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Chapter 701

It was the arrogant guy who slapped Li Mingfeng, Cai Xiong, and Ding Fan in the face for two consecutive days, and caused them to suffer a lot of misery in the East China Sea.

As a result, many people became more curious about Dustin Zhou and began to inquire.

However, Dustin Zhou does not know these things now.

Even if Dustin Zhou knew it, I’m afraid he would only smile faintly, and would not treat it as the same thing at all.

After all, as long as he sticks to his goal, sooner or later, he will walk into the eyes of the big clans and powerful forces in the East China Sea.

Even the relationship between him and the Su family is irresistible, and things that have a gap with the Sun family will be discovered one by one.

On the third floor, in Asher Chen’s office.

At this time, there are only three people in the office.

Dustin Zhou, Asher Chen, and Sun Lian.

Sun Lian has hardly left his side since he followed Asher Chen from Hunan to the East China Sea.

Of course, except when they are sleeping, they are almost everywhere together.

It is difficult for Dustin Zhou to imagine what it would be like for two young people to stick together all day long, and I don’t know how Chen Xin would react or feel embarrassed.

On the way to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, Dustin Zhou had already briefly told Asher Chen about the famous company.

Regarding the purpose of those people and what Mingyang Company should do now, Dustin Zhou only had a preliminary idea in his mind, but this idea was immature, and there were still many leaks.

But Asher Chen and Sun Lian are different. The two of them have been in the business world for so many years. Whether it is vision, means, mind, comprehensiveness of thinking about problems, or solutions to problems, they are more experienced than Dustin Zhou.

Therefore, this time, Dustin Zhou came here with the purpose of learning from scriptures.

“…This is the situation. Now I can basically be sure that the other party’s real goal should be our company’s nine sales stores in Putuo District, and the three sales stores in Qingfeng District should just run across the street. Come out and confuse us.” Dustin Zhou quickly put some specific details and some

I have said all my own judgments.

Here, both Asher Chen and Sun Lian are trustworthy people, so Dustin Zhou doesn’t have to worry that they will leak some of their guesses and let the other party have a dike.


After Dustin Zhou finished speaking, the office fell silent.

Both Asher Chen and Sun Lian bowed their heads in thought. After listening to Dustin Zhou’s words, they also had certain thoughts in their hearts, but after all, this matter is very important, so they should not be careless.

Dustin Zhou also knew the seriousness of the matter, so he didn’t urge the two of them, but took a quiet sip of tea.

Anyway, today’s thing is only this.

Moreover, since the target of those people who came here is the nine sales stores in Putuo District, there are already seven sales stores that have problems, so the other two may not be able to win the remaining two in a short time.

And this period of time is the time left for Dustin Zhou to operate.

“You are right, the other party’s real goal should be your company’s nine sales stores in Putuo District.” After a long time, Asher Chen said slowly, and his face also showed dignity.

“As far as I know, in the East China Sea, it is possible to take down the seven sales stores of the famous company in a place like Putuo District, and they have to take down the remaining two sales stores. That family, or which force, would do such a thing.” Asher Chen said in a deep voice.

“How do you say?” Dustin Zhou asked curiously.

Naturally, Asher Chen knew more about family power in the East China Sea than Dustin Zhou.

Let alone the influence of the two in the East China Sea, Asher Chen alone has been in the East China Sea for more than ten years, and has been in contact with large and small family forces, so the understanding is naturally clearer than Dustin Zhou.

“Putuo District can be said to be the most prosperous area in the East China Sea. It is not only close to the East China Sea, but also has the largest port in the East China Sea. Moreover, commerce is very developed. In addition, some policy reasons at the beginning of this century, the low price of Putuo District, has been It is several times that of other areas.” “And a store in Putuo District, if you don’t say too much, you can’t get it without tens of millions.” “Especially the sales store of the famous company. As far as I know, your company’s The condition is that there is a store with an area of ​​not less than 100 square meters.” “One hundred square meters, in Putuo District, the value is nearly 50 million, and some even more than that.” “Seven sales stores, conservatively estimated, all 350 million, not to mention, there are two sales stores with a conservative value of 100 million.” “If you do this simple calculation, there are already four to five billion.” Asher Chen said seriously.

As Dustin Zhou listened, he also heard some other meanings.

Yes, based on Asher Chen’s calculation, the other party thinks

To win all nine sales stores, conservatives need to pay four to five hundred million.

And the most important point is that the value of those sales stores lies in the cooperation with famous companies.

If the other party took the sales stores just to monopolize the supply of the famous company in Putuo District, then Dustin Zhou could directly restrict the other party from the headquarters.

And a family or force that can spend four to five billion yuan at a time will never control the lifeblood of such a large capital industry by others.

However, if the other party’s purpose is not to become the only seller of Mingyang Company in Putuo District, then the entire Putuo District is so big that there are more than ten million stores.

However, the other party chose to target nine sales stores of the famous company.

The reason can not help but make people think deeply.

“So, those people are most likely not from the East China Sea, but from other places.” “I can help you ask if any foreigners have entered the East China Sea recently.” As Asher Chen said, he walked aside and started fighting. phone.

Asher Chen’s phone call was very short, only two minutes before he hung up.

However, Dustin Zhou noticed that Asher Chen’s face was very solemn now. Obviously, he heard a lot of news during the phone call just now.

“Really a foreigner?” Dustin Zhou couldn’t help asking.

If it is a foreigner, then the scope for screening is too large, and for a while, it will be impossible for him to find the origin of the other party.

“No, I asked. In the recent period, or even in the last two or three years, Donghai has not come in with such a large capital from outsiders. Therefore, these people are not outsiders, or, long ago, they were I’m already in the East China Sea.” Asher Chen obviously thinks of a lot at this moment, especially those who have established a foothold in the East China very early, and the bosses themselves are some powers and families from outsiders.

Chapter 702

However, as Asher Chen thought deeply, he suddenly discovered that in his database, there seemed to be no families or forces that met the requirements.

Thinking of this, even Asher Chen immediately felt that things were definitely not as simple as they thought.

Even some of Dustin Zhou’s guesses are probably only half of them. As for the other half, I am afraid that no one can guess without knowing the details of the other party.

After talking to Dustin Zhou of his own thoughts, Dustin Zhou was also silent.

Dustin Zhou suddenly discovered that if Asher Chen didn’t know the identity of the other party, then his previous guess, er, was probably only half of the guess.

“It seems that I am indeed looking for someone to find out their details.” Dustin Zhou said softly.

“Do you have any candidates?

If not, I can find a few for you.

Asher Chen looked at Dustin Zhou and waited for his reply. After all, Asher Chen knew some of Dustin Zhou’s contacts and some of the people around him. It was precisely because he knew that Asher Chen knew better that Dustin Zhou could truly be alone. Yes, there is only Niu Chuan. But right now, if Dustin Zhou sends Niu Chuan out, then his own safety will face great threats. And this, even for Dustin Zhou’s reasons, Asher Chen would not agree. That being the case, then It’s better than Asher Chen find a few trustworthy people to help Dustin Zhou investigate the enemy. “Well, thank you very much.

Dustin Zhou nodded and took Asher Chen’s opinion very wisely. However, Dustin Zhou also had his own requirements. The person Asher Chen sent out must inquire into who the other party has contacted and what kind of experience he has in secret. Among them, the most important thing is to find out the identity of the other party. However, Dustin Zhou did not make hard and fast rules if he was inquiring about the identity of the other party and exposing himself. Asher Chen remembered one by one and kept nodding his head. Dustin Zhou said These are all taken for granted, and there is no doubt. As for the one that Dustin Zhou did not make rigid rules, Asher Chen will naturally issue orders himself. Since there is no particularly good solution to those people, Dustin Zhou will not be inconvenient to stay in the Mountain Mist Clubhouse. After leaving Asher Chen and Sun Lian, Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan also left the Mountain Mist Club directly. At this time, it was too late, and Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan returned directly to Lvjingwan City. … After Dustin Zhou left, Sun Lian looked at Asher Chen with an expression. A little dignified. “Do you think those people are from Beijing?

She basically said nothing just now, but Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen’s conversations were all heard by her, and she has been thinking about it. Dustin Zhou was here just now, and Sun Lian said many things directly. But now, Dustin Zhou is gone. When Sun Lian faced Asher Chen, he naturally didn’t need to have so many taboos. Many words could be said directly, and there was no need to cover up. Asher Chen was silent, he naturally understood the meaning of Sun Lian’s words. People from Beijing. Sun Lian said who the people in the capital are, no one knows better than Asher Chen. Moreover, the other party’s purpose is so clear that as soon as it came up, it directly pointed to Mingyang’s largest layout in Putuo District, which is also Mingyang’s desire to compete. Going out of the East China Sea, expanding to the whole country, and finally setting foot in the world is a springboard. If the other party is only targeting a well-known company, Asher Chen does not believe it. With the ability of the other party, if you want to deal with an ordinary cosmetics company, then Naturally simple and straightforward

Just go straight, the famous company will have no room for resistance.

However, judging from the opponent’s every move now, it was obvious that the opponent was also afraid of something.

And if there is something in the famous company that is worthy of the other side’s fear, the only person Asher Chen can think of is Dustin Zhou.

After all, Dustin Zhou’s true identity is one of the four major families in Beijing, the only legal heir of the Zhou family, and the only heir of the current Patriarch of the Zhou family.

No matter who it is, even the other three families of the four major families in Beijing must be careful when facing Dustin Zhou.

Once they did cause any harm to Dustin Zhou, then the anger of the Patriarch of the Zhou family was something no family wanted to face.

However, Asher Chen didn’t know whether those people were from the capital.

After all, Asher Chen did not dare to make too big assumptions before it was finalized.

“Don’t jump to conclusions yet, even if those people are from the capital, in the East China Sea, they don’t dare to go crazy.” Asher Chen said softly.

And soon, Asher Chen transferred a few people from the Mountain Mist Clubhouse and assigned them a task.

After receiving the task, these people also left the Mountain Mist Clubhouse overnight and went straight to Putuo District.

… At this moment, Putuo District is the most lively time at night.

Diyuan Entertainment City, Putuo District, and even the entire East China Sea, are the most famous entertainment city.

Here, it is even more crowded, with people coming and going in an endless stream.

At a crossroad not far across from the Royal Garden Entertainment City, Xu You and ten people have been waiting here for three hours.

It is cold winter, at night, in the cold wind, waiting for three hours, Xu You’s expression is also pale.

If it was not certain that he had followed Chen San to come here, no one found out, he would have doubted whether Chen San took the opportunity to escape directly from the Emperor’s Garden.

“Master Xu, do we have to wait any longer? It’s been three hours, and they haven’t come out yet…” One of them complained, his face was flushed with the cold wind, and his eyes were covered. A thin layer of hoarfrost.

“Palm!” Xu You said coldly.

And this sentence made everyone suddenly feel that the surrounding temperature has dropped by several degrees again.

The other nine people all looked compassionate

Looking at the person who had just spoken, there was no disguise in his eyes with happiness.

As for the speaker, hearing Xu You’s words, his face suddenly became pale after a while.

“Yes.” However, facing Xu You, he didn’t dare to refute at all, so he agreed, and then slapped himself directly.

“Plap!” “Plap!” “Plap!” …… The applause is especially obvious in the dark night.

This made the other nine people all serious.

But Xu You seemed to turn a deaf ear to it, with a pair of long eyes staring at the gate of the Royal Garden Entertainment City from beginning to end.

As long as Chen San and his party showed up at the gate, Xu You would be able to spot it.

It’s just that Xu You has been staring for three hours, but he hasn’t even seen anyone on Chen San’s side.

This caused Xu You to have a thought in his mind.

Chen San and the others, had they really discovered themselves, so they took the opportunity to escape.

As the night darkened, Xu You’s expression could not be seen clearly in the dim light.

And as white flakes floated down in the sky, Xu You, who had been stern and motionless, finally moved.

Because of Chen San, they came out.

Chapter 703

Royal Garden Entertainment City.

Chen San and his party walked out, all of them blushing on their faces and a strong smell of alcohol.

Chen San stood in front of the crowd, his left and right hands each wrapped around a revealing woman. Even in such a cold night, the two women were still very revealing.

“San Ye, come here often in the future.” The two beautiful women smiled and patted Chen San’s chest lightly.

People with generous shots like Chen San are rare even in the Royal Garden Entertainment City.

What’s more, today Chen San gave them a lot of tips, enough for them to pay for several days, so it is natural to make a laugh.

“Haha, okay, next time I come, I will look for you again.” Chen San was very happy when the two women said so, and after rubbing their backs with big hands for a while, they let them leave.

“Brother Brother, are we going back now?” Ali checked the time and found that it was early in the morning. At this time, plus it was snowing outside, he should indeed go home.

What’s more, Ali’s sister is Chen San’s wife, and he doesn’t want Chen San to play like this outside, leaving his sister in the cold.

“What are you going to do? It’s still early, let’s change another place to play, and everyone will be together.” But Chen San waved his hand and ignored Ali’s words.

Chen San is very happy today.

Although the negotiation with Xu You has not been reached yet, he has determined that he has pinched Xu You to death.

As long as Xu You’s goal remains unchanged, he wants to win the sales of nine famous companies in Putuo District.

Shop, then, it must be impossible for him to spare himself.

Therefore, no matter what kind of conditions he offered, Xu You would eventually agree.

After all, Chen San took the lead and walked out.

There are not many people in this group, but they are all in the posture of a social person, whether they are dressed or dressed up. Walking on the street, they can bluff many people.

But it is late at night and it is still snowing, and there are not many pedestrians on the road.

However, when Chen San and the others had just turned a corner, Chen Chong, who had been following Chen San in silence, suddenly stopped Chen San, his expression suddenly became sharp, and he stared straight ahead.

Chen Chong’s sudden change made everyone unresponsive.

Chen Sanyi didn’t know the reason at first, but he almost fell to the ground after being caught by Chen Chong, and was furious.

“What happened?” Chen San was indeed a little angry.

Although he and Chen Chong are distant relatives, they don’t know that they are someone who can’t hit a few shots. The main reason why Chen San took in Chen Chong was mainly because Chen Chong did a great favor before.

And Chen San always regarded Chen Chong as a thug and a bodyguard.

Now being treated like this by a bodyguard, Chen San will naturally get angry.

However, Chen San soon discovered something was wrong.

Because, following Chen Chong’s vigilant direction, he also saw a group of people slowly approaching him.

A total of eleven people on the opposite side walked out of the shady, and amid the heavy snow, Chen San’s heart suddenly shook.

“Who is it!” However, Chen San is a person who has been around for decades after all, and there are not too few people like himself, and Chen Chong’s existence, so Chen San is not so flustered, after calming his mind, Then he asked.

After all, at this moment, on this street, apart from the other eleven people, there are only Chen San and his party.

And when Chen San and the others just came out of the Emperor Garden Entertainment City, they ran into these people.

If these people were not waiting here, Chen San would not believe it.

“Hehe, Boss Chen really forgets things because of the nobles. I just met today and forgot about us so quickly.” After Chen San asked, after a while, the other eleven people walked forward. Someone slowly spoke.

When Chen Sanyi heard the other party’s voice, his face immediately became gloomy.

Because he heard the voice of the other party.

“It’s you, Xu You! You follow me!” Chen San was angry and sternly scolded Xu You, who was slowly showing his appearance under the street lamp.

Everyone has mixed up, so a little rule should naturally be followed.

Originally, the two sides had just finished the negotiation today. Although it was not successful, such a big matter could not be resolved in twos or twos.

It would be normal to negotiate a few more times.

However, the two parties that should have been separated met once again.

Moreover, how Chen San looked like he was being followed by Xu You and the others.

If such a thing is not handled properly, it will lead to a complete conflict between the two parties.

This is not a good thing for anyone.

More importantly, Chen San suddenly discovered that his knowledge of Xu You was also very limited.

It seems that apart from knowing that the other party’s target is Mingyang’s nine sales stores in Putuo District, there is no other information.

However, since Xu You has such a goal, he must have investigated the information of the owners of the nine sales stores.

In other words, Chen San’s understanding of Xu You is very limited.

But Xu You must have a very deep understanding of Chen San.

Under such circumstances, Xu You must know that Chen Chong exists on Chen San’s side.

However, under such circumstances, Xu You still brought someone to follow.

Chen San quickly thought of the implications of this.

And at the moment he thought about it, Chen San’s expression became extremely pale.

Because he found that coming to the Royal Garden Entertainment City by himself seemed to be creating opportunities for the other party.

Otherwise, if Chen San goes home directly when the negotiation is over, Xu You will not take him anymore.

“Hehe, what Boss Chen said is a bit wrong. Anyone can walk this way. You walk here and I walk here. How can you say that I am following you.” Xu You put his hands behind his back, his face With a faint smile, the gaze looking at Chen San was very plain, not even a trace of emotion.

However, Xu You didn’t finish what he said. After seeing Chen San’s face become extremely gloomy, Xu You smiled.

“Not to mention, even if I follow you, what can you do?” Jing!

In a word, let the nearly 30 people on both sides quiet down.

Xu You, as well as the ten people around him, all looked at Chen San and his party indifferently.

It seemed that the eleven of them had no worries at all in the face of Chen San’s group exceeding their own number.

However, everyone on Chen San’s face was very ugly.

Even, some people’s complexion has turned pale, and their footsteps have slowly moved backwards, and even once the two sides meet each other, they will be the first to flee here.

In the final analysis, they can only be regarded as those who were employed by Chen San, and they were not at the point of giving Chen San their lives.

In normal times, it would be great to be able to rely on Chen San’s statement and dominate the outside world.

But now, it is very likely to encounter danger, then, one’s own life is naturally the most important.

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