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Chapter 1139

Hu Ye’s worry is not unreasonable, although he himself is very strong, he quietly brought all the martial masters of the Xu family, and even ten martial masters supported by the Su family and the Sun family to the imperial capital.

With a total of more than forty martial masters, even in the imperial capital, it can be called a side overlord, second only to the strength of the four major families.

But this time he is going to face the four big families directly!

It is impossible to say that there is no guilty conscience.

Moreover, since the last time they came to the Zhou group and returned from a feather, the four big families have not moved at all. Lord Tiger believes that it is definitely not because they are afraid, but they must be investigating their own intelligence.

Presumably, it won’t be long before the intelligence of the Xu family in the East China Sea will be thoroughly exposed to the four major families.

At that time, it will be the time when the Zhou clique, or the Xu family, will completely perish.

But now Tiger Lord is not afraid.


Because Dustin Zhou said he was coming to the Imperial Capital too!

As long as Mr. Zhou comes in person, what are the four big families!

Hu Ye thought excitedly that he would continue to control the Zhou Group and work hard to expand.

“Master Tiger, let’s expand like this. Don’t you really worry that the four big families will come to you?” A younger brother asked, “As the saying goes, prosperity must decline, we

Should we converge a little bit?

“Master Tiger smiled boldly and patted that little brother on the shoulder, “I can make the four big families fail once, and I can make them fail ten times!”

“Don’t worry, play boldly, once the four big families come, I will let them eat once!

It’s not that we are gaining momentum now, but that we are not showing up enough!

The little brother stared at Lord Tiger blankly, wondering for a while that Lord Tiger was scared. Isn’t it so arrogant? This is the Imperial Capital! Donghai, Dustin Zhou is sitting quietly in the room, he is waiting for others to come. Pick him up. Dustin Zhou explained the situation to Lord Tiger, and left immediately and went to the imperial capital in person. But one thing is very important, that is, Dustin Zhou’s identity must be kept strictly confidential. If the four major families know that Dustin Zhou has gone to the imperial capital, then his past It didn’t make much sense. So he asked Lord Tiger to find someone he could trust and pick him up. Soon, there was a horn outside the room, Dustin Zhou’s closed eyes suddenly opened, and then his figure disappeared from the window. There was a jump down there. There was a four-seater Ferrari parked downstairs. In the driver’s seat was a yellow-haired young man shaking his head. The co-pilot was also a young man, shaking his head. In the back seat was a beauty, wearing a miniskirt, hot Facing the big waves, he looked at the two men in front of him with disgust. Suddenly, the Ferrari door was opened, Dustin Zhou got into the back row and said directly in a dull voice, “Drive.

“I take the exam!”


The two young men sitting in the front row were taken aback, and the beauty behind also screamed. “Boy, are you sick? Do you know who I am? Who let you get in my car?

After reacting, the young man driving in front immediately shouted at Dustin Zhou, “I will give you three seconds to get out of the car!”

“At this moment, Dustin Zhou was stunned. Are the young people so arrogant now? Are you not here to pick me up? Shouldn’t you be the subordinates sent by Lord Tiger? Do you want to be so arrogant? Then he asked, “Um, did I get in the wrong car?

You are not sent by Lord Tiger?

“Hu Ye?”

Do you know Lord Tiger?

“The young man who drove looked up and down Dustin Zhou, and said with some suspicion, “Is that what you are?”

Dustin Zhou looked at himself awkwardly, what’s the matter? I can’t know Master Tiger like this? The beauty on one side also looked a little disgusted, and impatiently patted the front seat, “Okay, it looks like the code is right. Now, drive quickly.

“It’s really unlucky, I dragged such a frustrated man to sit with me!”

“Speaking of which, Dustin Zhou’s clothes are really rubbish. Because he didn’t like publicity at first, and when he reached his level, his clothes were public

In fact, it has no meaning.

But it shouldn’t be. Even if I don’t show up, don’t you know who I am?

I’m Dustin Zhou. The tiger in your mouth must respectfully call me a big brother. Are you really suitable for me?

Dustin Zhou complained in his heart, but he didn’t say it.

Because he knew that it was probably for keeping secret, Lord Tiger probably didn’t tell these three people his identity.

The car started, and the three young men played superb music while driving and dancing in the car.

“I said, you should pay attention to safety while driving.” Dustin Zhou kindly reminded him.

Although it is impossible to hurt Dustin Zhou in a car accident, if there is a car accident, it is also a trouble.

But this sentence angered the three young people in the car.

The driver said, “Boy, do you want to die? You dare to interrupt Master!” The co-pilot, “Boy, I warn you to be honest, although we did let you get in the car for the sake of Lord Tiger, but this It doesn’t mean that you can talk to us casually, do you know what our identity is?” The beauty in the back row said, “It’s true, there is no interest at all, I have never been in a luxury car at first sight!” Dustin Zhou was speechless , I just want to remind you to pay attention to safety, OK?

You won’t be the only three of you stun me!

“Then what is your status?” Dustin Zhou couldn’t help asking, “No matter what your status, you can’t wander around with headphones while driving.” “Hehe, turtle, you are like you who have never seen the world. Talents can say such things.” “What can you do if I swayed today? I tell you, Master is the eldest grandson of the Qian family, Qian Dafu, and this one is my brother Qian Erfu!” “Our family is the second-rate in the East China Sea. Aristocratic family, of course, this is not the most important thing. The important thing is that our Qian family is now following Mr. Xu Jiahu!” “Master Tiger, do you know who it is? That is the number one general under Mr. Dustin Zhouzhou! Now you Do you know our identities?” Dustin Zhou was a little speechless, and said that even if you don’t say it, I can probably guess that you must have been with the tiger master, otherwise the tiger master won’t let you pick me up.

But if you mix with Tiger Lord, you mix with Tiger Lord. What is Laozi doing!

What you say like this is as if I indulge you in driving to listen to music with headphones.

“Even if you are chasing with Lord Tiger, then you can’t drive like this. Did Tiger Lord agree with you to drive like this?” Dustin Zhou deliberately avoided him and started talking with Lord Tiger.

“Hey, I said you don’t understand you kid? We were mixed with Tiger Lord on the surface, but in fact it was Mr. Dustin Zhouzhou’s person!” “Just driving like this?


Chapter 1140

“Mr. Dustin Zhou Zhou has never heard of it!”

“The driving young man continued, no, no, no, no one hasn’t even heard of Mr. Zhou, right?” “Although I think that you are like this, I didn’t expect you to be like this. Lonely and ignorant!” “That’s Mr. Zhou, who can be called the first person in Donghai City. How can anyone in Donghai City dare to offend Mr. Zhou?” “As Mr. Zhou’s subordinates, we just drove with a headset. Could anyone dare to trouble us?” the driver said triumphantly.

Obviously, it is a great honor for him to work for Dustin Zhou, even though he is not directly under Dustin Zhou.

But this has caused him to float to the point where he can’t find the direction north.

But Dustin Zhou was a little speechless.

Brother, even if you are following me, you are under Master Tiger, you are indeed mine.

But I am not so arrogant myself, OK!

The driving safety regulations must be observed. For ordinary people, a car accident is likely to destroy an entire family!

“I have indeed heard of Mr. Dustin Zhouzhou, but I think even if you let him drive by himself, he wouldn’t dare to be so arrogant. He probably wouldn’t allow you to drive like this, right? “Did you get Mr. Zhou’s approval for driving like this?” Dustin Zhou subconsciously wanted to clear the relationship with the other party.

Because this kid always speaks with himself, and the meaning of the subtext seems to be because of his own support, he dares to be so arrogant.

What is this called!

“Boy, shut up! You know what a fart!” “Do you know Mr. Zhou? That is a generation of myths and legends. He was born in Donghai City. No one had listened to his name before. He ruled in a blink of an eye. “Do you know what this kind of person is called? That’s a genius! A genius!” “Do you know what a genius is?” The girl next to Dustin Zhou also cast a disgusting look at Dustin Zhou, obviously very Agreeing with what the driver said, Dustin Zhou shook his head honestly, “I really don’t know the truth.” When he was in the small world before, Enderia Shen explained to him the concept of genius, which can be said to be with Dustin Zhou. The genius in his mind is totally inconsistent.

Is it possible that this little kid also has a deep understanding of things like genius?

Dustin Zhou became curious.

“Genius, of course it is uninhibited, it must be sharp and sharp. I can tell from your dress. You designated a bun with no idea, so I think it is a waste of talking to you.” “I will give you. Speak, true geniuses are definitely not bound by rules

, Do what you want, Mr. Dustin Zhou Zhou is such a genius!

“He must be very handsome.”

Dustin Zhou agrees with this, “It’s really handsome.

” “To shut up!

The handsome you understand is completely different from what we understand. We are talking about temperament, do you understand?

“With his sharp temperament, he must have an indifferent expression wherever he goes. He doesn’t say many words, and he is decisive in doing things. Such a man can only drive the fastest car!”

“Nani? This is slander, okay! I’m not that I don’t! I still obey the traffic rules when I drive! Although Dustin Zhou does not follow some rules, he is not blindly breaking all the rules! For example, traffic rules, this thing can indeed ensure the safety of pedestrians, why not abide by it? Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but asked, “It is so specific, have you seen Mr. Zhou?

” “No!

“For this, the young man admitted very bachelor. “That’s Mr. Zhou, a super genius born in Donghai City once in a thousand years. He reached the realm of the emperor of warriors at a young age, so how could it be seen by ordinary people? !

“However, Mr. Zhou’s image remains deeply in our minds. He is domineering, invincible, and handsome. He is definitely the idol of all young people!

“What we young people want to pursue is individuality and freedom, so what happened to Master wearing headphones while driving? This is called enjoyment!

This is the first step for us to pursue Mr. Zhou in attitude!

“The young man in the co-pilot and the big wave beauty in the back row also nodded again and again, obviously agreeing with the driver’s point of view. In their minds, Dustin Zhou is a god-like existence. They like their god, so they will Dustin Zhou’s behavior style has also become exaggerated. Dustin Zhou now understands that these three people are actually not bad guys, they are not bad-hearted. But they are a bit too blind, just like a star chaser. Stars may be for the effect of the show. Will wear some very hip-hop costumes, with some stage props, special effects and lighting, and the content of the lyrics also reveals an unparalleled style. These elements mixed together, aroused the imitation of star fans, and they also started Become arrogant and wear exaggerated style clothes. But in fact, stars in life are definitely not as arrogant as written in the lyrics! What? Really eat hot pot by themselves and let others eat hot pot ingredients? You can’t be beaten to death when you go out! So out of good intentions, Dustin Zhou reminded him, “In fact, Dustin Zhou is not what you think. He is indeed the emperor of warriors, and he is quite strong, but he is not so arrogant. Reasonable.

“” Driving will follow

Obey the traffic rules, your imitation is a bit too much.

Dustin Zhou said these words purely out of good intentions. After all, these people became like this because of their own influence. In fact, he can make this young man drive fast. After all, as long as he is in the car, This car would never be involved in a car accident. But he didn’t want this young man to become like this in the future, so he would give a reminder. But these words angered the three people in the car. “Boy!

I don’t allow you to insult our idol!

The driver actually parked the car directly in the emergency lane, turned his head and looked at Dustin Zhou viciously, “You can insult me, but you must not insult Mr. Dustin Zhou and Zhou!”

“Apologize to me!”

” “what?

“Dustin Zhou was shocked, how could there be such a thing?” “No, I didn’t insult him either.”

“Dustin Zhou said. “Stop talking nonsense, if I ask you to apologize, just apologize!”

“The driver actually stretched out a hand from the front and slapped Dustin Zhou’s head. “Apologize to Master and shout a hundred times that Dustin Zhou is the most handsome!”

“Mr. Dustin Zhou in our minds is always invincible and always the most handsome!”

“This, don’t do it…” Dustin Zhou was a little embarrassed.

Chapter 1141

arrived in the imperial capital! Yelled a hundred times that he was the most handsome? Rao Dustin Zhou felt that he had the thickest skin. At that time, he couldn’t open his mouth a little. “I don’t think it is necessary. In fact, he is really not as good as you think…” Dustin Zhou said. But the more he says that, the more these little kids are. Angry. “You fart, Mr. Dustin Zhou is the most handsome!

Hurry up and shout to Master!

“If you don’t shout, I will throw you here without taking you!”

Run to the imperial capital by yourself!

“The driver threatened. Is there such a thing? What can Dustin Zhou do? He could only say that he was the most handsome one hundred times with a grievance. In this way, the driver agreed to continue to take him to the imperial capital. He also triumphantly said to Dustin Zhou, “Isn’t that right? I told you to be honest a long time ago, right?

“That’s Mr. Dustin Zhou, let me tell you, a super genius, there is absolutely nothing wrong with trusting me, he is the most handsome.

“Dustin Zhou didn’t dare to speak, so the car drove all the way to the imperial capital. The imperial capital, the headquarters of the Zhou group, which had just been established for two months, was greeted by Lord Tiger himself at the door. The red Ferrari stopped at the entrance of the headquarters building and watched. After arriving at Lord Tiger at the door, the two young people in the car, including the long-haired beauties in the back row, were all refreshed. “Master Tiger came to pick us up personally. It seems that we have done a good job during this time. what!

“In a while, we should be able to

Become Tiger’s confidant now!

At that time, will you be able to see Mr. Dustin Zhouzhou?

The three young men said excitedly, then opened the door of the car, and ran towards Master Tiger quickly. “Master Tiger!

we are coming!

“Qian Dafu waved to Master Tiger and said. Master Tiger nodded with a smile, and then looked behind them, “It’s good to be here, right, where is Mr. Zhou?”

“What Mr. Zhou?”

“Qian Dafu and Qian Erfu didn’t react for a while. At this time, Dustin Zhou slowly opened the door of the car and walked off the Ferrari. After seeing Dustin Zhou, Master Tiger’s heart was at ease, and he smiled at Qian Dafu. Hammered him on the shoulder, “Smelly boy, even I dare to fool you, right?

Isn’t it that Mr. Zhou has gotten out of the car!

” “Ok?

“Qian Dafu still didn’t realize what the meaning of this sentence was, but watched as Lord Tiger left them behind, and then ran towards Dustin Zhou. “What the hell is this?”

What did Hu Ye just say?

What Mr. Zhou?

do you understand?

Qian Dafu turned to look at Qian Erfu and said. Qian Erfu also blinked his eyes and said blankly, “No, I don’t know, Mr. Zhou?

Why does it sound so familiar?

“It was the long-haired beauty who reacted immediately. With a very ugly face, she looked at Dustin Zhou’s side, “I think, I understand what Mr. Zhou means.”

“How many Mr. Zhou can there be in Donghai City?”

Moreover, there is only one Mr. Zhou who can be treated so respectfully by Lord Tiger.

“After saying this, Qian Dafu and Qian Erfu also reacted. Then, they stared in the direction of Dustin Zhou and Hu Ye. Dustin Zhou squinted lazily, raised his head, and listened to the tiger quietly. Master’s report. And Master Tiger, with a respectful look, nodding and bowing, and said very seriously. It is what Mr. Zhou meant! Mr. Zhou, who played with them all the way, ended up sitting next to them all the time! When they got up, they didn’t know whether they should be honored or fearful for the things they did in the car. At this moment, Qian Dafu suddenly screamed and jumped up. “What are you doing?

Are you stepped on your tail?

“Qian Erfu and the long-haired beauty said dissatisfied. “I, I forgot… I was in the car and slapped Mr. Zhou.

“Qian Dafu stammered. With that said, the long-haired beauty and Qian Erfu also remembered, it seems that there is indeed such a thing. It’s over, their most admired Mr. Dustin Zhouzhou, Qian Dafu even shot He slapped him. Wait for death. At this moment, Dustin Zhou and Master Tiger also slowly walked towards them. Finally, they were getting closer and closer.

The heartbeat of these three young people is getting faster and faster.

“What should I do, Mr. Zhou won’t kill me, right?” the three people thought with anxiety.

Dustin Zhou and Lord Tiger came to them, but it was Lord Tiger who spoke first.

“Thanks for your hard work.” Tiger Lord said with a smile, “In fact, your main task this time is to send Mr. Zhou back to the imperial capital safely.” “But this time Mr. Zhou’s itinerary is confidential, so I didn’t tell you in advance. Identity, I also deliberately chose you who have never seen Mr. Zhou.” Lord Tiger suddenly showed a meaningful smile, “You guys, didn’t you have any unpleasant things with Mr. Zhou?” “No, no!” The three people hurriedly promised. , But their hearts are almost crying.

It turned out to be Mr. Zhou, what should I do now!

Dustin Zhou at this time also looked at them with a smile.

I think it’s almost done. These people should be very scared. Dustin Zhou said lightly, “Look, what did I say? Actually, Dustin Zhou is not so arrogant, right?” “He is still very reasonable, right?” Dustin Zhou said. .

What can I say?

Of course these three nodded again and again.

In fact, at this time, they didn’t really understand what Dustin Zhou said.

They didn’t have time to understand, they just subconsciously nodded in agreement.

It wasn’t until Dustin Zhou left and they looked at the back of Dustin Zhou’s departure that they began to fall into contemplation.

Turns out, is that the case?

Indeed, Dustin Zhou’s image is completely different from what they imagined to be arrogant, domineering, and eclectic.

In reality, Dustin Zhou is actually just an ordinary person, and his habit of speaking is like a normal person, and he doesn’t feel like a person who doesn’t talk too much.

But if you think about it carefully, Dustin Zhou is introverted, deep, and his own aura is the confidence that everything is under control.

This is the real boss!

This is the real big shot!

Thinking about it now, their behavior is rather naive.

These three people thought silently.

But whether they will be reflected, and to what extent they can reflect, Dustin Zhou doesn’t know at all, because his purpose of coming to the imperial capital this time does not allow him to worry about these three little people.

Four big families!

If Dustin Zhou is just a martial emperor, there may be some pressure facing the four major families. After all, according to rumors, each of the four major families has at least one martial emperor.

But now Dustin Zhou is the ultimate emperor, naturally there is nothing to worry about.

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