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Chapter 680

Boom! Xu Mei only felt that her brain had been hammered heavily. Suddenly, she felt that the things in front of her were a little fuzzy, and she also felt that the world around her was spinning slightly, and it seemed that the sky was about to collapse in the next second. “How is this possible, are you mistaken?

Xu Mei didn’t believe it, and shouted loudly at the two cashiers, with a hideous look on her face. Xu Mei couldn’t believe this at all, even if the cashier told her that there were two hundred thousand in this black card. It’s much better than having no authority. After all, 200,000, can only show that Liu Xue has an adventure that Xu Mei didn’t know about. Perhaps this was also the compensation that Shao Li gave Liu Xue. But these people said they were It’s not that simple if you don’t have permission to view it. You know, here is the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, where there are many powerful people coming and going. However, it is rarely heard that there are bank cards that Mountain Mist Clubhouse does not have permission to view. Something like that. It’s hard to show up now, but Xu Mei delivered it personally. “This lady, we really don’t have permission to check it. If you don’t believe it, you can ask your classmate.

“Xu Mei’s current appearance is already a bit unreasonable, and the faces of the two cashiers are immediately straightened. The Mountain Mist Club they represent, although they serve customers, their attitude towards customers is much more cordial. However, in the face of When some unreasonable customers, they will not just lose the face and grace of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse. “What’s the matter?

At this moment, a cold voice came over. A man walked over slowly, his gaze on Xu Mei’s face only stayed for a moment, then he looked at the two cashiers with extremely sharp eyes. “Zheng” manager.

The two cashiers immediately became serious when they saw the visitor, but when Manager Zheng looked at him like this, the two little girls were also a little scared for a while. However, the professionalism was still there, and the two quickly understood Report what happened to Manager Zheng. Manager Zheng is the experience of the Mountain Mist Club, and even a cron of the owner Asher Chen, who can be in the Mountain Mist Club.

Said to be under one person, above ten thousand people.

Usually, when Asher Chen is away, Manager Zheng will handle all the big and small things in the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

Hearing the cashier telling the story of the matter, Manager Zheng looked slightly better.

He was not far away just now when he saw a woman yelling in front of the cash register, thinking that two cashiers had offended the customer, so he came to have a look.

But now, Manager Zheng looked away from the faces of the two cashiers, and looked at Xu Mei with a solemn expression.

“Madam, I don’t know if you have any questions.” Manager Zheng’s words were simple and didn’t mean anything threatening, but when he said these words, an invisible aura immediately rushed towards Xu Mei, making her subconsciously. It takes two steps backwards.

“Of course there is a problem. I’m just here to show you how much money is in this black card, but the two of them say they don’t have the authority. Isn’t this bullying?” I was frightened by a single sentence from a man. After stepping back, Xu Mei’s face was blue and white, and then, a wave of anger surged into her heart.

It’s not just two cashiers who can be anybody, but they are also against her, which makes Xu Mei very upset.

“Hehe, I don’t know if this lady can show me that black card. The authority of these two cashiers is really not strong enough. Maybe I can check it for you.” Manager Zheng was not harassed by Xu Mei. But I wanted to see it in person instead.

In the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, there will indeed be some bank cards that the cashier does not have the authority to check. That is because the cashier’s authority is limited, but this will not happen to Manager Zheng.

“Huh, take it.” Xu Mei’s face looked slightly better when she heard Manager Zheng say this.

After all, if a manager, and also the manager of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, personally talked to him with Yan Yueshen, Xu Mei would naturally not have much resentment. On the contrary, after leaving, Xu Mei would probably show off this matter as a conversation.

Manager Zheng took the black card and looked at the number on the black card in particular, his expression stunned.

The number on the black card in this

Chapter indicates that this black card is a black gold card of the World Bank. Even if you look at the whole world, the number of cards issued is not many.

And everyone who holds this card is a powerful person.

However, the person holding the card in front of him, no matter what Manager Zheng thinks, he feels very ordinary.

Although she said that the card belonged to her classmates, but… Manager Zheng didn’t think about it any more. After all, it was the privacy of others, and he didn’t have to ask more questions.

As for such black gold cards, Manager Zheng has the authority to check.

Without further delay, Manager Zheng immediately used his authority to check this

The balance on a black gold card.

However, when he saw the first balance above, Manager Zheng’s face was startled, and his eyes were a little weird.

For such a World Bank black gold card, the minimum is 50 million.

However, every person who holds this moment, the amount of money deposited in it, will not be exactly 50 million.

At this moment, the black card in front of Manager Zheng had exactly 50 million on it.

Fifty million is the card of Xu Mei’s classmate… Suddenly, all kinds of information were put together, and Manager Zheng’s expression suddenly changed, as if he had thought of something.

Seeing that Manager Zheng’s expression changed several times, both cashiers did not dare to breathe, for fear of making Manager Zheng unhappy.

However, Xu Mei muttered quietly at this moment.

“What’s the situation, isn’t it because the machine has a problem?” “Hmph, I want to see what is going on with this black card.” Xu Mei reluctantly leaned forward and put it in the cash register. The computer pulled over and immediately saw the real black card balance on the computer.

“How is this possible…” The difference from Xu Mei’s imagination that there is no money in this black card is that there are astonishing 50 million in it.

Xu Mei was afraid that she had read it wrong, so she deliberately counted it.

“One zero, two zeros…seven zeros.” Xu Mei counted clearly. After the five characters, there were a series of seven zeros.

This is fifty million.

Xu Mei was shocked. She did not expect that the black card Liu Xue had given herself contained 50 million.

This is not fifty thousand, five hundred thousand, even five million, it will not make Xu Mei such a gaffe.

This is fifty million, money that so many people can’t make for a lifetime.

Xu Mei didn’t know what kind of person Liu Xue was.

How could Liu Xue have so much money.

“Excuse me, is your classmate Miss Liu Xue?” Manager Zheng looked at Xu Mei and asked seriously.

Chapter 681

After Manager Zheng summed up all the information, he immediately thought of a possible person.

It was Liu Xue who had just received 50 million compensation from Li Mingfeng.

At that time, Manager Zheng was always by the side when dealing with this matter.

Therefore, when I saw that there was exactly 50 million in such a World Bank black gold card, I suddenly thought of Liu Xue.

Moreover, Manager Zheng also learned from the dialogue between Dustin Zhou and Liu Xue that Liu Xue was here to attend the class reunion.

“Ah, yes, it is Liu Xue.” Xu Mei was taken aback by Manager Zheng’s question, and she responded without thinking about it.

When he got a positive answer, Manager Zheng’s expression became much more gentle, and his gaze toward Xu Mei became much gentler.

Although I don’t know what the relationship between this lady and Liu Xue is, but she can

Holding Liu Xue’s black gold card and claiming that the two are classmates, then there must be a relationship.

And without knowing the inside story, Manager Zheng will not offend anyone.

“Since it is Miss Liu Xue, then you will be free of charge this time. You can help see which private room it is, and the charge will be cleared to zero.” Manager Zheng Wu said to himself.

However, the two cashiers didn’t even ask at all, and they just waived all the fees after a few operations.

“There are 50 million in this black gold card, and one point has not been moved, please return it to Miss Liu Xue.” Manager Zheng solemnly exchanged the black gold card into Xu Mei’s hand before leaving slowly.

… Xu Mei didn’t know when she returned to the private room door.

Standing at the door of the private room, Xu Mei’s expression changed while listening to the voice inside the private room.

There is loss, jealousy, regret, envy, and so on.

Moreover, Xu Mei found that her steps had become very heavy, and she seemed to be unable to take even one step.

“Squeak.” At this moment, the private rooms were opened from inside, and a woman was startled when she saw Xu Mei standing at the door.

“Xu Mei, why did you come back until now, I am ready to find you.” The female classmate patted her chest, said angrily, and then took Xu Mei into the private room.

As soon as Xu Mei entered the private room, she felt everyone’s eyes fall on her.

In fact, it is true.

As soon as Xu Mei entered the private room, everyone, even Liu Xue, all their eyes focused on Xu Mei.

After all, it was Xu Mei who volunteered to take Liu Xue’s black card to the cashier outside to check the balance inside.

Now that Xu Mei is back, she must have checked the balance in the card.

“Xu Mei, how about it? Is there two hundred thousand?” “That’s right, Liu Xue also told us just now that she will pay for this one.” “Xu Mei, why don’t you talk? Could it be that something happened? Matter?” … When everyone saw Xu Mei motionless and didn’t say anything, they suddenly became a little impatient.

Even Huang Gang’s face changed a little at this time.

With Xu Mei’s character, if Liu Xue’s black card had no money, she would definitely not be so silent, not to mention that it had already fallen out. At this time, how could she endure it and not mock Liu Xue as much as possible.

But now, Xu Mei didn’t say a word, and his face was extremely ugly. No matter how stupid Huang Gang was, he guessed that there must be money in Liu Xue’s black card.

Moreover, there is still a lot of money, otherwise, if there is only more than two hundred thousand, Xu Mei will not be so.

“How about it, Xu Mei, I didn’t lie to you, there is money in this card, then, can I go straight now?” Liu Xue saw Xu Mei in despair.

Son, naturally guessed the result.

Since Xu Mei didn’t want to talk, Liu Xue didn’t want to continue talking about this topic. She got up and prepared to leave.

Everyone stared blankly at Liu Xue getting up and walking to Xu Mei, preparing to take the black card from Xu Mei’s hand.

But at this moment, Xu Mei moved.

She squeezed the black card tightly and looked at Liu Xue with hatred.

“Liu Xue, I didn’t expect you to be such a person!” After saying this, everyone looked at him together, not understanding why Xu Mei said such a thing.

And Liu Xue also frowned, looking at Xu Mei coldly, wanting to see what Xu Mei was going to say.

“Liu Xue, I didn’t expect that you would be willing to be Li Shao’s lover for money.” However, Xu Mei’s next sentence stunned everyone.

Liu Xue, for the sake of money, willing to be Li Shao’s lover.

In a short sentence, it contains a lot of content.

“Xu Mei, what nonsense are you talking about!” Liu Mei was stunned for a moment. She didn’t expect Xu Mei to say such a thing.

What is the relationship between herself and Li Shao, doesn’t she know Xu Mei?

Such a nonsense with his eyes open.

“Huh, otherwise, Liu Xue, tell everyone, how can there be fifty million in this black card!” Xu Mei threw the black card away, and looked at Liu Xue, suddenly feeling happy.

Originally, Xu Mei still felt that she had no face, but now that he announced the incident, and then casually fabricated a lie, he could immediately push Liu Xue into the abyss.

“What? Liu Xue became a lover?” “50 million?” “That’s impossible!” Everyone was stunned, staring at Xu Mei and Liu Xue blankly.

The amount of information in Xu Mei’s words is too great for everyone to digest at all.

Moreover, in the face of a huge sum of fifty million yuan, Liu Xue’s love for Li Shao is no longer the focus of everyone’s attention.

If you were a lover to Li Shao, you could get 50 million, even if it was only 10 million, I am afraid that the girls present would be vying to get ahead.

Among them, Tong Yan’s expression changed the most exciting.

She looked at Liu Xue and didn’t know what to say.

Be a lover, fifty million.

Such words have made Tong Yan lose the ability to think.

Why did she find Zhang Yong to be her boyfriend? Isn’t it because Zhang Yong started his own company and now has a lot of wealth?

However, Zhang Yong’s net worth is not 50 million.

Moreover, Zhang Yong is rich, but he will not give the money directly to himself.

But now, Liu Xue actually got 50 million directly.

Tong Yan clasped her hands tightly together, her nails were about to smash her palms, and she was mad with jealousy.

“Hmph, since you said that, then I will tell you about the matter.”

Liu Xue knew that if she didn’t tell everyone about it, no one would believe it.

… Soon, Liu Xue told about the conflict between herself and Li Mingfeng. Among them, Huang Gang and Xu Mei appeared but were drunk by Li Mingfeng. Liu Xue naturally did not hide it.

“…And the fifty million is the compensation Li Mingfeng gave me.” “As for whether I believe it, this is your business, not mine.” After all, Liu Xue left the private room directly.

She now feels that the private room is no longer suitable for herself.

With such classmates, it is only now that I can see their faces. Although Liu Xue feels wronged, she can accept it.

Fortunately, such things are not fatal to her.

Otherwise, once a fatal thing is encountered, Liu Xue will not even dare to imagine the consequences if these people are there.

Chapter 682

Liu Xue left the private room.

The rest of them looked at each other as if they were looking at each other, not knowing what to say.

After all, all their topics just now were all about Liu Xue.

Now that Liu Xue is gone, if they have to say anything, it doesn’t seem so interesting.

At least, some people’s goals could not be achieved.

“This, Liu Xue just left.” “Huh, Xu Mei, Liu Xue really has so much money in that card? Fifty million, I really can’t even think about it.” “Yes, but, Is Liu Xue really a lover for that Li Shao?” “This is a lot to say.” … Everyone whispered, although Liu Xue is gone, but the fifty million, if it is true, then it is really enviable Envy and hate.

“It should be correct.” At this time, Zhang Yong, who had never spoken, spoke.

“What’s the matter?” As Zhang Yong’s boyfriend, Tong Yan was a little puzzled when she heard Zhang Yong say this now.

“You don’t know and there’s nothing weird about it. When Liu Xue took out the card just now, I thought it was very familiar, but I was not sure, but now that Xu Mei said that there are 50 million in the card, then I can I’m sure.” Zhang Yong breathed a sigh of relief, as if he was thankful that he hadn’t rashly said anything that offended Liu Xue before.

“What’s the black card, what’s the matter, Zhang Yong, just say it, don’t sell it.” Tong Yan took Zhang Yong’s arm and said coquettishly.

“That black card is a black gold card of the World Bank, and the number issued in the whole world is also very limited. Apart from others, a black gold card must have at least 50 million in funds.” Zhang Yong said seriously. .

After saying this, everyone immediately took a cold breath again.

If it is said that Xu Mei’s words, it is also possible that they are oppressing Liu Xue and deliberately telling lies.

Well, Zhang Yong said

If it is, it is absolutely true.

As a result, Zhang Yong and Liu Xue didn’t know each other before, and there was no resentment between the two.

Secondly, Zhang Yong started his own company, and his friends are also very good. He has seen the world and has a lot of high-end people, and he knows a lot.

“Hiss!” Everyone glanced at each other, and they all saw a touch of shock on each other’s face.

Then, there was a burst of envy that followed.

No matter what Xu Mei said, is it true that Liu Xue acted as a lover for Li Shao?

At the very least, those fifty million must be true.

… I didn’t know the conversation of the people in the private room, after Liu Xue left the private room, he left the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

She didn’t want to stay here any longer.

The eyes of those people looked at her, making Liu Xue feel very bad, and she felt like she was being put under the public and being judged by others.

In particular, Huang Gang and Xu Mei’s constant slander of Liu Xue made Liu Xue’s last little classmate friendship disappear at that moment.

Shaking his head and no longer thinking about these things, Liu Xue’s eyes immediately became firm.

Liu Xue still remembered what Dustin Zhou said to herself before. After she asked her classmates to reunite, she went to Lvjingwan City. Dustin Zhou had something to tell herself.

Thinking of this, Liu Xue did not dare to delay for a moment, and drove directly to Lvjingwan City.

An hour later, Liu Xue stopped at the gate of Lvjingwan City.

After finishing her appearance, Liu Xue smiled and strode towards the inside of Lvjingwan City.

Knocking on the door gently, Liu Xue took a long breath and pressed her excitement.

Although she didn’t know what Dustin Zhou was going to say to herself, Liu Xue knew that if Dustin Zhou hadn’t had it, she would definitely not escape the clutches of Li Mingfeng today.

“Xiaoxue is here, come in quickly.” It was Zhou Mu who opened the door. When Zhou Mu saw Liu Xue standing outside the door with a smile on her face, she kindly pulled Liu Xue in.

Before Dustin Zhouyuan was in Hunan Province, when he was not in the East China Sea, Liu Xue had been here to take care of Zhou Mu.

So Zhou’s mother had long regarded Liu Xue as a daughter.

Besides, Zhou’s mother had no daughter under her knees, so she was more concerned about Liu Xue.

If possible, Zhou’s mother wanted to accept Liu Xue directly as a goddaughter.

“Auntie.” Seeing that it was Zhou’s mother, the expression on Liu Xue’s face relaxed a lot, and she shouted kindly.

Liu Xue was actually a little worried that Dustin Zhou was opening the door. In that case, she didn’t even know how to talk to Dustin Zhou.

“You are here, come with me, I have something to discuss with you.” Dustin Zhou was sitting on the sofa at this time, seeing Liu Xue coming in, got up directly, and was about to walk upstairs.

“You can’t just talk about things on the first floor.” But before Dustin Zhou can go upstairs, Zhou Mu is not

Happy, took Liu Xue’s hand and sat down directly on the sofa.

“If you have anything to do today, just say it here, and I will listen to it.” Zhou Mu’s attitude was very firm.

Liu Xue was held by Zhou’s mother and looked at Dustin Zhou with a helpless expression.

“Uh, okay.” Dustin Zhou couldn’t help it, his mother was like this, and he couldn’t refute it.

Besides, what he wanted to tell Liu Xue was not a secret to Zhou Mu, and it wouldn’t matter if she listened to it.

“Liu Xue, what happened today, I think, your feelings are the most real…” Dustin Zhou sat down and looked at Liu Xue with a solemn expression.

However, Dustin Zhou interrupted Dustin Zhou before he finished speaking.

“What happened today? What happened? What happened?” Zhou Mu asked three times, her face full of seriousness.

Dustin Zhou thought for a while, and told Zhou Mu what happened today.

The atmosphere was a bit solemn for a while.

Zhou Mu’s face was full of anger, obviously she was very angry with the Li Mingfeng in Dustin Zhou’s mouth.

If what happened in the Mountain Mist Club was kept in ancient times, it would be the robbing of the women. At the age of Zhou’s mother, in their time, once such a thing happened, the consequences would be very serious.

“Shameless, I never thought there would be such a person.” “Xiaoxue, are you okay? Are you injured, let auntie see.” Zhou Mu scolded, and then took Liu Xue’s hand tightly on her. Look up and down to see if there is any place on your hand.

Zhou Mu let out a sigh of relief when he saw that there was no injury on Liu Xue except for the red mark on his wrist.

However, immediately afterwards, Zhou Mu pointed at the red mark on Liu Xue’s wrist, and became even more angry.

“Look, well, how could Xiaoxue suffer such a crime.” As he said, Zhou Mu continued to gently stroke the red mark on Liu Xue’s wrist, as if this would help Liu Xue relieve her pain and recover faster. same.

This made Dustin Zhou look a little speechless from the sidelines, but he couldn’t say anything. He could only quietly watch the relationship between Zhou Mu and Liu Xue.

“Well, since Dustin Zhou has already disciplined that little bastard for you, it’s fine. If you have anything, let’s continue talking.” After hearing his mother say this, Dustin Zhou continued.

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