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Chapter 629

Why, why?

Why was she born in such a family?

Why should she have such a mother?

Almost all the grievances accumulated in the past broke out at this moment.

“That’s my thing, why are you throwing it all away? Who let you go into my room and mess around? Who gave you the qualifications?” It almost roared out, and Mira Xie’s face was already full of tears, looking at thank you Mother, full of anger.

The things in that black box are really nothing, most of them are some books she likes to read during college.

Not only did she read some books, Dustin Zhou also read them, and there was some communication between the two.

Of course, at that time, the two were not married, and Dustin Zhou did not show the attitude and idea of ​​pursuing Mira Xie, so the two got along more easily.

Some of these letters were written to himself by Dustin Zhou at that time.

And Mira Xie just thought it was a joke, although he accepted it, it was still regarded as Dustin Zhou’s joke.

And those are some of the reasons and excuses Mira Xie made when he asked Dustin Zhou to marry Dustin Zhou.

Those are Mira Xie’s memories and all his life over the past few years.

Originally, even Dustin Zhou didn’t know the contents of that black box.

Mira Xie has been hiding the black box under the bed. In the past three years, even she has rarely looked at it.

However, the presence of those things means that Mira Xie’s past university life and the past three years of life have existed, and the life of the past few years has also existed.

But now, everything is gone.

Xie mother put the black box

Throwing away the child directly means that you have thrown away all of Mira Xie’s life in the past few years, this is murder, and this is the end of all Mira Xie’s memories of the past few years.

“Who gave you the rights?” The question was full of anger, almost roaring out of Mira Xie’s mouth.

At this moment, Mother Xie was stunned.

And Enderia Shen on the side also slowly calmed the anger on his face.

Ever since Xie’s mother said Dustin Zhou, saying that Dustin Zhou was a waste, and belittle Dustin Zhou, Enderia Shen was already angry.

If it wasn’t for concern that this is Xie’s family, Mira Xie is also here, and they are still a husband and wife, Enderia Shen has long let Xie’s mother know who is the waste.

But now, she heard Mira Xie’s question, although her expression was still cold, but she also slowed down a bit.

It seemed that even if he didn’t make a move, Mira Xie wouldn’t just let it go.

Moreover, the so-called black box seemed to contain something Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie had together, and even contained a lot of things Dustin Zhou had in it.

There was envy in my heart.

After all, they are husbands and wives. They have had pasts and memories. That’s why there is such an important black box. After the box was found missing, Mira Xie was so ghoulish and angry with Xie’s mother.

At this moment, Enderia Shen was full of envy and jealousy towards Mira Xie.

Why, not Dustin Zhou, who I knew first?


With Mira Xie’s roar, the room suddenly fell into silence.

Enderia Shen did not speak, Mira Xie roared, tears flowed down her face silently at this time, and Xie mother stood aside with an ugly expression, looking at Mira Xie, his face seemed to be accumulating anger.

“Why, do you want to rebel?” Mother Xie seemed to be frightened by Mira Xie at first, but now she reacted with a fierce look on her face.

“What’s so good about that waste? No matter how much money you make after being in our family for three years, you just eat our food, drink ours and live in ours, even his sick mother who won’t live long I have been sucking our family’s blood.” “You have been divorced a long time ago, but you have been procrastinating, I threw away those messy things, also to make you give up, and being with such a waste, what good can you do? Xie mother sneered, waved her hand, and sat on the sofa angrily.

And in this way, it seemed that she was a victim, and it was for Mira Xie’s sake and for Mira Xie’s happiness.

However, these words fell in the ears of Mira Xie and Enderia Shen, which shocked them.

Mira Xie has become accustomed to these words. In the past three years, Xie’s mother, including some relatives of Xie’s family, did not know how many times she said it.

Mira Xie’s ears could even hear calluses.

But Enderia Shen was surprised.

She knew that Dustin Zhou and Xie’s family, especially Xie’s mother, were very unhappy.

However, Enderia Shen only thought that Dustin Zhou, as a son-in-law, had been too inconspicuous in the past three years, which caused Xie’s mother to complain.

But she never expected that Xie’s mother’s dislike of Dustin Zhou would reach this point.

Even if Dustin Zhou were here now, Xie’s mother would point to Dustin Zhou’s nose and curse.

“Mira.” Enderia Shen took two steps forward, grabbed Mira Xie’s hand, and said softly.

Her face was very solemn, and her eyes were full of seriousness when she looked at Mira Xie.

It’s like saying, if it’s not convenient for you, just leave it to me.

“I’m fine, but there is a bit of blockage in my heart.” Mira Xie smiled miserably, but the two tears on his face stung Enderia Shen deeply.

“Haha, Mr. Shen, don’t talk to this girl who doesn’t know what is good or bad, it’s just to show you a joke. This girl was too young three years ago, and she was deceived by a rubbish rhetoric. Now I just want to make this girl too young. Saved from the sea of ​​flames, she will definitely not delay the company’s affairs.” Mother Xie watched Enderia Shen talking to Mira Xie, fearing that Enderia Shen might have a bad opinion of Mira Xie because of what happened just now. She quickly said, wanting to comfort Enderia Shen. Let Enderia Shen know that he can persuade Mira Xie to put her heart back on the company again.

Xie’s mother played well.

Let Mira Xie be divorced by Dustin Zhou’s waste. With Mira Xie’s current appearance and the development prospects of Yueji Beauty Company, Mira Xie can find a big family brother.

In this way, it is not just Mira Xie who has an inexhaustible blessing in the second half of his life.

Even her mother-in-law will get endless benefits.

What’s more, in this way, Xie’s mother has more boasting capital and confidence in front of those relatives.

Although Mira Xie was divorced, for the past three years, Mira Xie and Dustin Zhou have been sleeping in separate rooms. The two of them have the name of a husband and wife, but they are not as true as husband and wife.

And this is where Xie’s mother allowed Mira Xie to divorce and find a better brother-in-law again.

“Hehe, well said, I want to come to Xie’s house in your hands, and I will definitely carry it forward.” Enderia Shen sneered twice, his face also instantly cold.

For Xie’s mother, because of Mira Xie’s existence, Enderia Shen has always maintained restraint.

But now, Xie’s mother is still immersed in her own fantasies, constantly belittling Dustin Zhou.

This behavior has completely angered Enderia Shen.

Chapter 630

(1) “President Shen is polite, but he will come often in the future, haha.” Thank you, mother

It seems that he didn’t hear the coldness in Enderia Shen’s words, and he even laughed, as if what Enderia Shen said just now was really a compliment to her.

“Let’s leave first, I want to have a good talk with you.” Enderia Shen ignored Xie’s mother, but looked at Mira Xie with a serious attitude.

Mira Xie hesitated for a moment, then nodded and agreed.

“I’ll clean up.” Mira Xie had some speculations in his heart, maybe this time Enderia Shen asked himself to go out and talk, it was the time when the two opened their hearts.

Soon, Mira Xie was cleaned up, but the tears on his face still indicated that what happened just now was not false, but actually happened.

The two left Xie’s house and did not say hello to Xie’s mother.

This made Xie’s mother very dissatisfied, but because of Enderia Shen, Xie’s mother didn’t say anything, but her face was even more ugly.

Seeing the two people away from their backs, Mother Xie’s expression gradually recovered. After thinking about it, she rolled her eyes and started to make a phone call.

Mira Xie now has a relationship with Enderia Shen and Mingyang. How can such a thing be known to himself? You must publicize it and give yourself a long face.

Donghae Scarlet Coffee Shop.

It’s not very far from the community where Xie’s family is located, just two roads away.

But the victory lies in quietness, fewer people, and a good environment.

Looking for a deck in a corner, Enderia Shen and Mira Xie sat down straight.

Both of them belong to the top big beauties, looking at the entire East China Sea, they are both outstanding.

Therefore, as soon as Enderia Shen and Mira Xie came in, they immediately attracted all the eyes of the store.

Whether it was the customers in the store before, or the waiters, all focused their attention.

Those guests were male and female. When the men saw Enderia Shen and Mira Xie, their eyes lit up and they were a little eager to try.

And those women have different faces, envy, jealousy, and so on.

The waiter who had been stunned did not wake up until Enderia Shen gave a light cough, his face flushed, and he immediately walked over.

“A glass of Blue Mountain.” “A glass of white water.” Enderia Shen and Mira Xie each ordered a glass.

be quiet.

The coffee shop was very quiet, and the deck where Enderia Shen and Mira Xie were, almost cut off the eyes of most people.

Soon, a cup of Blue Mountain coffee and a cup of white water were delivered.

After the waiter left, Enderia Shen looked at Mira Xie deeply.

She knew that if she hadn’t spoken first, with Mira Xie’s personality, she might have never spoken.

“You intend to keep doing this?” Enderia Shen asked softly, holding the spoon in his hand, gently shaking it in the cup, looking at Mira Xie’s eyes, and waiting for her answer.

“How can I

What to do?

Divorced Dustin Zhou and re-married a son-in-law whom she could value, or did she deny her mother?

“Mira Xie was silent for a moment, and then said leisurely, with a bitter tone in her voice. Many people say that this kind of pain is easy to solve. Once, Mira Xie thought that such a thing would be easy to solve, but only now did she realize that this It’s not that she can handle the matter on her own. Two choices, she has just said. But, is this really what she wants? Divorced Dustin Zhou, and in accordance with Xie’s mother’s request, she followed another The rich and powerful son gets married. She can’t do something that goes against her heart. Don’t recognize her mother? Mira Xie is the only person in the world who is related to her by blood now is her mother. If she doesn’t recognize her, then what is she? However, you have seen your mother’s attitude and tone of voice today. I think that this kind of thing cannot just happen today. It must have happened many times in the past few years.

“Enderia Shen said lightly. At this time, it is the time to cut the mess with a sharp knife. The more hesitant, the more you will be trapped and unable to come out. This question may be really difficult to choose. But she doesn’t think Mira Xie can do it. Choice. It’s nothing more than Mira Xie doesn’t want to face it. “Actually, you also know that as long as you tell your mother about Dustin Zhou’s current situation, she will immediately change her view of Dustin Zhou, the words and attitudes that belittle Dustin Zhou. , Will all disappear.

Enderia Shen continued. In fact, she can understand Mira Xie’s thoughts a little bit. After all, Mira Xie can be regarded as a successful woman, and she is very strong. It is necessary to tell Xie’s mother about Dustin Zhou’s current situation and let Xie’s mother change her mind. Mira Xie definitely didn’t think about it. However, because of the face problem, Mira Xie didn’t put it into practice. “However, such a case is absolutely unfair to Dustin Zhou.

“Mira Xie’s voice was a little small, and it was obvious that she was once again caught in a difficult decision. But this situation made Enderia Shen’s heart suddenly tense. She felt that this situation was a bit familiar, and she seemed to have seen it somewhere. Jiang Yan! When I was in Hunan province, Enderia Shen had seen it in Jiang Yan. It was a sequelae of horny horns. The whole person fell into the self-affirmation and self-denial of wireless flower search. The two choices were constantly affirmed by Mira Xie, no Stop negating. “It’s really troublesome.

With a sigh in his heart, Enderia Shen didn’t expect that Mira Xie actually got into the tip of the horns. You know, whether it was in the East China Sea or Hunan Province before, Mira Xie looked good and did not show any abnormal state. “Mira” , Do you think Dustin Zhou is right

Are your feelings real?

“In desperation, Enderia Shen stretched out his hand to hold Mira Xie’s hand tightly and said softly. When he said this, Enderia Shen admired Mira Xie. As an outsider, Enderia Shen could actually feel Dustin Zhou’s feelings for Mira Xie. This feeling is not so hot now, but it has been constantly glowing and heating, constantly wrapping Mira Xie, so that Mira Xie is always in this feeling. “I don’t know…” Mira Xie’s voice is like a mosquito, if it weren’t for this coffee shop, compare It’s quiet, and Enderia Shen is focused on Mira Xie, I am afraid he can’t hear it. But now, Enderia Shen hears it. I don’t know… Mira Xie doesn’t know… Enderia Shen looked at Mira Xie, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly. Mira, you actually know that Dustin Zhou’s feelings for you are more sincere than others, and this feeling is unique.

“Enderia Shen said in a deep voice. Seeing that Mira Xie didn’t have much emotional change, he took a deep breath and decided to zoom in. “Mira, do you think Dustin Zhou is very close to me? We talked and laughed. Like a couple.

Chapter 631

After Enderia Shen finished speaking, he smiled and looked at Mira Xie. She knew that Mira Xie would have a reaction when she said this. Sure enough, Enderia Shen’s As soon as the voice fell, Mira Xie’s eyelashes trembled instantly, and even his breathing became a little quick. Obviously, Mira Xie really had such thoughts. At this moment, Mira Xie was silent, she did not speak, but Enderia Shen’s words just now looked like It was the ubiquitous wind that kept lingering in her ears. Although she didn’t want to hear such words, it kept piercing her ears. It seems that Mira Xie really had such thoughts in her heart. Think about it carefully. The relationship between Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen has always been very good. Moreover, Enderia Shen even helped Dustin Zhou to block a knife before. Even if the two are in a subordinate relationship and work in the same company, some contact is inevitable. These, Mira Xie can also understand Yes. However, the relationship between Enderia Shen and Dustin Zhou is also very good, far exceeding the normal company-subordinate relationship. Enderia Shen treats others with extreme coldness, like an iceberg president. But when facing Dustin Zhou, It’s like changing a person, becoming lively, and even joking with Dustin Zhou, even his behavior is a lot closer. Mira Xie sees all these things. I have tried not to let myself think about that. It is because she has an expectation in her heart. That is, everything may be wrong, Enderia Shen and Dustin Zhou are just simple

The relationship is good, but that’s all.

But now, after hearing Enderia Shen say it himself, Mira Xie realized that he was actually not so indifferent, and didn’t care so much.

She cares a lot!

You must know that Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie are husband and wife, and Dustin Zhou has expressed several times before that he must cherish his relationship with Mira Xie and let Mira Xie know that being with him is not a mistake.

These are the main reasons why Mira Xie fell into a difficult choice between Dustin Zhou and Xie’s mother.

Otherwise, if Dustin Zhou was still as in the past three years, without self-motivated, vigorous, and dying, Mira Xie would probably not have such a tangled choice.

At that time, the two divorced, I am afraid it will come true.

“I didn’t…” Mira Xie started to deny it subconsciously.

However, halfway through the conversation, I couldn’t continue.

Mira Xie suddenly raised his head and looked at Enderia Shen with questions in his eyes.

Could it be that Enderia Shen could see the thoughts in his mind.

Otherwise, why did she suddenly ask like that just now?

“Hehe, look, you still care about it after all.” Enderia Shen chuckled lightly and looked at Mira Xie’s eyes, softening a lot.

For Mira Xie’s thoughts, saying that he didn’t know at all, it was naturally false and impossible.

In fact, Enderia Shen has been speculating about Mira Xie’s thoughts in his heart.

She would even imagine herself as Mira Xie, replaced by Mira Xie, what would she think of seeing Enderia Shen and Dustin Zhou so close.

The results obtained surprised Enderia Shen.

Envy, jealousy, and even a hint of hatred.

Yes, there is nothing wrong. Until now, Enderia Shen believed that he had not thought wrong.

Mira Xie should have such thoughts.

Unless Mira Xie’s feelings for Dustin Zhou are not true, she has no feelings for Dustin Zhou at all.

Otherwise, it is impossible for a woman to watch her husband walk so close to other women and have such a good relationship.

Whether it’s the jealousy that women are accustomed to, or that Enderia Shen’s heart is twisted, or that this is what Enderia Shen wanted to imagine, or it is fake.

Now Mira Xie spoke, and listening to the tone, seeing the change in expression, what the result was, Enderia Shen already had the result in his heart.

“In fact, haven’t you noticed that you have gotten into a horn tip?” Enderia Shen said softly. As long as Mira Xie is aware of her true feelings, everything is easy to say. It is not difficult to guide her out of this horn tip.

Enderia Shen can still guarantee this. After all, he is an experienced person. This is not the first time he has done such a thing.

“You are you

Mother and Dustin Zhou are caught in an endless cycle of choices. You have been unable to make a decision whether to choose Dustin Zhou or your mother.

“That’s because your understanding of the relationship between yourself and Dustin Zhou has not been very clear. Even, many times, you are doubting, doubting Dustin Zhou, doubting yourself, doubting the future.

“But, perhaps for some reason, Dustin Zhou left a deep mark in your heart, allowing you to give him a chance, but also to yourself.

“Otherwise, I believe you. Given your mother’s character and surrounding environment, you might have divorced Dustin Zhou long ago.”

“Enderia Shen’s words, sentence after sentence, fell in Mira Xie’s ears, but it was like a thunderbolt in the blue sky, making Mira Xie’s heart tremble and unable to calm down for a long time. He really got into the tip of the horns and fell between Dustin Zhou and his mother. Is it difficult to choose a situation? So, what is my feelings for Dustin Zhou? Mira Xie’s mood changed dramatically. She didn’t know what she should be, what Dustin Zhou should be, and what mother should be. Why did she feel? It seems that the whole world is fighting against itself, and the whole world seems to have abandoned itself and let itself face the darkness and fear alone. Mira Xie wrapped her hands on the table, lowered her head directly on the table, and completely buried her face in her arms. She needs time. To think, to make a decision. And these can’t be decided in a short time. Quiet. The surroundings are in silence again. Enderia Shen looked at Mira Xie, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, and it seemed that Mira Xie should have touched it. It’s no longer a difficult task to get out of the tip of the horns. This is good, so that Mira Xie can truly face her feelings, whether it is for herself, Dustin Zhou, or even herself. A very good thing. Enderia Shen has no way to refuse. “Two beauties.

“At this moment, an untimely voice suddenly rang. A greasy young man stood in front of Enderia Shen with a smile on his face that he thought was handsome, and said softly, his voice was very gentle. But Enderia Shen was. It’s a frown. Let’s not talk about the itchy perfume smell from this man’s nose. This man’s appearance is also unflattering. Mira Xie wants to get out of the horns. At this time, you can’t be disturbed. Enderia Shen frowned and raised his head slightly to look at the man. His face was cold and he did not speak. However, Enderia Shen’s eyes were looking straight at each other.

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