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Chapter 947

Hua Chenyu is very panicked now.

Even if he is a fool, he is now aware of Dustin Zhou’s horror.

His so-called background and influence are all meaningless in front of Dustin Zhou!

Dustin Zhou ignored him at all!

He had said all good and bad things, but Dustin Zhou seemed to have not listened. Should he be beaten or beaten, it made him very helpless.

Fortunately, after a long time of beating, the thug he called came.

Hua Chenyu became excited in an instant, he had never thought that a thug was so cute.

In the past, he used those thugs as subordinates, as tools to instruct them.

But this time, he felt that the thugs he had called were simply relatives and brothers.

“Lord Wolf! Lord Wolf, help me!” Huachen Yugui crawled over from the ground crying and howling, and hugged Lord Wolf’s leg. “Lord Wolf, you can count it, help me catch these bastards, cruelly Fight hard!” Lord Wolf was somewhat flattered.

He is also a big man in the underground world, of course, his position is under the tiger.

However, he hadn’t had time to see Lord Tiger, because he had just stepped into the villa and saw Hua Chenyu crawling over from the ground. This action attracted all his attention.

He was a little shocked. After all, he knew the details of Hua Chenyu. Now, that incredible young master of the Hua family was beaten like this?

But watching Hua Chenyu be beaten up like this, I don’t know why Lord Wolf is still a little bit happy.

Of course, enjoyment is enjoyment. He definitely can’t say such things, and he must also pretend to be very shocked, “Huh, ah, my Master Hua, how come you have this look, this Who moved the hand!” “It’s them! Get them to me quickly!” Hua Chenyu responded loudly.

At this time, Lord Wolf slowly raised his head and looked at Dustin Zhou and Lord Tiger.

“Boy, I don’t know who you are, but you really make a big deal… I’m lost, Tiger, Lord Tiger? Why are you here?” Before Lord Wolf finished speaking, I suddenly saw Lord Tiger on one side, with momentum. Suddenly weakened a lot, and said with some uncertainty.

He didn’t understand why Lord Tiger appeared here.

Is it possible that Master Tiger beat Hua Chenyu like this?

However, it shouldn’t be, Lord Tiger should not have this strength.

That’s right, Hua Chenyu, or the symbolic power of the Hua family, has become so powerful.

On the surface, it seems that it has far surpassed people like Tiger and Wolf.

Who is the grandfather of Hua Chenyu, who is also the ancestor of the Hua family?

The patron saint of the East China Sea!

And what is the role of a person like Tiger?

The scum of the underground world is nothing but a tabletop existence.

No matter how strong Lord Tiger is, it will be specified

Can’t fight against the Hua family, at least, from all the underground forces, it looks like this.

They didn’t know that the identity of the underground world was just the tip of the iceberg of Lord Tiger. His true identity, the heir of the Xu family’s division, was the greatest support.

With this status, he is absolutely qualified to challenge the Hua family.

However, Lord Wolf and the characters in the entire Donghai City, not many people know the identity of Lord Tiger, so in the eyes of Lord Wolf, Lord Tiger is definitely not an opponent of the Hua family.

“It turned out to be Lord Wolf, what are you doing here?” After seeing Lord Wolf, Lord Tiger just said faintly.

“I, I came to accept the call of Young Master Hua, but you, Lord Tiger, why did you appear here?” After calming down, Lord Wolf, squinted his eyes and looked at Lord Tiger, “Master Tiger, you clearly Here, why do you still watch Master Hua being injured like this? Or, if Master Hua is injured like this, you are the murderer?” After thinking about some things, Lord Wolf suddenly stopped being afraid of Lord Tiger.

That’s right, his strength is not as strong as Tiger Lord, it can even be said to be much worse.

However, Hu Ye is here now, it is obvious that he is challenging the Hua family!

In the eyes of Lord Wolf, Lord Tiger’s strength is far from comparable to that of the Hua family. In other words, this is an opportunity for Lord Wolf, an opportunity to replace Lord Tiger.

“Yes, this kid from the Hua family will become like this. It’s my hand, why? Are you going to stand up for this kid?” Hu Ye asked with interest.

As a boss who has been in the underground world for decades, how could Lord Tiger couldn’t figure out what Lord Wolf was thinking?

It’s just that since he dared to deal with Hua Chenyu, he had absolute certainty!

Before, in order to hide his identity, Lord Tiger told Dustin Zhou that he was not a martial master.

But in fact, that sentence was a lie to Dustin Zhou, he himself was also a martial master!

No one can stop this kind of strength in the underground world of the East China Sea!

It’s just that Tiger Lord has never revealed his strength in order to hide his identity, but now, he has no need to hide.

“Lord Wolf, we are all colleagues, there is no need to grind if there is anything you want to say, just do it if you want to do it.” “Do you want to take this opportunity to replace me?” Lord Tiger directly broke the idea of ​​Lord Wolf.

This is the end of the matter, and Lord Wolf is simply not hiding it.

“Yes, Lord Tiger, the winner of this world is king, who doesn’t want to climb up?” “Since you dare to fight against the Hua family today, you are ready to fall.” “Be obediently. Don’t let me waste my energy, for the sake of my past friends, I can give you

A little special treatment.

“Lord Wolf said with some pride. In his opinion, Lord Tiger is dead this time! His own strength is definitely not as good as Lord Tiger, but since Lord Tiger has offended the Hua family, he is destined to fall this time! He said it with confidence, and even asked Lord Tiger to surrender to him. He could torture Lord Tiger lightly! But when Hua Chenyu heard this, he was immediately unhappy. “Oh, you are the Lord Tiger Tiger!

“A scumbag in the underground world, dare to do something to me!”

“Lord Wolf, kill him directly for me, don’t show mercy!”

“You leave a fart, be merciful, he is a scum from the underground world just like you, a nest of snakes and rats, dare to beat me, you still don’t kill him!”

“The co-author is not you, right?”

“Hua Chenyu, who had recovered his sanity, completely recovered with his arrogance, and caught Lord Wolf was a curse. Lord Wolf’s face was a bit ugly, but he didn’t dare to refute it, so he could only transfer all his anger to Tiger. Master. “Have you heard, Master Tiger, this time it was not my mercy, but the request of Master Hua.

“If you want to blame, blame yourself for offending Master Hua!”

“Lord Wolf said, he directly brought a dozen of his own men to surround Lord Tiger and Dustin Zhou.

Chapter 948

Lord Wolf has made up his mind to replace Lord Tiger at this time, so there is no Any subordinates are merciful. He brought a dozen thugs in total, and Dustin Zhou and Hu Ye, including the driver, have only three people in total. No matter how you look at it, it’s a win-win situation. And for Lord Wolf, what happened this time He is not afraid of Tiger’s revenge afterwards. Because this time he is taking the lead for Hua Chenyu! Even if he kills Tiger on the spot, the Hua family will support him afterwards! So he has no fear at all! Lord Wolf directly ordered his subordinates to die, and he was responsible for what happened! And seeing this scene in front of him, Hua Chenyu nodded in satisfaction and became proud again. “Dare to take action against me, I Let you know why the flowers are so red today!

“A group of scum from the bottom of society, what kind of lofty do they pretend to Master?”


Are you worthy?

“Hua Chenyu said with a disdainful face. Obviously, he never looked at Lord Tiger and Dustin Zhou from the beginning to the end. In his heart, the identities of the two sides are the same as the divine difference. He is the descendant of the patron saint of the East China Sea. It symbolizes absolute justice and light, and respect for status. In his eyes, the existence of Hu Ye and Dustin Zhou is the crawling of the stinking ditch, symbolizing darkness and filth, and they are only worthy of hiding in the corner and protracting. Do you dare to do this kind of garbage?

Hua Chenyu must have made up his mind, and this will immediately torture these two wastes to death!

Hearing Hua Chenyu’s remarks, Dustin Zhou squinted his eyes.

“Your nobility stems only from your descent status, because you are the offspring of Mr. Hua, and Mr. Hua is a respected old man in Donghai City. He is indeed a symbol of justice and light.” “But what you do Because of you, the glorious old man was stained. If you really belong to the Hua family, I suggest that you should break away from the Hua family now.” “Because of you, you are the dirtiest and most humble person in the world. “Dustin Zhou said upright, because these words are all facts.

Before coming to the Hua family, he had a certain understanding of Mr. Hua through Lord Tiger.

At that time, Lord Tiger was a little worried.

Just like what Hua Chenyu said, regardless of his strength, the influence of Mr. Hua is really too great.

That is the patron saint of the entire Donghai City!

In the eyes of the people of Donghai City, his status is unparalleled. Some people even say that if there is no Mr. Hua, there would be no Donghai City today.

Father Hua has a life-saving grace throughout Donghai City.

Therefore, if he wants to touch his grandson, Hu Ye still has some worries.

But Dustin Zhou directly dispelled this worry.

They can respect Mr. Hua, but one size goes to one size. If Mr. Hua is as great as the legend, then he will definitely not show favor to his grandson.

On the contrary, if Mr. Hua really broke up with Dustin Zhou and Mr. Tiger because of this incident, it would prove that Mr. Hua was not as great as the rumors.

If it is the second case, then there is no need for the entire Chinese family to exist.

Even if Dustin Zhou said so, Lord Tiger was still a little worried.

Because he felt that even if they knew that Mr. Hua was a very selfish person, a bastard who indulged his children and grandchildren on the basis of his reputation, but the others in Donghai City didn’t know it!

The two of them knew about it, and then they directly destroyed the Hua family. Then they would not be sprayed to death by other people in Donghai City.

At that time, even if they stood up to tell the truth and said that Mr. Hua was not a good person, they did it. It is estimated that no one would believe it. Those people would think that Dustin Zhou was fabricating a lie to cover up the truth.

At this time, Dustin Zhou said again, “The truth is enough as long as we know it.” “As long as we have a clear conscience, we can do whatever we want. There is no need to worry about the opinions of others.” What can I do if I have been abused by people all over the world? I know that I am doing the right thing, which is enough.” Dustin Zhou said lightly.

And also this

The words completely touched Lord Tiger.

What kind of self-confidence is this!

It doesn’t matter if everyone in the world misunderstands me!

Because I didn’t do these things for them at all, I just did it for myself!

So, as long as I understand what I have done, that is enough!

With this thought, Dustin Zhou and Hu Ye came to Hua Chenyu’s villa.

Therefore, when Hua Chenyu said those words, Dustin Zhou directly relentlessly went back.

“You are the bug that lives in the smelly water ditch!” “And I, although I am not a symbol of justice and light, I can definitely represent my own heart, and it is not comparable to your scum!” Dustin Zhou said. When he spoke, he exuded strong confidence, and at this moment, Hua Chenyu was completely angered.

Because the only thing he can be proud of is his identity.

Originally, no matter where he went or what he did, he could tell others that he was a representative of justice and light.

No matter how dirty or unreasonable what he did, no one would refute him because of his honorable status.

But this time, Dustin Zhou directly tore off his last layer of disguise, completely exposing his ugly soul.

Moreover, Dustin Zhou’s confident aura is really too strong, so powerful that he has to take it seriously.

It’s like Dustin Zhou’s words can’t be refuted at all. At this moment, he is like a jumping clown in a hurry.

“Dare to slander Master, quickly kill them for me!” Hua Chenyu shouted loudly.

“The more anxious you are, the more you prove that what I said is true, isn’t it?” Dustin Zhou showed a faint smile instead.

It was obviously the thugs called by Hua Chenyu who had arrived, and it was obviously a group of them who surrounded Dustin Zhou and stared at him, but there was a very strange scene in the scene.

Dustin Zhou stood in the crowd calmly, chatting and laughing, but those whom he talked about were furious, and everyone looked gloomy.

“Don’t talk nonsense with him, do it!” Finally, Hua Chenyu couldn’t help it completely.

He stopped talking to Dustin Zhou, because he couldn’t talk about Dustin Zhou at all. Fortunately, he was also a wise man, knowing what it means to exploit strengths and avoid weaknesses.

Are you not very reasonable?

Then I will do it with you, as long as you are killed, no matter how strong your aura is, what is the use of the truth?

Who can hear what you are saying?

After you die, Master will still be the young master of the Chinese family!

The nine hundred and forty-ninth

Chapter 949

Winner king, loser Kou!

No matter how upright you are and how right you are, after you die, I still don’t want to say what you want?

You are just

It’s just a group of ants from the underground world. I will announce directly to the outside world at that time that you are a group of thugs, trying to break into my house and treat me with bad intentions. At this time, there was an infight with another group of thugs. Your dog bit the dog and killed yourself. Who would What I said is wrong?

In Hua Chenyu’s heart, he had already thought about his words to the outside world. When he said that, he would also call Lord Wolf a thug, and then said Lord Tiger and Dustin Zhou were killed by Lord Wolf, and it has nothing to do with him. .

His image is still brilliant, and countless people will still pursue him. As for the truth, who knows?

Who cares?

As long as you die, everything is Master’s own!

Hua Chenyu thought happily in his heart, and let Lord Wolf do it directly.

At this time, Lord Wolf, I didn’t know that even if he won the fight, he would be sold by Hua Chenyu afterwards. He was so full of killing Tiger Lord to replace Tiger Lord, so he executed the order without hesitation.

The battle has finally begun!

In this battle, seventeen underground thugs beat three ordinary people. It seemed that the form would be very tragic…The battle lasted only seventeen seconds.

Dustin Zhou was the only one who did it here.

He just slapped those people who faced Lord Wolf, without any ambiguity at all.

What a joke, in the underground world of Donghai City, there is no legend about the martial master!

They don’t understand what kind of existence the martial master is, and when facing the tiger master who has exposed their true strength, they are not an enemy at all.

It can only be described by this word.

Both Lord Wolf and Hua Chenyu looked silly at Nima.

What the hell?

What was that just now?

How come the people on their side are gone?


Or magic?

Are you kidding me, a big reality show?

Hua Chenyu pinched his face and thought.

And the wolf master on one side was also dumbfounded.

“Lord Wolf, did I say that I don’t need your hand to show mercy.” Lord Tiger smiled and looked at Lord Wolf, “Don’t you really want to replace me?” “Hands, I’m standing here. Waiting for you to replace me at any time.” “If you are truly qualified and capable to replace me, you don’t have to work hard at all. At that time, there will be ways to drive me off. At that time, even without you, I will actively give way. Here you are.” Lord Tiger patted Lord Wolf on the shoulder, “But obviously, you are not qualified.” “Tiger, Lord Tiger.” Lord Wolf stammered, “You, who are you?” “With this kind of power you have, the entire underground world of Donghai City can’t keep you.” Lord Wolf said unwillingly.

He can be considered a big man.

Although I don’t know how Hu Ye became so strong, he quickly accepted

This fact, that is, Lord Tiger’s strength has far exceeded his imagination.

To admit defeat and be beaten, as the boss of the underground world, Lord Wolf still has this backbone.

He was willing to let the Tiger Lord deal with it, but he was not reconciled, even if Tiger Lord wanted to kill him, he did not complain, but he wanted to know why Tiger Lord stayed in the underground world of Donghai City.

Obviously with this skill, he should have a broader stage.

But Lord Tiger just shook his head, “Ah Lang, there are some things that are not what you look like on the surface.” “In short, you must follow your own heart and move forward step by step. Only in this way, There will be no surprises.” “Today I won’t do anything to you. From today, you will withdraw from the underground world of Donghai City.” Tiger Lord said lightly.

The tone was very calm, but as the big boss of the underground world, Lord Wolf knew what it meant.


Tiger Lord gave him a chance, this time he won’t kill him.

But if he dared to appear in the underground world, Lord Tiger would kill him directly. At that time, no one in the whole underground world could avenge him.

This is also one of the rules of the underground world.

“Yes, I understand.” Lord Wolf nodded blankly, planning to leave directly, because there is nothing wrong with him here.

But Hua Chenyu stopped him.

“No, Lord Wolf, don’t go!” Seeing that Lord Wolf was about to leave, Hua Chenyu suddenly panicked.

“These two bastards are still here, how can you leave without equipping them?” Hua Chenyu said anxiously.

Lord Wolf scolded Hua Chenyu for being a fool.

Do you not see that Master has lost?

Do you still help you to settle you, big brother, help you to settle, I will be considered dead if I can survive!

But he has lost everything, and it is not convenient to offend Hua Chenyu, so he said lightly, “Sorry, Master Hua, I can’t help you with this this time.” “If you have the means, it’s another matter. Please be smart.” Lord Wolf said with confidence, because he and Hua Chenyu are in a cooperative relationship. In the process of cooperation, he can treat Hua Chenyu three times, but now, the cooperation between the two parties has ended, and he will No need for this.

So he simply recounted the outcome of the matter.

But after hearing this sentence, Hua Chenyu suddenly became unhappy.

Now Hu Ye turned his face with him, and didn’t take him seriously, even Dustin Zhou still slapped him.

What does this wolf master mean now?

Don’t care about yourself?

How dare he?

He is just a scum!

Why would he dare to ignore himself?

Shouldn’t a scum like him fight for his life and protect himself

Can’t I hurt a hair?

Hua Chenyu immediately roared angrily, “Lord Wolf, what do you mean? Are you shameless?” “I’m still in danger now, you want to leave if you want to leave?” “I don’t care about it. What way, stop them for me and let Master find rescue soldiers!” “If you are killed by them, I will compensate your family!” Hua Chenyu said naturally.

He has said these words too many times, and every time he said it was relaxed and comfortable. Of course, he was just talking about it. After others had sold his life for him, he would never compensate others’ family members.

This is just a means by which he makes people sell his life, he is too familiar with this trick.

It’s just that he found the wrong partner this time.

Lord Wolf is not one of his low-level thugs, who will easily work for him. How can Lord Wolf be regarded as a big boss, how can he be so easily dominated by him?

“I’m sick.” Lord Wolf cursed directly, turning his head and leaving.

This behavior angered Hua Chenyu again.

“Lord Wolf, if you dare to leave today, I will kill your whole family when I turn around!”

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