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Chapter 110

Enderia Shen’s words immediately caused everyone’s eyes to fall on Chen Xin.

Niu Chuan knew about Chen Xin, so there was no unexpected expression, and there was some communication between the two along the way, which was not a stranger.

But for Enderia Shen and Mira Xie, especially for Mira Xie.

Dustin Zhou brought Chen Xin to the concert so late, it was easy to misunderstand.

“Hello two sisters, I am

Chen Xin.

“Chen Xin took the initiative to introduce herself, her face raised slightly, she is very cute. And she is so proactive and very cute, Enderia Shen is not embarrassed to ask anything. After all, she is just Dustin Zhou’s boss, and she has no right to treat him. Life is gesticulating. “You…” Enderia Shen didn’t ask, but Mira Xie didn’t give up asking. “You are Chen Xin, we should have met last time.

When Chen Xin appeared, Mira Xie was familiar. When she heard her say her name just now, she immediately remembered. At the Mountain Mist Club before, it was Su Xiaomeng who took Dustin Zhou to a birthday party with her. And the protagonist of that birthday party is Chen Xin. It looks like what I saw before. “Huh?

Have we met?

I do not know.

“But Chen Xin didn’t remember Mira Xie. Hearing Mira Xie’s question at this time, he looked at Dustin Zhou blankly. “Uh, this, after all, it was rushed last time, maybe Xiao Xin didn’t see clearly.

Dustin Zhou had no choice but to think of a reason. In fact, Mira Xie had been standing behind Dustin Zhou at the birthday party last time, only seeing Chen Xin from a distance. But Chen Xin did not notice Mira Xie. So two Personal impressions are very light. “Well, don’t chat here anymore. The concert is about to begin. Let’s get ready to go in quickly.

Seeing that the scene was a little difficult to control, Dustin Zhou had no choice but to urge everyone to get in. The Rocket Girl’s concert in Donghai City was publicized for a long time in advance. Not only local fans in Donghai City came to watch it, but also Fans from all over the country. So the outside of the stadium is almost impenetrable at this moment. For this reason, the Donghai Police Department even deployed police to maintain order around the stadium. To enter the stadium to watch the concert, you need to check the tickets before you can enter the stadium. Enter. Dustin Zhou followed the crowd slowly to the ticket gate. “Where are your tickets?

Give it all to me, let them check the tickets at one time and save trouble.

“Approaching the ticket gate, Dustin Zhou said suddenly. There are a total of five people on their side. If you follow the normal ticket checking speed, it will take at least one minute, plus the ticket collection process, Ye Hui will delay a little time. “Brother Yang, here.

“Brother Dustin Zhou, this is my ticket.”

“Here, here you are.

Niu Chuan, Chen Xin, and Enderia Shen all handed the tickets to Dustin Zhou. Since there is a way to save trouble, they naturally won’t cause trouble to themselves. “Mira, where are your tickets?”

Dustin Zhou took the ticket, and when he saw Mira Xie still searching in his bag, he asked softly. And this time, the eyes of several other people also looked over.


“Oops, my ticket seems to be gone!” Mira Xie searched for it, but couldn’t find the ticket at all. His face suddenly became hard to look, and the whole person seemed a little impatient.

“What! The tickets are gone?” “Could it be that you forgot to bring it over?” Enderia Shen looked shocked.

“No, I checked it when I came here. It was clearly packed in the bag.” Mira Xie categorically denied it, and said with a certain face.

“What should I do? If you don’t have a ticket, you can’t get in.” Chen Xin’s small face suddenly showed a trace of sadness.

Seeing that Mira Xie’s ticket was lost, the little girl was a little worried.

After all, in the conversation just now, she knew that Mira Xie was Dustin Zhou’s wife.

“Or, use my ticket, I won’t go in.” Niu Chuan scratched his head and said with a low smile.

“Anyway, I haven’t watched any concerts, and I don’t think there is anything good.” Niu Chuan really doesn’t care. He has always felt that there is no value for things like concerts. It is better to watch it on TV without spending money.

“How can this work? It’s rare for you to come back. You can’t let you go back empty-handed.” Mira Xie refused, continuing to search in his bag.

“Oh, do you want to go in, take out the tickets!” At this moment, everyone also came to the ticket gate, and the ticket inspector saw that Mira Xie was still looking for tickets, and he was impatient.

The concert is about to begin, but there are still a lot of people waiting in line outside the stadium to check in.

If one person is delayed for one minute, it may cause thousands of people to delay entering the venue by one minute.

For such things, their ticket inspectors simply cannot afford the responsibility.

“What’s the matter? Can’t the one in front get in yet!” “Yes, are there any tickets? If not, let’s get out of the way as soon as possible. We still have to go in!” Rocket Girl’s concert is really funny!” The crowd suddenly burst into laughter.

This made Mira Xie more anxious, his entire face was slightly red, and a lot of sweat was dripping on his forehead.

“Beauty, why, don’t have tickets? Do you want to go in with me, the young master has tickets, you can invite you!” At this moment, a soft voice suddenly sounded.

Dustin Zhou looked up and saw that in the VIP passage not far away, a young man in a fancy dress was looking at this side triumphantly.

“Beauty, don’t keep talking. This concert is about to begin. You can’t get in without a ticket. How about, come to me, I have a VIP ticket!” The man saw Mira Xie and did not respond. With a chuckle, he took out several VIP doors


“Wow, it’s a VIP ticket!” “Yes, I heard that a VIP ticket costs at least five thousand yuan, and the location is better, even tens of thousands of yuan!” “This is nothing, I heard that even if you have Money, you can’t buy it. It was specially developed by the organizer to please those powerful and powerful!” Seeing the man take out several VIP tickets, the people behind suddenly exclaimed.

You know, Rocket Girl is so popular now, concert tickets are hard to find.

In the case that ordinary tickets are very rare, VIP tickets are undoubtedly more dazzling.

“Sorry, we have tickets ourselves, so we don’t need your tickets!” Dustin Zhou frowned, thinking that this man was a little bit unkind.

In addition, they do have tickets themselves, and they don’t need other people’s tickets.

So he directly refused.

“Haha, do you have tickets? But I don’t think this beauty has found the tickets.” The man’s eyes stayed on Mira Xie for a while, and he suddenly laughed when he saw Mira Xie still searching.

Chapter 111

“I can’t find it, Dustin Zhou, I can’t find the ticket.” Mira Xie searched for it, but still couldn’t find the ticket, and his face was very ugly.

Not seeing Rocket Girl’s concert is second.

The most important thing is that this is the first time she has been invited to come to a concert. Moreover, both Enderia Shen and Chen Xin are here.

If she doesn’t have a ticket and can’t get in, what will they do?

If they let a few of them in to watch the concert, Mira Xie still felt a bit of discomfort when thinking that they were so close to Dustin Zhou.

“Huh, if you don’t have tickets, let me go as soon as possible. I have to check the tickets!” The ticket inspector snorted coldly, reaching out and pushing Mira Xie back.

However, Dustin Zhou was holding down the hand of the ticket inspector, so that he couldn’t make any score.

“Behave yourself!” Dustin Zhou’s eyes condensed slightly and snorted coldly.

He just saw that the position where the ticket inspector stretched his hand pointed at Mira Xie’s buttocks, which clearly meant to eat tofu.

“Besides, I seemed to remember wrong just now. Our tickets are VIP tickets!” Dustin Zhou said lightly, taking out a few tickets in his hand and unfolding directly.

And above, there are a few big black words marked impressively.

“VIP VIP seat!” “Oh my God, what a VIP ticket!” “What are you doing here with VIP tickets? Don’t they have a special shortcut?” “Yes, but these people are really amazing. They have so many VIP tickets. It seems that that beauty is also an Oupo, but I don’t know where it is.” The people behind saw the VIP ticket in Dustin Zhou’s hand, suddenly dumb.

VIP guest of Rocket Girl concert

There are fewer tickets, and according to the rules, a handful of them are distributed to the dignitaries in Donghai City.

But now, Dustin Zhou and the five of them have even given out four VIP tickets at once.

At this moment, people became curious about Dustin Zhou’s identity.

“Huh! What about a VIP ticket? This beauty, you don’t have a ticket, so you can’t get in!” “Besides, my VIP ticket is in the second row. A VIP ticket can bring one person Go in!” Seeing that Dustin Zhou also had VIP tickets in his hand, it attracted the attention of many people. The man couldn’t sit still, and immediately snorted coldly.

In fact, Rocket Girl’s concert VIP ticket can indeed bring someone in.

However, at least second-class VIP tickets are required.

The VIP ticket in the hand of the man is the second-class VIP ticket.

Dustin Zhou heard the words and looked at the ticket in his hand. There was nothing on it to explain that he could bring people in with the VIP ticket.

“Haha, your tickets can’t bring people in, right? I knew that a group of cockroaches, holding the last VIP tickets, still wanted to pretend to be forced, it was simply humiliating!” The man observed Dustin Zhou’s every move. Seeing him checking the tickets for a long time, there was no joy on his face, and I immediately understood.

That is, Dustin Zhou’s VIP ticket is basically the last VIP ticket.

You can’t bring people into the stadium!

“It doesn’t matter, since this ticket can’t bring people in, then I’ll call Xiaomeng and let her send someone out to pick us up.” Dustin Zhou didn’t feel annoyed in his heart, put the ticket away and said lightly.

After speaking, Dustin Zhou dialed the phone directly.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t pay attention. When he finished speaking, the people around him cast their eyes on him in an instant.

Most importantly, the eyes of these people looked at Dustin Zhou one by one, as if they might be a fool.

“Is this man a fool?” “Yeah, who doesn’t know, Rocket Girl is so popular, every concert is full. This person is so embarrassed to let Xiaomeng come to pick him up?” “Yes, we are cute and cute. Can you call Su Xiaomeng that way? I don’t know how ashamed!” “Huh! We are waiting, I want to see if Su Xiaomeng can come out.” “I want to post him online for everyone Look at this shameless person!” Everyone didn’t believe Dustin Zhou’s words, not only sneered, but even took a picture of him with his mobile phone and posted it on Weibo.

However, in the face of everyone’s actions, Dustin Zhou did not react at all.

Dustin Zhou was still on the phone, as if saying something to the other end of the phone.

Others stood in place with a calm face, ignoring the ridicule of people around them.

“Well, someone will come to pick us up later.” Dustin Zhou hung up the phone and said with a smile.

“Haha, pretend! You pretend again! I tell you, Su Xiaomeng will not let people come out to pick you up at all, you should die of this heart!” Hearing this, the man laughed and said with disdain.

“Get out, get out, if you don’t have tickets, just go to the side first. If you don’t have tickets, you can pretend to be realistic. It really deserves it!” The ticket inspector also said coldly.

However, at this moment, a woman walked out of the VIP passage.

A woman is not too old, about thirty, with capable hair and a strong outfit, she looks heroic!

“It’s Sister Yang! Boy, Sister Yang is Rocket Girl’s agent. See you, she and I are acquaintances.” Seeing Sister Yang, the man greeted her with excitement.

“Sister Yang, why are you here.” “It turned out to be Sun Cheng and Young Master Sun. Why are you here and not going in?” Sister Yang saw Sun Cheng with a little surprise on her face.

However, Dustin Zhou saw a flash of disgust from Yang’s face.

“Oh, Sister Yang, I’m here, I want to watch a joke!” “This person, who is not ashamed, said that Su Xiaomeng would let someone come out to pick him up and would not take a piss to take pictures of him. What kind of virtue is this? It looks like a whimsical one!” Sun Cheng briefly said what had happened just now, then pointed at Dustin Zhou and laughed.

He didn’t deliberately lower his voice, so the people around him could hear it clearly.

“Haha, that’s right, it’s shameless!” “I also said, I am Su Xiaomeng’s best friend!” “It’s really bragging and not drafting! It’s too self-conscious to pretend to be in front of beautiful women!” “Everyone suddenly laughed.

However, Sister Yang did not laugh at Dustin Zhoufa along with her, but walked over to Dustin Zhou with a smile.

“You are Dustin Zhou?” “You are Sister Yang, right.” Dustin Zhou smiled faintly, and the moment he saw Sister Yang, he was a little surprised.

In the conversation with Su Xiaomeng just now, Su Xiaomeng said that she would let her manager, Sister Yang, come out and pick herself in.

Now it seems that this is the person in front of him.

However, Dustin Zhou always thought that the agent of a hot group like Rocket Girls must be an experienced person with sufficient social experience.

Not to mention how old, at least 40 or more, so as to accumulate enough network resources in the entertainment circle, and make a reasonable plan for the development of Rocket Girl.

But now it seems that this sister Yang is thirty years old at best, which is simply too young.

What is the reason for such a person to turn the Rocket Girl into the hottest traffic group in the country?

“Xiaomeng asked me to come and pick you up, follow me!” After confirming Dustin Zhou’s identity, Sister Yang dropped a fluttering sentence and turned to the VIP channel.

Walked inside.

However, this sentence caused an uproar in the crowd!

Chapter 112

“I heard it right a moment ago! She actually came to pick them up, and Su Xiaomeng asked her to come over!” “Yes, I heard it just now. Are they really the same as Su Xiaomeng and Rocket Girl? Acquaintance?” All of the fans around were stunned. They watched Dustin Zhou walking towards the gym with a look of envy.

“Sister Yang, what’s going on? They just don’t have tickets at all, why are you…” And Sun Cheng was even more surprised when he saw this scene.

Seeing that Sister Yang was about to bring Dustin Zhou and the others into the stadium, Sun Cheng hurriedly called each other.

“Huh? Why? Who do I bring in, do I still need your permission?” Sister Yang turned around and took a look at Sun Cheng and snorted coldly.

“No, Sister Yang, I didn’t mean that, but, how could people like them really know Xiaomeng?” The corner of Sun Cheng’s mouth twitched, and Sister Yang scolded him in front of so many people. He suddenly felt I couldn’t bear the face, and I hated Dustin Zhou more and more in my heart.

Obviously it was a dck. If it weren’t for the beauties around him, my Sun Cheng wouldn’t have looked at it, but now, it was this dck that Sister Yang had come out to meet him in person.

Others didn’t know Yang Jie, but Sun Cheng knew it all.

In addition to being Rocket Girl’s agent, Yang Jie is also the boss behind Rocket Girl’s media company.

According to the rumors, Yang Jie came from a big family, and was strong enough to crush all the families in Donghai City.

It is precisely because of this that Sun Cheng has been respectful and respectful in front of Sister Yang over and over again, and dare not show a bit of arrogance.

If I changed to someone else and dared to scold Sun Cheng so much, I would have been cleaned up on his knees and begging for mercy!

“I don’t care what your mind is, but if you dare to make trouble here, I don’t mind letting you know the consequences!” Sister Yang’s eyes instantly turned cold, and after a cold snort, she turned around and walked towards the stadium.

And Dustin Zhou has not spoken, just silently following Sister Yang.

To be honest, Dustin Zhou had no interest in this unprovoked Sun Cheng.

What’s more, today’s main purpose is to watch Su Xiaomeng’s concert, Dustin Zhou doesn’t want to disturb his interest.

Several people obediently passed through the VIP passage and entered the gymnasium.

At this time, the stadium was full of people, and the 80,000 standard seats were almost full.

The huge lights rotate in the stadium constantly, illuminating the entire stadium like daylight.

“I remember Xiaomeng seems to have sent you a ticket?” Sister Yang stopped suddenly, turned to look at Dustin Zhou, and asked softly.

“Yes, but we lost one,

So there is no way. You know, tickets are hard to find, let alone VIP tickets.

Dustin Zhou shrugged, a little helpless. However, Dustin Zhou didn’t know if it was his own illusion. He always felt that when Sister Yang was looking at him, his eyes were full of inquiries. It seemed that he wanted to see through himself. But this feeling is just that. For a moment, when Dustin Zhou spoke again, Sister Yang had already retracted her eyes. “By the way, Sister Yang, can I call you that?

“Yes, you are Xiaomeng’s friends. Just call me that. Now Xiaomeng is putting on makeup and making final preparations for the concert. There may be no way to see you. You can go to your seats first. When the concert is over, you Come backstage again.

Sister Yang said softly, and called two security guards to guide Dustin Zhou to the VIP seats. The two tickets presented by Su Xiaomeng are the highest-level VIP tickets, located in the first row of all seats, away from the main stage. It’s also recently. And considering that there were other people coming over, Dustin Zhou later asked Su Xiaomeng to send a few more. The five people came to the seat and suddenly felt that their vision was much wider. Because there was no crowd in front of them, you can watch directly Everything on the main stage. However, as soon as Dustin Zhou sat down, he immediately felt a sullen gaze falling on him. Looking back, Dustin Zhou saw Sun Cheng sitting in the second row not far from him. Staring at himself angrily. “Heh.

“For this situation, Dustin Zhou sneered and didn’t want to bother at all. Regardless of the other person’s attitude towards him, or any resentment, for Dustin Zhou, it is not something worth thinking about. Soon, it will be the time before the concert begins. It’s coming soon. “Boom!

“… The roar of three bursts of fireworks exploded on the big screen of the main stage. All the fans underneath were excited and cheered, regardless of waving the light stick in their hands. Then, the whole venue suddenly fell into darkness. , Only those light sticks were still emitting a faint light. “I didn’t miss you…” An ethereal voice suddenly sounded. At this moment, the fans below were even more unbearable, and the cheers were louder than before. Shao. Dustin Zhou listened carefully and remembered that this was the song released by Rocket Girl when she debuted. “I didn’t miss you”. Before watching this concert, Dustin Zhou fiercely supplemented all the previous songs of Rocket Girl. Just to avoid that I don’t know anything at that time. Now it seems that the song is pretty good. The singing sounded and the dazzling spotlight suddenly appeared. In the middle of the stage, a delicate little girl appeared in everyone’s field of vision. “Su Xiaomeng!

It’s Su Xiaomeng!

“Xiaomeng, Xiaomeng, I love

You, like a mouse loves rice!

“Su Xiaomeng, I want to marry you!”

“… In an instant, the entire stadium burst into cheers. Dustin Zhou only felt that in his ears, all the fans were screaming. At this time, Su Xiaomeng was even more pure and lovely in the spotlight. A line of singing. That’s it, the spotlight instantly shifted to Su Xiaomeng’s side. At this time, another song sounded. “Zhao Wanrong!

Zhao Wanrong!

“Wanrong is the cutest!”

“Love Wanrong!”

Dustin Zhou looked at the people on the stage quietly, with a clear mind. It seems that this should be Wan Rong, another member of Rocket Girl. However, compared with the photos on the Internet, Zhao Wanrong is obviously better than the ones circulating on the Internet. A little more delicate. Soon, the third member of Rocket Girls, Zhang Tiantian, also appeared under the spotlight. All three members appeared, and the atmosphere of the entire stadium rose to a new climax in an instant. The fresh and ethereal singing voice was still there. Continue, and the cheers of the fans came to the climax. Even Dustin Zhou heard that many fans were singing along with Rocket Girls. “By the way, Dustin Zhou, can you sing?

“Enderia Shen suddenly tilted her head and asked with a smile, with a narrow face. She knew that Dustin Zhou was not familiar with Rocket Girl before, and she even knew about Rocket Girl by looking up information on the Internet. Such a person, How is it possible to sing Rocket Girl’s songs? Enderia Shen asked, just to see how Dustin Zhou was embarrassed. In fact, Enderia Shen couldn’t figure out what his mentality was at the moment. He clearly said that he was not interested in Rocket Girl before. She wouldn’t come to the concert. But when the concert was approaching, she still got someone to buy her a VIP ticket. And she found Mira Xie the first time she wanted to come with her. But, waited here. , Seeing Dustin Zhou appear, Enderia Shen felt silent again. It is clear that Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie are already husband and wife, and they came to the concert together, why did they come again?

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