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Chapter 812

(2) “Oh, I didn’t expect that Dustin Zhou looked extraordinary, but he was also a pretentious person, and he didn’t know the sky and the earth!” “Yes, it is possible that he has no idea what kind of existence the Xu family really is. Right.” “The ignorant is fearless, and the newborn calf is not afraid of tigers. He is probably talking about people like him.”

What should our Su family do? We can’t let Dustin Zhou go crazy. Let the Su family go crazy with him. If the Xu family fights back, it will be impossible for our Su family to last for long.

“Yes, it seems that we are going to make a statement denying that there is a cooperative relationship with Dustin Zhou.”

“Patriarch, you can speak, let’s make arrangements. People who want to come to other families can understand us.”

“Yeah, Patriarch, make a decision quickly. Maybe the Xu family will get news at some point. When we want to separate the relationship, it will be too late.”

“… For a time, many worshippers were talking, and they were filled with righteous indignation. It seemed that Dustin Zhou had done something to hurt the heavens and reason, and I was sorry for the things that came to them. All their faces were red and full of anger. I wish I could get Dustin Zhou out and give him a severe lesson. “Father, you guys…” Su Wei’s face was flushed too. He wanted to defend Dustin Zhou first, but when he spoke, he couldn’t say anything when he saw the reaction of everyone around him. It was obvious that Su Wei was at this time. I am also aware of it. The words of destroying the Xu family were definitely spoken by Dustin Zhou himself. Otherwise, the three offerings to Southern Jiangsu and Su Shiming would not unreasonably discredit Dustin Zhou. Moreover, according to Su Shiming, representatives of dozens of families, large and small, in the East China Sea I heard that Sun Qiankun of the Sun family and Ding Zhengyi of the Ding family are all present. What has been said is naturally impossible to deceive, and there will not be so many families who have reached an agreement to slander Dustin Zhou alone. It’s just, this Su Wei felt extremely uncomfortable and aggrieved. In his impression, Dustin Zhou was definitely not such an arrogant person. Although Dustin Zhou acted as fearless and fearless when he was in Hunan, it was all based on He has absolute control over things. Now, Dustin Zhou is facing the Xu family, a hidden family, and the Xu family alone is much stronger than the five big families in Hunan Province combined. This is definitely not something that Dustin Zhou can solve. Even if Dustin Zhou and their Su family reached a cooperation, it is impossible to be an opponent of the Xu family. “This is indeed what Dustin Zhou said personally, and I am not exaggerating. ingredient.

“Su Shiming looked at his son, and he felt disappointed. He thought Dustin Zhou was a good person, a capable person, and let his son Su Wei stay behind Dustin Zhou for a while, at least let Su Wei have it. A lot of progress. However, in the end, Dustin Zhou was so arrogant and disappointed in Su Shiming’s heart. If Dustin Zhou has always been like this, then what Su Wei can learn from following him before. “Patriarch, the decision we have to make now is yes How to deal with it, before living in Avaria, we have already admitted that the relationship with Dustin Zhou

Cooperative relationship, but Dustin Zhou is so arrogant, what we should do now is to quickly put aside the relationship between us, so that the Xu family will not have a misunderstanding.

As the worship of Su Nanfang who has personally experienced what happened in Avaria today, his heart is anxious at this moment. If this matter is allowed to spread more widely, the Xu family also knows, and there is a misunderstanding, then the consequences are unimaginable. At the very least, Their Su family can’t afford it. “Yes, Patriarch, let’s make a notice now, explain clearly, at least not let the Xu family misunderstand us.

“That’s right, Patriarch, you should hurry up. You can’t delay this kind of thing. The more you delay, the more serious the consequences will be. If you solve it sooner, you can also have a good night.

“Patriarch, I will prepare now.”

“… Numerous worshippers shouted one after another, and some even moved out to prepare to set aside the cooperative relationship between the Su family and Dustin Zhou. “Hold on!

“However, the man was yelled by Su Shiming before he left the lobby. Su Tai turned around hard and looked at Su Shiming, with a change of cloudy and sunny on his face. “Patriarch, what are you still hesitating about, are you really?” Thought that the self-righteous Dustin Zhou could really destroy the Xu family?

Su Tai gritted his teeth, his tone was full of disdain. When Dustin Zhou came to the Su family and expressed his intention to cooperate with the Su family, Su Tai was very disdainful. Dustin Zhou is such a big hairy kid, how dare he have it? The confidence to challenge the Xu family? Even if he had two martial masters by his side at the time, now he has two more, four martial masters in total, so what? Their Su family also has four martial masters, but compared with the Xu family, Whether it is Dustin Zhou, the Su family, or even together, it is impossible to compare with the Xu family. Otherwise, why is the Xu family a hermit family? Admiration and fear. Could the Xu family be like Dustin Zhou, just by relying on a few big words and empty words, can they deter others? This is simply unrealistic. “Yes, Patriarch, we can’t believe that kid Dustin Zhou if.

“Does he have the confidence to dare to challenge the Xu family, I think he is simply uneasy and kind, and wants to let us Su family be the brave man!”

“Patriarch, if we don’t make a statement quickly to explain clearly, it is likely that the Xu family will make trouble for us at that time, and then we will really have no way out.

“… Sutai’s words also aroused many consecrations. The four major consecrations, except for the three consecrations to Southern Jiangsu, which looked angry, the other three consecrations, although their faces were unsightly, but they did not express their opinions for a while. Plus Su Shiming didn’t

Expressing his attitude, in the lobby, suddenly fell into a strange situation.

On the one hand, there are many worships headed by the Three Worships. Under Su Tai’s yelling, he eagerly wanted to put aside the cooperative relationship between the Su family and Dustin Zhou, so as not to retaliate against the Su family after the Xu family knew it.

On the other hand, Su Shiming was the head of the three major consecrations. They did not express their views. Although there was a lot of anger on their faces, they were more thoughtful.

Su Shiming didn’t know what the three worships thought.

But Su Shiming himself had another idea.

Although he was very dissatisfied with Dustin Zhou’s actions before, he thought that Dustin Zhou had cheated their Su family, forcibly tied their Su family to a chariot, and wanted to pull them Su family into the water.

But after coming back, Su Shiming thought about it carefully, especially after his son Su Wei spoke, Su Shiming thought about it in many ways, and finally felt that something was wrong.

Yes, Dustin Zhou is a young man, less than 30, how could he have the confidence to say such a thing.

Chapter 813

Everyone’s attention is on this, thinking that Dustin Zhou is so young, it is impossible to have confidence, in other words, when he said such words, he is just sensationalizing, arrogant.

But Su Shiming’s heart moved and changed his mind.

What if Dustin Zhou said such a thing because of his confidence?

It is precisely because Dustin Zhou has sufficient confidence that he dared to speak in front of so many people to destroy the Xu family.

And Dustin Zhou’s confidence naturally comes from his absolute strength.

Where does the absolute strength come from?

The four martial masters around him?

Among the four martial arts masters, the youngest one is Niu Chuan, which Su Shiming knew early on, and that Zhou Feng came with Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan the last time Dustin Zhou came to the Su family to discuss cooperation.

As for the remaining two martial masters, Su Shiming had never seen them before, or even in the East China Sea in the past decades.

Donghai says big is not big, but not small.

However, no matter where the martial master is, it is a very important existence, and for any family, it is an undesirable existence.

The general family can have a martial master sitting in town, and it will soon develop, at least it will become a local second-rate family.

If there are more than two martial masters in a family, then it is possible to become a first-class family.

As for the number of martial masters in the hidden family, none is less than twenty.

In other words, Dustin Zhou was able to challenge the Xu family, even saying things like destroying the Xu family, then the number of martial masters Dustin Zhou could use would definitely not be less than twenty.

Twenty martial masters!

So many martial masters, once they move, they are born in the East China Sea

The movement cannot be concealed at all.

But so far, let alone the Su family, even the Sun family and the Ding family have no knowledge.

This shows that there are only two possibilities for such a situation.

One is that Dustin Zhou doesn’t have any confidence at all. When he says so, he is completely nonsense.

The other is that Dustin Zhou has an unknown method that shields everyone’s detection, integrates more than twenty martial masters, and prepares to deal with the Xu family and destroy the Xu family in one fell swoop.

Thinking of this, Su Shiming’s mind suddenly flashed past the other two martial masters beside Dustin Zhou.

Xu Fengli and Xu Fengfan.

Su Shiming naturally didn’t know the names of the two martial masters, but from them, Su Shiming had a sense of familiarity, as if he had seen them when, but for a while, he couldn’t remember at all.

However, the more you think about this, the more excited Su Shiming is.

What if Dustin Zhou is really confident?

So Dustin Zhou said that there is a high probability that the Xu family will be destroyed. If the Su family cooperates with Dustin Zhou, then ordinary people would not even dare to imagine the benefits that the Su family can get after the Xu family is destroyed.

Su Shiming really understood the meaning of this sentence at this time for the so-called wealth and danger.

Su Shiming’s face was cloudy and gloomy, and it seemed that he was engaged in some fierce ideological struggle.

Others looked at Su Shiming, waiting for him to make the final decision.

A huge boulder hung in everyone’s hearts for an instant, as if Su Shiming’s words would cause the boulder to fall heavily and hit everyone’s hearts fiercely.

“Just do it!” Su Shiming suddenly punched the table with a firm look on his face.

And everyone straightened their bodies instantly, looking at Su Shiming, with a trace of anxiety and anxiety in their expressions.

On the other hand, Su Nanfang and Su Tai even had a trace of anxiety on their faces. From Su Shiming’s face, they saw expressions different from what they had imagined.

“Don’t do anything first. The cooperation between our Su family and Dustin Zhou will be maintained for the time being. Don’t say anything to the outside world or rumors from the outside world. Don’t worry about it. I need to have a good talk with Dustin Zhou.” Su Shiming said in a deep voice. .

But at this moment, the whole lobby fell silent, and everyone was speechless with their mouths open.

No one thought that Su Shiming would say such things in the end.

Don’t do anything for the time being and keep the cooperative relationship between the Su family and Dustin Zhou temporarily?

What does it mean?

Su Shiming still has the thoughts and ideas for the Su family to cooperate with Dustin Zhou. Isn’t he worried that Dustin Zhou’s words will anger the Xu family, and the Xu family will come to him?

“Patriarch, no!” “Patriarch, where do you put the Su family?” “Cooperate with Dustin Zhou, do you want to bring the Su family to the anger of the Xu family?


“Yeah, why on earth did Dustin Zhou make Patriarch you value so much? He even dared to say such things, and Patriarch, you not only didn’t put aside the relationship between Su Family and Dustin Zhou, but wanted to have a good talk with him?

“Yeah, if there is anything to talk about, we should quickly make a statement explaining the relationship between our Su family and Dustin Zhou. This is the most important thing.”

“If the Xu family gets angry, how can our Su family resist? Do we rely on Dustin Zhou’s words to destroy the Xu family?”

“… Suddenly, the many worshippers in the lobby exploded, and all of them were full of anger, opposing Su Shiming’s decision. It seems that if you follow Su Shiming’s statement, then the Su family will soon be in the Xu family’s anger. Even if the Su family does not immediately issue a statement explaining the relationship between the Su family and Dustin Zhou, it will have a very negative impact on the Su family. “Enough!

“Su Shiming quietly looked at the anger on the faces of the people, and quietly listened to the words of their opposition. However, after all, Su Shiming is the head of the Su family. Since he has made a decision, he naturally does not allow others to treat himself What’s the objection to the decision? “Patriarch, have you ever thought about the consequences of doing this?

“Others were drunk by Su Shiming, and immediately calmed down. But as the three worshippers, Southern Jiangsu is also a martial master, or Su Shiming’s elder, and is highly powerful in the Su family. Others dare not object to Su Shiming’s words, but Su Nanfang doesn’t care. He just wants to quickly pull the Su Family out of this vortex. Otherwise, this time, the Su Family will probably be defeated by Su Shiming. This is something Su Nanfang absolutely does not want to see. “Three offerings, I am the Patriarch of the Su Family. The decision I made is the decision of the Su Family. Do you want to oppose it?

Su Shiming looked at Su Nanfang with a solemn expression, and said in a solemn voice. Su Shiming’s moment not only stunned the other offerings, but also stunned Su Nanfang. Su Shiming has always been in the Su family. Very gentle, no matter what matters, he has always been relatively gentle, and he is also very generous and kind, and rarely loses his temper with others. Therefore, many worshipers of the Su family think that Su Shiming is such a character, so when the Su family discusses matters, they They are all extremely powerful. But today, Su Shiming suddenly showed strength, even when facing Southern Jiangsu, Su Shiming did not back down, which really surprised everyone.

Chapter 814

All the time, Su Shiming. The presence in the Su family is actually not that strong. At least, compared with the Sun family and even the Ding family, Su Shiming’s influence in the Su family is far less powerful than that of Sun Qiankun and Ding Zhengyi. Therefore,

Many worshippers always thought that Su Shiming was a relatively easy-going person with a weak personality.

But Su Shiming’s performance just now really surprised everyone.

No one would have imagined that the Patriarch, who has always been very easy-going, would at this time, and when most people were the same, insisted on worshipping Southern Jiangsu three times.

You know, Su Nanfang is not only the Su family itself, but the elder of Su Shiming, or a master of warriors, and his influence in the Su family is extraordinary.

Many things in the Su family have to be handled by Southern Jiangsu.

It can be said that although Southern Su is only three worships, the power of the Su family in his hand is far from what other people can imagine.

At least, a single person in southern Jiangsu can make the second worship of Su Changhen and the fourth worship of Su Changge so hard that they can’t speak.

But now, the southern part of Su has been hardened by Su Shiming.

All of a sudden, everyone closed their mouths and dared not say a word.

Just kidding, Su Shiming even Su Nanan was so hard-headed, they were nothing more.

If it really provokes Su Shiming’s unhappy, Su Shiming may even directly drive them out of the Su family for their worship that is not yet a martial master.

Su Nanfang’s face was flushed, and he waited for Su Shiming with anger, his chest undulating.

He is angry.

Su Nanfang didn’t expect that one day he would be scolded by Su Shiming so much, and he would not give him any face in front of all the worship of the Su family.

This makes Southern Jiangsu intolerable.

I was obviously devoted to the Su family’s sake, and didn’t want the Su family to get along with Dustin Zhou, offend the Xu family, be retaliated against by the Xu family, and perish ever since.

However, Patriarch Su Shiming’s such attitude made Su Nanfang’s heart furious.

Su Nanfang even wished to rush over, abolished Su Shiming with a punch, and re-appointed someone from the Su family as the head of the Patriarch.

But Su Nanfang held it back. He didn’t want to do this, but couldn’t do it.

Although he is the elder of Su Shiming, he is also the elder of Su Shiming to worship Sunan Tian, ​​and his blood relationship with Su Shiming is much closer than that of Southern Jiangsu.

In addition, the strength of Southern Jiangsu is much stronger than Southern Jiangsu. No matter what Southern Jiangsu does to Su Shiming, Southern Jiangsu will definitely be able to stop Southern Jiangsu.

There is a great worship of Sunan Tian sitting at the head of Su Shiming, and it is impossible for anyone here to pose any threat to Su Shiming.

“Patriarch, what do you mean by this? Don’t I be good for the Su family, it’s not alright?” Su Nanfang tried his best to endure the anger in his heart. He felt that everyone present could not understand his kindness, and his heart was miserable and miserable. Qi.

“I know that the three offerings are for the sake of the Su family, but when everything is unclear, you’d better not do anything. After I talk with Dustin Zhou, you will naturally tell

Tell you why!

“Remember, this is an order, if someone violates it, I would mind expelling him from the Su family!”

“Su Shiming’s words were firm, and his tone was unwavering. Everyone’s hearts were stunned, and their gazes at Su Shiming became more solemn. They knew that Su Shiming was serious. If someone goes against his intentions, Su Shiming will deal with it. Will be soft. Even today, the scene of Su Shiming’s hard fight against Southern Jiangsu is just for everyone to see, so that everyone has a number in their hearts. After all, Su Shiming is able to scold like this even for three worships to Southern Jiangsu, and the status and strength of other people are not as good as that. Su Nanfang, in the eyes of Su Shiming, don’t care much. After Su Shiming finished speaking, he took a deep look on everyone’s faces before turning back and leaving the lobby. Su Wei trot after seeing Su Shiming leaving. In his heart, Dustin Zhou was never an arrogant person. Since Dustin Zhou said something like that in Avaria, he must have his reasons. Su Wei decided to tell Su Shiming what he thought in his heart so that he would not misunderstand Dustin Zhou. In the lobby, although Su Shiming left, none of the many worshippers left. Everyone’s eyes crossed the faces of the three worship Su Nannan from time to time. Everyone looked at Su Nanfang with mixed emotions. It’s a pity. Fortunately, there is disdain, there is resentment… It’s all about it! “Three offerings, you…” Su Tai hesitated, still gritted his teeth and walked to the side of Southern Su, and whispered. He wanted to comfort Southern Su, After all, in the past, Su Nanfang was also very considerate to his Sutai. At this time, if he didn’t do anything, he seemed a little unkind and ungrateful. “I’m fine, you go first, I want to be quiet. …” Su Nanan said softly, his tone was very soft, as if he had seen everything through, his heart was ashamed. Su Tai wanted to say something, but opened his mouth and sighed, and left directly. Su Tai left first. As if opening a hole, other worships also left the lobby. In the lobby, they only felt depressed. They left the lobby and breathed the fresh air outside, which made them feel a lot better. “Oh, you said the master What was going on, I even scolded the three offerings.

“Yeah, if I want to say it, I blame Dustin Zhou, and I don’t know where he fascinated the Patriarch. At this time, the Patriarch would not disregard the relationship with Dustin Zhou and put our Su family in a dangerous situation. .

“Who would say no? That Dustin Zhou is really fearless as an ignorant person. He even dared to say the words to destroy the Xu family. He really thought he was invincible in the world?”

“Hmph, in my opinion, in a few days, the Xu family will go

If I find Dustin Zhou’s troubles, I still hope that the Patriarch can clarify as soon as possible that there is no relationship between our Su family and Dustin Zhou, otherwise the Xu family’s revenge and attack, our Su family can not afford.

“… Everyone left the lobby, and they started talking, all of them filled with righteous indignation and dismissal. At this time, there were only four worshippers left in the lobby. The three worshippers Su Nanfang sat on their chairs with great momentum. It’s so low that it looks like a slack. While the other three offerings, each looked at each other and saw a hint of playfulness in each other’s eyes. “Okay, the third child, everyone is finished. You have enough of your play, right?

“Second Worship Su Changhen coughed lightly, and said lightly, his gaze fell on Su Nanfang’s face, full of playful smiles. The eyes of Da Worship and Si Worship also looked over. Jing! Third Worship Su Nanfang did not speak, even The head is still down, without raising it, and it doesn’t say a word, as if it has been wronged. “Okay, the third child, let’s talk about it, what is going on.”

“At this moment, the Great Worship of Sunan Tian spoke.

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