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Chapter 557

Ding Junfeng saw an immature employee rushing in in a panic, and his face suddenly became gloomy. These employees have no basic etiquette at all. Anyone who broke into the boss’s office so recklessly? However, Ding Junfeng knew that his prestige in the store was not that of Wang Weigao, and he was also an ambitious person, and he still needed to establish a kind image in front of the employees. So he hid himself well. With a smile on his face, he looked at the employee with a smile. “Let’s talk, what happened?

“Boss, a lot of people suddenly appeared outside, they tore up the promotional photos of Rocket Girl, and they blocked the door and refused to let others in.

“The clerk paled and said hurriedly. “What are so many people?”

what happened?

Ding Junfeng’s expression changed, and he said in a deep voice. He then stood up, walked to the window, and glanced down. Suddenly, Ding Junfeng’s body halted, and his face instantly became gloomy. The shop entrance was surrounded by a crowd of black and heavy people. Blocking the door of the store, neither coming in nor leaving, is equivalent to blocking the door of Liushi Beauty Makeup, so that people outside want to come in and buy things, but can’t come in. “Presumptuous, who are these people!”

Ding Junfeng was furious, and turned around and walked towards the lobby on the first floor. The clerk was dragging his feet and following Ding Junfeng. “Who are you guys, why are you blocking the entrance of my Liushi beauty makeup!”

Ding Junfeng came to the lobby on the first floor and saw that the store door was blocked.

To death, I only felt a short breath in my chest, almost unable to breathe.

It has been a week since Liushi Beauty opened its doors, and it has never happened before.

“Boss.” “Ms. Ding.” When several employees saw Ding Junfeng appear, as if they had found the backbone, they quickly greeted him, all of them pale.

“Who are you? We are here, don’t care about you!” Someone asked instead.

“Huh, I’m the boss here. Are you guys blocking my store door? Are you still confident? Leave quickly, otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude!” Ding Junfeng snorted coldly, and his eyes swept across everyone’s faces. .

In the past, most people would shrink from seeing him like this.

But this time, not only did those people not shrink back, but instead focused their eyes on his face.

At this moment, Ding Junfeng was caught off guard.

He didn’t expect that when he said his identity, these people not only didn’t have a trace of fear, on the contrary, they seemed to have seen some prey, looking at him with bright eyes.

This look made Ding Junfeng only feel flustered.

“Boss?” “Are you the boss here?” “Brothers, I found the boss, it’s him, eat inside and out, everyone beat him!” “Okay, it’s you, you’re a mess, crush him!” “Oh, you guys stop, I’m going to call the police!” … When several leading people heard Ding Junfeng say this, they suddenly lit up and shouted a few words, they rushed over, raised their fists, and slammed into them. Ding Junfeng, and others followed suit.

Suddenly, Liushi Meizhuang jumped up and down, and from time to time there were two verbal abuses, mixed with Ding Junfeng’s screams and wailing.

“Hurry up and call Mr. Wang!” Ding Junfeng shouted to the clerk with a look of embarrassment while protecting his head.

But soon, he was surrounded by everyone again.

… On the first day, Tang Private Club.

Wang Wei, Kong Hui, and Jiang Feng were having fun in the private room.

And Wang Wei hugged left and right now, with a smile on his face, like a chrysanthemum in full bloom.

“Tingling bell.” At this moment, Wang Wei’s cell phone rang suddenly.

Pushing away the two women in his arms slightly, Wang Wei answered the phone unhappy.

“Hey, who?” “Mr. Wang, it’s okay. The shop is blocked and Mr. Ding has been beaten. Come and see.” As soon as the call was connected, a panicked voice came over. .

And Wang Wei’s face also darkened in an instant.

“What’s the matter? I’ll be back right away!” Wang Wei felt a little bit of his heart, realized that something might have happened, and said in a deep voice.

And his appearance naturally fell in the eyes of Kong Hui and Jiang Feng.

“What’s the matter?” Kong Hui said lightly, staring

Looking at Wang Wei without a trace of emotion.

Kong Hui saw the change in Wang Wei’s expression just now, but he didn’t know what happened.

But not knowing does not mean that you can’t guess. At this time, what can make Wang Wei look like this, besides the Liushi beauty accident?

“Kong Shao, there is a problem in the store, but it’s not big, I will solve it right away!” Hearing the dissatisfaction in Kong Hui’s tone, Wang Wei’s heart suddenly shook, and there was cold sweat on his forehead, and he cautiously assured him. .

Although the clerk was very serious on the phone, Wang Wei hadn’t seen it with his own eyes after all, so naturally he didn’t know the priority of the matter.

At this time, he could not tell Kong Hui the specific situation.

In case it is a small friction, he said the matter is very serious, it is not to trouble himself.

And if the matter is serious, if he talks small, he is also deceiving Kong Hui.

These are probably not what Kong Hui wants to see.

“Well, Wang Wei, you also know that when cooperating with you, I’m also under great pressure from the family. If I don’t do well, I’ll be embarrassed, so go.” Kong Hui said lightly, waving his hand, Ignore Wang Wei.

After saying goodbye, Wang Wei hurried back to the Liushi Beauty Store.

However, when he came not far from the store, he was stunned.

A group of people was blocked at the entrance of the Liushi Beauty Store, and these people neither entered nor came out, as if they were blocking the door deliberately.

And this number, it seems, at least hundreds.

My heart sank, Wang Wei knew that this matter was a bit troublesome.

“No, I’m going in alone, there will definitely be problems, I have to find someone to come.” Wang Wei thought to himself, Wang Wei hurriedly made a call, it was the number of the nearby police station.

In the previous store opening ceremony, in order to prevent accidents, the store had a cooperation with the nearby police station, and that cooperation was quite pleasant, and Wang Wei also left the other party’s contact information.

After briefly talking about the situation in the store, Wang Wei waited patiently after asking the other party to bring someone over to deal with it.

Soon, a team of police rushed over.

Wang Wei hurriedly greeted them and rushed to the store with them.

“What are you all doing? Stop it!” After shouting loudly and attracting everyone’s attention, Wang Wei’s expression was Ling Ran, with an expression of no anger and prestige.

It has been a long time since Wang Wei has become the boss of a company, and Wang Wei naturally carries the aura of a superior.

And this kind of momentum can play a very important role at this time.

At the very least, the voice was very loud, and it caught everyone’s attention at once.

Suddenly, more than a hundred people all looked over.

Chapter 558

The moment the more than one hundred people saw Wang Wei, they naturally saw several policemen behind him, and they suddenly became vigilant.

“Oh, Mr. Wang, you can count as coming back. This group of people are making trouble and hurting me. They must not be spared!” At this moment, Ding Junfeng, who had been besieged, rushed out of the store in pain. Covering his face, he ran to Wang Wei and scolded angrily.

At this moment, Ding Junfeng, there is still something good about him.

Not only the clothes were torn, but the hair was also torn.

And his face was even more black, red and swollen, as well as a few conspicuous blood stains.


Seeing Ding Junfeng’s appearance, not only Wang Wei, but even the policemen felt a touch of shock at this moment.

This group of people is so cruel that they beat Ding Junfeng like this.

You must know that in a fight under normal circumstances, such a horrible situation will not occur.

And Ding Junfeng’s current appearance was like a tramp who had been beaten, extremely embarrassed.

“What’s the matter? Why do these people come here to make trouble for no reason?” Wang Wei said in a deep voice, looking at Ding Junfeng, with the flesh on his face trembling slightly.

“I don’t know, they just appeared suddenly, Mr. Wang, do you think this will be…” Ding Junfeng also looked depressed. He has been confused until now, and doesn’t know what happened. , And he was beaten like this inexplicably.

However, at this time, after escaping, he also reacted.

If it is said that who would make trouble at this time, only Dustin Zhou would be.

However, before Ding Junfeng could speak, he was interrupted by Wang Wei’s hand.

“Okay, I see, let the police comrades disperse these people first.” Wang Wei said coldly, and then told the police some of the situation.

And the more than one hundred people were a little bit confused when they saw the police coming. They looked around, but they didn’t dare to make a loud noise.

“Are you making trouble here?” “Who asked you to come?” “Get out of here quickly, otherwise we will arrest you in accordance with the law.” Several policemen shouted in a deep voice, and they continued to approach the more than one hundred people.

After all, they saw the scene just now.

These more than one hundred people were indeed blocked in front of the Liushi Beauty Store, and Ding Junfeng was indeed labeled as such by them.

But because they didn’t know the specific situation, and Wang Wei told them just now, it was all a misunderstanding.

The so-called people do not chase, officials do not investigate, and they are not good at taking any coercive measures. They can only disperse over a hundred people and prevent them from disturbing the order here.

After all, this is the most prosperous pedestrian street in Liushi. There are many people coming and going, and there are many people who are taking pictures with their mobile phones.

If it spreads to the Internet and causes a sensation, they are not easy to handle.

Seeing the police coming, more than one hundred people immediately dispersed.

After all, they came here to support the Rocket Girl, not really wanting to make trouble, let alone being caught in the police station.

More than one hundred people left in less than five minutes.

And the front door of Liushi Beauty Makeup also opened up instantly.

The clerk in the store was so scared that they couldn’t speak at the moment. When they saw these people dispersed, they immediately started to cry.

Indeed, the situation just now was a bit too scary for them.

Especially Ding Junfeng was beaten by these people. If one is not careful, accidents are prone to occur.

“Okay, everything looks like crying, tidy up and go back to work!” Wang Wei walked to the store, shouted in a deep voice, looking gloomy, and walked directly to the office area on the second floor.

“What’s the matter? I didn’t just happen for a while, just like this. That’s how you do it?” As soon as he returned to the office, Wang Wei broke out, pointing to Ding Junfeng’s head, and he was cursed.

He finally reached a cooperation with Kong Hui, and today is to report the results.

If everything goes well, Kong Hui will increase his cooperation with him. In other words, Kong Hui will increase his support, so that he can flourish in Liushi and even in Hunan Province.

Especially, today a young man of the Jiang family is also there. This is an opportunity for him to get in touch with the Jiang family.

But all this has been destroyed.

At this moment, Wang Wei was suffocated in his heart. There was no place to sprinkle if he was angry. Seeing Ding Junfeng’s miserable situation, he naturally couldn’t feel better there.

A dignified shareholder, who can be regarded as the owner of the store, was beaten by people in the store. If this spreads out, their Liushi Beauty makeup faces will be lost.

“Mr. Wang, I don’t know this, everything happened too suddenly.” Ding Junfeng was really depressed to death at this moment.

I was beaten in vain without saying anything, and I was still berated by Wang Wei.

And he didn’t even know the reason.

It is aggrieved.

“Mr. Wang, nothing strange has happened this week. It happened today. It must be the ghost of Dustin Zhou. He saw that our business is so good and he must want to destroy it.” But, Ding Junfeng can All that comes to mind is Dustin Zhou’s ghost.

Otherwise, Ding Junfeng has always kept a low profile in Hunan Province and Liu City, and has not offended anyone. It is impossible for anyone to seek revenge.

And if it was Dustin Zhou, he would have plenty of motivation.

Then in this way, the goal of these people is not Ding Junfeng, but the entire Liushi Beauty.

“Dustin Zhou? Impossible. He didn’t do anything for a week. It’s impossible

It was time to do such a thing, and, with Dustin Zhou’s character, if he wanted revenge, it would not be possible to drag him for so long.

“Wang Wei paced around in the office, thinking constantly, but couldn’t understand. “Mr. Wang, Ding, look at it.”

“At this moment, the little girl clerk who had just come up to remind Ding Junfeng ran up again out of breath, holding the phone, and shouting anxiously. “What’s the matter?”

Wang Wei was very upset when he was interrupted by someone. He frowned when he saw that he was an ordinary clerk. “President Wang, the group of people just came here after seeing this. What are we going to do?”

“But the little girl didn’t notice Wang Wei’s expression, she just held her mobile phone and wanted to pass it to Wang Wei. “Let me take a look.

Ding Junfeng walked over, took the phone, his eyes fell on the phone, his pupils tightened instantly. “Okay, I see, you can go down first.”

“After returning the phone to the clerk, Ding Junfeng said in a deep voice. “Old Ding, what’s the situation?”

“President Wang, things are a little difficult to handle.”

You take a look at these first.

Ding Junfeng looked gloomy, walked to the desk, turned on the computer, logged in to Weibo, found the Weibo that Rocket Girl had just posted, and pointed to it, which made Wang Wei come and take a look.

Chapter 559

Wang Wei was still a little puzzled and careless at first, but when his gaze fell on the computer screen, it was almost exactly the same as Ding Junfeng’s expression change just now. “This…what do they want to do!

“Wang Wei roared in a low voice. The Rocket Girl’s Weibo, as well as some of the comments below, hot searches, and the comments on the establishment of the Rocket Army, all stirred Wang Wei’s nerves and made him unable to calm down for a long time.” presumptuous!

How dare they do this!

After reading this, Wang Wei slammed his fist on the table with a cold face. Didn’t he think that Rocket Girl would send out such a Weibo. This is undoubtedly to have nothing to do with their store. The influence of the girl’s popularity and number of fans in the country is absolutely beyond Wang Wei’s imagination. On the day of the opening ceremony alone, the Rocket girl performed on the stage, and the crowds around the stage even blocked the pedestrian street. The influence of Weibo is no less than that of the performance, and even more serious. After all, the anger of idols will arouse the anger of fans, and these fans, all over the country, just Liushi, do not know that there is How much. Those more than one hundred people who came to make trouble before are these fans and members of the so-called Rocket Army. “Dustin Zhou!

“At this time, Wang Wei naturally understood that all of this was done by Dustin Zhou behind his back. Except Dustin Zhou, no one can even let Rocket Girl do it.

Something like this.

“President Wang, what shall we do? If those people come to make trouble once a day, the business will not go on at all.” Ding Junfeng was also a little angry at the moment, but he had no way to counter the past.

After all, the popularity of Rocket Girls in China is not something they can compete with.

“Hmph, Rocket Girl’s fans are only a few, and they won’t have any impact on us at all. Our customers, except for their fans, are mostly.” Wang Wei sneered, then looked at Ding Junfeng and said in a deep voice.

“Tomorrow you find a few security guards and watch them around the store. Once someone comes to make trouble, immediately ask the security guard to turn the troublemaker to the police station. I don’t believe that these people will risk entering the police station to do such things. “Also, contact a few more cosmetics brands and give them the greatest discount to enter the store. We will hold several more promotional activities to attract more customers!” “By the way, since Rocket Girl is like this Having said that, then we will select all their propaganda posters, and we will not use their names in future propaganda. If this is the case, I have to see if their rocket troops will still make trouble!” Wang Wei He said coldly, already made up his mind.

Since Dustin Zhou is now retaliating, he will fight back strongly. He does not believe that if he leaves Dustin Zhou and leaves Mingyang, he will do nothing for Wang Wei.

Changsha, Kaiyuan Hotel.

Enderia Shen was holding the phone and flipping through some news, suddenly his eyes lit up, and a smile appeared on his face.

“Interesting, I didn’t expect that Su Xiaomeng and their fans were so powerful, they actually blocked the door of the Liushi Beauty Store, haha, I really laughed at me.” Enderia Shen suddenly laughed, and suddenly attracted the attention of others.

“Look at it, I said, Dustin Zhou can’t just let Rocket Girl post such a Weibo.” Seeing everyone’s eyes, Enderia Shen directly handed them the phone and let them read the news.

“Hehe, you are really self-inflicted and you can’t live.” “Yes, if Wang Wei doesn’t betray him, the Liushi branch, as the first branch, must enjoy very rich resources.” “I didn’t expect the influence of Rocket Girl. That’s so big.” Several people in Wang Dalu sighed again and again, and at the same time they were delighted in their hearts.

The Liushi branch opened so early, which really brought them tremendous pressure.

After all, everyone knows how much Dustin Zhou attaches great importance to the branch project this time. Once anyone prepares to open the first branch, they will definitely enjoy extremely exaggerated support and help.

Apart from other things, the appearance of Rocket Girl and the ambassador Jiang Yan on the day of the opening ceremony alone was enough to cause heated discussions.

in case

If Wang Wei does not betray, then he will definitely get more help.

They believed that it was only a matter of time before the Liushi branch became the second flagship store in Changsha with Dustin Zhou’s method.

But Wang Wei betrayed Dustin Zhou and Mingyang Company, so the Liushi branch did not exist.

In this case, the first branch of the branch project has not yet been successfully established and opened, so all of them have the opportunity to become the owner of the first branch.

In that case, they will naturally receive great support.

Wang Dalu, Zhou Hao and the others looked at each other, and they all saw a touch of enthusiasm and war intent in each other’s eyes.

They have secretly made up their minds, and when they go back, they must speed up their pace and prepare to open their own branch as soon as possible.

“But, in this case, will it have any bad effect on Mengmeng and the others, and will these fans have any effect on them?” But Mira Xie lightly opened her lips and said with some worry.

For her, Su Xiaomeng is not just a star, but a member of an idol group.

In Mira Xie’s heart, Su Xiaomeng is similar to a little sister, and the relationship between the two is still good.

So when she saw this news, she was the first to think about whether this incident would have any bad influence on Su Xiaomeng and the others.

After all, they are celebrities and public figures. They must be role models in everything they say and do, and they must not have any negative influence on others.

And the actions of these fans are really a bit extreme. If someone makes a fuss about this, it will definitely have a very big impact on Rocket Girls, and even affect their reputation.

“It’s okay, no one dared to move them yet.” Dustin Zhou shook his head and said lightly. He knew the background of Rocket Girl’s company, but he knew exactly that if there was that person, no one would be so blinded. Hit the idea on the three rocket girls.

“But Mira is right. I will remind them later and ask them to make a statement.” “However, all of this has just begun. Since Wang Wei is so confident to do it on his own, he feels leaving me and leaving his name. If Yang Company can do a good job in any branch, then I will give him this opportunity.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, but this smile fell in the eyes of the Wang Dalu people, but it made them a little scared.

At this moment, they have decided that they must follow Dustin Zhou closely, and they will never give birth to any other thoughts.

As for Wang Wei, the consequences will not be any better.

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