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Chapter 758

Xu You was a little surprised. He looked at Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan with a gloomy expression. Xu You didn’t expect that the person next to Dustin Zhou was a martial master. Obviously he had felt it just now. Now, this person does not have any martial arts aura. But just just

Only after that trick, Xu You knew that this person had been restraining his aura all the time, probably because he was unexpected.

When the other people heard Xu You say this, they were shocked and backed up quickly, staring at Niu Chuan with nervous expressions.

After all, on their side, only Xu You is the martial master, and the others, there are at most three half-step martial masters.

However, of the two people who Niu Chuan abolished just now, one of them was the half-step martial artist master.

The half-step martial artist’s master was disbanded in an instant, and everyone’s hearts trembled.

For a while, everyone was unable to advance or retreat, and they all looked at Xu You.

There is a martial master on Dustin Zhou’s side, and only Xu You is the martial master on their side. Only Xu You can fight against Niu Chuan.

“Hehe, it’s really beyond my expectation. I didn’t expect that there would be a martial master beside you, which opened my eyes.” Xu You slowly stepped forward.

Originally, he was not prepared to do it.

With the people Xu You took, plus his own strength, in the East China Sea, almost no family power dared to provoke him.

Even, Xu You’s lineup can make a second-rate family annihilate overnight.

However, since Dustin Zhou has come to a martial artist, Xu You has to play.

However, a martial master, and still so young, in Xu You’s eyes, I am afraid that he has just stepped into the realm of martial master, his breath is unstable, and his realm is not stable.

Such a person, Xu You had not been defeated in the past.

“However, Dustin Zhou, if you think that a martial master can be safe and sound, you can only say that you are too naive! There are three martial masters who died in my hands, and now I will add one more, which is not too much. “Xu You shouted coldly, and immediately started to move without saying a word.

Xu You is worthy of being a martial master, and his strength has almost reached the realm of transformation.

Dustin Zhou hadn’t seen how Xu You made the move at all, and Niu Chuan had already greeted him and was with Xu Youzhan.

Xu You and Niu Chuan, both masters of the martial arts, broke out with low noises between their fists and feet, making a lot of storms in the villa.

Seeing Niu Chuan being restrained by Xu You, a dozen other people saw Dustin Zhou sitting on the sofa alone, and a fierce light suddenly appeared in their eyes.

“Brothers, Dustin Zhou has only one person right now. Let’s go up and take him down!” I don’t know who shouted, and the others rushed over, very fast.

Moreover, two of them are in the realm of a half-step martial artist master.

Dustin Zhou is not an opponent.

“I’m coming!” At this moment, the knife shot.

A flying knife rushed out and knocked a person down. The flying knife sank into his body, leaving only the hilt outside.

“Be careful, this is a half-step martial master!

“Everyone shouted in a low voice, and a half-step martial arts master immediately came up to fight. “Haha, this is too despised of me, did you send only one person over?”

Then don’t blame me for being rude.

“The knife saw that there was only one half-step martial arts master coming to fight with him, and he sneered. The flying knives in his hands kept flying, as if he didn’t need money, and he flew away into the opponent’s crowd. “I’m coming, too,” A quick fight, go and win Dustin Zhou!

“Upon seeing this, another half-step martial master also followed, and the two half-step martial masters joined forces and fought with a knife. The three of them fought with each other, you came and I met, it was so lively, and there was no victory for a while. Negative. As for the remaining dozen people, although they have not yet reached the realm of a half-step martial master, each of them is not weak. At the very least, if Dustin Zhou meets it alone, he will definitely not be able to beat it. “Dustin Zhou, watch out!

“Take him down!”

“Hand over the jade!”

“… The crowd rushed forward, as if Dustin Zhou was a piece of honey and they were bees. Everyone wanted to take a bite. “Bro Pao, please.

Dustin Zhou had no choice but to turn his head and look at Brother Pao, who had been watching this side with great interest. The reason why Dustin Zhou dared to carry Xu You face-to-face, relied on Brother Pao. After all, Brother Pao is a martial master, even On his own side, only Niu Chuan and Xiaodao know about it. The others, even Ren Feng, don’t know. Therefore, Xu You’s information on Brother Pao must be incomplete. “There is no way, only me. Got it, but, after Dustin Zhou, you have to treat me to a big meal!

Brother Pao smiled and squeezed his wrists, grinned slightly, and suddenly showed white teeth. “Brothers, there is one who is not afraid of death, let him know that our hidden family Xu family is not so easy to despise!”

The other party yelled, separated a part and turned his head to meet Brother Pao. The rest came straight towards Dustin Zhou. “It’s almost there now, there are only three people.”

Seeing the three people rushing in front of him, Dustin Zhou shook his head, but he was not so worried. If he is not an opponent of so many people, then these three people in front of him should be nothing to say. “Haha, I want to see what kind of strength this hidden Xu family has!

Dustin Zhou sneered and took the initiative to fight over. A fist blasted out and fisted against one of the opponents. There was a faint sonic boom where the fists struck. Then Dustin Zhou only felt the breath in his chest roll, and backed twice. The body shape was stabilized by walking. The person who fisted Dustin Zhou directly spit out blood and couldn’t stand up. Although Dustin Zhou was not very strong, he had always followed Niuchuan like this.

A martial arts master later contacted and studied, and he made rapid progress and knew some strength techniques.

Compared with these people who may be Xu Jia Nursing Home, Dustin Zhou’s strength is naturally deeper.

With the lessons learned from this person, the other two people looked at Dustin Zhou with dread.

They are about the same strength as the first person. Even if they can beat the first person, they are slightly better than the first person.

However, Dustin Zhou vomited blood with a punch, which shows that Dustin Zhou’s strength is far above this person.

And they couldn’t do it like Dustin Zhou.

“What to do? The two of us are probably not his opponents!” One person looked at the other person beside him, a little nervous.

In the beginning, the people on their side were full of confidence, and it was not easy to get the next Dustin Zhou.

So they didn’t take it seriously in the beginning.

However, when they came here, they saw Dustin Zhou right in front of them. They were just about to do something, and they were abolished by Niu Chuan next to Dustin Zhou.

Moreover, among these two people, there is another half-step martial artist master.

Chapter 759

The person who can destroy a half-step martial master in one move can only be the martial master.

They didn’t expect that Dustin Zhou also had a master of martial arts.

However, with Xu You present, and Xu You restrained the martial master, they still have absolute power to win Dustin Zhou.

However, another half-step martial master was smashed out later, and one person actually restrained the two half-step martial masters on their side.

Then, another person suddenly appeared. Although his strength did not look very good, he was able to fight with nearly ten of them. There was no defeat at all.

On the contrary, in just a few minutes, two people on their side were injured.

And the three of them are ready to win Dustin Zhou in one fell swoop.

However, Dustin Zhou fisted a person.

The two looked at each other and felt that Dustin Zhou was not so easy to deal with. If there were only two of them, it would be impossible to win Dustin Zhou.

“Brothers, Dustin Zhou is a little bit evil this time, let’s get two more people!” One of them shouted, and two people rushed over.

The four rushed towards Dustin Zhou together, wanting to win Dustin Zhou in one fell swoop and end the battle.

Seeing the four people rushing towards him, Dustin Zhou was also a little helpless.

He asked Brother Pao to help him out, but he didn’t expect that Brother Pao would grind foreign workers.

A grand master of martial arts, and nearly ten people, did Tai Chi there.

Putting those ten people on can not hurt Brother Pao a single cent, and Brother Pao only injured the other two people in a few minutes, and they were all slightly injured.

All can fight again.

“Brother Pao, make a quick decision. We still have a lot to deal with, and we can’t waste it here.” Dustin Zhou yelled and could only ask Brother Pao for help.

At this time, Dustin Zhou was already thinking that after he went back, he must follow Niu Chuan and practice well, and strive to improve his strength.

Otherwise, I will encounter a few young people in the future, and I still can’t deal with it, so it will be a little embarrassing.

“Okay.” Brother Pao nodded and responded, the martial artist’s grandmaster’s aura burst out instantly, and all of a sudden the ten people were shocked.

After that, Brother Pao shuttled among the ten people like a ghost.

When Brother Pao stopped again, the ten people fell to the ground one after another, and they kept screaming.

When the four people rushing towards Dustin Zhou saw this, one after another, their faces were pale, and they backed away, never daring to take a step forward.

“Master of the martial artist! There is actually a master of the martial artist!” And the momentum of Brother Pao just now naturally shocked Xu You.

Xu You looked at Brother Pao walking in the leisurely court with an unusually ugly face.

He did not expect that on Dustin Zhou’s side, in addition to the one martial master in Niuchuan, there should be a second martial master!

Serious error in information!

In the Xu family’s investigation, the armed protection around Dustin Zhou was not that strong. The strength of the only bodyguard, Niu Chuan, was unknown, but he might have the strength of a martial master.

So the Xu family let Xu You lead the team this time as a backstop to contain Niu Chuan.

However, the Xu family did not find out that besides Niu Chuan beside Dustin Zhou, there was actually a martial master.

On their side, there is only Xu You a martial master.

For an instant, Xu You snorted in his heart, with a bad premonition.

Dealing with a Niu Chuan, Xu You felt that he was a little struggling. Obviously, Niu Chuan was definitely not a person who had just entered the realm of a martial master.

If there is another martial artist at this time, Xu You feels that he will undoubtedly be defeated, and it is even possible that he will not be able to get out of this villa.

“Dustin Zhou, I didn’t expect you to have two martial masters by your side. I miscalculated, but I am a member of the Xu family. Would you dare not do anything to me? Retreat!” With a violent shout, Niu Chuan was briefly beaten back with a palm. , Xu You stood still, looked at Dustin Zhou, sneered, and then greeted his subordinates to prepare to retreat.

Dustin Zhou has two martial masters like this, and Xu You has no chance of winning at all. If he continues to stay here, it will only increase the danger.

“Hehe, you say that you are a member of the Xu family, you want me to hand over the so-called jade, and you are a member of the Xu family, you must take me down, or even wish I die, you say you are a member of the Xu family , You just want to let it go, and then retreat?” “Xu You, you value it too much, and you value the Xu family too high, today

Now that you are here, leave them all. I have a lot of questions and I want to ask you.

“Chuanzi, Brother Pao, take down Xu You!”

Dustin Zhou sneered and nodded slightly to Niu Chuan and Pao Ge in a harsh tone. Niu Chuan and Pao Ge heard the words, immediately shot, and took Xu You straight away.

“Xu You’s expression changed. He didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to be so kind. Regardless of the existence of the Xu family, he actually wanted to keep him. If the opponent only had a martial master, Xu You was confident that he could advance and retreat at any time, but Now the opponent has two martial masters. Xu You knows that he only has one chance to leave here. If he missed this opportunity, he might really be stayed here. While retreating to the gate, he resisted Niu Chuan. With Brother Pao, Xu You saw that his subordinates were already a little flustered, and his heart suddenly became cruel. “Since you want to keep me, let’s see if you have this strength!

With a violent shout, Xu You’s punching speed suddenly accelerated, and suddenly he was tied with the two martial masters of Niu Chuan, erpao brother. However, his subordinates, except for the two half-step martial masters, were held by the knife. , There are only four people who can stand on the ground. However, seeing this scene, the four people dare to move their hands, and they retreat, wanting to evacuate the villa. “Huh, since it’s here, just stay here. !

When Dustin Zhou saw this, he snorted, and slammed his feet to fight with the four people. … All of a sudden, the Ren family villa was in chaos. Ren Feng and Ren Nan had already arrived on the second floor, and the two of them Looking at the battle downstairs, his face was extremely worried. “Dad, do you think Mr. Dustin Zhou can win?

“Ren Nan asked in a deep voice, her gaze looked at Dustin Zhou who was fighting with the four people downstairs, her face was full of worry. After all, no matter what, it was Dustin Zhou who provoked her grievances over the years. , This is equivalent to giving Ren Nan a new life, allowing her to live again. With such kindness, Ren Nan doesn’t want Dustin Zhou to have trouble. “Don’t worry, Dustin Zhou has two martial masters here. They will definitely win, I Did not expect that Dustin Zhou actually had two martial masters beside him.

Ren Feng’s face was calm and he couldn’t see sorrow or joy, but his tone of voice was full of sighs. It seemed that he was very surprised by the current situation downstairs. Dustin Zhouyi manpowered the four people, although at first he was a little confused, but gradually Of course, Dustin Zhou became more comfortable with it, and it was also easy to fight against these four people.

Chapter 760

With a low cry, Dustin Zhou took advantage of a person’s unpreparedness and hit his chest with a fist. Suddenly the person vomited out old blood and fell directly to the ground.

With three people, Dustin Zhou’s pressure was even less.

Soon, these three people were all brought down by Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou also felt a little tired, and there were some scars on his body, but there was no serious problem.

At the same time, on the side of the knife, a flying knife directly pierced a person’s hand muscles, and immediately abolished a half-step martial arts master.

The remaining half-step martial arts master, who was still the opponent of the knife, was caught by the knife with a flying knife in a few strokes, life and death were only between the thought of the knife.

“Keep alive!” Dustin Zhou shouted in a deep voice, seeing that the knife had only knocked the half-step martial master stunned, so he turned his gaze to Niu Chuan and Brother Pao.

The battle between Dustin Zhou and Xiaodao had ended. In the entire villa, only the battle between Niu Chuan and Brother Pao and Xu You was left.

Xu You was distraught at the moment.

Seeing that one of his men was scrapped, or fell to the ground, or was beaten to death, he couldn’t help at all.

And among these dozen or so subordinates, there are a few others who are from the Xu family’s bloodline. If they really have an accident, Dustin Zhou will certainly receive the Xu family’s crazy revenge, but Xu You will inevitably suffer.

Moreover, at the moment, he is fighting against the two martial masters, Niu Chuan and Pao Ge with one enemy and two. He is already incapable. If he can’t break through, he will probably be planted here.

Xu You never thought that one day he would meet such a strong opponent.

At the beginning, the other party was regarded as a cannon fodder.

The more Xu You thought about it, the more confused his mind became, and his moves gradually slowed down.

Moreover, the more anxious Xu You was, the more likely it was to make mistakes and reveal flaws.

“Xu You, I advise you to give up resistance, because you are Xu’s family, I will keep you alive!” Dustin Zhou looked at Xu You with interest and suddenly shouted.

This call was not a big deal, but Xu You was nervous when he was yelled by Dustin Zhou, a little lost, and the flaws were revealed immediately when he made the move.

“Flaw!” Niu Chuan and Pao are both masters of warriors. Such a person who is capable of transforming into a realm has a very powerful grasp of timing.

Xu You just panicked, revealing a slight flaw, and was immediately caught by Niu Chuan and Brother Pao.

The two of them seized this flaw in an instant, and made moves one after another, knocking Xu You back again and again, simply unable to resist it.

“Boom!” Finally, Niu Chuan hit Xu You’s chest with a surprise punch. Xu You wanted to defend, but it was too late. He could only watch Niu Chuan’s punch hit his chest.

“Puff!” Suddenly, Xu You spurted out a mouthful of old blood, and his whole body instantly wilted, and his expression was pale.

Obviously, Niu Chuan’s punch just now

, Really hurt Xu You’s vitality and made him unable to fight anymore.

And Xu You’s loss means that Dustin Zhou won a complete victory in this match.

Upon seeing this, Ren Feng and Ren Nan upstairs also smiled, and the two slowly walked down and came behind Dustin Zhou.

“Xu You, are you convinced?” Dustin Zhou came to Xu You, looked at Xu You, who was in extremely depressed state, and smiled lightly.

How arrogant and arrogant Xu You was when he came in before.

At this moment, how embarrassed he is.

“Huh, Dustin Zhou, I underestimated you. I didn’t expect that there are two martial masters beside you, but I advise you to let me go and hand over the jade, otherwise, the Xu family will not let you go! You two martial masters are nothing in the eyes of the Xu family!” Xu You gritted his teeth, looked at Dustin Zhou, and said bitterly.

Xu You himself did not expect that he would overturn on Dustin Zhou.

Moreover, now it seems that even if he threatened Dustin Zhou, he might not let him go.

“Hehe, I will naturally let you go, I’m a good person, but when I let you go back, that’s my decision, Chuanzi, take him, let’s go back first.” Dustin Zhou said lightly.

Then Dustin Zhou asked Brother Pao and Xiaodao to take all the remaining people back together.

“Father Ren, things here have come to an end, and we are going back. I can leave the blame for the previous things, but Xu You was taken back by me, and I did not reply to the Xu family for a long time. The Xu family will definitely send it again. If someone comes, I am afraid that there is a high probability that he will still contact Mr. Ren, and I beg you to take the initiative to contact me at that time.” Dustin Zhou looked at Ren Feng and said seriously.

In fact, speaking of it, Xu You’s bureau was also implicated in Ren Feng.

Originally, after taking Xu You, Dustin Zhou could completely control Ren Feng.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t think it was necessary, and Ren Feng’s influence in the East China Sea was still very large. Once he was taken under control by himself, a careless one would cause a big explosion.

Dustin Zhou didn’t want to offend this risk easily.

Ren Feng looked at Dustin Zhou intently for a long time, and after making sure that Dustin Zhou was not joking, and his tone was very serious, he nodded slowly.

“Okay.” Dustin Zhou smiled when Ren Feng agreed, and walked directly outside the door.

The purpose of coming here today has been achieved, and Xu You also won, which is simply a shocking surprise.

However, when Dustin Zhou was about to step out, Ren Qingqing suddenly ran out of the room.

“Dustin Zhou, you said you would take me to see Senior Sister Jiang Yan, you can’t lie to me!” Ren Qingqing shouted towards Dustin Zhou.

Ren Qingqing at this time

Lost and depressed like just now, on the contrary, it seems to be full of energy, but the eyes are a little red, and Dustin Zhou’s eyes are a little bit resentful.

“Relax, Dustin Zhou always counts when I speak!” Dustin Zhou waved his hand and said with a smile.

However, what is going on with Ren Qingqing’s bitter gaze!

Dustin Zhou was a little speechless, but he didn’t want to involve too much in this. After all, there were already too many women around him. Dustin Zhou was only one person, and he couldn’t take care of them.

Soon, Dustin Zhou and a few people left with Xu You.

However, this time, Brother Pao called all the people stationed at the Hengfeng Building, otherwise the four of them would really have a little difficulty in taking Xu You and a dozen of them back.

Ren’s villa was in a mess.

However, neither Ren Feng nor Ren Nan felt that it was a pity. On the contrary, when they saw Dustin Zhou had really left, they breathed a sigh of relief.

When Xu You suddenly broke in just now, Ren Feng and Ren Nan were really worried.

This was a round, yes, it was aimed at Dustin Zhou, and Ren Feng had to do this because of Xu You’s persecution.

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