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Chapter 854

Sun Qiankun did not speak, his face was calm, and he stared ahead.

The six great worships also have a calm complexion, and there is no emotional change on each face.

On the contrary, the remaining consecrations and some of the core members of the Sun family looked at each other, looking at each other, and then at Sun Qiankun and the six major consecrations, and they were puzzled.

They didn’t even know what happened. Suddenly, they were summoned by Sun Qiankun and said that they wanted to discuss matters.

However, since the Sun family became one of the best first-class families in the East China Sea, it has been a long time since there has been such a large-scale gathering of such people to discuss matters together.

Although nothing could be seen from the faces of Sun Qiankun and the six great worshippers, everyone knew that something big must have happened.

Otherwise, if nothing major happens, if so many people are gathered to discuss the matter, it will definitely cause panic among many people, and even make the whole Sun family chaotic.

Just, what’s the big event recently?

Everyone is thinking hard, Donghai, and even the whole country, it seems that there is nothing worthy of the Sun family’s fanfare.

If you have to say something, there is one thing that can barely be counted.

It’s just that… Everyone was shocked and they thought that a few days ago, in Avaria, Dustin Zhou and Su’s family reached an intent to cooperate and threatened to destroy the Xu family. After that, the two parties reunited in Avaria. No one knew about them. What was discussed in it.

But after they came out, the two sides kept moving with each other, as if they were preparing to destroy the Xu family.

If there is any major event that will allow Sun Qiankun to convene everyone for discussion, I am afraid that this is the only one.

…… Everyone has

Looking at Sun Qiankun, they could not guess the true meaning of this incident.

And since Sun Qiankun called everyone to come, he must have something to say to everyone.

, Sun Qiankun looked at the crowd with an indifferent expression.

However, in fact, he was a little confused.

How long has it been, Sun Qiankun can’t remember how long he hasn’t been in such a mess like today.

Just now, he got the news that Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen had returned.

Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen left their home for three days, and Sun Qiankun knew exactly where they had gone.

However, he didn’t know what purpose Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen had gone there.

However, even though he didn’t know, Sun Qiankun was unwilling to stand still.

Judging from the situation of Dustin Zhou and the Su family, they have already made up their minds to compete with the Xu family.

And if the Sun family didn’t do anything at this time, it was obviously not in line with the Sun family’s status in the East China Sea.

Dustin Zhou and the Su family joined forces and threatened to destroy the Xu family.

There are only two possible outcomes.

First, Dustin Zhou and the Su family lost, and the Xu family won.

Under this circumstance, Dustin Zhou and Su’s family may be completely depressed. Even this huge East China Sea does not have a place for them. The Xu family will never let them stay in the East China Sea, not to mention the resurgence of Dongshan. Dustin Zhou and the Su family would be given such an opportunity, even if this opportunity was so small, the Xu family would not allow it.

However, such consequences are also very obvious.

Dustin Zhou and the Su family wanted to destroy the Xu family, but if they failed, they would surely anger the Xu family and make the Xu family very angry and unhappy.

After the failure of Dustin Zhou and the Su family, no one knew whether the Xu family was bleated and relieved, and whether the anger against Dustin Zhou and the Su family would be vented to other families in the East China Sea.

So at this time, other families in the East China Sea will be under great pressure, and there will be an unknown future.

In the second type, Dustin Zhou and the Su family succeeded together and really destroyed the Xu family.

Under such circumstances, Dustin Zhou and Su’s reputation in the East China Sea will reach an unprecedented culmination, surpassing the Sun, Ding, and all other families in one fell swoop, becoming the giants of the entire East China Sea, full of majesty.

At this time, when the Xu family is destroyed, the legacy of the Xu family will become the spoils of Dustin Zhou and the Su family. They will even use the power of destroying the Xu family to further expand and strengthen in the East China Sea. In many respects, More than the Sun family.

In this case, the position of the Sun family in the East China Sea would be very embarrassing.

After all, they threatened to confront the Xu family head-on, but their Sun family.

However, after Dustin Zhou and the Su family joined forces, the Sun family did not show up when they confronted the Xu family.

People thought it was the Sun family’s timid and fearful, afraid to confront the Xu family head-on. He vowed to insist on the Xu family before, but it was just a perfunctory rhetoric.

Therefore, in both cases, the Sun family will have two results.

The first one, the Xu family won, Dustin Zhou and the Su family failed, and the Sun family accepted the Xu family’s anger.

Under the suppression of the Xu family, he was devastated.

Second, the Xu family loses and Dustin Zhou and Su family win. Then the Sun family will act cautiously under the joint hands of Dustin Zhou and Su family.

However, these two results were not what Sun Qiankun wanted.

At least, his Sun Qiankun can’t be said by others, he is a timid person who can only cheer.

As for the Xu family, even if it is a hidden family, it is only a family. Is it possible that the Xu family really dare to confront all the Donghai families?

“Be quiet.” Sun Qiankun spoke slowly, his voice a little low.

At this moment, everyone was quiet, and everyone’s eyes fell on Sun Qiankun, wanting to know what was going on when he called everyone here.

“Everyone, Dustin Zhou and the Su family joined forces and threatened to destroy the Xu family. I think you have all heard about it, and there may be people who may doubt it. But what I want to say is that this is true. Destroy the Xu family.” Sun Qiankun’s face is very serious, and there is a rare solemnity.


The lobby became quiet for an instant, but the next second, it exploded.

“Let me just say that Dustin Zhou and the Su family really joined forces.” “Where did they get such courage to start with the Xu family, don’t they want to think about the consequences?” “Who knows, but just The strength of their current exposure is not bad.” “Yes, after all, the number of martial masters alone is already more than our Sun family.” “But, can they win?” “Then we What is the Sun family going to do, do you want to be with them?” … Everyone talked a lot, and the expressions on their faces changed unpredictably.

Although they had seen from many aspects before, Dustin Zhou and the Su family did have the intention of joining forces against the Xu family, but no one told them for sure, so they just thought about it in their hearts.

But now, someone told them that this matter was true, and that it was the Sun’s person who said it himself, Sun Qiankun, who said it in front of so many people, everyone immediately believed it.

Immediately after that, a question that lingered in everyone’s mind was what their Sun family would do.

Chapter 855

“Second Lord, he Dustin Zhou and the Su family have joined forces to deal with the Xu family, then do our Sun family…” One of the priests said, while the others listened carefully.

After all, if the Sun family wants to move, then they all

If you don’t listen to Sun Qiankun carefully at this time, you may be at a loss.

“Yeah, can our Sun family really do nothing and watch him Dustin Zhou and Su family deal with Xu family?” “If they really win, then they will suddenly surpass us in many aspects. “As long as they still want to win, don’t be kidding.” … Everyone talked in a low voice, but each one was still paying attention to what the Sun family was going to do next.

“Okay, I thought a lot. At first, I also thought about whether to act, but then I figured it out. Dustin Zhou and the Su family joined forces to destroy the Xu family. The Xu family is a hermit family. It’s arrogant, and I definitely can’t stand the rampage of Dustin Zhou and Su’s family.” “However, we don’t know the true strength of both of them, so it’s hard to guess who loses and who wins, so my plan is to despite the changes. “The meaning of watching the changes is not that we do nothing, but that we let them fight first, and wait until both sides show their true strength, and when one party shows fatigue, at that time, Our Sun family is attacking with all strength to defeat the other party.” “In this case, no matter what the result is, our Sun family will be invincible, and this is the best way I can think of.” “Of course. If any of you has a better way, you can also say it, let everyone listen to it, and refer to it.” Sun Qiankun said in a deep voice, looking around everyone, and seeing the changes in the expressions on everyone’s face. , The attitudes and emotions towards everyone in my heart suddenly became clear.

However, if you want to really concentrate the strength of the Sun family and use them in one place, you still need to work harder.

After all, the Sun family is also a big family with various branches, among which the relationship of interest is far from being able to be stated clearly in a moment.

However, these are not important to Sun Qiankun.

What he has to do is to unite in the Sun family when he is outside, and he does not allow anyone to have other thoughts when he is outside.

Therefore, he will call everyone over at this time.

Sun Qiankun wanted to see what everyone else in the Sun family thought about Dustin Zhou and Su family’s joint efforts to deal with Xu family.

After Sun Qiankun finished speaking, everyone was silent.

What Sun Qiankun said just now made them very surprised, and at the same time they suddenly felt awe-inspiring.

Everyone is not a fool, and can hear a hint of other meaning from Sun Qiankun’s words just now.

This is a reminder and a warning!

Everyone knew it well and didn’t say much.

At this time, it’s better to be quiet and safe, otherwise Sun Qiankun will be suspicious.

The dumb eats coptis, and there is hardship to tell.

Seeing the crowd, Sun Qiankun nodded in satisfaction.

Recently, especially after the news of the birth of the Xu family came out, he also discovered that many people in the Sun family were born with other thoughts.

As the current speaker of the Sun family, Sun Qiankun naturally wanted to choke this sign to death.

However, it is not advisable to do so by force, so Sun Qiankun has been standing still, just looking for a chance to attack.

However, as Dustin Zhou and the Su family joined forces, and the time when the Xu family was born is approaching, the time left for Sun Qiankun is getting less and less, so he will gather everyone together today to warn those with ulterior motives. , A little peace.

“Okay, you all go back, get ready.” “Six offerings, please wait a moment.” Sun Qiankun asked the others to leave, but only left the six offerings.

Soon, Sun Qiankun and the six worshippers were left in the lobby.

The six worshippers did not speak, but looked at Sun Qiankun one after another.

Although they are all worshipped by the Sun family, and all of them are in the realm of the martial master, but among these six people, four are the elders of the Sun family.

“Guests, you have heard what you said just now, that Dustin Zhou and the Su family have joined forces to deal with the Xu family. What do you think is their chance of winning?” Sun Qiankun asked in a deep voice.

At the moment, only seven of them can he talk about some more sensitive and important topics.

With so many people there just now, he didn’t know if some of them were thinking outward and would spread his words, so Sun Qiankun didn’t say anything.

“As far as the current situation is concerned, there are already eight people in the state of martial masters shown by Dustin Zhou and the Su family, and there are four martial masters in the Su family. We know this and will not change, but Dustin Zhou, Are there only four martial masters around? No one knows, so this is the biggest variable.” Dazhufeng said Shen Sheng.

They had already known about Dustin Zhou and the Su family’s cooperation, and even two of them had gone to Avaria with Sun Qiankun at the time, and they had also seen four worshippers around Dustin Zhou.

“The situation of Dustin Zhou, we also know, how can there be so many martial masters around him? We can understand a Niu Chuan. After all, he followed Dustin Zhou very early, but what about the other three? It seems like suddenly We haven’t heard of it before.” “So I suspect that there might be another force planning something behind that Dustin Zhou.” The two priests also said, the two who went to Avaria He is one of the offerings.

When Sun Qiankun heard this, his eyes suddenly narrowed, and his heart was somewhat clear.

Indeed, these things,

He didn’t care too much at first.

But thinking about it now, they all know about Dustin Zhou’s situation. A Niu Chuan is a martial master, and it’s still the past, but what is the situation of the three martial masters that appeared behind?

Nobody knows.

If there is really another force behind Dustin Zhou, then they can come up with three martial masters, not necessarily five, ten, or even more martial masters.

As a result, Dustin Zhou and the Su family joined forces, and at the level of force, they were not too far behind the Xu family.

“Moreover, in the past few days, didn’t you investigate that Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen went to many places together? There are also the Tiandi Financial Building and Sainty Wharf. I wondered if he went to help, or that Dustin Zhou was behind Who are the people?” One of the priest asked, his face full of deep meaning.

At this time, Dustin Zhou was not prepared to face the Xu family, and went to so many places with Asher Chen, especially two of them, they were existences that even their Sun family could not ignore. This inevitably made people think about it.

“It’s very possible, but now the situation is unknown, we are still not sure, otherwise, Qiankun, you contact the Ding family to see if they have any other ideas?”

Chapter 856

(1) It is very valuable for reference.

But after Sun Qiankun thought twice, he refused.

“It’s not the time to ventilate with the Ding family. Right now, the Ding family is still taking measures to stand up. They simply don’t have the courage to face the Xu family head-on, so even if they know something, they won’t take the initiative.” When the Ding family has to act, let’s contact them. At the moment, we still have to send someone to watch Dustin Zhou to see what he wants to do, and the Su family still cannot relax.” Sun Qiankun said in a deep voice. .

At this moment, the Sun family was ready at all times, waiting for Dustin Zhou to confront the Xu family head-on, and then they could deal with it and fight for the Sun family’s benefits.

The situation of the Ding family is much more harmonious than that of the Sun family.

Ding Zhengyi was very satisfied with his decision.

What kind of existence the Xu family, the hidden family, are extremely powerful, and how can they be compared to these families.

As for the Sun family, he even wanted to go head-on with the Xu family, but wasn’t this also because of the thunder and the rain, and there was no movement.

However, when Ding Zhengyi thought of Dustin Zhou and the Su family, his face was full of sneers.

Two guys who didn’t know the heights of the sky and the earth were still brazen and wanted to destroy the Xu family.

If you two cooperate, you can destroy the Xu family, then how could the Xu family become a hidden family? In the past few decades, even hundreds of years, hasn’t it

Those who have hatred with the Xu family have never thought of cooperating and then destroying the Xu family?


However, the end result of what they did was only one.

That was a failure, suppressed by the Xu family, and lost forever.

In Ding Zhengyi’s view, Dustin Zhou and the Su family joined forces, and there was only one result, and that was their own destruction, and no place for them in the East China Sea.

“I really don’t know how high the sky is!” Ding Zhengyi sneered, looking at the thin ice that had just melted in the pond in front of him, in a good mood.

… On the other hand, Dustin Zhou, who had rested for a day, also came to Su’s house.

When he and Asher Chen contacted the Zhou family’s agent in the East China Sea before, they had not told Su Shiming, so Su Shiming didn’t know yet.

As soon as Dustin Zhou arrived at Su’s house, Su Shiming was hurriedly invited to the chamber.

Su Shiming, the Patriarch of the Su Family, the four major consecrations, Su Wei, and some core members whom Su Shiming absolutely trusts are all present, and they all look at Dustin Zhou with anticipation in their eyes.

After all, Dustin Zhou gave them a lot of surprises before, but this time, the two sides cooperated to destroy the Xu family, so everyone wanted to hear what other arrangements Dustin Zhou had.

At least, in terms of strength, what Dustin Zhou showed was no weaker than that of the Su family, and even the hidden strength behind it.

It is much stronger than the Su family.

“Dustin Zhou, in the past few days, where have you been? I have asked people to find you, but I can’t find it. Now that time is so tight, don’t you lose the chain, okay.” Su Shiming looked a little ugly, he looked Dustin Zhou panicked.

He has been in a state of anxiety these days.

Since reaching the final cooperation intention with Dustin Zhou at Avaria, Su Shiming’s spirit has been tense.

The huge Su family, based in the East China Sea for decades, is likely to face a life or death decision because of one of his decisions.

Therefore, after returning, Su Shiming has been actively preparing, and when he is ready to confront the Xu family, he can have a better state and confidence to deal with.

And he is also going to discuss with Dustin Zhou about some details of the fight with the Xu family.

However, what surprised Su Shiming was that he sent someone to contact Dustin Zhou, but he couldn’t contact him anyway.

Even if he called Dustin Zhou himself, he couldn’t get through.

Su Shiming panicked immediately, thinking that Dustin Zhou ran away because of fear.

Fortunately, he finally got the news yesterday that Dustin Zhou came back, and only then called Dustin Zhou in the morning and invited him to come to Su’s house to discuss matters.

“Haha, isn’t this something going out? Besides, although we said that we would destroy the Xu family, we are not in a hurry. We should prepare a little bit. We should have something.” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly and said to Su Shi

Ming showed rush, and didn’t care at all.

He didn’t know if Su Shiming was really anxious, or pretending to be anxious, wanting Dustin Zhou to come up with something and confidence that could comfort them.

But that is not important.

Dustin Zhou went out this time, and it can be said that he has gained a lot, and his protection against the Xu family is a little bit more.

Thinking of this, the smile on Dustin Zhou’s face grew thicker and he looked at Su Shiming, softly relieved.

“Patriarch Su, to be honest, you don’t have to be so nervous. The Xu family is a hidden family with a huge background, but we are not a single existence that can be underestimated.” “You have seen it before. At the level of military force, we are not afraid of the Xu family at all.” “And we should focus on the economic and industrial layout now.” “The Xu family is a good family in the hidden world, but since he chose to be born, he must follow the outside world. These families are the same, at least they must have their own industry, otherwise, a big family, how to support it?” “However, the Xu family has been hidden for so long, and if it emerges, can it be well distributed and feed the big family? It’s not that simple.” Dustin Zhou said lightly, with a confident smile on his face.

This made Su Shiming and the others look at each other, and they all felt that Dustin Zhou’s words were very reasonable and they had no way to refute them, but in the final analysis, Dustin Zhou, they also knew that there was nothing in emptiness and there was no substantive content.

“Dustin Zhou, what you said, I understand, but the Xu family is not an ordinary family. If he can exist for such a long time, there must be a lot of background information that we don’t know. Although they have to re-layout the industry, but with the background of the Xu family, It takes a very short time to lay out the industry,” Su Shiming said in a deep voice.

He didn’t care about Dustin Zhou’s remarks just now. He just wanted to get everything ready. In this way, when the Xu family made the shots, they would be prepared and able to go step by step calmly.

“Haha, that’s right, so I’m not at home or in the company these days, just to find and deal with the Xu family’s industrial layout measures. I want to make Xu family difficult to move in the East China Sea!” Dustin Zhou said confidently.

As soon as these words were said, everyone was shocked. They looked at Dustin Zhou one by one, some of them were puzzled, some were very excited, and some were not convinced, with mixed expressions.

It’s really what Dustin Zhou said just now, a little too big, and it shocked them a little bit.

Dustin Zhou is not in the company these days. He is looking for someone to prevent the Xu family from deploying the industry in the East China Sea?

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