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Chapter 797

Sun Qiankun’s gaze was torch, looking at Su Shiming. The atmosphere in the Shenglong Pavilion suddenly became more subtle. After Sun Qiankun finished speaking, Ding Zhengyi rarely refuted. Indeed, no matter what. Regardless of whether the Su family chooses to stand on the side of the Sun family and prepare to carry on with the Xu family, or whether they choose to stand on the side of the Ding family and watch from the sidelines, at least, at this time, they must have an attitude that makes everyone feel There are counts. Otherwise, your Su family has been procrastinating in this way. What do you want to do? Be the second or fifth son? First ask whether the Sun family and Ding family agree or not. “Yes, the Su family seems to have not yet It’s a statement

“You said, where will the Su family stand?”

“It’s hard to say, but the Su family has always been relatively low-key and doesn’t like to fight with others. I think there is a high probability that they will choose to stand on the side of the Ding family and ignore the birth of the Xu family.

“That’s hard to say. Although the Su family is strong, it is impossible to compare with the Xu family after all. Once the Su family chooses to stand with the Ding family, it is very likely that the Xu family will take the lead in finding trouble with them after they are born.”

“Yes, the likely result is that no matter which side the Su family chooses to stand on, the Xu family will look for the side that is in alliance with the Su family after birth. After all, if you gnaw the hard bones first, you can definitely deter others. .

“… Many people whispered, looking at the Su family, especially Su Shiming’s gaze, there is something wrong. Even, many people hope that the Su family will choose to stand on the other side. In this case, wait until Xu Xu. The family is born, perhaps their own pressure will be less. After all, if one party is strong, it will inevitably provoke the Xu family’s blow. Everyone in the Shenglong Pavilion looks at the Su family and waits for Su Shiming to express his attitude “What are you guys?

What do you mean?

Persecute me?

Or do you think my Su family is afraid of you?

“Su Shiming said coldly, looking around, with a firm expression on his face. “Haha, brother Su, what you said is wrong, what do we mean by persecuting you? Now our Sun family and Ding family have expressed their opinions separately. As a first-class family, you Su Does the family still want to stay out?

“Sun Qiankun sneered, and he did not give in. Su Shiming must be allowed to make a statement. “Or, your Su family is going to wait until the Xu family is born, go directly to the past, betray us, and be the running dog of the Xu family?

Sun Qiankun sternly reprimanded, his words were sharp and made his scalp numb for a while. This time, Sun Qiankun’s words can be said to have stabbed a hornet’s nest. Everyone here is a native family of the East China Sea, and they have operated in the East China Sea for at least 20 years. There are many, and even have a history of nearly a hundred years. Although there may be disputes and contradictions between many families in normal times, but in the final analysis, everyone still sleeps in a bed. The resources of this place are still in the hands of many families and will not be easily taken away by outsiders. For these families, the Xu family is no different from outsiders. You said that the Xu family’s well-hidden family is improper. Ten years or even longer, the people of these families, not many people even heard of the Xu family, how could they have any familiarity with the Xu family and what feelings they have. And now the Xu family is born, undoubtedly it is from them. Grabbing resources is tantamount to killing your parents. And now, if the Su family chooses to join the Xu family and cooperate with the Xu family, then it must have betrayed all the families present. For a while, everyone was filled with righteous indignation and stared at Su Shiming and the others. The family members are unrevealed. Even the small families that originally depended on the Su family to survive have shown incredible looks, and some have even quietly moved away from the Su family and do not want to get involved with the Su family anymore. Sun Qiankun this One hand, unexpectedly. Not only Su Shiming and the Su family did not expect, Ding Zhengyi did not, even Dustin Zhou did not expect. Looking at the atmosphere in the Shenglong Pavilion that has become more subtle because of Sun Qiankun’s words, There was a faint smile in Dustin Zhou’s eyes. He glanced at Sun Qiankun, and his senses for the second grandfather of the Sun family increased by one point. For a long time, Dustin Zhou had heard of the name of the second grandfather of the Sun family Sun Qiankun, but The last time the Su family fought, Dustin Zhou helped Su Shiming. After the Su family ridiculed Sun Qiankun, Dustin Zhou thought that Sun Qiankun was nothing but a silver gun candle head, which was not the case. But now it seems that Dustin Zhou has to I admit that I was a little preconceived at the time. However, Sun Qiankun’s words caused the public

People’s emotions are a good thing for Dustin Zhou.

Indeed, now, in the eyes of Sun Qiankun and others, the Su family seems to have only three choices.

One is to choose to stand with the Sun family, one is to choose to stand with the Ding family, and the other is to choose to join the Xu family and betray the many families in the East China Sea.

However, in Dustin Zhou’s mind, the Su family still had a fourth choice, which was to cooperate with himself.

“Sun Qiankun, what do you mean? When is my Su family going to join the Xu family?” Su Shiming said in a deep voice, his expression gloomy.

He didn’t expect that Sun Qiankun would say such a thing, and the reaction among the people would be such a big deal.

In fact, after a little thought, Su Shiming can understand why everyone has such a big reaction because of Sun Qiankun’s words.

Although the Su family is a first-class family, its status is based on the recognition of many families in the East China Sea.

Most of the resources in the hands of the Su family are inherited by the major families in the East China Sea. Whether these resources are in the hands of the Su family, the Sun family, or the Ding family, or other small families, it is always the case. In this basic disk.

However, the Xu family is not on this basis. The Xu family belongs to outsiders. For these families in the East China Sea, although the Xu family is a hidden family in the East China Sea, it is no different from an outsider family.

Now if the Su family joins the Xu family, it means that he has given out the resources in this basic disk to the Xu family, which is undoubtedly a huge betrayal.

It’s just that Su Shiming knows he can’t mess right now.

Although the situation in front of him was a bit subtle, everyone looked at him at the Su Family’s gaze, but Su Shiming thought that Sun Qiankun was just talking, and there was no substantive evidence.

What’s more, his Su family had no plans or ideas to join the Xu family at all.

Under the covering of the nest, there are finished eggs.

Su Shiming still knew this truth.

Apart from other things, if the Su family really took refuge in the Xu family, then with the strength of the Xu family, it would not be difficult to sweep the many families in the East China Sea.

When the Xu family has cleaned up all the Donghai families, and when they look back and find that there is another Su family, what thoughts will come out?

Chapter 798

Su Shiming didn’t think that the Xu family would be grateful for the love of the Su family when they came over.

How could anyone snore on the side of the couch, the Xu family would definitely clean up the Su family when that time comes.

Su Shiming is not a fool, he can see a hint of many things after a little thought.

“Haha, Su Shiming, your Su family has not taken refuge in the Xu family now, but you have not chosen to stand with us. Who knows what damn thing your Su family will do when the Xu family is born?” Sun Universe

Said coldly, then his eyes condensed.

“Instead of letting your Su family join the Xu family and separate the resources of the East China Sea, it is better for your Su family to take out all the resources now and return them to everyone. At that time, no matter what your Su family chooses, we will ignore it!” Sun Qiankun’s words immediately made the atmosphere in Shenglong Pavilion tense and warm again.

Sun Qiankun’s words were very straightforward, and everyone could even understand them.

What consciousness is very simple.

Since your Su family does not make a choice now, no one of us knows what choices your Su family will make when the Xu family is born in the future. Rather than letting you Su family have the possibility of taking refuge in the Xu family when they were older, it’s better now Just hand over everything from the Su family.

In short, there are two choices for you, either make a choice now, or contribute to the Su family and let everyone divide it.

As for who divided up more and who divided up less, that had nothing to do with the Su family.

“That’s right, the Su family is still hesitating until now, isn’t it possible that there is a turmoil!” “Our little families have made a choice, do you Su family have any scruples?” “Humph, Yi I think Patriarch Su may be reluctant to bear everything about the Su family, but don’t forget, once we’re done, do you think the Su family can still be intact?” “Paradise Su, you can take a stand, we are all We can’t stand the tossing like this for the small family living under the Su family.” … Suddenly, everyone reacted tremendously, one after another, they pointed the finger at the Su family, and they were ridiculed in words.

Even some small families that originally depended on the Su family to survive now have a lot of views on the Su family.

After all, what Sun Qiankun said is very reasonable. As for the Su family’s resources, they don’t care how much their small families can allocate.

Something is better than nothing.

As long as the resources of the Su family are taken out, no matter how many small families like the Sun family and Ding family need to divide, they can always drink a little soup.

Why not do it?

“You!” Su Shiming was very angry.

Others are okay, but the few small families living under the Su family’s name here all point the finger at them, making him very angry.

Su Shiming secretly made up his mind to wait until this matter was over, and after returning home, he must clean up the situation under Su’s family, and clear out all the bad-minded families.

“Huh, who said that our Su family did not make a choice? Originally I thought about choosing between your Sun family and Ding family, but since you are so aggressive, then I don’t care about it.” Su Shiming coldly Said, looking around everyone coldly

, Finally set his sights on Dustin Zhou.

At this time, Su Shiming was a little drummer in his heart. He had told Dustin Zhou about this before. At that time, Su Shiming had some opinions in his heart. Not only him, but the rest of the Su family also had many opinions.

After all, although Dustin Zhou’s demonstrated strength surprised them a bit, it did not surprise them and was able to compete with the Xu family.

But now, Dustin Zhou not only came, but this time besides the two martial masters who went to Su’s house that day, there were actually two people beside him.

Although Su Shiming didn’t know whether those two people were martial masters, he had already guessed seven or seven or eight in his heart.

Rather than cooperating with the Sun family or the Ding family and being led by their noses, it is better to cooperate with Dustin Zhou. Anyway, the relationship between the Su family and Dustin Zhou is pretty good, and they will not have too much each other after cooperation. Entanglement of interests.

It doesn’t matter that Su Shiming looks at Dustin Zhou, but this look makes others feel strange.

You Su Shiming see what others do. Do you still think that others can help you out?

What’s more, what you are looking at is a person that many people don’t know, just a shareholder of a well-known company, what is it?

However, Sun Qiankun and Ding Zhengyi were staring at them.

As the leaders of their respective families, they naturally would not think that Su Shiming’s view was just a casual look.

Suddenly, the alarm bells rang in their hearts.

This Su Shiming, do you want… However, before the two of them could speak, Su Shiming directly expressed his opinion.

“Our Su family chose to cooperate with Mr. Dustin Zhou. As for the specific cooperation, I don’t need to tell you.” Su Shiming said lightly. After speaking, the whole person breathed a long sigh of relief, and the stone hanging in his heart was slightly relaxed. A lot.

After Su Shiming finished speaking, he saw other people’s astonished eyes, especially Sun Qiankun and Ding Zhengyi’s gazes that were comparable to cannibalism.

“Fart! Su Shiming, what do you mean?” Sun Qiankun was furious, slapped a palm on the table, and shouted at Su Shiming.

The others also glared.

He Su Shiming asked the Su family to cooperate with Dustin Zhou.

What does it mean?

What family is Dustin Zhou?

What qualifications does Dustin Zhou have to participate in the affairs of these families?

Especially the Sun family and the Ding family felt that when Su Shiming did this, he clearly looked down on them and regarded them as people of the same level as Dustin Zhou.

But what kind of existence are they?

The first-class family, the first-class family in Donghai City, is very powerful.

And Dustin Zhou?

Not to mention the loneliness, but only a shareholder of the famous company.

The two sides are simply not comparable.

“Hehe, Patriarch Su’s meaning is so clear, don’t you

They are all deaf, haven’t you heard it?

“At this moment, Dustin Zhou spoke. Dustin Zhou was not so surprised when Su Shiming suddenly said that he wanted to cooperate with him. Although there were some surprises, he was not so surprised. He had been prepared for all of this. The difference is only when Su Shiming expressed his position, and he was before. How can I convince Su Shiming. It’s just that Dustin Zhou did not expect that Sun Qiankun and Ding Zhengyi’s successive persecution of Su Shiming made Su Shiming quickly determined to cooperate with him. In this case, Dustin Zhou even thanked Sun Qiankun and Ding Zhengyi. , Now that Su Shiming has said that he wants to cooperate with him, even if he has already expressed his opinion, Dustin Zhou naturally does not allow others to continue to have any dissatisfaction with Su Shiming. “Dustin Zhou, what are you?

Do you really think you can sit on an equal footing with us?

“Sun Qiankun was originally upset with Dustin Zhou, but now the new hatred and old hatred are counted together, suddenly he got up and glared at Dustin Zhou, as if he didn’t agree with him, and started directly. As Sun Qiankun got up, the Sun family who came with him also Get up together, the momentum is pressing, especially the two people behind the crowd, the aura that exudes from their bodies is even more powerful and trembling. Many people in the family feel these two auras, and even their calves are trembling. Seventh One hundred and ninety-nine

Chapters 799

“Dustin Zhou was a little surprised. He didn’t expect that Sun Qiankun would bring two martial masters this time. It seems that Sun Qiankun is very determined for today’s discussion. He has made up his mind to get something from the Su family. However, although the two martial masters in a small area can surprise Dustin Zhou, there is no other reaction. In the eyes of others, the power of these two martial masters brought by Sun’s debt is really too great. Many small families have already moved closer to the Sun family. “Hehe, I didn’t expect that Sun Erye still had this preparation. Although I think Sun Erye is a bit aggressive, but Brother Su, your approach is a bit unkind, you think Can anyone come out to fool us?

Seeing Sun Qiankun and the two martial masters behind him, Ding Zhengyi smiled and slowly got up, and there were two powerful auras spreading behind him. Everyone was shocked! Two martial masters again! Come, just from the Sun family and the Ding family, there are four martial masters together! “You!

“Su Shiming’s expression is hard to see the extreme. He didn’t expect that because of his own statement, the Sun family and the Ding family had temporarily reached an alliance. And he did not expect that the Sun family and the Ding family each brought two martial masters. Su Shiming This time only one martial master was brought, and three were dedicated to southern Jiangsu. However, one face

For four, there is no chance of winning at all.

Su Nanfang’s martial master’s momentum swept away, and everyone was shocked.

Everyone looked at the Sun Family at this time, the Ding Family and Su Family’s eyes were no longer right.

Usually outside, the martial masters who are rarely seen, at this moment, as if they don’t need money, they just appeared, this small Shenglong Pavilion, five martial masters suddenly appeared, if this is spread out, say It may shock many people.

Su Shiming looked at Dustin Zhou, Zhou Feng and Niu Chuan.

He knew that these two men were genuine martial masters. When added together, they would have three. Although they were not as good as the Sun family and the Ding family, they would not be weaker, even if the Sun family and the Ding family wanted to. If you want to find trouble, you must weigh it.

However, for the other two people around Dustin Zhou, Su Shiming didn’t know who the other party was. He just hoped that the other party was also a martial master. In that case, they would have an advantage here.

“Hehe, the Sun family and the Ding family are really big, martial masters, four, tut.” Dustin Zhou shook his head and said with a chuckle.

“Huh, Dustin Zhou, if you are interested, just get out of here. We might not bother you, but if you are not acquainted, then we don’t mind letting you know, in front of the real strong, what are you doing? Not at all!” Sun Qiankun was very satisfied. For the powerful aura from the four martial masters on his side, everyone’s reaction, and there was only one martial master on the Su family.

Combining several aspects, they all have an advantage here.

Although Dustin Zhou’s relationship with Asher Chen in the Mountain Mist Club seems to be good, if Dustin Zhou really doesn’t know how to promote him, Sun Qiankun won’t let Dustin Zhou leave the Green Lake safely even at the risk of turning his face with the Mountain Mist Club.

“Really? The real strong? What is the real strong?” Dustin Zhou smiled slightly, and slightly chinped his head to the four people behind him.

Suddenly, Niu Chuan, Zhou Feng, Xu Fengli, and Xu Fengfan walked out slowly, the aura on their bodies instantly exuding.


Everyone was shocked, and it was the martial master again!

And this is the four martial masters!

The eyes of many small families looking at Dustin Zhou were not right at this time, and even some were afraid, so they leaned back quickly, not wanting Dustin Zhou to remember what he looked like, so as not to make trouble in the future.

As soon as Dustin Zhou’s four martial masters showed their vigor, Su Shiming and Su Nanfang’s spirits rose, and their eyes burned.

Although the two also hope that the other two people around Dustin Zhou are also martial masters, their hope is still very small.

For Dustin Zhou, they are naturally very clear. The last time they went to the Su Family, Niu Chuan and Zhou Feng two martial masters, they thought it was Dustin Zhou’s full confidence.

It was, but I didn’t expect that only two days had passed, and there were two more martial masters around Dustin Zhou.

Different from the joy of the Su family, the faces of the Sun family and Ding family were very ugly.

Sun Qiankun and Ding Zhengyi looked at each other, their gazes at Dustin Zhou were shocked.

Even the martial masters in their clan were quite agitated at this time.

For the Sun family and the Ding family, there is naturally a martial master in the family, otherwise they would not be able to become a first-class family.

However, the martial master is very important to that family, and the number is very rare.

The strength of the Sun family is one point stronger than that of the Su family and the Ding family, but there are only six martial masters in the family.

In Ding’s family, there are even fewer, only four.

Now that the two of them each brought out two martial masters, they are already considered the heritage of the family.

There are these four martial masters, they can almost run wild in the East China Sea.

But Sun Qiankun and Ding Zhengyi never thought that Dustin Zhou would bring four martial masters with him at once!

When is the martial master so worthless?

The situation reversed instantly.

Just now they were four martial masters against one of the Su family’s martial masters.

But in a blink of an eye, it became the five martial masters of Su Family and Dustin Zhou against their four martial masters.

Moreover, eight of the nine martial masters are old men over fifty, but Dustin Zhou is surrounded by a very young martial master who is probably only in his twenties. Such strength and existence make Sun Qiankun and Ding Zhengyi also had a chill in his heart.

What is Dustin Zhou’s background? Is it really the same as they knew before, just a shareholder of the famous company?

If that were the case, how could there be four martial masters beside him?

Suddenly, the atmosphere in Shenglong Pavilion became very strange.

Many people from small families stepped back, giving the space to the Sun family, Ding family, Su family and Dustin Zhou as much as possible.

However, Sanjia and Dustin Zhou faced each other face to face, and no one did it first.

“You said, what should I do?” “Yes, no one would have thought that there are four martial masters besides that person. Is the martial master so worthless?” “Now it seems that the Sun family and the Ding family are a little overwhelmed. If they make a move, they will not be the opponents of the Su family and Dustin Zhou, but if they don’t make a move, they will face scandal today, and the spread will also be a huge blow to the faces of the two families.” … everyone whispered, stealing Whispering, one by one looked at the Quartet in the middle and felt very nervous.

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