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Chapter 920

When he saw this contact, Dustin Zhou hesitated, because he didn’t know who the contact was.

But in the end, I pressed the call. After all, Su Xiaomeng really needs help now. If he can really help, Dustin Zhou has no reason not to help Su Xiaomeng.

The call was quickly connected, and the other party said in weird Mandarin, “Hello, are you Zhou Master?” Dustin Zhou had a strange feeling.

Obviously he called the other party. Before I asked who the other party was, the other party first asked if he was Young Master Zhou.

“I am Dustin Zhou.” Dustin Zhou briefly introduced his identity, and did not arrogantly say that he is Young Master Zhou.

In fact, he was a little bit resistant to the title Young Master Zhou.

“It turned out to be the great Master Zhou, Master Zhou, you are finally willing to call us, do you have any instructions?” The other party’s voice was very excited, as if Dustin Zhou could call them. It was theirs. Same honor.

But…Aren’t you from Nima the royal family?

Shouldn’t the royal family be the kind of arrogant thieves?

Why are you so excited when you receive a call from me!

Still ordered?

Are the royal families so humble now?

Dustin Zhou didn’t know what to say for a while.

The other party seemed to feel Dustin Zhou’s silence, and hurriedly said, “What’s the matter, Young Master Zhou, did I say something wrong?” Dustin Zhou could only give a wry smile.

“No, I really have something to say to you.” “Your royal family

Is there an artist named Jasmine in it?

Dustin Zhou uttered his problem straightforwardly. Originally, he made the call with a begging attitude. But the other party’s attitude was so respectful that Dustin Zhou didn’t know how to say those polite words, so he just made the call. Can say in a slightly commanding tone. “Jasmine?

The other party pondered for a moment. “It seems to have heard of such an artist, but is she really related to our royal family?”

“It has nothing to do with the royal family? Dustin Zhou was also stunned. How could it have nothing to do with the royal family? If it has nothing to do with the royal family, why did Sister Yang let herself use the relationship with the royal family? Before Dustin Zhou could react, he heard the other party say again,” Don’t worry, Master Zhou, I will check if she has anything to do with our royal family!

“Before again, I would like to ask Master Zhou what is your purpose for asking this?”

“If you fell in love with this artist, or you want to block her, please tell me immediately, even if she has nothing to do with our royal family, our royal family can come forward and block her on your behalf!

Dustin Zhou quickly said that there was no such thing, and told him about Su Xiaomeng’s affairs. “This Su Xiaomeng is my friend, so I think if that Jasmine is a member of your royal family, please let her stop. Attack on Su Xiaomeng.

“To put it bluntly, Dustin Zhou didn’t know the jasmine at all. If she hadn’t taken the initiative to prevent Su Xiaomeng from entering the international market, then Dustin Zhou might not have access to this jasmine for the rest of her life. But when the other royal family heard it, it was worth it. It was the Jasmine who provoke Dustin Zhou! The other party was very efficient and soon found out Jasmine’s identity. His voice became a little frightened, and the non-standard Mandarin was even more trembling at this time, “Master Zhou, we got it. The news, that Jasmine is indeed a member of our royal family.

“But she is only the most marginal member of the royal family, so I didn’t think of it for a while. Please also ask Young Master Zhou for your punishment.

“As for the matter you mentioned, I have already dealt with it.

“Deprived of Jasmine’s status as a member of the royal family, and banned her in the name of the royal family. From then on, there is no such artist as Jasmine in the world, and she can’t get any resources.

“And your friend Su Xiaomeng, we have also issued a notification here. From now on she will be a friend of our royal family, and our royal entertainment resources will fully support your friend!

“The other party seemed to be afraid that Dustin Zhou would be angry, and said all his sincerity in one breath. Dustin Zhou was a little dumb. How could he be angry. Originally just asking for help, now the other party’s sincerity is so full.

, He is too late to thank, what can be angry about?

But the other party doesn’t think so?

As the royal family, they didn’t have the arrogance that the royal family should have in front of Dustin Zhou.

“Master Zhou, this matter is our royal family’s fault. Our royal family deserves to die. In order to make up for our fault, we have decided to give you one half of the property under the royal family’s name, and hope you don’t refuse.” Dustin Zhou Straightforward.

Is this royal family so generous?

One opening is one-half of the industry?

How many one-half can they give away?

If they offend Dustin Zhou again next time, they will simply send the entire royal family to Dustin Zhou!

This kind of gift, Dustin Zhou, is definitely unacceptable. He hurriedly said, “It’s not necessary, you just deal with this matter, and you can contact again when you have time.” After finishing speaking, Dustin Zhou hurriedly hung up the phone. .

After hanging up the phone, he breathed a sigh of relief for fear that he had just agreed to the other party’s condition by accident.

Because of the hands-free operation just now, Dustin Zhou came back to his senses and found that both Yang Jie and Su Xiaomeng were looking at him with stunned expressions.

This Dustin Zhou is too bullish!

The other party is the royal family!

Dustin Zhou didn’t do anything, just made a phone call and scared that royal family member into that way?

Moreover, the other party can give one-half of Dustin Zhou’s royal family’s property as soon as he opens his mouth.

It is very possible that even the emperor of the royal family may be.

A dignified emperor, when facing Dustin Zhou, he was so scared!

What is this concept!

Sister Yang has no doubts, if Dustin Zhou just said that the royal family should be dissolved directly, then the royal family is really likely to be dissolved in place!

What kind of deterrence and appeal is this!

Of course, Dustin Zhou himself never thought of this.

He gave a dry laugh and said to Su Xiaomeng, “Okay Xiaomeng, now that the matter is resolved, you can continue to enter the world.” “No one will stop you now!” This is definitely not a problem. After all, Jasmine was directly banned because it blocked Su Xiaomeng. In this way, other artists who wanted to stop Su Xiaomeng would have to weigh their own backgrounds.

It can be said that Dustin Zhou’s move is not just Jasmine alone.

Moreover, the act of knocking the mountain to shock the tiger directly shocked all the artists who were dissatisfied with Su Xiaomeng!

Chapter 921

Although Dustin Zhou was an unintentional act, this behavior deeply moved sister Yang and Su Xiaomeng.

Su Xiaomeng hung directly on Dustin Zhou’s neck, “Brother Dustin Zhou, thank you so much this time!” Sister Yang

It also said, “Master Zhou, this time it really depends on you.” “Xiaomeng is able to enter the international market, and my company will also step onto a new level relatively speaking.” At this time, Sister Yang, Where is there a little bit of dissatisfaction in your eyes?

She almost treated Dustin Zhou as her grandfather.

Dustin Zhou was also a little helpless about this, even he himself couldn’t figure it out. Could it be that his power was already so great?

Even the royal family rushed to fawn on themselves?

After solving the matter, Dustin Zhou accompanied Su Xiaomeng for a conversation, and then left the hotel.

Dustin Zhou was a little silent after leaving the hotel.

Originally intending to accept his current identity, he struggled again in his heart.

His strength seemed to far exceed his own imagination.

He decided to go back to Zhou’s house and take a look to see how great his power was.

Zhoujia in Beijing.

Dustin Zhou, who had lost his memory, didn’t even know where Zhou’s family was, and he didn’t even remember any acquaintances of Zhou’s family.

If you insist, it is Asher Chen and Shui Bingyue.

These two people came from Zhou’s family. Now that they have returned to Zhou’s family, these two people should have gone back too.

Dustin Zhou dialed Asher Chen’s phone, and Asher Chen’s voice came directly from the microphone, “Master, what’s your order?” Master?

Dustin Zhou was taken aback for a moment, feeling a little unfamiliar with this title.

Asher Chen called him a young master long ago.

It can be said that Asher Chen was the first person in the Zhou family to identify with Dustin Zhou’s identity.

But at that time Dustin Zhou’s identity could not be revealed, so after Asher Chen secretly called twice in private, he would not call again.

Now that he heard this name from Asher Chen’s mouth, Dustin Zhou felt both familiar and unfamiliar.

He did not refute, but directly stated his needs.

“Uncle Chen, I want to go back to Zhou’s house to take a look.” Asher Chen was silent for a while, “Okay, when will we leave?” “Now,” Dustin Zhou said.

Asher Chen didn’t talk nonsense, and soon drove to pick up Dustin Zhou.

There were Mira Xie and Enderia Shen who came with one of them.

Dustin Zhou frowned. He did not ask Asher Chen to notify Mira Xie and Enderia Shen, so he did not expect them to come.

But now that they have appeared, is it possible that Asher Chen told them behind his back?

Dustin Zhou felt that Asher Chen was not such a person.

Sure enough, Asher Chen himself began to explain, “Because Mrs. Shen was with me before, she was listening when you called.” After Dustin Zhou upset Enderia Shen before, he did not go to coax Enderia Shen, but chose Leave directly.

From then on, Enderia Shen became aware of Dustin Zhou’s

The status is wrong.

She wanted to chase Dustin Zhou, but felt embarrassed, so she didn’t call Dustin Zhou, but went straight to Asher Chen for tea.

Because she thinks Dustin Zhou has a great chance to find Asher Chen to relax.

At that time, you can meet by chance, and then the two sides will open the knot in their hearts.

It’s just that Enderia Shen didn’t expect that she didn’t wait for Dustin Zhou. Instead, Asher Chen received a call from Dustin Zhou and said that she would go back to Zhou’s house.

When Enderia Shen heard this, he immediately called Mira Xie and followed Asher Chen to Dustin Zhou.

“My dear, I have heard about you, you have amnesia, right?” Enderia Shen took the initiative to hold Dustin Zhou’s hand.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t be angry with you, mainly because I don’t know about your amnesia, can you forgive me?” Enderia Shen lowered his head and said with a little woman’s posture.

Dustin Zhou turned to look at Mira Xie.

Mira Xie glared at him, and said in a slightly accusing tone, “You talk about you, even if you have amnesia, you can’t vent your anger with Sister Enderia Shen, right.” “Now I want Sister Enderia Shen to apologize to you, don’t you have to say it is already Forgive her?” Mira Xie’s tone really seemed to be something that can only be said by a elder sister.

Seeing this scene before him, Dustin Zhou felt helpless.

It’s not that he can’t forgive Enderia Shen.

But he felt that Enderia Shen didn’t need his forgiveness at all.

It was his mistake to say this accurately. It was because he should apologize to Enderia Shen. After all, he turned around and left after he made Enderia Shen upset.

But now, before he had time to apologize to Enderia Shen, Enderia Shen came to the door first.

Seeing the former Bingberg president slightly bending over in front of him with a cautious look, Dustin Zhou felt helpless.

When did Enderia Shen become like this?

And Mira Xie, although Mira Xie was quite normal when talking to him, he even felt like a wealthy wife, he could grasp the overall situation in his words.

But Dustin Zhou felt that she was too polite to herself.

He was so polite that he felt unfamiliar, as if every word of Mira Xie was purposeful, dealing with problems in an official manner.

This made Dustin Zhou feel very upset.

But it was just unhappy. The two women in front of him could be said to be the two most important women to him.

So no matter how upset he is, he will eventually try to adjust, and then reconcile as before.

So Dustin Zhou adjusted his mentality and said to Enderia Shen, “Sister Shen, you don’t have to apologize to me. I didn’t think about it well. I should apologize to you.” “Sorry!” Dustin Zhou bent down and bowed. Bow, very sincere

Said, “It’s because my amnesia affects my mood. I don’t care about your feelings only for my own mood.” “I hope you don’t mind.” After Dustin Zhou finished speaking, he straightened up.

But when he saw the people around him, he found that their faces were all shocked and incredible.

What’s wrong?

Dustin Zhou was a little puzzled, he had already apologized, and everyone should have been reconciled now, right, why are you so shocked?

This should be a good thing, everyone should be happy at this time, right?

He looked at everyone with a puzzled expression.

“Master, how can you apologize!” At this time, Asher Chen pulled Dustin Zhou aside with a serious expression.

“You are the body of ten thousand gold, the dignified emperor of warriors, and the young master of the Zhou family, the first family in the East, how can you apologize to a woman!” Asher Chen said very seriously, and it seemed that the matter was very serious.

But what is so serious about this kind of thing?

Why can’t I apologize?

Chapter 922

Dustin Zhou felt that he had never been a person who could not afford to lose.

You have to behave righteously, sit upright, and stand upright even if you make a mistake.

This is what an upright man should look like.

If people don’t offend me, I don’t offend others.

But in the same way, if you do something wrong, you must dare to admit your mistakes.

Regarding Enderia Shen’s matter, it was obvious that he was wrong, so he did not hesitate to apologize.

But now Asher Chen says that he cannot apologize. What is the reason?

Vaguely, Dustin Zhou seemed to have found the reason why he had been unhappy.

“Of course you can’t apologize, you are the young master of the Zhou family,” Asher Chen said seriously, “you represent the face of the entire Zhou family. It is because of you that the Zhou family became the first family in the East.” “In other words. , Your every move alone represents the attitude of the entire Zhou family.” “If you are seen by others as you apologize, where do you put the face of the Zhou family?” “That is the first family in the East. Did you bow your head casually?” Dustin Zhou was taken aback.

It quickly became clear what Asher Chen meant.

Moreover, it makes sense.

This is like, the ancient emperor made a mistake, and he himself absolutely cannot admit it.

No one else would let him admit it.

What’s the joke, how could the emperor make a mistake?

“But, Enderia Shen is not an outsider, she is our own!” Dustin Zhou still wanted to explain something, but Asher Chen interrupted him directly, “That’s just what you think.” “If you return to Zhou’s house, you How would you like to apologize in your room with Madam Shen?

It’s all right.

“Even if you play some weird games with her, it is no problem to kneel on the ground and ride her as a horse, but outside, in front of other people, you absolutely can’t apologize!

“This example can also be compared to the ancient emperor. If you really feel guilty to someone, you can compensate him in private, but you must never apologize in public. Because the royal majesty cannot be lost. Don’t be small. Look at this majesty. In fact, in ancient times, the reason why the royal family was strong was related to the majesty to a large extent. Everyone knew that the royal family was noble and could not be provoked, so no one would easily try to challenge it. But if the royal family is only powerful, but very easy-going and easy to talk, then some other powerful families will not treat the royal family with such respect. In many cases, it may be unintentional and will make provocative actions. At this time, if there are more provocative people, the status of the royal family will naturally not be preserved. This truth can also be compared to Dustin Zhou. The dignity of the first family in the East cannot be provoked. Anyone facing Dustin Zhou was still the Zhou family. Everyone must maintain a trembling posture, just like when Dustin Zhou called the rice empire royal family, the other party’s attitude could be called trembling. At that time, Dustin Zhou made a fatal mistake. His tone of voice Too kind! With a kind tone, the other party is easy to wonder, the heirs of the first family in the dignified East, why do they treat themselves so easily? They will feel that they are too strong, or that the strength of the Zhou family is weak. , The trouble may come to Zhou’s house. It just so happened that Dustin Zhou’s phone rang, it was from the royal family of the Rice Empire. “Hello.

Dustin Zhou answered the phone. “Hello, is it Mr. Zhou?”

“The other party’s tone sounded a lot calmer this time, and there was a vague feeling of sitting on an equal footing with Dustin Zhou. Dustin Zhou didn’t take it too seriously, but said casually, “Yes, what’s the matter with you?”

“That’s Mr. Zhou, didn’t we promise to compensate you half of the royal family’s property before?”

You seem to have refused.

“I want to confirm, are you really not wanting it?”

Dustin Zhou’s eyes narrowed. Because after hearing what Asher Chen said just now, he was already vigilant. So he said, “No, I want, when do you plan to transfer those industries to my name?”

“The other party was taken aback for a moment, obviously did not think why Dustin Zhou suddenly became stronger. But the other party still said, “You want it, Mr. Zhou like this, because we have some problems in the industry chain recently, such as

If you want one-half of our industry, you may have to wait for a while, and it may not be convenient to go through the formalities now.

On the surface, these words sounded very polite and polite, and it seems that they are indeed on the weak side. But compared with the previous attitude, it is already a farewell! This is a provocation! The other party is testing! Test Dustin Zhou The bottom line! Sure enough, if you are a little more easygoing, will it arouse other people’s covetous heart? Dustin Zhou did not answer the other party, but coldly hung up the phone and looked at Asher Chen. Asher Chen nodded at him. That meant. It’s just saying, let’s see, that’s the case. If you let others see Dustin Zhou apologize to Enderia Shen, the influence might not be a little bit. Once it’s okay, if Dustin Zhou does more things like this, the whole Zhou family will be very good. Maybe it will gradually decline. “You are now the first heir to the Zhou family. You can’t just consider your own feelings, because your every move will have a great impact on the Zhou family, understand?

“Asher Chen said earnestly. At this point, Dustin Zhou can be regarded as fully understand what is going on. However, he was a bit unwilling. He became the emperor of warriors and the heir of the first family in the East, but he could not live. Does he look like himself? In fact, it is not just himself, but also the people around him. Asher Chen was more like an elder, guiding his growth, but now he is more like a Butler. He doesn’t think about himself. He doesn’t follow him just because he appreciates himself. He thinks more about the entire Zhou family. The same goes for Mira Xie. Mira Xie has also changed, and he treats himself in an official manner. You can’t see anything on the surface casually, but Dustin Zhou can feel it. The two are directly separated by another layer. As for Enderia Shen, let alone Enderia Shen. As a little woman, Enderia Shen doesn’t seem to consider the family so much, but When she faced Dustin Zhou, she was always cautious. She was no longer the former President Shen who dared to love and hate, but became a downright little woman. As for other people, such as those from the Xie family, it seems that It seems that their attitude towards themselves has changed for the better, but their nature has not changed.

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