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Chapter 998

With a pitiful attitude, the woman said to Dustin Zhou, “Actually, I don’t have any battles at all.

Fighting power.

“My task is to absorb some of your true qi from here. If you can give me your true qi, then you can naturally move on to the next level.”

“If you don’t kill me, there is only one way to the next level, and that is to kill me.”

“The woman seemed to be very sincere, and she directly stated all her goals. Hearing these words, Dustin Zhou also fell into silence. He pondered in his heart for a moment, and he probably understood what a woman was doing to absorb true energy. What do you mean. It’s probably just doing that kind of thing, and then a woman can draw a certain amount of true energy from her body. If you want to say what the danger of this level is, Dustin Zhou can probably imagine it. Very likely, woman You will take away all your true energy! After hollowing out your body, you will completely lose your life. In other words, if you promise this woman, it basically means you are going to die. But If you don’t agree, this woman seems a bit too pitiful. She doesn’t seem to have done anything wrong, just sitting there quietly. Whether you can leave this secret room, in fact, depends on your own strength. It shouldn’t matter to women. You are only doing it for your own selfish desires, for your own goal of leaving here, you have done nothing wrong with her. This is a cruel thing, Dustin Zhou’s conscience does not seem to be wrong. Allow him to do this. To give a simple example, Dustin Zhou wants to cross a river, but the river does not have any bridges. If he wants to cross the bridge, Dustin Zhou must grab an innocent person next to him and use his body as As a bridge for yourself to cross the river. But in fact, whether you can cross the river or not has nothing to do with the innocent person. The reason for doing this is just because you lose the interests of others for your own selfish desires. The situation is exactly the same. Dustin Zhou also understands what the test of this level is. It is indeed a test for the emperor of warriors! If the one who came here was a smarter master of warrior, when he understood the rules here, he found out After that woman can’t be touched, she will definitely choose to kill that woman immediately and leave the room without hesitation. Very simple, some martial masters, their principle is not so strong. But for the emperor of warriors, as long as they become The emperor of warrior, that means that his principle must be very strong! Almost no emperor of warrior is proud to allow himself to do this kind of thing. For his cowardice, he killed an innocent woman! Including Dustin Zhou , He looked at the woman quietly, but couldn’t get any hands off.

, The woman is actually innocent.

I can’t leave this room, it’s my incompetence.

If you kill this woman, it is equivalent to confessing your incompetence and blaming the fault of your incompetence on the woman. This is something Dustin Zhou himself cannot accept.

“Official, have you considered it? Are you going to kill me?” The woman began to ask again.

Dustin Zhou sighed silently, then turned and walked to the side, “Stay away from me. From now on, don’t talk to me.” “I will find a way to leave this broken room, but you must not let me Find a reason to kill you.” Dustin Zhou’s indifferent voice sounded.

He decided not to touch this woman for the time being, and he must keep this woman away from him.

Otherwise, he was afraid that he could not control it, and he was afraid that he would deliberately find some excuses to make things difficult for this woman. When the woman irritated him a little bit, he would kill the woman.

But the real reason why he killed a woman was not because the woman irritated him a little bit.

Or because of my own weakness.

I think I can’t leave this room, so I shot a woman.

Dustin Zhou, this is absolutely not allowed to happen.

So he walked directly to the edge of the room, came to the place of Shimen, and reminded the woman to stay away from him.

Looking at the vigorous Shimen in front of him, Dustin Zhou condensed a breath of anger, and then punched it up.

As the emperor of warriors, he can easily break boulders!

Originally, a strong man who has just stepped into the martial master has one ox in his body, and a veteran who has been immersed in the realm of the martial master for decades, even a strong man who is infinitely approaching the emperor of the martial artist, can have three ox power in his body. .

In other words, a powerful martial master can hit the weight of three cows in one punch!

It’s horrible!

And the emperor of warrior, compared with the master of warrior, is a difference in texture.

If you have to say, the power of a warrior emperor is probably as much as three elephants!

The weight of the three elephants is incomparable to the martial master!

At the same time, if a warrior emperor gathers all these powers on a fist, this person can easily break the boulder!

Therefore, Dustin Zhou will make this attempt, and he is confident enough that he can break this giant door!

You know, on his fist, dozens of tons of weight are gathered!

Is it possible that even a stone gate cannot be broken?

Yes, it cannot be broken.

When Dustin Zhou punched out fiercely, the force from the giant gate directly bounced him out.

This Shimen will bounce back!

It seems that Dustin Zhou used so much effort just now,

As a result, how much strength bounced back to him!

But his own power did not cause any harm to this stone gate!

After eating his full punch, Dustin Zhou suddenly flew out and spouted a mouthful of blood.

He just didn’t have the slightest defense at all and was hit by his heaviest punch.

Fortunately, there is no other threat in this room, he has time to gradually recover from his injuries.

Dustin Zhou’s face was solemn, sitting cross-legged, slowly turning in anger.

At this time, the woman sitting behind the curtain spoke again, “Officials, you can’t leave from here with brute force. This will only aggravate your own injuries.” “If you want to leave from here, only There are two methods. The first is to let me absorb part of your true qi, and the second is to kill me.” Dustin Zhou snorted coldly, “I said, you don’t talk to me, don’t let me find that I can kill you. Don’t you understand your reason?” “You want to absorb a part of my true anger?” “Are you sure it is a part? Will you really hollow me out?” “I won’t be fooled by you. “The ninth and ninety-ninth

Chapter 999

There is an old saying in this world, called Dao Zhi Jian, return to the basics.

In fact, the test of the second level is quite interesting.

The test of the second level can be said to be the easiest one, because he really doesn’t have any difficulty, even if an ordinary person comes, he can easily pass by, just kill the woman.

But for the strong, this is a very difficult level.

He puts the conditions of victory in front of you, but you can’t touch it. If you touch it, it violates your own Taoism.

It is definitely a difficult question to stick to one’s own Taoism or take a shortcut to pass customs.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t have the slightest doubt.

Not only because violating Dao Xin will affect his future practice, the more important point is that Dustin Zhou understands that if he can’t even pass this level, he directly betrays his bottom line principle to pass the level, then he will not have the next level. Any possibility of passing.

So he didn’t care about women at all.

“Don’t try to get my attention. That kind of thing doesn’t make sense at all.” Dustin Zhou said, “Don’t worry, I will leave this room with my own strength.” “Really a very unfeeling official.” Hear Dustin Zhou. Then the woman slumped back again, as if disappointed.

“Officials, why do you have to think that I am trying to harm you? Actually, I really want to help you. You don’t even know that life forms like ours are created with their own Consciousness and thought, while

, Has also been given a corresponding mission.

“We are not humans, but they are no different from your humans, except that we have to live within limited rules.”

“You should have noticed it during the last level. The formation has replicated another you, but that you is actually not willing to fight with you, but he has no choice.

Dustin Zhou’s expression paused slightly, and he remembered the scene of the fake Dustin Zhou hitting the wall and committing suicide. Is it possible that the guy actually didn’t want to fight with him? It’s just that because he was created, he had to replace himself, so he would fight Fight yourself? “Actually, I am the same. Since you don’t want me to draw true qi, then come and kill me.

“The woman said softly, “Even if you can leave this room with brute force, then I will be automatically killed by the formation.

“In other words, as long as you don’t allow me to draw true qi, I will surely disappear in smoke. In that case, it is better to let my life play the last point of value and become your stepping stone to the next level.”

The woman looked at Dustin Zhou pitifully, her face seemed sincere. Even Dustin Zhou was a little confused. Is this woman serious? But even if she is serious, Dustin Zhou would never be able to do it. On the contrary, The woman was really kind to Dustin Zhou, but it gave Dustin Zhou a mentality of repaying his kindness. It is also one of Dustin Zhou’s principles that if you have a kindness, it is also one of Dustin Zhou’s principles. This woman does not have the slightest malice towards Dustin Zhou, even to help Dustin Zhou get rid of this One level of trouble, even willing to sacrifice his own life. This gave Dustin Zhou the idea that he would let this woman survive at all costs. But this idea was dispelled by him as soon as it came up. But the test of the formation! The woman in front of me, to put it plainly, is not a living person at all! Although what she said is indeed very confusing, but to put it plainly, she is still not a human being. To a large extent, she said If this comes out, it is very likely that it is controlled by the system! Dustin Zhou can not hurt her, but he absolutely cannot accept her help! Because once he accepts her help, he must return her. This is a causal relationship. To break through this barrier, you must not suffer from cause and effect! Dustin Zhou gradually understood. He sneered, stood up from the ground and said to the woman, “Don’t try to confuse me, I won’t accept any help from you, and I will also It won’t hurt you.

“I know very well that this formation is a test, and you are just a test for me. You seem to be kind, but in fact it is nothing more than trying to destroy my Dao Xin. I am absolutely Will not be fooled.

“I will break through this level with my own strength.”

“After speaking, Dustin Zhou directly closed his ears with zhenqi. At this moment, he could no longer hear any woman’s voice. He had to concentrate on destroying Shimen! After the zhenqi in his body was restored, Dustin Zhou came again. In front of Shimen. The same punch slammed up, and he returned from injury, but Shimen still had no fluctuations. After a dozen attempts like this, Dustin Zhou became a little impatient. He was even a little confused, maybe, this Shimen, Is it really not open with brute force? The only way to clear the level, really is on a woman? Either kill a woman, or let a woman absorb her own true qi? If you let a woman absorb her own true anger, Dustin Zhou feels that the designation is not reliable Spectrum, it must be a trap. Otherwise, how can there be such a good thing, can be happy with such a beautiful woman for a period of time, and pass the test by the way? As for killing a woman, this is back to the original most contradictory place. I can’t kill an innocent woman in order to break through this level. Even though that woman is not really a human being. Dustin Zhou must never hurt a completely unrelated life form for his own benefit! If he does this After doing it, the Dao Xin is destroyed, and the future strength cannot be diligent, and there may even be a violent retreat! Then the next level is an undoubted option. It seems to be in a dead end… Dustin Zhou, who is hesitant, bit Ya stood up again, raised his fist and came to Shimen. Even if he bet his life, he must pass this level forcibly! With the next punch, he will burn his life at the cost of his royal body! Being able to pass through nature is the best. If he can’t pass, then he will directly explain here. There is no choice! Dustin Zhou’s eyes flashed with determination, a touch of blood and red eyes, he slowly raised his fist. At this moment , The blood in his body boiled, and the incomparable power was all concentrated in this fist. If the stone gate is not destroyed, then the shock force is enough to make Dustin Zhou die on the spot. But in the face of this situation, he Still did not think too much, but directly slammed up. A loud noise came, Dustin Zhou’s eyes went dark, and his body flew out. The thousandth

Chapter 1000

what should I do! Dustin Zhou’s eyes were dark, and his brain seemed to be too. Lost the ability to think. Is it dead? It should be. The punch just now, even if he successfully breaks the stone gate, he will be seriously injured, because that punch, he is burning his life as a price The backlash against the body can make him lose half of his life on the spot.

In this case, he didn’t even succeed. The punch just now should have been bounced back by Shimen.

Because his strength was bounced back by Shimen, he flew out backwards, so it was easy to understand.

In this situation, it is not difficult to imagine that with one’s current strength, it would be impossible to survive a punch like that just now.

Dustin Zhou thought a little self-deprecating, but he didn’t expect that he would die in this way.

At this time, the Xu family should be happy. It seems that he is still too arrogant.

Dustin Zhou smiled bitterly and shook his head, nothing else, since it was his own choice, then there is nothing to regret, just die.

It seems that it doesn’t hurt as much as expected.

Just thinking of this, suddenly, his body hit the stone wall behind him heavily, a sharp pain came from behind, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but let out a scream.

It hurts so much!

How is this going?

Isn’t he dead?

Where did this severe pain come from?

Will the dead also feel pain?

He suffocated his breath and opened his eyes. Just when he opened his eyes, a beautiful shadow slammed at him again, Dustin Zhou almost didn’t spit out all the air in his lungs.

So cruel!

But fortunately, the thing that was smashed was not too heavy, and it was so soft that Dustin Zhou reluctantly carried it down, and it was not too likely to aggravate his injury.

Only then did he react, and it was the woman before him that hit him.

The current woman, covered in blood, was extremely weak, and she, who was originally very delicate, seemed to die at any time.

In other words, this woman may be dead, but because she is so beautiful, it seems that she can open her eyes at any time.

Dustin Zhou blinked, what is going on?

what happened?

Not long after, he reacted.

Dustin Zhou sealed his ears with infuriating energy, so he couldn’t hear any woman telling him.

He concentrated on trying to break Shimen, and when he finally threw the final punch, Shimen rebounded his strength.

Under normal circumstances, Dustin Zhou must be dead.

But at the moment, the woman stood in front of him and saved him.

The price is that the woman seems to be dead.

Dustin Zhou sat quietly in the same place, with no joy or sorrow on his face, and for a moment he couldn’t see what he was thinking.

In fact, Dustin Zhou himself didn’t know what he was thinking.

He just thought it was ridiculous.

He was actually saved by this woman.

Moreover, in theory, this woman should be regarded as her own enemy.

Now the woman rescued him, but she died.

Even if Dustin Zhou wanted to repay, he couldn’t find it.

The object of the answer.

“Although you didn’t leave any wish,” Dustin Zhou stood up slowly, muttering in his mouth, “But in my opinion, all this happened because of this formation.” “When I go out , I will completely destroy this formation to avenge you. In any case, since you sacrificed for me, then I will definitely not lose you.” Dustin Zhou said to himself, and finally took a look at the woman. Intend to leave.

Since the woman is dead, the Shimen should be opened.

“Official man, I am not dead yet, what do you say for revenge.” Just when Dustin Zhou wanted to leave the room, a woman’s weak voice suddenly came from behind him.

Dustin Zhou paused in his footsteps, then slowly turned around to look at the woman.

The woman was indeed not dead, but she looked very weak, her face pale, and she was half lying on the ground coughing gently.

With every cough, a mouthful of shocking crimson blood spewed out.

Can’t help but feel pity.

Dustin Zhou frowned slightly, “Are you okay?” After he took such a heavy punch instead of himself, he didn’t die?

“Officials, although the little girl has no combat effectiveness, but because she is a product of this formation, to a large extent, it can be integrated with the energy in this formation. The power in the formation can’t kill me. “The woman explained softly, which made sense.

Dustin Zhou looked at the woman quietly, a tangled flash in his eyes.

Originally, he didn’t want to be contaminated with cause and effect, as long as he didn’t touch this woman, then no matter whether he could pass this checkpoint or not, he would definitely be able to ensure that his Dao Mind remained unchanged.

But it’s different now.

Whether he wanted to be tainted with cause and effect, this woman saved his life.

If he does not reciprocate, then he will probably live his whole life in shame.

Dustin Zhou frowned, “You want to absorb my true energy?” “Officials, why do you have to say that? In fact, as long as you can kill me, you can easily pass through this room.” In the woman’s eyes, Said sadly.

“There is no need to tell me this. Now I have been tainted by your cause and effect. Even if you want my life, I won’t refuse.” “If you have any requests, just say it.” Dustin Zhou said indifferently. Said.

A touch of complexity flashed in the woman’s eyes.

In the end, this complexity turned into charm.

“If the officials are willing to divide part of my true anger, the little girl is naturally grateful.” “In this way, you can also pass the level, and the little girl can survive forever. Why not?” By now, she had no need to cover up.

The reason is simple, she saved Dustin Zhou’s life!

For Dustin Zhou

For this kind of principled and bottom-line warrior emperor, as long as you save my life, I will have a chance to sell my life for you.

When my life for you is over, we will not owe each other, I can kill you.

But before I repay my gratitude, you will always be my savior, and even your life is above my life!

Obviously, this woman knows the logic of thinking of the Emperor of Warrior very well.

Therefore, she does not need the pitiful posture of Chu Chu at all. She only needs to put forward her own request openly, even if it is a life-threatening request to Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou will never refuse!

Sure enough, Dustin Zhou nodded slowly after being silent for a while.

Then he asked again, “By the way, how do you draw your true energy?” The woman covered her mouth and chuckled, “Of course it’s what you think.”

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