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Chapter 770

“Oh, why are you crying?” Dustin Zhou was in a hurry. When facing someone who might be his sister for the first time, Dustin Zhou felt that he was so stupid for the first time, and he couldn’t even coax a girl.

“Woo, the first time I heard someone call my sister, I was excited.” At this moment, Shui Bingyue still has the general manager Avaria’s aura, clearly like a little girl, in front of her relatives, Show the truest emotions.

“Well, since you like it, I will keep calling your sister from now on.” Dustin Zhou gently patted Shui Bingyue’s shoulder, and whispered comfortingly.

Right now, he can only do this.

Shui Bingyue is the boss of Avaria, and he does not need Dustin Zhou’s help in his career.

As for the family, Shui Bingyue was the daughter of Zhou’s father’s main house, and was naturally recognized by the entire Zhou family. Compared to his illegitimate child, she was not sure how many times better, and she did not need Dustin Zhou to care about it.

However, the only regret may be that Shui Bingyue’s mother is early

She passed away, leaving her missing a lot of maternal love, and a very strong desire to care for her relatives.

And Dustin Zhou’s appearance at this time appropriately gave Shui Bingyue such a gap in emotional venting, allowing her to unreservedly express her thoughts in front of Dustin Zhou and release her feelings that had been suppressed for many years.

“Hmm…” After several minutes, Shui Bingyue slowly recovered, but the tears and red eyes on her face all explained what she had just experienced.

“Have you always been in the East China Sea?” It was Shui Bingyue who gave Dustin Zhou some information about the Zhou family. Now Dustin Zhou also wants to ask about Shui Bingyue’s situation.

After all, Shui Bingyue’s Zhou family situation may not be so complete.

Regardless of whether it was intentional or unintentional, Dustin Zhou believes that a girl’s overall grasp of the family is certainly not so complete.

In addition, in the current Zhou family, the Patriarch has only one daughter, Shui Bingyue, who is recognized by everyone, and has no children.

There is no need for Dustin Zhou to explain what is the concept of the owner of a super-large family who has no children. For those collateral families, it is the most convenient, direct and best way to move into the main family. .

Therefore, Dustin Zhou didn’t need to think much at all. As long as he used his brain, he could imagine who the Zhou family must be in the master’s house before the moment.

And Shui Bingyue will come to sit in the East China Sea at this time, so she doesn’t mean to stay away from the vortex of the incident.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know whose attention it was, but it was probably the idea of ​​his father who had never met.

Moreover, Zhou’s father told Shui Bingyue of Dustin Zhou’s existence, and it might not have been the idea of ​​letting Dustin Zhou take care of her half-sister.

“Huh!” Dustin Zhou took a long breath, feeling helpless.

Originally, he wanted to accumulate enough strength, and then return to Zhou’s home strongly.

But now it seems that things are far more difficult than I thought.

The resistance from Zhou’s family is probably the greatest.

Compared to letting his own illegitimate child return to the Zhou family and inherit the position of the head of the family, those collateral children must hope to disappear or give up returning to the Zhou family.

“By the way, brother, when I came to the East China Sea, my father gave me time. If I had the opportunity, I would see my aunt.” Shui Bingyue rubbed her eyes, calmed her emotions, and said softly.

When Dustin Zhou heard this, he was taken aback for a while, and he was in deep thought for a moment, then slowly nodded in agreement.

After all, this was what Zhou’s father meant. Dustin Zhou had indeed blamed his father, but now thinking about it, many things are beyond his control.

Dustin Zhou was able to understand Zhou’s father’s approach, and he did not resist Shui Bingyue’s going to see his mother.

“Okay, what


I’ll make arrangements for you.

“Dustin Zhou said with a smile, since I have recognized this sister in my heart, then naturally I have to take good care of her. The way to take care of her as much as possible is to let her mother also know the existence and identity of Shui Bingyue. Although Shui Bing said Yue is the daughter of Miss Shui Family, but if she wants to come to Zhou’s mother’s character and temper, she will definitely treat Shui Bingyue as her own. “Just today?

“Shui Bingyue asked expectantly. At this time, where does she still have the aura of the boss of Avaria, she is clearly like a weak little girl. Dustin Zhou smiled lightly and touched Shui Bingyue’s head, heavily. Nodding. Two hours later, Dustin Zhou drove Shui Bingyue to the gate of Lvjingwan City. However, when she arrived at home, Shui Bingyue regretted a little, and she retreated timidly. Shui Bingyue didn’t know how to go. Faced with Dustin Zhou’s mother, my little mother. After all, if there was no marriage between the Zhou family and the Shui family, it would be Dustin Zhou’s mother who was with her father. Shui Bingyue was very worried, she didn’t know Zhou’s mother. After seeing yourself and knowing who you are, how will you react, will you hate yourself, will you drive yourself out. “Why?


Dustin Zhou saw Shui Bingyue’s hesitation, and asked with a chuckle. “Well, do you think Auntie will hate me? After all, my mother…” Shui Bingyue whispered nervously. “Don’t worry, my mother is very worried.” Okay, she will not hate you. On the contrary, she has always wanted a daughter. Unfortunately, I am a man and cannot satisfy her wish. Now that you have appeared, she will be very happy.

Dustin Zhou encouraged Shui Bingyue. At this time, in any case, he also wanted to bring Shui Bingyue home to let his mother know. “Yeah.

“The two came to the door of the villa so slowly. “Mom, I’m back.”

“Opening the door, Dustin Zhou yelled, and suddenly heard a lot of movement in the villa. When he looked into the living room, he immediately saw several women here. Enderia Shen, Su Xiaomeng, Liu Xue, Mira Xie, Chen Xin. Those who were here the night of New Year’s Eve were all gathered here again today. Dustin Zhou was taken aback. He didn’t know why these people appeared here again. Don’t they need to go to work, don’t they need to be busy with other things? “Brother Dustin Zhou.

Su Xiaomeng was the first to rush over, hugged Dustin Zhou’s arm, and looked up at Dustin Zhou with a smile. But soon, Su Xiaomeng was stunned, because she suddenly discovered that there was a very beautiful one behind Dustin Zhou. Su Xiaomeng’s face turned red in an instant, and she quickly let go of Dustin Zhou’s arms and lowered her head, she didn’t dare to look at people at all.

Now, why did Brother Dustin Zhou bring a woman home again? I really worry about it.

Su Xiaomeng took a peek at the woman cautiously. She is really beautiful, like sister Mira.

Chapter 771

No, I must Be on the side of Sister Mira! Thinking of this, Su Xiaomeng rushed to Mira Xie’s side, hugged Mira Xie’s arm with a firm face. And Su Xiaomeng’s changes made Mira Xie look confused, she was all I don’t know what happened to Su Xiaomeng. I just felt that she was holding her arm tightly, which made her suddenly a little funny. Normally, Su Xiaomeng was the first to report Dustin Zhou’s arm last year. What happened today So abnormal. “Dustin Zhou is back, you are…” Zhou Mu stepped forward, preparing to take Dustin Zhou’s hand

The things were taken down, but when she walked in front of Dustin Zhou, she also saw Shui Bingyue at a glance, and she froze for a moment.

“Dustin Zhou, who is this girl?” Mother Zhou’s expression became gloomy, and she asked in a deep voice.

It’s not that Zhou Mu had any opinion on Shui Bingyue, Shui Bingyue looked good, and Zhou Mu looked very pleasing to the eye.

But Dustin Zhou is a person who married Mira Xie after all, and so many women in the living room seem to have some thoughts about Dustin Zhou.

In Zhou Mu’s eyes, if it weren’t for Dustin Zhou to tease them, how could a beautiful woman like Enderia Shen come over so frequently?

But now, the women in the family haven’t figured it out yet, and Dustin Zhou will bring back another one this time.

How could Zhou mother not be angry in her heart.

And Shui Bingyue saw Zhou’s mother’s face gloomy, a face that was still sunny and full of smiles, and it dimmed in an instant, and his eyes were instantly red, and he was about to cry.

Dustin Zhou also had a numb scalp, and he also realized that if he did not explain clearly to his mother, his mother might have been misunderstanding Shui Bingyue.

“Oh, mom, you come with me. I have something to tell you.” Without any explanation, Dustin Zhou took Shui Bingyue and Zhou Mu’s hand and went directly to his room on the second floor.

The door was closed with a “bang”, leaving all the girls downstairs looking at me and I looking at you with a confused look.

“Who is that woman?” Enderia Shen raised his brows and asked lightly.

It sounds like a random question, but her eyes are fixed on Dustin Zhou’s door.

Enderia Shen felt a powerful aura from that woman, which was even stronger than himself.

Moreover, this woman is really beautiful and outrageous, like a fairy walking out of the painting.

Rao was Enderia Shen, and he was also amazed.

It’s not just Enderia Shen who has such doubts, others are the same.

“I don’t know, I just saw that woman was standing behind Dustin Zhou’s brother. Seeing me, she kept smiling at me. Sister Mira, I have always supported you.” Su Xiaomeng was the first to express his opinion and vowed Said, immediately caused everyone to chuckle.

However, soon, the eyes of the women also looked at Dustin Zhou’s room, guessing in their hearts what they were going to say in the room, and they wanted to bring Zhou’s mother over.

Could it be that Zhou’s mother was asked to testify that Dustin Zhou wanted to be with that woman?

Such an idea just came up, and it was immediately denied by everyone.

Apart from other things, Dustin Zhou’s genuine wife Mira Xie is here. The two of them have not yet divorced. If Mira Xie disagrees, even if Dustin Zhou persuades Zhou Mu, he and that woman cannot be together.


, Everyone believes in Zhou Mu’s behavior very much. They believe that Zhou’s mother will definitely not agree with Dustin Zhou’s unreasonable thoughts.

In the room, Zhou Mu still had a gloomy face, staring at Dustin Zhou. She wanted to hear Dustin Zhou’s explanation.

“This is my mother.” Dustin Zhou actually introduced Zhou’s mother to Shui Bingyue.

Shui Bingyue’s eyes were still red. She looked at Zhou’s mother and her face was gloomy. She thought that Zhou’s mother didn’t like herself. She was so wronged that she wanted to cry, but she couldn’t cry. She didn’t want to behave in front of Zhou’s mother. So cowardly.

“Auntie…little mother.” Shui Bingyue originally planned to call her aunt, but when she thought of coming to see Zhou’s mother today, she just wanted to confirm the relationship, and she changed her words instantly.


Shui Bingyue’s call caught Zhou’s mother off guard and almost didn’t choke herself.

“Daughter, what are you talking about? What are you calling me? Did Dustin Zhou force you as a bastard? You tell auntie, auntie will be the master for you, and auntie will teach this bastard severely!” Dustin Zhou glared at him and said quickly.

She didn’t want her son to do anything wrong and force a little girl to call her own mother?

What does it mean?

Acknowledge yourself?

That’s not how it came.

When Shui Bingyue heard Zhou’s mother say this, she immediately understood that Zhou’s mother had a gloomy face before, not because she didn’t like herself, but thought it was Dustin Zhouhulai.

After clearing the misunderstanding, Shui Bingyue’s mood improved all at once, and a smile appeared on her face.

“Little mother, that’s not the case, you are really my little mother, and my father is Zhou Hengtian.” Shui Bingyue said seriously.

Zhou Hengtian!

As soon as he said the three words, Dustin Zhou could clearly see that his mother’s body trembled suddenly, and then his face instantly changed, a trace of memory flashed through his eyes, and his face was full of shock.

Zhou Hengtian is the name of Dustin Zhou’s father, the current head of the Zhou family.

Dustin Zhou only knew this name after he knew his identity.

However, Zhou Hengtian’s name has been buried in Zhou’s heart for nearly thirty years.

In the past twenty years, Zhou Hengtian’s name, Zhou’s mother has never been mentioned to anyone, even Dustin Zhou kept asking his father’s whereabouts when he was a child, asking his father’s name, crying and making trouble, Zhou’s mother never said it.

Now, after more than 20 years, Zhou’s mother heard Zhou Hengtian’s name again, and she was shocked that no one else could imagine.

Zhou Mu stared at Shui Bingyue blankly.

This girl’s father is Zhou Hengtian, doesn’t that mean… In an instant, Zhou Mu knew the identity of Shui Bingyue.

Probably it was the child born to his wife after Zhou Hengtian returned to the family.

Mom… Indeed, I should call myself

Little mom.

“Yes, kid, you should call me my little mother, you should call me my little mother.” Mother Zhou was so happy, she hugged Shui Bingyue into her arms, and kept rubbing her chin on Shui Bingyue’s head.

Shui Bingyue was caught by Zhou’s mother, a little caught off guard.

However, she did not resist, but felt that she was enjoying herself in Zhou’s mother’s arms.

Since the death of her mother when she was a child, Shui Bingyue has never enjoyed the warmth of her mother’s embrace.

And now, at this moment, Shui Bingyue once again felt the warmth of her mother’s embrace.

At this moment, Shui Bingyue was extremely satisfied, and tears couldn’t help streaming down.

… “Child, you…Is his father okay?”

Chapter 772

Although Zhou Mu had been separated from Zhou Hengtian for more than 20 years, Zhou Hengtian had not visited her in the East China Sea for more than 20 years.

It stands to reason that Zhou’s mother should hate him in her heart when facing people like Zhou Hengtian.

But Zhou’s mother didn’t feel a bit of hatred towards Zhou Heng.

After all, when you were young, the two sides were united by you and me.

“Well, my father is okay. He has been in the capital.” Shui Bingyue nestled in Zhou’s mother’s arms and kept talking to Zhou’s mother.

“Then…what about your mother?” When Mother Zhou thought of Zhou Hengtian and saw Shui Bingyue, she couldn’t help but think of her mother, what kind of person it would be.

“My mother passed away when I was six years old.” Shui Bingyue’s mood suddenly became low again.

“Oh, it’s okay child, I will be your mother from now on, since you call me my little mother, you will be my daughter from now on.” Mother Zhou’s expression was a little low, looking at Shui Bingyue, her face was distressed.

She didn’t expect that that one would have passed away so early.

With a silent sigh from the bottom of my heart, Zhou Mu’s eyes looked at Shui Bingyue more gentle.

At this time, Dustin Zhou, Shui Bingyue, and Zhou’s mother were talking in the room, while the women downstairs were silent for a while.

Several people looked at Dustin Zhou’s room one after another, wanting to watch someone come out inside.

However, one minute has passed, ten minutes has passed, and half an hour has passed… It was almost an hour before Dustin Zhou slowly walked out of it, then closed the door gently, and took a long breath, which seemed to be a piece of heart. The hanging stone was put down.

“Come down!” The girls were shocked, their eyes looking at Dustin Zhou were all strange, it seemed that if Dustin Zhou didn’t explain it honestly, they would not give up.

And Dustin Zhou immediately felt everyone’s gaze, and his heart shuddered, knowing that he should come, and he couldn’t hide.

Fortunately, this time Shui Bingyue is not a random woman, but her own sister.

“Ahem, you guys

What are you doing?

Dustin Zhou asked knowingly, went downstairs and sat directly on the sofa, comfortably picked up a banana and ate it. But Dustin Zhou was so leisurely and didn’t know the seriousness of the situation, and immediately made the women angry. Enderia Shen looked at it. He glanced at Su Xiaomeng, gave her a look, full of encouragement and encouragement. “Haha, Brother Dustin Zhou, who was that sister just now?

Su Xiaomeng clenched her small hand tightly, and asked softly, it sounded like asking casually, definitely not deliberately inquiring. And several other women also listened carefully with their ears sideways, absolutely can’t miss any useful ones. Information. “Hehe, that’s my sister.

Dustin Zhou said with a smile. “Sister?”

I really didn’t expect that Dustin Zhou, you are really capable. You even recognized your sister. Even if you recognize your sister, you still bring it home. I don’t know how many sisters you have outside.

“Enderia Shen couldn’t help but sneered directly, looking sharply at Dustin Zhou, as if Dustin Zhou couldn’t give her a satisfactory answer, she would definitely not give up. “Oh, if I don’t say anything, you will always look at me.” , I said, you don’t believe that she is really my sister, half sister.

Dustin Zhou chuckled softly in his heart, and on the surface he naturally wanted to deliberately pretend to be helpless and said. “What?

Half sister?

“At this moment, everyone was stunned. Enderia Shen tilted his head and looked at Dustin Zhou suspiciously. There was still a trace of disbelief in his eyes. After all, he had never heard Dustin Zhou talk about his father before, and now suddenly a same father appeared. The half-sister is too weird. “What I said is true. Now she is talking to my mother in the room about my dad who doesn’t know what I look like. Don’t worry about them. Eat, starve to death.

“Dustin Zhou said with a wry smile. Although I drank a few cups of coffee and ate a few desserts with Shui Bingyue just now, they weren’t hungry at all. Now Dustin Zhou’s stomach is already protesting. Hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, the women felt in their hearts. I just believed it a little bit. However, everything has to wait until Zhou Mu and Shui Bingyue come out before they can make the final confirmation. “What to eat, aunt and your sister did not eat, you just want to eat, you still Is there a conscience?

“Enderia Shen said with a look of contempt. It seems that at this time, in the entire villa, only Dustin Zhou is the most annoying person. This made Dustin Zhou a little unacceptable for a while, and he was heartbroken to death. However, he was a big man, It’s impossible to argue with these women, so I sat on the corner of the sofa silently, eating fruit aggrievedly, and cushioning my stomach first. And after nearly half an hour, Zhou

The door of Yang’s room opened again.

Zhou Mu and Shui Bingyue walked out together.

When the two went downstairs and came to the living room on the first floor, the girls saw Zhou’s mother holding Shui Bingyue’s hand, and there were two tears on their faces, and their eyes were all red.

Obviously, the two must have experienced a tear gas battle in the room before.

And to be able to attract Zhou’s mother like this, I’m afraid there is nothing else except Zhou’s father.

At this time, everyone believed what Dustin Zhou said just now, and a smile suddenly appeared on their faces, and their eyes became more gentle when they looked at Shui Bingyue.

“This is Sister Shui Bingyue, right.” Enderia Shen, the oldest here, took the lead to greet him, holding Shui Bingyue’s hand, and talking cordially.

When other people saw this, they greeted Shui Bingyue.

Shui Bingyue watched these women greet her enthusiastically, but she didn’t react for a while.

But here, she can get the approval of others, for Shui Bingyue, it is enough, she

Already very satisfied.

Besides, these women, except for Su Xiaomeng and Chen Xin who look small, Enderia Shen, Mira Xie, and Liu Xue are all mature women. The femininity that emanates from their bodies makes them feel that they are behind their ears. A piece of flushing.

Soon, the next very important doubt came to Shui Bingyue’s mind.

Who are these women?

What is their relationship with Dustin Zhou?

Are they all Dustin Zhou’s lover?

It shouldn’t.

However, Shui Bingyue is a person with high emotional intelligence, knowing that it is not suitable to ask such a question at this time, so he smiled and said hello regardless of who the other party was.

“Okay, get hungry, get ready to eat quickly. Bingyue, come.” Zhou’s mother has a satisfied smile on her face. Today there is an extra daughter, and some news about Zhou Hengtian is known about Zhou’s mother. Said, today is of great significance.

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