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Chapter 506

However, with a trace of doubt in her heart, Jiang Yan still glanced at Dustin Zhou secretly when she passed by Dustin Zhou.

After all, although Enderia Shen said that just now, Jiang Yan didn’t think Dustin Zhou would be such a person.

It’s just that now she is being held by Enderia Shen, and she is too embarrassed to break free. She can only give Dustin Zhou a self-conscious look, let Dustin Zhou figure it out, and she can’t do anything.

Seeing these two women passing in front of him, they still didn’t mean to talk to him at all, Dustin Zhou felt helpless.

God knows it’s just such a coincidence. As soon as Ye Fang left, she was seen by Enderia Shen and Jiang Yan, and they also misunderstood. Enderia Shen was even more sarcastic.

Although Dustin Zhou didn’t think that Enderia Shen was really ridiculing himself, it was an indisputable fact that Ye Fang left his room.

However, Dustin Zhou felt that she should not have misunderstood Enderia Shen as a person.

What’s more, Enderia Shen should know something about himself, is he really like such an anxious person?

However, after seeing Jiang Yan seem to be getting better, and after passing in front of him, giving himself a look, Dustin Zhou also relaxed.

Although he

I know that Enderia Shen and Jiang Yan may have similar experiences and can enlighten Jiang Yan and help Jiang Yan get out of the corner.

But Dustin Zhou also had no confidence in his heart. He didn’t know if Enderia Shen could really enlighten Jiang Yan and how long it would take.

Unexpectedly, in such a short time, only more than two hours, Enderia Shen had already let Jiang Yan out of the horns, and now the situation is not bad.

However, I can’t just be misunderstood by them.

If Enderia Shen added fuel and jealousy to say this, and made Mira Xie, Ling Jie, and Chen Xin all have different views of him, then it would be a bad thing.

Fortunately, Mira Xie said that she is her own wife, who knows herself and should be able to believe in herself.

But Chen Xin and Ling sister are different, they don’t know themselves deeply enough, I am afraid they will really misunderstand themselves.

“Haha, Bijun, Jiang Yan, you are misunderstanding, how could I do that? Someone did leave my room just now, but she is Ye Fang, the second largest shareholder of the Liushi branch, come to me Something…” Dustin Zhou immediately explained with a light smile and followed the two women behind them.

He doesn’t really need to explain what to make them believe, but, as partners, sometimes, doing an explanation like this can actually promote the relationship between each other better.

Dustin Zhou kept explaining behind Enderia Shen and Jiang Yan.

But Enderia Shen pretended not to understand, or even didn’t want to listen, blindly pulling Jiang Yan forward, even moving faster and faster.

But Jiang Yan looked at Dustin Zhou helplessly, and cast a look at him.

Seeing this, Dustin Zhou knew that no matter whether it was Enderia Shen or Jiang Yan, they did not misunderstand themselves, and they did it just for fun.

After a while, the three people came to the door of Mira Xie’s room.

Knocked on the door, Chen Xin took the lead to open the door, and all of a sudden he saw Dustin Zhou, Enderia Shen, and Jiang Yan standing at the door with a smile on their faces.

The smile on Dustin Zhou’s face was even worse.

“Big Brother Dustin Zhou, Sister Shen, Sister Jiang, you are here.” Chen Xin said with a smile. Seeing Jiang Yan with a smile on her face, not as stiff as before, she guessed an idea in her heart.

When he saw Enderia Shen also smiling, Chen Xin knew that Jiang Yan was fine.

Especially when Dustin Zhou looked at him and smiled more, Chen Xin only felt full of joy.

Is it because I have flowers on my face today, or is it better?

Otherwise, why would Brother Dustin Zhou look at him and smile so happy.

“Little Yan’er.” When she heard Chen Xin’s voice, Sister Ling rushed over and squeezed Dustin Zhou away from the side. She took Jiang Yan’s arm and looked up and down, for fear of what Jiang Yan had done.


However, seeing Jiang Yan’s situation seems to be quite different from before, especially when Jiang Yan patted the back of her hand lightly with her backhand, and when she watched her smile slightly, Sister Ling was relieved and looked at Enderia Shen’s side. His eyes are also grateful.

“Sister Ling, I’m okay, so you worry about it.” Jiang Yan said with a chuckle, and then looked at Chen Xin and Mira Xie’s gazes, also grateful.

She got into the tip of the horns before and looked stiff and sluggish, but it was not that she was indifferent to what was happening outside.

On the contrary, she has a clear sense of what is happening outside.

Jiang Yan also saw everyone’s care and concern for her. Now that she stepped out of this horn, she naturally wanted to express her gratitude.

“That’s good, I really don’t understand you. I have to drill some horns, why do you want to do so much? Like me, isn’t it great?” Sister Ling complained a little, especially when she saw Jiang Yan looking at Dustin Zhou’s eyes. There was something faintly wrong, and Dustin Zhou seemed to have a much closer relationship with Jiang Yan than before.

At this moment, Sister Ling became vigilant.

What does Dustin Zhou want to do this time?

Dustin Zhou probably didn’t hear what they said in the room just now. He himself said that he had just arrived here and accidentally kicked the potted plant.

However, for nothing, Dustin Zhou actually stood so close to Jiang Yan.

If he hadn’t just squeezed Dustin Zhou aside, maybe he would have already been hit by Jiang Yan now.

This is something that Sister Ling dislikes very much.

Glancing at Dustin Zhou, expressing her dissatisfaction, Sister Ling, regardless of Dustin Zhou’s other thoughts, directly pulled Jiang Yan into the room and sat down.

As for Dustin Zhou, he should be able to understand his warning just now.

The look in his eyes is so fierce, and the warning should be very obvious. As long as Dustin Zhou is not a Tie Hanhan, he should know how to do it.

“Hehe, the effect is not bad, plus, Jiang Yan actually didn’t drill so deep into the horns, so I just enlightened a little bit and she walked out by herself.” Enderia Shen said with a smile, and walked directly into the room.

He didn’t mention at all about the fact that a woman left Dustin Zhou’s room just now, nor did he ever ask the truth about Dustin Zhou.

“What the hell did you tell Xiao Yan’er, she is like two people before.” Sister Ling pulled Jiang Yan with a distressed look, and looked at Enderia Shen with curiosity.

She has known Jiang Yan for a longer time than everyone present, and Sister Ling thinks that her relationship with Jiang Yan is deeper than everyone present.

However, when Jiang Yan drilled the horns of the horns, there was no way he could help Jiang Yan to get out of the horns.

As for what experience is similar, I was ignored by Sister Ling directly.

What, in the eyes of Sister Ling, what Dustin Zhou said about the similar experience is simply self-deception.


Everyone has his own life, whether rich or poor, pretending to be strong or weak, it is different, even the degree may be different.

Chapter 507

(1) No matter what happens, who can say that he has a similar experience with another person?

So Ling sister now has some doubts in her heart. Just now, she told Enderia Shen that Jiang Yan might have a good impression of Dustin Zhou. When Enderia Shen will not be in the room when there is no one in the room, let Jiang Yan instill the idea of ​​having a good impression of Dustin Zhou.

You know, when Enderia Shen enlightened Jiang Yan, they didn’t know what Enderia Shen did or said.

In addition, Jiang Yan appeared in front of her again, smiling at Dustin Zhou, and the two were very close.

All these made Ling sister doubt Baisheng in her heart.

She has already decided that when there is no one, she must carefully question Xiao Yan’er, what exactly did Enderia Shen say to her.

After all, Enderia Shen can be said to be Dustin Zhou’s person. Sister Ling would not doubt that she did anything useful to Dustin Zhou.

In addition, Jiang Yan is so beautiful, even she is greedy to drool, not to mention that kid Dustin Zhou.

Surrounded by a few women, still contented, they dare to have ideas about Jiang Yan.

and many more!

Okay, Dustin Zhou, you don’t know whether to live or die. I have already warned him just now, and even gave him a vicious look in his eyes to make him recognize himself, be careful, and don’t have any thoughts about Jiang Yan.

But now, how long has this passed, and are there two minutes?

That Dustin Zhou turned his eyes on Jiang Yan again.

This is simply not taking my sister Ling’s warning seriously.

What is this going to do?

court death!

Sister Ling was so angry, but there are so many people here, and almost all of them are Dustin Zhou’s people, and because Enderia Shen helped Jiang Yan get out of the horns just now, so Sister Ling is not easy to get angry directly.

However, Sister Ling has already decided that when there is no one, she must find an opportunity to clean up Dustin Zhou and let him know how stupid and arrogant it is to ignore her warning.

However, now that kid Dustin Zhou keeps his eyes on Jiang Yan, sister Ling is very upset.

“Little Yan’er, come and sit here.” Sister Ling curled her lips and pulled Jiang Yan to her right, while she was blocking between Jiang Yan and Dustin Zhou, blocking Dustin Zhou’s sight.

In this way, even if Dustin Zhou wanted to see Jiang Yan, he would not see it fully, and even if he had any other ideas, he would not have it fully.

“What do you look at? Look again, I dug out your eyeballs!” Seeing Dustin Zhou’s eyes still fall on Jiang Yan from time to time, Sister Ling felt suffocated in her heart.

She gave Dustin Zhou a fierce look again, and the meaning of the warning was very obvious. I believe Dustin Zhou would retreat as long as he saw his warning look.

Very good, as expected!

Sister Ling realized that after she gave Dustin Zhou a fierce look once again, Dustin Zhou was stunned for a moment, and then she looked away from Jiang Yan as expected.

This kid is quite self-aware, if so, then when I teach you later, I will definitely do it lightly.

Sister Ling was very proud, feeling that she had guarded her most precious baby, and she held Jiang Yan’s arm with a lot of smiles on her face.

Just looking at it, you can see that Sister Ling must be in a very good mood.

The smile of Sister Ling, in the eyes of Enderia Shen and Mira Xie, represented that Jiang Yan’s excitement and joy after he was well, it was a normal smile.

And their mood also improved.

After all, everyone is a bit of friendship anyway, no one wants to see Jiang Yan always look the same as before, with a dull expression and a stiff face.

Now that Jiang Yan is done, everyone is naturally happy.

However, at this time, Dustin Zhou is probably in the worst mood in the room.

As soon as he entered the room, he was worried about whether Enderia Shen would exaggerately tell a woman from his room and call on everyone to attack him together.

However, until now, Enderia Shen has not said the meaning and signs of this topic.

This made Dustin Zhou feel a little relaxed.

At the very least, looking like this, Enderia Shen shouldn’t intend to say it, or that she has no meaning or thought to say it at all.

This gave Dustin Zhou a long sigh of relief.

Afterwards, he moved his gaze to Jiang Yan.

after all

Dustin Zhou heard what the women said in the room just now.

He heard Sister Ling’s words very clearly, Jiang Yan had a good impression of herself.

In addition, Jiang Yan is now stepping out of the horns, does it mean that he has a clear definition of how he feels?

These are the places that make Dustin Zhou curious.

So he couldn’t help but look at Jiang Yan.

But sister Ling stared at herself once again.

This puzzled Dustin Zhou.

Sister Ling glared at herself just now, and then took Jiang Yan to sit on the bed.

At that time, Dustin Zhou could still understand. After all, Dustin Zhou heard what Ling Sister said, and he could understand her feelings.

Therefore, Dustin Zhou regarded Sister Ling’s initial gaze as a dissatisfaction with herself. After all, it was because of herself that Jiang Yan got into the horns and made everyone worried.

But what does this second look mean?

Moreover, in this look, there seemed to be an interesting threat.

Did Ling sister blame Jiang Yan for the left and right responsibility for getting into the horns?

This shouldn’t be!

Dustin Zhou felt a bit wronged. He obviously had nothing to do with him. Before he heard what Ling said, he didn’t know that Jiang Yan had a good impression of him.

The number of times the two met together, no more than ten times.

Why does Jiang Yan have a good impression of herself?

Dustin Zhou was not convinced. He decided to show his resistance to Sister Ling. You should not blame Jiang Yan for getting into the horns.

This is unfair, and it is also unfounded.

So, seeing a few women chatting happily over there, Dustin Zhou sat on the sofa aside, once again set his eyes on Jiang Yan, and at the same time glanced at Sister Ling lightly.

He wanted to protest to Sister Ling, he was obviously worried about Jiang Yan.

… Sister Ling smiled and listened to Enderia Shen’s words, and glanced slightly in Dustin Zhou’s direction inadvertently.

In the next second, Sister Ling was stunned.

She couldn’t believe her eyes, what did she see just now?

Dustin Zhou’s gaze fell on Jiang Yan once again, not to mention, the kid actually glanced at himself.

What does it mean?

Is this disdain, or provocation?

Sister Ling’s heart exploded.

This week Dustin Zhou ignored his warnings twice and kept his eyes on Jiang Yan, and now he dares to provoke himself.

It is lawless, defiant, I don’t know how high the sky is!

Sister Ling has already decided that when there is no one, she must give Dustin Zhou a severe lesson. This time, not only can’t play lightly, but rather hard, we must let Dustin Zhou remember this lesson well.

To let Dustin Zhou know that ignoring his warnings and provoking himself is definitely not something he can bear!

“Ka Ka


Sister Ling clenched her right fist slightly, and suddenly made a slight clicking sound. And her gaze at Dustin Zhou was also full of chills. This time, no matter what, even if Jiang Yan has a good impression of Dustin Zhou, she must be ruthless. Give Dustin Zhou a lesson.

Chapter 508

No, when I think that Jiang Yan actually has a good impression of this kid, Ling sister feels that she is empty in her heart, and a sense of emptiness arises spontaneously. When Jiang Yan came over, I was happy. But now that I think about it, Jiang Yan has a good impression of Dustin Zhou, and this is not her random guess, she saw it in Jiang’s family. When Jiang Xingyuan mentioned whether Jiang Yan was right When she had any thoughts about Dustin Zhou, Sister Ling clearly saw Jiang Yan’s face flushed, and even the roots of her ears were red. Now thinking about it carefully, Sister Ling thinks she is the Tiehanhan. She likes it the most, and the most. The precious baby has a crush on Dustin Zhou. When she thinks of this, Sister Ling can’t wait to get up, rush to Dustin Zhou and punch him hard to vent her uncomfortable heart…. Dustin Zhou is even more confused. I don’t know what’s wrong with Sister Ling. Obviously, I had a good conversation with Enderia Shen just now, why suddenly a killing intent came out, and Dustin Zhou obviously felt that the killing intent on Sister Ling was clearly directed at him. Come. Damn! What’s this? Did I just look at her and Sister Ling had a murderous intent on herself? Wouldn’t it be so ruthless? Naturally Dustin Zhou wouldn’t think that Sister Ling was really intent on killing herself. However, at least Sister Ling is dissatisfied with herself, even if it is not a murderous intention, it is possible to give a severe lesson, or even a severe beating. The point is that Sister Ling is a woman and Dustin Zhou does not think she is. With this strength. But if Sister Ling really wants to teach herself, then shouldn’t she be merciful, or pretend that she is not Sister Ling’s opponent, and let her “teaching” a little bit? But then Dustin Zhou shook violently. He shook his head and threw this thought out of his mind. The relationship between Ling Jie and Jiang Yan is so good, maybe she is just purely worried about her. And when I think about it, Jiang Yan’s fall into the horns does have a certain relationship with her. Therefore, it is natural for Sister Ling to be a little dissatisfied with herself. Therefore, the trace of killing intent that emerged from Sister Ling just now should be fake, and she should have misunderstood it. Dustin Zhou feels that his analysis makes sense, and it is better than all previous ones. After all, Ling’s identity is not simple. Those dudes in the capital must be respectful in front of her. Although such a lady may seem carefree, in fact, she must be very knowledgeable. Dustin Zhou thinks Sister Ling

It’s just to vent her dissatisfaction. When she sees her sincerity, she will definitely feel relieved.

Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou looked at Jiang Yan again.

However, this time, his focus was on Sister Ling.

He felt that Sister Ling should be able to feel the sincerity in her eyes and a touch of apology.

After all, Jiang Yan became like that, Ling sister was also worried all the way, and it was not easy to bring Jiang Yan from Changsha to Liushi to find herself.

… “Huhu.” Sister Ling felt her heart beating faster.

Dustin Zhou’s gaze was glowing, making Ling sister feel uncomfortable.

This week, Dustin Zhou was absolutely lifeless. After several warnings from him, he not only failed to constrain, but became presumptuous. Now he looked directly at him with provocation in his eyes.

The smile on Sister Ling’s face became a little stiff, and she was trying her best to endure it.

Sister Ling was worried that if she couldn’t help it, she would directly provoke trouble, and pressed Dustin Zhou to the ground and cleaned it up.

“Haha, I just heard that there are some activities in the evening? When shall we go.” Sister Ling forced a smile and changed the subject.

She felt that she could not stay in this room forever, at least not with Dustin Zhou.

Sister Ling was afraid that she couldn’t help but what happened to Dustin Zhou.

“It’s almost time now. Christmas Eve activities should almost begin. Let’s go down.” Enderia Shen looked at the time, said with a smile, and got up first.

In fact, she also noticed that Sister Ling’s expression seemed a little unnatural, she seemed to endure something with all her might.

However, Enderia Shen didn’t know what Ling Sister was enduring, only when she had been in the room and had something urgent to do, so she offered to go downstairs.

In this case, no matter what Sister Ling wants to do, there is a certain amount of time and space.

“Okay, Xiao Yan’er, I’ll take you with you.” Sister Ling was overjoyed, got up quickly, took Jiang Yan, and was about to go out.

She tried her best to endure this, not going to see Dustin Zhou.

Sister Ling was afraid that she couldn’t help but glance at Dustin Zhou. All the dissatisfaction and anger that had been held in her heart would be vented out in an instant.

At that time, no one here could stop her.

All of a sudden, everyone in the room was almost gone.

As a man, Dustin Zhou was naturally the last one at this time.

“Brother Dustin Zhou, are you still going? Don’t you go to the Christmas Eve activities?” Chen Xin was a little strange when he saw Dustin Zhou’s sluggishness, so he asked softly.

She found that she could hardly intervene in the conversation between the sisters just now.

It’s not that the sisters were hostile to her and refused to give her a chance to speak.

It’s that Chen Xin found out that compared with several sisters, whether it is knowledge reserve or life experience, she is very shallow.

It’s a lot, so she can’t even talk.

Although he is a top student of Tunghai University, in these aspects, none of the older sisters need to be weak.

Chen Xin was a little bit lost. Following a few sisters, she was going to see Christmas Eve activities first, and then she had to consider her future.

However, Chen Xin couldn’t help but ask when he saw Dustin Zhou hadn’t left yet, and he was sitting on the sofa without even intending to get up.

After all, Chen Xin felt that the distance between herself and Dustin Zhou’s brother seemed to be farther away.

When he was in Donghai before, Dustin Zhou often went to the Yinhui Club to find Asher Chen.

At that time, Chen Xin could often see Dustin Zhou, chat and dine together.

But since coming to Hunan Province, Chen Xin found that the communication between herself and Dustin Zhou had almost disappeared.

This made Chen Xin very disappointed.

In addition, for an instant, Chen Xin found that the gap between herself and several sisters was very obvious.

This made her feel a great crisis.

“Ah? Oh, go, I’ll go now.” Dustin Zhou was taken aback, smiled at Chen Xin, and got up and walked out of the room.

He was just sitting on the sofa in a daze, because when Sister Ling dragged Jiang Yan to pass in front of him, he did feel the chill and murderous spirit from Sister Ling.

Moreover, this chill and killing intent was very obvious, and it was directed at him.

This made Dustin Zhou extremely surprised, and he was also very puzzled.

I just made a look at Sister Ling, expressing my apology and sincerity.

It stands to reason that as a lady of everyone, Ling Sister, who is knowledgeable and reasonable, should realize her sincerity, and then dissatisfaction with herself should be reduced regardless of the previous complaints.

However, how the situation is different from what I imagined.

Sister Ling was not only chilled, but even a murderous intent appeared on her body.

This time, Dustin Zhou felt clearly.

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