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Chapter 647

With just this simple action, everyone knew that Enderia Shen was interested in apologizing for his uncle and Zhang Yong, and everything else was meaningless.

“Don’t you apologize to President Shen quickly, or will your company continue in the future?” “Yeah, don’t involve us.” “Apologize quickly. It’s not a matter of one sentence, quickly. “… So everyone scolded the uncle and Zhang Yong, and asked them to quickly apologize to Enderia Shen.

At this time, the faces of the two people, Uncle and Zhang Yong, were ugly.

They didn’t expect that they had originally scolded Dustin Zhou as usual, but they had been smashed by Dustin Zhou with a bowl on their head. They were also scolded by Enderia Shen so much that their relatives asked them to apologize to Enderia Shen.

After all, they are the ones who suffer, they are the ones who are injured, and they are the ones who are wronged.

Why should they apologize to Enderia Shen?

This is simply unreasonable.

Zhang Yong’s forehead was still bleeding. At this time, the blood surged, and he only felt chest tightness and shortness of breath. He coughed and panted violently.

The uncle’s expression was extremely gloomy. He supported his son Zhang Yong and looked at Enderia Shen with a pair of eyes, hiding his anger and hatred.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Shen, we were wrong, please forgive us.” After all, the uncle and Zhang Yong still didn’t have the courage to confront so many people, they could only bow their heads and bow down to apologize to this Enderia Shen.


However, in this tone, there is full of unwillingness and resentment.

Uncle and Zhang Yong lowered their heads, and they looked at each other concealedly, and they could see the hatred in each other’s eyes.

They are determined to suffer today’s loss.

However, this does not mean that they are willing to suffer such a loss in vain.

Uncle and Zhang Yong have made up their minds that they can’t deal with Enderia Shen, and can’t they still deal with Dustin Zhou.

After I go back, I will look for opportunities to clean up Dustin Zhou.

It happened that Zhang Yong met several well-known employees at the beginning of the company, and some of them have now been promoted to become a leader of the well-known company.

At that time, say hello to them, let them teach Dustin Zhou a lesson, make Dustin Zhou some trouble, and must avenge the humiliation they suffered today.

After the uncle and Zhang Yong apologized, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

They were afraid that the uncle and Zhang Yong would not bow their heads to apologize to Enderia Shen because they were frustrated or because of face problems. The consequences would be unforeseeable by them.

If Enderia Shen really angered Enderia Shen, the consequences might not be something they could bear.

“It’s pretty much the same.” Enderia Shen sneered, and instead of standing in front of the two of them, he directly returned to his seat and sat down.

What she did just now was just to support Dustin Zhou and help Dustin Zhou let out a sigh of relief.

In Enderia Shen’s eyes, this kind of thing is just a casual effort, and she doesn’t need to do anything at all.

With the lessons learned from my uncle and Zhang Yong, no one else dared to belittle Dustin Zhou immediately and ridiculed Dustin Zhou. Even Xie’s mother, who has always looked down on his son-in-law, stopped saying those nasty things. .

It seems that the atmosphere in the entire private room is peaceful and beautiful, and it is a pleasant one.

The hotel served food very quickly, and in a short while, all the dishes on the large table were ready.

Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but sigh slightly when he looked at the dishes on the table.

Although he didn’t know what the purpose of Xie’s mother invited Enderia Shen to eat.

However, what is certain is that what Xie’s mother is plotting is definitely not a trivial matter.

Otherwise, Xie’s mother would not be able to spend such a large price to buy this big table for people to eat.

Looking around, Dustin Zhou saw several precious ingredients at a glance.

Abalone, shark fin and bird’s nest are all leftovers, but nothing at all.

Buddha Jumping the Wall is regarded as the most cumbersome dish to make inside. It is placed in the middle of the table and is very eye-catching.

And Dustin Zhou’s gaze was suddenly attracted by the Buddha jumping over the wall.

Such a Buddha jumps over the wall, not to mention its price, the production process alone is extremely complicated, it needs to go through hundreds of processes, which takes several days to complete.

In other words, this Buddha jumped over the wall, it was Xie’s mother

It was set a few days ago.

However, Dustin Zhou and the others only came back yesterday, and Enderia Shen was the first time Mira Xie went to Xie’s house yesterday, and they met Xie’s mother.

Until today, it has only been two days before and after. In fact, if you count it completely, there is only one day. In such a short time, it is impossible for Xie’s mother to book the Buddha to jump over the wall.

What’s more, this is Jingtai Hotel, a five-star hotel. The Buddha jumped over the wall, it is impossible to be a fake, it must be authentic.

So, this Buddha jumped over the wall, probably Xie’s mother had decided long ago, but the person she entertained was not Enderia Shen, but someone else.

However, because of some accidents, or because of Xie’s mother’s temporary intention, Xie’s mother notified the hotel and took the Buddha out of the wall to entertain people.

And now, what caused Xie’s mother to take out the originally planned Buddha jumped over the wall in advance, which is worth pondering.

However, Dustin Zhou would not speak casually before Xie’s mother expressed his attitude.

After all, everything is just his own conjecture.

Guessed wrong, beckoning.

You guessed it right, when Mother Xie said her purpose, she would know.

Due to the previous uncle and Zhang Yong’s affairs, the atmosphere at the dinner table was not very good.

Everyone wanted to toast and apologize to Enderia Shen, but Enderia Shen ignored it.

Time passed so fast, half an hour passed in the blink of an eye.

During this half an hour, everyone was a little restless.

Enderia Shen is like an iceberg, making everyone quite jealous, even afraid to speak loudly.

“I have eaten, thank you for your hospitality.” For a long time, Enderia Shen put down the wine glass, wiped the corner of his mouth lightly, and said lightly.

Being here for so long has already given Xie’s mother enough face.

At this time, it is time to return to the company to handle the matter.

“Wait a minute, President Shen.” Seeing that Enderia Shen was about to leave, Xie’s mother hurriedly stopped her, her expression a little anxious, as if she was afraid that Enderia Shen would leave directly, she would not appear, and she would not have a chance to see it.

“Mom, Sister Bijun still has things, and there are many things to deal with in the company, so we will go back.” Mira Xie saw his mother stop Enderia Shen, and his face was a little unhappy.

Originally, she thought today that Xie’s mother would not do anything to Dustin Zhou.

However, just after they got off the car, Xie’s mother was mocking Dustin Zhou.

What Mira Xie did not expect was that Xie’s mother had brought so many relatives.

Especially the two uncles and Zhang Yong are too much.

If Dustin Zhou hadn’t stopped him, Mira Xie would have scolded them long before Enderia Shen.

Don’t look at where it is, this is where Xie’s mother entertained.

And Dustin Zhou is her Mira Xie’s husband, how can they be insulted and belittled casually.

“Wait a minute, Ling

Yu, Mr. Shen, in fact, this time, Mom is asking you for help.

Mother Xie hesitated, but after seeing the impatientness on Mira Xie and Enderia Shen’s faces, she gritted her teeth and said. But this time, Dustin Zhou and the three of them were stunned. Xie’s mother really has something to ask for. And, look. In this way, she knew that the person she asked for was Enderia Shen. Dustin Zhou obviously noticed that after Xie’s mother said such words, most of the relatives breathed a sigh of relief, as if something important was finally done. This made Dustin Zhou’s face a playful look. It seems that the things Xie’s mother requested cannot be separated from these relatives.

Chapter 648

Trivial Matters! “What is it, auntie can just say it, if What I can do, even if I look at sister Mira’s face, I will help.

Enderia Shen said with such a face as expected. Enderia Shen had already prepared for Xie’s mother’s request. Otherwise, she had only met with Xie’s mother, and she couldn’t figure out why Xie’s mother would suddenly invite herself to dinner. Haha, little things, with the ability of President Shen, it must be easy.

“When Enderia Shen said this, Xie’s mother was extremely excited. “In fact, it’s not a big deal, it’s like this, Mr. Shen, it’s not like our relatives want to set up a company together, and then cooperate with Mingyang to become a famous company. A sales shop of Yang’s company, I wonder if Mr. Shen can help?

“Xie’s mother said with a smile. In fact, this matter is not a big deal at all. The Ministry of Commerce of Mingyang Company has such a department specifically to deal with such matters. As long as you meet the qualifications, you can apply and then choose a location. Open a store to sell products of well-known companies. Before Xie’s mother saw Mira Xie’s Yueji beauty business booming, she had this idea in her heart. Therefore, Xie’s mother joined a few relatives and wanted everyone to join in. Joined together, shared the risks, and set up a sales shop together. However, they hit a wall. After review, their qualifications were simply not enough, so there was no way to pass the application. Originally so long has passed, Xie Mudu This idea has been dispelled. However, recently, Zhang Yong’s company is getting better and better, and yesterday, Xie’s mother also met Enderia Shen, the president of the well-known company. This calm heart beats again. So. She just prepared for such a banquet today. Xie’s mother had a very good idea. She invited Enderia Shen over for dinner, and then used the relationship between Mira Xie and Enderia Shen’s nails. This matter should be easy to pass. However, Xie’s mother did not expect that Dustin Zhou will also be today. Come here, but also have conflicts with Uncle and Zhang Yong

, Made Enderia Shen unhappy.

Originally saw that Enderia Shen was unhappy, Xie’s mother thought that this matter was horrible again, but now that Enderia Shen said so, it means that she did not care about the previous things at all.

This made Xie’s mother feel a little settled.

Also, Dustin Zhou is just an ordinary employee of Mingyang, even if Enderia Shen thinks Dustin Zhou is an employee of his own company, he maintains his dignity.

However, Enderia Shen is aloof after all. How long will he pay attention to a small person like Dustin Zhou?

I am afraid that before returning to Mingyang, Enderia Shen will not remember who Dustin Zhou is, and I am afraid that he will forget everything that happened at the banquet today.

“Oh?” At this moment, Enderia Shen also became interested.

Set up a well-known company’s sales shop together?

What kind of thing is this, Enderia Shen can actually solve it with a word.

What’s more, this matter itself belongs to Dustin Zhou’s responsibility.

If Dustin Zhou is willing, he only needs to say to the people below, thank his mother for their application, and the application will be approved immediately.

“This matter seems to be very simple. Didn’t you apply?” Enderia Shen said with a smile.

She didn’t mention that Dustin Zhou could handle this matter, and she seemed to have forgotten Dustin Zhou’s existence. Instead, she looked at these relatives with interest.

It was not until this time that Enderia Shen discovered that most of these relatives were not in good condition, but they were basically the kind of wealthy and inadequate, but with enough food and clothing, there was a kind of 1.8 million in the family.

They were picked out one by one, naturally not so outstanding.

However, when they get together and cooperate, their strength is not small.

It stands to reason that if they cooperate, they should meet the audit standards, and it is impossible for them to fail the audit.

“Or, are there any other reasons why you didn’t pass?” Enderia Shen asked directly, and she also thought that since Mother Xie found her help, they must have applied before but were rejected.

“Hehe, Mr. Shen, there are actually some reasons for this. Those reviewers felt that we were not strong enough, so they did not approve our application.” “But Auntie knows that Mingyang’s future development must be unlimited, so I want to find you Help out and see if you can pass this application.” Mother Xie said with a pleased smile, her face full of expectation.

And those relatives are looking forward to it.

They once calculated the accounts together.

This time, your family will come up with 200,000 yuan of cooperation, and after you get the qualifications and the store opens, within one year, you will be able to recover all costs with profits.

So, the rest is all the money they made.


Counting that up, just opening a sales shop a year, hiring two employees, a year can earn more than 200,000.

Moreover, Mingyang companies are now getting better and better, and their reputations are getting bigger and bigger. If they enter the market as early as possible, they will get more and more benefits in the future.

Enderia Shen looked at Xie’s mother and many relatives, with a slight smile on his face, which was very light and a little distant.

“Auntie, although I am the president of the company, there are many things that I can’t solve with a word.” Enderia Shen said lightly.

As for Xie Mu and the others, their expressions dimmed even more. They looked at Enderia Shen one by one, with doubts on their faces.

You Enderia Shen anyhow is the president and major shareholder of Mingyang Company. It can be said that Mingyang Company belongs to you Enderia Shen. You do not have the final say on what matters in the company.

As a result, I beg you for such a small matter, you just shirk it.

“However, you can take my business card and go to the person in charge of our company’s project. He has always been responsible for this kind of review.” However, Enderia Shen turned around, took out a business card from his bag, and handed it over. To Xie mother, said with a smile.

The smile this time is full of kindness and warmth.

Mother Xie and others realized that they had misunderstood Enderia Shen just now, and their faces were a little blushing, but they looked at Enderia Shen’s eyes, there was no doubt, only gratitude.


Enderia Shen’s business card, the business card of the famous president of the company, that is not infinitely powerful, just do what you want to do in the famous company.

A project leader in the area saw Enderia Shen’s business card, but he didn’t rush out for the first time, knelt and licked it, and then quickly passed Xie Mu’s application review.

Holding Enderia Shen’s business card, Xie’s mother was full of excitement, and her eyes were full of joy.

“Thank you, Mr. Shen.” Even the voice of speaking was mixed with some tremors.

This is Xie’s mother’s first career.

With this career, Xie’s mother will be able to achieve financial freedom in the future, and she should not look at Mira Xie’s company every day.

Of course, Mira Xie’s Yueji Beauty Company should give her part of it, or she still needs to give it to her.

“Hehe, since it’s all right, then I’ll leave, Xiao Zhou, follow me.” Enderia Shen chuckled, suddenly turned his head, smiled at Dustin Zhou, and turned his head and walked outside the hotel.

This was too sudden, Dustin Zhou did not react at all.

Xiao Zhou?

Dustin Zhou suddenly complained.

Where is he young? Enderia Shen wants to call himself Xiao Zhou?

No, this is obviously to look down on herself, and must teach her a severe lesson to let her know that she is not small at all.

Dustin Zhou didn’t say hello, and left the hotel directly to follow Enderia Shen.

This meal

Dustin Zhou was not happy at all.

The reason why he didn’t take the initiative to teach others was that he didn’t want to be here, so that Mira Xie’s face could not survive.

After all, once he teaches others, then others will definitely put anger on him.

But if they want to retaliate against Dustin Zhou, they will not succeed at all.

At that time, they might vent their grievances on Mira Xie, so that they would conflict and hurt Mira Xie.

And this, Dustin Zhou did not want to see.

Chapter 649

Although everyone in the private room said what they requested because of Xie’s mother, Enderia Shen also gave a reply, and gave his business card to Xie’s mother, which made everyone feel safe and relieved.

But now that Enderia Shen is leaving like this, it seems that his emotions are not very good, and everyone looks at each other. For a while, I see you, you see him, my eyes are full of puzzlement.

“Here, Mr. Shen…” Someone said cautiously, for fear that they had offended Enderia Shen in some way just now, and the matter of setting up a sales shop for them would only add to the twists and turns.

“It’s okay, hehe, didn’t Mr. Shen just said that the company has a lot of things to deal with. This is also approaching the Chinese New Year. Many things are normal. Don’t worry. Hehe.” Mother Xie saw that everyone’s emotions seemed a little wrong. Immediately opened his mouth and comforted.

After all, this incident was caused by Xie’s mother, and the relationship between Mira Xie and Enderia Shen was like sisters, so everyone was quite convinced by Xie’s mother.

“Mira, do you want to go together?” Dustin Zhou watched the conversation between the people coldly. In words, he seemed to be very optimistic about the sales shop that had not yet opened, and he was dreaming about flying money toward him in the future.

The corner of Dustin Zhou’s mouth raised slightly. These people imagined here that Enderia Shen was really helping them, but they didn’t notice that in Enderia Shen’s mouth, things like the sales store belonged to the project leader.

In their eyes, the person in charge of this project may only be able to support the existence of Enderia Shen with a word.

What’s more, Enderia Shen gave her a business card to let a project leader pass their application review. It was not simple.

However, they did not know that if the person in charge of this project is someone else, then they might pass the application.

However, the person in charge of this project is not someone else, but Dustin Zhou.

Therefore, if Dustin Zhou disagrees, it is impossible for them to pass the application review.

And Dustin Zhou didn’t want to stay here anymore. The company did have a lot of things. The things in Qingfeng District alone were enough for him to plan. Dustin Zhou didn’t think he had so much time.

Come and consume with these people.

“Well, I’ll go with you.” Mira Xie nodded slightly, cleaned up, and was about to leave with Dustin Zhou.

What happened today made Mira Xie very sad. Not only did she fail to protect Dustin Zhou, but it was her mother and relatives who kept humiliating Dustin Zhou.

More importantly, the one who stood up to defend Dustin Zhou today was Enderia Shen, a man who had a covetous heart for Dustin Zhou, which made Mira Xie’s heart a warning bell.

Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie left the private room together, without even attracting anyone’s attention.

Everyone’s attention was focused on the business card in Xie’s mother.

With such a business card, they can put on the agenda the preparation of a sales store.

However, Dustin Zhou did not notice that when he and Mira Xie were leaving, the uncle and Zhang Yong in the corner stared at Dustin Zhou’s back with resentment, and the blue veins burst out on his neck, and he couldn’t wait to grow up. Dustin Zhou’s posture.

The lobby of Jingtai Hotel.

When Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie left the private room and came to the lobby, they saw Enderia Shen smiling at him.

This smile seems to have lost the color of the entire world, and the splendid decoration in the hotel lobby, at this moment, seems to have lost all of the color and become bleak.

“Aren’t you going back to the company? Why haven’t you left?” Dustin Zhou raised his brows and said with a chuckle.

However, his tone was very relaxed, and there was no hint of surprise, as if he knew that Enderia Shen would not leave the hotel directly, but would wait for himself in the hotel lobby.

“It’s not that I am afraid that you will be wronged so much and that you will not think about it, so I am waiting for you here, ready to comfort you.” Enderia Shen smiled faintly, and did not selectively leave it out because Mira Xie was on the sidelines.

On the contrary, Enderia Shen believes that it is precisely because Mira Xie is here that she should speak up, let Mira Xie know how much humiliation Dustin Zhou suffered in Xie’s house.

Because, after Enderia Shen enlightened Mira Xie, Mira Xie stepped out of the horns to express his feelings for Dustin Zhou.

Enderia Shen and Mira Xie were already enemies.

After Enderia Shen finished speaking, Mira Xie’s face changed slightly, and it was a lot darker in an instant.

The intention of Enderia Shen’s remarks is very obvious.

It’s nothing more than that you, Dustin Zhou, suffered such a big grievance in Xie’s house. Why are you still in Xie’s house?

What’s more, Mira Xie knew that Enderia Shen had always had feelings for Dustin Zhou.

Whenever there is a chance, Enderia Shen will not give up on Dustin Zhou’s strategy.

“Haha, I’m used to it, I’m not as vulnerable as you think. Let’s go back to the company now, something happened in Qingfeng District, do you know?” Dustin Zhou shook his head and did not continue the topic.

May be considering Xie

Mira is still here, it is not appropriate to say these words, it will make Mira Xie feel embarrassed.

Dustin Zhou quickly shifted the topic to matters in Qingfeng District.

What happened in Qingfeng District was sudden, and Dustin Zhou could roughly guess what was behind it.

However, the Spring Festival has not yet come. Dustin Zhou expected that during the Spring Festival, the opponent might be on the verge of being fierce, and only during the Spring Festival would the opponent actually make a move.

Therefore, these few days, they don’t need to worry so much, just pay a little attention.

“You go back to the company, I also want to go back to the company to take a look. I haven’t watched it for half a year. I will go and see what is wrong with Youmu.” Mira Xie said softly, even looking away from Dustin Zhou.

After speaking, Mira Xie walked outside without waiting for Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen to react.

“Mira, wait…” Dustin Zhou wanted to step forward and call Mira Xie, but Enderia Shen stopped him.

“Mira now needs time to think about it, so don’t bother her anymore.” Enderia Shen said with a serious expression.

She could feel that what happened today made Mira Xie feel very uncomfortable.

However, because of the previous relationship with Dustin Zhou, and the fact that Xie’s mother and these relatives were too much today, Mira Xie didn’t know how to talk to Dustin Zhou.

Enderia Shen can understand this mood.

“Okay.” Dustin Zhou nodded, and he could feel it, Mira Xie didn’t seem to be in that good mood.

“Then let’s go back to the company first.” Half an hour later, the company became famous.

When Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen returned to the company, Sara Ye greeted them immediately.

Sara Ye’s face was full of anxiety, even faint beads of sweat came out on her forehead.

“Mr. Shen, Mr. Zhou, you are back.” Sara Ye hurriedly followed the two people into the office, and placed the documents in front of them.

“What is this?” Dustin Zhou asked, frowning.

If it’s only Qingfeng District, Sara Ye shouldn’t be so anxious, even sweating on her anxious forehead.

However, if it’s not Qingfeng District, could something happen elsewhere?

“This is the result of the communication between the Ministry of Commerce and the two breaching sales shops in Qingfeng District.” Sara Ye pointed to several clauses in the document.

“In addition, many media in Donghai City are also reporting these things, and they are spreading very quickly, like…” Sara Ye paused when she said halfway and did not continue.

“It seems to have been premeditated.” However, Dustin Zhou knew what Sara Ye wanted to say.

Indeed, judging from the development of the incident, the incident in Qingfeng District only happened today, and the media immediately began to report.

By the way, even the interval in between is probably only one or two hours.

During this period, investigations, writing, and printing were not enough, so the media must have known that such things would happen in Qingfeng District.

In other words, these media are likely to be inextricably linked to the people behind the Qingfeng District incident.

Dustin Zhou looked at the document carefully.

Above, there is the result of the communication between the company’s Commerce Department and the two breaching sales stores in Qingfeng District.

Dustin Zhou didn’t look at it much, just glanced at it casually, and knew that the result of communication would not be very good.

Otherwise, Sara Ye would not be so solemn now, but happy.

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