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Chapter 668

Dustin Zhou smiled, looking at Cai Xiong with amazement.

And he didn’t seem to care about Cai Xiong’s fist hitting his chest at all.

“If you say that this is your so-called powerful strength, then I will also send you a word, but that’s it.” After that, Dustin Zhou picked in with both hands, directly pushed away Cai Xiong’s fist, and then slammed back. A huge force came from his palm.

Ding Ding Ding.

Cai Xiong was caught off guard and backed up several steps before he could stabilize his figure.

Afterwards, Cai Xiong’s gaze at Dustin Zhou changed completely.

If it was said that Cai Xiong looked at Dustin Zhou before, and he was still aloof, and the other people were scumbags.

So now, Cai Xiong’s face is full of alert and doubt.

He knew that his fist was indeed banging on Dustin Zhou’s chest, but Dustin Zhou was like a okay person.

This made Cai Xiong bewildered.

Even, he didn’t notice any abnormalities.

It’s not just Cai Xiong, everyone else is the same.

Cai Xiong’s punch hit Dustin Zhou’s chest, and Dustin Zhou was fine.

However, now that Dustin Zhou’s hands are in palms, and with such a light swipe, Cai Xiong actually backs up several steps.

“Isn’t it possible? My eyes are broken.” “Brother, your eyes are okay. I saw it. Cai Xiong was repelled by that person? I didn’t even see it clearly.” “Me too, that person. Who is it that even Cai Xiong is not his opponent?”

I don’t know, but this time, I am afraid that things are not that simple.

“… Everyone was suddenly surprised, and the atmosphere of discussion became even more enthusiastic. Now, not everyone is optimistic about Dustin Zhou. After the scene just now, especially with Dustin Zhou’s light call, Cai Xiong even backtracked several steps, which made a lot of people. People re-examine both sides. Cai Xiong, everyone knows him. However, for Dustin Zhou, no one knows him. And often the unknown is the most terrifying and the most powerful. At this moment, many People even secretly supported Dustin Zhou, hoping that he could defeat Cai Xiong. “How did you do it?

Cai Xiong stared at Dustin Zhou vigilantly, his eyes focused on Dustin Zhou’s chest. He had just punched Dustin Zhou’s chest. It stands to reason that Cai Xiong’s punch hit the chest of an ordinary person. Most of the ribs are definitely to be broken. And even if Dustin Zhou has a certain skill, Cai Xiong feels that he will punch Dustin Zhou at least a few ribs. But now, Dustin Zhou is not only safe, but also straightforward and easy. Force Cai Xiong back. How can this not be surprising. And Cai Xiong’s words undoubtedly made everyone more surprised. Don’t even Cai Xiong know what happened? Many people look at Dustin Zhou’s eyes again. They feel that Dustin Zhou has become mysterious and unpredictable at this time. And such people are the most terrifying. Facing Cai Xiong’s doubts and the surprise of everyone, Dustin Zhou didn’t find it strange. In fact, Cai Xiong’s punch just now is very powerful. It can be said that if someone were to take Cai Xiong’s punch, he would have collapsed on the ground and was unconscious. If it hadn’t been for Niu Chuan, Dustin Zhou had done some special training before. Dustin Zhou couldn’t guarantee that he would be able to take Cai Xiong’s punch head-on. Moreover, even so, Dustin Zhou was not feeling well now. At this moment, Dustin Zhou stated that there was nothing wrong, as if there were no injuries. A punch is like a joke. However, only Dustin Zhou himself knows that his chest is burning like fire, and his chest tightness is extremely tight. Even every time Dustin Zhou breathes, it will affect his chest, and there will be a tingling pain. However, these are all affected. Dustin Zhou endured it very well. He took Cai Xiong’s punch just now, and now is the time to frighten others. If there is a flaw, or if people know that he is not safe, but injured, then That’s not good. At least, at that time, Cai Xiong would probably take advantage of the victory to pursue the attack, and would not be merciful. It would be better to keep a little bit and create a sense of mystery for himself. In this case, Cai Xiong would be afraid of not being merciful. Will easily shoot again


“How I did it has nothing to do with you, but you only need to know a little bit. If you are of this kind of strength, I am afraid that the big words are a bit too much.” Dustin Zhou sneered, not taking advantage of Cai Xiong’s jealousy now. At that time, he took a shot.

Because Dustin Zhou knew that he was definitely not Cai Xiong’s opponent.

If he really played against Cai Xiong head-on, he would probably be defeated within a moment.

“Boy, don’t pretend to be a ghost, you must be uncomfortable now.” Cai Xiong’s face was surprised, but he didn’t mean to be discouraged because of the defeat just now. Instead, he looked at Dustin Zhou’s eyes more sharply.

Because Cai Xiong didn’t know what method Dustin Zhou used just now, he punched him right now.

But Cai Xiong knew that no matter what method Dustin Zhou used, it was extremely important to him.

That means that as long as Dustin Zhou is willing to announce this method, there will be more people in the world in the future who can block his own punch.

This is definitely not good news for his Cai Xiong or a martial arts family like the Cai family.

“Hehe, I’m not feeling well, if you come and try, you won’t know, but if you dare not come, I won’t be polite.” Dustin Zhou sneered and raised his eyebrows.

He was betting that Cai Xiong would not attack him again.

However, Dustin Zhou also knew that if he didn’t come up with a little real ability to fight Cai Xiong’s real sword and gun, he would not be able to deter Cai Xiong at all by relying on this little trick.

Time passed by, and Dustin Zhou finished speaking. Three minutes have passed.

But Cai Xiong remained silent all the time.

This made many other people look different, and the more curious they looked at Dustin Zhou.

Cai Xiong’s silence undoubtedly showed that Dustin Zhou’s words just now had an effect.

Dustin Zhou said just now that Cai Xiong did not dare to shoot him again.

And now, Cai Xiong was silent for three minutes and did not make a move, which means that Cai Xiong really didn’t dare to attack Dustin Zhou again.

At the very least, Cai Xiong is not sure that he can subdue Dustin Zhou with another shot.

After thinking about this, many people were shocked, both in their expressions and in their hearts.

“Hehe, it seems that you really didn’t dare to come over, if so, then I had to pass.” Dustin Zhou chuckled and sighed inwardly.

Sure enough, he guessed everything. Although Cai Xiong looked very powerful, but in the end, he has always been on top, and he doesn’t know all about many things.

As for the method Dustin Zhou used to block Cai Xiong’s punch just now, Cai Xiong didn’t know.

And this has become the main reason why Cai Xiong is afraid of Dustin Zhou.

Chapter 669

Give a low voice, Zhou

Raising his feet on tiptoe, his body quickly rushed towards Cai Xiong.

He knew that Cai Xiong was a man who was known for his strength, and the appearance of an extremely strong body gave people a sense of fear.

Dustin Zhou decided to use speed to deal with Cai Xiong.

Dustin Zhou’s speed is very fast. When he was in college, he was a person who liked to be good at sprinting.

After studying and practicing with Niu Chuan for a period of time, Dustin Zhou’s speed has been further improved.

Therefore, with Dustin Zhou’s move, Cai Xiong immediately became the enemy of the Confucian scholars.

too fast!

At this moment, not only Cai Xiong, but everyone has such an idea.

Although it was not what it looked like in the movie, Dustin Zhou turned into a fantasy like an afterimage.

However, everyone could not see how Dustin Zhou stayed.

It seems that Dustin Zhou has been spinning around Cai Xiong, faster and faster.

“Huh, little bugs!” Cai Xiong was really angry with a cold shout.

Being so teased by Dustin Zhou made him feel a huge shame.

The most important thing is that today’s events will definitely spread to the outside world. At that time, if people know that his dignified Cai family, Cai Xiong, was actually burned by an unknown kid, his reputation will definitely be affected. Loss a lot.

Even with it, even the Cai family won’t be unharmed.

And this is what made Cai Xiong’s heart a bit fierce.

If it was said that Cai Xiong was only going to take a shot to teach Dustin Zhou, let him know that Cai Xiong should not be insulted, and the Cai family should not be insulted.

So now, Cai Xiong wants to make Dustin Zhou really pay the price.

“Stop it for me!” With a violent shout, Cai Xiong left no room for this time, and the strong force of the punch carrier blasted forward.


This punch even brought a burst of breaking wind.

This made the audience look amazing again and again.

They didn’t expect Cai Xiong to be so strong.

With a punch, there was a breaking wind.

This is the strength that the martial master should have.

At this time, some people looked solemn and looked at Cai Xiong with dread.

Could it be that Cai Xiong is so young that he has already reached the position of a martial master?

Otherwise, how could the punch just now be accompanied by the sound of breaking wind.

The martial artist’s master, exuding his qi, and being able to defend his qi from hurting the enemy, took advantage of this.

And this has also become the most direct proof condition for the martial master.

“Grandmaster Martial Artist?” “No? Just now, it should be Yu Qi, right?” “But, such a young master martial artist, this is already the youngest?” “No, this is not a master martial artist. Cai Xiong has only mastered a bit of the martial master’s way. His current strength should be infinitely close to the martial master, and even half of his foot has entered the realm of the martial master. He can successfully break through with only one opportunity.

, And this time today, maybe it is such an opportunity.

“… Everyone was shocked and talked about it. Some people thought that Cai Xiong had reached the realm of the martial master. But there were also people who saw the way. They knew that Cai Xiong did not reach the realm of the martial master, but only mastered a little. The doorway of the martial master. But, even so, Cai Xiong can be called a genius, and he is indeed the youngest martial master of the Cai family in a hundred years by the old man. At a young age, he has already stepped half foot in. It’s only a few years before the martial master’s position, to truly break through and become a martial master. Even if Cai Xiong’s luck is good enough, then, in today’s battle with Dustin Zhou, he can successfully break through and become a martial master. Martial Master. In an instant, everyone looked at Cai Xiong’s eyes hot. Although before, many people could not understand Cai Xiong’s arrogance, thinking that Cai Xiong would not dare to be so arrogant if he did not rely on the Cai family. But now, when everyone looks at Cai Xiong, they will only think that he is a genius, and a genius has arrogant, arrogant capital and qualifications. What everyone said naturally fell in Dustin Zhou’s ears. To be honest, Cai just now The punch that Xiong slammed, and the sound of the carrier breaking the wind, really shocked Dustin Zhou. Of course he knew it. That was the most obvious sign of the martial master. At that moment, Dustin Zhou even thought Cai Xiong. He is already a martial master, and the reason why it has not been announced to the public is probably to pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger. But now, after hearing someone say this, plus Dustin Zhou did not feel the pressure of the martial master from Cai Xiong, he knew , Cai Xiong is not yet a martial master. And this is enough for Dustin Zhou. Cai Xiong’s punch is powerful and faster. Just a breath, the punch blasted forward, directly Breaking Dustin Zhou’s figure, Dustin Zhou was able to stop. Otherwise, this punch will directly hit Dustin Zhou’s body. Then, Dustin Zhou may not be able to stop it this time. But, even so, when Dustin Zhou was After stopping, Cai Xiong’s punch was only one inch away from Dustin Zhou. As long as Cai Xiong moves forward, this punch will directly hit Dustin Zhou’s face. Light, Dustin Zhou will also be beaten by Cai Xiong’s punch. “It’s just right!

“However, Dustin Zhou did not panic, and there was no fear on his face. With a low drink, Dustin Zhou slammed to the left side, raised his hands, and immediately squeezed Cai Xiong’s fist. At this time, Cai Xiong only felt it. The head of his fist is tied by a heavy drenched twine, he can’t move at all, and he can even exert his strength.

Does not come out.

At this moment, Dustin Zhou was also sweating a lot on his forehead and sweating profusely on his back.

This trick was taught to Dustin Zhou by Niu Chuan when he was in Hunan province before returning to the East China Sea.

Called a cow into the sea.

As the name suggests, even if the opponent is as powerful as an ox, it is like going into the sea. No matter how strong it is, it cannot be used.

But there is one thing, with this trick, the requirements for oneself are also very strict. Although it does not have to be the same as the opponent’s strength, the loss to oneself is not small.

At this time, Dustin Zhou is experiencing this

Physical stress.

Cai Xiong is restrained, but this does not mean that Cai Xiong has given up struggling.

Cai Xiong’s constant struggle is a lot of pressure for Dustin Zhou.

“Let go of me! If you have the ability, you can go hand in hand with me!” Cai Xiong’s face flushed, and he was really anxious when he realized that he couldn’t use both of his hands and a little strength.

All of Cai Xiong’s abilities are all in one fist. Now he doesn’t have any strength in his hands, and his hands are still bound by Dustin Zhou. This is undoubtedly giving Cai Xiong all the strength and useless.

But Cai Xiong’s sentence was like a bolt from the blue, causing many people to drop their jaws.

Chapter 670

Brother, you Cai Xiong just released it vigorously. That’s what talents in the realm of martial masters can do.

Although you are too young, you may not have reached the realm of the martial master, but at least half of your feet have reached the threshold of the martial master.

But now, you actually said to Dustin Zhou that if you want him to let you go, he has the ability to fight you upright.

Didn’t the two of you just arrogantly handle each other? Did Dustin Zhou subdue you? Isn’t that true?

At this moment, everyone was silent.

They don’t know what to say anymore.

Obviously, this Cai Xiong has been resolved by Dustin Zhou several times, and even now Dustin Zhou has tied his hands, which is obviously inferior to Dustin Zhou.

From this point of view, would Dustin Zhou be an ordinary person, or a person with no background?

In other words, Dustin Zhou’s identity background may not be lower than yours, Cai Xiong.

At the very least, everyone is a person who can go to the second floor of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse. At the very least, their identity and background are on one level. There is no possibility that anyone can be killed by someone at once.

Even if Li Mingfeng saw Cai Xiong, he would have to keep his breath down, but if you let Cai Xiong say that he could kill Li Mingfeng all at once, he wouldn’t dare.

What’s more, Cai Xiong can only enter the second floor of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, which everyone knows.

However, when Dustin Zhou first entered everyone’s field of vision, he was on the second floor, but with his identity unknown, no one can tell whether Dustin Zhou came down from the second floor.

What if someone came down from the third floor?

“The surname Zhou, let go of Brother Xiong quickly. If you don’t want to die, I advise you to kowtow to Brother Xiong!” But at this moment, Li Mingfeng jumped out and cursed Dustin Zhou.

It was as if Dustin Zhou bound Cai Xiong’s hands and did something terribly bad.

“I’m here for you to talk? Go away!” Dustin Zhou only glanced slightly at Li Mingfeng, and he immediately vomited a word.

Afterwards, Dustin Zhou stopped going to see Li Mingfeng, as if Li Mingfeng was just a small

The role is like a little transparent, and it is not worth paying attention to.

“Cai Xiong, I don’t know who you are, but I have heard of the Cai family. If the Cai family is only as capable as you, then there is no need for the Cai family to exist in the East China Sea.” Dustin Zhou finished his sentence. The lobby on the second floor of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, on the second floor

Everyone was stunned.

Immediately, everyone exclaimed, and the gaze looking at Dustin Zhou became more and more wrong, as if they were a fool.

“Oh my God, I heard you right? What did he just say, there is no need for the Cai family to exist in the East China Sea?” “Yes, he may not know the status and true strength of the Cai family yet?” “Oh, young man Once he was determined, he thought he was invincible. Cai Xiong just couldn’t do anything to him. He thought that even the Cai family can’t do anything to him? It’s just whimsical!” “Yes, don’t take the Cai family.” All shots, as long as the uncle Cai family shots, such a kid who doesn’t know the severity will immediately obey!” … Everyone was talking, but without exception, they didn’t care about what Dustin Zhou said just now. They thought it was Dustin Zhou who didn’t know the severity. That’s a big talk.

“Hehe, okay, it’s really good. It’s the first time I heard such words when Cai Xiong has lived for more than 20 years. I didn’t plan to do anything to you, but now it seems that I don’t teach you a real lesson. I don’t know that the sky is thicker!” Cai Xiong’s mouth raised slightly, and his face suddenly became extremely hideous. He gave a low drink. Although his hands were not able to use strength, he kicked forward with one leg.

However, Dustin Zhou didn’t have time to guard against him. He was caught off guard by Cai Xiong’s kick. He could only loosen the hands that bound Cai Xiong’s hands. He quickly stepped back and pressed his hands down to block Cai Xiong’s legs.

And this time, Dustin Zhou felt a little trembling in his hands, and the whole person backed back again and again until he reached the railing, then stopped.

At this time, Dustin Zhou realized that his hands were still trembling, and the palm of one leg of Cai Xiong was almost red, as if it had been cooked.

Not only that, Dustin Zhou felt that his arms were trembling and numb.

This shocked Dustin Zhou, and his gaze at Cai Xiong changed a little.

He didn’t expect Cai Xiong’s strength to be so powerful.

Although his hands were bound by himself, the power emitted by just one leg was several times stronger than the fist just now.

If Cai Xiong used his legs from the beginning, Dustin Zhou felt that he would not be able to support a few rounds at all.

And this is Cai Xiong’s true strength.

This is the martial master of unlimited pick-up, half-step martial master, the real strength.

Dustin Zhou’s expression was a little ugly, he knew that he was still getting bigger.

If there is Niuchuan, then he naturally does not have to worry, everything will have Niuchuan behind.

But now, he is here alone, and it can be said that there is nothing to rely on except him.

Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but slander in his heart.

He doesn’t believe what happened here, Mountain Mist

The people in the club didn’t know, Asher Chen would not know.

Since they knew but didn’t show up, it must be intentional.

“Mr. Zhou, how are you? It’s okay.” Seeing Dustin Zhou being forced to retreat, Liu Xue rushed over, looking at Dustin Zhou anxiously, looking up and down on him, for fear of Dustin Zhou being injured.

“I’m fine.” Dustin Zhou waved his hand and said softly, seeing the worry on Liu Xue’s face, Dustin Zhou was actually a little embarrassed.

This feeling is like when the hero is saving the beauty, the hero is not the opponent of the evil man, and his face is dull.

Even, in the eyes of some people, Dustin Zhou’s actions were swollen and fat.

Liu Xue looked like an ordinary person, such a person, to them, was nothing at all.

Even, almost most of the people present, as long as they are willing to go out and beckon, there will be a large number of people like Liu Xue, even younger, more beautiful, and more sexy people than Liu Xue. Like moths fighting a fire.

“Hmph, it’s still hard, I want to see if you have nothing to do later!” Cai Xiong snorted coldly, twisted his wrist, eyes full of yin, and rushed to Dustin Zhou again.

But this time, Cai Xiong no longer used double fists, but a flying leg, and went straight to Dustin Zhou.

“Mr. Zhou, be careful.” Liu Xue exclaimed and quickly stood in front of Dustin Zhou. At this moment, she didn’t know why she was, but there was an echo in her mind. She must not hurt Dustin Zhou again. She didn’t even have any I thought that I couldn’t stop any attack from Cai Xiong at all.

At this moment, even if Dustin Zhou wanted to push Liu Xue behind him, it seemed too late.

And everyone can almost predict that Liu Xue will end.

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