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Chapter 872

After coming out from Xu Feng, it was this feeling that touched Dustin Zhou the most. Once you enter the martial arts master, you will eventually become a lone soul. At all costs, you must win! Dustin Zhou can’t imagine that if he also falls into the opponent’s strategy, what will happen to him. By that time, What should mothers do? And Mira Xie, Enderia Shen, or

Su Xiaomeng and Chen Xin, they will both be very sad.

There must be no mistakes!

After figuring this out, Dustin Zhou arranged Xu Li, a dozen martial masters, out at the fastest speed.

Hidden in a more hidden place.

And when he comes into contact with these people in the future, he will be more cautious.

After arranging these people, he called Niu Chuan, and under Niu Chuan’s escort, he came to Lvjingwan City again.

This time, he came to his home, the villa where Zhou’s mother lived.

“Mom, I’m thinking about changing your place to live. What do you think?” Dustin Zhou said casually.

He didn’t want Zhou Mu to realize that he was doing some very dangerous things, or even fighting with the Xu family.

But he had to hide Zhou Mu, because the Xu family had already discovered this place, and if they continued to live here, it would be too risky.

A gleam of light flashed in Zhou Mu’s eyes.

She gave her son a thoughtful look.

“Isn’t it good here? Why do you want to change?” “It’s not impossible to change, but you have to give me a reason.” Dustin Zhou laughed dryly.

He had expected Zhou Mu to ask that way, but he really didn’t think of a better excuse for this question.

“We are changing to a bigger house. In fact, the environment here is just average. We change to a better place.” He bit the bullet and said, he knew that this reason was not enough to convince Zhou Mu.

For Zhou Mu, she was very content to live in a villa like this one.

It has nothing to do with how much Dustin Zhou has.

Even if Dustin Zhou had money no matter what, Zhou Mu would not allow Dustin Zhou to waste money indiscriminately to change her house under no special circumstances.

But unexpectedly, Zhou Mu directly agreed.

“Okay, if you want to change, then change it, I’ll listen to you.” Mother Zhou smiled slightly, “When people are old, I don’t have to ask so much. Whatever you say is what you say.” She said again. Turning slightly, “But Dustin Zhou, I don’t care what you do outside, but I’m just a son like you.” “You must take care of yourself and ensure your safety, understand?” Mother Zhou said with emotion. , Looks very serious.

Dustin Zhou was taken aback for a moment, and quickly lowered his head, his eyes were slightly red.

He understood that his mother was caring for him.

Maybe the mother does not know what he did, but there is a good saying that the mother will always know her son better than anyone else.

She had already inferred Dustin Zhou’s current general situation from Dustin Zhou’s words and deeds.

Although unable to intervene, he still expressed his concern.

“Don’t worry, mom, I know it,” Dustin Zhou touched

He touched his mother’s hand, “Soon, everything is over.” Dustin Zhou took out the phone and wanted to call Enderia Shen.

Because he thought about it, he still felt that it was more appropriate to arrange Zhou Mu to Enderia Shen.

First, Enderia Shen will definitely not treat Zhou’s mother badly, leaving aside the feelings of Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen. As a shareholder of Mingyang, Dustin Zhou has more than doubled the scale of Mingyang in less than a year. .

With this contribution, Enderia Shen will definitely take care of Zhou Mu.

Second, he felt that Enderia Shen was the safest place.

Because no one would have thought that Dustin Zhou would arrange his mother to that place. First of all, the identity was inappropriate. With their relationship, how could Dustin Zhou let his mother live in Enderia Shen’s house?

The second is that Enderia Shen is just a weak woman, with no strong background or anything, and has never even contacted such things as a martial master.

In such an extraordinary period, the Xu family would definitely think that Dustin Zhou would arrange his mother to be guarded by a strong person, and would never think in the direction of Enderia Shen.

But Dustin Zhou wanted this surprise.

But when he called Enderia Shen, he couldn’t get through anyway.

It is not shutting down, and no one answers at all.

“It’s strange, why can this woman not answer the phone?” Dustin Zhou couldn’t figure it out.

In this day and age, it’s so strange not to make a call.

“Is it possible that you are working in the company and your mobile phone is left at home?” Dustin Zhou thought to himself.

Now that the Spring Festival has just passed, the company has begun to resume operations. Even Dustin Zhou has returned to the company in the past two days and is busy launching the third-generation flagship product.

As the president of the company, Enderia Shen is very likely to be in the company at this time.

Thinking of this, he drove to the company.

The company is full of people coming and going, because Dustin Zhou just released a message that the company is going to launch the third-generation flagship product, so there is really a lot of business to deal with.

But he said that he had not found Enderia Shen’s shadow.

“Did President Shen not come to work today?” Dustin Zhou grabbed an employee and asked.

“Hello, Mr. Zhou!” The employee raised his head and asked Dustin Zhou hello.

Dustin Zhou’s status is still very high in the company.

“No need to ask, didn’t Mr. Shen come to work?” Dustin Zhou repeated his question.

“Zhou, this is your fault, you don’t know where Shen is, how can we know?” The employee looked at Dustin Zhou with some teasing and said.

Who didn’t know that Mr. Zhou and Mr. Shen in the company are so good that they are almost wearing a pair of pants!

Even if everyone knows that Dustin Zhou already has a wife, in private, everyone still thinks that Enderia Shen and Dustin Zhou are more similar.

A pair.

And they also believe that Enderia Shen is more worthy of Dustin Zhou than Mira Xie.

Of course, I don’t know if there is any partiality among these employees because Enderia Shen is their president.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t want to pay attention to these cold jokes, and he was even a little irritable.

Having just experienced what happened to Xu Feng, Dustin Zhou now feels a little bit like a snake shadow.

“Did President Shen really come to work?” Dustin Zhou looked around the entire office and shouted, “Has anyone seen President Shen today?” The office fell silent for a moment, and everyone looked at Dustin Zhou dumbfounded. what happened.

Finally, an employee stood up weakly, “Zhou Li Muzi came here in the morning, but he was quickly called out by Mr. Chang.”

Chapter 873

“Ms. Chang? Which Ms. Chang?” Dustin Zhou was taken aback and asked.

“It’s the vice president of the company, Mr. Chang Hao Chang!” the employee replied.

Chang Hao?

Dustin Zhou remembered the Chang Hao who was expelled by Enderia Shen not long ago.

Although he has been fired by Enderia Shen, in the final analysis, he was once the vice president of the famous company, and other people would subconsciously call him Chang Zong.

This guy, what did you call Enderia Shen out for?

A bad premonition flooded Dustin Zhou’s heart instantly.

He has every reason to believe that Chang Hao is about to do bad things to Enderia Shen.

It is very simple. At the beginning, he was confident enough to line up with Dustin Zhou and asked Enderia Shen to make a choice between Dustin Zhou and him.

At that time, Enderia Shen naturally chose Dustin Zhou.

Although it seemed to others to be a very normal, even trivial matter, even Dustin Zhou himself did not take it seriously.

But there is no doubt that this incident severely slapped Chang Hao in the face, making him completely sweeping.

Being ashamed of so many people, he even lost such a good job.

If Chang Hao had no resentment in his heart, Dustin Zhou would never believe it!

Chang Hao resented Enderia Shen, and called Enderia Shen out one morning when there was no one in the company. No one dared to imagine what he would do!

Dustin Zhou was anxious in an instant, because he knew that Chang Hao came to the company at 8 o’clock in the morning, and the company didn’t start work until 8:30.

At that time, apart from Enderia Shen, the entire company had only one employee who had just reported to Dustin Zhou.

If that employee did not come to the company half an hour earlier today, no one might know where Enderia Shen went!

“Very well, you can come to the company half an hour earlier today. You did a good job. After get off work, come to my office to receive a bonus of 100,000 yuan!” Dustin Zhou finished his sentence.

Later, he hurriedly left the company.

But the company has already exploded.

Everyone looked at that employee enviously, just because he came half an hour early, he could get a bonus of 100,000 yuan!

What’s the difference between this thing and winning the jackpot in the lottery!

But they also know that the nature of this kind of thing is indeed similar to buying a lottery ticket. Envy is not enough.

In contrast, they were even more curious about what happened today, why Dustin Zhou was so anxious when he heard that Enderia Shen was called out by Chang Hao, and even rewarded the employee with 100,000 yuan!

“Could it be that Mr. Chang is also pursuing Mr. Shen, so Mr. Zhou is so anxious when he hears these words?” “Not necessarily, Mr. Zhou already has a wife. He can blatantly prevent others from pursuing Mr. Chang. “Who said that it is not necessarily? I think that Mr. Shen and Mr. Zhang are better together.” The employees speculated that Dustin Zhou had already left the company. He drove wildly while calling Asher Chen. Phone.

“Mr. Chen, do you have anything to do with the monitoring of the entire Donghai City today?” Dustin Zhou asked anxiously.

He knows that Asher Chen’s official relationship with Donghai City has always been very good, so it is absolutely impossible to ask Asher Chen for help at this time.

Sure enough, Asher Chen agreed very simply, because he heard Dustin Zhou’s tone of anxiety.

Although I don’t know what happened to Dustin Zhou that would be so anxious, this does not prevent him from helping Dustin Zhou.

“You come to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, I will soon have someone connect the system of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse to satellite monitoring.” Asher Chen hung up the phone and sent someone to make arrangements.

Dustin Zhou drove concentratingly, and the car quickly arrived at the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

After Dustin Zhou got off the car, he walked straight into the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

The security guard at the door had known Dustin Zhou a long time ago. He came to the first floor without any pressure, and then stepped to the second floor.

“Who is that person? He dared to rush to the second floor in a panic, doesn’t he know that the second floor of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse is not accessible to ordinary people?” The people in the lobby on the first floor talked, “I see He is not like a rich person either.” “That is, a person who is truly rich and has status, who would have no tolerance like him, the real bosses should be talking and laughing at all times!” “I Seeing that this guy is an unknown person who doesn’t understand the rules. It is very likely that he is a food delivery guy. Wait and see, he will definitely be driven down from the second floor.” Everyone felt that Dustin Zhou could not go to the second floor because His hurried appearance does not have the style of a big boss.

But in the end, he slapped the group of people in the face severely. Dustin Zhou came to the second floor very easily.

There are any obstacles.

“That guy, he went up!” “Is the Mountain Mist Club no one to take care of now? Can we also go up to the second floor to see it?” Everyone looked at Dustin Zhou’s back in shock, thinking about what went wrong. Up.

They are all small and well-known wealthy businessmen in Donghai City. They have never had the opportunity to visit the second floor of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse in their entire life. However, when an inexplicable young man came, he walked up so easily, which made them feel Very frustrated.

“Look at him, that guy, not only did he go to the second floor, he even went up to the third floor now!” The sharp-eyed man screamed.

Everyone raised their heads, and sure enough, in their eyes, Dustin Zhou didn’t stop at all. He went up to the second floor, and then went straight to the third floor.

“I’m crazy, how many people can reach the third floor in Donghai City? The first one can count, what does that guy think?” Everyone was shocked and speechless. Think Dustin Zhou must be crazy.

But Dustin Zhou not only successfully reached the third floor, he even entered Asher Chen’s office!

At this moment, the group of people who had just laughed at Dustin Zhou’s madness became dumbfounded.

Looking at each other, there was a trace of embarrassment in each other’s eyes.

Can enter Asher Chen’s office and have not been kicked out, obviously Dustin Zhou is not an ordinary person at all.

It’s not that the Mountain Mist Clubhouse is not doing anything, but that Dustin Zhou is indeed qualified to step onto the second floor or even the third floor.

“Actually, although the young man walked fast just now, I think he is very temperamental at first glance. He is definitely not an ordinary person.” “Yes, I also feel that I have never seen him run so fast. Such a handsome young man” The group of people downstairs changed again.

It’s just that Dustin Zhou didn’t know anything about it.

He only cares about where Enderia Shen is now!

When I arrived at Asher Chen’s office, the computer was connected to the satellite surveillance map. He transferred the surveillance to the famous company. Soon, Chang Hao’s figure appeared on the surveillance!

Chang Hao entered the Mingyang company, and soon after, he walked out with Enderia Shen, got into the car and left quickly.

Chapter 874

From the monitoring point of view, Enderia Shen did not seem to be reluctant, and it was not that Chang Hao kidnapped Enderia Shen.

Enderia Shen frowned and hugged his arms all the way, but he actively followed Chang Hao and then took the initiative to get into the car.

“Is there any problem here?” Asher Chen asked Dustin Zhou, who was frowning.

“It’s not a big problem. Follow this car to see where he finally stopped.” Dustin Zhou kept fiddle with surveillance video, at every corner.

Fang had to switch once to track Chang Hao’s car throughout.

The more he tracked, the more he felt that something was wrong, because Chang Hao’s car was gradually driving towards the suburbs!

He really rushed to the suburbs. After leaving the outer ring, Chang Hao’s car was completely out of the surveillance range. Even Asher Chen was helpless at this time.

“Need my help?” Asher Chen asked softly.

He could see that Dustin Zhou was very anxious now.

But he didn’t know what happened, and found it inconvenient to ask Dustin Zhou what happened, because this must be something Dustin Zhou didn’t want to say.

“No, Uncle Chen, are there any special buildings in the eastern suburbs?” Dustin Zhou thought for a while, rejecting Asher Chen’s kindness, “At this time, the power of one person is useless at all, and the human sea tactics must be used! “The eastern suburbs are now deserted. There is a large area of ​​deserted factories. Other than that, there seems to be nothing special.” Asher Chen groaned slightly and replied.

Dustin Zhou nodded, and dialed the number of Lord Tiger with a gloomy expression.

Digging three feet, he must also dig out Chang Hao!

No need for a martial master, he only needs ordinary punks, but there must be a large number of people, because he needs efficiency and time!

Hearing this news, Hu Ye immediately agreed to send one hundred younger brothers to Dustin Zhou to go to the eastern suburbs to find the whereabouts of Chang Hao and Enderia Shen!

If he is not a master of warrior, he is just an ordinary punk, it is not difficult for the tiger master at all!

“I’m waiting for your good news!” Dustin Zhou agreed, hung up, and drove to the eastern suburbs in person.

At this time, Chang Hao and Enderia Shen were indeed in abandoned factories in the eastern suburbs.

The factory area in this area is very large, covering tens of thousands of square meters, and the place where they are now is just one of the small abandoned rooms.

Chang Hao knew that his whereabouts would be exposed sooner or later, but as long as he was in this room, he believed he was safe.

Because such a large area of ​​the factory is like a maze, even if someone finds his trace, if there are only a dozen people, it is impossible to find him without looking for a day!

So now he is very bold and relieved, but at the same time very angry.

Because until now, Enderia Shen would not let go!

“What is so good about Dustin Zhou? He is just a trash graduate from a third-rate university, or even a door-to-door son-in-law, why, why did you fire me for him!” Chang Hao screamed desperately.

It has been almost ten minutes since he asked this question, but Enderia Shen just looked at him with a pitiful look and didn’t answer at all.

“Why didn’t you answer me?” Chang Hao stared at Enderia Shen’s eyes tightly and ran

I grabbed Enderia Shen’s collar in the past, “You should have liked me before?” “You pulled me up with one hand. You promoted me to the position of vice president. If you don’t like me, why treat me? So good?” “I don’t like you, but I just think you have some potential, as if you can contribute to the company, and then promote you to the position of vice president.” Finally, Enderia Shen spoke, but his tone was a little disappointed, “Unfortunately You disappointed me too much.” “Not only did you fail to do the position of vice president, you even did things like kidnapping, Chang Hao, your path is getting crooked.” Enderia Shen shook his head and said.

She didn’t expect Chang Hao to kidnap her at all. After all, Chang Hao is also a fresh graduate from a prestigious university.

When he went to the company to find Enderia Shen today, he said that he was going to take Enderia Shen to meet with a big man to discuss the famous company’s third flagship product.

Although Enderia Shen didn’t want to go, Chang Hao said that if Enderia Shen refused, the big man would find Dustin Zhou’s trouble and get the third-generation flagship product of Mingyang.

Feeling helpless, Enderia Shen got into the car with Chang Hao.

But Chang Hao put a drug on the car, and Enderia Shen lost consciousness soon after getting on the car, and was already in this place when he woke up.

“Chang Hao, what on earth do you want to do?” “Although you are no longer in the famous company, you are a high-achieving student after all, and your future is boundless.” “As long as you let me go now, I promise I will never pursue you, no You will go to jail.” Enderia Shen said again.

“Hehe, you really care about me.” But Chang Hao sneered.

“Why do you care about me so much, why did you choose Dustin Zhou?” “What does Master have to do with you now? Do you want me to go to jail? Okay, I can see it today, you didn’t plan to answer me properly. Is the question right?” “In your heart, I am not as important as Dustin Zhou at all. Well, let me go to jail, and it’s not just a charge of kidnapping, it’s better to add another charge of rape! After speaking, Chang Hao glanced greedily over Enderia Shen’s body.

The reason why he wanted to kidnap Enderia Shen today did not intend to do anything to Enderia Shen.

But he heard that Dustin Zhou was about to launch the third-generation flagship product, and he felt a little uneasy.

He arrested Enderia Shen if he was a ghost, but the main purpose was to get Enderia Shen to admit that he had no choice but to expel him.

It is because Dustin Zhou’s position in the company is too important and he has made too much money for the company, not because Dustin Zhou is more important than Changhao in Enderia Shen’s heart.

For a long time, Chang Hao felt that Enderia Shen was interested in himself


Even if he was fired later, his thoughts have not completely changed.

But when he captured Enderia Shen, he fully understood that Enderia Shen didn’t mean anything to him!

He was promoted solely for the benefit of the company!

The reason for expelling him was completely for Dustin Zhou!

Even if Dustin Zhou is a humble employee, the person Enderia Shen likes is Dustin Zhou!

This made him a little broken, and he could not accept it at all.

But he couldn’t change it, and under incompetent rage, he decided to take the risk.

He had lost everything anyway, and he didn’t care more.

What about going to jail?

As long as you can enjoy Enderia Shen before going to jail, it will be worth it!

Or, if after enjoying Enderia Shen, Enderia Shen will fall in love with himself because of his good technology?

He thought of it silently in his heart.

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