and Xu Wei were very jealous of Dustin Zhou. Due to Dustin Zhou’s pressure, they had to negotiate with the driver, but it was obvious that they didn’t take the driver seriously.

They don’t really want to solve any problems, but instead plan to send the driver away.

At this time, the driver, because he was afraid of the influence of Lord Tiger and Xu Wei, he simply chose to compromise.

But his compromise violated Dustin Zhou’s intention.

This is obviously a strange circle.

Among the three forces, the most powerful party is obviously Dustin Zhou, and the most vulnerable party is the driver.

Xu Wei and Hu Ye did not dare to violate Dustin Zhou’s meaning, and the driver did not dare to violate Hu Ye and Xu Wei’s meaning.

But the driver violated Dustin Zhou’s meaning.

Just like the game of animal chess, an elephant can eat a tiger, a tiger can eat a mouse, and the last mouse can eat an elephant.

As the elephant, Dustin Zhou looked at the driver’s eyes suddenly a little bit dumbfounded.

In fact, he knew why the driver would agree to Tiger Lord against his will.

Because the driver looked at it from the standpoint of a small person, he was terrified, and he didn’t want Dustin Zhou to help him at all, otherwise he would think he caused Dustin Zhou trouble.

In other words, he felt that Dustin Zhou was a good person who wanted to help him forcefully, so he dared to refuse, because he refused help, not an order.

As for Hu Ye and Xu Wei, from the point of view of the driver, the reason why they bow their heads to themselves is entirely in the face of Dustin Zhou.

You can almost get the benefits yourself, and can’t keep making progress.

If you really angered these two people and forced them to turn their faces with Dustin Zhou, then you really made a big mistake.

That’s why the strange picture now appeared.

Finally, Xu Wei spoke up.

“Mr. Zhou, what do you mean?” “You said this is your eldest brother, let us apologize to him, I took out 10 million to apologize, and then apologized, what else do you want to say?” Xu Wei asked with a look of atmosphere.

He felt that Dustin Zhou was making things difficult for him.

Dustin Zhou ignored him, but looked at the driver.

“Do you want to tell me the harm you have suffered here?” Dustin Zhou asked calmly, looking at the driver faintly.

He thinks the driver is a good person, so he wants to help him once from the heart.

However, if the driver is really so cowardly and reluctant to tell the grievances he has suffered, then Dustin Zhou would not ask him to say it.

So he will choose

The right to choose is handed over to the driver.

“Mr. Zhou, it’s not that I don’t want to say, it’s just…” The driver hurriedly defended something. Of course he knew that Dustin Zhou was for his own good, so he didn’t want Dustin Zhou to be upset.

He just wanted to explain that he was a servant, and it was not worthy of Dustin Zhou to stand up for him. He didn’t want to see Dustin Zhou fall out with a big man like Hu Ye for his own affairs.

This is the true thought of the driver, but he does not know how to express it.

However, even if his expression is unclear, Dustin Zhou can understand what it means.

“Well, you don’t need to say it.” Dustin Zhou said.

“Regardless of the reason, I hope you think about it for yourself.” “Whether you feel that you owe me or whatever, in short, now I have given you such an opportunity to ask you for justice for yourself.” “If you think you are still a man, just stand here and make it clear.” “Of course, you can also choose to leave. If you don’t want to owe me or something, just leave with the ten million, I I won’t say anything to you either.” After Dustin Zhou finished speaking, he leaned directly on the seat, looking like it had nothing to do with this matter.

When the driver heard this sentence, he fell into entanglement.

Originally, he was very determined to give up.

But after hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, a wave of unwillingness in my heart began to surge.

Give up?

Did he do it, how many years have you been thinking about asking for justice?

It has been three years. During these three years, I hardly had a good night’s sleep. Similarly, everyone in the family lives in humiliation.

Especially my little niece, since the incident happened three years ago, she has stayed alone in the room and will not go out. Now, it is like a mental illness. Now this opportunity to seek justice is right in front of us. , He, do you want to give up?

No, he must not give up!

The driver secretly made up his mind.

At this time Xu Wei began to urge again, “Brother, I said, have you thought about it, do you have anything to say? If you think my sincerity is not enough, I will add another five million to you, OK? “Fifteen million, don’t think about it. This is the one I paid for you. Isn’t it? Take it away, OK?” “Fifteen million.” The driver let out a sneer.

This sneer was a little abrupt, and Xu Wei and Hu Ye trembled.

Because they heard a deep hatred from this sneer!

How much hate does it have to be so strong?

Can let an ordinary person affect the senses of two martial masters!

“Hehe, there are so many. To speak of it, your Brilliant Hotel really deserves to be rich.” “Fifteen million, enough for a family.

For the rest of my life, you just opened your mouth and gave it to me.

“It’s just this money, is it really for me?”

“The driver raised his head and looked at Lord Tiger with a resentful look! Lord Tiger was upset by the driver’s gaze, and hurriedly said, “What do you mean?

If you have anything, can we pick it out clearly?

“If I remember correctly, I don’t know you!”

“Hu Ye and Xu Wei realized that something was wrong. They finally understood that this driver was not the consignment that Dustin Zhou asked for, but that there was really a great grievance in the Brilliant Hotel. In this way, things would be troublesome. Ah! The driver looked at Dustin Zhou and his eyes were firm. “Mr. Zhou, I have decided, I don’t want any of the money!

“Even my life belongs to Mr. Zhou today. Everything doesn’t matter!”

“Just ask Mr. Zhou to be the master for me and help me get justice!”

“The driver said respectfully to Dustin Zhou. After he finished speaking, he even went to kneel. Dustin Zhou prevented him from kneeling, but did not answer him immediately, but looked at Hu Ye and Xu Wei. “You two, do you still think he is very strange?

Chapter 943

Hu Ye and Xu Wei are a little panicked. Because judging from the current situation, this driver obviously has a great grievance, and this grievance is definitely greater than their glory. The hotel has something to do. But the point is, Lord Tiger really doesn’t know the driver! “I advise you to be careful when you speak. If you dare to lie to me and Mr. Zhou, you should understand the end.

“Master Tiger couldn’t help threatening. But the driver at this time is no longer afraid of any threats. He raised his head and said upright, “If anything I say next, if it is half adulterated, I am willing to The whole family’s worth and life as a guarantee!

“This is a bit cruel. If he tells a lie, he will allow Lord Tiger to take the lives of all his family members. Because he agreed with him, even Dustin Zhou will not be able to say anything to stop him. Come out. Hearing this kind of assurance, Master Tiger felt nothing to say, so he directly agreed and let the driver tell his story. So the driver recounted the story of his little niece in its entirety. Three years ago , The little niece had an accident at the Brilliant Hotel. The driver and his family wanted to get justice, but they were driven back by force. This was probably the whole process of the matter. After speaking, the driver kept silent and looked at Dustin Zhou quietly. Hu Ye and Xu Wei looked at each other, and then looked at Dustin Zhou cautiously. Dustin Zhou had been drinking tea with his head down, as if the whole thing had nothing to do with him.

The driver finished all the process, he took another sip of hot tea, raised his head and said, “Have you all heard it?” “You should always give an explanation about this matter.” “You really think, just now Is the price of 15 million you offered very high?” Dustin Zhou said lightly, his eyes full of mockery.

What a joke, the behavior of the Brilliant Hotel almost directly destroyed the entire family of the driver. Is this 15 million can make up for… In fact, it is.

After all, under normal circumstances, a family will not spend ten million in a lifetime.

If we use the term of the Mother of God, it is that people and money cannot be compared, and their little niece is lost for the first time, it is pure, it is priceless, not measurable by money, and so on.

But in fact, for 99% of women in the world, if you offer a price of 10 million, they will take the initiative to give you the first chance.

It is willing.

There are really few things in this world that money cannot buy.

If there is, then it is often that the money is not enough, and it is almost, maybe you can buy it with more.

However, the driver’s family is an exception.

Because it happened three years ago.

His little niece has become a useless person, and can’t be saved by giving him 15 million.

If the driver is a heartless person, the 15 million will definitely be very profitable. Anyway, the little niece can’t be saved, and his family will be happy with the money.

But he happened to be a man of great sentimentality.

Although the driver is very poor, it is precisely one of the few poor and spineless existences.

So he chose to continue the trouble.

Of course, for Xu Wei and Hu Ye, no matter what kind of person the driver is, the combined lives of their entire family are not worth ten million.

The reason why they are willing to spend 15 million to solve the problem has little to do with the driver, and it is entirely because of Dustin Zhou.

It’s also because of Dustin Zhou. Now, their 15 million problem can’t be solved.

Master Tiger gave Dustin Zhou a tangled look, hesitated and said, “Mr. Zhou, can you trust me?” Dustin Zhou also froze for a moment, and then nodded, “Say.” For Master Tiger, Dustin Zhou’s impression is still Very good, after all, that was one of the people who helped himself at a very early stage.

It can be said that if Lord Tiger is not a person who specializes in evil ways, he will become one of the most powerful people around Dustin Zhou.

But unfortunately, as far as the current situation looks, the principle of Tiger Lord may be very weak.

Of course, Dustin Zhou would still give him the respect he deserved, so he just explained it casually.

And Tiger’s

The explanation is also very simple.

It’s as simple as one sentence, “I don’t know if you believe it or not, I don’t know about it.” Tiger Lord said righteously, “Dustin Zhou, I don’t know what image I am in your mind.” “But I am going down the mountain, Tiger Tiger, I have my own rules of conduct.” “It is good that I was born underground, but underground people also have a set of underground rules. Two-faced people are also scumbags to be spurned underground, I Xiashanhu is definitely not that kind of person!” “What the big brother said just now, I can guarantee that I am completely unaware of it! If it were known to me, this matter would definitely not be handled like this.” Dustin Zhou is true this time. Stunned.

He was very disappointed with Lord Tiger.

But unexpectedly, the other party said it into his heart.

It seemed that he had misunderstood the tiger.

Before Dustin Zhou had time to say anything, he heard Lord Tiger continue to say, “Of course, whether I knew about this or not, if it really happened in my brilliant hotel, then I will definitely give you and This eldest brother will explain.” Hu Ye resolutely said, but Xu Wei on one side was a little unhappy, “Ahu, it’s not that it has nothing to do with us, what are you doing to yourself.” Xu Wei Some dissatisfied said that he even felt that Dustin Zhou was a little okay to find trouble.

It wasn’t the mistake he made with Lord Tiger. Why should they be held responsible for this matter?

At this time, Lord Tiger looked at Xu Wei and said seriously, “Elder, today this matter is not only an explanation for Mr. Zhou, but also an explanation for myself.” “I was born in the underground world, so in my In the concept, it is to do things first and then be a man.” “If you can’t figure this out, don’t say whether Mr. Zhou will continue to discuss with us, first I will terminate this cooperation.” These words can be said to have too much appetite for Dustin Zhou.

Because, he has always thought about it this way, but he didn’t expect that there are so many things to imagine about the principle of how he is a man.

“Okay, Tiger Lord, this sentence to you, three years ago, let us jointly investigate the incident, and give this driver an explanation.” Dustin Zhou also stood up.

Master Tiger also nodded, only Xu Wei shook his head, “I said, what is the picture of you two?” Master Tiger did not speak, but Dustin Zhou smiled slightly, “Because, I took the Overlord car!”

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