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Chapter 305


As soon as Zhou Shaohua’s voice fell, the audience was silent!

No one would question Zhou Shaohua’s majesty and energy.

After all, the people who abolished the Jiang family and the Jiang family dare not pursue it, the entire Changsha is not counted.

Zhang Jie glanced at Zhou Shaohua, his eyes full of curiosity.

He had heard of Zhou Shaohua’s name, but this was the first time he saw a real person, and it was inevitable to look at it more.

Dustin Zhou didn’t feel anything. He had known for a long time that Zhou Shaohua would appear at this time, and he had arranged this before.

After all, the Jiang family can’t tell the truth from the truth.

Being stared at by Zhou Shaohua’s gaze, Jiang Xingping only felt the pressure surge. It seemed that a huge boulder was pressing on his shoulders invisibly, even making him unable to straighten up.

“Zhou, this is our Jiang family’s affair. Please do not interfere. Once it is resolved, we will leave immediately. It will definitely not affect you.” Jiang Xingping’s mouth twitched slightly. At this time, he dare not fall out with Zhou Shaohua. , If the other party made an attempt to destroy him, the Jiang family would not come forward to ask for an explanation for him. In that case, he would be too aggrieved.

“You have already affected, I’ll ask again, are you going to leave?” Zhou Shaohua’s face was cold, and he said lightly, without taking Jiang Xingping’s words into his heart.

And when he said so, all the pressure suddenly came to Jiang Xingping and the others.

Zhou Shaohua only said a fluttering sentence, but he gave them two choices.

One is to leave directly.

The other one was that he shot and destroyed Jiang Xingping.

Faced with such a choice, Jiang Xingping has no way to refute it.

“Haha, the people of the Jiang family are really omnipotent, is it true that Changsha belongs to your Jiang family?” At this time, Dustin Zhou also sneered appropriately.

With Zhou Shaohua on the sidelines, Dustin Zhou could have more opportunities to make Jiang’s reputation unpleasant.

There are so many reporters on the scene, everything that happened here, every word everyone said, will be recorded by the reporters, and then they will choose to publish in the newspaper or other media.

At that time, not only the people of Changsha, but even the people of the whole country will know that there is such an arrogant and domineering family in Changsha.

At that time, the pressure that the Jiang family will face is much higher than it is now.

“The Jiang family is used to being arrogant in Changsha, I’m afraid I really have this kind of thought, but I don’t know, what do the Changsha people think of your Jiang family?” Zhang Jie also helped set off the run, looking at Jiang Xingping with a smug look.

At this time, Jiang Xingping did not dare to make any moves.

Even the two dozen people he brought were not Niu Chuan’s opponents at all.

at the moment

, With both Zhang Jie and Zhou Shaohua coming forward, Jiang Xingping was destined to go home.

“Mr. Zhou, our Jiang family has no intention of conflicting with you, nor has the relationship between the two parties deteriorated. Is this time, you really want to help Dustin Zhou and them?” Jiang Xingping was still unwilling, gritted his teeth and asked in a deep voice.

This was the last time he asked.

If Zhou Shaohua didn’t mean to confront Jiang’s family, then after Jiang Xingping said this, he would naturally know what to do.

On the contrary, if Zhou Shaohua doesn’t move, then it means that he intends to be different from the Jiang family.

As soon as he finished speaking, Jiang Xingping looked straight at Zhou Shaohua, very nervous.

After all, this time he was the leader. If he not only failed to bring Dustin Zhou and his party to Jiang’s house, but instead caused Zhou Shaohua’s hostility, it would definitely not be worth the gain.

Even if he returns to the Jiang family, the Jiang family probably won’t give him good fruit.

“Huh?” However, Zhou Shaohua didn’t react too much, just squinted coldly.

At this moment, Jiang Xingping’s heart suddenly sank to the bottom. He knew Zhou Shaohua’s attitude, and he had no confidence in taking Dustin Zhou away.

“Jiang Xingping, if I were you, I would go back acquainted and ask you if the Patriarch of the Jiang family should deal with Zhang family and Zhou chief at the same time.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

At this moment, Jiang Xingping, and the reporters, knew that Zhou Shaohua’s appearance was indeed for him.

Everyone was suddenly surprised.

Zhou Shaohua’s statement meant that Dustin Zhou already had Zhou Shaohua and Zhang’s help, which was enough to talk to the Jiang family.

The reporters were immediately surprised, and they felt as if they had discovered a big news.

Zhou Shaohua, who was not common in the past, would openly stand on Dustin Zhou’s side this time and antagonize the Jiang family, which they never expected.

When the reporters saw Jiang Xingping’s reaction, they immediately knew that Jiang’s family had no knowledge of this situation.

“I didn’t expect this kind of thing, now I don’t know how the Jiang family will react!” “This is not easy, Dustin Zhou and the others have the support of the Zhang family, and Zhou Shaohua’s support, the Jiang family is nothing at all! “But, after all, the Zhang family’s power is in Xiangxi, and there is no foundation in Changsha, and Zhou Shaohua seems to have only this hotel. Why do they challenge the Jiang family?” “Otherwise, why would Jiang Xingping look so ugly? I know that the Jiang family can’t clean up Dustin Zhou now!” … The reporters talked a lot, and there were quarrels from time to time.

But they all knew that today, the Jiang family couldn’t take away Dustin Zhou.

“Zhang family, Mr. Zhou, today I give you face and don’t do anything to Dustin Zhou, but my Jiang family also took note of today’s affairs. Unless Dustin Zhou leaves Hunan province immediately, you may be

Can’t protect him!

Jiang Xingping took a deep look at Zhang Jie and Zhou Shaohua, then immediately turned into the car and shouted in a deep voice. “Go!”

With an order, more than two dozen people got in the car one after another. After that, eight cars drove out of the hotel and headed towards Jiang’s house. The reporters took pictures with the back of the car, and they seemed to be in their hearts. I thought about the title. “Shocked, the Zhang Family and Zhou Shaohua joined forces to protect Dustin Zhou, and the Jiang Family lost to defeat.

Seeing Jiang Xingping and his entourage leaving, Zhou Shaohua glanced at Dustin Zhou and Zhang Jie, with a hint of curiosity in his eyes. Zhou Shaohua was unaware of Zhang Jie’s appearance. And he didn’t know that Zhang Jie would represent the Zhang family. Appeared. This made him a little curious about how Dustin Zhou got on with the Zhang family. As for Zhang Jie’s classmate relationship, Zhou Shaohua cannot deny it, but he doesn’t believe it at all. Zhang Jie and Dustin Zhou are classmates, but they do. Maybe. But because of this classmate relationship, it is impossible for the Zhang family to come forward to protect Dustin Zhou. “The Jiang family shouldn’t do anything drastic during this time, but you have to be careful, especially when you leave Changsha. Later, if any accident happened, immediately notify me.

Zhou Shaohua said in a deep voice. He didn’t know what Dustin Zhou was going to do next. But for Dustin Zhou’s safety considerations, he still carefully ordered. “Don’t worry, Uncle Zhou, I was prepared. This time, Not to try the attitude of the Jiang family, I left Changsha a long time ago, it is impossible for them to stop us.

Chapter 306

Zhang Jie’s surprise!

Jiang Xingping led people away.

Zhou Shaohua asked Dustin Zhou something and immediately returned to the hotel.

At this time, only Dustin Zhou and Zhang Jie were left at the entrance of the hotel.

The reporters wanted to interview Dustin Zhou, but they were directly rejected.

For Dustin Zhou, reporters have already gained a certain degree of visibility for the previous events.

But too much is too late.

Once the reporters were asked to interview him, then based on his knowledge of the reporters, these reporters would definitely exaggerate all the remarks Dustin Zhou said after returning.

At that time, there were some things Dustin Zhou said, which obviously didn’t mean anything, but under the interpretation of the reporters, they seemed to have thousands of meanings, and there were even many ideas that the people could guess.

In that way, Dustin Zhou would definitely increase the hatred of the Jiang family towards him.

In case something goes wrong in the middle, it will have an impact on the next plan, which is definitely not what Dustin Zhou wants to see.

“Why do you come here alone this time, aren’t you afraid that the Jiang family will know that you will be black hands?” Dustin Zhou smiled and looked at Zhang Jie, and said jokingly.

When informing Zhang Jie on the phone, he also said that Zhang Jie should be careful all the way.

After all, Changsha is the site of the Jiang family, and the Jiang family’s monitoring of Changsha must be extremely strict.

At this time, the Zhang family came to Changsha, no matter what it was for, the Jiang family would definitely pay attention.

Even, it is not impossible to say that things like black hands secretly.

“Don’t worry, at this time, the Jiang family dare not do this. The four big families have not completely smashed our faces with the Zhang family, and many things have not yet been brought to the table.” Zhang Jie smiled and didn’t care.

“Once the Jiang family dares to do such a thing, it will definitely cause a strong backlash from the Zhang family. Then, the Zhang family can do the same in Xiangxi in the future, and in this way, many of the four major families’ deployments may change. As Zhang Jie spoke, his tone became more and more serious. Obviously, he was very worried about the dilemma the Zhang family was facing right now.

Even if Dustin Zhou brought people from the East China Sea all the way, Zhang Jie was not completely relieved.

After all, those are the four major families and their influence in Hunan is extremely terrifying.

“Well, this time I called you, because there are more important things to tell you, through you, to discuss with the Zhang family.” Dustin Zhou smiled and changed the topic.

“Oh? What’s the matter?” At this moment, Zhang Jie became interested.

“Go, go upstairs, go to the room and say.” Dustin Zhou waved his hand, glanced around, calmly, turned around and walked to the hotel.

And Mira Xie, Enderia Shen and Niu Chuan also immediately followed.

The situation just now was fierce, Dustin Zhou confronted Jiang Xingping, they didn’t dare

Say more, for fear of disturbing Dustin Zhou.

But now that Jiang Xingping took the people away, they naturally breathed a sigh of relief.

“You talk, Mira and I won’t bother you.” Enderia Shen said with a smile, and directly pulled Mira Xie back to his room, leaving Dustin Zhou and the others with space and time.

Dustin Zhou smiled, and didn’t say much. The two women really didn’t need to know about the things he discussed with Zhang Jie next.

“Hehe, Dustin Zhou, I didn’t see it, you are still very romantic, why? A Mira Xie is not enough?” Zhang Jie joked, even a little envy in his words.

Whether it is Mira Xie or Enderia Shen, they are all first-class beauties.

Mira Xie needn’t say much. When Zhang Jie was in school, he even gave birth to a desire to pursue, but later on, his thoughts faded.

And Enderia Shen is a well-known glamorous beauty president in the East China Sea, and his popularity is much higher than that of Mira Xie.

After a few people sat down, Zhang Jie looked seriously at his old classmate.

When he was in Donghai before, he was anxious and didn’t think clearly about many things.

But this time, Dustin Zhou arranged for many people to go to Zhang’s house with Zhang Jie, so that Zhang Jie learned a lot, and at the same time he was quite shocked.

Right now, Dustin Zhou is no longer the ordinary student in the previous university.

Even Dustin Zhou may have reached a height beyond Zhang Jie.

“Dustin Zhou, I really did not expect that you came to Changsha for a few days and you would have abandoned Jiangbei. As far as I know, Jiangbei has a bad reputation, but because it is the youngest of the Jiang family, the Jiang family has been protecting it, so no one dares to move .” Zhang Jie chuckled lightly, with a hint of solemnity in his tone.

Although he was in front of Jiang Xingping before, he said very confidently, as if no matter what Dustin Zhou did, his Zhang family would protect Dustin Zhou.

But now that he calmed down, Zhang Jie still couldn’t calm down for a long time.

Dustin Zhou actually abolished Jiangbei!

It is no wonder that the Jiang family has launched such a big battle to bring Dustin Zhou back to the Jiang family.

“It’s nothing, I just blame the Jiang family for having a dirty mouth. I’m just killing the people.” Dustin Zhou waved his hand in disbelief.

“By the way, let’s not talk about these things. Since I want to help you with the Zhang family, it is inevitable to stand on the opposite side of Jiang’s family. Even if Jiangbei is not abolished now, after standing on the opposite side, maybe we will still find opportunities to do so He.” Dustin Zhou said lightly, Jiang Bei was nothing in his eyes.

“I came here specifically to ask you what you think about the Chen family in Changsha.” Zhang Jie’s expression suddenly became serious when Dustin Zhou talked about the Chen family.

“Did the Chen family look for you?” Zhang Jie asked in a deep voice, obviously a little surprised.

Dustin Zhou did not speak, but looked at Zhang Jie quietly, wanting to know his opinion.

Zhang Jie sees it

, Pondered for a moment, and said slowly.

“Although the Chen family’s influence in Changsha is not as great as the Jiang family, it should not be ignored, and because it is backed by the Jiang family, it can draw on a lot of energy from the Jiang family. If the Chen family also joins the team that encircles and suppresses my Zhang family, the situation may be even more unbearable. !” Zhang Jie said very seriously, looking at Dustin Zhou, full of inquiries.

“The Chen family contacted me before and said they wanted to cooperate with me. They helped me leave Changsha, and I helped them get rid of the Jiang family’s control. Do you think it is credible or not?” Dustin Zhou thought for a while and said the matter. .

Since the Chen family wants to cooperate and get rid of the control of the Jiang family, in Hunan Province, the biggest reliance is undoubtedly the Zhang family.

That being the case, instead of covering up, it’s better to be more straightforward.

“Really? That’s great!” Hearing this, Zhang Jie was overjoyed and stood up abruptly and slammed his fists twice.

Dustin Zhou was a little confused, wondering why Zhang Jie was so excited.

“Dustin Zhou, you don’t know. Actually, our Zhang family has been seeking to destroy the union of the four big families internally, and the Chen family is a key point!” Zhang Jie turned around with excitement, his face full of excitement.

“No, in this matter, I still need to explain the situation to my grandfather and let him make the decision. I will inform him now!”

Chapter 307

Finalize cooperation!

Shuanglong Hotel, Dustin Zhou’s room.

At the moment there are two more people.

Chen Li and Chen Shao.

At this moment, opposite Chen Li, Zhang Jie took it calmly, facing Chen Li’s gaze, unmoved.

And Chen Shao stood beside Chen Li, glaring at Zhang Jie and Dustin Zhou, and there seemed to be raging anger in his eyes, trying to burn Dustin Zhou to death.

After Zhang Jie knew that the Chen family was interested in cooperating with Dustin Zhou and got rid of the control of the Jiang family, he immediately called and informed his grandfather, the head of the Zhang family.

The Patriarch of the Zhang family was also very courageous, and immediately asked Zhang Jie to arrange that he would personally discuss with Chen Li.

However, as the Patriarch of the Zhang Family, he is at the same level as the Patriarch of the Jiang Family. Naturally, it is impossible to speak with Chen Li in person, so it is only by phone.

But even so, it also represents the sincerity of the Zhang family.

But after Dustin Zhou told Chen Li about the existence of the Zhang family, and said that the head of the Zhang family wanted to talk to him, Chen Li did not hesitate, and went straight to the hotel with Chen Shao secretly.

“Dustin Zhou, this is the representative of the Zhang family you are talking about? I am afraid it is not older than me? Are you despising our Chen family?” Chen Shao looked at Zhang Jie’s young age, and was suddenly dissatisfied.

He and Chen Li came over to discuss in person, even if the Zhang Family Patriarch would not come out in person, at least they would arrange for a significant person to come forward.

But when they came to the room, they saw a young man like Zhang Jie.

This is obviously looking down on the Chen family!

In addition, Dustin Zhou was not too polite in the Chen family before, and the anger in Chen Shao’s stomach suddenly became a little unbearable.

“Why, do you have an opinion? If you have an opinion, you can simply refuse to discuss!” Dustin Zhou glanced at Chen Shao and said lightly.

In this situation, the possibility that the Jiang family will move Dustin Zhou is very small.

Between Dustin Zhou and the Chen family, the role of the Chen family is getting smaller and smaller.

On the contrary, if the Chen family wants to get rid of the Jiang family’s control, then they must rely on Dustin Zhou, or even the strength of the Zhang family.

This was originally the basis for unequal cooperation.

Therefore, don’t say that the Zhang family asked Zhang Jie to meet Chen Li. Even if Zhang Jie didn’t send someone to talk over the phone, Chen Li and the Chen family had to accept it.

“You!” Shao Chen wanted to reason with his eyes.

“Chen Shao, withdraw!” But at this time, Chen Li scolded coldly.

Chen Li’s expression was also unsightly, and there was even a hint of shame. He was obviously dissatisfied with the Zhang Family’s arrangement for Zhang Jie to meet him.

But at this time, Zhang Family took the initiative, and he wanted to refuse, but after refusal, it was very difficult to get rid of Jiang Family’s control.

And that was not what Chen Li wanted to see.

“Since the Patriarch of the Zhang family intends to cooperate with me, he must have some thoughts in his heart, but he doesn’t know what Zhang family can help us in the Chen family.

What needs to be done by our Chen family.

Chen Li said in a deep voice to the phone. On the opposite side of the phone, it was Zhang Taiyan, the head of the Zhang family. After Chen Li finished speaking, the phone became quiet. Chen Shao in the room also calmed down, his face flushed, and he took a few deep breaths. Looking at Dustin Zhou coldly. Dustin Zhou and Zhang Jie did not speak either, but waited for Zhang Taiyan on the other end of the phone to respond to Chen Li’s words. After all, this involves cooperation between the two families, and neither Dustin Zhou nor Zhang Jie can be the master. , Can only provide such a communication bridge for cooperation……. Chen Li and Zhang Taiyan discussed many things on the phone. Chen Li made a lot of guarantees, and Zhang Taiyan responded, but also to appease Chen Li’s determination. A lot of guarantees were made. During the entire negotiation period, Dustin Zhou and the others stayed quietly, without saying a word, for fear of disturbing both parties in the negotiation. “If this is the case, then the Chen family will wait.

Finally, Chen Li said in a deep voice. “Well, Zhang Jie is now in Changsha. If there is anything about Patriarch Chen, you can contact him directly and he will inform me.

“Zhang Taiyan’s voice is very loud, full of energy, and at the same time extremely confident. Obviously, the two sides have reached a basic cooperation intention. Not surprisingly, Zhang Jie will do something next to pave the way for the Chen family to get rid of the Jiang family’s control. After hanging up the phone, Chen Li looked at Dustin Zhou with deep meaning in his eyes. Chen Li did not expect that Dustin Zhou would be able to contact the people of the Zhang family, and also contact him from it, so that he could discuss with the Zhang family’s head. Here, discussing cooperation with the Zhang family is more reassuring than discussing cooperation with Dustin Zhou. After all, compared to Dustin Zhou’s complex and fuzzy background, no one knows the strength of the Zhang family in Hunan. Once, I still want to thank the little friend Dustin Zhou.

“Chen Li is in his fifties. It is not unusual to call Dustin Zhou a little friend. Moreover, there is obviously a hint of recognition in his tone. “If the Chen family really wants to thank me, then in the next In cooperation, try to do a good job.

Dustin Zhou smiled faintly, and didn’t take Chen Li’s words as the same thing. Such face-saving words are nothing at all and can’t be taken seriously. If Dustin Zhou wants to, he can always say such things. But such things cannot be allowed. He controls the situation in the East China Sea and develops the Mingyang company. After all, he still has to fight for strength. As long as the Chen family shows strength in the next cooperation, instead of making false claims, everything is easy to talk about. On the contrary, if the Chen family only wants to To reap the benefits without paying, then not only Dustin Zhou will not let the Chen family wish, nor will the Zhang family let the Chen family wish. “That is natural. Since the cooperation has been temporarily finalized, then I will first

I have to prepare for it.

Chen Li said, he took Chen Shao directly and left. And Chen Shao looked very upset from beginning to end. “This Shao Chen really owes Bian, cooperating with them is to give them the face of the Chen family, he Who do you think he is?

“Zhang Jie looked at Chen Shao’s appearance, and was very upset, and said coldly. “Sometimes, what you see with your eyes may not be true. Maybe, this Chen Shao did this on purpose, making us think he was in the Chen family. Are you angry in this cooperation?

“Dustin Zhou laughed softly, he would not take Chen Shao’s reaction seriously. This kind of true and false, false and true concealment, Chen Shao is still too tender. … When Chen Li and Zhang Taiyan were discussing cooperation, Jiang The atmosphere at home is dignified. Jiang Xingping missed once again and did not bring Dustin Zhou and others back to Jiang’s family who had abolished Jiangbei. “Jiang Xingping, what on earth did you do?

If you can’t do such a small thing, what use does the Jiang family want you?

Jiang Xingfang was so angry that he pointed to Jiang Xingping’s face and sternly scolded. Three days have passed since Jiangbei was deposed, but the murderer has not brought back Jiang’s family. This made Jiang Xingfang feel endless anger. You know, In the past, someone offended Jiang’s family, and within a day, they would be taken directly to Jiang’s family. But this time, for three full days, Jiang Xingfang didn’t even see a single figure. “Do you think Jiangbei is abolished and I lose the competition.” Qualifications of the Patriarch, so you don’t have to deal with things?

Let me tell you, even if I am not qualified to compete for the position of Patriarch, it is not comparable to your collateral children!

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