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Chapter 626

“Let go!” Dustin Zhou shouted coldly, his face no longer worried.

The two people still didn’t notice, and they kept talking.

When Liu Xue saw this, her heart was anxious, her face was already angry, even a little ugly and pale.

If Dustin Zhou were really angry, once the anger was moved to her, or even to Lvjingwan City, then Liu Xue would never expect the consequences.

“Huh!” Seeing these two men so ignorant, Dustin Zhou’s heart suddenly became cold and he let out a cold snort, and a sudden force on his feet, a force sprayed directly out of the two young men holding Dustin Zhou’s calves. People suddenly flew out as if being lifted off by others.

Even the security guard had slightly let go of his hand because of Liu Xue, but he was still directly shocked by the force.

“Oh, it hurts me so much.” A few people suddenly flew out, fell to the ground, and immediately wailed.

In this scene, Liu Xue who was on the side saw beautiful eyes, and his eyes were endless. The eyes that looked at Dustin Zhou even carried a strange emotion.

“Mr. Zhou, this is a mistake in our work. I will definitely arrange to deal with it immediately. I will definitely not let such a person come to Lujingwan City to make trouble.” Liu Xue said quickly, taking the lead in showing her attitude.

In this case, no matter what anger Dustin Zhou is, he will at least think about it a little bit.

Besides, Liu Xue still had a lot of confidence in herself.

No matter what, she is also a stunning beauty. When she was in school, many people sought after herself and were her loyal fans.

After graduating, I came to the Lvjingwan City Division, still a flower, and became one of the focuses of much attention.

Even if Dustin Zhou had an extraordinary background, Liu Xue felt that she wouldn’t be inaccessible to him.

On behalf of Lvjingwan City to give a deal, it can be regarded as a statement to Dustin Zhou.

“I don’t want to see this kind of thing again next time. My mother lives here. I don’t want any unsafe factors to appear.” Dustin Zhou frowned, and said nothing more.

However, when Dustin Zhou stepped forward and was about to enter Lvjingwan City, he suddenly turned around and looked at the two young men.

“If you think that Young Master Sun can take care of me, you can go and find him, but I want to see and see, who is this sacred Young Master.” Dustin Zhou said coldly, and strode towards the community. go with.

A single-family villa is located in the east of Lvjingwancheng Community.

Dustin Zhou and Liu Xue came to the door of the villa together. Dustin Zhou looked at the tightly closed door, feeling slightly moved.

Once upon a time, he thought about buying a big villa when he grew up so that his mother could lead a rich life.

However, after growing up, Dustin Zhou knew that life was difficult.

He has no background, even if he works in a well-known company, but he is still limited and various, all kinds of restrictions, and even make things difficult, there is no room for display.

In addition, when he entered Zuixie’s family, he was even more stunned and his aspirations were suppressed.

Fortunately, there is no way for people.

Dustin Zhou didn’t expect that he was actually the illegitimate son of the Zhou family in the capital, and the only son of the Zhou family’s head and the only choice for the heir of the Zhou family.

After getting 20 million in venture capital at the beginning, Dustin Zhou went all the way, invested in Mingyang Company, opened up the market in Donghai, and established his position.

Entering into Hunan Province, we have made various strategies to develop Mingyang Company in Hunan Province.

And he can finally fulfill his childhood wish, buy a big villa for his mother, and live a rich life.

Liu Xue stood aside, looking at Dustin Zhou, and seeing that Dustin Zhou’s face showed warmth and his eyes were slightly moist, he suddenly felt strange, and a strange emotion naturally emerged.

What kind of person is this Mr. Zhou?

When he came to Green Bay City to buy a house, no real estate consultant came to meet him.

At that time, Liu Xue herself was just a newcomer, and the responsibility of receiving such a house, which did not seem like someone who could buy a house, naturally fell on her.

But Liu Xue didn’t have any complaints, and still received Dustin Zhou conscientiously.

However, what shocked Liu Xue was that Dustin Zhou turned out to be very simple. After spotting a villa, he immediately settled down.

And what made Liu Xue even more shocked was that the boss of Lvjingwan City actually appeared in person, received Dustin Zhou, and gave Dustin Zhou a big discount.

Dustin Zhou bought a villa. People in the business department knew at the time that everyone was envious of Liu Xue. Even the two people who turned down at the time regretted it.

However, the boss personally received Dustin Zhou and had a very happy conversation with Dustin Zhou, but only Liu Xue knew about it.

And this secret has been hidden in Liu Xue’s heart and didn’t tell anyone about it.

But now, seeing Dustin Zhou’s warm side, Liu Xue became more curious.

Liu Xue didn’t know that there was such a big man in Donghai who could make his boss treat him cautiously.

However, the more so, the more Liu Xue thinks Dustin Zhou’s identity is extraordinary.

She knew that the children of some super-big families would not reveal their identities at will.

In Liu Xue’s eyes,

Dustin Zhou is probably such a person.

However, there seems to be no big family surname Zhou in Donghai.

“Boom boom boom.” A knock on the door suddenly sounded.

In the villa, having just drank a sip of water and was about to sleep for an afternoon, Zhou’s mother took a break and glanced at the door with some confusion.

She lives here, and no one shows up at all.

Only occasionally a beautiful woman shows up and cares a lot about her.

And Zhou Mu also knew that this woman was actually a manager of the community business department and seemed to know Dustin Zhou.

Apart from this, Zhou Mu has not seen anyone else here.

Moreover, the beautiful woman named Liu Xue just left, didn’t she just leave? Could it be that there is something left here and come back to get it now?

I was puzzled, but Zhou Mu’s senses towards Liu Xue were good.

If it weren’t for Dustin Zhou who had been married and was still a son-in-law, she would even want to bring Liu Xue and Dustin Zhou together.

“Here.” Replied softly, Zhou Mu walked to the door and slowly opened the door.

However, in the next second, Zhou Mu was stunned, her face was full of shock, and a trace of disbelief flashed through her eyes.

“Mom, I’m back.” Dustin Zhou looked at his mother, saw the look on her mother’s face, and the unbelievable and surprise in his eyes. He couldn’t help but yelled softly, and went straight forward. , Hugged Zhou’s mother and leaned gently on Zhou’s shoulders, completely relaxed.

“Okay, it’s okay to come back, it’s okay to come back.” The moment Zhou Mu was hugged by Dustin Zhou, all the surprise and disbelief on her face disappeared, leaving only satisfaction and comfort.

Chapter 627

And Zhou Mu naturally saw Liu Xue on the side.

She didn’t know how Dustin Zhou would be with Liu Xue, is there still a connection between them?

Zhou’s mother had doubts in her heart, but she didn’t ask immediately.

Because Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie’s current relationship, Zhou Mu is not too clear.

Although they had conflicts before, Zhou Mu didn’t know the result.

“Come in quickly.” Zhou Mu pulled Dustin Zhou into the house, and at the same time greeted Liu Xue to come in.

“Auntie, I won’t go in. I ran into Mr. Zhou at the gate of the community. There are still things on the company side, so I’ll go back first.” Although Zhou’s mother had an invitation, Liu Xue was not someone who didn’t know the importance.

Dustin Zhou just came back today, it was when she was talking to Zhou Mu, she was just an outsider, and it was not very suitable to be here at this time.

“It’s okay, come in for a cup of tea, for so long, thank you for visiting my mother from time to time.” However, Dustin Zhou, who was already sitting on the sofa, opened his mouth and looked at Liu Xue with a slight smile.

For this little girl, Dustin Zhou’s feelings

The officer is not bad.

Although it has lost a lot of the youthfulness of six months ago, it has not been contaminated with the bad habits of some social people. It still seems to make people feel close.

In addition, Dustin Zhou was not at home for so long, but Liu Xue came here from time to time to visit Zhou’s mother. Dustin Zhou would not fail to accept this love, he was not such a ruthless person.

Besides, come in for a cup of tea, what’s the deal?

Even if Mira Xie and Enderia Shen knew about it, they probably wouldn’t say anything.

“Okay, then, I’ll bother.” Hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, a cloud of clouds flew out of Liu Xue’s cheek, and her voice suddenly became much quieter, and she walked in with small steps.

When the mother Zhou saw this, she smiled knowingly.

After Dustin Zhou came back, he felt that his whole person was a lot relaxed, and his gestures were also a lot relaxed, and there was no need to deliberately pretend.

I summarized some of my experiences in Hunan Province during this period of time. It can be regarded as a small report with Zhou Mu to let her know that in the past six months, I have not gone out to mess around, but really have things and careers. do.

Dustin Zhou said very slowly, some things that were more critical, and even needed to be done, were taken by him in one sentence.

Dustin Zhou didn’t want his mother to be frightened when he knew it.

At this time, Liu Xue’s eyes were shining, with one hand propped on his chin, watching Dustin Zhou this time, his eyes flashed brightly.

Liu Xue didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to be so powerful.

Although Dustin Zhou said it was very light, Liu Xue knew more than Zhou Mu.

For those big families, although Liu Xue hasn’t come into contact with them, she can still hear some colleagues mention it.

Like these big families, all of them have been inherited from family for about a hundred years, and they have profound background, and they also have infinite energy in a province.

And Dustin Zhou, in a place like Hunan Province, stirred the situation and swam among the five big families, causing the five big families to make a lot of noise, but he was completely retired, and he could also open up the market in Hunan Province.

It was also at this time that Liu Xue knew.

Dustin Zhou turned out to be a famous company, and his status was not low.

What is Mingyang Company?

This is in the East China Sea, but it exists like fire like the sky.

The cosmetics Liu Xue uses every day are bought from Mingyang. Naturally, he knows a lot about Mingyang.

“Going away is no better than staying at home. You still have to be kind to people and be careful.” “When will Mira and your manager Shen be called home? Mom will cook them a meal. Thank them very much.” Mother Zhou said with a smile. He stretched out his hand and patted Dustin Zhou’s shoulder, his voice was filled with relief, and even the voice of words still choked with a trace.

After so many years, Dustin Zhou finally grew up

Yes, I’m promising.

Not to mention the things Zhou Mu can’t see, just the villa in front of me can be seen, and Zhou Mu has lived here for half a year, knowing that it is expensive.

This kind of thought that her own child is finally promising came to Zhou’s mother’s heart, making the smile on her face burst, and some wrinkles were clearly visible.

However, in the past six months, Zhou’s mother’s living environment has improved a lot, and after the operation, Zhou’s mother’s physical condition has also improved. Now she can no longer see any weakness and exhaustion of her body when she was sick.

Time passed quickly. In a blink of an eye, two hours passed, and the sky gradually dimmed. As night fell, the street lights in the Lvjingwan city community were also lit up one after another, leaving the entire community in a hazy, seemingly , Do not have a flavor.

“It’s getting late, Auntie, Mr. Zhou, I’ll leave first.” After looking at the time, Liu Xue stood up reluctantly and said.

To be honest, even she herself didn’t realize that when she came in, she stayed for more than two hours until dark.

If this is changed to the past, it is simply impossible to happen.

And now, Liu Xue herself is a little confused. I don’t know why. He became more interested in listening to Dustin Zhou about what happened in Hunan Province. Finally, she imagined that she seemed to be on the scene, and her mind followed Dustin Zhou. The more I spoke, the more excited I became.

“Well, pay attention to safety on the road.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, not planning to send Liu Xue out.

He also noticed something wrong with Liu Xue just now, and she looked at her with admiration and expectation.

This is not a good sign.

You know, the gaze that Enderia Shen looked at at the time is similar to that of Liu Xue now.

Now that there are Mira Xie and Enderia Shen, Dustin Zhou already feels overwhelmed. If you add another Liu Xue, Dustin Zhou will be even more powerless to get distracted.

What’s more, Dustin Zhou just nodded to Liu Xue and didn’t have any other friendships. It was enough to be polite as necessary, and there was no need to do more.

Leaving Zhou’s house, Liu Xue took a deep breath, her expression a little lonely.

She didn’t think about more, but now that she came out by herself, Dustin Zhou didn’t send it off, and she was somewhat disappointed.

When I thought of Dustin Zhou’s just now, Mira Xie, Enderia Shen, and Jiang Yan were all extremely outstanding women.

Among them, Mira Xie is Dustin Zhou’s wife.

This made Liu Xue feel a little stunned.

Even though he knows a mysterious and outstanding man like Dustin Zhou, there is no shortage of women around him.

But Liu Xue still didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to get married so early.

Mira Xie, huh?

Mira Xie’s name was whispered in his mouth, Liu Xueyan

The front suddenly swept away the loss, and a faint look appeared.

What Dustin Zhou said just now was not without loopholes.

If Mira Xie is Dustin Zhou’s wife, and the relationship between the two is very deep, then what is the matter with Enderia Shen, who appears in Dustin Zhou’s mouth from time to time?

Even if Enderia Shen was the president of Mingyang Company and Dustin Zhou’s boss, he would mention it much more frequently in Dustin Zhou’s mouth than Mira Xie’s wife.

If the relationship between the two of them is only second, how could Dustin Zhou be like this?

Chapter 628

Dustin Zhou is back.

The news quickly swept the entire East China Sea like a tornado.

Anyone who has had some contact with Dustin Zhou or Mingyang Company knew the news, and they all knew that Dustin Zhou, and some people from Mingyang Company, returned to the East China Sea.

Xie family.

Mira Xie returned to Xie’s home with Enderia Shen.

After learning about Enderia Shen’s identity, Xie’s mother changed the indifference on her face and became extremely enthusiastic. She kept condoning Enderia Shen for fear that she would feel left out here.

“Hehe, Mr. Shen is drinking tea. I didn’t expect Mr. Shen to have such a good relationship with our family, Mira, and we must keep in touch with each other in the future.” Mother Xie looked at Enderia Shen, and became more happy as she watched.

Enderia Shen is the president of Mingyang, and almost everyone in Donghai knows the name of Mingyang.

Moreover, Mira Xie’s company was able to escape the crisis because it was on the ship of a well-known company, and it is developing better and better now.

Mother Xie felt a little regretful. She knew that Mira Xie and Enderia Shen had known each other a long time ago. Mira Xie had already introduced her. At that time, she might be able to start a company by herself, climb the Clippers of the famous company, and earn a lot of money.

After all, no one would dislike his own money.

What’s more, Xie’s mother is a person who almost got into the eyes of money.

“Hehe, that’s natural.” Enderia Shen said lightly with a cold face that turned away thousands of miles away.

For Xie’s mother, she had heard a lot about her from Dustin Zhou before, so Enderia Shen had a general impression of Xie’s mother before.

So, even though Xie’s mother is now very enthusiastic.

But in Enderia Shen’s eyes, it was an overly diligent and demanding performance.

Therefore, Enderia Shen’s attitude is slightly colder, and she doesn’t want to talk too much with Xie’s mother.

It’s not that she didn’t see that even Mira Xie had a cold attitude towards her mother, and barely talked to her.

“Oh, Mira, what are you doing? Mr. Shen is here, don’t you go and entertain Mr. Shen, turn something over here!” Mother Xie saw Enderia Shen sitting on the sofa, while Mira Xie was always in the room. Turning things inside, I suddenly felt upset.

Who is Enderia Shen? He is famous

The president of the company, not to mention the status and reputation in the East China Sea, she can decide the life and death of Mira Xie’s company with a single word, it is enough.

Mira Xie came back with Enderia Shen, not wanting to behave well, leaving a better impression in front of Enderia Shen, instead, he retracted into the room as soon as he came back and kept rummaging for things.

Is this to anger the old mother?

Xie’s mother’s chest kept rising and falling, and her heart was suddenly angry.

This own daughter is really ignorant of current affairs.

In the past, I had been procrastinating and refused to divorce that waste Dustin Zhou. Now that there is such a good person at home, I don’t even know how to show it.

What’s more, Enderia Shen is also a beauty, and Mira Xie is also a beauty.

Two beauties together shouldn’t be the same

The topic?

“Did you see what I put in a box?” Mira Xie walked out of the room, his face was a little anxious, and his brows were even more frowned. He looked at Xie’s mother with a look a little ugly.

“What box? I don’t know, I didn’t see it.” Xie’s mother denied it before Mira Xie finished, and she didn’t even have the patience to listen to Mira Xie’s words.

“You…” Mira Xie was short of breath, his throat was stuck in his throat, and his face flushed a little anxiously.

“What box, is it that black box?” But Mother Xie also realized that Enderia Shen was still here. If she acted like this, she would probably be dissatisfied with Enderia Shen, which would make Enderia Shen dissatisfied with Mira Xie and even break Mira Xie. The future of the company.

So Xie’s mother tongue slowed down, and he thought about it for a moment, and said hesitantly.

“That’s it.” Mira Xie’s face suddenly moved slightly when she heard Xie’s mother say so.

Since Mother Xie can tell the color of the box, it means that she must have seen the box.

But now that the box is gone, it must be related to Xie’s mother.

“I’ve thrown away the tattered box a long time ago. It is not just a pile of tattered books, but also some tattered love letters. Huh, I already knew that all of this was made by the trash Dustin Zhou. It was a trash. Learn from others to be romantic, and don’t look at his identity. He is worthy?” “Mira, I am also doing it for your own good. Throw away all those things. Find a time, call him over, and talk to him as soon as possible. Divorce, there are so many young talents in the East China Sea, which one is not better than that waste?” Mother Xie disdainfully, when talking about Dustin Zhou, the smell of disgust in her tone is not hidden at all. It seems, even if the name Dustin Zhou is mentioned. , Will make Xie’s mother feel sick.

“Mira, with your appearance, even if you are divorced, you don’t have to worry about anything. Given the level of development of your current company, not to mention Dustin Zhou’s trash, even if it is Charlie Chen, who wants to marry you now, it depends on me. Would you like it?” Mother Xie hummed coldly.

Now, as Mira Xie’s company is getting better and better, especially in the past six months, after reaching a cooperation with Mingyang, the development of Yueji Beauty Company has entered a fast lane.

In the past six months, Yueji Beauty has not only paid off all the debts owed in the past, but also doubled its profits. In six months, it has earned nearly 20 million in net profit.

If this is left in the past, it is simply impossible to happen.

But now, it really happened, and Xie’s mother came back from the company only yesterday to check and post. This month is approaching the Spring Festival, and the monthly net profit is more than 5 million.

With such a huge sum of money, Xie’s mother is even thinking about changing it

A bigger house now.

After all, although it can be regarded as a luxury community in the East China Sea, there are some limitations and insufficient layout.

Mother Xie felt that this place was no longer worthy of her identity.

What’s more, in this place, Dustin Zhou’s waste has lived here for several years, and the entire house has been polluted by Dustin Zhou’s waste. If she still lives here, she will definitely be affected.

And Charlie Chen, who had launched a frantic offensive pursuit of Mira Xie before, is now in the eyes of Xie’s mother. If it were not for the background of the family, Xie’s mother would not have been in his eyes.

Therefore, Mother Xie has made plans.

If Charlie Chen is good enough to make her happy, maybe he will support him with Mira Xie.

As for that trash Dustin Zhou, get divorced as soon as possible. Don’t come here to harm Mira Xie, the Xie family.

“Enough!” Mother Xie wanted to continue, but was severely interrupted by Mira Xie.

Mira Xie’s face was extremely gloomy, her eyes were staring at Mother Xie, her teeth were also bitten.

At this moment, Mira Xie was extremely angry and extremely sad.

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