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Chapter 971

Dustin Zhou was very depressed.

He wanted to find out what the identity of this little girl had to do with Bing Yue, but inexplicably got the title of a bad guy.

The key point is that he doesn’t know what he did. His wife is Mira Xie. The relationship between the two is pretty good. He has never been sorry for Mira Xie.

Whatever he wants to say, it may be that he has been in a good relationship with Enderia Shen recently, and has a faint emotional tendency beyond friendship.

But after all, nothing happened between the two of them. He was not sorry Mira Xie at all, let alone a guilty man.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Dustin Zhou frowned and said very uncomfortably, “Don’t pretend to be there, tell me what your purpose is?” “Okay, if you want to know my purpose, come and defeat me. !” The little girl said arrogantly.

Dustin Zhou was finally angry, he was in no mood to play games with the little girl anymore.

He was tired of this feeling, and the words of the little girl caused an unnamed anger in his heart.

“If this is the case, then I am not welcome.” Dustin Zhou made up his mind.

Although he knew that this little girl had some kind of connection with Bing Yue, if this girl was not defeated, Dustin Zhou would never know what the connection between the two of them was.

In this case, there is no need to be merciful.

The aura of the emperor of warrior broke out in an all-round way, and this time Dustin Zhou directly used all his strength!

The little girl’s face changed slightly. Obviously, Dustin Zhou’s strength was a little beyond her imagination.

“That woman is really generous.” The girl looked at Dustin Zhou’s eyes, full of confusion.

“You have raised your strength to this level, presumably, the price she paid is not small.” The girl’s words seemed to reveal some kind of information.

Dustin Zhou’s strength was promoted by a certain woman.

To improve Dustin Zhou’s strength, that woman also needs to pay the corresponding generation


What is going on all this?

Who is the woman who provided Dustin Zhou with strength?

Want to know the truth, only to defeat the girl in front of me.

Dustin Zhou didn’t hesitate too much, his figure flashed, he appeared in front of the girl, stretched out his hands and grabbed the girl.

“Although that woman has paid a lot for you, but if you want to deal with me, you are still in the dark.” The girl showed a weird smile, and disappeared when Dustin Zhou was about to catch her.

Dustin Zhou knew that her move was to flash.

The next second, the girl appeared above Dustin Zhou’s head.

Re-implement the old technique!

A whirlwind leg struck Dustin Zhou from top to bottom.

A smile crossed the corner of Dustin Zhou’s mouth, and he raised his arm calmly.

Now that he knows that the girl’s moves are flashes, how can he be unprepared?

After blocking the girl’s attack, Dustin Zhou grabbed her backhand, grabbed the girl’s ankle, and then pulled her over and hugged her directly in his arms.

The girl is very petite, and Dustin Zhou can hug her tightly.

The girl who was hugged was also completely unable to move.

“You let me go! You rascal!” said the girl struggling with a reddish face.

But since Dustin Zhou had caught her, how could there be any reason to let go?

“Tell me all the truth, and I will let you go.” Dustin Zhou said without blushing and heartbeat.

Indeed, the act of holding the other person in his arms was somewhat helpless.

However, Dustin Zhou completely regarded the other party as a child, without any strange thoughts at all, so he could not blush and his heart would not beat.

The girl was very angry, but helpless, because she really couldn’t get rid of Dustin Zhou’s shackles.

“Now you have lost, you said, as long as I can beat you, you will tell me the truth.” Dustin Zhou said coldly.

He didn’t bother to fight against this girl. All he did was to know the truth.

But the girl played a rogue at this time.

“I won’t say what can you do? If you don’t agree, come and kill me!” The girl’s face was arrogant and stubborn, which made Dustin Zhou feel big. Of course he would not kill the girl.

At this moment, another woman appeared on the roof.

“Shui’er, don’t make trouble, come back.” The faint six words floated in the air, but Dustin Zhou was surprised when he heard it.

Because of the appearance of this woman, he didn’t even have any premonition in his heart.

The woman seems to appear out of thin air!

And the six words she said, although the voice was very weak, but they carried endless majesty and coercion, making Dustin Zhou’s strong people of this level all feel tight in their chests.

Obviously, the strength of this woman far exceeds Dustin Zhou.

This is most likely a fairy

The existence of the division level!

Dustin Zhou became vigilant in his heart, and then turned around.

The moment he saw the woman, he was stunned.

This woman turned out to be the woman in the plain dress he had seen in the small house before!

But the woman he saw before was so ordinary, even a bit weak.

Although the woman in front of me looks the same, the pressure on her body is like an emperor!

What is going on?

And the little girl in Dustin Zhou’s arms, after hearing the woman’s call, also stuck out her tongue, “Aniang, I’m just teaching this sweaty heart a little bit, don’t you be so anxious!” Dustin Zhou broke free from his arms and returned to the woman.

Dustin Zhou looked at the two women, one big and one small, warily.

“Who are you guys?” Dustin Zhou asked in a deep voice.

The woman glanced at Dustin Zhou faintly, and then said, “My name is Baiyue, and the little girl next to me is Ruoshui, my daughter.” It seems that this sentence has already introduced the identities of the two very neatly.

But it seems that no information was revealed.

What’s the use of just telling me the name!

The name is just a code name!

Isn’t your name Baiyue or Heyue exactly the same?

Have a dime relationship with me?

Dustin Zhou thought the other party was playing tricks on himself.

“I didn’t ask your name, I mean, do you have anything to do with me?” “Or the Bingyue on the sacred mountain, you should also know it, what is your relationship with her?” Dustin Zhou is very serious Asked.

And hearing Dustin Zhou’s question, a touch of sadness flashed in the woman’s eyes.

But she didn’t reject Dustin Zhou’s question. A woman as strong as her, the pressure on her body seemed to be able to crush a martial master at any time, but she seemed to have a good temper.

As long as Dustin Zhou has a question, she seems to answer it.

“Bingyue, can it be my daughter.” The woman said, “Of course, not exactly my daughter. She actually has no blood relationship with me.”

Chapter 972

Dustin Zhou was a little confused by this woman.

Is it her daughter, not her daughter, the two are not even blood related?

What does this mean?

“I didn’t really understand what you mean.” Dustin Zhou said honestly.

Then he added another sentence, “The most important thing is, I don’t understand what I have to do with you.” Whether it’s Bingyue, the white moon in front of you, or Ruoshui, Dustin Zhou didn’t even know them before.

But they all seem to know themselves, and there should be some kind of relationship.

“This is a long story, but in fact, it’s not like you

There is too much relationship.

“The woman sighed, “Now telling you, it doesn’t seem to do you any good.”

“Despite the woman saying this, how could Dustin Zhou give up again? At this point, if he doesn’t find out what’s going on, then he must be unwilling. Under Dustin Zhou’s constant questioning, the woman finally said it. And what she said also shattered Dustin Zhou’s Three Views. This woman is more than 300 years old. And the girl next to her who looks seven or eight years old, Ruoshui, is also more than 100 years old. The two of them are actually not people in this world at all. Because their cultivation level is too high, they have become humans and ghosts, as long as they are willing, they can live forever. And Dustin Zhou and them. The relationship made Dustin Zhou feel speechless. Dustin Zhou used to be Baiyue’s husband. One hundred years ago. Dustin Zhou at that time was a great power in the cultivation world. Bingyue was actually Dustin Zhou’s daughter. Of course, it was Dustin Zhou. The daughter before reincarnation. Bingyue’s mother, the woman Dustin Zhou had seen in the cave before, was Dustin Zhou’s former wife. The Baiyue in front of her was a concubine. As a great power in front of a hundred, she would. It is normal for Dustin Zhou to have two wives. A hundred years ago, after the fall of Dustin Zhou, Bingyue’s mother accompanied Dustin Zhou to commit suicide and set up a holy mountain, which was actually waiting for Dustin Zhou’s reincarnation. At that time, Bingyue was actually still there. No birth. To put it bluntly, Bingyue is really just a false image, a false image made using Ruoshui as a model. Bingyue’s mother chose to commit suicide with Bingyue and set up a holy mountain to wait for Dustin Zhou’s reincarnation. The Baiyue in front of him, with Ruoshui by his side, survived by a secret method. After saying that, Baiyue added, “Don’t worry about what you are now. In fact, you are not the same as your previous life. No matter what, I won’t haunt you.

“I am not the same as my sister. My sister thinks that even if you are reincarnated, it will still be you, but I think that you are completely two people in the past, without any connection.

“To put it bluntly, this time Shui’er was naughty and deliberately led you over. I don’t even know about this.

“If it disturbed your life, I apologize to you.”

“Bai Yue said very sincerely. Dustin Zhou was a little depressed. Even after he was killed, he would never have thought that there would be such a magical thing in this world. But as Bingyue said, now he is completely the same as the previous life. Hearing these stories, he didn’t actually feel any fluctuations in his heart, but felt a little weird. Perhaps there was a trace of guilt towards Bingyue’s mother. That woman should be very

Love yourself.

After she died, she also committed suicide with herself.

And Bingyue, that was actually an unborn child.

Speaking of which, she was still her own daughter… Dustin Zhou felt even more awkward when she thought of this.

Obviously he did nothing, but he seemed to owe a debt.

On the contrary, Baiyue was in a very calm mood, and she could be regarded as her former husband, but when she faced herself, she really did like a stranger.

Perhaps this is the ruthlessness of the cultivator?

Dustin Zhou didn’t mean to blame Baiyue, after all, he didn’t have much qualifications to blame…that was all from the previous life.

At this moment, Ruo Shui on the side suddenly said, “Aniang, it’s not like this, it’s all because of the grief…” A Shui seemed to want to say something, but Bai Yue interrupted him, “Shui’er, don’t talk nonsense. !” Bai Yue said to Dustin Zhou again, “Don’t worry, we will never appear in your world again.” “You are a brand new life, old things in the past, and you shouldn’t have any contact with you. After Bai Yue finished speaking, she took Ruoshui’s little hand and left.

But Dustin Zhou always felt that she had something to say.

Suddenly Ruoshui turned his head and yelled at Dustin Zhou, “Bad man, have you really forgotten my mother?” “I let you see everything, don’t you feel it at all?” Ruoshui tried hard. Struggling, but was eventually taken away by her mother.

Dustin Zhou only felt a “boom” in his mind.

Ruoshui’s last words reminded him.

What did Ruoshui show him?

Obviously, when Dustin Zhou entered this slum, he entered a dilapidated house.

There is only one bed, one table and one stool in the house, and there are some warm meals on the stool.

This was originally a very strange thing, but Dustin Zhou was unusually calm at that time.

He was calm enough to be a little weird, he didn’t doubt why it appeared in such a scene, and he didn’t bother to doubt it, he just thought it was normal.

Later, Baiyue walked in, in the form of an ordinary woman, not a cultivator at all.

The Baiyue at that time was obviously not the same person as the Baiyue he saw now.

It should be an illusion, a illusion made by Ruoshui.

Her purpose in making this illusion is to hope that she will see Baiyue and think of something.

But Dustin Zhou really didn’t think of anything. He just felt inexplicably relieved after seeing the house, as if all the troubles had disappeared, as if there was nothing important in this world.

As long as the house is there, as long as the woman is there… it is enough.

That woman!


For a moment,

Some broken images flashed through Dustin Zhou’s mind. He seemed to remember something, but he didn’t seem to remember what happened, only his head was about to split with pain.

Bai Yue took Ruoshui and left, and the surrounding environment hadn’t changed much. Dustin Zhou stood on the roof and was silent for a while, then jumped down and came to the dead end before.

The dilapidated house is still there.

But there is no light inside.

Dustin Zhou stood at the door for a while, pushed the door in, and found that the house had been unoccupied for at least several years, and it was covered with dust everywhere.

Chapter 973

The layout inside the house is similar to what Dustin Zhou had seen in the fantasy world before.

A bed, a table and a stool.

But there is no bedding with a faint fragrance on the bed, and there is no warm meal on the table.

It’s dirty to a certain extent, no matter how careful you walk, it will bring up a lot of dust.

It seems that no one has lived for at least ten years.

Was the self in the last life the Baiyue that I met in such an environment?

Baiyue, did she really put herself down?

Dustin Zhou was silent for a while, then chose to turn around and leave.

He didn’t know what Bai Yue didn’t say, but his heart was very firm.

He is Dustin Zhou!

Rather than being a cultivator of the last life!

What he has to do now is to take care of the people around him now!

Whether Baiyue or Bingyue’s mother, he doesn’t have much relationship with him, it was a matter of a lifetime!

If you can remember something, it is not too late to make a decision.

In fact, the most important basis for a person to live is just memory.

Dustin Zhou had no impression of himself in his last life, so he was simply Dustin Zhou.

If he can remember the things of his previous life, he can be regarded as the person before.

If two memories are possessed at the same time, then he has become a completely new character…In short, he is a collection of him from his previous life and his from this life.

Memory determines a person’s life. This is a very simple truth. This interesting theory is mentioned in many classic movies.

For example, in exchange for memory.

Extract your memory and replace it with someone else’s memory.

By that time your body is still this body, but your memory has completely become another person’s, which means that the soul of another person has taken over your body.

That’s the truth.

So now Dustin Zhou didn’t think of the past, he was simply Dustin Zhou.

More importantly, Baiyue had already taken Ruoshui away.

With Baiyue’s strength, Dustin Zhou didn’t even want to ask anything.

There is a chance, so I can only accept my fate obediently.

After all, he still has a lot of things to do.

For example, the birth of the Xu family.

Dustin Zhou returned to his villa like this, tiptoeing without disturbing his mother.

Because the matter of arranging his mother with Enderia Shen has been exposed, Dustin Zhou simply took his mother back to Lvjingwan City, usually guarded by Niu Chuan with several martial masters.

There was nothing for a night, and early the next morning, Dustin Zhou came to work at Mingyang Company as usual.

Enderia Shen broke into his office mysteriously with two dark circles under his eyes.

“Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou, how is it?” Enderia Shen asked, lying on the table.

“What happened?” Dustin Zhou looked at Enderia Shen’s two dark circles with a little speechless.

You are the female president of Iceberg!

You should be noble and clean all the time!

You should be the elite of the elite, keeping a full spirit at all times, strategizing, and controlling everything all the time!

What’s the situation now?

The human design is completely collapsed, OK!

With two dark circles under his eyes, it seems that the makeup has not been put on well, and the whole person still looks nervous, a little gossiping on Dustin Zhou’s desk…Where is there any iceberg female president?

“Of course it’s the ghost girl from yesterday, is she a ghost!” Enderia Shen asked with some excitement.

Although she was scared to death last night, and was thinking about this problem without falling asleep all night.

Are you really hell?

This problem really scared her, she didn’t even dare to go to the bathroom, so she just found a bottle in the room and solved it.

That’s why I stared at two dark circles under my eyes.

But it was night!

At dawn, Enderia Shen felt that he was much bolder, and he was full of strong curiosity about what happened yesterday.

Especially after seeing Dustin Zhou, I was not afraid of anything anymore, determined to break the casserole’s attitude of asking the end.

Dustin Zhou said silently, “It’s not a ghost at all, it’s just a trick of some quack warlocks fooling people, it’s like a magic thing.” “If you insist, they should be considered gods.” Dustin Zhou said casually. .

Originally it was difficult to explain this kind of thing to ordinary people like Enderia Shen, so he simply didn’t explain it, and just found a reason to fool it.

After hearing this answer, Enderia Shen showed a look of disappointment, “It’s so…that’s really boring.” “Is that boring, isn’t it? Who was scared to go home overnight to find his mother last night?” Dustin Zhou teased. Said.

“Dustin Zhou, are you going to die?” Hearing these words, Enderia Shen suddenly became angry.

The two laughed and made a fuss, Dustin Zhou called

The words rang suddenly.

“You are not allowed to answer the phone during working hours!” Enderia Shen said deliberately.

“Don’t call?” Dustin Zhou glanced at her. “Sister, I am a project manager. If you just sit here all morning without calling, do you know how much it will be delayed?” This is not a joke.

As for the position of each person in the company, the rules are definitely different.

If Dustin Zhou is really not allowed to make phone calls during work hours, there is a high probability that his task will not proceed at all.

Enderia Shen’s face blushed. She wanted to make things difficult for Dustin Zhou and asked Dustin Zhou to plead with her. Who would have thought that this guy would come back directly?

This smelly man, don’t you know to let yourself be touched?

Enderia Shen thought bitterly in his heart.

On the other hand, Dustin Zhou answered the phone directly, and the call came from Su Wei.

Dustin Zhou thought that he hadn’t seen this little guy for a long time, so he greeted him happily, “Su Wei, what are you guys doing recently?” Dustin Zhou went to the holy mountain for two months. Master Tiger simply contacted him, and he had not yet passed through Sujiagou, so he really didn’t understand the current situation of the Su family.

But Su Wei’s voice was a little excited, “Big brother, you finally answered the phone!” “I saw Master two days ago, and I knew you were back. You said you were back in Donghai City, why? Don’t you tell me?” Su Wei said bitterly.

In the past two months, he didn’t know how many times he had approached Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan, but each time he found that these two people were not there at all, and they couldn’t get through the phone at all.

Fortunately, he would look for Niu Chuan almost every day. After seeing Niu Chuan’s existence two days ago, he knew that Dustin Zhou had also returned.

“Um, I haven’t contacted you for the time being because I’m busy.” Dustin Zhou was a bit embarrassed and perfunctory.

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