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Chapter 1154

“Slap!” Dustin Zhou didn’t say a word, and directly slapped the elder with his hand.

This slap resounded through the Zhou family, and everyone looked at Dustin Zhou with trepidation.

This is, are you going to do it?

This is, planning to stop talking nonsense, but to destroy the Zhou family directly?

They had no doubt that Dustin Zhou had this strength.

But they didn’t expect Dustin Zhou’s behavior to be so decisive.

Anyhow, you are talking nonsense!

You somehow make us mentally prepared!

The elder was also blindfolded, covering his face and looking at Dustin Zhou.

His current thoughts were not on the fact that Dustin Zhou dared to beat himself… It was strange that Dustin Zhou dared to beat him completely beautiful.

His worries are the same as the rest of the Zhou family.

What does Dustin Zhou mean this week?

Seeing that their Zhou family is upset and going to extermination?

Or is it simply because he is unhappy and wants to slap him twice?

If the latter is okay, now the elder feels that it is his own honor to be able to slap twice. If the former, Dustin Zhou wants to destroy the Zhou family, then this is all

It’s big!

“Mr. Zhou, what do you mean?” the elder asked weakly.

“What do you mean?” Dustin Zhou smiled slightly, “Guess?” I guess you… the elder wanted to say bad words angrily.

Can I guess about this?

Although he was very angry, he didn’t dare to say it, so he could only say with a grieved expression, “I think, did I say something wrong just now?” “If it is Mr. Zhou, what is wrong with what I said? I can change, can I apologize, okay?” I bowed my head, the Zhou family’s elder, bowed his head.

But his bowing of his head didn’t make Dustin Zhou feel comfortable.

It’s very simple. This guy is totally unreasonable and doesn’t ask right or wrong. He just thinks Dustin Zhou is stronger, so he bows his head unconditionally.

Dustin Zhou sneered. He had long been used to this kind of performance by the Great Elder.

“Yes, what you just said was wrong, so how are you going to apologize to me? How did you correct it?” Dustin Zhou asked.

“This…” The elder was speechless for a while, “Why don’t you say it to Mr. Zhou.” “What do you say is appropriate?” He doesn’t dare to have his own opinion at all now!

Dustin Zhou directly slapped him again, and then said, “Okay, don’t talk nonsense to me.” “I’m not bullying you now, but telling you to make sense.” “What did you just say? Yes? Your Zhou family’s damage to our mother and son is actually very low, right?” “We, mother and son, are not doing well, in fact, we are all to blame for our own inability, right.” The elder looked at Dustin Zhou blankly, nodding Nodding is not.

These words were indeed what he had just said, but he did not know what Dustin Zhou would react if he directly admitted it.

So what he just said, but now he dare not admit it.

“You said these things, right?” Dustin Zhou asked again.

In desperation, the great elder nodded, indicating that these words were indeed said by himself.

Moreover, he still insists that his point of view is correct.

Their Zhou family only expelled Dustin Zhou’s orphan and widow from the Zhou family. Although Zhou’s mother is not allowed to remarry again, you can choose how you live.

If you want to create another Zhou group, the wealth can be comparable to the wealth of the Zhou family, just like the current Dustin Zhou, it can also be very good!

You don’t have the ability to do this yourself. What’s the matter with Zhou’s family?

The Zhou family only drove you out. If you are reasonable, the two owe nothing!

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that this was the case. Later, he just got a stubborn neck and stared at Dustin Zhou, “Mr. Zhou, I think there is nothing wrong with what I said.”

“There is nothing wrong, is it?” Dustin Zhou nodded indifferently.

“Well, I will admit that there is nothing wrong with what you said.” The Grand Elder was taken aback for a while, and the rest of the Zhou family did not react at all.

What does it mean.

Why did you admit it?

Could it be that Dustin Zhou compromised like them?

Although it feels impossible, but after all Dustin Zhou said so, the elder said with an attitude of giving it a try, “What do you mean, Mr. Zhou? Do you mean that our negotiations here can go on? “The great elder is a little happy.

What? It’s not so difficult to get it done!

What kind of bullsh*t king is that, because the Zhou family greeted Dustin Zhou with such a big fanfare, they thought Dustin Zhou was a domineering and terrifying existence.

In the final analysis, he is nothing more than a brat!

Sora has the strength, but does not have any IQ. At first glance, he has never contacted any big family. Such a hairy boy is really a fool.

The rest of the Zhou family also came up with this idea, and even had a slight contempt for Dustin Zhou in their hearts.

After all, in human society, wisdom, insight, as well as scheming and intrigue are the most powerful forces.

Pure power is just a knife. If a person with power does not have enough brains, then this knife can only be used by others.

It’s not worth mentioning, that’s why in the world, people who can really drive luxury cars and live in luxury houses are often not very powerful.

And those powerful people all went to work.

Wisdom always overrides strength!

At this moment, Dustin Zhou became the object of the Zhou family’s underestimation, and some people even thought about how to bully Dustin Zhou later.

Composed a little bit of evil logic, Dustin Zhou was speechless, and even in the end they could ask Dustin Zhou to apologize to them!

Simply beautiful!

But the next moment, what Dustin Zhou said made them dumbfounded.

“Yes, the negotiation can continue, and I also agree that everything you said is correct.” “Then next, I will use your logic to talk to you.” “Kick me out of Zhou’s house from the baby. , You should bear my resentment, right?” “It is your irresponsibility to give birth to me but let me fend for myself. This is your irresponsibility. I should get back a tiny bit of interest, right.” “Even if you drive me away There is nothing too wrong about being out of the Zhou clan, but not long ago, I opened a Zhou clan in the Imperial Capital. When there was no place to provoke you, you twice wanted to destroy my clique. Here is our hatred. Even if it is settled, right?” “So now, I want to destroy the Zhou family, do you have any objections?” “Don’t say I’m ruthless, I’m not

If you did something wrong, I gave you the opportunity to resist. From my birth to now, you have more than 20 years of opportunity to develop beyond me.

“But you didn’t do it. Your strength is so bad that I can destroy it at will. Whose fault is this?”

Chapter 1155

The Dustin Zhou’s several questions made the Zhou family completely stupid. That’s right, the logic of what Dustin Zhou said is almost exactly the same as that of the Great Elder. Moreover, this logic , It was also a logic recognized by others in the Zhou family. But now from Dustin Zhou’s mouth, why do you feel that something is wrong? “You can surpass me. I have only practiced for three years, and you have enough. In ten years of development, you should be able to cultivate dozens of emperor’s ultimates.

“But you don’t. Why is that?”

“Of course, why doesn’t matter, the important thing is that I don’t blame me, right? I hate you, so I want to retaliate against you, but you don’t have the ability to resist. This is your fault, right?

“Dustin Zhou’s words left the great elder speechless. Because these words are simply a copy of what he just said. “This, this…” the great elder stammered, trying to struggle to explain. But obviously, his explanation is pale and feeble. “Since it is so decided, then your Zhou family, prepare to destroy the clan, let me do it, or do you do it yourself?

“Anyway, I think the result is the same, so there is no need for everyone to be unhappy, right?”

“Dustin Zhou had a faint smile on his face. But what he said made everyone in the Zhou family shudder. There is no need to be unpleasant, so we have to solve ourselves? You always save trouble. Ah! How could the Zhou family agree to this kind of thing! But if they didn’t agree, they didn’t know how to say it. Everyone had an expression of horror on their faces, and everyone stared at Dustin Zhou firmly I didn’t dare to come out. Just now those few people who were fantasizing about laughing at Dustin Zhou’s pants were already wet. “It looks like you have nothing to say. It seems that you don’t plan to do it yourself. It seems that you can only bother me. .

As Dustin Zhou said, he raised a hand. A light pressure gathered on his hand and slowly enveloped the entire Zhou family. In the face of this pressure, the Zhou family realized what is truly powerful. Dustin Zhou just raised one hand, but looking at the hand that was raised in mid-air, everyone felt the breath of death. Ordinary people with weaker strength just felt the coercion, now it is already I fainted. Even the martial master level

The strong, now sweating again and again, feel that his hands and feet are out of control.

The elder gritted his teeth fiercely, and now it seemed that there was no other way.

I can only fight to the death!

“Start, protect the clan…” The Grand Elder’s words were just halfway out, but they were interrupted.

It’s Zhou Hengtian.

He rushed over to stop the great elder’s call, and then with the other hand, he grabbed Dustin Zhou’s hand in midair.

There was a sneer at the corner of Dustin Zhou’s mouth. He looked at this face that looked a little like himself, “You have something to say?” This man is his father, and half of his blood comes from this man.

Although I don’t have any good feelings for Zhou Hengtian, I have to admit that looking at Zhou Hengtian’s face that I have never seen before, but a slightly familiar face, Dustin Zhou’s heart still fluctuates a little.

Maybe this is the power of blood kinship.

But this man, he never had himself in his heart?

Dustin Zhou looked at Zhou Hengtian with indifference.

Zhou Hengtian’s gaze was very calm. He looked at Dustin Zhou quietly, and then said, “I’m sorry.” “I don’t need your apology!” Dustin Zhou became a little impatient.

Interrupt yourself just to say this?

“Listen to me!” Zhou Hengtian seemed to feel Dustin Zhou’s impatience.

“Listen, Yang Er, no matter what you say, I will call you Yang Er today. You can take this as the last time I call you like that.” “The whole tradition of the Zhou family is wrong. Of course, the main thing is actually The mistake is still with me.” “I was young and frivolous, thinking that power is everything, and that as long as I completely control the Zhou family, then I can have everything, and naturally I can give you and your mother a good life.” “But I was wrong. The struggle for power is a long-term game. I spend every day in a thrilling manner. In fact, no one has the day to seize power forever, unless you don’t care about it.” “Of course, I’m not saying these things. It’s not just for my own sake. There is one thing I can’t forgive. I must admit that when I drove you and your mother out of Zhou’s house, I actually didn’t take it too seriously.” “Because I think men should be ambitious. , Women and children are just cumbersome.” “I chose the right. Of course, it was the Zhou family’s environment that cultivated my personality. I must admit that you and your mother have suffered over the years. “You didn’t do anything. Of course, it’s impossible to make any mistakes. It was the Zhou family that was wrong, and it was the arrogant young me who didn’t understand anything.” “But Dustin Zhou, even so, I still I hope you can promise me one thing and let Zhou’s family go.” “It’s really because of Zhou.

The family doesn’t have any human touch, so I pray that you can let the Zhou family go. If you slaughter them all, what is the difference between you and them?

Zhou Hengtian said a lot in one breath, as if he was afraid of being interrupted by Dustin Zhou. His speech was very fast and his emotions were also very excited. It can be seen that these words were all from the bottom of his heart, even Dustin Zhou, at this time. There is some compassion faintly. “Dustin Zhou, the Zhou family is a cold-blooded family, but they are all your relatives. They need your change instead of letting you slaughter them.

“Although I am an incompetent father, you should treat all this as a preaching from your father.”

“If there is anything you are not satisfied with, and you must do something to calm your anger, then let me do it.”

“Let that make the deepest mistake, even if it is in the entire Zhou family, it is the coldest-blooded and most impersonal patriarch. I will be responsible for Zhou Hengtian.”

“After finishing speaking, Zhou Hengtian released Dustin Zhou’s hand and slowly backed two steps. Dustin Zhou faintly realized that something was wrong. The entire Zhou family was also in silence. I wonder if they didn’t react at all. What exactly Zhou Hengtian said, I was still shocked by Zhou Hengtian’s speech just now. In short, the surrounding atmosphere suddenly became a little depressed, and Dustin Zhou’s heart was unusually beaten with a sense of panic. Why was he panic? Zhou Hengtian didn’t know where he found out. He turned the dagger and looked at Dustin Zhou with a reluctant look.

Chapter 1156

Dustin Zhou’s heart suddenly moved. Because he saw Zhou Hengtian’s gaze. What kind of gaze was that? From his father The care and love for his son, as well as comfort and satisfaction. Dustin Zhou has never felt this way, because he has never been in contact with a creature like his father since he was a child. For a long time, Dustin Zhou has no concept of the term father, even subconsciously a little Disgusted. He never thought that Zhou Hengtian would care about him, and he never admitted Zhou Hengtian as a father from the bottom of his heart. Just kidding, I never met you, so you let me call you father? Isn’t that funny? But now, with just this look, Dustin Zhou suddenly panicked. A voice from the bottom of my heart was yelling that Zhou Hengtian should not be allowed to die. With Dustin Zhou’s reaction, it is natural to see that Zhou Hengtian’s action is Is going to commit suicide. “Should you stop him?

“Dustin Zhou hesitated. Reason told him that it is not a pity for a scum like Zhou Hengtian to die. There is nothing to be pitiful. But the voice in his heart will never stop. “You can’t let him die, you can’t.

Let him die!

“But why? What does he care about me? Dustin Zhou couldn’t understand. At this moment, Zhou Hengtian started his hands. It can be seen that he really made up his mind, and his hands were clean and without ink at all. Dustin Zhou’s heart suddenly “cocked”, as if there was something vacant. “No matter what, you have to live well, with your mother… live well.

Before he fell, Zhou Hengtian said to Dustin Zhou, “Hate… just let it go.

There was silence, and even a moment of blankness appeared in Dustin Zhou’s mind. “Home, Patriarch!

“Finally someone yelled out. “Quick, quickly, the owner is down!”


“Everyone reacted, and the entire Zhou family immediately became a mess. “Hengtian!”

Hengtian, hold on!

“The great elder also rushed over and held Zhou Hengtian in his arms. At this moment, no one paid attention to Dustin Zhou, and Dustin Zhou did not do anything else. He looked at the panic before him stupidly, a little confused. Suddenly, he looked back at his mother as if he was thinking of something. Mother covered his mouth, two lines of clear tears flowed from his eyes. “Mom.

“Dustin Zhou, like a child who has done something wrong, walked to Zhou’s mother at a loss, “Did I do something wrong?”

“No, boy, you did nothing wrong.”

“Mother Zhou said in tears, “But, your father… Forget it, you are not to blame for all this.”

“The Zhou family has private doctors, and there are many, very professional. These doctors happened to be there and they quickly checked Zhou Hengtian. The final conclusion was that the dagger pierced the heart and it was no longer saved. The doctor shook his head for a moment. After the silence, the Zhou family broke out again. “It was him, this kid killed our Patriarch, don’t let him go!

Countless Zhou family members roared at Dustin Zhou, eager to try. “Want to do it with me?”

“Dustin Zhou’s eyes fell cold, and powerful pressure was released from his body again. Although Zhou Hengtian’s death made him feel a sense of panic, it is his instinct to resist if he faces threats. These Zhou family members are not his. Opponents. “Stop it all!

“The great elder suddenly shouted and stopped everyone in the Zhou family. The great elder, the second elder and the third elder walked out of the crowd holding Zhou Hengtian. The great elder looked serious, “Dustin Zhou, this is your father.”

Dustin Zhou squinted his eyes, “So, what do you want to express?”

“Indeed, I have nothing to say.

“You are not wrong. The Zhou family can be reduced to the current end. Hengtian will use his life to warn us. In fact, it has given me a big reminder.

“We were wrong, Zhou

The family is too ruthless.

“But you have also seen that, although the Zhou family is ruthless, today’s Hengtian really lost his life to protect us.”

“People can change.”

Dustin Zhou was silent. Although Zhou Hengtian’s actions exceeded Dustin Zhou’s expectations, the worldview he has cultivated for more than 20 years will not change immediately in these short minutes. Decided to reflect.

“The Great Elder continued, his back to the family members, but the next words were addressed to everyone, “The Zhou family, announce the dissolution!”

“A family should be a place where blood and affection are gathered, not a place to fight in the nest.”

“If the blind future interests blind one’s eyes, then the family will become the source of hurting the affection. There is no need for such a family.

The Grand Elder looked at Dustin Zhou again, “The Zhou family announced its dissolution, but I have something to ask you.

“Send Hengtian a ride and put on hemp and filial piety for him. Starting today, we will satisfy you with everything you want, including your desire to destroy the Zhou family.

“Actually, as a family elder, I sometimes think a little bit about what is the meaning of a family, why is it called a family, and why it should be condensed by close relatives of my own blood.

“Whether interests are important or compatriots are important? But in the past, these issues only flashed in my mind, because for thousands of years, not just the Zhou family, but all the families came from this way. .

“At that time, I would even feel ridiculous because of my naive thinking. Where there are people, there will be conflicts of interests, even close relatives of the same race.

The Grand Elder shook his head, “But now I want to understand, Zhou Family, there really is no graduate.

“You help us send Tianheng a ride, and the Zhou family has been completely disbanded since then. After all, he only has a son like you.”

Dustin Zhou was silent for a while. The great elder was able to realize so quickly, but Dustin Zhou did not expect it. However, after thinking about it, he can understand, just as the great elder himself said, as the family elder, in fact, he is not without I have thought about the meaning of the family. In other words, he had this understanding before, but he was denied it. In the beginning, human nature is kind. Probably everyone has a kind side in their bones. Only However, in order to adapt to the laws of survival in this world, they have eroded their own nature and become a coexistence with this world. It is not that difficult to awaken this nature, but there must be someone who can stand out. For example, Zhou Hengtian. A faint smile flicked across Dustin Zhou’s mouth, “I refuse.


I’m not good at things like Ma Daixiao, so I’d better save him.

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