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Chapter 848

Dustin Zhou looked very serious and said solemnly.

In fact, he couldn’t help being so careful.

One’s own identity is very important. Once the news is leaked out and known by some people with ulterior motives, the consequences are unimaginable.

As long as Dustin Zhou thinks a little, he can know how the Zhou family will react after they know their identity, and what kind of vortex he will be in.

When Father Zhou Weitian heard this, he was stunned.

However, the old man is not an ordinary person after all, and he quickly figured out the reason for it, a hint of apology appeared on his face, and his gaze at Dustin Zhou became brighter.

Zhou Weitian didn’t expect that Dustin Zhou, a kid, could think of so much, and he also considered all aspects.

It can be said that as long as he does not make a big mistake, basically nothing will happen.

After figuring it out, Zhou Weitian also dispelled his plan to tell Dustin Zhou’s identity to his three sons.

After all, Zhou Weitian knows his son better than anyone else.

He was very excited just now, so he didn’t think so much.

But now that I think about it, the old man has discovered that once he knows the identity of Dustin Zhou with his three sons’ personalities, he will definitely not rest in peace and will do a lot of unexpected things.

At that time, if there is really any harm to Dustin Zhou, then Zhou Weitian may not have time to regret it.

“Okay, okay, thanks to your reminder, otherwise I really made a big mistake.” The old man smiled and patted Dustin Zhou on the shoulder, and took him to sit down again.

After talking about some things, the atmosphere between the few people suddenly improved a lot.

Father Zhou Weitian also began to ask Zhou

Yang had some past experiences, and Dustin Zhou would naturally not conceal too much, telling himself and his mother some life experiences over the past two decades.

Of course, most of them are normal things and will not involve other people.

And this, Dustin Zhou had already said this to the old man Zhou Weihai before, but now it’s just saying it again.

As the old man Zhou Weitian listened, his face was full of sentiment, as if in his mind, Dustin Zhou’s life experience over the past two decades had all been presented again.

… “… That’s the way it is, and when we came to the old man this time, we also wanted to ask him for help.” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice, seeing the curiosity on his face, and didn’t mean to refuse to be impatient. After knowing it in his heart, he immediately told about the grievances between himself and the Xu family.

Of course, as before, Dustin Zhou still concealed the real reason why the Xu family would come to trouble him.

“Presumptuous! Damn it!” Sure enough, after listening to Dustin Zhou’s words, Zhou Weitian’s complexion suddenly changed. He slapped his palm on the sofa, his face full of anger.

What Dustin Zhou said just now did not add too much other content. Basically, he said all the things he had encountered before, especially the things that Xu Jia targeted him and wreaked havoc on the famous company.

And this also made the old man Zhou Weitian very angry.

For a hidden family like the Xu family, the surrounding old man is naturally able to get in touch with him, and with his identity and status in the Zhou family, he naturally knows some details of the Xu family.

Suddenly hearing Dustin Zhou’s words at this time, the Xu family dared to do something against the Zhou family, and he was still the son of Zhou Hengtian, the Patriarch of the Zhou family.

Zhou Weitian has angry capital, and his status is very high. Even if you look at the Xu family, according to seniority, he is also the elder of the Xu family’s head today, and he has had friendships with many elderly people in the Xu family.

Now, the Xu family is so towards his Zhou family, and he is the future Patriarch of the Zhou family, how can Father Zhou Weitian not be angry.

“Dustin Zhou, you said, what do you want me to do? His Xu family is so presumptuous. Doesn’t this put Zhou family in his eyes?” The old man said in a deep voice, his expression dignified, and his whole body became very powerful, like a mountain. Stand tall.

Dustin Zhou smiled slightly, very satisfied with the attitude of the old man, and at the same time admired the old man’s character.

Immediately, Dustin Zhou didn’t hesitate anymore, and he repeated what he had said to his father Zhou Weihai.

It’s nothing more than to let the old man restrain the Xu family a little bit in the economic industry.

Although the Xu family is a hidden family with strong strength, after all, it has been hidden for decades.

When I was born, there must be many things too late to deal with, and even things like some industries, I am afraid they can not be solved in a short while.

If Dustin Zhou wants to completely defeat the Xu family, he naturally needs to completely defeat the Xu family in terms of force and economy.

In terms of military force, Dustin Zhou consciously had no problem. There were people from the Tiger’s side, the Su family, and some people around him. They were not much different from the Xu family in terms of force.

The rest is to suppress the Xu family economically.

… After more than half an hour, Dustin Zhou finished some arrangements and plans.

And the gaze of Zhou Weitian looking at Dustin Zhou became brighter, especially when Dustin Zhou was dealing with the Xu family, his thoughts were so clear, when should what should be done, what should be done to achieve the greatest effect, Dustin Zhou almost listed them one by one. .

As long as Mr. Zhou Weitian is executed according to Dustin Zhou’s arrangement, he will be almost invincible.

“Okay, it’s rare for you to think so well.” The old man chuckled and praised, the smile on his face couldn’t stop at all.

For the old man today, there are two exciting things.

The first one is to learn that the Patriarch Zhou Hengtian has a son, and that the future Patriarch appeared in front of him, healthy and handsome.

The second one is that Dustin Zhou is very thoughtful and considerate. He doesn’t look like some dudes, lacking ambitions, and shallow in learning.

On the contrary, Dustin Zhou is really gutted.

At least, in the eyes of Zhou Weitian, Dustin Zhou’s performance in front of him is very good, at least much better than other young people in the Zhou family.

As for his three sons, it is nothing compared to Dustin Zhou.

Now, Father Zhou Weitian is thinking of persuading his sons to give up their plans to fight for the head of the house and run their own business. In Zhou’s family, they will not bury their talents, and they will naturally. There is a place.

“Don’t worry, when it’s time to do it, you inform me, and I will do my best. Since the old man Zhou Weihai can do it, and I can do it naturally, Zhou Weitian can also do it, so don’t worry.” Old man Zhou Weitian promised.

With the assurance from the father, Dustin Zhou and the three were naturally very happy, and the smiles on their faces were also very strong.

“Thank you Zhou Lao, then.” ……

Chapter 849

Discussed some more things with the old man Zhou Weitian. Seeing that it was late and the old man’s spirit was not so good, the three of Dustin Zhou planned to leave.

However, because the old man is physically inconvenient and often stays overnight in the office, there is a small cubicle in the office.

Dustin Zhou served well Zhou Weitian to fall asleep,

Then left with Asher Chen and Sun Lian.

At this time, the lobby on the first floor of the office building of Sainty Wharf is still full of people, and people who come to handle business are still in an endless stream.

Dustin Zhou looked around, but he didn’t find the security guards, nor did he see Xue Donglai. He immediately thought that they had gone back.

After leaving Sainty Wharf, Dustin Zhou and the others did not continue to the next destination, but directly found a hotel to live in.

It was getting late at this time, and it was no longer suitable for them to find someone else.

No words for a night.

The next day, Dustin Zhou got up early, the sky was not bad, and the air was very fresh.

After breakfast, the three of them rushed to their next destination.

In Asher Chen’s plan, in addition to the first Tiandi Financial Tower and the second Sainty Wharf, the weight is very important. The rest, although it can also provide assistance to Dustin Zhou, but it is not very useful. At best, it is just shouting. Next, Zhuang Zhuang momentum is nothing.

If you really go head-to-head with the Xu family, you can’t rely on these.

Therefore, Dustin Zhou didn’t pay much attention to the existence of these people from the beginning. He also planned to count one by one.

However, Dustin Zhou did not expect that what Asher Chen said, these people could not rely on, they still meant that.

From the beginning of the morning to the evening, the moon hung high. For a full day and nearly twelve hours, they visited nearly ten companies, but without exception, all of them were rejected.

These people more or less knew Asher Chen and Sun Lian. When Asher Chen and Sun Lian came together, most of them gave face and met them in person.

It’s just that Dustin Zhou sees more of these people’s faces but it is impatient, as if the appearance of Asher Chen and Sun Lian would have a very bad effect on them.

And in their words, Dustin Zhou even heard a lot of meaning.

The reason these people were willing to meet Asher Chen and Sun Lian was only because Asher Chen belonged to the Chen family in Beijing.

If you just look at the relationship between Asher Chen and the Zhou family, they wouldn’t even come out to see Asher Chen and Sun Lian.

And hearing those people say that, Dustin Zhou still didn’t understand that these people simply looked down on Asher Chen and Sun Lian, thinking that they had little relationship with the Zhou family.

But they themselves are the Zhou family’s direct line, and they can take charge of the Zhou family’s corporate company in the East China Sea. Naturally, they have the support and confidence in the Zhou family.

Therefore, Dustin Zhou naturally would not tell them his identity, nor would he tell them that both elders Zhou Weitian and Zhou Weihai agreed and would help themselves.

Saying this may not have any effect at all. On the contrary, it may even cause some people in the Zhou family to be alert.

After all, Zhou Weitian and Zhou Weihai are

Everyone in the Zhou family is a high-powered person, and the two elders are in charge of the Zhou family’s leading enterprises in the East China Sea. The Tiandi Financial Building and the Sainty Wharf are counted in the East China Sea and the whole country. Big business coming up.

Their every move will naturally affect the eyes of countless people in the Zhou family.

Once Dustin Zhou exposed some information in advance, he would expose himself to the eyes of the Zhou family in advance.

Although Dustin Zhou knew that there might not be many people in Zhou’s family who knew their true identity, or even none, they were not afraid of 10,000, just in case.

In the unlikely event that someone noticed themselves and became suspicious, it would definitely not be a good thing for Dustin Zhou.

Back at the hotel, Dustin Zhou felt a little lost.

Through today’s visit, the conditions of those people made Dustin Zhou realize that the Zhou family’s situation at the moment is very wrong.

Not to mention that there is a Patriarch Zhou Hengtian, at least Zhou Jiaming is unified.

These companies in the East China Sea belong to Zhou’s family, and it stands to reason that they should be responsible to their owner Zhou Hengtian.

However, from the words of those people, Dustin Zhou knew that they were not responsible to the Patriarch at all, but to their patrons in Zhou’s family.

In other words, many of the Zhou family’s companies in the East China Sea have been interfered by other Zhou family members.

Once the Zhou family changes, these companies will even change hands instantly.

Dustin Zhou was worried, and the emotions on his face were somewhat silent and dim.

Asher Chen and Sun Lian looked at each other, and both saw a hint of helplessness in each other’s eyes.

For today’s experience, they had an expectation at the beginning, but after all, they still have a glimmer of hope in their hearts.

I hope that a few people will take their words seriously.

However, the results disappointed them.

Those who met with him were just because Asher Chen was from the Chen family in Beijing.

If it weren’t for this, they wouldn’t say today that they would eat more than five closed doors.

However, even after meeting those people and discussing some things, Asher Chen also knew that those people didn’t care about what they said at all.

They only consider how the Zhou family’s patrons will react and what attitude they will have.

There were even a few more. As soon as they heard that they were here to ask them for help, they immediately began to pour their bitterness and tears down, saying as if their current situation is so difficult, it seems that their company will go bankrupt in the next second. .

However, their current company development momentum is very good, very smooth, and even in the entire East China Sea, there are industry-leading companies.

But they are complaining now.

Asher Chen knew in his heart that naturally he would not expose them in public.

In that case, it will only prevent both parties from coming to Taiwan. This is not necessary. Besides, that

Nor is it Asher Chen’s criteria for being a man.

However, seeing Dustin Zhou’s face

Expression, Asher Chen still feels that today’s events may have dealt a big blow to Dustin Zhou.

He has been going smoothly for most of the past six months, and there is hardly anything to bother him.

But at the moment, one day has passed without success. For Dustin Zhou, it may be difficult to pass this hurdle in his heart.

“Dustin Zhou, don’t think too much. It is quite normal for some people to refuse. After all, their company is not comparable to Xu’s. They have concerns, and naturally they can understand.” Asher Chen said softly and relieved.

Right now, he can only try to comfort Dustin Zhou and let him know that all of this, whether for him or for another person, is the same result.

“It doesn’t matter to me, but I didn’t expect that the Zhou family’s current situation is so complicated. From the words of these people, I already know that the Zhou family is now probably facing a discord with the heart. I am afraid that it has long been standing on the top of the mountain. I want to become the Patriarch.”

Chapter 850

Dustin Zhou sighed.

Sometimes, Dustin Zhou really feels that he is really a toiled life.

Obviously he is an illegitimate child, who has not had a father for more than two decades, and, after suddenly knowing his life experience, he dare not arrogantly arrogantly arbitrarily, with such a strong background as the Zhou family, dare not publicize it. Crowd.

On the contrary, there are some things inside Zhou’s family now. He, an unrelated person, has to worry about it.

What kind of thing is this?

Dustin Zhou didn’t know, he was a little irritable now.

All day’s visits came back without success. I was already impatient. Now when I think back to the people I saw during the day, when I think of them screaming at each other, or even the first to complain, Dustin Zhou’s heart is full of anger. , Can’t wait to pull them out, tie them to the pillars, and give them a severe lesson.

“Hehe, many situations, even me, are not so clear, but Dustin Zhou, you have to know that the Zhou family, as one of the four big families in Beijing, is far from being as simple as outsiders seem, and even not as simple as you think. Simple.” “What did you think of the Zhou family before, I don’t know, but from now on, some of your thoughts about Dustin Zhou will all be more complicated, because the Zhou family is huge and mysterious, far beyond ordinary people’s imagination. “At least, as far as I know, although Zhou Hengtian is the head of the family, his power is not the greatest in the entire Zhou family. Above him, the Zhou family also has an elder group, all of which are some of the elders of the Zhou family, all of them are Zhou Hengtian. “Zhou Weitian and Zhou Weihai’s two elders. They used to be members of the Zhou family elder group. Therefore, they will have such prestige and high authority in the Zhou family. Even if they are the heads of the family, they must be extra courteous.


“… Asher Chen said softly, speaking very seriously. And Dustin Zhou was also slightly taken aback. He looked at Asher Chen, his face was full of doubts. The elders? This is the first time Dustin Zhou heard of such existence, above the Patriarch of the Zhou family. , There is actually an elders group, and it is also composed of Zhou’s parents, who can even oppose the orders of the Patriarch. In other words, the Patriarch of the Zhou Family is not the most powerful person in the Zhou Family, the elders group is. And Dustin Zhou is even more so. Unexpectedly, the two elders Zhou Weitian and Zhou Weihai I met yesterday were actually members of the Zhou family elder group. However, since they are members of the elder group, why would they appear in the East China Sea again? Dustin Zhou thought carefully, and there was no correspondence. When he came up with one reason, he asked this question, and perhaps Asher Chen could answer him. “The two old men belong to the kind of arrogant people. In their generation, apart from the old family owner, they belonged to them. They have the strongest strength and the strongest ability, so they have a high prestige and many supporters in the elders.

“But, Dustin Zhou, you have to know one thing. This world has always been prosperous and decayed. It does not mean that when it reaches its peak, it will definitely decline. It means that once a person reaches its peak, he must learn to retreat bravely. Leave yourself a way out.

“The two elders also have full say in the elders, but they only have two people after all, and the members of the elders are all the elders of the Zhou family, how many?

“Some people who are older than the two elders, but have insufficient ability and strength, do you think they would be happy to see the two elders overshadow their limelight when they were young, and when they are old, they have joined the elders. Has it been overshadowed by the two old men?

“Although everyone is from the Zhou family, the Zhou family has been passed down to this day. I don’t know how many generations there are. Some people have long been out of the Five Servers and their blood relationship is also very weak. People don’t have much kindness.

“”This world has always been the weak and the strong!

“… Asher Chen said in a deep voice, today he didn’t plan to tell Dustin Zhou a lot of things before, but he can’t say it now. The failure of the whole day of visits today caused some fluctuations in Dustin Zhou’s heart, which may affect it. His judgment and willpower. And this must be something that Asher Chen needs to stop. Therefore, he can only tell Zhou’s elders to let Dustin Zhou know that in Zhou’s family, there are others who are above the Patriarch.



After Asher Chen finished speaking, the room was extremely quiet.

Dustin Zhou lowered his head, his face was very calm, there was no sorrow or joy, nor any mood fluctuations.

Just looking at it carefully, you will find that Dustin Zhou’s eyes are hollow at this time, and it is obvious that he is thinking about something, thinking a little deeper, and he has not recovered for a while.

Sun Lian glanced at Asher Chen and then at Dustin Zhou, with a trace of worry on her face.

What Asher Chen said just now, even for Sun Lian, was a bit too big, let alone Dustin Zhou.

Sun Lian had worked in the Zhou family before anyway, and was an important spokesperson for the Zhou family in Xiang Province.

Naturally, Sun Lian was not as clear about the specific situation of the Zhou family as Asher Chen, but more or less, I heard about it.

But this group of elders was the first time she heard of it, and she was surprised and shocked.

Sun Lian is like this, let alone Dustin Zhou, who never knew the inside of Zhou’s family?

Now I’m confused and at a loss, it’s normal.

“Oh, Dustin Zhou, you have to think about things like this today. You have to know what I just said. Anyone who has been in close contact with the master’s family knows more or less, even your father Zhou Hengtian. , Your sister Shui Bingyue knows the inside story, but have you ever heard your sister say anything about the elders?” Asher Chen asked suddenly.

Dustin Zhou raised his face stupidly, looked at Asher Chen, and shook his head.

“No, Shui Bingyue has never said anything about the elders, and even she hasn’t told me anything about the Zhou family.” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice.

At this time, he recalled his previous contact with Shui Bingyue, listening to Shui Bingyue say something.

At that time, Dustin Zhou thought that what Shui Bingyue was talking about was something about the Zhou family. At that time, he also felt that it was nothing more than that. He was full of confidence in returning to the Zhou family.

But now, Dustin Zhou knew that the things Shui Bingyue said before were nothing important to the Zhou family, and there were no secrets from the Zhou family at all.

Dustin Zhou now think about it, Shui Bingyue, a girl in her early twenties, could not be with her father after her mother died, but she had to come to the East China Sea thousands of miles away. There must be an irresistible reason.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know before, but thought that Shui Bingyue was wronged at Zhou’s family and wanted to come to the East China Sea to relax for a while.

But now it seems that Shui Bingyue was probably forced to come to the East China Sea because of the so-called elders.

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