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Chapter 884

Dustin Zhou didn’t know about the quarrel between Xie Mu and Mira Xie. He slept beautifully in the villa in Lvjingwan City and got up early the next morning.

He didn’t know what Mira Xie called him, but since Mira Xie called him, then he went over and took a look.

Driving onto Enderia Shen’s Maserati, he walked towards Xie’s house in the morning breeze.

When I was planning to have breakfast on the road, Mira Xie called.

“Dustin Zhou, are you here?” Mira Xie asked straightforwardly.

So anxious?

Dustin Zhou was taken aback for a moment, he had been up early, and he didn’t expect to receive Mira Xie’s call in advance.

“I’m already on the road.” Dustin Zhou hurriedly replied, and continued to start the car, dispelling the idea of ​​going for breakfast.

“You trash, do you know what day it is? Do you know who we are going to meet today? You dare to let us wait for you!” Xie’s mother’s harsh voice came from the phone.

Across the screen, Dustin Zhou could imagine Xie’s mother snatching Mira Xie’s phone and yelling.

It’s just that Dustin Zhou doesn’t want to bird her at all now.

“I was able to get up early and rush over because of Mira’s face. You yelled at me for nothing!” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice.

“If I’m not happy now, what can you do if I don’t pass it?” “What are you talking about! You trash, you dare to confront me!” Xie’s mother suddenly became furious.

Although it was not the first time Dustin Zhou confronted her, in her heart, Dustin Zhou was always the poor son-in-law.

A wimpy yelled in front of him, of course Xie’s mother couldn’t accept it.

“You unscrupulous white-eyed wolf, believe it or not, I let you divorce Mira!” Xie’s mother once again used her own assassin. This is also the most one thing Dustin Zhou heard from Xie’s mother during his years at Xie’s house. .

At this time, Mira Xie finally couldn’t help it, and grabbed the phone from Xie’s mother, “Mom, don’t talk nonsense!” “Dustin Zhou, don’t be as knowledgeable as my mother, come here.” “What is meant by don’t follow. I’m generally knowledgeable!” Mother Xie was anxious again.

However, Dustin Zhou certainly would not take Xie’s mother’s words to heart.

What’s the joke? It’s not the first time he has been scolded like this by Xie’s mother. If he cares every time, wouldn’t he be mad at him?

After hanging up the phone, Dustin Zhou speeded up.

After all, Mira Xie’s voice sounded quite anxious.

When they came to Xie’s community, Mira Xie and Xie’s mother were already waiting downstairs.

Looking at Maserati slowly driving in front of him, there was a trace of envy in Xie’s eyes.

“Mira, you said you are also the boss of a big company, and our Xie family will also

To become an aristocratic family, should you open your eyes?

“We will be members of the upper class in the future. The things we come into contact with must be luxury cars and mansions. Look at the sports car in front of you, don’t you have any excitement?

“I know you are a little moved towards Dustin Zhou, but think about it, what good is it for you to follow that kind of waste?”

“Follow him, you don’t even want to drive this kind of car, don’t even think about living in a big villa!

“Mira, people should pursue upwards in life. Only when they have more wealth can they see more scenery.”

“Mother Zhou feels very proud, because she thinks what she said is simply too philosophical, and she must be moved by herself. How can I say such a reasonable thing! It feels even compared to those top philosophies The family is not too much! Those philosophers must be rich. After the Xie family becomes a noble family, I will also be a master orator of Donghai City, a super philosopher! Xie mother thought triumphantly, in her mind Full of longing for the future, a life of glory and wealth seems to be right in front of them. At this time, Maserati stopped in front of them. “Huh?

Is it possible that the son of this family, knowing that our Xie family is about to become a family, come to cheat us?

Seeing this scene before her, Mother Xie began to fantasize again. Then Dustin Zhou got out of the car. “Mira, I’m not late.

Dustin Zhou said directly to Mira Xie. As for Xie’s mother next to him, he didn’t seem to have seen her. Xie’s mother’s face was green. He never expected the person who walked off this super luxurious sports car. It turned out to be Dustin Zhou! How could this guy drive such a good luxury car? It must have been rented! Just to show off in front of him! He must be aimed at himself! At this moment, Xie’s mother was angry to the extreme! She even I don’t think Dustin Zhou’s car is borrowed, because she thinks Dustin Zhou doesn’t deserve to know someone who drives this kind of car. “Okay, you trash, let’s wait here for a long time, co-authoring is to rent a car, right?

“Rent a lot of money for this car, right?”

Are you just to tell me that you are now prosperous and you can afford to drive a luxury car, so you want me to marry Mira to you?

Mother Xie pointed to Dustin Zhou’s nose and shouted, “I tell you, this is impossible!”

I can see through your little trick at a glance!

“Dustin Zhou was scolded by Xie’s mother as silly. He didn’t understand what Xie’s mother was talking about at first? Rent a car? Make Xie’s mother think he has money? Then marry Mira Xie to himself? After a long time, he Only then did I realize what Xie’s mother was talking about. It’s just that he felt a little bit dumbfounded. Luo

The compilation seems to work, if Dustin Zhou is indeed a poor man who has no skills and likes to be smart.

It’s a pity that Dustin Zhou is not at all. I didn’t expect that after living with Xie’s mother for so long, he turned out to be such an image in Xie’s eyes.

When he said that he was poor, and that he was a waste and useless, he recognized it, after all, he was indeed like this before.

But other people’s poor ambitions are not short!

Dustin Zhou had always thought so. He didn’t know what he had done before that made Xie’s mother have such a view of himself.

As everyone knows, there is no need for him to do anything.

Mother Xie is not a fool, how could she not understand Dustin Zhou’s character?

It’s just that Dustin Zhou’s character was directly filtered by Xie’s mother.

Because this is an advantage, and Dustin Zhou, or the poor, does not deserve to have an advantage.

In Xie’s mother’s eyes, as long as a person is poor, he will have all the bad things in the world, and the poor are bad!

Everyone will think of ways to cheat money from these rich people!

Dustin Zhou smiled bitterly, “I said, I rented this car, it doesn’t seem to have much to do with you.” “What if I rent it? Why are you so excited without letting you pay the rent? “As for what you said, I want to rent a car to change your view of me.” “Sorry, what do you think of me?”

Chapter 885

“Would you like to marry Mira to me? It has nothing to do with me.” “Anyway, we have not yet divorced. As long as Mira is not willing, I will not divorce her, so I really don’t care about your opinion. “Dustin Zhou said very bachelor.

“You, you are shameless!” Mother Xie had nothing to say.

In the end, Mira Xie prevented the quarrel for a very simple reason. It is most important to see the uncle first.

When I heard the uncle, Xie’s mother stopped arguing, because she knew which one was more important.

As long as you are in front of your uncle, see how arrogant you Dustin Zhou is!

Mother Xie thought triumphantly.

Enderia Shen’s Maserati only had two seats, and finally the three of them chose to go to the banquet in Mira Xie’s car.

“By the way, Dustin Zhou, take this thing. When you see your uncle, you will say this is a gift from you.” While in the car, Mira Xie handed Dustin Zhou a delicate box.

It’s very simple. Although this time was a banquet organized by the uncle, he also claimed to make the Xie family a family.

But at the same time, this is also a testimony from everyone seeing the uncle.

If the uncle came forward to build the family, then the uncle would definitely be the head of the Xie family.

And now these Xie family members are undoubtedly a good opportunity to show up in front of the future Patriarch, so everyone will give gifts to try to make a good impression in front of the uncle.

Both Xie’s mother and Mira Xie had prepared, but because Dustin Zhou didn’t even know about it, they didn’t prepare.

But Mira Xie had already thought about it for him, so he prepared one for him in advance.

It is an exquisite bracelet. Although it is not a famous brand, it has a very good color and is still a piece of old jade.

The value is not cheap, it is estimated that it is worth hundreds of thousands.

It seemed that Mira Xie had laid his blood this time, striving to make Dustin Zhou leave a good impression on his uncle.

But after seeing this scene, Xie’s mother directly cursed, “What is it, waste is waste, and we have to prepare gifts for our family!” “Mira, what are you doing to prepare gifts for this guy? I will offend him by then. Isn’t the uncle better?” Mira Xie was noncommittal on this question.

Mother Xie wanted Dustin Zhou to offend his uncle, but Mira Xie was unwilling.

Mother Xie complained a few words, and seemed to understand the truth, so she closed her mouth.

It’s just that she didn’t think so in her heart.

It’s very simple. Don’t you Dustin Zhou like soft rice?

Then, in front of my uncle and everyone, I will reveal that this bracelet was bought by Mira Xie. What if you can give it to my uncle?

It was not bought by Dustin Zhou, the uncle would not appreciate it at all, but would resent Dustin Zhou for it!

Then again

It is much simpler to instigate their divorce.

Mother Xie closed her mouth, Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie did not speak either, and the car came all the way to Avaria.

The banquet venue chosen by Uncle Xie’s family is surprisingly Avaria!

“Tsk tusk, it seems that your uncle is indeed very capable, and he wants to entertain our entire Xie family in such a place!” Mother Xie said with emotion.

Even if she has never been, she has heard of the name of Avaria, which is arguably the most famous restaurant in Donghai City!

Most people can’t get in if they want to!

And the uncle of the Xie family actually wanted to entertain hundreds of people here!

“It seems that our Xie family is really going to rise.” There was a flash of heat in Xie’s mother’s eyes, and at the same time, Dustin Zhou’s eyes were full of disgust.

“Did you see the waste? From now on, this kind of place will be the place where we thank our family members often come and go!” “And you, just a waste! You can never come in this kind of place in your lifetime!” With long knowledge, you can kneel down and be grateful!” “Of course, this is the last time. After today, you and the Xie family will have nothing to do with you!” Mother Xie said mockingly.

Dustin Zhou shrugged his shoulders indifferently.

This kind of ridicule, he has heard too much.

And Mira Xie finally couldn’t help it at this time.

“Mom, are you enough! Do you know what shame is!” She knew that Dustin Zhou didn’t say that he came into this Avaria, even he and the boss of this Avaria are sisters and brothers!

Mira Xie had the privilege of seeing Shui Bingyue in his villa in Lvjingwan City, and knew that she was the owner of Avaria.

The boss of Avaria is very familiar with Dustin Zhou.

But Mother Xie showed off in front of Dustin Zhou that she could step into the gate of Avaria!

This is really a big knife in front of Guan Gong.

It’s just that Xie’s mother didn’t feel ashamed, and she felt very unconvinced in the face of Mira Xie’s reprimand, “What? What did I lose?” “It was originally! There are millions of people in Donghai City, but I can enter this Cuihu Lake. How many people are there!” “After we thank the house, we can go in and out at will. This is the difference between the upper class and the inferior. Isn’t it possible to tell the truth?” “He Dustin Zhou is a humble inferior! Mother Xie yelled loudly at the door of Avaria, like a shrew, causing people around her to look back frequently.

Even the security guard of Avaria couldn’t help covering his eyes and couldn’t bear to look straight.

They had never seen such an unqualified person, and showed off loudly like a fool.

The security guards just wanted to reprimand Xie’s mother for making her quieter, but suddenly they saw Dustin Zhou on one side.

They are too familiar with Dustin Zhou!

That’s Cuihu

Dwelling guest!

Just about to say hello to Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou shook his head at them.

Several security guards understood God and pretended to not see the scene before them at all.

It’s just that they have a question in their hearts. How could a high-level figure like Dustin Zhou know a shrew like Xie’s mother?

But Dustin Zhou didn’t say it, they were not easy to ask, so they tried to maintain a respectful attitude.

Mother Xie finally finished the scolding, and Mother Xie walked in towards Avaria in a carefree manner.

In fact, she is very guilty!

After all, it was the first time she entered such an occasion!

But it is also because of the guilty conscience that she is more arrogant than anyone else, because this is the normal state of a person with no confidence to cover up his guilty conscience.

“Hmph, you see, these security guards are respectful to me, you say, where am I ashamed?” “I can appear in this Cuihu Residence, how could I be ashamed!” Xie mother proudly I scanned the surroundings as if she was the master here.

“Where is the idiot, there is no quality of yelling.” Finally, someone couldn’t help but complain.

After all, those who come to this kind of place are the children of wealthy families or business elites. These people may have weird minds and are good at calculating.

But there would never be a situation where Xie’s mother yelled like this. As soon as this kind of person appeared in Avaria, he would reveal the smell of buns.

For this kind of person, no one cares about stepping on two feet.

But this time, it happened to step on Xie’s mother’s pride, and she immediately screamed like a cat stepped on its tail.

The eighty-seventh

Chapter 886

Mother Xie finally felt that she was superior, and finally able to enter a place like Avaria. How could she tolerate others insulting her when her self-confidence was inflated?

“Who are you! You dare to speak rudely to me, do you know that I am a woman from the Xie family!” Xie’s mother pointed to the noses of the two young men and shouted.

Xie’s family used to be a flat-headed commoner. Although Mira Xie started a company, life at home was pretty good.

But they are also considered to be good among the people, and they have never been in contact with any family or other things.

In Xie’s mother’s eyes, the aristocratic family already stood at the top of Donghai City.

The Xie family will soon become an aristocratic family, and she will soon be the woman standing on top of Donghai City.

At the very least, she is on an equal footing with all the big figures in Donghai City. How could she allow others to abuse her like this?

So she went back without fear.

“Xie family? What is that?” The young man scolded by him showed a puzzled expression on his face, and looked at the two companions next to him, “Have you heard of this family?” “Not at all.

“The two companions also shook their heads and said. Originally thought that Xie’s mother reported herself to the family, what Xie’s said should be from a similar family, but this time, no one had heard of it, and it became a joke. Mira Xie Xie’s face was blushing, she had never felt so embarrassed. She just wanted to stop Xie’s mother and tell her not to speak, but she didn’t have time. Xie’s mother became more aggressive and said more arrogantly, “I’ve never heard of Xie’s, but Because of your ignorance!

“I don’t know what your identities are, but we thank the family, and we will soon become a family. I advise you to show respect to me.”

“If you are also the children of the family, then our status is equal, and you should respect me.

“But if you are not members of the family at all, when our Xie family becomes a family, we will definitely want you to look good!

“Xie’s mother’s remarks are full of confidence, because in her opinion, the facts are like this. But when others heard her, Dafang almost laughed. “It turns out that it’s not even a family. Little family!

“I don’t know who gave you the courage to shout here.”

“The young man walked over with a frivolous look, and came to Xie’s mother. He was frightened, “You said that when your family becomes a family, you will show me good looks?”

“Then I’m so scared. In this case, should I prevent you from becoming a family?”

His face suddenly changed, and he slapped Xie’s mother severely, and shouted sharply, “Kneel me down!”

“I really don’t know that the sky is high and the earth is thick, and even a mere family can’t be considered a thing, dare to threaten me?”

“The young man said, he would continue to slap Xie’s mother on the slap. After all, in his eyes, Xie’s family is really a vulnerable little thing, and slapped Xie’s family at all, and of course will not be merciful. Mira Xie at this time Can’t help it. Although she also hates her mother, she is her mother after all. She can’t help but watch her mother get beaten. “My friend, my mother didn’t know when she came to Avaria for the first time. Etiquette, I hope you don’t take offense.

“Besides, you were the first to speak badly. How about this incident? I will accompany you for her.

“Mira Xie said neither humble nor overbearing. This is indeed the young man’s fault. How to say, although Xie’s mother yelled very impolitely, this behavior is at best called lack of quality and does not actually offend Who. But the young man directly scolded Xie’s mother for being stupid. He also beat Xie’s mother and Mira Xie apologized to him. It is not too much to expose this kind of thing. Do not

In this world, it has always been to see whose fists are harder, not to be reasonable.

“What if I say no?” The young man asked Mira Xie with a joking expression.

He didn’t notice Mira Xie at first, he just wanted to bully Xie’s mother.

After all, seeing such a person who loves to pretend to be more powerful and savvy, no one can help but step on his feet.

But when he saw Mira Xie, he instantly changed his mind.

This Mira Xie is so beautiful!

Young people have never seen such a beautiful woman!

Originally he simply wanted to bully Xie’s mother, but now it is different. He wants to take this opportunity to taste Mira Xie!

“You said to accompany me for her, but I don’t accept it. How about you?” The young man said with a drooling expression.

Mira Xie’s face suddenly became cold, “My friend, I don’t think there is any deep hatred between us.” “How do you want to be kind to this matter? How about we can compensate?” “Compensation? You look like the master People who lack money?” The young man sneered.

And the Xie mother on one side also screamed, “Mira, what are you talking about, why should you compensate him.” “He slapped me, and he should compensate us for compensation!” “Or wait for you. After the uncle comes back, I will definitely not let them go!” “Tsk, look, your mother doesn’t seem to be willing to be kind anymore? Little beauty, what do you want to do when you see it?” The young man’s face mocked. The look became heavier.

This mockery is tantamount to Xie’s mother.

My daughter has already recognized the situation and wants to resolve the matter, but this mother-in-law does not say anything about it, and wants to prevent her daughter from settling the matter.

However, this is a good thing for young people.

Because, in this way, the reason for him to threaten Mira Xie is even stronger.

“Your mother, you want to retaliate against me, how could I just let it go!” said the young man.

“Hmph, I just want to retaliate against you. If you are acquainted, you will apologize to me now!” Mother Xie couldn’t hear that others were taunting him, and were still threatening viciously.

Mira Xie is in a dilemma.

She wanted to apologize to the other party and resolve the matter, but thank you mother for being around to make trouble!

“Mom, can you stop talking, things are not the same thing as you think!” Mira Xie looked at his mother helplessly.

At this time, the uncle of the Xie family walked in.

Although he did not know Mira Xie and Dustin Zhou, he did know Xie’s mother.

So he came over and said, “I am the patriarch of the Xie family, what happened?” After seeing the uncle of the Xie family, the young man’s eyes also flashed dignified.

For one thing, it’s kind of like a member of a big family.

Of course, that’s all, everything still depends on the strength.

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