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Chapter 578

“Ms. Wang is still great, and even the Zhang family is doing it casually.” “Yes, the Zhang family was so aggressive before and blocked all of our propaganda channels. Now it is not necessary to let go obediently.” “Follow Mr. Wang, for sure. That’s right.” “This time, we must let Dustin Zhou take a good look. Even without him, we would be able to do well.” … Several partners kept slapping Wang Wei’s flattery. For a while, the office was very Joyful, the atmosphere is also very pleasant.

Everyone seemed to be relieved.

After all, Dustin Zhou’s several combinations of punches before, but they were beaten all at once, and he even suspected that he could not support it anymore.

But now it’s fine, the Zhang family won’t take action against them, so even if the publicity channels of the entertainment circle are cut off, they can still go to the local market.

“By the way, Mr. Wang, the cosmetics store opposite is undergoing renovation. Is it going to reopen?” At this moment, Shen Hai’s eyes fell on the opposite store, seeing the decoration going in and out. Workers, and he also recognized those decoration workers at once, the workers who gave Liu Simei the makeup and decoration.

And as Shen Hai’s voice fell, the eyes of several other people also looked over.

“Hey, aren’t those people who helped our store renovate before?” “Yes, they really are.” “Why, I heard that the owner of a store is going to make a move, and now I have found a buyer?” “No, the structure inside that store is very special, it seems that it is only suitable for cosmetics products.” “Yes, what we thought at the beginning was that we won that store just to save some renovation costs. “Now that we are here, someone will take over this store, really

I can’t help myself, or that the picker doesn’t even know the power of Liushi Beauty.

“… Several partners talked about it, but Wang Wei frowned at this moment. “Mr. Wang, what’s wrong?”

Ding Junfeng observed his words and expressions, and immediately noticed that Wang Wei’s face was a little dignified, and he seemed to be caught in some thinking. Ding Junfeng’s voice was not small, and it also attracted the attention of several other people at once. Qi surrounded Wang Wei and looked at Wang Wei with concern. “I saw someone in the morning.

“Wang Wei said in a deep voice. At this moment, a figure appeared in his mind. And that figure was Ye Fang. At first, when he saw Ye Fang in the morning, he didn’t care much. After all, Ye Fang was already. She was a loser, she was driven out of Liushi Beauty, and all the shares in her hands fell into her own hands. So even if Ye Fang appeared at the door of the opposite store in the morning, it did not cause Wang Wei In Wang Wei’s heart, Ye Fang could no longer pose any threat to him. However, now that I think about it carefully, Wang Wei discovered that something was wrong. Ye Fang appeared at the opposite store in the morning. There was no problem, it was a big problem. It is true that the internal structure of the opposite store can only be suitable for operating cosmetic products. If you want to operate other industries, you must remodel the interior of the store. On the one hand, the cost of remodeling is too great, on the other hand, More construction teams are needed. And now, the construction team that appeared in the store was the last decoration team for Liushi Beauty. In other words, the store on the opposite side was renovated directly without any renovation. , I still want to sell cosmetics products. When I think of Ye Fang’s appearance in the morning, a cold sweat bursts out on Wang Wei’s forehead. And this also surprised several other people. They didn’t understand why it was good. Suddenly, Wang Wei looked so solemn, and he was still in a cold sweat, with a flustered look. They had just taken back the initiative from Dustin Zhou, and Dustin Zhou could no longer block their propaganda channels. This should be one. It’s a good thing. “Mr. Wang, what’s the matter? Did something happen?

“Yes, Mr. Wang, everyone is in the same boat now. Anyway, please tell us somehow.”

“President Wang, are you okay?”

“… Several people looked worried, for fear that Wang Wei would have any accident. All the shares in their hands are now in Wang Wei’s hands. If Wang Wei has any accident, they will lose the basis for cooperation with Kong Hui. Then, Without Kong Hui’s help

Help, they simply don’t have the ability and means to compete with Dustin Zhou.

“I saw Ye Fang in the morning, and she went to the store opposite.” Wang Wei said in a deep voice, and he felt that his guess was correct.

Ye Fang is back, and is planning to build a new store in the opposite store.

And Ye Fang’s purpose is to retaliate against himself.

“What!” Others were surprised when they heard Ye Fang appeared at the opposite store in the morning.

All the top executives of various companies here are smart people. There are many things that don’t need to be reminded by others. They think of a lot with just a word from Wang Wei.

“So, that store was taken over by Ye Fang!” “What is she going to do to take over this store? Does she still want to open a new store?” “But, with us, even if she opens a new store, That is also self-defeating, and it has no effect at all.” Ding Junfeng said flatly, with a very decisive tone.

In his opinion, even if Ye Fang planned to reopen a store in the opposite store, it would not be their opponent.

Shen Hai looked complicated and complex. At this moment, he really had a trace of regret in his heart, regretting that he hadn’t been standing next to Ye Fang, regretting that he hadn’t quit with Zhao Cheng when he chose to quit.

Now that Ye Fang returns, there is bound to be a fierce competition between the two sides.

Shen Hai didn’t think that Ye Fang would not be fully prepared for his return.

Even this return move may not have been invented by Ye Fang himself.

Thinking of that person, Shen Hai felt that Ye Fang should be supported by the other party this time.

“But, have you ever thought that there may be Dustin Zhou’s support behind Ye Fang? If Dustin Zhou supports Ye Fang and asks her to reopen a branch here…” Shen Hai said in a deep voice, he did not finish his words, but He believes that the few people here will be able to understand the meaning of their words.

In fact, several partners did understand the meaning in Shen Hai’s words. For a while, the faces of several people became extremely solemn.

“Is it impossible?” “How could Dustin Zhou still support Ye Fang to reopen a branch here? Does he want to repeat the same mistakes again?” “Don’t worry, there is President Wang, and Kong Shao here, just a little bit. Dustin Zhou, there is no need to worry about it at all.”…

Chapter 579

Although the partners said it didn’t matter, don’t be afraid, Dustin Zhou was nothing like that, but in their tone, they seemed so vain.

And their fierce words just now seemed to embolden themselves.

After a heated argument, the office fell silent again.

Everyone is digesting today silently

What happened in the day.

First, the publicity channels of Liushi Beauty in Hunan Province were reopened, and the Zhang family would no longer act against them.

Then the opposite store was taken over, and it was taken over by Ye Fang. Most importantly, there may be Dustin Zhou’s support behind Ye Fang.

“Ms. Wang, do we want to stop Ye Fang.” Ding Junfeng flashed across his face severely, glanced at the shop opposite, and said in a deep voice.

In his opinion, it does not matter whether Ye Fang has Dustin Zhou’s support behind him, or whether Ye Fang is going to reopen a cosmetics store.

As long as they can stop Ye Fang’s store from opening before it opens, all their worries will disappear, and they don’t have to worry about it all the time.

“Yeah, Mr. Ding is right. As long as Ye Fang’s store fails to open, what should we worry about?” “Yes, Mr. Wang, make up your mind. At this time, you must be decisive, otherwise, Once Ye Fang develops, the consequences are unpredictable.” “Yeah, Mr. Wang, who knows whether there is Dustin Zhou behind Ye Fang, we are just taking precautions and stifling all uncontrollable factors in the cradle. “…… With Ding Junfeng’s beginning, several other people also agreed with this view.

After all, if you want to pose a threat to Liushi Beauty, the store opposite must open.

And if the other party can’t open the business, everything is illusory, and they don’t have to worry about me too much.

Therefore, blocking in advance is indeed a very good means.

Several partners, even Shen Hai, now look expectantly at Wang Wei.

They are waiting for Wang Wei to make the final decision.

At this time, Wang Wei was indeed plunged into thinking.

Ding Junfeng’s advice really moved his heart, and Ye Fang’s return did make him feel threatened.

Even if the threat of Liushi Beauty’s propaganda in Hunan Province is gone, and Kong Hui and Jiang Feng are willing to help him, but this sense of threat still exists.

“Well, since she chooses to come back, then I will let him have no place to stand. I will go to Shao Kong for help. You can think of something yourself. This time, I will let Ye Fang return without success!” , Wang Wei slapped the table and made a decision, and his face also showed a fierce look.

The situation does not seem to have changed.

In the next few days, after Liushi Beauty launched a new round of promotional activities, the store’s business was getting better.

Although it has not reached the popularity of the first time when it opened, the business is unparalleled compared to the shops around the pedestrian street. Every day the shop is full of customers most of the time.

Attitude, this makes the owners of several adjacent stores to death with envy and jealousy.

The decoration of the store hosted by Ye Fang is also taking shape. Seeing that it will be completed in one or two days, the opening ceremony of the new store can be prepared.

The Zhang family canceled the publicity ban on Liushi Beauty. Except for a phone call to Dustin Zhou at the beginning, they did not contact Dustin Zhou again, did not express apology, and did not give compensation.

And Dustin Zhou did not blame the Zhang Family, nor did he call the door to ask for an explanation.

“Mr. Zhou, Mr. Shen, something is wrong recently.” Changsha Kaiyuan Hotel, Ye Fang glanced at Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen with a solemn expression.

During this period of time, she would come here almost every day to explain something to Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen.

Ye Fang had always thought that Dustin Zhou would fight back at any time, but after these few days, Dustin Zhou not only didn’t make any moves, but stayed in the hotel all the time, hardly even going downstairs.

“What’s the matter?” Dustin Zhou did not speak, and Enderia Shen asked.

“In the past few days, the store has been inspected several times, and all aspects of inspection have been carried out, and the other party has been picking and choosing. If I hadn’t ordered it from the beginning, everything must be carried out in accordance with the strictest standards. Now the store will be ordered to stop renovating.” Ye Fang said in a deep voice, telling everything he had encountered in the last few days.

And the situation did surprise Ye Fang, and he was also suspicious in his heart.

In the past few days, the renovation of the new store has been going very smoothly, and it seems that it will be over in about two days.

However, all kinds of official inspections by Liu City followed.

In addition to regular firefighting, industrial and commercial inspections are also continuous.

Almost every day, as the legal representative of the new store, she receives several inspections.

And these inspectors, in the inspection process, always pick and choose.

However, fortunately, the faults they pick and find are not even a fault at all, and even in the review regulations, there is no such inspection.

If Ye Fang hadn’t ordered the decoration team to follow the strictest standards in order to prevent someone from making ghosts, I am afraid that several problems would really be detected.

It is not a big deal to check out a few small problems, but these inspectors have come to check over and over again, and the goal is clear, that is, they are running to check out some violations, which makes Ye Fang have to be vigilant.

After hearing what Ye Fang said, Enderia Shen’s expression also became serious.

Obviously, this is someone who is targeting Ye Fang and the new store.

“It must be Wang Wei’s deception with some people!” Enderia Shen said bitterly. Now she can only think of some people like Wang Wei.

Because only him

We have the motivation to do so.

Moreover, the successful opening of the new store was the biggest blow to Liushi Beauty and Wang Wei.

It is not a new thing to stifle all threats in the cradle in this way. Wang Wei and the others absolutely must do this.

“They are just being wary of me.” Dustin Zhou smiled and said lightly.

It is true that Wang Wei and the others are guarding against Ye Fang, and that the successful opening of the new store will bring an impact and threat to Liushi Beauty.

But the most important thing is that Wang Wei and the others worry that behind all this is his shadow, Dustin Zhou.

So instead of saying that Wang Wei and the others are guarding against Ye Fang, it is better to say that they are guarding Dustin Zhou and preventing Dustin Zhou from participating.

“Dustin Zhou, should we take any measures?” Enderia Shen asked, since the other party did this, if they did nothing, they would be restricted in their steps, which is definitely not a good thing.

“It’s almost there. At this time, it’s time for the Zhang family to do something for their breach of contract.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, without shying away from it, he got up and called Mr. Zhang Taiyan.

Chapter 580

(1) “Master, don’t come here unharmed recently.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile as soon as the phone was connected.

In his tone, there was no dissatisfaction and resentment after being torn up by the Zhang Family before, as if nothing happened before, and there was still a very happy cooperative relationship between him and Zhang Family.

“Haha, fortunately, everything is still the same, little friend Dustin Zhou, I’m really sorry about what happened last time, but there are some things in my Zhang family, so I can’t tell you…” When the old man Zhang Taiyan heard Dustin Zhou’s words, Obviously he was taken aback, but he quickly reacted, and quickly laughed, wanting to explain the previous incident.

In this case, there will be no gap between the two parties.

“Needless to say, I understand Mr. Zhang’s decision. After all, there are many things in a big family like the Zhang family that I cannot understand.” But Mr. Zhang Taiyan was interrupted by Dustin Zhou before he finished speaking.

“I called the old man this time because I wanted to ask him for one thing.” Dustin Zhou said lightly, briefly talking about what happened in the new store, and let old man Zhang help take care of it. Trouble, so that the new store can successfully open successfully.

“This is simple. I’ll let Zhang Ying handle it. When it opens, my Zhang family will definitely attend the opening ceremony.” The old man’s voice was very hearty, and it sounded very healthy from the phone.

And Enderia Shen and Ye Fang in the room looked at each other, and they both saw a weird look in each other’s eyes.

It seems that for Dustin Zhou’s request, Mr. Zhang Taiyan not only failed

If you have a trick, or want to get some benefits, you want Dustin Zhou to make such a request, and the more you mention, the better.

Could it be that the old man came back to reflect, knowing that it was wrong for the Zhang family to tear up the promise before, and now he wants to make up?

After Father Zhang Taiyan responded, Dustin Zhou didn’t say much, just said a few words at random, and hung up the phone.

“The problem should be solved. There will be no problems in the store. I have asked for a few nursing homes from the Zhang family, and I will be the guard for the time being.” Dustin Zhou smiled casually.

And this time, Ye Fang was relieved.

With the energy of Zhang’s family in Hunan Province, it couldn’t be easier to normalize the various inspection departments.

As for letting Zhangjia Nursing Institute come to look after the store, Ye Fang felt that it was too much.

It’s just a new store. Could there be other accidents?

“It’s okay, anyway, these are what Zhang Family should do. Besides, it’s not afraid of ten thousand, just in case, beware, there is always nothing wrong.” Seeing the look on Ye Fang’s face, Dustin Zhou knew what she thought. However, Dustin Zhou persisted.

After all, the new store is not so important to him.

But for Ye Fang, it was a new starting point, and there was nothing to lose.

This is indeed the case.

After Dustin Zhou called the old man Zhang Taiyan and got his assurance, all inspections of the new store stopped.

After all, in the previous two days, the new store has been inspected inside and out many times. Even if there is any problem, it has been dealt with long ago.

Time flies quickly, one week is over quickly, and the new store is also decorated, some interior decorations, shelves, and products are all ready.

Just wait until the weekend to open.

Therefore, the new store is full of lights and festivities, and it is also an announcement to others that this store is about to open. Then everyone can come to cheer, come in and have a look, maybe there are things you need inside.

Liushi Beauty, second floor office.

Wang Wei and the others are all there, and everyone’s face is a bit ugly.

“Kong Shao said that the Zhang family has taken action, so he can’t let people make trouble for the other side.” Wang Wei said in a deep voice, his face gloomy, looking out the window, the new store opposite, a cold eye flashed through his eyes.

He didn’t expect that Kong Shao made a move, and before the other side was in trouble, the Zhang family would move so impatiently.

What was even more surprising to Wang Wei was that the new store opposite was already preparing for the opening ceremony in such a short time.

This time, he was able to confirm that besides Ye Fang, there was Dustin Zhou’s shadow behind it.

Last night, the new shop opposite

Wang Wei saw it too.

He recognized those products, they were all products of the famous company, as well as some products of Zhangjia Meichen Beauty.

What this shows, Wang Wei knows better than anyone.

Ye Fang teamed up with Dustin Zhou, and their goal was self-evident by opening the store opposite Liushi Beauty.

“Mr. Wang, are we just watching the opposite open business?” “Yeah, what do we do?” “But, the Zhang family makes a move, what else can we do?” “Humph, Zhang family It was just a hello to the people above, so that they would not trouble the other side. However, the opposite side will open tomorrow. If something uncontrollable happens before tomorrow and there is no way to open it, then it’s fine.”… Ding Junfeng’s face was gloomy, looking at the store on the opposite side with a festive look, there was a burst of irritation in his heart for no reason.

In the dark, he has a feeling that he cannot allow the opposite to successfully open tomorrow, otherwise, he, and everyone present, and Liushi Beauty Makeup, will face a crisis in the near future.

“We can’t take action, but Kong Shao said, he can find someone to help us, the contact information is here, Lao Ding, leave it to you.” Wang Wei said coldly, and handed a note with contact information. To Ding Junfeng.

He also agreed with Ding Junfeng’s idea that if he can’t stop him before the other side successfully opens, he will definitely pose a huge threat to himself and Liushi Beauty in the future.

And this threat is something Wang Wei doesn’t want to see.

Ding Junfeng took the note, walked aside directly, and began to contact the other party.

During the phone call, Ding Junfeng also knew that the other party was a relatively well-known boss in Liushi, and he had many younger brothers who were relatively powerful.

The most important thing is that the other party is very close to Kong Hui, and has helped Kong Hui do a lot of things before.

When Ding Junfeng told him about his own affairs, Brother Hao on the other end of the phone also directly agreed, without mentioning the reward at all.

But Ding Junfeng knew that although it was Kong Hui’s relationship, he still understood the rules.

Although Brother Hao did not mention remuneration, Ding Junfeng would also prepare some remuneration.

In his opinion, one hundred thousand yuan is more than enough.

In a private club in Liushi, Chen Tianhao hung up and smiled and said to the little brother beside him.

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