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Chapter 551

The changes that have taken place in the Liushi branch naturally hide But the eyes of the people of Liu City. Last night, the Liu City branch was always noisy, and even the many vehicles entering and exiting were naturally seen by many people. And the next day, many people came again. When I wanted to buy cosmetics in the Liushi branch, I found that the shelves that were full of Dangdang are now almost half empty. The two main products of Mingyang, the whitening factor mask and the new facial cleanser, are even more. It’s all gone. “What’s the matter?

Why is there no whitening factor mask and new strain facial cleanser?

“Yes, I came here specifically to buy these two products, otherwise, I wouldn’t come over.”

“What about the boss, what’s the matter with you? Why don’t you replenish so many products?”

“That’s right, doesn’t the boss want to do it?”

Yesterday business was still very good, I clearly saw it was very lively.

“What’s left here, junk cosmetics, it’s not in the flow at all. I don’t usually take a look at it. Let’s go. Since there is no famous company’s cosmetics, then what are we staying here for, sisters ,gone.

“… And the customers only halfway through the store in the Liushi branch, and they saw the situation in the branch, and they became dissatisfied. The staff in the branch also had troubles and couldn’t tell them. Are they going to explain to these customers? Is it the biggest shareholder of his branch? So, the neglected guests left the Liushi branch angrily. Before leaving, they faced the Liushi branch.

The branch cast a disdainful look.

The changes in the Liushi branch also spread in a very short time.

For a time, not only Liushi, but even people in Changsha, Hunan Province, Donghai, and even many places across the country knew about the changes in the Liushi branch.

“Mr. Wang, the situation is very bad. These are all the comments we have collected. There are already a lot of criticisms on the Internet for some comments on the situation of the branch.” Office area on the second floor of the Liushi branch, Wang Wei, Ding Junfeng, Ye Fang Several people sat inside with different looks.

Ye Fang, Zhao Cheng, and Shen Hai’s faces were gloomy. Obviously, they didn’t expect it to happen overnight. Not only were some of the famous company’s products in the store being pulled away by Enderia Shen, but even the famous company’s products in the warehouse. Was also pulled away.

And for a while, it is obviously impossible to fill the shelves.

The three of them looked at Wang Wei with cold eyes.

If it weren’t for Wang Wei, the Liushi branch would not have the current situation at all, and there would be no need for them to worry about it here.

Wang Wei paid no attention to the gazes of the few people. He took the report from the secretary and looked at it casually.

In this report, there are some comments on the Liushi branch on the Internet, there are forums, hundreds of accounts, public accounts, and some from the media.

Looking at some of the comments on this, Wang Wei, no matter how calm he is, there is also a faint fire from his eyes at this moment.

“Hehe, didn’t this Liushi branch still be a big fan of publicity yesterday? Why did it become like this overnight?” “Who knows, I know, Rocket Girl has been publicizing in the past, and the owner of this branch is not a fool. Right? A good hand, it’s a bad look?” “Hmph, the people upstairs are all ignorant, let me tell you, this Liushi branch is obviously in an infighting, otherwise, why is the company famous? All the products were withdrawn overnight?” “Yeah, then why did this happen? Could it be that the owner of this branch did something to apologize for the famous company and provoke the famous company?” “The owner of the Liushi branch is a fool. There is nothing in the store, and I don’t know how to replenish it. Is it all dead?” … These comments are mixed, and some even directly target the Liushi branch. Boss, spray directly.

When Wang Wei saw these comments, he naturally knew that the owner of the Liushi branch criticized by these people was himself, and he was naturally very upset.

But these people all started spraying on the Internet, and Wang Wei couldn’t catch others up and tidy up.

“Huh! A group of people who don’t understand anything knows to rant on the Internet!” Wang Wei slammed the report to the ground and stood up with a gloomy expression.

, Pacing back and forth in the office.

And this moment, he also shocked other people.

At first, everyone was immersed in how to go to the Liushi branch. When Wang Wei was so disturbed, his thoughts were cut off, and he was shocked, and his face was naturally unsightly.

However, Ding Junfeng and Wang Wei were close to each other. They were grasshoppers on a rope, so naturally they didn’t say anything.

But Ye Fang is different.

Ye Fang planned to draw a clear line with Wang Wei, even if Dustin Zhou said something like that, she didn’t want to do things with Wang Wei.

Now that there is just such a reason, she will naturally not let it go.

“Huh, Wang Wei, what’s the use of losing your temper now? Yesterday, you said yes, you will find a way to make up for the vacancy caused by the withdrawal of the product from the famous company, but until now, you have not seen any movement. Are you So perfunctory to us?” “Or, you Wang Wei thinks we are bullies and want to trick us into paying for your arrogance?” Ye Fang’s voice was cold, and a pair of beautiful eyes fell on Wang Wei with a weak blade.

When many people touched this gaze, they all felt a little stunned in their hearts. They immediately avoided their gazes, watching their noses, and their hearts, not to disturb Ye Fang.

After all, Wang Wei, as the largest shareholder of the Liushi branch, and Ye Fang as the second largest shareholder, cannot be easily shaken by them.

Ye Fang’s response also made many people secretly surprised.

Wang Wei’s expression was even more gloomy.

“Sister Fang, I respect you and call you Sister Fang. Don’t think that you are really that important. Without you, I can still manage this Liushi branch well!” Wang Wei said in a deep voice.

He didn’t expect that Ye Fang would stand up and blame him at this time.

Wang Wei has always been jealous of Ye Fang’s identity and strength.

Before he had cooperated with Kong Hui, he had always treated Ye Fang carefully.

Because Wang Wei knew that Ye Fang, who was also from the East China Sea, was actually the daughter-in-law of a large group in the East China Sea.

Because of the cooperative relationship between that company and Mingyang, Ye Fang made a personal trip to Hunan Province.

But now that Wang Wei and Kong Hui have reached a cooperation, and Wang Wei also knows that the Kong family where Kong Hui belongs is not inferior to Ye Fang’s husband’s group, so he naturally has confidence in his heart.

In addition, he was in a bad mood now, and when Ye Fang said this, he threatened him directly.

In Hunan Province, he was confident to suppress Ye Fang, so that she could not get over the waves.

Chapter 552

“Hehe, Wang Wei, why didn’t I find you doing this to death before? Fortunately, I thought you were cautious enough to be a good partner, but now it seems that I am wrong.” Ye Fang’s mouth raised slightly. With a faint smile

The anger on his face disappeared instantly, as if nothing happened just now.

“However, since you are so confident, then you can play by yourself, and I will not accompany you.” After all, Ye Fang did not go to see Wang Wei and the other people’s reactions. He carried the bag directly, and turned to go outside. go with.

“Ye Fang, you are too presumptuous!” At this moment, Wang Wei yelled and stared at Ye Fang violently. His eyes were bloodshot, like a bloodthirsty beast. It seemed that as long as Ye Fang could do anything more , He would rush over without hesitation, open the blood basin and bite Ye Fang fiercely.

“Ye Fang, do you think that with your husband’s support, I dare not move you? You know, this is Hunan Province, it’s Liu City, not the East China Sea!” Wang Wei’s expression was extremely gloomy, and he had tried his best not to follow Ye Fang had a conflict, and even if he had reached an intent to cooperate with Kong Hui, he never thought of having a direct showdown with Ye Fang.

But now, Ye Fang took the initiative to showdown with himself, even threatening to withdraw.

This is simply to talk about Wang Wei’s plan, and Wang Wei will naturally not agree to it.

“Wang Wei, do you know what you are talking about?” Ye Fang’s face was stern, a pair of eyes cast a deep look on Wang Wei’s face, and said lightly, without a trace of emotion.

Ye Fang didn’t know who gave him so much confidence to talk to him.

Even without Dustin Zhou’s help, just relying on the strength of her own family would be enough to make Wang Wei disappear hundreds of times in this world.

And the reason why she came to Hunan Province alone to cooperate with Dustin Zhou and Mingyang Company was just to brush a wave of presence in front of Dustin Zhou, and then after returning to the East China Sea, she could have closer contact and cooperation.

As for Wang Wei, he was just a partner chosen by Ye Fang at random.

And the reason why she fell in love with Wang Wei and chose to cooperate with him was that Wang Wei was cautious enough.

Wang Wei’s wealth is nothing in the East China Sea. Once he makes a mistake, he can easily fall into a dead end. Therefore, for so many years, he has been careful to behave in person and work without making too many mistakes.

Therefore, Wang Wei will think twice about everything he does, and plan carefully and carefully.

What Ye Fang needs is such caution and step by step.

But now, Wang Wei is no longer alone with him.

At this moment, Wang Wei felt very bad for Ye Fang.

It’s like a person suddenly becomes extremely swollen after having a strength far beyond what he had before.

In the past, Wang Wei would not dare to speak so loudly to Ye Fang, let alone say such presumptuous things to Ye Fang.

“Hehe, of course I know what I’m talking about, but we’re all on the same boat now. If you leave Sister Fang, wouldn’t this boat not


“Wang Wei’s expression suddenly changed, becoming gentler, completely different from the gloomy expression just now. “Unless…” “Unless what?”

Ye Fang said lightly, his gaze fell on Wang Wei’s face, and he hadn’t left for a long time. The eyes of several other people also fell on Wang Wei’s face in an instant. They also wanted to know what Wang Wei said unless, what exactly is it? “Hehe, Sister Fang, don’t be so nervous. I won’t treat you like that. You can leave, but you have to hand over your shares. Since you choose to withdraw, then hand over the shares. Is it reasonable?

“Wang Wei’s voice was very casual, as if he was talking about a very ordinary trivial matter. But when this word fell to everyone’s ears, it was like a bolt from the blue sky, everyone looked at Wang Wei in shock. It turned out to be a share! Liu All the shares in the city branch are in the eight of them. Among them, Wang Wei holds the most shares and is the largest shareholder. Ye Fang’s shares are second only to Wang Wei. If Wang Wei can get Ye Fang’s shares , Then he has enough control over the Liushi branch, and even if other people oppose him, there is no way to do it. However, if the shares are so good, what are you doing so anxiously? Everyone gathers together and becomes a partnership People, don’t they just want to open a market in Hunan province and make money. And if you encounter a problem and sell the shares, then what is the meaning of all the previous actions. Thinking of this, several people all look at Ye Fang, in their In his heart, Ye Fang would definitely not agree. Otherwise, everything Ye Fang did before would be useless. “Good!

“It’s just that, to everyone’s surprise, Ye Fang did not refuse, but instead calmly agreed. After Ye Fang said lightly, he took out a document from his bag. “This is my share transfer letter, as long as you are here. By signing this, I can buy the shares in my hands at the original price!

“Ye Fang said lightly, throwing the documents in his hand at Wang Wei’s side at random. At this moment, Wang Wei was also a little caught off guard. He stretched out his hand to pick it up, but was tripped by the sofa in front of him. The foot, directly threw the whole person forward. “Ah!

“And this was too sudden, and other people didn’t react at all. Suddenly, a scream came out. When the other people reacted and wanted to come and help Wang Wei, Wang Wei had already fallen straight to the ground. , A face came into close contact with the ground. But the documents that Ye Fang threw over just now were scattered in front of Wang Wei. “After signing the letter, give it to me directly. I believe you will be very happy to.

“Ye Fang didn’t care about all this, and left a sentence coldly.

, Then opened the door and left.

“Bang!” With a muffled sound, the door was closed severely.

All the eyes of everyone in the room fell on Wang Wei, six people with different expressions.

Wang Wei stood up slowly, his face was pale, his face was even a little scratched by the ground, and a little blood was flowing out.

Taking a look at the documents under his feet, Wang Wei frowned, but soon he eased over, squatted down and picked up all these documents.

“Okay, now there are only seven of us.” Putting away the files, Wang Wei seemed to feel better in an instant, and his eyes on the other six people became much more normal.

“Tingling bell.” At this moment, Wang Wei’s cell phone rang suddenly.

Wang Wei furrowed his brows and felt a little unhappy. Someone would call himself at this time, it was really unclear.

He was ready to teach him a lesson, but when Wang Wei turned on the phone and saw the caller ID on it, his face was slightly stiff for a moment, then he was ecstatic.

Chapter 553

“Hey… ok, no problem, thanks a lot.” After the call, Wang Wei couldn’t help the smile on his face anymore. Even the other six people looked curious and didn’t know what Wang Wei suddenly laughed. Is there anything good about that call just now?

“Haha, good thing, what I said yesterday, even without their famous company, we can still manage the Liushi branch well. The people I am looking for to fill the vacancy of the famous company’s products are here.” … Kaiyuan Hotel.

After the showdown between Dustin Zhou and Wang Wei, they returned to the Liushi Hotel and took everyone back to Changsha directly this morning to re-check in Zhou Shaohua’s Kaiyuan Hotel.

At this time, in Dustin Zhou’s room, there was a group of people sitting together, but their faces were not very good.

“Dustin Zhou, are we really doing nothing?” Enderia Shen showed a suspicious look on his face, looked at Dustin Zhou, and asked in a deep voice.

Yesterday, she went to talk with Wang Wei and others with Dustin Zhou, so she knew Wang Wei’s attitude very well.

At the beginning, Enderia Shen thought that Dustin Zhou had a back hand and could punish Wang Wei, letting him know that not everyone can achieve the level of famous company.

However, one night has passed, and now the day has passed for such a long time, Dustin Zhou still has no action, and some reports on the Liushi branch on the Internet are also very rare.

If you didn’t check it on purpose, you wouldn’t know at all.

This was far from what Enderia Shen had expected, so she was very confused and didn’t know what Dustin Zhou was thinking.

“Yeah, Mr. Zhou, that Wang Wei is too unconscionable. Without Mr. Zhou, his Wang Wei is still the owner of a small company in Donghai.

He has his current wealth, but he dares to contradict Zhou Zongyou.

“That’s right, Mr. Zhou, such a person is not worthy of your anger. I will never cooperate with Wang Wei again in the future.”

“Me too. We will never cooperate with Wang Wei in the future.”

“Add me.”

“… Soon, a dozen people expressed their views that they would cut off all business with Wang Wei and completely isolate Wang Wei from their business circle. “Dustin Zhou, have you already thought of a way?”

“But Mira Xie, who has never spoken, suddenly opened her lips lightly and said slowly. In Mira Xie’s tone, she trusted Dustin Zhou very much. “Hehe, I believe that the boss will definitely have a back, otherwise the king It is impossible for Wei to still be alive and up until now.

“Su Wei also said with a smile. For Dustin Zhou, he has always admired and respected. For Dustin Zhou’s views, he will naturally think in the best direction. “Hehe, kid, do you want me to help you?”

“And Sister Ling raised her brows even more, and said lightly, but the harshness in her words was not a lot at all. “Okay, don’t say it anymore. Based on your understanding of me, I am like such a good talker. ?

What’s more, it’s still with someone who intends to stand against me.

Dustin Zhou was a little helpless, so he stretched out his hand to tell everyone not to talk, and he said helplessly. However, after Dustin Zhou finished speaking, everyone did not speak any more, and the room fell silent. Dustin Zhou felt strange and looked at it. Looking at the crowd, I realized that everyone’s eyes were very strange, as if they were looking at a stranger. “What?

Is there a flower on my face?

“Well, I don’t have any new players, but I’m just waiting. Since I dare to say that to Wang Wei, I have confidence. He didn’t think Wang Wei could open the Liushi branch just by relying on a few of them. Does Mingyang look like this?

“If this is the case, then I will give him this opportunity to let him play by himself first, be happy for a while, and then…” Dustin Zhou didn’t say much, but the few information that he just revealed casually was to let him Everyone in the room suddenly looked stunned, and their gazes at Dustin Zhou became cautious. They didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to have this idea. When they thought of the look that might appear after Wang Wei, everyone felt amused. And those few. Those who vowed to draw a clear line with Wang Wei were deeply shocked in their hearts, and looked at Dustin Zhou even more jealous. After hearing about Wang Wei, it was not that they had not imagined in their hearts, or even no one had already. This is the idea. However, when thinking about the possible end of Wang Wei, and doing it by himself, what the result will be, everyone took a long breath and took this

Thoughts are deeply buried in my heart.

The shelves of the Liushi branch were quickly refilled.

Because there were no products on the shelves in the morning, many customers left with resentment. In order to make up for this loss, Wang Wei also generously carried out a big promotion.

Anyway, he is now cooperating with Kong Hui, and he has enough funds in his hand to fully bear the promotion this time.

And Wang Wei’s promotional plan is really good. As soon as the promotional activities were launched, they immediately attracted many customers.

“Hey, isn’t this a Polyx? How can there be it here?” “Yes, I saw it yesterday, there is no Polyx here!” “I don’t care, it’s great, I like using Polyx the most, the effect is special Okay.” “Hey, I like to use it too. The key is that this Baolishi men’s cosmetics is even more outstanding. It is the best in the country.” … Many customers saw the promotion advertisements of the Liushi branch. Flocked into the store, wanting to see what happened.

But when they saw that most of the products in the Liushi branch were made by Polyx, they were all shocked.

Polyx, which is a well-known national trademark, is a Sino-foreign joint venture daily chemical group.

Polyx products are very popular not only in China, but also in neighboring countries, and even in Europe and America.

Especially cosmetics for men are second to none.

Polyx’s domestic specialty stores have always been in large shopping malls and rarely open a separate specialty store.

And the most important thing is that, as long as the counters selling Polyx, other brands of cosmetics are absolutely not allowed.

But at this moment, besides Polyx, this Liushi branch also has some other small brands of cosmetics, and even a few, even local products in Hunan Province, which are naturally familiar to everyone.

Seeing the endless stream of customers in the store, Wang Wei, standing on the second floor, showed a satisfied smile on his face.

The other six people also relaxed a lot.

Especially Shen Hai and Zhao Cheng, the two felt a sense of relief.

In fact, the two of them were on Ye Fang’s side at first, but the dialogue between Wang Wei and Dustin Zhou, especially Wang Wei’s questioning of Dustin Zhou, gave them some other ideas.

But the shop was empty in the morning, making them both worried.

However, the current situation has made the two of them relax a lot, and both feel that they are doing it right.

By virtue of themselves, they are able to manage the Liushi branch well, and they may not become like a famous company.

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