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Chapter 572

During the call, the general manager directly stated that if Liushi Beauty is still like this within the next week, if there is no improvement, then he will withdraw the qualification of Liushi Beauty to sell Polyx products.

Although Wang Wei knew that the general manager of the Baolishi branch was introduced by Kong Shao, they also focused on Kong Hui’s face.

However, the transaction between the two parties was done by the general manager and Wang Wei.

Before that, Wang Wei had repeatedly assured that Liushi Beauty would never disappoint the other party.

There are even three

Chapters of the agreement between the two parties.

But now, Kong Hui said that he would have to wait a few more days. How could this make Wang Wei not anxious and his face not ugly?

And these so-called days, I don’t know how many days are.

A day is a few days, and nine days are also a few days.

The general manager of Polyx only gave Wang Wei one week.

Even within this week, the people who Kong Hui said can clean up Dustin Zhou came, and after he cleaned up Dustin Zhou, it would take a few days to reorganize the Liushi beauty makeup and restore the store to the level of the first week. of.

By that time, the day lilies were cold.

“Kong Shao, I am worried that the store will not be able to support it for a few days. Yesterday, Mr. Xu from Baolishi called me to give me the last week to restore the store to its previous level. You know, I… …” Wang Wei didn’t finish speaking, he looked at Kong Hui hesitantly.

There are some words, sometimes you don’t need to finish speaking, just say the general meaning and let the other party know, it is enough.

And now Wang Wei is like this.

You Kong Hui said that someone will come out to clean up Dustin Zhou within a few days, then I will listen to you.

But my store will definitely not last for a week, and this is still the deadline you gave the person you introduced. What should you do? You Kong Shao will talk about it.

After all, even hi clay figurines have a three-point temper.

Although Wang Wei used a lot of Kong Hui’s energy, after all, Wang Wei didn’t have to get Kong Hui’s help.

It’s just that he can’t swallow at once, it’s stuck in his chest.

Unless there is a victory or defeat between him and Dustin Zhou, he will definitely not be reconciled.

“Hmph, you can’t handle such a small matter well, how could I cooperate with you in the first place!” Kong Hui glanced at Wang Wei and snorted, his tone also very dissatisfied.

He really couldn’t figure out how he would choose to cooperate with Wang Wei in the first place.

I was beaten by Dustin Zhou and injured, not only

There is no way to use the power of the family to directly attack Dustin Zhou.

Moreover, the several times that he helped Wang Wei afterwards made Kong Hui feel aggrieved.

He contacted the general manager of Polyx’s Hunan branch to link Wang Wei and Liushi Beauty. He used the name of the Kong family to contact him.

Even if a large company like Polyx is just the general manager of a branch in a province, it cannot be driven by the Kong family at will.

Even if Kong Hui knew that the Kong family was not seen by outsiders, he paid a lot for it.

If this matter is known to the family, even he will be punished.

After that, he helped Wang Wei match up in the entertainment industry and contacted a company to get many stars to help promote.

Originally, this matter seemed to Kong Hui to be completely sure, and it would not happen.

But he never imagined that just an hour after those celebrities posted Weibo, the person he asked for would call him and yell at him.

The key is that the other party is a member of the big family in Beijing, and he is also the one he met last time in Beijing.

Kong Hui knew the strength of the opponent’s family. It was not a top-notch family in the capital, but it was also a second-rate family. Putting it in Xiang Province, it might be a top-level family. Even the Kong family could not ignore it.

Even so, the celebrities of the opposing company were exposed to scandals and illicit materials one by one, and suddenly became a cancer in the entertainment industry.

Kong Hui was severely reprimanded by the opponent.

All of this is to help Wang Wei and the Poliu City beauty makeup.

Fortunately, he also accepted a five-percentage share from Wang Wei last time.

How much it is worth is not proportional to what he has to bear.

This time, Wang Wei actually wanted him to help.

Kong Hui even felt that he hadn’t taken any action to teach Wang Wei a severe lesson in order to vent his dissatisfaction. How could he still help him.

“Kong Shao, there is nothing I can do. That Dustin Zhou cooperated with the Zhang family and can drive the strength of the Zhang family. How could I be an opponent alone.” Wang Wei kept crying.

In fact, when Kong Hui said that just now, Wang Wei’s heart trembled.

Because he heard the dissatisfaction in Kong Hui’s words just now.

It was dissatisfaction with Wang Wei, and very dissatisfied.

At that moment, Wang Wei even felt angry and directly refuted the past.

However, the sensibility in his mind calmed Wang Wei.

Today he came to seek help from Kong Hui, not to tear his skin.

If he really turned against Kong Hui, not only would he not get the help of Kong Hui, but he would even add an enemy like Kong Hui, or even the entire Kong family.

Not to mention, Kong

The relationship between Hui and this Jiang Feng seems to be very good. Once Jiang Feng also shot for Kong Hui, then it means that the Jiang family will also become a mountain on Wang Wei’s shoulders.

With Wang Wei’s strength, there was no way to face Dustin Zhou, and he was defeated steadily, not to mention that at this time, in his heart, the Kong family was even more terrifying than Dustin Zhou.

“Also please Kong Shao can help me. I am willing to give 30% of the shares to Kong Shao. Once we defeat Dustin Zhou, Liushi Beauty will definitely grow in Liushi. At that time, it will be second. A well-known company.” Wang Wei said quickly, even taking out the share transfer agreement directly, holding it in both hands and passing it in front of Kong Hui.

This 30% share is the best ratio that Wang Wei has worked hard to think of.

In Ding Junfeng, Shen Hai’s several partners firmly stood on their side, and even handed out their shares to him, and when they sought Kong Hui’s move, Wang Wei already had all the shares in Liushi Beauty.

He had already given Kong Hui five percentage points before.

Adding the 30 percentage points this time, Kong Hui has 35 percentage points in his hands.

And Wang Wei still has 65 percent in his hands.

In this case, next time, he may still seek Kong Hui’s help.

“Thirty percent.” At this time, it was Kong Hui’s turn to be a little surprised. He knew his old classmate.

Not to mention scheming, ambition or anything, stingy is the most important point.

In the university, Wang Wei’s stinginess was fully demonstrated. In the past, every time the class went out to dinner, Wang Wei always looked for excuses when paying the fees, and he ate for nothing several times.

But at that time, everyone was in school, and they didn’t care so much about this.

Chapter 573

In Kong Hui’s view, I am afraid that Wang Wei will be heartbroken to take out 30% of the shares.

Kong Hui is optimistic about the future development prospects of Liushi Beauty. Such a company that almost replicates the well-known company, as long as there is time, one day in the future, it may not become the second well-known company.

And the name of the famous company, even the Kong family, can’t be ignored now.

The sales of billions of billions in a month will be deeply shocked just by hearing it.

Once Liushi Beauty Makeup becomes the second well-known company in the future, Kong Hui will have a steady stream of income in his hands, even more than that of the Kong family.

And this is the real reason why he is willing to cooperate with Wang Wei and help him several times.

But now, Kong Hui hesitated.

A few days have passed since the last incident in the entertainment industry. Until now, Kong Hui wants to reconnect with the son of the second-rate family he met in Beijing, but he can’t.


It can’t be said that they couldn’t be contacted, but the other party completely blocked Kong Hui.

This made Kong Hui feel a little jealous.

Even the existence that the other party didn’t dare to provoke, the Confucian family, I’m afraid he can’t provoke it.

“It’s a favor, I can help.” But when Kong Hui hesitated and his expression changed, Jiang Feng on the side suddenly spoke.

In an instant, Wang Wei and Kong Hui’s eyes all fell on Jiang Feng’s face, and even the eight people who had been with Jiang Feng looked over.

They had seen Wang Wei many times before, but Jiang Feng didn’t say a word.

And now, he actually said that he could help Wang Wei.

“Young Master Jiang, you…” Kong Hui frowned and said in a deep voice.

He was not angry. He felt that Jiang Feng had refuted his own face, but he felt that Jiang Feng was a little reckless in doing so.

Even he was hesitating, how could Jiang Feng be so sure that he could help.

Moreover, why can Jiang Feng help?

Kong Hui knew Jiang Feng’s status in the Jiang family. It can be said that he was only a tool man at best, and it was impossible to get in touch with the real power of the Jiang family, nor was it possible to inherit the Jiang family like himself.

“Hehe, Zhang family has me to deal with it. Even if they cooperate with Dustin Zhou, I am sure to let them let go. As for Kong Hui, you can contact some other media companies. After all, Zhang family can’t control the entire Hunan province. The media company.” Jiang Feng didn’t say much, and he didn’t say how he planned to deal with the Zhang family.

But this is enough to shock Kong Hui and Wang Wei.

“Well, since you have said so, Wang Wei, listen carefully. This time, this is the last time I will help you. If it still doesn’t work, there is no need for this Liushi beauty makeup.” Kong Hui nodded. , Then suddenly looked at Wang Wei and said coldly.

This is the last time he has helped Wang Wei, and if it doesn’t work this time, then he won’t make a move.

After all, Liushi Beauty may become the second famous company in the future, and that is also a future thing.

Now the price he has paid is a bit high, and if it doesn’t work, then it is really unnecessary.

For an illusory future, paying such a high price now is absolutely not worth it.

“Really! Shao Kong, Shao Jiang, don’t worry, this time I can definitely do it. As long as I unlock the blockade of the Zhang family, I’m absolutely sure to let Dustin Zhou give up.” Wang Wei’s spirit was lifted, and he quickly patted his chest to promise.

This was really an unexpected surprise. Wang Wei never expected that when Kong Hui hesitated, it was Jiang Feng who spoke.

As for the last time Kong Hui said, Wang Wei didn’t care.

Don’t say this time, Kong Hui and Jiang Feng joined forces, and he

There is also a plan, and they cannot fail.

Even if something happens and it really fails, when he will take out all his remaining shares, Wang Wei really doesn’t believe that Kong Hui will be unmoved.

At that time, he still has a chance to comeback!

For Wang Wei, this is undoubtedly a huge surprise.

With Jiang Feng and Kong Hui’s answer, Wang Wei was also very excited. Next, the atmosphere between the three was extremely cheerful.

And Wang Wei seemed to have forgotten the difference in their identities, and was drunk with Jiang Feng and Kong Hui.

… After a few hours, Wang Wei finally got drunk.

On the contrary, Jiang Feng and Kong Hui are still sober.

“Hehe, what an idiot, give some color, I don’t know that the sky is high and the earth is thick.” Kong Hui looked at Wang Wei who was drunk on the side, a trace of disdain flashed in his eyes, and said lightly.

Although the relationship between him and Wang Wei seemed to be very good just a few hours ago, he was always willing to drink alcohol or something.

But in Kong Hui’s mind, Wang Wei and himself were not at the same level.

It’s not that he wants to look down on Wang Wei on purpose, but that his identity is placed here. Even if he doesn’t do this, the three generations of the eldest master of the Kong family is a name that can hold many people down.

“Get him down, don’t get an eyesore here.” His eyes motioned to the little brother to drag Wang Wei down, and Kong Hui looked at Jiang Feng again.

In the past few hours, although Jiang Feng had been drinking, he didn’t speak much. Even when Kong Hui asked him to speak, Jiang Feng rarely responded.

But Kong Hui knew that Jiang Feng didn’t want to talk, but that Wang Wei was there, and many things were not suitable for speaking.

Now Wang Wei is gone. In the private room, there are only Kong Hui, Jiang Feng, and the eight brothers Jiang Feng brought.

Kong Hui believed that Jiang Feng should be ready to say something.

Otherwise, he would not suddenly say just now that he could help Wang Wei to overcome the blockade of Zhang’s propaganda channels.

“Let’s talk, Shao Jiang, what do you think? Just talked, that’s not your style.” Kong Hui looked at Jiang Feng playfully.

Since childhood, he has been in contact with Jiang Feng a lot.

Jiang Feng has been apprentice under the Confucian family since he was a child, and is one of only three direct disciples.

And Jiang Feng grew up in the Confucian family.

And this, not many people in Hunan province know.

The relationship between the two has been pretty good since childhood. Kong Hui also helped Jiang Feng deal with many of the ridicules and difficulties of the Kong family, and Jiang Feng almost became Kong Hui’s thug at that time.

Therefore, Kong Hui knows Jiang Feng very well, knowing that he is a person who doesn’t like talking, and even more so, a person who doesn’t like to be nosy.

For Kong Hui, Wang Wei’s affairs are dispensable, and for Jiang Feng, it’s even more important.

This is nosy.

“I did this, naturally for my purpose, Kong Hui, do you know why I came to Liushi this time?” Jiang Feng said lightly, looking calmly forward, even if there is only one wall in front, what else nothing.

“For what?” When Kong Hui heard the words, his pupils shrank, and he wondered.

Chapter 574

To be honest, Jiang Feng has been in Liushi for nearly half a month, but Kong Hui really didn’t know why he came to Liushi in the past half month.

You know, strictly speaking, Jiang Feng has already left a teacher and can walk outside without staying in Liushi.

In fact, it is true.

Jiang Feng only left the Kong’s home more than a month ago and returned to Changsha Jiang’s home.

And how long it took before he returned to Liushi.

Among them, if there is no reason, Kong Hui would not believe it.

“You know the image ambassador of the Liushi branch before?” Jiang Feng said lightly.

“Jiang Yan?” Kong Hui thought for a while. It seemed that he had indeed seen the huge publicity photo that was hung outside the store, and the person in the photo was Jiang Yan.

“Jiang Yan, is the only daughter of my foster father.” Jiang Feng said softly.

However, as soon as he said this, it fell in Kong Hui’s ears, like a thunderbolt.

“What? Jiang Yan is the eldest of the Jiang family? How could this be possible…” Kong Hui stood up in shock. It seemed that Jiang Feng glanced at him. Then he looked at the other eight people and found that they were all calm, apparently long ago. understood.

“No wonder, no wonder, then you came to Liushi to bring Miss Jiang back to Jiang’s house.” After being shocked, Kong Hui slowly calmed down and thought of many things.

He also guessed Jiang Feng’s purpose of returning to Liushi again.

After all, big families like the Jiang family value the appearance of the family very much.

And since Jiang Yan was the only daughter of the second master of the Jiang family, she actually acted as an ambassador for an ordinary branch and showed her face. For the Jiang family, it was a blasphemous thing in itself.

When Jiang Feng came to Liushi, he must have taken the Jiang family’s order, at least with the Jiang family’s second master Jiang Xingyuan’s order, to bring Jiang Yan back to Changsha Jiang’s family.

“But, where’s Miss Jiang?” However, Kong Hui changed his mind. He didn’t seem to see Jiang Yan from beginning to end.

It has been almost half a month since Jiang Feng appeared, and he has not seen Jiang Yan either.

It stands to reason that Jiang Feng went out and brought back Jiang Yan, it was not easy, simple.

But… Kong Hui didn’t continue thinking, because he saw that Jiang Feng’s expression hadn’t changed much, but the expressions of the other eight people were gloomy.

And gritted his teeth one by one

Yes, as if someone provoke them.

Could it be that… Kong Hui just had such an idea, so he didn’t continue to think about it.

Because he didn’t want to think further.

With Jiang Feng’s strength, in Hunan Province, it can be said that the younger generation is almost invincible.

Even some older generations would not be his opponents.

Among the three direct disciples of his grandfather, Jiang Feng is not the strongest, but he has made the most progress and is the youngest one.

Such a person, wanting to take Jiang Yan away in Liushi is simply easy.

However, it now appears that Jiang Feng has failed.

Moreover, with the help of eight brothers, it still failed.

Or, Jiang Yan threatened Jiang Feng.

Or, the other party has an existence stronger than Jiang Feng’s strength.

“It’s all Dustin Zhou. I didn’t expect that there was a master beside him, and Jiang Shao was not sure to beat the opponent. What’s more, the difficulty of taking Miss Jiang away would increase countless times.” Suddenly, one person hated. Hate said, his face was clouded.

He remembered the day when the Liushi branch held an opening ceremony. Several of them, plus Jiang Feng, were preparing to take Jiang Yan away in the chaos.

If it’s just Dustin Zhou, it’s nothing, even eight of them can deal with the past.

However, at the last moment, someone suddenly appeared and knocked Jiang Feng back with a punch.

This is the image that shocked the hearts of the eight of them.

They don’t even know the details of each other.

After coming to the Kong’s house, it was only after careful reflection before he recognized that the person was a powerful bodyguard next to Dustin Zhou.

At the beginning, they only thought that Dustin Zhou’s bodyguard had some strength, but it was also very limited, and they could deal with it.

But when they actually met, they found out that all their previous guesses were all wrong.

“Moreover, the most important thing is that Jiang Shao even thinks that the other party is a martial master!” Jing!

The private room is extremely quiet.

Kong Hui stared at the person who had just spoken dumbfounded, his pupils dilated instantly, and his heart was throbbing.

Martial Master!

Of course he knew what these simple words meant.

Because of him, the Confucian family can stand tall in Liushi and develop steadily in Hunan Province, and no one is looking for trouble.

It’s because the old man of the Kong family is now a martial master.

Moreover, the strength of his body is countable in the whole country.

A Confucian father can form a family and take root in a province.

The power of the martial master can be imagined.

And now, they actually told themselves that Dustin Zhou had a bodyguard of the martial master.

This is simply a fantasy, nonsense… Kong Hui kept denying it in his heart, but at the end of the denial, he could no longer deny it.

Because Jiang Feng and these eight people have been in Liushi for nearly half a month, but Jiang Yan has never appeared, which already explains the problem.

If it were not for the martial master, it would be almost impossible to stop Jiang Feng and these eight people.


Kong Hui trembled slightly, his gaze looking at Jiang Feng had changed, the previous intimacy was dissipating little by little, slowly becoming solemn.

But at this moment, Kong Hui felt his back chill.

He thought of helping Wang Wei to deal with Dustin Zhou several times, and in order to deal with Dustin Zhou, he asked Chen Tianhao’s group to clean him up… All of this would definitely not escape Dustin Zhou’s eyes.

If the other party is really serious, Kong Hui thinks he can’t handle it.

Even if the grandfather is there, the other party has a martial arts master, and listening to Jiang Feng’s words, the other party’s martial arts master is still very young, even if it is his grandfather, I am afraid that he will not offend the other party for nothing.

In an instant, Kong Hui’s expression darkened, and he lowered his head slightly, a haze flashed through his eyes, not knowing what he was thinking.

And all this was seen by Jiang Feng.

“Don’t be so nervous, the opponent should not be a martial master yet. I have fought him against him. I admit that he is stronger than me. That is also very limited, but there is one thing, I can guarantee that the opponent is definitely not a martial master. , Otherwise, that day, the few of us will not be able to get out of their bodies.” Jiang Feng glanced at Kong Hui, and got a full view of all of Kong Hui’s performance, then said lightly, his face extremely calm.

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