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Chapter 815

A scene! “Oh, I don’t want to be like this either…” The Three Worships of Sunan finally spoke, with a long sigh, and his tone was full. It was melancholy. Su Nanan raised his head, felt three glances, and the corners of his mouth suddenly twitched. “Why didn’t you respond to any of them just now?”

Su Nanfang gritted his teeth and looked at the three people fiercely. “Hehe, what kind of character Su Shiming is, who of us don’t know?”

Don’t talk about Dustin Zhou, even if Sun Qiankun says to give all the Sun family to our Su family, he and Su Shiming will not be so gaffe, do you think we are all fools?

The second worshipper Su Changhen sneered and looked at Su Nanfang with contempt. Such poor acting skills can only be used for those who worship, and it is nothing to people like them. Su Nanfanghe Even if they are not particularly clear about the calculations that Su Shiming made, they can still guess one or two. “Let’s talk about what happened, so that you and Shiming want to do it.

“The Great Envoy Sunantian spoke, and the Second Envoy and the Fourth Enlightenment are all serious. “Oh, this is a long story. Let’s go to Shiming, or let him talk to you.

“The Three Envoys of Su Nanfang said in a deep voice, got up first, and walked in the direction where Su Shiming had left. Su Nantian, Su Changhen, and Su Changge looked at each other, and got up and followed. For Su Shiming and Su Nanfang. In a sudden scene, the three of them were really confused, and I don’t know what it was because of it. If they were really like what they said in the play, the two people have different opinions on Dustin Zhou’s affairs, so they can be straightforward.

In terms of spreading it out, there is no need to turn your face and cause this.

In the inner courtyard of the Su family, in a quiet small courtyard.

Su Shiming and Su Wei have been sitting here for nearly ten minutes.

Su Wei followed Su Shiming over and wanted to ask his father what happened, but when he came here, before Su Wei could speak, Su Shiming sat down and stopped Su Wei from speaking.

For ten minutes, Su Wei was fidgeting, always feeling that his father had something important to do.

At this moment, several footsteps suddenly sounded.

Su Wei quickly looked over and saw that the three worshipers of Southern Jiangsu were walking in front, the large worship, the second worship, and the three worshippers of the fourth worship followed the southern Jiangsu step by step, walking towards this small courtyard.

“This…” Su Wei was stunned. He stared at Su Nanfa walking over and sat down beside his father. There was no anger on his face, but rather calm, as if nothing happened just now.

How is this going?

Su Wei wanted to ask, but just said a word, he was stopped by Su Shiming’s eyes.

Su Wei rolled his throat and watched the four great worshippers sitting around Su Shiming, he consciously got up, walked aside, and quickly poured tea for the four people.

He knew what the situation was now.

Why did the three priests who had almost quarreled in the lobby just now come here without a trace of anger?

And the other three offerings are all treated as if nothing happened.

Enduring the doubts in his heart, Su Wei cautiously stood aside, trying to see what they were talking about.

“Shiming, did you really decide like that?” San Enchanted Su Nanan took a sip of tea, looked at Su Shiming with a heavy face, and said in a deep voice.

The eyes of the other three consecrations also looked over.

“Well, wealth and wealth are in danger, and don’t you think Dustin Zhou was too calm at that time? It seems to destroy the Xu family. For him, it is just a matter of wanting and not wanting.” Su Shiming said in a deep voice, watching Four offerings at a glance, then slowly spoke.

“I’ve actually told you about Avaria…” “But, on the way back, I kept thinking about why Dustin Zhou would say such things, and where is his confidence? The four martial masters are simply not enough to watch.” “So I discussed with the three priests, and after returning home, I played such a play, making everyone think that we have different opinions.” After the news of Dustin Zhou spread out, people outside would know that there were disagreements within our Su family. This way, we can give the Su family a certain amount of time to buffer Dustin Zhou’s sentence and destroy the Xu family.

The influence of the words allows us to prepare more calmly and adequately.

“Besides, I am also going to have a good talk with Dustin Zhou, and let him tell me the truth, when we are making the final decision.”

“… Su Shiming fully stated his plan with Su Nanfang. The few people here are the core of the Su family. The worship of the four martial masters is the foundation and pillar of the Su family. Su Wei is even more so. Su Shiming’s only son is the future head of the Su family. After Su Shiming finished speaking, Su Wei on the side was already stunned. He didn’t expect that there was such a thing in it. He stared at Su Shiming blankly, and suddenly felt in his heart. It seemed that Su Shiming and Su Nanfang didn’t have any opinion on Dustin Zhou, but wanted Dustin Zhou to tell them more. In this way, Dustin Zhou didn’t want to drag Su’s family into the water. Su Wei felt relaxed, The big guy is really a big guy, I can believe it! But after listening to the other three offerings, he pondered for a long time. “So, Shiming, do you think Dustin Zhou’s words are reliable?

The four worshippers Su Changge said in a deep voice. He is the youngest of the four, his head turns the fastest, and he thinks very quickly. Just after Su Shiming finished speaking, he thought of one of the very key points. That is. Su Shiming must be very important to Dustin Zhou. Otherwise, the big talk Dustin Zhou said in Avaria would be enough for everyone to dismiss him. However, at this time, both the Sun family and the Ding family were mocking Dustin Zhou. At that time, Su Shiming still believed that Dustin Zhou would not talk nonsense, and maintained certain trust in Dustin Zhou. This must be the treatment that Su Shiming valued Dustin Zhou. At least, Su Changge didn’t know that before, there was that young man. Being able to have Dustin Zhou’s treatment has made Su Shiming consider Dustin Zhou many times, and he even played such a play with the three worshippers, Su Nanfang, and deceived almost all the worshipers. “Well, at least, he doesn’t look like him. A person who didn’t know anything, what kind of existence the Xu family was, and so many families, large and small, knew about it, Dustin Zhou couldn’t possibly know Ou.

Su Shiming nodded, admitting Su Changge’s question just now. “Moreover, the most important thing is that Dustin Zhou seems to have enough martial masters around him.

“Have you forgotten that when Dustin Zhou came last time, there were only two martial masters by his side, and this time in Avaria, there were four martial masters by his side.”

“The focus of

Chapter 816

All the attention! Su Shiming said in a deep voice. And these words also made the four priests feel stunned. Yes, when Dustin Zhou came to the Su family before, there were only two martial masters around him. In Avaria, there are four martial masters. How did those two martial masters come?

They don’t know, no one knows.

This shows that Dustin Zhou definitely has a background that everyone does not know.

At the very least, Dustin Zhou has enough confidence in the master of martial arts.

“So I am going to talk to Dustin Zhou and ask about his specific plans and plans, and then we will make the final decision, whether to cooperate with him and destroy the Xu family!” Su Shiming said in a deep voice, speaking of the last few. When writing, the tone was harsh and full of evil spirits.

This kind of momentum surprised the four worshippers and Su Wei. They had never thought that Su Shiming would one day burst out with such a momentum and determination!

“…” For a while, the four offerings were quiet and did not speak any more.

To be honest, they were a little moved by what Su Shiming said.

Indeed, the master of martial arts has always been a general existence of a family or power. Dustin Zhou has two more masters of martial arts in a short time, which is definitely not something ordinary people can do.

“I think it’s okay. For the Su family, this is not only a risk, it’s not an opportunity. Moreover, I don’t think that kid is like a person who doesn’t know the importance. This time, maybe he is prepared. You It’s also a good thing to get him to talk about it.” After a long time, the Great Envoy Sunan Tian looked at Su Shiming and said in a deep voice, full of seriousness and seriousness.

When the other three worships heard Sunantian say this, their bodies were shocked and they looked at Sunantian in surprise.

They also did not expect that the first person to support Su Shiming would be to worship Sunan Heaven.

The three worshippers glanced at each other, and none of them spoke.

“Hehe, why don’t you speak, you have also seen the current situation of the Su family. You are more than sticking to it and not advancing enough. Unless something major happens, the current situation of the Su family will not change. And now, this is an opportunity. Su Nantian said softly, looking at the faces of the other three worshippers.

This glance immediately shocked the other three enshrined bodies, and felt awe-inspiring.

They knew that Sunan Tian was supporting Su Shiming and supporting his approach.

And with the support of the great worship of Sunan Tian, ​​Su Shiming’s decision is an indisputable fact.

“If this is the case, let’s all see Dustin Zhou, and listen to what he has the confidence to say such things as destroying the Xu family.” The second worshipper, Su Changhen, immediately expressed his stance.

Subsequently, the three worship and four worship also nodded in agreement.

“Very well, I’m going to contact Dustin Zhou now.” Su Shiming laughed, got up and walked aside to make a call.

At the same time, Dustin Zhou was in the room in Lvjingwan City, and he was a little surprised to see the call from Su Shiming.

He thought that everyone in the Su family should still be discussing today’s affairs.

Regarding love, I didn’t expect that Su Shiming would call now. Is this the negotiation?

Dustin Zhou didn’t know, but he knew that Su Shiming must have something very important to say when he called now.

“Hey, Patriarch Su!” Dustin Zhou answered the phone with a smile.

“Huh? That’s it, it’s naturally welcome, but this time, it’s hard for me to go to your Su’s house. Let’s change a place. It just so happens that I also bring a few friends with me.” Okay, it’s good there.” … Dustin Zhou frowned slightly as he hung up the phone, a little surprised by what Su Shiming had just said.

He didn’t expect that everyone in the Su family had already negotiated so quickly, and it seemed that there was not much objection.

And Su Shiming even asked for a meeting with Dustin Zhou for detailed discussion.

This surprised Dustin Zhou.

However, Dustin Zhou directly agreed.

In the first place, even if Su Shiming didn’t call him about this, he would take the initiative to find Su Shiming.

In this way, Su Shiming called first, but Dustin Zhou took the initiative.

Secondly, it was also time for him to let Su Shiming and the people on Huye meet. Since the three parties want to cooperate, they naturally need to know something.

However, Dustin Zhou was not going to let Su Shiming know that Lord Tiger and the others were from another line of the Xu family. When that time came, it was very simple to re-arrange an identity for Lord Tiger and the others.

After thinking for a moment, Dustin Zhou called Hu Ye to convey Su Shiming’s meaning, and at the same time said his own views and opinions.

The tiger master also readily agreed.

Time flies, two days’ time flies.

In these two days, the major power families in the East China Sea have been extremely lively.

What happened at Avaria that day eventually spread throughout the East China Sea.

And Dustin Zhou’s name quickly spread to all major clans in the East China Sea.

Although Dustin Zhou had a certain reputation in the East China Sea in the past, not all families and forces knew of his existence.

And this time, because of the influence of the birth of the Xu family, many families in the East China Sea have been paying attention to the movements of those first-class families.

Therefore, the Sun family, Ding family, and Su family gathered in Avaria to discuss the birth of the Xu family, which immediately attracted the attention of most families and forces in the East China Sea.

And what happened at Cuihu Curie that day was naturally what many families and forces wanted to know.

In the entire Avaria incident, Dustin Zhou was the most conspicuous existence.

One sentence to destroy the Xu family, let Dustin Zhou’s name spread to all the major clan forces in the East China Sea, everyone knows.

At the same time, the dispute between the Su Family Patriarch and the Su Family’s worship of Southern Jiangsu because of Dustin Zhou was quickly spread.

“Hehe, this time the Su family really picked up

Own feet.

“Who would say no? That Dustin Zhou, at first glance, was a person who didn’t know the heights of the world. The Su family actually wanted to cooperate with the kid and fight against the Xu family. It was really looking for death.

“Yes, if I were the Su Family Patriarch, I should immediately make a statement to put aside the relationship between Su Family and Dustin Zhou.”

“”That’s right, like that

If so, it might be possible to prevent the Xu family from holding them accountable.

“… Many big families and big powers talked about it, almost where they were active, there were such remarks. However, two days later, the Su family members came to Avaria again under the leadership of the master Su Shiming. And even the four great worships and the four martial masters went with them. At the same time, Dustin Zhou also took a lot of people to Avaria. The two parties came to Avaria again at the same time, saying that there was nothing to discuss , No one believes it at all. In an instant, the eyes and attention of all the big clans and forces in the East China Sea gathered together.

Chapter 817

The Su family and Dustin Zhou went to Avaria together. Is there anything to discuss?

“Are they discussing the destruction of the Xu family?”

Hahaha, I really laughed at me.

“Yes, if you are not discussing the destruction of the Xu family, then you are thinking of how to explain what you said before?”

Haha, I knew this before, so why at the beginning, I think, the Su family and Dustin Zhou just didn’t shed tears if they didn’t see the coffin, and didn’t die until the Yellow River.

“Tsk tusk, anyone has news?”

Know what they are discussing?

“I don’t know. It stands to reason that the Sun family and the Ding family are more interested in the behavior of the Su family and Dustin Zhou. We are just watching the excitement.

“… People in the big and small families in Donghai City are whispering secretly, and they are very interested and doubtful about the Su family and Dustin Zhou going to Cuihu Residence at the same time. Dustin Zhou doesn’t care about the reaction of these people, or even if he knows these people. He wouldn’t do anything about his thoughts. What other people think is other people’s business, and no one can stop them. What’s more, Dustin Zhou’s words to destroy the Xu family have already been spread throughout the East China Sea. Everyone in the small and small families is extremely curious about Dustin Zhou, and they all want to know what kind of person this is, dare to say such big words. Dustin Zhou ignored other people’s thoughts. Came to Cuihu again. It’s still in the Shenglong Pavilion. When she came, Dustin Zhou greeted Shui Bingyue and asked her to vacate the Shenglong Pavilion, and she wanted to use it today. So when everyone came, under the leadership of Manager Guo, I came directly to the Shenglong Pavilion. Everyone in the Su family, under the leadership of the master Su Shiming and the four consecrations, a total of nearly twenty people came. In addition to a few consecrations, there are also some principals of the Su clan, all of them Su The core member of the family. The Su family came first. “Tsk tsk, this Thanglong Pavilion is really bold, and I have long heard that Avaria looks at the entire East China Sea. It is the top existence, I didn’t expect it to be well-deserved!

“Yes, just this one

Jian Shenglong Pavilion, such a pomp, is enough for other hotels to study and ponder.

“When will Dustin Zhou come?”

I met that kid before, and I just thought he was pretty good, but I didn’t expect that he was also young and frivolous, and he would say the words to destroy the Xu family in front of so many people.

“Yes, he just said it himself, but he has to pull our Su family, isn’t this just trying to pull us into the water.”

What an impropriety!

“…… Everyone in the Su family talked a lot, and sat down separately. “Be quiet, I’m not asking you to find anything to bring you here today!”

Su Shiming whispered, letting everyone calm down. Almost all the core members of the Su family knew about the birth of the Xu family, and they all knew that the Xu family was a hermit family, whose strength far exceeded the Sun family, Su family, and Ding. A first-class family like this family can never be offended. However, Su Shiming has not said about the cooperation between Dustin Zhou and the Su family and the strength that Dustin Zhou has shown so far. It can be said that among the more than 20 people in the Su family Apart from Su Shiming, only Su Wei and the Four Great Envoys knew the truth of the matter, and also knew the real purpose of coming to Avaria this time. A crowd of people waited in the Shenglong Pavilion for nearly half an hour, but Dustin Zhou was still missing. Many people are already dissatisfied, and there is a faint anger between their eyes. Many of them don’t know Dustin Zhou very well, and don’t know Dustin Zhou’s current status in the East China Sea. Therefore, for Dustin Zhou’s delay in showing up, let them wait here. Quite murmured. “Hmph, Dustin Zhou, the frame is really unusual. Let us wait here for more than half an hour and still not show up. Are we really taking ourselves as uncles?

“Hmph, in my opinion, Dustin Zhou is afraid to show up this time, afraid that we will ask him for an explanation.”

“Who would say no? Even the Sun family would not dare to say something like that to destroy the Xu family. Dustin Zhou didn’t know how to say such things, and now he probably knew that he was wrong, and he was so afraid that he didn’t dare to come out. Got it.

“I don’t know how long we have to wait here. Isn’t it possible that Dustin Zhou hasn’t appeared, so shall we wait here forever?”

“… After waiting for half an hour in the Shenglong Pavilion, Dustin Zhou still did not appear. Gradually, some of the almost ordinary Su family members became impatient, and they were very dissatisfied with their whispers. Once Dustin Zhou appeared. , They will go up to Dustin Zhou’s reprimand. “Quiet!

Su Shiming let out a low cry, and everyone calmed down, but the exchange of eyes between them was very unkind. Su Shiming frowned and kept looking at the door, for fear that Dustin Zhou would not notice it immediately after appearing. However, as Dustin Zhou said on the phone. Yes, at this time, Dustin Zhou and the others should have arrived

It is.

But they have been waiting here for half an hour, Dustin Zhou still didn’t mean to show up.

Did Dustin Zhou fool them?

This shouldn’t be.

“Shiming, what’s the situation?” The Third Envoy Su Nanan whispered, his mind was the same as Su Shiming, and he was full of doubts about Dustin Zhou’s delay.

“I don’t know, but according to the time, they should have arrived, but…” Su Shiming said in a deep voice.

But when he was only halfway through his words, the door of Shenglong Pavilion was opened from the outside.

Dustin Zhou and his party walked in slowly.

Su Shiming stood up immediately, looked at Dustin Zhou deeply, and swept past several people beside Dustin Zhou without showing a trace.

“Dustin Zhou, you are finally here.” Su Shiming greeted him and took the initiative to shake a hand with Dustin Zhou.

Su Shiming’s attitude really shocked many Su family members.

Who is Su Shiming?

That was the Patriarch of their Su family, and the Su family was a first-class family in the East China Sea, and the strength was far beyond what ordinary people could imagine.

However, at this moment, as the head of the Su family, Su Shiming took the initiative to greet him and shake hands with a young man.

What is rhythm?

Everyone looks at me, I look at you, and you look at him, with stunned eyes and stunned eyes with three circles, and they don’t even know what happened.

Su Wei looked excited. He looked at Dustin Zhou and was very excited. He knew that Dustin Zhou would not release pigeons. Sure enough, Dustin Zhou was here.

On the contrary, when the four major offerings of the Su family saw Dustin Zhou coming in, they only looked over slightly.

However, when their gaze swept over the people behind Dustin Zhou, the worship of the four martial arts masters instantly became tense and solemn, one by one looking at the people behind Dustin Zhou with solemn expressions and shocked hearts.

Martial Master!

Moreover, there are a total of six martial masters!

The four worships looked at each other, and they all saw a touch of shock in each other’s eyes.

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