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Chapter 824

(2) “Su Shiming seems to be cautious, never doing dangerous things, but in his bones, he is a person with a great adventurous spirit.” Sun Qiankun played with the two stone lions in his hand and looked. To the distance, his expression is cold.

“Others think that Su Shiming came out of Avaria to discuss with Dustin Zhou to cancel and destroy the Xu family, but I know that he made the final decision with Dustin Zhou, and the reason why he looked solemn is because of his face. For opponents like the Xu family, emotions will naturally appear.” “Even if it was me, when I advocated confronting the Xu family head-on, I was not as relaxed as I imagined. I was also very nervous, for fear that the Xu family would treat us What to do, in that case, we can’t hold on at all.” Sun Qiankun’s tone was solemn. He didn’t know what kind of discussions Dustin Zhou and Su Shiming had made, nor did he know how Dustin Zhou convinced Su Shiming to cooperate with him and destroy the Xu family. .

You know, the Xu family is a hidden family, powerful, far better than the Sun family, the Ding family and the Su family.

Even if Dustin Zhou and the Su family cooperated, the number of martial masters would not exceed ten if the two parties added together.

The ten martial masters, in front of the Xu family, are nothing at all.

It’s just that Sun Qiankun didn’t know that Dustin Zhou alone now had more than ten martial masters, plus the Su Family, there were already more than fifteen martial masters.

What’s more, Xu Wei’s follow-up will still arrange for the martial masters to come forward. At that time, the number of their martial masters will not be weak compared to the Xu family’s main line.

“Uncle, what do we need to do? Dustin Zhou cooperated with the Su family and threatened to destroy the Xu family. Then can we just use this opportunity to achieve our goal?” Sun Tianan listened quietly and asked suddenly.

There was some doubt in Sun Tian’s heart. Sun Qiankun’s previous proposal was to fight head-on with the Xu family.

And this time, if Dustin Zhou and Su’s family really cooperate successfully, they will destroy Xu.

Family, then they will be the first wave of people to face the Xu family, and the Xu family will also focus on Dustin Zhou and Su family alliance.

At that time, their Sun family just used the opportunity to divert the Xu family’s attention and directly dealt a heavy blow to the Xu family.

After all, Sun Qiankun’s previous claims had always been to fight the Xu family head-on, so that the Xu family could not act recklessly in the East China Sea.

“That was before, but now it’s different. With Dustin Zhou and Su Family Alliance in front, we just need to watch the show.” “Dustin Zhou and Su Family Alliance are successful, then our previous goals can be achieved, and then they It is bound to have conflicts over how to carve up the Xu family. At that time, our chance will come.” “On the contrary, if they fail, then we can just take the opportunity to give the Xu family a fierce medicine to let the Xu family know that the whole In the East China Sea, it’s not that they can do what they want.” Sun Qiankun said lightly, then smiled without saying a word, looking at Sun Tian with a playful expression.

… Ding’s family.

After Ding Zhengyi and others returned to the Ding’s house, they gathered all the members of the Ding’s house for discussion.

Ding Zhengyi was very happy. He only felt that when he lived in Cuihu, there were so many families supporting his Ding family. They were optimistic about Ding Zhengyi. This made Ding Zhengyi feel that he was very prestigious in the East China Sea and could get the support of many people. .

At that time, after he came back, he talked to everyone in the Ding family about the matters discussed in Avaria.

Afterwards, everyone in the Ding family was also very happy and full of praise for Ding Zhengyi.

After all, the Ding family is weaker than the Sun family and the Su family by one point, and the Ding family’s influence in the East China Sea is not as good as the Sun family and the Su family.

And now, because of the birth of the Xu family, the Ding family has received unprecedented support from so many Donghai families, and the limelight has never been different.

This allowed everyone in the Ding family to see the hope for the rise of the Ding family.

Decades ago, the ancestors of the Ding family were also a giant in the East China Sea, and their reputation in the East China Sea was extremely loud. The influence of the Ding family was everywhere on the coast of the East China Sea.

But as time goes by, decades have passed, and the Ding family has gradually declined, losing its glory.

Although Ding Zhengyi and others in the Ding family have been working on restoring the glory of the Ding family, the effect has been minimal for more than ten years.

And this time, the birth of the Xu family gave everyone hope.

After that, the other members of the Ding family, especially the three Ding family martial masters, gave their worship to Ding Zhengyi.

And the old lady of the Ding family, the father of Ding Zhengyi, set the rules in the Ding family council, asking the Ding family to spare no effort to support Ding Zhengyi and restore the former glory of the Ding family.

Today, Dustin Zhou and Su’s family once again appeared in Avaria, and Ding Zhengyi naturally knew it for the first time.


At that time, he immediately summoned the people of the Ding family and wanted them to discuss it. Su Shiming and Dustin Zhou of the Su family gathered together at Avaria to discuss what matters.

However, before they could reach a result through negotiation, someone came to spread the word that everyone in the Su family and Dustin Zhou had left Avaria, and when Su Shiming left, the expression on his face was very solemn, as if he had encountered some problem.

“Everyone, this is the situation. I think that it’s not only our Ding family who knows about this now, but his grandson family has already known about it, not to mention the fact that Su Both family and Dustin Zhou have become the focus of your attention to family forces of all sizes in the East China Sea, and their every move has attracted much attention.” Ding Zhengyi sat in the chamber, beside him, his old father, now The nominal head of the Ding family, the elder of the Ding family, Ding Taishan.

Under Ding Zhengyi, all the worship and core members of the Ding family gathered together.

“In my opinion, the Su family and Dustin Zhou don’t necessarily really want to destroy the Xu family. Let’s not say whether they have this strength or not, just say the Su family, such a big family, are they willing to take a risk with Dustin Zhou? Su Shiming has never been a dangerous person.” “Yes, we understand Su Shiming, he can’t bring the Su family into a very dangerous state.” “That Dustin Zhou is just an exaggeration. Wanting to destroy the Xu family is simply a dream.” “Patriarch, from our perspective, we feel that we are still in the same way as we said before, watching the changes, what we are,

If we don’t do it, we just watch how Dustin Zhou and the Su family will deal with the Xu family. Anyway, if we don’t get out of the game, this matter will not affect us.

“Yes, Patriarch, we should just do as we did before. The birth of the Xu family will not have such a big impact on our Ding family.

“… Numerous consecrations and core members of the Ding family started to talk about it. All of them advocated doing the same as before and not getting involved in this matter. Anyway, what about the Xu family, nothing will happen to the Ding family. Influence. The 825th

Chapter 825

Even the worship of the three martial masters realm also thinks so. Ding Zhengyi looked at everyone’s unanimous remarks, his face was full of faint smiles, and his heart was very deep. Satisfied. He felt that his previous actions were simply prescient. Regarding the birth of the Xu family, the Ding family only had to follow the attitude of waiting for changes. Now, after the Su family and Dustin Zhou alliance, they even said that they would destroy the Xu family. In this case, Ding Zhengyi’s previous actions are naturally very appropriate. Ding Zhengyi is worried that one or two people will come out of the Ding family, saying that they will unite with the Su family and resist the Xu family. In that case, Ding Zhengyi It’s not that I wouldn’t think about reprimanding that person severely. But fortunately, the attitude of the Ding family made Ding Zhengyi very satisfied. “Very well, it’s good if you have this awareness. Now the chaos in the East China Sea will appear, and the Xu family will be born. For us, it is a danger, but also an opportunity.

“If the East China Sea still follows the current situation, it will be very difficult for our Ding family to rise again, but with the birth of the Xu family, the East China Sea is bound to usher in a turmoil, and this is the opportunity for our Ding family.

Ding Zhengyi said abruptly, staring at everyone with piercing eyes, and finally fell on his father Ding Taishan’s face. “Father, what do you think?”

“For his father Ding Taishan, Ding Zhengyi is still very respectful. After all, the nominal head of the Ding family is still Ding Taishan, and the reason that Ding Zhengyi can become the speaker in the Ding family is only authorized by Ding Taishan. Otherwise, Ding Taishan. In families with large families, there are many people who want to compete for this position. Without Ding Taishan, it would be difficult to suppress those people by relying solely on Ding Zhengyi himself. “Well, good, you do things, I don’t worry.

Ding Taishan said lightly, and was very satisfied with his son. But when his gaze caught his grandson Ding Fan, he was stunned. It seemed that his grandson had never spoken since the beginning. , This seems to be different from his previous style. “Fan’er, why don’t you speak?

Ding Taishan said with a light smile. And following Ding Taishan’s words, all the Ding family members reacted, Ding

As Ding Zhengyi’s son, it seems that he hasn’t spoken all the time, and even just now, he didn’t say anything.

This seems to be completely different from Ding Fan’s previous style.

If in the past, when Fan Ding’s family was discussing matters, Ding Fan would always talk boastfully and non-stop in the chamber, and it was by no means as taciturn as it is today.

“Yeah, Fan’er, what’s the matter with you? Are you feeling unwell?” Ding Zhengyi also reacted at this time. He was very surprised when he saw his son kept silent.

“Grandpa, father, I think the cooperation between Dustin Zhou and the Su family is not as simple as you think.” Ding Fan said in a deep voice, looking at his own

Grandpa and father had serious eyes in their eyes.

Compared with everyone in the Ding family, he has the most contact with Dustin Zhou.

Although he had only met Dustin Zhou once before, and had a very unpleasant quarrel, but he is not polite to say that now everyone in the Ding family is probably the only one Ding Fan has had the most direct contact with Dustin Zhou, not hearsay. Some rumors about Dustin Zhou.

“Oh? Why isn’t it simple? Fan’er, you worry too much. Dustin Zhou is just a shareholder of the well-known company. He has had some reputation in the past six months. In front of a first-class family like our Ding family, Dustin Zhou is not counted. What? And the reason why the Su family agreed to cooperate with Dustin Zhou is probably only because of the four martial masters around Dustin Zhou.” Ding Zhengyi waved his hand lightly when he heard his son say this.

He knew Dustin Zhou’s past very well and sent someone to investigate Dustin Zhou’s deeds. However, in his opinion, Dustin Zhou was nothing more than that. It was only by virtue of an adventure that he became a shareholder of the famous company. With two cosmetics, The East China Sea caused quite a stir.

Such a thing is nothing in front of the Ding family.

A well-known company is nothing more than a company with potential in the eyes of a first-class family like the Ding family.

“But father, I have had contact with Dustin Zhou before. He is definitely not what you imagined.” Ding Fan couldn’t help but increase his tone when seeing his father indifferent.

“Huh? What’s going on?” At this time, not only Ding Zhengyi, but also Ding Taishan and everyone else looked at Ding Fan.

Ding Fan had contact with Dustin Zhou before?

They don’t even know about it.

“It was not a glorious thing at first, I didn’t intend to talk about it, but because of the Xu family, I think you underestimated him.” “Before Li Mingfeng from the Li family, Cai Xiong from the Cai family…” … Immediately afterwards, Ding Fan said all the things that had happened in the Mountain Mist Club.

“Therefore, Dustin Zhou and the Asher Chen of the Mountain Mist Club are very close, and even Asher Chen does not hesitate to offend the Li family and the Cai family.” Ding Fan said it seriously, and he thought very thoroughly.

If Dustin Zhou is just a simple

The shareholder of Mingyang Company, he will be so close to Asher Chen of the Mountain Mist Club. Asher Chen even lost the face of Li Mingfeng and Cai Xiong in the face of so many people for Dustin Zhou?

Even Asher Chen directly injured Cai Xiong in front of so many people.

After Ding Fan finished speaking, everyone was silent. Everyone looked at Ding Fan, and various emotions flashed in their eyes.

Surprise, disbelief, shock, surprise, all kinds of emotions are mixed.

However, no one really believes that Dustin Zhou is a person with a profound and extraordinary background.

After all, if Dustin Zhou’s identity is not simple, it is impossible for them to not know.

Moreover, in the entire East China Sea, there is no particularly powerful Zhou family.

As for what Ding Fan said, Asher Chen helped Dustin Zhou, and he did not hesitate to engage with the Li family and the Cai family. In the eyes of everyone, it might be that Dustin Zhou helped Asher Chen before.

“Fan’er, you worry too much. Even so, Dustin Zhou cannot be the opponent of the Xu family. Even if the Su family is added, it can’t be the opponent of the Xu family at all. Otherwise, the Sun family will be able to bear it?” Ding Zhengyi listened. After that, he waved his hand indifferently and insisted on what he thought of Dustin Zhou.

As for Ding Fan’s words, they were directly ignored by everyone.

Ding Fan was very helpless, but he also knew that, although his father was talking to the Ding family, it was not the power that was in control, but the coveted people around him.

Therefore, although the young master of the Ding family is very noble, what he said will not become a point of great concern to everyone.

Ding Fan had no choice but to give up.

Chapter 826

However, in Ding Fan’s heart, he still felt that as long as Dustin Zhou and Su Family had the advantage of writing in a head-on confrontation with the Xu Family, they could make everyone vigilant.

And Ding Fan has always believed that Dustin Zhou is definitely not so simple.

Otherwise, why didn’t the Li family and the Cai family bother Dustin Zhou?

Is it that they don’t want to trouble Dustin Zhou?

Li Mingfeng of the Li family, Cai Xiong of the Cai family, in the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, in front of so many people, was severely beaten in the face by Dustin Zhou.

According to their personalities, they would retaliate long ago, and according to the styles of the Li family and the Cai family, they had already declared their enemies with great fanfare.

But how long has it been since the conflict in the Mountain Mist Clubhouse?

Neither the Li family nor the Cai family responded to the incident for nearly a month since the beginning of the year.

Ding Fan didn’t think it was the Li family and the Cai family who had forgotten about it.

On the contrary, Ding Fan believes that this is the decision made by the Li family and the Cai family after making a balance.

In other words, before they found Dustin Zhou’s handle, they wouldn’t do it rashly.

And this time, Dustin Zhou and the Su Family Alliance wanted to overthrow

In Ding Fan’s view, destroying the Xu family may be an opportunity, an opportunity for the Li family and the Cai family to take action.

However, Ding Fan didn’t know what the Li family and the Cai family were planning. He could only take one step at a time and see what the Li family and Cai family would do.

… The news that Dustin Zhou and the Su family left Avaria and their respective return soon spread throughout the East China Sea, large and small families and forces, and attracted widespread attention.

Everyone wanted to know the specific results of the discussions between Dustin Zhou and the Su family in the center of Cuihu, but no one heard any news.

Some people even tried to buy out the core members of the Su family and get information from them, but they all failed.

When Dustin Zhou was discussing matters with Su Shiming, all the core members of the Su family were not there, and they didn’t know what the specific discussions were and what the outcome was.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know the reaction of the major clans in the East China Sea, and didn’t want to know for the time being.

After returning to Lvjingwan City, Dustin Zhou shut himself in the room and took a good look at what to do later.

At the moment, he and the Su family have truly reached an alliance, facing the Xu family together.

At the level of military force, Dustin Zhou bears the main responsibility, while at other levels, it is necessary to rely on the strength of the Su family.

No matter how the Su family is, it is also a first-class family in the East China Sea. The foundations of the first-class family are naturally very comprehensive.

The industrial styles are diverse and the layout is broad, which has always been the commonality of the first-class family.

And the birth of the Xu family, certainly can’t just be born simply.

When a large family is born, it is necessary to build enough industries, otherwise it is definitely a very difficult thing to support and develop a large family.

Even if the Xu family has the name of a hermit family, if it does not develop the industry in the East China Sea, it will not go far at all.

“In terms of military strength, the Xu family estimates that there will be more than twenty martial masters, but there will definitely not be more than thirty.” “On our side, there are four martial masters of the Su family, Niu Chuan and Zhou Feng next to me. There are six, Xu Wei has promised not less than twenty, and now ten have been sent. In terms of force, there is no gap between us and Xu’s main line.” “Then, the key to victory or defeat, perhaps, is In other respects, if there is only one Su family, I’m afraid it’s not enough.” “Hmm…” After a moment of indulgence, Dustin Zhou still felt that it would be very difficult to rely on a Su family to contain the Xu family in other ways. .

“It seems that I still have to use my identity.” With a whisper, Dustin Zhou quickly got through Asher Chen’s call.

Dustin Zhou had known from Asher Chen before that in the East China Sea, the Zhou family actually owned many industries.

Except one

In addition to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, a Avaria, and a Zhou’s testing center, there are several industries with extraordinary weight.

And Shui Bingyue also told Dustin Zhou that in the East China Sea, there are many Zhou family properties, if Dustin Zhou needs it, she can come forward.

Before Dustin Zhou thought he didn’t need it, just relying on himself and the Su family alliance was enough to deal with the Xu family.

But now it seems that Dustin Zhou was still a bit arrogant before.

After confirming the information with Asher Chen on the phone, Dustin Zhou directly prepared and hurried to the appointment.

This time, he will join Asher Chen to meet some of Zhou’s industry leaders in the East China Sea.

Dustin Zhou didn’t have a continuous Shui Bingyue, so he didn’t want to involve Shui Bingyue in it.

Among these industries in the East China Sea, those responsible for Dustin Zhou’s attitude are unknown, their status in Zhou’s family is unknown, and their attitude towards Shui Bingyue is unknown.

If Dustin Zhou ventured to go with Shui Bingyue, it would be easy to cause an uproar in Zhou’s home in the capital, and it would make Shui Bingyue’s situation in Zhou’s house even worse.

Even if they have their father, Zhou Hengtian, the Zhou family has a big family. In many respects, it is far from being able to determine all of them by the head of the family.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, Dustin Zhou rushed directly to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse to meet Asher Chen.

When they arrived at the Mountain Mist Club, Asher Chen and Sun Lian were already waiting.

“Does Mr. Sun also go with us?” Dustin Zhou was a little surprised when he saw Sun Lian packing up and preparing. He only told Asher Chen about this before, but now it looks like Sun Lian wants to Follow along.

“Can’t I go? Anyway, I’m also a registered person in Zhou’s family, the person in charge of all Zhou’s properties, I know some more or less, and I will go with you, maybe I can still help , If you don’t want me to go, I don’t have to go.” Sun Lian said lightly, but kept staring at Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou was embarrassed by the look, and quickly turned aside his eyes.

“How come, since Mr. Sun knows so many people, let’s go together. When that happens, Mr. Sun will still need a lot of help.” Dustin Zhou would naturally not refuse Sun Lian, who came to offer help.

And hearing what Sun Lian said, it seemed that if only he and Asher Chen were to go this time, they would probably hit a wall.

“Hehe, don’t worry, if you two run into a wall, I will let you see, I am amazing.” Sun Lian raised her pink fist and hummed softly. She looked pretty and made Dustin Zhou speechless.

He did not expect that Sun Lian would have such a side.

“Okay, let’s go, have you decided to go there first?” Asher Chen said softly, looking at Dustin Zhou, a dignity flashed in his eyes.

He has a foreboding that this

Visiting Zhou’s properties in the East China Sea for the second time will not go so smoothly.

Even he, in front of those in charge, does not have such a big face, let them listen to their own words.

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