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Chapter 755

Dustin Zhou believes that when Ren Nan was bullied, Ren Feng was angry from the beginning, looking for the murderer with great fanfare until the end. After all, there must be an unknown secret. Dustin Zhou doesn’t know what it is, but it must be a guess

It is related to the Xu family.

Otherwise, this time Xu You and others would not cooperate with Ren Fengyou. From the very beginning, they set up such a game and waited for Dustin Zhou.

Now, Dustin Zhou is more and more sure that their purpose is to do this, not to promote the company.

It’s just that Dustin Zhou didn’t understand, what is worth doing in himself?

Did they know that he was the heir of the Zhou family?

However, with the energy of the Zhou family, even if the Xu family is a hidden family, I am afraid that they would not dare to do anything extraordinary about the heir.

In that case, it is easy to cause real hostility between the two big families.

That is something that no family wants to see and can’t bear.

“Dad, what happened back then, I also want to know why you suddenly did nothing, and let me live here incognito…” Ren Nan was also tearful at this time, looking at Ren Feng, his face Full of tears.

“You…” Ren Feng was a little short of breath when he saw Ren Nan say the same, and for a moment he didn’t know what to say.

Dustin Zhou is an outsider after all.

Therefore, when Ren’s cover faces Dustin Zhou, he can be full of confidence and can yell unscrupulously.

But Ren Nan is not an outsider, he is Ren Feng’s biological daughter, and his sorry daughter Ren Feng.

“Why! Why do you guys bring up this matter? Just treat it as if it doesn’t exist. Why do you want to say it again…” It was just a simple sentence from Ren Nan, Ren Feng’s nerves that had been tense.

It relaxes all at once, and the whole person seems to have lost his energy, and his breath suddenly wilts.

“Old Ren!” “Dad!” “Grandpa!” Seeing such a big change in Ren Feng, Dustin Zhou, Ren Nan and Ren Qingqing hurriedly surrounded them.

They don’t want to let Feng Feng suffer any accidents at this time.

“Quickly, help Elder Ren to sit on the sofa.” Dustin Zhou quickly checked Ren Feng’s situation and found that he was only temporarily overwhelmed and worried, and there was nothing serious about it. He was relieved immediately.

Although he was very dissatisfied with Ren Fengfu’s game, Dustin Zhou was not an indiscriminate person. If he wanted to make things clear, he would need Ren Feng’s help.

The three of them hurriedly lifted Ren Feng to the sofa and sat down, Dustin Zhou poured another bowl of water for Ren Feng to drink. Ren Feng felt a little better now, and his face looked better.

However, Ren Feng didn’t have the momentum that he had just scolded Dustin Zhou.

“Grandpa, what the hell is going on? Why did Sister Wu suddenly become my mother? Didn’t I have my biological parents? They write to me every year and follow me with voice and video.” Ren Qingqingfu In front of Ren Feng’s chest, whispered.

“Dad, how did you

Why…” Ren Nan also looked at Ren Feng with a depressed expression. After all, Ren Nan was a victim of the year. It stands to reason that as a father, Ren Feng is capable and should help Ren Nan find The murderer, let the murderer be punished. However, why did the murderer be searched vigorously, but suddenly there was no movement, and finally nothing happened. Ren Nan wanted to know the truth for so many years, but no matter what she did, Ren Feng was unwilling to say a word. It seems that what happened back then was something that was deeply taboo. “Oh…” Seeing his daughter and granddaughter like this, Ren Feng also sighed, his expression full of loneliness and strong. Self-blame. Immediately, Ren Feng raised his head and looked at Dustin Zhou. In addition to a trace of blame, there was a trace of self-blame in his eyes. “Little friend Dustin Zhou, I don’t know if you are telling this matter whether it is good or bad. But, don’t you think that I didn’t want to find a murderer for Nan Nan and let him be punished?

“I am Nan Nan’s father after all. Nan Nan encountered something like that. As a father, it is unqualified for me to fail to take good care of my duties.”

“But, again, I am a father, so I need to do my best afterwards to make up for the impact of this incident.

“…” Ren Feng said slowly. As Ren Feng talked about what happened in the past, Dustin Zhou also had a more intuitive feeling. It turned out that after discovering that Ren Nan was bullied, Ren Feng was almost crazy and mobilized. His subordinates searched for the murderer throughout the East China Sea. With Ren Feng’s influence in the East China Sea back then, he could mobilize the people he could mobilize. For a while, even people in all regions of the East China Sea were looking for possible murderers. Ren Feng was At home, he kept comforting Ren Nan, who was traumatized. Originally, Ren Feng thought that with such a strong mobilization, he would soon be able to find the murderer and let him receive the punishment he deserved. However, a week passed. , The people still have no clues. When a fire broke out and the people were to increase their efforts to find the murderer, someone came to the door. “Is it the Xu family?”

Dustin Zhou had already guessed some vaguely, but he still needs an accurate answer from Ren Feng. “Well, it’s the Xu family, the Xu family of the Hidden Family in the East China Sea.”

“Perhaps in your opinion, this hidden family, but its name sounds very powerful, and its strength is similar to that of some first-class families. However, a family that can be called a hidden family is something ordinary people can’t even imagine. .

“I was in the East China Sea back then, and at any rate I was a somewhat powerful person, but in front of the Xu family, I had no room for resistance at all.

“They were just a phone call. I was struggling with all my energy and the ongoing projects of the family property. They were immediately stopped. Other partners also withdrew their capital. And I still owed the bank loan. Within a few days, it was time for repayment. “If I can’t repay the loan on time, the project will be blocked by the bank and auctioned off, and I will lose everything…” Ren Feng’s tone was heavy.

Although Dustin Zhou hadn’t seen the events of the past with his own eyes, he could feel that only from Ren Feng’s words and his tone of voice, Ren Feng was really scared of the hidden family Xu family.

And that project, Ren Feng also said, is the current Hengfeng Building.

And the person from the Xu family, doing so, just wanted to show his strength in front of Ren’s cover, and shock Ren Feng.

“And their purpose is to immediately stop looking for the murderer with such a big move, so that I can forget everything, as if it has never happened, otherwise, my family will be in great danger.” Ren Feng said here, There were some gritted teeth.

Dustin Zhou did not expect that there would be such an episode back then.

Chapter 756

“Did the Xu family? The murderer was from the Xu family?” Dustin Zhou asked softly.

“I don’t know.” Ren Feng shook his head, looking unwilling.

“I was forced by the Xu family’s threat and stopped looking for the murderer, so I didn’t find the murderer at all. Although I suspected it was the Xu family, I have never had evidence, and I can’t find evidence!” I stopped looking for the murderer, the Xu family gave me a lot of help, and my career can develop so quickly.” As Ren Feng said, he lowered his head and kept sighing.

This is a late hero, a kind of lament that was revealed in the face of the regrets and mistakes of the past years.

Dustin Zhou nodded slowly, already having a general context in his heart.

Although Ren Feng did not find the murderer, all deeds show that the murderer is probably from the Xu family.

Otherwise, why did the Xu family first show off their strength in front of Ren’s cover, and then see Ren Feng obediently, and then give benefits.

This is a typical slap and a date.

“Grandpa, that said, she really is my mother?” Ren Qingqing had stopped crying, raised her head, and stared at Ren Feng and Ren Nan blankly. Although there was some suspicion in his expression, there was more expectation.

When Dustin Zhou told the truth about the matter, Ren Qingqing didn’t believe it. After all, she had only met Dustin Zhou twice. For Ren Qingqing, Dustin Zhou was still an outsider.

But Ren Feng is different. He is Ren Qingqing’s grandfather, and the only relative that Ren Qingqing has been in contact with over the years.

“Well, it’s all true. Her name is Ren Nan.

Your biological mother.

“Ren Feng nodded hard, looking at Ren Qingqing’s eyes, full of guilt. After getting Ren Feng’s affirmative reply, Ren Qingqing was taken aback for a moment, glanced at Ren Nan, and slowly lowered his head in Ren Nan’s expectant gaze. , Immediately got up, ran to the second floor, entered his room, and closed the door severely. “Such news is probably too sudden for Miss Ren. She needs time to think about it and give it to her. It will take a while.

Dustin Zhou said softly. He has no way to help Ren Nan get Ren Qingqing’s approval. He can only rely on the slow communication between the mother and daughter, open their hearts, and untie all the knots. “Master Ren, want to come, you The Xu family is still very suspicious, but, this time, I think you still need to give me an explanation.

Dustin Zhou paused, and said in a deep voice. Although Ren Feng said something about that year, he also told his own guesses and suspects. However, this does not prevent Ren Feng from being the one who set the game today. Moreover, this bureau is also related to the Xu family. You have obviously doubted the Xu family, but you are still cooperating with the Xu family today to set up such a game for me. Is there any grudges between Dustin Zhou and you. Do you want to retaliate against me like this? Dustin Zhou whispered in his heart. “I don’t know what they are looking for you for, but it seems that you have something they need, and such a round actually started very early, but you have been in Hunan Province, not in the East China Sea. So it did not start.

“Ren Feng was silent for a moment, and then slowly said the situation. In fact, very early on, the Xu family sent someone to contact Ren Feng, and Xu You was the leader. And their target was Dustin Zhou. And they wanted something from Dustin Zhou. However, at that time, Dustin Zhou was in Hunan Province and not in the East China Sea, so their plan was not implemented immediately. After Dustin Zhou returned to the East China Sea, they immediately started the plan. So, as soon as Dustin Zhou came back, there was an accident at the three sales stores in Qingfeng District. Moreover, within a few days, the sales stores in Putuo District also had problems. Moreover, except for the sales store in Hengfeng Building. , The other eight sales stores were quickly taken down by Xu You. However, facing the last sales store on the Hengfeng Building, Xu You did not do anything for a long time, in order to attract Dustin Zhou. “They want what from me. thing?

Dustin Zhou was suddenly puzzled. After thinking about it, he didn’t know what he had on his body, which the Xu family wanted from the hidden family. Moreover, for this reason, he did not hesitate to set up such a situation. You know, don’t talk about others, just It’s the other eight stores in Putuo District.

No less than five hundred million.

Dustin Zhou didn’t think there was something worth five hundred million in him.

“Yes, I heard them say that, but I don’t know what it is, but it seems to be very important to them.” Ren Feng looked at Dustin Zhou, also very confused.

For Dustin Zhou, since he wanted to cooperate with Xu You and the others in setting up such a bureau, Ren Feng had naturally investigated Dustin Zhou before that, and he was also clear about some of Dustin Zhou’s situation.

It was because of this that he was very surprised and surprised that Xu You and the others wanted something from Dustin Zhou.

“I see.” Dustin Zhou nodded, silently remembering this in his heart.

“Where are Xu You and the others now?” Dustin Zhou asked suddenly. Since some things are almost understood, Dustin Zhou now wants to know where Xu You and the others are.

Only by knowing Xu You’s true whereabouts can Dustin Zhou be able to make more preparations.

“They…” Before Ren Feng could say it, the door was slammed open.

“It seems that you can’t wait to see us.” With a sneer, the group strode into the villa and saw Dustin Zhou, Ren Feng and Ren Nan in the living room, sneered again and again.

“Xu You, you guys…” Ren Feng was shocked when he saw the incoming person, with a rare fright on his face.

“Xu You?” Dustin Zhou was also taken aback. He didn’t expect that he had just asked about Xu You’s whereabouts when he appeared in front of him, and still appeared in front of him in such a rude manner.

At this time, Niu Chuan and the three people who heard the movement downstairs quickly came downstairs and saw Xu You and his party immediately on guard.

After all, Xu You, who was standing at the forefront, was able to see the aura of a martial master, and Niu Chuan was not careful.

No one knows whether this is Xu You’s full strength. In case there is someone hiding in the dark, then if they are careless, they are likely to be successfully attacked by the other party.

“Hehe, after waiting for so long, I finally waited for you, Dustin Zhou, we have been waiting for you for a long time.” Xu You said with a smile, and walked over, looking at Dustin Zhou with disdain.

As for the Niu Chuan people who were standing by, Xu You completely ignored them.

After all, Niu Chuan and Pao, who have not let go of their momentum, are nothing but immobile in Xu You’s eyes.


As for the full-strength knife, Xu You could take a look.

However, it was just another look.

A half-step martial arts master, in front of Xu You, there is no room to fight back.

Chapter 757

“I don’t know what I have in Dustin Zhou. It is worth the effort of the Xu family of the dignified hidden family.” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly, feeling the aura exuding from Xu You and his party.

In addition to one Xu You who is a martial master, there are three others who are half-step martial masters. The remaining people are not weak, and I am afraid that they may become martial masters in the future.

“Dustin Zhou, since you know that we are from the Xu family of the hermit family, I think you should be honest.” “I ask you, when you were in Changsha, Hunan province, did you get a piece of jade at auction in a manor? Xu You stared at Dustin Zhou with sharp eyes, and asked in a deep voice.

Xu You stared at Dustin Zhou, not letting the slightest change in Dustin Zhou’s face change.

There was no wave on Dustin Zhou’s surface, and there was no change in expression on his face.

But in reality, Dustin Zhou was shocked to the extreme.

Xu You said yes, but Dustin Zhou got a piece of jade at the auction house of a manor in Changsha.

At that time, no one bid for the jade. Dustin Zhou looked at it and thought it was pretty good, so he took it for a small price and took it with him all the time, but he never took it out.

But the only people who knew about this should be the people who participated in the auction at that manor at that time, and those who knew themselves and knew themselves.

Calculating this way, there were not many people who knew that they had auctioned off this jade.

But how did he Xu You know, or how did the Xu family know.

I remember that Asher Chen told himself that there were very few people who were qualified to go there, and they were basically big families in Hunan Province.

Moreover, at the scene, no one from the Xu family was heard.

Dustin Zhou didn’t expect that a piece of jade that no one wanted at the auction would be the real goal of the Xu family.

It can be seen from this that there is definitely a secret in this jade that Dustin Zhou does not know, and this secret is so big that the Xu family will not hesitate to take it.

You know, in order to lead Dustin Zhou, the Xu family won the eight sales stores in Putuo District.

Cash cost at least 500 million.

In other words, this piece of jade, in the eyes of the Xu family, is worth far more than 500 million.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, but it’s impossible for the Xu family to say something I don’t understand after you come here with so much effort?” Dustin Zhou shook his head and denied directly.

Now that he had a rough guess in his heart, it was naturally impossible for Dustin Zhou to admit that he had that piece of jade so foolishly.

“Dustin Zhou, I urge you to be acquainted. The energy of our Xu family is not what you can imagine, nor can you contend with it. I know you have reliance, but your so-called reliance is not counted as fart in front of my Xu family. “Xu You sneered, with a condescending sense of pride in his eyes, as if in his eyes, Dustin Zhou and these people are like mortals in the world, and they are immortals aloof.

Xu You didn’t believe Dustin Zhou’s words at all. The information they obtained from the Xu family could not be wrong. The jade was photographed by Dustin Zhou.

Although I don’t know what the effect of that piece of jade is, since this is an order from the Xu family’s head, Xu You will naturally spare no effort to implement it, and will definitely bring this piece of jade back to the Xu family.

Moreover, when they learned that the jade was in Dustin Zhou’s hands, the Xu family had already checked everything about Dustin Zhou clearly.

Not only Dustin Zhou’s family situation, but also his work situation and the connections that can be used.

However, apart from the existence of the Su Family and the Mountain Mist Clubhouse Asher Chen that can make the Xu Family take a look, there is nothing that can make the Xu Family look away.

Even the well-known companies that are in the limelight these days are nothing more than trivialities in the eyes of the Xu family.

The Xu family did not need to spend much effort to deal with Mingyang Company.

Just like this time, it didn’t take much time to win Mingyang’s eight sales stores in Putuo District.

As for money, talk to the Xu family about money?

Xu Jiana is a hermit family, who has been operating in the East China Sea for hundreds of years and has not known how much wealth it has accumulated.

Apart from other things, when Ren Feng built the Hengfeng Building back then, the funds were not enough, and the Xu family funded it.

That is not as simple as a single 200 million, it is a large project of tens of billions.

Therefore, Xu You has such confidence.

“What if I don’t know each other?” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly, not caring about Xu You’s threat at all.

For now, there is a clear gap in the strength of the two sides.

On Xu You’s side, there is only Xu You a martial master.

Judging from the information obtained before, this time, among the people sent by the Xu family, only Xu You was a martial master.

On Dustin Zhou’s side, Niu Chuan and Pao were both martial masters.

Two to one, no matter how wins.

“Dustin Zhou, as

If you don’t know each other, don’t blame me for being rude to you, since we found here today, we absolutely cannot go back empty-handed!

“Xu You said coldly, and the opponent nodded, and the dozen or so people instantly surrounded Dustin Zhou and several people, each with sharp eyes, with a compelling momentum. “It’s really not ashamed, if the Xu family are people like you.” , Then the Xu family may not exist for long.

Dustin Zhou said lightly, sitting on the sofa leisurely. “Xu You, this is my home, you’d better not make trouble here!”

“Ren Feng also shouted in a deep voice. Although the opposite is the Xu family, he is Ren Feng, but the people who have met and talked with the Xu family’s Patriarch will not be so frustrated when facing Xu You. “Huh, I am not dead.” , If it wasn’t for you, I would have abolished you a long time ago and asked you to draw Dustin Zhou out earlier, and it’s hard to do it. If I do it myself, you’d better be quiet, otherwise, I don’t mind after I clean up Dustin Zhou. Turning my head to clean up you, a Hengfeng Building in the mere district, really treats myself as the same thing.


After Xu You threatened to be appointed, he let his subordinates take Dustin Zhou without saying anything. In Xu You’s view, that piece of jade was his main goal this time, and also the most important goal, as long as that piece of jade Once you get your hands, everything else is not important. Even if it is for Ren Feng, the old and immortal man, no one from the Xu family will say anything. And the dozen or so people were ordered and swarmed to subdue Dustin Zhou. “Presumptuous!

Niu Chuan shouted, with a solemn expression, just as soon as he shot his hand, he instantly pinched the wrists of the two people who reached out to Dustin Zhou. “Go!”


With a violent shout, Dustin Zhou only heard a click. Niu Chuan took the wrists of the two people and threw them directly out. But they didn’t react at all. They fell out, their wrists were deformed, and Niu Chuan had obviously been caught by Niu Chuan. Discarded. At this time, the two talents felt pain and screamed. Niu Chuan’s move immediately shocked many people. Just now, no one saw how Niu Chuan made the move. They even just screamed. I felt a flower in front of me, and then I saw the two companions flying out, their wrists were directly crushed, which was tantamount to being abolished. A dozen people looked at Niu Chuan, their faces vigilant. And Xu You, who had originally thought that his hands were caught. His complexion changed and he shouted coldly. “Martial Master!

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