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Chapter 509

With a trace of insoluble doubt in his heart, Dustin Zhou followed a few people to the Liushi branch.

As dusk fell, the time came to 6:30 in the evening, and there was still half an hour before the planned Christmas Eve activity time at 7 o’clock.

At this time, in a small square outside the Liushi branch, a small stage has been set up.

Some equipment and decorations have been fully furnished.

And there were more than a dozen people gathered around, scattered, and it seemed that there was still a lively atmosphere.

After all, this street can be regarded as the most prosperous commercial street in Liushi. Every night, there is a night market, and people come out to hang out in a constant stream.

And as these dozens of people surrounded the small stage, they kept pointing to the stage, and there was a lot of discussion, which is also attracting more people to come and watch.

“What kind of work is this


“I don’t know, I just came here and saw that the stage was already set up.”

“But there was no publicity here before, didn’t it look like there was an event?”

“This is not good. Look at the stage and the equipment. It is clear that there are activities. And I just saw a familiar person passing by here, but I can’t remember it for a while.”

“Look at it. Didn’t it mean that Tianmingyang’s Liushi branch was opened before?”

My girlfriend has long said that she wants me to buy some cosmetics for her, and now it’s time to take a look, maybe there are any discounts.

“… Dustin Zhou just glanced at it slightly, and nodded in his heart. Although this stage is small, it belongs to the type of sparrow, although it is small and complete, with all kinds of facilities and decorations complete. Most importantly, it can fully bear the burden of tonight. The need for Christmas Eve activities. Liushi branch. Dustin Zhou, Enderia Shen and others are here, and Wang Wei and others naturally come forward to entertain. Although Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen are the real agents of Mingyang, this is the Liushi branch after all Wang Wei can be said to be the master. “Mr. Zhou, Mr. Shen, everything is ready. As soon as the time comes, the Christmas Eve activities will begin immediately.

“Wang Wei said with a smile, and at the same time his body slightly pushed a man standing beside him to the front. “This is Kong Hui, my college classmate, now is also very famous in Liushi.”

“Wang Wei smiled and introduced Kong Hui. Dustin Zhou’s eyes fell on Kong Hui instantly. In fact, when Wang Wei and his group came over, Dustin Zhou had already seen Kong Hui standing beside Wang Wei. However, there was only a little speculation in his heart at the time, and I couldn’t fully confirm it. However, if you look at his face alone, Kong Hui is pretty good. He is tall and thin, with a handsome complexion and a little bronze skin, but he is generally white and creamy. Type. At first glance, it seems difficult to hate Kong Hui, even Dustin Zhou had to dare to talk about Kong Huiguang’s face, which is enough to nourish his life. Except Dustin Zhou, Enderia Shen, Mira Xie, Several other people also looked at Kong Hui. Dustin Zhou could see from the side that Enderia Shen’s perception of Kong Hui should be pretty good. The moment Enderia Shen saw Kong Hui, her eyes seemed to flash. Bright light. “Mr. Zhou is good, Mr. Shen is good, I am Kong Hui, I hope this cooperation will be happy.

Kong Hui smiled openly, took two steps forward, stretched out his hand, and shook hands with Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen. Dustin Zhou didn’t care. Everyone was a man, and it was normal etiquette to shake hands. Therefore, Dustin Zhou smiled. He stretched out his hand and shook Kong Hui’s hand gently.

, Kong Hui also stretched out his hand towards Enderia Shen.

After all, Enderia Shen is the nominal president of the famous company. In an event held by its branch, it is normal to give a guest face and shake hands.

“Hello.” Enderia Shen smiled and greeted him, saying hello to Kong Hui.

At this moment, what Enderia Shen was thinking about was the woman who walked out of Dustin Zhou’s room.

Now, behind Wang Wei, there is a woman who looks very similar to that woman’s back.

Therefore, Enderia Shen’s eyes fell on Ye Fang, and he just habitually extended his hand to shake hands with Kong Hui.

According to normal circumstances, two people shake hands only for a moment, especially between men and women, and the time is even shorter.

However, Enderia Shen suddenly realized that Kong Hui shook hands with himself for several seconds, but still did not let go.

At this moment, Enderia Shen felt unhappy suddenly.

Who are you Kong Hui? I shook hands with you, just as a courtesy greeting. No matter who it is, you should follow this basic etiquette.

Shake your hand, does it take a few seconds?

Enderia Shen’s expression turned gloomy in an instant, his eyes were slightly low, and he wanted to withdraw his hands without showing signs.

In this case, it will not make the scene so ugly.

Perhaps Kong Hui was just not careful.

However, Enderia Shen retracted his hands, and for the first time he didn’t even retract, but was firmly held by Kong Hui.

At this time, Enderia Shen was angry.

It’s already obvious what I mean, shaking hands, just enough.

But you Kong Huiming knows what you mean, but you still don’t let go, and even increased your strength.

This is clearly taking advantage.

“Hehe, can you let go of your hand?” Enderia Shen sneered, with a fake smile on his face. Looking at Kong Hui, a chill flashed in his eyes.

The sound of this reminder is not small, and everyone present can hear it.

Suddenly, everyone’s eyes looked over, and they fell on the faces of Kong Hui and Enderia Shen.

Everyone only saw Enderia Shen with a thin anger on his face, and Kong Hui with a trace of apology on his face.

Everyone didn’t know what happened, and they looked confused.

“Sorry, President Shen is so beautiful. He didn’t recover for a while and forgot to take his hand back. I’m sorry.” However, Kong Hui’s next sentence of apology made everyone’s doubts clear. .

It turned out that Kong Hui was attracted by Enderia Shen’s beauty, and for a while, he forgot to take back his handshake.

Everyone smiled knowingly, especially Wang Wei, with a faint smile on his face. Looking at Kong Hui, his eyebrows moved slightly.

In everyone’s opinion, this is nothing but a beautiful misunderstanding.

If you really want to say it, you can only say that Enderia Shen is really beautiful

It’s hard to resist.

“Mr. Kong, please speak up!” However, the appearance of the crowd made Enderia Shen very upset.

Especially, the people on his side looked dumbfounded.

Dustin Zhou couldn’t figure it out, and Mira Xie and others looked at themselves in surprise.

At this moment, everyone on Wang Wei’s side smiled knowingly.

People who didn’t know thought it was Enderia Shen who seduced Kong Hui.

Enderia Shen was holding a anger in his heart, and he couldn’t help it if he didn’t vent it.

Chapter 510

“What happened just now? I think Mr. Kong knows himself. He is still alive. I still hope Mr. Kong can show respect!” Enderia Shen said coldly. After retracting his hand, he stepped back two steps, the distance from Kong Hui. Automatically zoomed out.

At this moment, if Dustin Zhou, Mira Xie and others can’t see the problem again, it’s really impossible to justify.

Dustin Zhou’s expression was gloomy for an instant, he looked at Kong Hui and Wang Wei coldly, stepped forward, and separated Kong Hui in front of Enderia Shen.

“What’s the matter?” Dustin Zhou turned his head and attached to Enderia Shen’s ear and asked softly.

He believes that Enderia Shen will never do nothing, especially in the Liushi branch, and the Christmas Eve activities are still ten minutes away.

“This person held my hand just now.” When Enderia Shen faced Dustin Zhou, he naturally wouldn’t lie, and truthfully told the truth.

But her voice was very low, only she and Dustin Zhou could hear it.

After Dustin Zhou heard this, he was furious.

“Presumptuous!” Dustin Zhou couldn’t help it.

He turned around and slapped Kong Hui’s face with a slap.

He didn’t think that Enderia Shen would lie and wrong Kong Hui for no reason.

After all, the two hadn’t even met before.

Although Enderia Shen did not have a close relationship with him, Dustin Zhou always put her in a very important position in his heart.

It was enough for Dustin Zhou to do anything for her just because Enderia Shen helped him with a fatal blow in Donghai.

At this time, Dustin Zhou slapped his slap loudly and directly slammed Kong Hui in a circle. He staggered a few steps back and then fell to the ground, looking at Dustin Zhou with shock.

The other people’s complexion changed drastically.

“Zhou, you…” Wang Wei was furious in his heart and hurriedly walked to Kong Hui’s side, helped Kong Hui up, and checked his situation.

The others also looked different, looking at Kong Hui, Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen, they did not speak for a while.

“Zhou, why?” Wang Wei asked in a deep voice.

Just now because of Jiang Yan’s failure to attend the opening ceremony tomorrow, Wang Wei already had some dissatisfaction with Dustin Zhou in his heart, and even considered the issue of independence.

And he invited his college classmate Kong Hui to help, also for Liu

For the sake of the city branch.

Now, without saying anything, Dustin Zhou just slapped Kong Hui’s face.

This was clearly on his Wang Wei’s face.

This one after another and two humiliations made Wang Wei couldn’t help it anymore.

He wanted to question Dustin Zhou. If Dustin Zhou could not give him a reasonable explanation, then Wang Wei would probably break out directly, and even contradict Dustin Zhou.

However, Wang Wei is still trying his best to endure, not wanting to really turn against Dustin Zhou.

After all, Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen are still in Liushi and Hunan Province.

Around them, there are too many strengths and supporters that can be borrowed.

Once Wang Wei turns against Dustin Zhou, then the congregation is bound to rebel.

Under the lure of the famous brand and huge profits, Wang Wei does not think that many people will be on his side.

Even some of the people standing behind him now are partners with him.

But Wang Wei knew that once he turned against Dustin Zhou, they might not all follow him, or even one-tenth.

“There is no reason, your classmate, who has misbehavior. I think, we should find him as a guest performer. There is no need for that. Let’s change.” However, Dustin Zhou didn’t care about Wang Wei’s question.

Combining the words that Ye Fang found and said to him before, plus the current situation.

Dustin Zhou is almost certain that Wang Wei’s heart already has a hint of other thoughts.

What’s more, this Kong Hui’s disrespect to Enderia Shen is real.

Dustin Zhou felt that there was nothing wrong with Kong Hui.

That being the case, let Kong Hui be the guest performer at the Liushi branch, whether it is Christmas Eve tonight or the opening ceremony tomorrow, it is no longer suitable.

“Zhou, you are a little unreasonable when you say that. You punched Kong Hui, don’t you have any explanation? Or, you think I am upset…” Wang Wei flushed and was extremely angry.

“Okay, needless to say, Wang Wei.” However, when Wang Wei was only halfway through his words, Kong Hui stopped him.

“Dustin Zhou, right? You slap, if you don’t have an explanation that satisfies me, we will not be over!” Kong Hui clutched his right cheek, and now he can still feel a tingling pain, he is extremely angry. Dustin Zhou’s voice was extremely cold.

In fact, Kong Hui knew exactly why Dustin Zhou slapped himself.

Even when Dustin Zhou was in Enderia Shen’s ear just now, Kong Hui could guess the conversation between the two of them.

It was nothing more than holding Enderia Shen’s hand for a longer time, and even held it tightly when Enderia Shen withdrew his hand, without releasing it.

But so what?

Enderia Shen said yes, is that so?

She is not the only one here, let alone, this

Kong Hui didn’t know how many times he had used this method, and every time it went smoothly.

In the name of Kong Hui, he doesn’t say nothing in Liushi, but as long as he doesn’t violate the interests of those big families, who can move him?

What’s more, Kong Hui is not a person without background.

Otherwise, participating in the Hunan Province audition program that year would not easily enter the top three.

What’s more, Enderia Shen is indeed very outstanding, and is comparable to the first three among the women Kong Hui has seen for so many years.

In fact, Mira Xie, Jiang Yan, Sister Ling, and even Chen Xin on the side are all rare beauties in Kong Hui’s eyes.

But because he didn’t know the relationship between them and Wang Wei, Kong Hui didn’t want to do anything yet.

The big deal, when the event is over, I find Wang Wei to lead the way. Kong Hui is confident that his appearance and talents are enough to attract the favor of these beauties.

And right now, if he can contact Enderia Shen, then Kong Hui will naturally not let go of such an opportunity.

In Kong Hui’s view, a cosmetics company currently has only two stores in Hunan. Where can such a company go?

Such a beautiful president, having a good time with himself, is not a big disadvantage.

You know, in the capital, Kong Hui has seen countless children of large families, which one is not with hands and eyes.

The boss of a small cosmetics company is not in the eyes of Kong Hui at all.

“Oh? A reasonable explanation? You asked me for a reasonable explanation? Are you sure?” Dustin Zhou frowned slightly, looking at Kong Hui with a little surprise.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know where Kong Hui came from, so he dared to speak to himself like this.

You know, the last person who dared to molest the woman next to him Dustin Zhou and dared to talk to him so arrogantly has been directly abolished by him, and he is still in the family, like a disuse.

Dustin Zhou’s face was expressionless, as if unmoved.

But everyone who knows Dustin Zhou’s temper knows that Dustin Zhou is now at a critical point.

If Kong Hui didn’t know how to constrain, then Dustin Zhou’s thunderous blow would be totally unbearable.

And if Kong Hui can let go of his posture and admit his mistakes, maybe Dustin Zhou will spare his life, just give him a lesson and let him go.

“Explanation” from

Chapter 511

“Kong Hui, you…” Wang Wei’s face changed slightly, thinking of all Dustin Zhou’s previous actions, he was suddenly startled, and he was about to remind Kong Hui.

However, Kong Hui was completely irritated by Dustin Zhou’s blank face, and he did not give Wang Wei a chance to speak.

“Okay, Wang Wei, for the sake of your face, I just came back from Beijing and came to help, but I didn’t expect that the people in your company seem to be a little bit ignorant. What place does he think this is?

The company in each store also wants to top up in front of me?

Kong Hui sneered coldly, with a bright red palm-printed face. Under this weird smile, it looked very hideous and gloomy. However, everyone else looked at Kong Hui as if they were a fool. Kong just now. They also heard Hui’s words. Not only the few people behind Dustin Zhou, but also Wang Wei’s partners could hear them clearly. I don’t know how high the sky is? Two stores in a mere district? Chong Dana? Such words, Everyone didn’t dare to imagine, and they didn’t dare to put these words together with Dustin Zhou. Does Dustin Zhou know that the sky is so great? Abandoned Jiangbei and made a big Jiang family banquet. At the banquet, not only beat the Jiang family, but also at the same time. The people of the Yu and Tang families, Zhang Lun and Zhang Tao, father and son, frightened everyone in the Zhang family… All these things are really unpredictable. However, this huge Hunan province is currently speaking. It is true that no one has been able to talk to Dustin Zhou like this, and even no one can make Dustin Zhou converge a little. Two stores in a mere area? Not to mention a headquarters in the East China Sea, covering the entire East China Sea cosmetics market, and its position in the East China Sea is detached. In addition to the flagship store in Changsha, as well as the current Liushi branch, within one month, there will be another seven or eight branches open. In the plan, within two years, Mingyang’s branches will be spread throughout the entire Hunan Province. What’s more, the sales of a flagship store in Changsha alone has exceeded 3 billion in one month. Isn’t this kind of store enough? In the entire Hunan province, there is no way to find a second store like this. Even, there are few comparable stores across the country. As for Chong Dana… everyone no longer wants to think about it too much. If Dustin Zhou is not a big deal now, then there will be No one dared to say that he was a big player. Not many people in Hunan province dared to say that he was a big player. After all, they would not be defeated by the four families at the same time, and even those who had the upper hand were not big players. What is it? “Now, kneel down and apologize to me. I might forgive you. Otherwise, the consequences are not something your small cosmetics company boss can bear.

“Do you believe it or not, let me just say, your store can’t be opened in Liushi?”

“Kong Hui said with a smug face, pointing at Dustin Zhou in a very arrogant tone. It seems that the person in the audience is the largest of him, and everyone is not worthy of being compared with him. As soon as the voice fell, the audience was extremely quiet. Without talking any more, even Wang Wei closed his mouth obediently now. He knew that since Kong Hui had spoken for this purpose, no matter how he persuaded him, he couldn’t.

Changing, let alone changing his attitude, may even give Dustin Zhou insight into some of his plans and intentions in advance.

And this quiet and strange situation made Kong Hui very surprised.

Are these people scared by what they said?

Hahaha, it turned out to be a group of stinky fish and shrimps. In front of him, he was only rationed to lick his shoes.

“Haha, are you scared? Do as I said. In addition, I think Mr. Shen is good for you. It’s better to have a meal tonight and discuss your life together. Maybe I won’t move your company. You can also open well.” Kong Hui said with a smile, looking at Enderia Shen with greed.

“Go!” “Boom!” “Boom!” Suddenly, everyone didn’t even see what was happening in front of them, just heard a series of three louder and clearer sounds.

A cold “roll”, a similar loud applause, and the sound of objects colliding.

“Ah!” Immediately afterwards, a wailing sound came, and everyone woke up in shock, and they hurriedly looked around, wanting to know what happened.

However, after everyone saw what was happening before them, they all took a cold breath.

Even Mira Xie, Enderia Shen, Jiang Yan, and Chen Xin turned pale, clutching their chests, looking frightened.

And Wang Wei’s group of people were even more pale with fright, trembling, and they didn’t dare to show one of them.

Wang Wei was even more obvious, his face pale, his whole body trembling, and the corners of his mouth trembling slightly, as if he wanted to say something, but he couldn’t even say a word at all.

If anyone here is better, then there is probably only Sister Ling.

Sister Ling looked at the scene in front of her, not only was she not surprised or scared, on the contrary, her face was bright, her eyes brightened as she watched Dustin Zhou, with a hint of approval.

Everyone has seen it very clearly.

The few consecutive clear voices just now were clearly Dustin Zhou slapped Kong Hui once again.

This time, it was different from the slap just now.

This slap slapped Kong Hui directly away and hit the shelf beside the branch directly. A whole row of shelves were all knocked apart.

And Kong Hui, now lying on this pile of shelves, wailing in pain, unable to move.

“Hiss!” For an instant, everyone breathed in air-conditioning, especially Wang Wei and others, who even glanced at Kong Hui, then quickly looked away.

“Reasonable explanation? This is the explanation I gave you. Are you satisfied?” Dustin Zhou said coldly, walking slowly in front of Kong Hui, and looking at Kong Hui lying in the middle of the shelf, his face was expressionless.

“As for you want to keep my store from opening, you can try it, but I want to see it.

Why can’t you keep my store open? Who can make me unable to open this store?

After Dustin Zhou finished speaking, he didn’t even look at Kong Hui’s situation. He turned around suddenly and looked at Wang Wei and the others. His expression turned cold, with a hint of warning in his eyes. “Cancel all cooperation with him. Such a person is unworthy.”

“But, Mr. Zhou, the Christmas Eve activities are about to begin, and if Ms. Jiang Yan can’t attend tomorrow, we don’t have a substitute…” Wang Wei’s mouth twitched slightly and he explained in a low voice. He is not true. I want to help Kong Hui explain something, but I want to throw this mess to Dustin Zhou. Well, Kong Hui, you beat me like this, not to mention the Christmas Eve activities that will start in ten minutes, the opening ceremony tomorrow , Certainly can’t perform on stage. And all of this was done by Dustin Zhou, so Dustin Zhou naturally had to find a way.

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