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Chapter 980

In Su Shiming’s cognition, there shouldn’t be such a thing in this world.

How could an ordinary person suddenly be able to sling the martial artist’s master overnight?

If this were the case, the martial masters couldn’t be so valuable. Their Su family, it was impossible for them to stand undefeated in the first-class family in Donghai City by relying on only four martial masters.

But Dustin Zhou did it so easily, which shocked Su Shiming.

At this time, Dustin Zhou continued to say to Su Wei, “Boy, don’t worry, since you chose me at all costs.” “Then I, even if I try everything, I won’t have the heart to let you lose!” Dustin Zhou Said lightly.

Before, the reason why he hadn’t spoken, and even Xu Fengtian and Su Shiming’s mockery remained silent, was because he was observing.

Su Shiming has betrayed him, so he also wants to see how Su Wei behaves as Su Shiming’s son.

When he heard that Su Wei would stand by his side even if he would rather cut off contact with the Su family, he was somewhat moved.

So, Su Wei, this little brother, he is set!

It’s not easy to come here!

Su Wei was also very excited when he heard these words.

“Boss, you are really amazing!

“I knew that the boss would not fail!”

“The only thing that is not shocked by Dustin Zhou’s strength is probably Su Wei. He is a veritable brain fan of Dustin Zhou, even if Dustin Zhou can make such amazing moves against the sky, he will not be surprised. Shouting excitedly, you deserve to be a big guy! A big guy! Dustin Zhou smiled faintly, then turned to look at the two brothers Xu Fengtian, muttering to himself, “What’s more, deal with these two stinks. I don’t have to do my best for the fish and shrimps.

“Yes, Xu Fengtian and Xu Fengjun are two stinky fish and shrimps in his eyes. Xu Fengtian is a little angry, “I see how long you can be arrogant!”

He exchanged glances at Xu Fengjun. With the tacit understanding between the two brothers over the years, he split into two directions and rushed towards Dustin Zhou at the same time. “Die!”

You are not wronged if you can die under the combined efforts of our brothers!

“Xu Fengtian shouted loudly, “Don’t think that our brothers joining hands is simply one plus one or two martial masters.

“Because our tactics are the same, coupled with the tacit understanding between our brothers, when we join forces, the strength of ten martial masters can burst out!”

“Even if you are the emperor of warriors, you have to kneel down for me today!”

“Xu Fengtian can be said to be full of confidence. This is his hidden trick. It has been many years, and the two of their brothers have not jointly attacked. But as long as they work together, they must be invincible! Xu Fengtian is very confident about this. Confidence, this is why he is so high in the Xu family. “Die!

“Xu Fengjun also roared, and in a blink of an eye, the two rushed in front of Dustin Zhou. Dustin Zhou’s face remained unchanged. He even showed a small smile. “Are you just ten martial masters?”

“Even the emperor of warrior has to kneel for you?”

“You are afraid that you have a misunderstanding about the emperor of warriors.”

Dustin Zhou said softly, just when Xu Fengtian and Xu Fengjun were about to meet him, a powerful aura burst out of his body! This aura suddenly swept the entire Su family compound like a turbulent ocean! Xu Fengtian and Xu Fengjun, the two closest to Dustin Zhou, didn’t even touch Dustin Zhou at all. They were bombed directly! Emperor’s Domain! This is the move Dustin Zhou has just realized in the past two days. Since breaking through the emperor of warriors, he Basically every day thinking about whether there are any skills that are exclusive to the emperor of warrior. After all, he can detect that the emperor of warrior and the master of warrior are basically two levels, two conceptual powers. Even the truth of both parties. Qi is completely different, the true Qi of the martial artist is really just a pure form of strength.

But in the true qi of the Emperor of Warrior, he carries an extremely overbearing coercion.

Dustin Zhou always had a weird feeling that he could still make breakthroughs and comprehend something.

Finally, just two days ago, he realized what was wrong.

With his imperial heart, he can fully release the true energy of his martial emperor to the maximum.

Moreover, the control is extremely precise, that is, he can mobilize as he wants to compress the martial emperor’s true energy in his body.

He can do a lot of things just by standing there, completely allowing his mind to mobilize his true energy to do those things.

Dustin Zhou called this skill the Emperor’s Domain.

In the domain of the emperor, he is absolutely invincible!

The absolute ruler!

As it is now, Dustin Zhou just stood in place, but Xu Fengtian and Xu Fengjun were shot directly away!

Not only were they bombed, they were also caught by an invisible force by their necks, and then lifted in the air.

Sit down!

It was just a move, no, or it was useless at all, Dustin Zhou did not do anything at all, and completely controlled these two existences standing at the pinnacle of the martial master!

Dustin Zhou’s body stood upright in the Su family compound, his shirt was calm and automatic, and he looked like a gangster.

This scene directly made Su Wei silly.

Then he got excited again.

I didn’t follow the wrong person!

The big guy is really the big guy!

Look at this momentum, look at this figure!

There is nothing that such a person can’t do!

When Dustin Zhou kicked Xu Fengtian, Su Wei was not so excited, but seeing the scene before him, Su Wei was excited.

Handsome, so handsome!

He looked at Su Shiming excitedly, “Dad, look at what I said!” “There is nothing in this world that a big man can’t do, right!” Su Shiming also looked at the scene in front of him with shock.

He had known that Dustin Zhou was strong, but he did not expect Dustin Zhou to be so strong!

Just standing there still, he completely controlled the two martial masters!

The scene in front of me is like a god descending to the earth, people can’t help but want to kneel down and worship!

Dustin Zhou had a calm face. With a wave of his hand, Xu Fengtian and Xu Fenglai floated in front of him.

Dustin Zhou looked at these two people indifferently, and said softly, “Now, what else do you want to say?” “Now, do you still think I am a trash? Su Wei chose to stand by my side. Is it a wrong choice?” Dustin Zhou stared at the two people coldly, as if staring at two dead people.

Xu Fengtian and Xu Fenglai both looked bitter and couldn’t say anything.

Not that they don’t want to say, but

Was pinched, really can’t tell!

Chapter 981

Xu Fengtian and Xu Feng came to two people, this time it was really hard to tell.

They now have a dead heart.

But they also know that if possible, they must live.

For nothing else, in any case, we must disclose the news that Dustin Zhou is the emperor of warriors!

Now the Xu family must carefully consider the plan for Dustin Zhou!

That is an emperor of warriors!

No matter which family it is placed in, it should be treated with caution!

“You said, even if it is the emperor of warriors, I have to kneel down for you, is that the same thing?” Dustin Zhou looked up at the two and said, “Do you really know the emperor of warriors? , Don’t you even have a warrior emperor?” This is Dustin Zhou’s most concern.

That’s right, Xu Fengtian and Xu Fenglai were two stinky fish and prawns. Dustin Zhou didn’t take them seriously.

However, his opponent has never been these two people, but the entire Xu family!

Therefore, in the Xu family, whether there is the existence of the emperor of warriors is very important.

If the Xu family really had the emperor of warriors, then even Dustin Zhou would have to treat it with caution.

As the emperor of warriors, he knows how terrifying this realm is.

Moreover, Dustin Zhou became the emperor of warriors because of adventures. He understood that if someone could become the emperor of warriors with his own efforts and talents, he would definitely be a heaven-defying existence. Even Dustin Zhou did not. Be sure to deal with it.

Although both the emperor of warriors, Dustin Zhou climbed to the sky step by step, others climbed up step by step, the gap between the two sides is naturally self-evident.

Therefore, Dustin Zhou did not completely ignore the Xu family.

He put Xu Fengtian and Xu Fengjun down so that they could speak.

After some coughing, Xu Fengtian was finally able to speak.

“Boy, I didn’t expect you to become the emperor of warriors, but don’t think that you can really fight against the Xu family!” Xu Fengtian said dissatisfied.

Obviously, the Xu family still has some hole cards.

Dustin Zhou nodded, not irritated.

Instead, he said, “It seems that you still have a certain understanding of the emperor of warriors.” “Looking at your performance at the beginning, I am a little disappointed, thinking that you have never seen the emperor of warriors, so that’s why you speak so boldly. Listening to you now, it doesn’t seem to be the same thing?” “So, in your Xu family, is there an emperor of warriors?” “Hmph, do you think you can make out what I mean?” Xu Fengtian snorted coldly, “Don’t think I don’t know what you played.

What an abacus.

“It seems that even if you become the emperor of warriors, you are not sure to deal with the Xu family completely. That’s right, you are not so arrogant.

“Although I know that you are deliberately playing my words, I am not afraid to tell you that Xu family does not exist as the emperor of warriors.”

“However, even if it is the emperor of warriors, our Xu family is completely ignored!”

“As a hidden family that has been inherited for more than a thousand years, the direction of the family’s development is mainly based on force. The Xu family’s background is beyond the imagination of ordinary people. Their background is strong enough, even if there is no emperor of warriors. It is absolutely necessary not to put a warrior emperor in his eyes! Hearing this, Dustin Zhou’s eyes revealed a look of interest. This is very interesting. There is no warrior emperor, but he can fight against the warrior emperor? He thought. Let’s see, the Xu family, what is there to do? “Very well, I am very satisfied with what you said, so I decided not to kill you.

“You should really want to live, and then tell the Xu family that I am already an emperor of warriors.

“Then go ahead and let your Xu family be prepared. Sooner or later, I will come to the door.

Dustin Zhou said confidently. Since Xu Fengtian knew that he was arranging his words, he still said it upright, then Dustin Zhou was not bad. Even if he knew that killing Xu Fengtian now could save a lot of trouble, he decided to let go. He got a horse. Xu Fengtian and Xu Fengjun were a little excited, fearing that Dustin Zhou would regret it, got up and fled. After they left, they immediately released the news that Dustin Zhou was the emperor of warriors. At this point, the entire Donghai City is covered. I already know this secret, which is not a secret. The former Sun family and Ding family, those families who chose to stand opposite Dustin Zhou when Dustin Zhou stood up and said that they would destroy Xu family, their intestines are all regretful at this time. Sun Qiankun of the Sun family is sitting. Above the main seat, his face looked sad. The faces of the grandchildren below were not pretty. A core disciple stood up and said, “Patriarch, let me say that we should choose to assist the Xu family now!

“He Dustin Zhou is too strong. In this way, after Dustin Zhou took the Su family and defeated the Xu family, the entire Donghai City would have no place for our Sun family to stand!”

“This core disciple is named Sun Shengjie. Among the younger generation of the Sun family, he is considered to be one of the pillars. Because he is the smartest, he is also most favored by the Sun family, thinking that he is the only one who can rival Sun Qiankun in the future. A person. And these words he said are indeed very reasonable. The Sun family back then had to stand on the opposite side of the Xu family, but they chose a softer method instead of directly shouting like Dustin Zhou.

To destroy the Xu family.

Because if the Xu family were born, the interests of their first-class families would definitely be affected.

That’s why they chose to stand on the opposite side of the Xu family.

But at the same time, they have no principles to stand with Dustin Zhou, because Dustin Zhou is too strong.

But now, the situation has suddenly changed.

Dustin Zhou has become the emperor of warriors, which means that Dustin Zhou is likely to become the first person in the East China Sea!

In this case, the Xu family became the weaker side.

What Dustin Zhou said at that time was about to destroy the Xu family. Now it does not seem to be a joke, but a sentence that is very likely to become a reality.

However, if they allow Dustin Zhou to destroy the Xu family, by then, the entire Donghai City will be Dustin Zhou’s world!

The Su family, who chose to stand with Dustin Zhou at the beginning, will naturally rise with the tide, but what about their Sun family?

Can Dustin Zhou tolerate the existence of their Sun family?

That’s why the core disciple proposed this plan.

“Although Dustin Zhou has become the emperor of warriors, the Xu family may not have the power to fight! If we go to the Xu family at this time and give them a helping hand, I believe the Xu family will be very grateful to us!” “Moreover, we. The odds of winning are also great!” said the core disciple Sun Shengjie.

Chapter 982

Sun Shengjie’s words attracted the approval of many people.

Originally, the relationship between the Xu family and Dustin Zhou was one-sided, and the Xu family could hang Dustin Zhou. At that time, they didn’t deal with Dustin Zhou.

If they go to the Xu family, the Xu family cares about their strength, and the icing on the cake, the Xu family will not really care about them.

It’s different now.

The current situation is that the Xu family and Dustin Zhou are almost equal, and even Dustin Zhou is slightly better.

In this case, the Xu family must be very anxious. If they go to leave now, it is equivalent to giving charity in the snow.

If in the future the Xu family defeated Dustin Zhou and unified Donghai City, then their Sun family would also have a great say in Donghai City.

Moreover, they also firmly believe that if they join forces with the Xu family, they can definitely defeat Dustin Zhou.

After all, no matter how strong Dustin Zhou is, he is only one person!

The Xu family is a hermit family that has passed on for thousands of years, coupled with their grandson family, the first family in Donghai City, it is not easy to hang Dustin Zhou in the district!

Sun Shengjie’s analysis is based on Taoism, which also attracted a large number of people’s approval.

Sun Qiankun, who was sitting above the top, raised his brow slightly.

The universe of the Sun family, one word determines the universe!

With such a title, it is enough to see how big Sun Qiankun’s pattern is.

It can be said that the current Sun family can sit firmly in the position of the first family in Donghai City.

Sun Qiankun’s contribution cannot be underestimated.

With his mind, how could he not analyze the words Sun Shengjie said?

He had considered these things, but he did not make up his mind, because he always felt faintly disturbed in his heart.

For so many years, Sun Qiankun has always been known for his resourcefulness, as if in the entire Donghai City, there is nothing beyond his control.

There is almost no such uneasy situation.

But this time, he felt uneasy, because the situation in Donghai City was beyond his control, and there was a change in it!

As a military division in control of the overall situation, what Sun Qiankun fears most in terms of layout is variables.

Dustin Zhou is this variable.

Sun Qiankun suffered more than once in Dustin Zhou’s hands. Whenever he thought that he was careless and readjusted his mentality to attack Dustin Zhou again, Dustin Zhou became stronger again.

Even now, Dustin Zhou has become the emperor of warriors!

how can that be!

How can an ordinary person become the emperor of warriors in just two months!

Sun Qiankun discovered that he had never looked through Dustin Zhou, which was the reason why he was flustered.

No matter how resourceful he is to strategize, he can’t handle Dustin Zhou’s change like this!

It’s as if you left Zhuge Liang on the ancient battlefield. Zhuge Liang has calculated everything and set up all the situation. When he thought it was foolproof, suddenly a hundred bombers came on the opposite side!

This is a hammer!

No one can handle it!

Now, Sun Qiankun felt that way. He seemed to never see where Dustin Zhou’s limit was, so he didn’t dare to calculate Dustin Zhou anymore.

“You guys, it’s still too young.” Sun Qiankun sighed and said, “Who can shout out to destroy the Xu family and live for so long, do you think he is really as simple as you seem?” Sun Qiankun shook his head and said, “In fact, the most mysterious and powerful person in Donghai City is probably Dustin Zhou.” The atmosphere in the lobby of the Sun family suddenly froze. After living in the Sun family for so long, most of them are This is the first time I have heard Sun Qiankun use such words to evaluate a person.

“Enough, come here today, let me think about it, we are making a decision.” Sun Qiankun said.

Everyone shook their heads and sighed. Since Sun Qiankun said so, they naturally wouldn’t refute anything.

After all, Sun Qiankun’s position in the Sun family is everyone’s idol, and what he said means truth.

Only Sun Shengjie was very unconvinced.

He is known as the smartest person in the younger generation. In fact, according to his own ideas, his wisdom has long surpassed Sun Qiankun!

“Hehe, the second uncle is absolutely afraid of Dustin Zhou, I am

The analysis was so correct, he didn’t even listen to my opinion, hum, he was really confused.

“What else can you consider?”

Is it possible to support Dustin Zhou?

If Dustin Zhou is really allowed to win, he will be the only one in Donghai City, and there will be room for our Sun family to survive!

“Sun Shengjie has made up his mind in his heart. He will act alone, bypass Sun Qiankun, and go to the Xu family for cooperation. After the cooperation is successful, the entire Sun family will admire him so much that he can replace him in advance. Sun Qiankun is here. At this time, Dustin Zhou is still in the Su family, sitting in the living room with Su Shiming and Su Wei drinking tea. Su Shiming is actually a bit embarrassed. He did not expect Dustin Zhou to be so strong, but not long ago. , He even tried to get the Su Family completely separated from Dustin Zhou. Now, Dustin Zhou has won a big victory and drove away the two old guys Xu Fengtian and Xu Fengjun. The scene was directly reversed. And Su Shiming, even if he has a thick skin, this time It’s not easy to say that you immediately started kneeling and licking Dustin Zhou. Just now when someone is in trouble, you have to stay away, even because Su Wei is standing next to Dustin Zhou, he has to sever relationship with Su Wei. Now that people have won, you run right away Kneeling and licking in the past? This is too cheeky! Su Shiming still can’t do such a thing. He also knows that the reason why Dustin Zhou stayed here to drink tea is entirely based on Su Wei’s face. So, dignified A Su Family Patriarch played a role of serving tea and pouring water. Su Wei seemed very excited, “Big brother, you were so handsome just now!

“What kind of kung fu is that, can I learn it?”

“Su Wei was excited like a child, with both hands gesticulating, “You just stand there, and the two old guys were picked up directly. I want to be like that.

Dustin Zhou smiled faintly, patted Su Wei on the shoulder and said, “This trick is not impossible if you want to learn it, but for now, it is still very difficult for you.

“You just follow Niu Chuan and practice hard first. Sooner or later, you will reach my level.”

Dustin Zhou said it very seriously, because he really felt that Su Wei had a chance to become the emperor of warriors. Of course, that would be decades later. Now, what he has to deal with is to have a good talk with Su Shiming. “President Su, sit down too.

“Dustin Zhou said lightly. The tone was as if this was his house, and Su Shiming was just a servant who came to visit him.

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