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Chapter 917

He saw cowardice and even selfishness in the canvas shoe girl.

Obviously, the girl in canvas shoes was the only one who was disadvantaged and the most innocent in the battle just now, because she did nothing wrong.

But when Dustin Zhou rescued her, in order to save her own life, she asked Dustin Zhou to betray the justice in her heart and save her.

Perhaps she was not wrong, from the beginning to the end, it was just that as a small person, she wanted to preserve her instinct.

As for Jingjing, Dustin Zhou only saw blindness from her.

No matter right or wrong, she only believed in her own judgment, and then blindly pursued strength.

She doesn’t care about her body, she doesn’t have a brain when she does things. In short, she will move closer to whoever is stronger. As long as she is strong, she is right and blindly follow suit.

Hadron is a downright villain, who can clearly judge his own interests, and then flatter himself everywhere, trying to put himself in a profitable position.

The bald brother is the representative of power. He was the most powerful at the beginning, and it can be said that he is also the most thoughtful one.

He is cruel and has his own decision, but it is obvious that he does not need to flatter him, but he is also only considering his own interests.

He dared to do many things, and it can be said that he was also very capable of doing it. For example, before Dustin Zhou appeared, he was the absolute controller in that small circle.

But it is a pity that the abilities he possesses are only for himself.

He just wants to get everything he wants, as for others, it is just a tool for him to satisfy himself.

In a word, although what happened to those people just now was only a small incident, but through this incident, the bad personalities of these people were brought into full play.

Everyone has a fatal weakness… or it is not a weakness, but a way of survival that they are born to integrate into the whole society, or to survive.

But these things made Dustin Zhou feel very upset.

He has his own justice, but when facing these ordinary people, he appears so powerless.

Obviously he already has everything, but he can’t do anything with these most ordinary people.

“Are you thinking about these things, Brother Yang?” After hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, Niu Chuan on one side heaved a sigh of relief, looking very relaxed.

“Hey, why do you seem to feel that nothing happened? I really feel distressed about these things.” Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but said, he felt that even Niu Chuan didn’t understand himself.

“I don’t understand your brother Yang, I just think that with your realm, you will never fall into this

The horns are sharp.

Niu Chuan said confidently. He knows Dustin Zhou too well. Dustin Zhou is a strong man in his mind, both in terms of force and thought. Even before Dustin Zhou, he was not an opponent of Niu Chuan in terms of force. He is basically Niu Chuan’s disciple. Although he is Niu Chuan’s apprentice in terms of force, in fact, Niu Chuan has always treated Dustin Zhou as his elder brother. The reason is simple, it’s just that Dustin Zhou’s mental realm is very high. No matter what happens to him. , Can quickly judge and analyze the whole situation, and then make the necessary decisions. Such a strong and confident person, of course, has a code of conduct in his heart, and his position is very clear. Because his position is clear, Therefore, the most accurate judgment can be made no matter when and where. So no matter when and where, you will not be confused. Hearing that Dustin Zhou is now confused because of such a trivial matter, Niu Chuan immediately relaxed, because he felt that Dustin Zhou will soon want to understand. “Brother Yang, I remember you said before that this world is too big.

“No matter how strong a person is, the impact it can have on the world is minimal.”

“For example, before Dustin Zhou, there were already many emperors of warriors in this world. Why didn’t those emperors of warriors stand up and influence the world? It’s simple, because they can’t. How big is the world population? Billions However, there are only a few dozen Emperors of warriors. It is equivalent to one person managing a population of 100 million. Therefore, no matter how powerful the Emperor of warriors is, it cannot interfere with the lives of so many people. “Human nature has bad roots. inevitable.

“The reason why we want to become stronger is not to avoid keeping ourselves away from these bad roots?”

“Let yourself, let the people around you, leave these bad roots forever, that’s enough!”

Niu Chuan said very firmly, because Dustin Zhou said these words to him before. Now Dustin Zhou has enough ability to buy a large group of villas, so that the people around him and the people who care most can live in the group of villas. , And then hire some servants to serve them. At that time, whether it is Dustin Zhou or the people around Dustin Zhou, they can live the life they want. No matter how much darkness there is in the world, how many cruel things and people, follow them It doesn’t matter. This is the reason why a person wants to become strong. As long as he can protect the person he wants to protect, it is enough. Hearing these words by Niu Chuan, Dustin Zhou’s mind flashed, as if he had understood something. Is it okay for people to only care about themselves when they are alive? Did these words have been said by the previous self? Indeed, the previous Dustin Zhou was just a small person. His biggest goal

, Which means being able to return to Zhou’s house and become a rich man, able to take good care of his mother, Mira Xie and the people around him.

Then why does he feel disappointed now?

When did he become such a person with a sense of justice?

He shook his head, trying to stop thinking about these things, and then thinking of Mira Xie and Enderia Shen.

These two women should be the women I care about most.

There is no doubt that I have feelings for them.

And the current situation is undoubtedly the most perfect way to deal with it.

It seemed that Dustin Zhou had already figured out everything now. He was no longer entangled in betraying the justice in his heart, nor was he annoyed that Enderia Shen and Mira Xie became what they are now.

But don’t know why, he still feels faintly disturbed.

The voice he had pressed before came out again, no, don’t accept it.

Don’t accept it?

What shouldn’t you accept?

Dustin Zhou covered his head in pain.

Nothing is wrong!

His life is very happy now!

He has everything, money is not a problem at all, he even owns the property of the entire city.

He can see through the bad roots of human nature, but he has enough ability to get rid of these things to create a paradise.

The people I care about also gather around me.

What are you still resisting?

Even he himself couldn’t figure it out.

Chapter 918

Such a life should be enough!

Dustin Zhou tried to convince himself, but he didn’t know why, there was always a resistance in his heart.

He didn’t know the source of this resistance, he couldn’t even find a reason to refute his current life, but he just couldn’t erase that resistance.

It seems that only one step can be counted as one step. Just as Dustin Zhou felt that he wanted to open it, his phone rang again.

The caller ID, the three little Su Xiaomeng of Rocket Girl.

Why did this little girl remember calling herself?

Dustin Zhou clicked to answer, because he had lost his memory for half a year, so in his impression, he and Su Xiaomeng had not been in contact for a long time.

But Dustin Zhou still has a very good impression of this little girl with the status of a big star.

After all, Su Xiaomeng did help Dustin Zhou a lot, especially in the past.

“Hey, Xiaomeng, miss big brother?” Dustin Zhou asked easily.

Although he was in a bad mood, he didn’t want to bring this emotion to Su Xiaomeng, so he deliberately said in a very relaxed tone.

“What? Brother Dustin Zhou, didn’t you agree to come to see Xiaomeng today? How can you say that I missed you.” Su Xiaomeng’s tone is cute

Da said, in fact, she just wanted Dustin Zhou.

But under her softness, Dustin Zhou had agreed to visit her today three days ago.

She only needs to wait for Dustin Zhou to appear today, so she will definitely not admit that she missed Dustin Zhou.

When Dustin Zhou heard these words, he felt a big head.

When did he promise Su Xiaomeng to see her?

No impression at all!

“Where are you?” Dustin Zhou asked.

If Su Xiaomeng was in Donghai City, it would still be too late to catch up.

“Big Brother Dustin Zhou, you won’t forget about this completely, you don’t even know where I am,” Su Xiaomeng’s voice sounded a little angry, “Huh, Xiaomeng is angry and ignore you!” Dustin Zhou Suddenly sweating profusely.

He really forgot.

But he can’t be blamed for this!

He has forgotten too many things!

He has lost his memory for half a year, how could he still remember this little thing!

But if you tell Su Xiaomeng this kind of thing, I don’t know if Su Xiaomeng will believe it.

“Xiaomeng, don’t blame me, I did forget, but it’s not that I don’t care about you, it’s because I started to find that I am amnesia today, and I have lost my memory for half a year.” Dustin Zhou said hurriedly.

He originally thought that Su Xiaomeng would be very angry when he heard these words, thinking that he was perfunctory to her.

After all, women, most of them are like this.

But Su Xiaomeng is different. This is an extremely innocent girl who is so innocent.

When she heard Dustin Zhou’s words, her first reaction was to worry, “Huh? Brother Dustin Zhou, how could this happen? Are you okay?” “My body is okay, I just lost my memory for half a year, so don’t blame me. “Dustin Zhou said.

Where does Su Xiaomeng blame Dustin Zhou?

She immediately said, “That’s right, Brother Dustin Zhou, then where are you now, I’ll find you in the past.” Su Xiaomeng looked very concerned about Dustin Zhou, and even dared not let Dustin Zhou go out alone.

For this situation, Dustin Zhou just smiled bitterly.

Then tell Su Xiaomeng to rest assured that she can go to her.

It’s just that I lost half a year of memory, and I didn’t become a fool. Of course it is possible to go out alone.

And listening to Su Xiaomeng’s meaning, she was indeed in Donghai City, otherwise she would not say that she would come to find herself immediately.

Hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, Su Xiaomeng was relieved, and then told Dustin Zhou’s current position.

She was still with the Rocket Girl’s Three Little Girls. When she returned to the East China Sea this time, it was purely Su Xiaomeng’s own request. They did not have any activities, and the company gave them a holiday.

“Okay, then I will find you now.” Dustin Zhou promised, saying goodbye to Niu Chuan, and hurried straight to the hotel where the Rocket Girl lived.

As always, the Rocket Girl’s three juniors were just inconvenient to come outside the hotel to greet Dustin Zhou.

So this time to greet Dustin Zhou, it is still Yang Jie, the person in charge of the Rocket Girl Three.

Dustin Zhou remembered this woman, very beautiful, with the temperament of a mature woman.

Moreover, she is very high-spirited, has her own opinions, and is a woman who will never compromise easily.

So after seeing Sister Yang, Dustin Zhou seemed very polite, “Sister Yang, I’m bothering you again.” Dustin Zhou said this sentence sincerely.

Although every time he meets with Su Xiaomeng, theoretically speaking, it is a willingness, no one has the right to interfere, and it has nothing to do with other people.

But in fact, because of the particularity of Su Xiaomeng’s work, each meeting between Dustin Zhou and Su Xiaomeng is a big trouble for Sister Yang.

First of all, it must be kept secret. If someone else knows that Su Xiaomeng meets Dustin Zhou alone, the large number of fans of the Rocket Girl three will definitely not let it go.

At that time, whether Su Xiaomeng’s work can continue is a big question.

What’s more, if you annoy the more extreme fans, they will definitely do very excessive things. This is another big problem for Su Xiaomeng’s safety. In fact, this kind of thing is not the first thing. It happened once.

It is strange to say that every time Dustin Zhou met with Su Xiaomeng in the past, it would bring great and small danger to Su Xiaomeng.

But Sister Yang never minded these things, let alone blame Dustin Zhou.

Although Sister Yang would be upset, in Dustin Zhou’s view, this should be done and understandable.

Therefore, his hard work came from the heart, and he wanted to thank Sister Yang.

I originally thought that Sister Yang would still ignore him, but said proudly, “Polite is unnecessary. As long as you can spend less time with Xiaomeng in the future, I will thank God.” This is the line that should belong to Sister Yang. , If it were put before, Sister Yang would definitely say so.

But this time, Sister Yang bent down with a look of trepidation, “Young Master Zhou would break me when he said this. I serve Young Master Zhou. How can I say trouble?” Sister Yang said very sincerely and fearfully. Dustin Zhou looked at a loss.

But soon he reacted.

Sister Yang has this attitude, to put it bluntly, it is because of her own identity.

It’s really money that can make the ghosts push back. He returned to the Zhou family and became the heir to the first in the Zhou family. Even the proud sister Yang has become so humble after seeing her.

But Dustin Zhou was not proud of or complacent about it. On the contrary, he was still a little unhappy and irritable.

Chapter 919

But Dustin Zhou didn’t say anything to Sister Yang

Well, after all, he and Sister Yang are not very familiar.

After a casual nod, Dustin Zhou stepped into the hotel and soon came to the room where Su Xiaomeng was.

“Brother Dustin Zhou, you are here!” Su Xiaomeng threw up excitedly and hugged Dustin Zhou tightly.

“Well, I will definitely come if I promise you.” Dustin Zhou smiled and touched Su Xiaomeng’s head.

Worthy of being a big star, although Su Xiaomeng is not the type of Yu Jie, she doesn’t have a strong aura.

But obviously, this girl is very likable, and she has a lovely atmosphere all over her body, which makes people feel loving.

Even Dustin Zhou couldn’t resist it.

“Well, Brother Dustin Zhou is the best, and I will definitely not lie to me! I believe Brother Dustin Zhou.” Su Xiaomeng raised her head and looked at Dustin Zhou with a smile.

Seeing Dustin Zhou, she was very happy.

Dustin Zhou was also quite happy, holding Su Xiaomeng’s hand and asked, “Are you visiting Donghai City this time? What are you going to play? My brother will take you with you.” Su Xiaomeng, who was very excited, had a fierce face. Su Xiaomeng said bluntly, “Big Brother Dustin Zhou, I am already very happy if you can come here, don’t worry, we haven’t figured out where to go.” Can you just sit here with me for a while?” “Is that so?” Dustin Zhou felt a little strange, “I can sit with you for a while, but there is no problem, but do you really have no plans to play?” After seeing Dustin Zhou, Su Xiaomeng will definitely take him by the hand and let him go to various places to play.

Even if there is no goal, it can be decided temporarily, but this time, Su Xiaomeng actually rejected him!

This makes Dustin Zhou feel a bit abnormal.

“Xiaomeng, you can tell Young Master Zhou, he will definitely help you, and this kind of thing is not a difficult task for him.” At this moment, Sister Yang also opened the door and walked in, hugging her arms. Said on the wall of the aisle.

She looked at Su Xiaomeng and said it, meaning it was obvious. Su Xiaomeng had something to hide Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou looked at Su Xiaomeng, but Su Xiaomeng lowered his head in shame.

“What’s the matter, Xiaomeng? What are you hiding from me?” Dustin Zhou asked cleanly.

No wonder Su Xiaomeng’s reaction was so strange. It turned out that he had something to ask for himself, but I am embarrassed to say that this is the case!

This silly girl, what else is embarrassing to say to myself!

When she was in trouble, Su Xiaomeng helped herself!

Suddenly, Dustin Zhou felt distressed and hurriedly asked, “What the hell is going on? Tell me quickly, if I can help, I will definitely say it!” Dustin Zhou said sincerely, but Su Xiaomeng was still hanging down. He turned his head and refused to speak.

Just as Dustin Zhou was at a loss, Sister Yang on one side said, “Okay Xiaomeng, if you really don’t want to say it, let me do it.” Su Xiaomeng wanted to stop Sister Yang, but it was too late, Yang. My sister has already told Dustin Zhou the general reason.

Su Xiaomeng is the hottest celebrity group in the country because of the fire in China, and the influence of fans is getting bigger and bigger, finally affecting foreign countries. This is definitely a great opportunity for Su Xiaomeng to become an international superstar.

Su Xiaomeng wants to enter the international market!

“This is a good thing?” Dustin Zhou asked with some confusion, “What’s the matter? Is it because of any difficulties encountered when entering the international market?” Sister Yang nodded, indicating that this is indeed the problem.

For Su Xiaomeng’s entry into the international market, for the entertainment circle of the whole world, some people are happy and some are worried.

A company with a good relationship with Sister Yang’s company naturally hopes that Su Xiaomeng can successfully enter the international market.

However, there are some superstars of the same type as Su Xiaomeng in the world, and they very much reject Su Xiaomeng’s entry.

After all, the market of Su Xiaomeng’s style is so big in the whole world.

Originally, those superstars could divide those markets equally, but now that Su Xiaomeng is added, their market will get smaller and smaller.

Among them, the most fierce resistance against Su Xiaomeng was a Western woman named Jasmine.

This woman is not very old, she is 22 years old, but she has a doll-like face. Before Su Xiaomeng entered the international market, she could be said to be the hottest star in the world.

But Su Xiaomeng is also a cute star. Now if Su Xiaomeng also enters the international market, she will certainly steal some of her fans, so she resists quite fiercely.

Using various relationships to prevent Su Xiaomeng from obtaining resources, even if Su Xiaomeng has been interviewed by a reporter, she will use the relationships to prevent those interviews from being sent out.

In this way, Su Xiaomeng has no chance of exposure in the world, which is almost a fatal blow to a star.

The purpose of Sister Yang’s appeal to Dustin Zhou this time was very clear. She hoped that Dustin Zhou could use her own strength so that Jasmine’s relationship could no longer hinder Su Xiaomeng’s comeback.

After hearing such words, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but frowned.

It’s not that he is unwilling to help Su Xiaomeng.

But he didn’t know how to start at all for a while!

Although he knew that he was now the eldest master of the Zhou family, he should have some background.

But who should his background be?

Who should I find if I want to help Su Xiaomeng?

“Master Zhou, this kind of thing shouldn’t be a problem for you, don’t you want to help Xiaomeng?” Seeing Dustin Zhou frowned, Sister Yang

Couldn’t help but asked.

She thought Dustin Zhou was unwilling to help because of the trouble.

But Dustin Zhou smiled bitterly and shook his head, “Of course I would be very willing to help if I can, but I have to think about who can help Xiaomeng with this kind of thing.” “Do you still have to think about this kind of thing? The reason why that Jasmine can be so arrogant is because he has the background of the rice empire royal family.” “Given your relationship with the rice empire royal family, you can settle this matter with just one call!” Sister Yang said a little unhappy. .

He felt that Dustin Zhou was unwilling to help.

Otherwise, this kind of thing would be too small for him!

“Call the royal family of the rice empire?” Dustin Zhou was stunned. Does he still have this kind of relationship?

But it makes sense to think about it carefully, after all, the Zhou family is already known as the first family in the East.

It is not strange that I, the heir of the first family in the East, knew the royal family members of the Rice Empire.

So he turned out his phone and found a contact person who noted as the royal family of the rice empire.

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