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Chapter 518

When Brother Hao brought a group of younger brothers to the hotel, the sky was just a little hazy.

“Brother Hao, we still don’t know which room that kid is in, how can we find others.” “That’s right, Brother Hui didn’t tell us which room Dustin Zhou lives in just now. Should we find it ourselves?” “Brother Hao, you said that Dustin Zhou was able to beat Brother Hui like that, can we beat him? What if he has a helper?” … Several people came to the hotel entrance and looked at the bright lights in the hotel. This little brother is also confused.

After all, they only knew that the person that Brother Hui had told him to teach was Dustin Zhou, and Brother Hui only slightly described what Dustin Zhou looked like, and they could only dream about it in their minds.

Especially, when a little brother thought of Kong Hui’s tragic situation, he couldn’t help but feel a little worried, afraid that his group of people would not be opponents of the other party.

“fck!” “A*hole, are you looking down on me? A small company owner, even if he has a helper, what is it? How many brothers are there?” Brother Hao slammed his hand out and slapped him with a slap. On the head of the worried little brother, some angrily yelled.

“That is, if we brothers are together, even if that kid has a helper, he won’t be our opponent.” “Humph, let alone, there is Brother Hao here, that kid is not to be afraid of!” The younger brother also glanced at each other, immediately agreed, and constantly complimented Brother Hao.

“Well, that’s the truth.” Brother Hao nodded in satisfaction, with a smile on his face, he looked around triumphantly, and then cast his gaze to the hotel entrance.

“Go, let’s go and look for that kid, don’t let him run away.” Brother Hao was full of confidence and strode towards the hotel.

There were more than a dozen people in Hao’s group. They were mighty and menacing, making the front desk of the hotel stunned.

“Brother Liu, Brother Liu, hurry up and take someone to the lobby to have a look. It seems that someone is making trouble.” The front desk is beautiful.

The woman quickly picked up the walkie-talkie and reported to Liu Fusheng, the security captain of the hotel, and asked him to take someone over to prevent accidents.

“Okay, I’ll be there soon.” Liu Fusheng’s voice was very rough, coming out of the walkie-talkie, and the two front desks were inexplicably relieved.

Their hotel is the only four-star hotel in Liushi. Although it is not comparable to those five-star hotels, it is also the highest standard hotel in Liushi.

People staying in hotels are either rich or expensive, and the average person will not stay casually because of the high cost.

Moreover, the dozen or so people that Hao brought with him were all dressed up, coupled with the tattoos on his body and neck, and the bizarre hairstyles.

As the security captain of the hotel, Liu Fusheng was very responsible. After receiving the report from the front desk, he immediately took eight guards on duty to the lobby.

“Who, stop.” When Liu Fusheng saw Brother Hao and others, his expression immediately became solemn.

As an experienced person, he can tell at a glance that these people are not easy to provoke.

At the very least, he had seen a few people before. They were famous local bastards in Liushi, and even had blood on their hands.

Liu Fusheng’s heart was tense. He knew that these people would definitely not come to check in when they came to the hotel. Then, they must have come to find someone, most likely to teach people.

This is troublesome now.

With a curse in his heart, Liu Fusheng still boldly greeted him.

“I don’t know what will happen to the few people who come to our hotel?” Liu Fusheng pretended to be calm and asked in a deep voice.

It is early in the morning, and there are not many security guards on duty at the hotel, only a few people.

Facing the group of Brother Hao at once, it would still be a bit difficult.

Especially since Liu Fusheng knew that the other party was bad, he didn’t want to make the atmosphere between the two parties tense.

Fortunately, because it is early morning, there are almost no guests who get up and enter or leave the hotel.

Otherwise, if the guests are frightened and complain to the hotel, then Liu Fusheng and others will be punished by the hotel.

“Why? We can’t come?” Brother Hao squinted at Liu Fusheng with a cold face.

He naturally saw the clothes Liu Fusheng was wearing, as well as several security guards behind him.

However, Brother Hao didn’t pay attention to the few security guards.

Don’t say that the number of opponents is not as large as one’s own.

Moreover, these little brothers of my own are not ostentatious, they all have real skills in their hands.

Otherwise, Brother Hao wouldn’t be able to rely on these a dozen people to get together in Liushi, making many people jealous, even not wanting to offend.

“Huh, Liu Fusheng? I know this person, but he is the security captain of this hotel. It’s nothing, I can put him down with one hand.”

It turned out to be him. I seemed to have heard of this person before. Didn’t I say that I was beaten?

Just like that, can you still be the security captain in the hotel?

When was the hotel class so low?

“Haha, Liu Fusheng, keep your dog eyes wide open and take a good look. Standing in front of you is our brother Hao. Do you dare to talk to Brother Hao like this and don’t want to live?”

“That’s right, in front of Brother Hao, I dare to pretend to be forceful. I don’t know how to live or die. Get out of the way. Maybe we won’t care about you. Otherwise, even if you smashed the hotel today, you wouldn’t dare to let go!

“… Behind Brother Hao, there were several gangsters who knew Liu Fusheng, and they burst into laughter. They were very arrogant and looked at Liu Fusheng squintingly, as if the other party was not at the same level as them. It seemed that Liu Fusheng was in their eyes, just a small one. The scum, there is no reason to be afraid. At the moment, the task that Kong Huihui confided is important. “You…” Liu Fu was anxious, pointing to the gangsters who had just laughed at him, his face flushed, but the words were half-talking, but what happened. Can’t tell. He knew that if he really clashed with this group of gangsters, then with his own strength, he would not be the opponent of this so-called Hao brother. What’s more, as the other party said, if they really clashed. No matter what the other party is like, Liu Fusheng will definitely be punished by the hotel leader. In addition, for this brother, Liu Fusheng vaguely feels that the name is a bit familiar, as if he has heard of it somewhere, but for a while Can’t think of it. But one thing he can be sure of is that Brother Hao, in Liushi, is definitely walking sideways. However, the security guards don’t know what Liu Fusheng is thinking at this time, they just saw their captain Liu Fusheng I was ridiculed by several gangsters. These security guards are all young men with strong energy and blood, and the ideas in their heads are very simple. Now that they see their counterparts being insulted by this kind of insult, they can’t help it. Fifth.

Chapter 519

“Little deflated calf, do you believe that Grandpa gave you a blossoming head?”

“Mad, this group of gangsters also want to make trouble in our hotel. They really didn’t put the brothers in the eyes, brothers, teach them a lesson, otherwise they don’t know the sky and the earth, and where they can be Such a cry.

“… Suddenly, the security guards yelled, and rushed to the dozen or so gangsters. In the minds of this group of security guards, they believed that they were trained, not to mention how powerful they were, but at least they could become four stars. The security of a first-class hotel is naturally qualified. And the other party is just a group of uninfluenced punks. In society, it may be feasible to bully others by force, but if you really meet each other,

They don’t think they will lose.

“Hit them!” “Teach them a lesson, and let them know that this Willow City Hotel is not a place where they can be presumptuous.” “Vent the captain!” … During the yelling, the security guards fought with a dozen gangsters. .

From time to time, there were wailing and screams.

Liu Fusheng watched the scene in front of him, especially when several security guards under his hand rushed towards the other dozen gangsters. His eyes widened suddenly and his heart was shocked. He didn’t react at all, let alone stop him.

He never expected that he hadn’t said anything yet, and his security guard was so impulsive that he would directly start with the other party.

Don’t say whether they can win this match.

If there is no victory, then the punishment of the hotel leader is naturally indispensable.

If luckily won, Liu Fusheng suddenly gave birth to a lump in his heart.

He just subconsciously thought that these people were here to make trouble, so he didn’t ask much, and talked to the other person in a questioning tone.

Although the other party is a bully, the bully also has the right to stay in the hotel.

If the other party is not here to make trouble, but to stay in the hotel, then their impulse will be a bad thing.

“Oh, Binzi, Ergou, stop quickly…” Liu Fusheng suddenly became anxious and walked over quickly, trying to pull his hand away.

“Bang! Boy, dare to do it in front of Brother Hao, let me teach you a little lesson first, let you know, not everyone can be disrespectful.” However, Liu Fusheng just pulled Binzi and Ergou’s arms with an aura. A fist on the right blasted over.

He didn’t expect this, and was caught off guard, the punch was strong, and there was sudden pain in his face.

“Damn, I don’t want to cause trouble, but it doesn’t mean I’m afraid of trouble! Binzi, Ergou, hit me hard, I will take care of what happened!” This punch also slapped Liu Fusheng’s anger out .

In the beginning, he was only for the purpose of inquiring these people for the sake of regulation.

But without saying anything, the other party directly turned on the taunting mode, making him the security captain useless.

Liu Fusheng held this anger in his stomach and felt extremely uncomfortable.

Since the other party insisted on doing it, Liu Fusheng couldn’t control that much. The hotel leader wanted to punish him, so he had to wait until they finished doing it.

Liu Fusheng has the best skills in the security team, otherwise he would not be able to perform the role of security captain.

Therefore, Liu Fusheng’s joining immediately gave the security team the upper hand, suppressing Brother Hao and the others.

“Hit him, dare to make trouble in the hotel, I will let you know how many eyes Lord Ma has!” … Seeing that the situation is a little unfavorable for him, Brother Hao

His eyes tightened instantly, and an unpleasant emotion emerged instantly.

“Brother Hao, let me go. I know that Liu Fusheng has some skill. These little brothers are probably not his opponents.” Seeing Liu Fusheng’s toughness, he suppressed the aura of more than a dozen little brothers on his side. Xue Manzi, who was standing next to Brother Hao, squeezed his fist and said coldly.

They are here today to implement Kong Hui’s order, find the man named Dustin Zhou, and then teach him a lesson, and by the way abolish the other party.

Not here, entangled with a group of security guards.

If this spreads to Brother Hui, maybe they will think that they are not serious, maybe they will be unhappy.

And when Brother Hui is upset, then Brother Hao will follow suit.

“Well, a little lesson for them is that this is the Liushi Hotel after all, and the boss here still has a bit of energy. I don’t want to make things too stiff.” Brother Hao nodded and looked at Liu Fusheng with a cold expression.

Xue Manzi responded and immediately joined the battle.

In just an instant, the situation between the two parties took a turn for the worse.

Xue Manzi deserves to be called Xue Manzi. Almost no one can stop him. He rushed into the crowd, swept one arm, and directly brought down two security guards.

And Liu Fusheng naturally noticed Xue Manzi, and his heart sank suddenly.

Xue Manzi, nicknamed Barbarian Bull, is well-known in Liushi, and his strength is firmly in the top ten.

However, hasn’t he always worked under Chen Tianhao, a Liushi tyrant?

How come here?

Could it be… Liu Fusheng’s heart was tense, he just heard this group of bullies call the leader Hao brother.

He didn’t care much at first.

But now even Xue Manzi has appeared. If Liu Fusheng can’t imagine that the other party is Chen Tianhao, the Liushi tyrant, then this life will be a waste of life.

Just looking at the situation now, even Xue Manzi is off, which shows that the opponent is indeed bad, and I am afraid that he will not let it go.

“Fight, isn’t it Xue Manzi? I still don’t believe you are so good.” Liu Fusheng felt like he left the two gangsters and took the initiative to walk towards Xue Manzi.

He decided to meet the top ten masters in Liushi.

… Not to mention what happened in the hotel lobby, Dustin Zhou upstairs, after receiving a call from Sister Yang, also knew that Rocket Girls and the others were about to get off the expressway. It is estimated that they will enter the Liushi area in about half an hour. .

Dustin Zhou knew that it would take almost an hour from the hotel to the highway entrance.

But now it’s so early, the traffic on the road will definitely not be very large, so he only needs to accelerate a little bit, and he will be able to arrive within half an hour and receive the three little ones from the Rocket Girl in time.

“Let’s go now.” After packing up

, Dustin Zhou walked directly downstairs.

As the elevator went down one floor after another, Dustin Zhou’s slightly squinted eyes opened slowly.


With a soft noise, the first floor arrived.

Dustin Zhou strode out of the elevator without hesitation.

However, in the next second, Dustin Zhou realized that his eyes were dark, as if something was sneaking towards him.

“f*ck, there was a sneak attack!” Dustin Zhou’s heart was tense. At this time, his mind was very relaxed. He would never think that someone would sneak an attack on him in the hotel. In a hurry, he could only raise his hand and slam his fist towards him. The things in front of me blast away.

He believed that even if the opponent attacked him with a piece of steel, he would beat the steel back with his punch.

But, the next second, when Dustin Zhou felt the soft touch from his fist, he couldn’t help but wonder.

Chapter 520


How can this kind of thing sneak attack when it is so soft?

There is no lethality at all.

“Ah!” But then, a scream reached Dustin Zhou’s ears, and then more and more screams reached Dustin Zhou’s ears.

This is not right, how come so many people scream?

Dustin Zhou suddenly realized that something was wrong, and quickly opened his eyes to look at the scene before him.

But in the next second, Dustin Zhou was stunned.

I saw that in the originally empty hall, there were nearly twenty people lying on the ground, wailing constantly.

At this time, Dustin Zhou also saw clearly what had just attacked him.

Where is a thing, it is clearly a person.

And now, the man was holding his butt, his face looked like pig liver, and he looked at himself angrily.

what’s the situation?

Dustin Zhou looked dumbfounded. Why did the hotel just slept like this?

Is this making a movie?

But there are no shooting equipment or staff around.

However, Dustin Zhou soon discovered something was wrong.

It seems that since they got out of the elevator, many people here have looked at them.

And Dustin Zhou even saw a trace of anger in the eyes of these people, and a trace of unknown meaning.

That look is clearly saying, I finally found you!

What’s happening here?

“Brother Hao, that’s him, he was the one who caused us to be captured by the police that day in a racing car!” At this moment, Lao Ding, who had been beside Brother Hao, flashed up, and immediately pointed at Dustin Zhou, excited. Said.

In the past two days, Lao Ding has suffered.

Originally, he was just an amateur racing driver. On some occasions, he participated in some amateur racing competitions or helped others to make money by betting on cars.

By chance, Brother Hao took a fancy to him and wanted to take him around to do things.

Lao Ding was naturally delighted.

After all, compared to being a wandering karma

I racers, it is better to follow Brother Hao.

What’s more, Lao Ding still knows the influence of Brother Hao in Liushi. Now that he has such a thigh, he naturally has to hug it tightly.

And for a long time, Lao Ding has indeed helped Brother Hao earn a lot of face in front of many people, and his status has also risen with the tide.

Originally, when this kind of life continued, Lao Ding also thought it was very good. At the very least, the nourishment of life is also very social.

However, all of this was shattered by one person yesterday.

A person, driving a modern car, left him far behind, and staged a drag racing battle in the urban area of ​​Liushi.

And his old Ding, the man Hao brother has always admired so much, unexpectedly lost, and the defeat was a complete failure.

Old Ding vowed that he would never forget the person who made him fall from the altar in an instant, even if the opponent turned to ashes, he would definitely recognize it.

Now, Lao Ding finally found the person, and, this time, it was purely by chance.

“Brother Hao, it’s him. Last time we got into the game, I didn’t expect to be able to meet him here. Brother Hao, I must teach him a lesson. Moreover, those two beauties…” After speaking, he knew that as long as Brother Hao had a hint, Brother Hao would think of it.

Especially those two beauties, but even brother Hao coveted them.

If there is a chance to get those two beauties, Old Ding believes that Brother Hao will not give up.

“Well, it’s him!” Sure enough, when Brother Hao heard Old Ding say this, his eyes lit up, and the two beauties he saw that day appeared in his mind, and his heart suddenly became agitated.

“Well, hurry up and get rid of the troublesome people in front of you, and ask them if they know that Dustin Zhou lives in that room, we will meet this person.” Brother Hao narrowed his eyes slightly and said lightly to Xue Manzi , And then walked away with people thinking about Dustin Zhou.

When Xue Manzi heard Brother Hao’s order, his eyes condensed slightly, and his shot became sharp.

“Ah!” “Ah! My hands!” “Ah! My waist.” …… Suddenly, those security guards could not support a few rounds under Xue Manzi’s fierce attack. In a moment, All collapsed to the ground.

At this time, the only security captain who could stand was Liu Fusheng.

But now, Liu Fusheng’s legs are also shaking slightly, looking at Xue Manzi, his eyes are full of fear.

He was thinking just now, even if Xue Manzi had a great reputation and strength in Liushi, he might not have the power to fight.

However, once the two played against each other, Liu Fusheng immediately understood that the gap between the two was simply beyond his imagination.

With just a few tricks, Liu Fusheng was defeated.

But fortunately, Liu Fusheng also has some skills himself, so he can persist until now.

However, the security guards under him simply did not match Xue Manzi’s ability.

“Brother Hao asked me to ask you, where does Dustin Zhou live?” Xue Manzi walked towards Liu Fusheng step by step and asked coldly.

Since Liu Fusheng is the security captain of the hotel, he must have the channels and rights to know some information about Dustin Zhou.

Xue Manzi was not worried that Liu Fusheng would not say anything. Now, under the strong pressure from his own side, Liu Fusheng dare not say anything.

“I don’t know.” Liu Fusheng’s face changed slightly as he gritted his teeth and said in a deep voice.

“Huh?” Xue Manzi’s eyes shrank, and his shot was quick and windy. Before Liu Fusheng could react, he immediately squeezed his hand.

“Say!” Xue Manzi’s voice became colder.

And as time passed, Xue Manzi’s strength became stronger.

Liu Fusheng was able to hold on at first, but as the strength in Xue Manzi’s hands grew stronger, his face turned red, and the blue veins on his neck burst out, which looked very oozing.

“Huh?” Dustin Zhou looked sideways slightly.

He seemed to have heard his name just now?

Are these people looking for themselves?

But I don’t seem to know them at all?

However, Dustin Zhou didn’t speak, he wanted to see what the hell was going on with this group of people looking for himself.

At this moment, Brother Hao and Lao Ding also came to Dustin Zhou.

“Boy, we’re seeing each other again.” Brother Hao sneered, seeing Dustin Zhou’s dazed look, his heart was immediately relieved.

Humph, kid, are you frightened by this scene?

Look, these are my subordinates. If you are not obedient and obedient, handing over those two beauties, these subordinates of Master are not so good at dealing with them.

“Well, are you?” Dustin Zhou looked at Brother Hao who walked up to him in surprise with a mad look on his face.

Who is this person, do I know you?

Come up with a familiar pair, close to me?

“Huh! Boy, this is our brother Hao, don’t you remember what happened at the highway entrance yesterday?”

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