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Chapter 905

Hearing Xiao Lolita’s words, Dustin Zhou and others almost spit out a mouthful of old blood.

“Your mother is right, you should listen to your mother.” Dustin Zhou said with a wry smile.

“Of course, I have always been obedient,” the little girl said with a triumphant look, and then wrinkled her delicate little nose, “but I can’t be blamed on me.” “I asked you what your identities are, you guys. Not only didn’t say it, but because people wanted to bully me, that’s why I fisted at you!” When she said this, little Lori felt a little wronged.

Dustin Zhouxin said you are wronged, a ghost, oh you are wronged!

Obviously we were beaten, okay!

But he dared not say this.

At this time, another question arose in his heart.

Who is this little girl?

What she means is that she has parents, at least one mother.

It should be born in a normal family… Will there be such a monster in a normal family?

Who is her mother?

Will it also be an extremely powerful existence?

“Yes, it’s our fault. We should have revealed our identity a long time ago,” Dustin Zhou said hurriedly. “Yes, kid, can I ask, where is your home?” He stared at Xiao Luo closely. Li, when asked this sentence, he actually had a gambling element.

This little girl’s life experience must not be simple, and she asked her life experience hastily, and no one knew how she would react.

But if you don’t ask, Dustin Zhou is really unwilling.

Fortunately, there is no different color on Xiao Lolita’s face, instead she feels a little excited, “I’m on that mountain, are you going to sit in my house?” Dustin Zhou was taken aback for a while, never expected that the little girl would be This answer.

He subconsciously looked at Xu Tianlong, Niu Chuan and others.

Niu Chuan didn’t speak, but Xu Tianlong shook his head with imperceptible movements.

Just kidding, who would dare to sit in this little girl’s house!

It’s easy to get in, who knows if I can get out alive!

“Aren’t you going?” The little girl seemed to see Dustin Zhou’s hesitation and Xu Tianlong’s resistance.

I don’t know if it was Dustin Zhou’s illusion. When she said this, the little girl’s face was a little bit disappointed.

Although it was very slight, so slight, but Dustin Zhou felt that way.

So he didn’t hesitate Xu Tianlong’s suggestion, and gritted his teeth and agreed, “No, we’re going.” “Why not, I’m very curious about what kind of person your mother would be like to have a daughter like you. That’s it.” Dustin Zhou struggled to get up from the ground, and then looked in the direction the little girl had just pointed, the smile on his face froze again.

The little girl said her house is on the mountain over there


But there… there is no mountain at all!

The little girl didn’t notice the expression on Dustin Zhou’s face, she still looked elated.

“Mum is no longer there, but she said before she died that if there are tourists visiting here, they must be invited to sit at home.” “If mom knows that I finally invited guests home, she will definitely Very happy.” Dustin Zhou who heard this sentence was even more creepy.

What you said before you died?

Still very happy?

But looking at the innocent-looking little girl, he could only console himself that he was thinking too much.

Xu Tianlong on one side gritted his teeth at Dustin Zhou, obviously complaining that Dustin Zhou agreed.

Dustin Zhou could only pretend not to see this, and then the group followed the little girl and walked forward.

Soon, they discovered something was wrong.

There are still some passing villagers in this village.

The villagers looked indifferent when they saw them.

But when they saw the little girl next to them, they all quickly hid aside with a ghostly expression.

Everything seems to imply Dustin Zhou, this little girl is definitely not as simple as it seems.

“That, kid, what’s your name?” Dustin Zhouqiang asked, enduring the anxiety in his heart.

“My name is Bingyue.” The little girl turned around and said to Dustin Zhou very happily.

It seems that she has been very happy ever since Dustin Zhou agreed to be a guest at her house.

“Bingyue…” Dustin Zhou said the name silently, the same name as his sister Shui Bingyue.

It’s just that his sister’s surname is Shui, and this little girl doesn’t know what her surname is.

Maybe it’s just Bing?

So called Bingyue directly?

Dustin Zhou didn’t care too much about this place, but turned to another topic, “Bingyue, did you say that your home is on the mountain here, right?” “Yes, just ahead.” Bingyue was very sure. Said.

Dustin Zhou’s scalp was numb again.

But he still asked, “But, why, I didn’t see a mountain in front of me?” This question must be asked!

Otherwise Dustin Zhou’s heart would not be able to bear it!

Upon hearing Dustin Zhou’s question, Little Lolita gave Dustin Zhou a strange look.

“Can’t you see the mountain in front?” “Can’t see.” Dustin Zhou said honestly.

“You can’t see it either?” Little Lolita looked at Niu Chuan and them again.

Niu Chuan and the others shook their heads very honestly, but at this time, the atmosphere on the scene became even more weird.

None of the five people in the group could see a mountain in front of them, but the little Lolita in front of them vowed to say that there was a mountain in front of them.

“That’s weird. It stands to reason that anyone who promises to go home with me should be able to see this mountain.


“The little girl was talking to herself a little strangely. It’s just that these words reached Dustin Zhou and their ears, and it was so weird. Anyone who promises to go home with you should be able to see that mountain. Does that mountain exist? Does it have anything to do with going to your house? They didn’t dare to continue to ask, but they all raised their vigilance silently in their hearts. Little Lolita did not struggle, but was very relaxed. Said, “It doesn’t matter, even if you can’t see it now, you will be able to see it when you get to the foot of the mountain in a while.

Dustin Zhou swallowed and did not answer. The group of people walked forward about a thousand steps, and suddenly a high mountain appeared in front of them. Take a step back, the high mountain will disappear, and one step forward, the high mountain It appeared so clearly before his eyes. This scene completely stunned Dustin Zhou and others. “What is this, what principle?

“Dustin Zhou murmured to himself. No one answered him because no one else knew. In the end, little Lolita said, “Actually, it’s nothing strange. My mother made it on purpose.

“This mountain is my home. My mother doesn’t like that many people often break into my home, so I hide this mountain. Only those who come back with me can see this mountain.”

Chapter 906

What Bingyue said was very relaxed, but to Dustin Zhou and others who heard this, it was like a bolt from the blue.

They didn’t dare to imagine that they could hide a mountain. What kind of means would it be?

At this moment, Dustin Zhou’s mind suddenly sounded what Shui Bingyue had told him.

About that piece of jade, about the small world.

Shui Bingyue told Dustin Zhou that jade is the key to open the small world, and that small world is equivalent to another space.

Even if you pass by, if you don’t have the key, you won’t find anything wrong.

And the current mountain is a bit similar to the small world in the legend?

If it wasn’t for Bingyue to bring him over, even if he passed by here, he might not be able to find this mountain.

Speaking of this, the so-called small world is probably also a space hidden by the big guys.

And Shui Bingyue also said that there are many people in the small world.

In other words, in the small world, there must be super-big people who can use space.

What level of existence should it be?

It’s definitely not the martial master, because Dustin Zhou has been in contact with too many martial masters, and the martial master has no such ability.

Then the answer is ready.

The emperor of warriors!

Even above the emperor of warriors!

Dustin Zhou didn’t know whether there were human beings above the emperor of warriors, nor had he heard of it.

But just think about it, someone can use means to distort space, create a world, or hide a mountain directly. This means itself is beyond the scope of human cognition.

Dustin Zhou suddenly thought that since Bingyue’s mother had such a method, it must have been an emperor of warrior.

“What’s the name of this mountain?” he asked suddenly.

“What’s the name? I don’t know.” Bing Yue shook her head with some confusion, “This is my home, it doesn’t seem to have a name.” Dustin Zhou was a little speechless, but if you look at Bing Yue’s perspective, it seems that Understandable.

“Holy Mountain.” At this moment, Niu Chuan suddenly spoke, and he said in a low voice.

Dustin Zhou was taken aback, thinking he had heard it wrong, and hurriedly asked, “What did you just say?” “Holy Mountain, it must be right, this is the Holy Mountain.” Niu Chuan said confidently.

For the holy mountain, he has only heard legends.

He even told Dustin Zhou early that although the mountain was clearly located in Donghai City, no real martial master had been there and survived.

It is also rumored that there is power hidden on the holy mountain, and power does not allow mortals to approach, so people who go there

Are dead.

Some people say that the sacred mountain really exists, but only those who are selected can see it. If you want to enter the sacred mountain, you must be selected.

Others say that the sacred mountain is fake and does not exist.

In short, there are many rumors about the sacred mountain, but according to Niu Chuan’s understanding, the sacred mountain is a mountain hidden by the mighty in a high probability.

According to rumors, he probably knew where he was, but he hadn’t really been in contact.

But when Bingyue brought him here, he suddenly understood that this mountain must be the legendary sacred mountain.

Only those who are selected can see it, in other words, only those who are invited by Bingyue can see this mountain.

After Dustin Zhou heard what Niu Chuan said, he was also taken aback.

It’s not that it is unreasonable. On the contrary, what Niu Chuan said is too reasonable.

It’s just that he can’t believe that the legendary sacred mountain has been found so inexplicably by him.

He originally thought that it would take a lot of effort and take a lot of risks.

But I didn’t expect that I actually came here in this way in the end.

“Is this the sacred mountain?” Dustin Zhou stabilized his mind and scanned the surroundings. It was indeed a paradise, and the air seemed to be filled with spiritual energy.

Even just standing here can make people feel refreshed and benefit a lot.

Suddenly his heart moved and he looked at Bingyue.

“Bing Yue, do you know what the emperor of warriors is?” Dustin Zhou asked, his expression very solemn.

Legend has it that there is a way to defeat the emperor of warriors in the holy mountain.

And this holy mountain is Bingyue’s home!

In other words, Bingyue is the master of the holy mountain.

If there is a way to defeat the emperor of warriors in the holy mountain, then Bingyue must know!

That’s why Dustin Zhou asked.

“Of course she knows what the emperor of warriors is, because she is a emperor of warriors herself.” Xu Tianlong said sourly.

Not to blame for his sourness. As the strongest martial artist of the Xu family, he is over 60 years old this year.

Originally a genius, he was said to be the most likely to break through the existence of the emperor of warriors. Now that she has seen a seven or eight-year-old little loli, she is already the emperor of warriors. No matter who puts this kind of thing into her heart Feel good.

But Dustin Zhou was shocked not by his tone, but by what he said.

Bingyue, itself is a warrior emperor!

Yes, to be able to easily defeat the existence of four infinitely approaching martial emperors, it must be a martial emperor in itself.

However, in Dustin Zhou’s mind, the emperor of warrior must be the kind of big figure out of reach, so he didn’t think about that direction at all.


Fearing that Bingyue showed the strength against the sky, he did not expect Bingyue to be a warrior emperor.

After getting Xu Tianlong’s answer now, Dustin Zhou became excited instantly.

If this Bingyue is the existence of a warrior emperor, then on this holy mountain, it is really possible that there is a way to defeat the warrior emperor!

No matter how bad, he can find a way to draw Bingyue to his side. At that time, there is also a warrior emperor on his side, and there is no need to fear the Xu family!

But Bingyue’s next words made Dustin Zhou almost vomiting blood.

“What are you talking about? What is the emperor of warriors? I don’t know?” Hearing these words, Dustin Zhou looked blank, and then glanced at each other with Xu Tianlong.

what happened?

Isn’t this little girl a warrior emperor herself?

Why doesn’t she know what the Emperor of Warrior is?

Xu Tianlong also looked confused, “No, right, you are the emperor of warriors. If you are the master of warriors, you can’t defeat the four of us single-handedly!” “And it’s still a spike state, what’s the matter? ?” Xu Tianlong said, clutching his head, not knowing what went wrong.

“What is the Martial Master? I don’t understand what you are talking about.” “But is it not a simple matter to defeat the four of you?”

Chapter 907


Dustin Zhou couldn’t figure out what happened at all.

Especially Xu Tianlong, Niu Chuan and others, they almost vomited blood.

Listen, listen, is this little loli talking human!

The identity of the martial master they are proud of is nothing in Little Loli’s mouth!

Isn’t that a simple thing to say to defeat you?

How can it be a simple thing!

This is what they have worked so hard to cultivate for decades!

They had walked sideways in the secular world for decades, pointing to this ability, but at this time they couldn’t say a word that was struck by a little loli.

The point is, this little loli really has this ability!

The only thing that makes people wonder is that such a strong little loli, how can she not know what is the martial master and the martial emperor?

Is it possible that she is really another kind of existence?

Dustin Zhou thought for a while, and then asked, “By the way, Bingyue, you said you don’t know the emperor of martial arts, and you don’t know what the master of martial arts is, then do you know what strength you are?” “Strength?” Bingyue blinked With her big beautiful eyes, she understood it this time.

“I’m very strong.” She waved her small fist and said quite proudly.

Several black lines suddenly appeared on Dustin Zhou’s head.

Who doesn’t know that you are so strong!

But at this time, he also understood what went wrong.

Bingyue should be a real warrior emperor.

It’s just that she doesn’t know it.

To put it bluntly, the emperor of warrior and the master of warrior are both the division of realm by cultivators.

In other words, this is the name given to the realm by human beings.

It’s like a stone is called a stone, but if someone named a stone a few hundred thousand years ago, when the human language was just born, then the stone would not be called a stone at this time.

This is the case of Bingyue now. In the eyes of Dustin Zhou and others, her realm surpassed the martial master, and she was naturally a martial emperor.

But for Bingyue herself, she didn’t even know how these cultivation realms were divided, and naturally she didn’t know that she was a warrior emperor.

She only knows that she is strong.

Dustin Zhou thought for a while, and asked again, “Do you know, is there a way to defeat you on this mountain?” Bingyue didn’t know what the Emperor of Martial Arts was, but this wouldn’t change her. The fact of an emperor of warriors.

So if there is a way to defeat Bingyue on this mountain, then that way will definitely defeat the Emperor of Warrior!

Dustin Zhou is proud of his wit.

But the next moment, his face darkened.

Because Bingyue’s face showed a wary expression, “What are you doing?” “Are you not?

Is the bad guy?

When she said this, Bingyue exuded a dangerous aura. She stared at Dustin Zhou tightly. The next moment, she seemed to pounce on Dustin Zhou and beat Dustin Zhou. Dustin Zhou realized that she It’s a little bit abrupt. What’s the joke, you ran to someone’s house and asked them, “Hello, do you know there is any way to kill you in your house?”

“It’s weird if I ask this if I don’t get beaten! Even if Bingyue is just a little Lolita with insufficiency, she will definitely resist this kind of problem subconsciously! The atmosphere at the scene will become tense. Acting against Dustin Zhou, then Niu Chuan and others had no choice but to fight with Xiao Lori. So they also put on a posture of preparing for the battle, as if they were about to do something if they didn’t agree. Dustin Zhou’s mouth twitched. Unexpectedly, his words would cause such serious consequences. He hurriedly stopped Niu Chuan and others, and then said to Lori, “No, Bingyue, don’t be angry, I am definitely not a good person… No, I am definitely A good man!

“The reason I ask you this question is just because I want to be as strong as you.”

Dustin Zhou wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and hurriedly explained, “My brother is a man. There will be people who want to protect and will want to do. These things require strength, so I also want to be like you. It’s so strong, absolutely nothing else.

Dustin Zhou explained that he was too flustered, so he was a little incoherent, but in fact, he was already very good with his current performance. However, Xu Tianlong and the others were unable to cover their faces. Because in their opinion, Dustin Zhou’s excuse was too bad. But Bingyue actually believed it. “That’s it?

Then come with me.

“Everyone has a question mark, this is fine? But since Bingyue agreed, it must be a good thing, and everyone followed. There is no one on the holy mountain. There are many strange animals, and these animals are not afraid of people. Boldly dangling in front of Dustin Zhou and the others. Bingyue seemed to be accustomed to this situation, and ignored it, just walked forward on her own. Upon seeing this, Dustin Zhou and the others did not dare to write, and speeded up. The footsteps. Everyone quickly came to the mountainside, and then entered a cave. There is a small stone table in the cave. There is a stone bench next to the stone table, and the washed dishes and chopsticks are placed on the table. Beside the table, there is Two simple quilts, without a bed, were laid on the ground at will. It seems that this is the place where Bingyue lives. It’s really simple. At this moment, Dustin Zhou actually has a kind of heart for Bingyue. Sympathy. Obviously so strong and strong

The existence that is large enough to kill four martial masters in a second, actually lives such a simple life.

Dustin Zhou looked at it roughly. In the innermost part of the cave, there was a simple stone pot. The ingredients placed next to it were the purest natural ingredients, probably all collected from this mountain.

Has Bingyue lived alone for so many years?

Like Dustin Zhou, Niu Chuan and Xu Tianlong have curiosity on their faces. Obviously, they have the same idea as Dustin Zhou.

“If you want to be as strong as me, you have to be my guest and sit here for half an hour.” Bingyue turned around and lay on her little floor casually, then Pointed to the stone bench next to it.

What is this strange rule?

But Dustin Zhou didn’t think too much. To be precise, he didn’t have the qualification to choose.

So obediently sat on the stone bench, Niu Chuan, Xu Tianlong and others had no choice but to stand beside them because they couldn’t find the stool.

About ten minutes later, Bingyue stood up from the ground, then ran to the stone pot to boil a pot of hot tea, and used the bowls and chopsticks on the table to give Dustin Zhou a bowl of hot tea.

“Drink it, you are my guest.” Bingyue stared at Dustin Zhou expressionlessly.

Dustin Zhou felt a little weird, probably because of the change in Bingyue’s personality.

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