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Chapter 302

Time is up!

After Dustin Zhou returned to the hotel, they never went out.

There was only the last day left in the three days given by the Jiang family.

And in the past few days, Dustin Zhou’s abolition of Jiangbei is even more known throughout the city.

Almost anyone in Changsha who is concerned about this matter knows that there was a person who shot Jiangbei and was not afraid to face Jiang’s family.

As for the three days given by the Jiang family, many people know that they are all watching at this time, watching the reactions of the Jiang family and Dustin Zhou.

Late at night, in the room, Dustin Zhou, Mira Xie, Enderia Shen, and Niu Chuan gathered together.

Mira Xie and Enderia Shen frowned lightly, obviously they were a little worried about the situation after the three days had passed.

If this is Donghai City, they would not have such concerns.

However, this is Changsha, they don’t know anyone here, and they don’t have much power to draw on.

What’s more, this is the base camp of the Jiang family.

The strength of the two sides is very different, and anyone with a discerning eye can see it.

“Dustin Zhou, aren’t you worried at all?” Enderia Shen looked at Dustin Zhou, feeling very depressed.

She and Mira Xie furrowed their brows, but Dustin Zhou looked calm, as if they had no idea about the upcoming situation.

But her voice fell, Dustin Zhou still did not respond.

This time, but provoke Enderia Shen.

I saw Enderia Shen stretch out his hand and directly screwed Dustin Zhou’s waist with anger on his face.

“His, it hurts, it hurts, let go, let go.” Dustin Zhou didn’t expect Enderia Shen to come out like this. Without precaution, he immediately felt a pain in his waist and took a breath.

“Hmph! Did you listen to what I just said?” Enderia Shen didn’t let go, but the strength in his hands was slightly weaker, but he still glared at Dustin Zhou.

But Enderia Shen is a woman after all, and she is not really angry at Dustin Zhou, so her angry face looks very cute.

When Mira Xie saw this scene, she was very quiet. Even, she looked at Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen with envy.

As Dustin Zhou’s boss, Enderia Shen was able to fight with Dustin Zhou so easily.

As Dustin Zhou’s wife, she couldn’t say many things, and she could only watch Enderia Shen fighting with her husband in silence.

“I heard, my grandmother, just put ten thousand hearts, I know it!” Dustin Zhou said confidently.

“You know it in your heart, but Mira and I don’t know it, can’t you tell us about it?” Enderia Shen continued to ask.

Looking at the posture, Dustin Zhou must tell her the plan before it can be considered a stop, at least it must make her feel at ease.

“Don’t worry, you will know tomorrow. Don’t be surprised when the time comes!” Dustin Zhou laughed

, And then drove the two women out of the room, let them rest for a good night, and have a good show tomorrow.

Afterwards, only Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan were left in the room.

“Chuanzi, are everything ready?” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice.

After returning from Chen’s house during the day, Dustin Zhou asked Niu Chuan to go out to make some preparations.

If these are prepared, he will be more confident tomorrow.

“Don’t worry, Brother Yang, everything is ready, but your classmate can really make the Jiang family jealous?” Niu Chuan asked, always feeling a little strange in his heart.

To be honest, when Dustin Zhou arranged for him to meet someone, he was a little surprised.

Because of that person, he had seen him a long time ago, and he had been with him before in Donghai.

However, everything was arranged by Dustin Zhou, and Niu Chuan only followed Dustin Zhou’s instructions, and there was no reason to ask too much.

Anyway, if it fails, he can protect Dustin Zhou and the others from Changsha forcibly when the time comes, and no one will be able to stop them.

“Don’t worry, now, everything depends on tomorrow!” … The next day, Dustin Zhou had a morning.

The three days mentioned by the Jiang family have passed. According to the Jiang family, today Dustin Zhou and the others will take the initiative to come to the Jiang family to admit their mistakes and be punished.

At this time, many reporters were already waiting in front of the Shuanglong Hotel.

They all came to the hotel after receiving news or having some interview arrangements.

At this time, at least nearly fifty reporters gathered in front of the hotel.

They belong to various media companies, covering almost all media companies in Changsha.

It can be said that everything that happened in the Shuanglong Hotel today will soon be communicated, and then spread throughout the city, so that people in Changsha will know.

At nine o’clock in the morning, eight cars slowly stopped in front of the hotel.

This immediately caused a sensation among reporters.

“Come, here!” “I’m really looking forward to it. I don’t know if Dustin Zhou will take the initiative to admit his mistake and be punished at Jiang’s family!” They came here to prevent them from jumping over the wall and escaping from Changsha City.” “But they can’t get up. You know, Mr. Zhou, the owner of Shuanglong Hotel, is not an ordinary person. I’m afraid the Jiang family dare not make trouble here!” Regardless of him, the Jiang family has surrounded this place anyway. If Dustin Zhou and those people don’t come out, can they stay here forever? By then, the Jiang family will probably put pressure on the hotel’s President Zhou.” That’s right, no matter how strong Mr. Zhou is, is there a strong Jiang family?”… The reporters talked a lot, and everyone was excited. They recorded all the Jiang family’s every move, and all kinds of flashing lights kept flashing. Time, the hotel entrance is full of excitement.

Dustin Zhou is in the room at this time

Seeing the situation at the entrance of the hotel through the window, the corners of his mouth were slightly raised, and his face was not waved. It seemed that he was not worried about what the Jiang family would do.

“Dustin Zhou, do you really want to go down?” Behind Dustin Zhou, Enderia Shen, Mira Xie and Niu Chuan were all present. Looking at the situation below, Enderia Shen asked worriedly.

It’s not that she doesn’t have confidence in Dustin Zhou, but just looking at the situation. I am afraid that there are dozens of people in the Jiang family this time, just to prevent them from leaving Changsha secretly.

Although he was confident in Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan’s strength, facing dozens of people at the same time, Enderia Shen still felt uneasy.

What’s more, it is hard to guarantee that the Jiang family did not act on Enderia Shen and Mira Xie to threaten Dustin Zhou.

“Don’t worry, let’s go down, the time has come.” Dustin Zhou looked at the time, smiled and said calmly, then turned and walked out.

Not long after, Dustin Zhou and his party came to the door of the hotel.

And this time, the reporters waiting outside the door immediately fry the pan.

They never expected that Dustin Zhou and the others would really dare to come out in the face of the Jiang family’s battle.

Is this already giving up, really planning to go to the Jiang family to admit mistakes and be punished?

“I thought you wouldn’t show up anymore.” At this moment, a person got off from the leading car.

It was Jiang Xingping impressively.

Dustin Zhou met this person when he came to the hotel in Double Happiness before.

Seeing it again now, I didn’t feel much surprised.

After all, he already knew that this Jiang Xingping was mainly responsible for the security of the Jiang family, as well as dealing with some people who offended the Jiang family. He had a lot of power in his hands.

Chapter 303

Who dares to move!

“Your Jiang family has made such a big battle. If I don’t show up, I will disappoint you too soon?” Dustin Zhou said lightly, his eyes falling on Jiang Xingping, as if looking at a stranger.

This kind of calmness and flatness in his eyes made Jiang Xingping feel very uncomfortable.

“So, you have already thought about it now, you want to go to Jiang’s house with me, take the initiative to admit your mistakes and be punished?” Jiang Xingping said coldly, frowning.

Although he was very upset with Dustin Zhou’s attitude and tone, his task this time was to bring Dustin Zhou and his party to Jiang’s house.

After the last failure, this time, he was well prepared.

As soon as the voice fell, there was a brief silence in front of the hotel.

The Jiang family did not speak, and Dustin Zhou did not speak.

And the reporters were staring at this time, staring at both sides, for fear of missing any detail.

Only the sound of the video camera and the camera kept ringing.

“You said, Dustin Zhou and Jiang Xingping will go to Jiang’s house?” “I’m afraid they can’t go. They only have four people and two women. But Jiang’s family has a lot of people here this time!” “More What’s more, the Jiang family talks, Dustin Zhou can’t do without Changsha at all!” “But now it seems that Dustin Zhou and the others are not nervous at all, do they still have something to do?” …… The reporters whispered, but they couldn’t tell anything. result.

“Go to Jiang’s house to take the initiative to admit mistakes and be punished?” Dustin Zhou said softly with a slight smile on his face.

“When did I say that I would go to Jiang’s house, let alone admit that I was wronged and be punished, what is wrong with me? What punishment should I accept?” Dustin Zhou said coldly, with a torch, looking straight at Jiang Xingping.

And this time, everyone was surprised!

Jiang Xingping looked at Dustin Zhou seriously, and saw the calm expression on his face, he knew that he was not joking, but had no intention of going to Jiang’s house at all.

But those reporters didn’t think so. They only wondered where Dustin Zhou had the confidence to say such things.

You know, Dustin Zhou and the others are facing the Jiang family, the Jiang family that almost covers the sky in Changsha.

So many big families can’t compete with the Jiang family. Could it be that Dustin Zhou and the others have to rely on four people, two of which are still women, to deal with the Jiang family?

“There is a good show!” “Yeah, I didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to be so spineless. He was so aggressive when he spoke to Jiang Xingping!” “That is, you didn’t see it the last time you came to the hotel in Double Happiness. Didn’t put the Jiang family as capable, let alone Jiang Xingping?” “Is there any way he can do it?” “Does any of you know Dustin Zhou’s background? Without a background, how could he dare to carry the Jiang family so hard!” … Reporters this time

It’s really fried, they feel that this time may be a big news that shocked the full length of Shadu.

Someone openly confronted the Jiang family!

“Dustin Zhou, have you figured it out clearly, you want to fight against the Jiang family?” Jiang Xingping said coldly when he heard Dustin Zhou’s words, his eyes scanned between Dustin Zhou and his party and found that one person was missing.

However, he has always arranged for someone to monitor Dustin Zhou’s person, so he also knows that the person who disappeared is probably with the Rocket Girl at this time.

That was an insignificant person, the Jiang family didn’t care, and Jiang Xingping naturally didn’t care.

As Jiang Xingping’s voice fell, more than 20 people suddenly came down in the other cars. Everyone looked very strong, and their muscles were supporting their clothes.


When these people showed up, not only reporters, but also passers-by were suddenly exclaimed.

After all, it was an extremely shocking thing that dozens of muscular people appeared in front of you.

And they also knew that these people were probably just to deal with Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan.

People who knew Niu Chuan was good at it agreed. After all, even Liu Feng was a one-shot existence, and the Jiang family did not dare to take it lightly.

But there are also many people who don’t know the inside story, and feel that the Jiang family is making a fuss. There are only four people, so why use so many people.

“Dustin Zhou, I’ll give you another chance to go to Jiang’s house with me, clarify everything clearly, admit mistakes and be punished, otherwise, don’t blame me for being polite!” Jiang Xingping is well prepared this time. These people are his guardians from Jiang’s house. Carefully selected in the courtyard.

Almost each of them has been practicing martial arts since childhood, and the weakest person can also slap seven or eight gangsters.

He brought so many people just to deal with Niu Chuan.

But this is a public occasion. Once both parties do something, the scene must be very chaotic.

At that time, whether he has overpowered Dustin Zhou or not, he will definitely attract attention from above. At that time, it will not be good news for him personally and for the Jiang family.

Therefore, he hopes to use this momentum to make Dustin Zhou retreat.

“Do you think it is possible? Or do you think these people can scare me?” Dustin Zhou sneered.

“Since you don’t know what is good or bad, don’t blame me!” Jiang Xingping’s face was cold, and with a big wave of his hand, dozens of people immediately approached Dustin Zhou.

“Chuanzi, show your hand, let them know how powerful it is.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

Then Niu Chuan rushed forward quickly, and rushed directly into the crowd before the dozens of people could react.



With Niu Chuan’s strength, not to mention there are only more than 20 people, even if it doubles, it will not pose any threat to him at all.

Instead, Niu Chuan rushed into the crowd alone, leaving those people at a loss.

And those reporters, this

Shi was even more dazed.

“Oh my God, is this still a human?” “I knew that with that bodyguard, the Jiang family couldn’t hold Dustin Zhou at all!” “Why is this person so powerful!” “Hurry up, record this scene, when the time comes. It must be a big news!” … The reporters were crazy, pressing the shutter repeatedly to record this scene.

At this moment, Niu Chuan rushed into the crowd, knocking down a person with one punch.

He knew that this time he didn’t need to have reservations, but showed his strength to the Jiang family in an all-round way, making them jealous and afraid to mess around.

When Jiang Xingping watched this scene, his face suddenly became gloomy.

He never expected that he brought so many people, he was still not as good as Dustin Zhou’s bodyguard.

In this way, it is impossible for him to bring Dustin Zhou to Jiang’s family today!

“Stop!” At this moment, there was a cold drink. Niu Chuan immediately stopped when he heard this voice, quickly withdrew from the crowd, and stood with his hands holding his hands, without paying attention to these two dozen people.

Jiang Xingping shifted his gaze slightly, and when he saw the incoming person, his pupils suddenly tightened, and his heart trembled.

“People from the Zhang family?” The voice was not loud, but it was still heard by others, especially the reporters not far away.

“Zhang family? How come someone from the Zhang family appears?” “Did Dustin Zhou cooperate with the Zhang family?” “I have met this person. It is Zhang Jie from the Zhang family. I heard that he went to the East China Sea for help half a month ago. It seems that Dustin Zhou is the helper he brought from the East China Sea!” “The four big families headed by the Jiang family jointly dealt with the Zhang family. Now the Zhang family’s situation is not very good, they must seek allies!” , Dustin Zhou’s background is not simple!” … At this time, everyone reacted and they must have an extraordinary background to be invited by the Zhang family as an ally.

At this moment, the eyes of many reporters also fell on Jiang Xingping, wanting to see how he handled it and how to make today’s farce end.

Chapter 304

Jiang’s fear!

It was Zhang Jie who appeared in front of everyone at this time!

Dustin Zhou had already called Zhang Jie before and asked him to come to Changsha to do something with him.

Jiang Xingping looked at Zhang Jie with a gloomy expression, and his mood suddenly fell to the bottom.

He did not expect that at this time, the Zhang family would suddenly pop out.

Moreover, the Zhang family still stood directly on Dustin Zhou’s side.

This is definitely not what Jiang Xingping wants to see, nor is it what the Jiang family wants to see.

In fact, although the Jiang family and the other four major families have joined forces to besiege Zhang family, they have always been silent, and the two sides have not completely broken their skins.

Therefore, not many people know the inside story.

Regardless of the Jiang family and other four major families, or the Zhang family, they were not prepared to completely tear their skin and put everything on the bright side.

Therefore, in the eyes of many people, the Zhang family is a big family that can compete with the Jiang family.

Now that Zhang family members appear in Changsha and are on the side of Dustin Zhou, it will naturally arouse countless guesses.

“The Jiang family is acting more and more arrogant now, it really opened my eyes!” Zhang Jie walked to Dustin Zhou’s side, looked at Jiang Xingping, and said coldly.

Since receiving Dustin Zhou’s call, he has rushed to Changsha secretly, and just arrived last night.

Even before he had time to meet Dustin Zhou and talk about the matter, he appeared directly according to Dustin Zhou’s arrangement.

After arriving in Changsha, in just a few hours, he inquired about Dustin Zhou and Jiang’s family, and he was immediately stunned.

Zhang Jie knew that Dustin Zhou had a lot of energy. After all, the people who came from the East China Sea this time also knew that the other party had a lot of energy.

However, Zhang Jie never expected that Dustin Zhou would dare to openly abolish Jiangbei in the Jiang family’s territory!

For Jiangbei, Zhang Jie naturally knew that, but the three generations of the Jiang family’s eldest masters, their status in the Jiang family was very important.

Even, in comparison, Jiangbei’s status in the Jiang family is higher than Zhang Jie’s status in the Zhang family.

But seeing Dustin Zhou’s calmness, Zhang Jie believed that he was prepared, so he was not very worried.

It really didn’t work. He took Dustin Zhou away in the name of the Zhang family, and there was no problem.

But in that case, the fight between the Jiang family and the Zhang family would probably be exposed.

That was definitely not what the Jiang family wanted to see, and naturally it was not what the Zhang family wanted to see.

“What? Does the Zhang family want to take care of my Jiang family’s affairs?” Jiang Xingping looked at Zhang Jie coldly, and whispered.

He was really surprised by the appearance of the Zhang family.

He never expected that Dustin Zhou would get mixed up with the Zhang family.

What’s more, some previous investigations of Dustin Zhou did not show any signs of a relationship between him and the Zhang family.


Yes, even so, Jiang Xingping would not allow the Zhang family to come forward and take Dustin Zhou away.

“That’s not true. It’s just that Dustin Zhou is my old classmate. This time I invited you to come to Zhang’s family as a guest. If you let the Jiang family do something extraordinary, where can I put the face of Zhang’s family?” Zhang Jie sneered. With a cry, he remained unmoved, still insisting on standing in front of Dustin Zhou.

“So, the Zhang family is going to oppose the Jiang family? You can represent the Zhang family?” Jiang Xingping glanced at Zhang Jie in surprise, and then at Dustin Zhou, feeling a little confused.

He can’t tell whether the relationship between Zhang Jie and Dustin Zhou is personal or represents the entire Zhang family.

If it was just Zhang Jie, then Jiang Xing would naturally have no scruples about parallel affairs.

After all, it was Jiang’s intention to capture Dustin Zhou and his party.

In front of the Jiang family’s meaning, Zhang Jie is nothing at all personally.

But if this is what the Zhang family meant, then Jiang Xingping would have to weigh it carefully.

Once Jiang Xingping acts rudely, detonating the duel between the Jiang family and the Zhang family in advance will definitely disrupt some of the Jiang family’s deployment, and even the joint deployment between the four major families.

“Naturally, this time I come, besides picking up my classmates, I still represent my grandfather and send a letter to the old man of the Jiang family!” Zhang Jie said confidently, and then took out a letter and reached out directly to hand it to Jiang Xingping.

This time, not only Jiang Xingping, but even Dustin Zhou was surprised.

The reporters are like wolf dogs smelling the scent of their prey, and all their attention is focused on this letter.

Just kidding, this is a letter from the Zhang Family Patriarch to the Jiang Family Patriarch.

Everyone wants to know what is in the letter.

Jiang Xingping’s expression finally turned gloomy, he accepted the letter with an ugly expression, and did not open it directly.

After all, this is a letter from the Zhang Family Patriarch to the Jiang Family Patriarch, and Jiang Xingping is not qualified to open it yet.

“Now, I should be able to take my classmates away?” Zhang Jie said with a smile when Jiang Xingping took the letter.

“I will naturally pass this letter to the Patriarch, but do you think this will take these people away? They have deposed my Jiang family, this is a provocation to my Jiang family!” Jiang Xingping’s tone was severe, and it seemed that he did not let go. Plan.

Although Zhang Jie’s meaning is obvious, and he also brought a letter from the head of the Zhang family, Dustin Zhou’s abolition of Jiangbei’s affairs is still a major concern for the Jiang family.

“Have you enough trouble?” At this moment, a bitter voice came from the Shuanglong Hotel.

Everyone was shocked at once.

Many of them think this sound is very familiar, but more people have never heard it.

Jiang Xingping’s face is even more ugly, his eyes are dead

Staring at the hotel door.


A sound of footsteps spread slowly, and a middle-aged man walked out of the hotel.

Seeing the visitor clearly, Jiang Xingping took a breath in his heart and his expression became hesitant.

And those reporters are frying pan again!

They can’t remember how many times today is the fryer.

Almost every time they are shocked, something unexpected happens.

Whether it is the attitude of the Jiang family at the moment, or the tough attitude of Dustin Zhou, or the sudden appearance of the Zhang family.

It seems that neither is shocked at this moment.

Just because the man who walked out of the hotel is the owner of Shuanglong Hotel, Zhou Shaohua!

“It turned out to be Zhou Shaohua!” “Oh my God, he actually appeared. How many people outside want to see Zhou Shaohua, they can’t see him!” “It is said that Zhou Shaohua is very low-key, but no one in Changsha dared to despise him. Energy, even if it is the Jiang family, I heard that it is very jealous of him!” “That is necessary. Before, there was a collaborator of the Jiang family who made trouble in the Shuanglong Hotel. Zhou Shaohua directly ordered that the Jiang family be abolished. The Jiang family didn’t even pursue it!” Zhou Shaohua walked out slowly, his eyes calm, but with a hint of majesty.

He looked at Jiang Xingping, his expression was calm, and he opened his mouth gently.

“Where does the Jiang family think this is?”

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