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Chapter 359

The last chance!

The atmosphere of the entire Jiang family dinner was frozen instantly.

Everyone gathered around, it is really too much noise here.

When they saw that more than 20 people surrounded Dustin Zhou and his party, they were knocked down by Niu Chuan in an instant, all of them were shocked.

“This…” “Is it true that no one can stop Dustin Zhou and the others today?” “Almost, it can knock down three people in an instant. How strong is that Niu Chuan, you can guess at any thought, do you think these two? Is there a lot of more than a dozen people?” “But they still have women, and the few people around Dustin Zhou also look like they don’t have the power to restrain the chicken.” “Look, anyway, today’s dinner, there must be no good results. Now.” … Everyone was whispering, but all their eyes fell on Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan.

The few hands Niu Chuan and Dustin Zhou showed just now have opened their eyes, and at the same time they felt a little strange.

Perhaps these two dozen people couldn’t stop Dustin Zhou at all.

“What? Do you still have to do it?” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, looking at Yu Hua, Tang Wenzhong and Jiang Xingyuan.

Beside the three of them, there was a man who was very solemn.

Dustin Zhou took a deep look at each other, and felt clear.

This should be the Du Family Du Wen.

But today, the Du family didn’t have any juniors to attend this dinner, so he just watched from the sidelines, and he wasn’t too aggressive.

But Dustin Zhou is different. He has a certain understanding of Du Wen.

There is a word in the name of this Du Wen, and the person is more literary.

But Dustin Zhou knew that Du Wen was a master.

I heard Zhang Ying said that this Du Wen used to be a master of martial arts when he was young. Over the past decades, he has become a master of martial arts. In Hunan Province, if you talk about the strongest person, Du Wen is definitely one of them.

Although I don’t know which Du Wen and Niu Chuan are better, Dustin Zhou also had to be cautious.

In case there are some hidden facts that he doesn’t know, and Zhang Family doesn’t know, then once the two sides really break out a deep conflict, the consequences are unimaginable.

But now Du Wen hasn’t done anything, which makes Dustin Zhou a little curious.

These four families should be together. Now the Yu family, Tang family, and Jiang family have all started, why is Du Wen indifferent to him?

Not only Dustin Zhou was suspicious, but even Yu Hua, Tang Wenzhong and Jiang Xingyuan were also very troubled at this time.

“Brother Du, don’t you want to take action?” Yu Hua’s face was a little ugly.

Among the more than 20 nursing homes surrounding Dustin Zhou, his Yu family’s nursing homes accounted for half.

Moreover, the few people who were brought down by Niu Chuan and Dustin Zhou in the blink of an eye are precisely the nursing homes of his Yu family.

As a result, the Yu’s nursing home has been halved at this time


And Yu Hua knows Du Wen’s strength. In his opinion, as long as Du Wen takes a shot, no matter how powerful Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan are, they will be brought down by Du Wen instantly.

However, this Du Wen has been slow to make a move.

“Yeah, Brother Du, you are so strong, and the entire Hunan province rarely meets opponents. Now Dustin Zhou is so rampant, and you are very close to the Zhang family. Are you indifferent?” Tang Wenzhong and Jiang Xingyuan also have a look Looking expectantly at Du Wen.

There were some people around who knew something about it. When they saw Yu Hua, Jiang Xingyuan, and Tang Wenzhong all looking at Du Wen, they suddenly became excited.

There have been rumors in Hunan Province that Du Wen, from the Du family, became a master of martial arts when he was a child. For decades, his kung fu has reached the stage.

However, that is a rumor after all, no one has seen it.

Now there is such an opportunity.

Of course everyone was excited.

“Dustin Zhou, don’t be complacent. Give you one last chance. Give us an explanation. We won’t do anything to you. But if you don’t understand, then once Brother Du takes the shot, you will have no chance to regret!” Jiang Xingyuan said in a cold voice, his face was frosty, his chest was ups and downs violently, he was obviously holding back his anger, and made this final warning against him.

In his opinion, they are a big family in Hunan Province, and they can act without any scruples, but today is a dinner hosted by Jiang Xingyuan, and most of the people who attended are the young masters of his husband.

Although they can do things at will, they will inevitably make people feel that they are bullying others, and they will be far away from everyone.

However, if they do all the courtesy, they will also give enough opportunity to promote.

If Dustin Zhou knew each other, he would naturally know what to do.

Then, their four big families are also very good-looking.

But if Dustin Zhou doesn’t know each other, then they will teach Dustin Zhou. This is Hunan Province, where they speak.

There are ways to rectify Dustin Zhou.

Sure enough, after Jiang Xingyuan’s exhortation had finished, many people onlookers looked slightly calmer, and some of their dissatisfaction with the strength of their four major families slowly dissipated.

Large families can naturally be arrogant, but they also have to be confident.

Now, everyone’s eyes returned to Dustin Zhou again.

Jiang Xingyuan has already expressed his position on behalf of the four major families. Next, it depends on Dustin Zhou’s reaction.

“Last chance? Then I really want to thank you.” Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but sneered, with a slight sarcasm on his face.

But Jiang Xingyuan didn’t notice it. He thought Dustin Zhou was really subdued, and his face was suddenly happy.

“Good, good.” After saying three good things, Jiang Xingyuan’s gaze at Dustin Zhou was not as sharp as before.

“Since you know you are wrong, don’t do it anymore. Honestly admit your fault and let the

Everyone in the field listens to it. Don’t worry, we will never do anything to you!

“Jiang Xingyuan waved his big hand, quite a bit of instructive spirit. However, Dustin Zhou was stunned by his inexplicable self-confidence. He didn’t remember that he said he wanted to accept this so-called last chance. Is this Jiang Xingyuan’s brains? It’s broken. Dustin Zhou did not speak for a long time, Jiang Xingyuan also felt a little weird. He thought it was Dustin Zhou who was jealous. “Don’t worry, if you are still worried about what we will do to you, then today, as long as you admit your fault, tell us After admitting your mistake, you can leave directly, and I promise not to disturb you.

Jiang Xingyuan said loudly, full of confidence. “Are you deaf?”

When did I say I was going to admit my mistake?

Also, where do you come from, the confidence that you have a chance to win?

Or do you think we are not your opponents?

After a long time, Dustin Zhou’s voice sounded leisurely. Quiet! At this moment, the whole dinner was completely silent. Even those who were playing music stopped their hands at this time, staring dumbfounded in the direction of Dustin Zhou. And those onlookers watched. Everyone was surprised. Jiang Xingyuan’s expression was wrong, and he paused for more than ten seconds before he could react. Then, an infinite anger broke out in Jiang Xingyuan’s heart. “Dustin Zhou, shamelessly, in that case. , Today, you will never go out!

Jiang Xingyuan shouted and waved his big hand forward, and the remaining dozen nursing homes rushed towards Dustin Zhou again in an instant. At this time, a dozen more people participated. They were all Jiang’s nursing homes, Jiang Xingyuan. The one who asked people to transfer was to win Dustin Zhou in one fell swoop. At this time, Dustin Zhou and the others had to face not a dozen people, but nearly forty people. Moreover, there seemed to be a steady stream of people around to join in. Time, the situation is in crisis!

Chapter 360

Strongly leave, no one dares to stop!

More than 30 people surrounded Dustin Zhou and his party.

Moreover, there is a steady stream of people joining in.

This is the Jiang family compound, the site of the Jiang family. Jiang Xingyuan can mobilize the Jiang family nursery to besiege Dustin Zhou and them.

In this way, Dustin Zhou and the others were almost facing the threat of force from a family of the Jiang family.

Everyone took a cold breath, shocked in their hearts.

They all knew the energy of the Jiang family.

But now, Dustin Zhou was able to make the Jiang family spend so much effort and deal with it so seriously. Doesn’t it mean that Dustin Zhou could threaten the Jiang family?

For a while, everyone’s eyes on Dustin Zhou and his group changed slightly.

At the same time, they are also thinking in their hearts.

If Dustin Zhou and the others were not the Jiang family’s opponents this time, then everything would be easy to say, and they were all guests.

However, if the Jiang family can’t get Dustin Zhou next, then they can consider getting close to Dustin Zhouduo. After all, such an existence is also a very beneficial partner for them.

“Do it! Be sure to take him down for me!” Jiang Xingyuan gave an order, and more than forty nursing homes rushed towards Dustin Zhou.

They knew the strength of Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan, so they didn’t directly fight with them, but looked for opportunities to deal with Mira Xie, Enderia Shen, Asher Chen and others.

In their opinion, these people seem to be powerless. Once they have been taken down to check Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan, they will be able to stay in the Jiang family today.


In an instant, several nursing homes directly took Mira Xie, Enderia Shen, Asher Chen, Su Wei and Sun Yue.

Mira Xie and Enderia Shen were very confident in Dustin Zhou. At this time, they were not too panicked, but they couldn’t help but want to dodge and wait for Dustin Zhou’s help.

Su Wei has a bit of taekwondo skill, but on this occasion, his strength is basically insignificant, and he also knows his half strength, so he is very flexible and wants to dodge.

But Sun Yue was a thorough literati. In his life, he had hardly seen such a scene, and his face was inevitably pale for a while.

But he is also a person who has seen many big scenes, knowing that he must be calm at this time.

Only Asher Chen was motionless at this time, his eyes calm.

When many people saw this scene, their hearts moved, thinking that Asher Chen was so frightened that he didn’t dare to move, and laughed.

The two nursing homes who had directly taken Asher Chen were delighted, and their faces also showed excitement.

As long as they win Asher Chen, there will be a reason to threaten Dustin Zhou.

Unable to be distracted, the two accelerated their pace, clenched their claws into fists, and took Asher Chen’s chest straight.

They are confident that Asher Chen will be knocked out with this punch.

But Zhang Jie was shocked when he saw this scene.

“Be careful!” As soon as Zhang Jie’s reminded words were spoken, the fists of the two nursing homes had already reached Asher Chen’s chest, and in the next second, they would directly hit Asher Chen.

At this moment, Zhang Jie suddenly burst into cold sweat on his back, feeling a little anxious in his heart.

However, in the next second, his eyes widened, staring at Asher Chen and the two nursing homes, his face was shocked!

Not only Zhang Jie, but even many people onlookers were shocked when they saw this!

Jiang Xingyuan, Yu Hua and Tang Wenzhong were even more heart-pounding.

They never expected that this humble Asher Chen was not an ordinary person.

But at this moment, nothing is more straightforward than the two nursing homes.

They were ecstatic in their hearts when they saw their success, but the next second, they looked shocked.

Because of their fists, they were stopped almost a centimeter in front of Asher Chen’s chest.

And the person who stopped him was not someone else, but Asher Chen himself.

“How is it possible!” The nursing home exclaimed, realizing that he might have made a fatal mistake, and immediately wanted to withdraw his hand.

However, they were shocked to find that Asher Chen’s hand was firmly imprisoned and could not move at all.

“I want to leave now, it’s too late!” Asher Chen said lightly, and he didn’t see any movements, but his body was shaken by turning his wrists.

The two nurseries screamed, and their bodies retreated violently.

After a dozen steps back, the bodies of the two nursing homes stopped and collapsed to the ground, motionless.

Everyone was shocked, and they didn’t even know what happened.

It wasn’t until someone checked the situation of the two nursing homes that he said with a dull look.

“Fainted.” A word, like a boulder, fell into the calm lake.

In an instant, the audience was quiet for three points.

Even the dozens of nursing homes became vigilant, especially the nursing homes that shot at Mira Xie and Enderia Shen, and they retreated without hesitation.

Everyone looked at Asher Chen in amazement.

He turned out to be a master!

Before, everyone’s attention was on Niu Chuan and Dustin Zhou, thinking that Dustin Zhou and his party only had these two people.

But I didn’t expect that at this moment, this unremarkable uncle had such a strong strength.

Even everyone couldn’t see what he did, and the two nursing homes passed out directly.

Zhang Jie was stunned for a moment, and quickly recovered, followed by surprise.

He didn’t expect this middle-aged uncle to have such a strong strength.

As a result, Dustin Zhou and the others left today, there should be no major problems.

“Who is your Excellency? Do you really have to intervene in the affairs between us and Dustin Zhou?” Jiang Xingyuan felt cold and said in a deep voice


And what he said meant both temptation and threat.

Strong is strong, but if it’s only second, then Jiang Xingyuan doesn’t care.

It’s just that he could see that the position of this middle-aged man in Dustin Zhou’s party was somewhat unusual.

At the very least, he has a good relationship with Dustin Zhou.

Otherwise, he won’t make a move at this time, and Mira Xie and Enderia Shen will not move closer to him.

Could this be Dustin Zhou’s successor?

Jiang Xingyuan couldn’t help thinking.

However, after Jiang Xingyuan finished speaking, Asher Chen didn’t even look at him, let alone respond.

He took action not only because the two nursing homes wanted to do it on him, but also because Dustin Zhou was the young master of the Zhou family and his young master Asher Chen.

However, Dustin Zhou does not intend to make his identity public, and Asher Chen is not easy to do so.

“Haha, the Jiang family is nothing more than that. There are more than forty people, even we can’t deal with it. Such a family can dare to claim one of the five big families? It’s just a fake name!” Dustin Zhou laughed, and he was not surprised at Asher Chen’s move.

In this way, on their side, there are three capable people, even if they leave the field forcibly, it doesn’t take much effort.

“Chuanzi, it’s late, and I don’t want to continue arguing with them. I want to go back to sleep. I have been busy for so many days, and now I am tired!” Dustin Zhou stretched out and said to him. Niu Chuan said lightly.

“Yes, Brother Yang!” Niu Chuan responded, and took the initiative to attack without waiting for the nursing homes to come.

Many people saw this scene and opened their eyes, wanting to see if this Niu Chuan really has the strength to do it.

Jiang Xingyuan sneered.

There are still more than forty nursing homes on their side, even if they consume it, they consume energy.

“Arrogant!” Jiang Xingyuan yelled coldly, but as soon as the voice fell, his eyes widened, his expression changed drastically, and he backed away again and again.

When everyone around saw the scene in front of them, they also breathed in their hearts.

Niu Chuan took the initiative to attack, as if he were no one in the forty nursing homes.

It was just Jiang Xingyuan’s effort to speak, and the more than forty nursing homes collapsed to the ground and lost their combat effectiveness.

“Hehe, arrogance is not arrogant, I don’t know, I only know that today, we are going to leave, don’t say you Jiang family, even if the rest of you go together, it can’t be stopped.” Dustin Zhou raised his eyebrows and said lightly .

After that, he turned around and stepped out towards the door.

When the audience saw this, they stepped aside, and no one dared to stand in front of Dustin Zhou and block his way.

Chapter 361

People are gone!

Dustin Zhou and his party left.

No one stopped it.

More strictly speaking, no one dared to stop it.

Niu Chuan was alone, bringing down more than 40 nursing homes in a moment. With such strength, almost no one on the scene could be his opponent.

“I really didn’t expect this Niu Chuan to be powerful.” “Yes, some of the powerful special forces that I have seen before are also bodyguards, and they don’t have his strength.” “You said, would he be the king of soldiers? I can feel the smell of a soldier from him.” “This is a lot to say, but it’s not us, but the Jiang family that has our headache right now.” “Yes, you see, Jiang Xingyuan’s face is blue, I am afraid that Dustin Zhou is hated in my heart now. “I’m going to die.” “Even if you hate it again, so what, his Jiang family dispatched dozens of nursing homes, none of them are Niu Chuan’s opponents alone, how can he still treat Dustin Zhou?” … Everyone talked and looked at Jiang Xing from time to time. Yuan, want to take a look at the face of his master.

Tonight is a dinner hosted by the Jiang family, the purpose is to recruit Jiang Xingyuan’s daughter Jiang Yan.

But after such a disturbance

In the drama, everyone’s thoughts also faded.

Once someone marries Jiang Yan, Jiang Xingyuan will inevitably arrange for them, and they may even get someone to deal with Dustin Zhou.

As everyone talked and laughed, they also dispersed, returning to the previous situation.

At this time, the Zhang family gathered in the crowd.

The looks of Zhang Lun and Zhang Tao and his son were very ugly, even a little gloomy.

They held down Zhang Ying and prevented him from standing up to speak for Dustin Zhou. The purpose was to allow Jiang Xingyuan to better clean up Dustin Zhou and kill with a knife. This is not a difficult thing to do.

It’s just that they never expected that the Jiang family would be such a waste.

The dozens of nursing homes could not handle even one of Dustin Zhou’s bodyguards, and they were all brought down by others in a moment.

Zhang Lun can even imagine that after tonight, the Jiang family’s farce, especially the situation where the Jiang Family Nursing Home is a waste, will spread throughout Changsha and even the entire Hunan Province.

Zhang Ying’s expression is also changeable.

Only Zhang Jie was extremely excited at this moment.

He stood up to speak for Dustin Zhou, purely because he didn’t want to see the Jiang family bullying others like this.

But he did not expect that Dustin Zhou and the others could solve the Jiang family by themselves, and they would still leave the field forcefully with such a powerful and resolute means, no one dared to stop them.

“Before Dustin Zhou faced the aggressiveness of the Jiang family, you didn’t dare to come forward, now this result, can you think of it? If Dustin Zhou is dissatisfied, cut off cooperation with our Zhang family, don’t know this responsibility, who will bear it!” Zhang Jie’s eyes flashed. Seeing Zhang Lun and Zhang Tao and his son, said coldly.

He really couldn’t respect his uncle and cousin.

When Dustin Zhou was good, they didn’t say a word and defaulted.

When Dustin Zhou encountered a crisis, not only did they not stand up to express their support, but instead prevented the others in the Zhang family from coming forward.

As for Zhang Jie, he was only able to stand up because he was a classmate with Dustin Zhou, and he was still personal, and could not represent Zhang’s meaning.

But now the results are beyond everyone’s expectations. Some consequences must be considered thoroughly.

“Zhang Jie, what do you mean by this? My father prevented everyone from speaking for Dustin Zhou, and it was for the good of the Zhang family. If Dustin Zhou loses to the Jiang family, are we going to talk to the Jiang family, the Yu family, and the Tang family for such a waste Is it an enemy?” Zhang Tao was furious. He also didn’t want to see this result.

But when Zhang Jie said this at this time, it was obvious that he wanted to find someone to help him.

As Zhang Lun gave the order, he was naturally the first person to hold back the pot.

“Humph, if Dustin Zhou is a trash, then what are you?” Zhang Jie sneered.

“You!” Zhang Tao still wanted to argue, but was interrupted by Zhang Lun.

“Well, what’s the matter, let’s go back and talk about it, Dustin Zhou is weak, such as

Without our Zhang family’s side, the other four big families have to clean him up, it’s easy!

Zhang Lun spoke lightly, glanced at Zhang Jie with a squint, and then turned to leave. … On the other side, Jiang Xingyuan, Yu Hua, Du Wen, and Tang Wenzhong sat together, and the atmosphere was very tense. Yu Hu and Tang Shiwen have been arranged by Yu Hua and Tang Wenzhong. People sent to the hospital for recuperation shouldn’t be a big problem. However, at this dinner today, the Yu family and the Tang family were in full view, but their faces were lost. And Jiang Xingyuan’s face was even more pale, his Jiang family, tonight Shame on his face. He dared to conclude that at this time, the incident had already begun to spread. Not until noon tomorrow, the entire Changsha would know. And at night, the entire Hunan province would know. “Brother Du, why don’t you take action.” ?

If you take action and subdue Dustin Zhou and his bodyguard, my Jiang family won’t have to lose such a big face today!

Have you forgotten that he Dustin Zhou cooperated with Zhang Family!

Jiang Xingyuan asked in a deep voice. The Du family is stronger than the Jiang family, and Du Wen’s status in the Du family is very high. Jiang Xingyuan dare not lose his temper in front of Du Wen. “Yes, Brother Du, why don’t you make a move?”

It should be easy to deal with those few people with your strength, right?

“Yu Huahao Tang Wenzhong also asked at this time. For a time, the three people stared at Du Wen, with a somewhat indescribable taste. Quiet! The whole dinner seems to have returned to the hustle and bustle before, but she, uh, where the four of them are. In the corner, it was extremely quiet at the moment. “I am not an opponent!

“For a long time, Du Wencai spoke slowly. And when he said this, Jiang Xingyuan, Yu Hua, and Tang Wenzhong all looked disbelief. They knew one or two about Du Wen’s strength, and they used to be the master of Wuxue when they were young. One point, it’s not something ordinary people can do. Even if Dustin Zhou and the others are strong, can it still be as powerful as the martial arts master? “I’m not sure if there are more, but for one thing, Dustin Zhou’s strength is second, just average, but he That bodyguard, I am not his enemy of one move.

After Du Wen finished speaking, he went silent. The other three also glanced at each other at this moment, and they all saw a trace of consternation in each other’s eyes. Although they felt that Du Wen was exaggerated and even afraid to take action. It’s not a big deal to be vigilant in the heart. “Second Lord, it’s not good, it’s not good…” At this moment, a Jiang family was panting and ran over with a panic expression. Seeing Jiang Xingyuan, he was directly limp. On the ground. “What is it, so flustered, what it looks like!

Jiang Xingyuan frowned and snorted coldly, feeling very upset in his heart. He felt that he should take care of the Jiang family’s servants and the nursing home.


“Miss is gone!” The servant didn’t know what Jiang Xingyuan was thinking at the moment. He cried and said in a panic.

“What! Say it again!” Jiang Xingyuan’s eyes widened, he stood up quickly, strode to the next person, raised his collar, and asked sharply.

“Second Master, the lady is gone. I searched a lot, but I didn’t find anyone…” The servant didn’t dare to hesitate at this time, and quickly explained the matter.

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