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Table of Contents

Chapter 194

Now we can talk about cooperation!

The woman looked at Zhang Wei incredulously, and the two men’s eyes widened at this time, unable to believe what she was seeing.

The students watched with interest and found it very interesting.

Dustin Zhou just smiled faintly, and didn’t care.

He knew that this was Zhang Wei’s statement.

Although he didn’t know why Zhang Wei suddenly became respectful when he saw him this time, and even had some humility, he could guess what he thought about.

“Mr. Zhang, why are you hitting me?” The woman burst into tears in her eyes and started crying aggrievedly.

Dustin Zhou shook his head gently and cried to someone who cared about him. It would be effective. Otherwise, he would add fuel to the fire!

Sure enough, Zhang Wei’s face was even more angry.

“Why hit you? You don’t know it in your own heart? This is what you told me to achieve a cooperation? Is there something to hide from me? Who gave you such courage?” Zhang Wei was furious and raised his hand. Ready to slap again.

But suddenly he saw a bright red palm print on the woman’s face, so he let it go. He didn’t want to hit someone with something wrong, and it would be troublesome if he couldn’t get rid of him.

The hand was dropped, but Zhang Wei was extremely angry.

He felt that the woman in front of him had not succeeded or failed, and even her previous performance in the company was all in disguise.

Once a person is angry with others, he will doubt everything about him!

Zhang Wei is like this at this time.

He was so angry that he doubted everything the woman had done before, along with all her outstanding performance in the company, and denied it!

“Mr. Zhang, I…” The woman still wanted to explain.

But Zhang Wei simply could not give her this opportunity!

“f*ck! You have been fired. From now on, you are no longer an employee of Meizi Beauty! Go back and pack your things and get out!” Zhang Wei shouted angrily.

The woman was dumbfounded. She didn’t expect that she would be fired. For a while, she stood there without any movement.

“Mr. Zhang, you can’t do this to me, I also do it for the good of the company!” After a while, the woman suddenly went crazy, waving her hands at Zhang Wei.

“Chuanzi.” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly.

Niu Chuan was instructed and came to Zhang Wei’s side in an instant, and fettered the woman’s hands with one hand, and directly dragged her to go outside.

“Who the hell are you? You are so directed at me! I will never let you go!” When she passed Dustin Zhou, the woman suddenly shouted, her eyes full of anger and hatred when she looked at Dustin Zhou.

“Who are you?” However, in the woman’s imagination, the scene where Dustin Zhou would be extremely angry did not appear.

On the contrary, Dustin Zhou just said with a smile.

For an instant, everyone was shocked.


From beginning to end, the woman did not report


And Dustin Zhou didn’t even ask a question!

In Dustin Zhou’s eyes, this woman is just an insignificant passerby. Knowing her name is of no use at all, but will waste some brain cells.

The woman lowered her head in frustration, she was so proud, but Dustin Zhou didn’t care about her at all, and she didn’t even want to direct her name.

This kind of ignorance, hesitation, a sharp sword runs through the woman’s body.

… The woman was dragged away by Niu Chuan, and the two men were also in a panic at the moment, for fear that Zhang Wei would anger them.

“You two…” Zhang Wei immediately looked at the two men with a hesitant expression.

And those two men were also worried.

“Get out! Go back to the company and reflect on it!” Zhang Wei shouted, but the two of them were amnesty, and they thanked them again and again, and then left the laboratory quickly.

For a while, the laboratory fell silent again.

“Zhou, the company’s people are ignorant and make you angry, and I will apologize to you!” Zhang Wei lowered his head in a very sincere tone.

He had to do this.

That woman offended Dustin Zhou is a sure thing, and there is no way to change it.

Even if Dustin Zhou was generous enough to be said so in public, he would be angry in his heart.

What Zhang Wei has to do is not how to smooth the anger in Dustin Zhou’s heart.

But think of ways to make up for it.

“It doesn’t matter, just a few irrelevant little characters.” Dustin Zhou smiled faintly, without a trace of expression on his face.

In his eyes, those few people have always been like jumping clowns, thinking that they are very arrogant if they are backed by big companies, and do not look at others.

Such a person is destined to not go long.

“Yes.” Zhang Wei nodded in agreement.

But he didn’t understand Dustin Zhou’s intention.

Those few people offended him, and Dustin Zhou couldn’t just care less easily.

“Now that the annoying people are gone, then we should talk about cooperation.” Dustin Zhou said lightly.

“What? Cooperation?” Zhang Wei was surprised and asked in surprise.

Since this period of time, Meizi Beauty and Mingyang have maintained a very tacit cooperation.

There have never been any problems, but why did Dustin Zhou suddenly mention cooperation.

Is he venting his dissatisfaction?

Yes, it must be!

Zhang Wei was frustrated and thought that Dustin Zhou would take the opportunity to suppress the cooperation between Meizi Beauty and Mingyang, so as to gain more benefits for Mingyang.

“It’s all to blame that b*tch, it’s really inadequate and more than failing!” Zhang Wei scolded viciously in his heart, but his face was very calm.

“Yes, the new strain discovered by Professor Shao has a good effect on cosmetics. I plan to cooperate with several Donghai cosmetics companies and cooperate with Professor Shao to research and develop the new strain.

, Strive to apply to cosmetics as soon as possible!

“Dustin Zhou said with a smile. In fact, he had been thinking about it just now. If only the famous company does it himself, or if he re-starts a company, using new strains to develop new cosmetics, it is naturally possible. And Dustin Zhou still has confidence. Achieve good results. But in that way, there are hidden dangers after all. Although the strength of so many cosmetics companies in the East China Sea is not as good as that of the famous company, they are still a force that cannot be underestimated when they come together. The joint attack, even if it is only a slight block, is enough for the famous company and Dustin Zhou to lose their heads. In this case, Dustin Zhou might as well take out the new strain from the beginning and share it with everyone. However, since the new strain is brought out and shared, it is natural There must be rules. As the initiator, Dustin Zhou is naturally the rule maker! “Really!

“The haze in Zhang Wei’s heart was swept away, and he asked in surprise. Not only him, Professor Shao also looked over with a smile. And those students, one by one, smiled again, and the shadow caused by the woman’s affairs just now was also It was swept away. The kind of cooperation mentioned by Dustin Zhou is too broad and involves too many companies. Among them, for students, in addition to getting a part of the cash rewards, the biggest advantage is that they can interact with the entire East China Sea cosmetics The company has close contact. In this way, their work problems after graduation can be solved to a large extent! “Since Dustin Zhou proposed this method of cooperation, I have no objection, but it is necessary to contact those companies. Please Dustin Zhou.

Professor Shao Zekai nodded slightly, also acknowledging this way of cooperation.

Chapter 195

All crazy!

The news that Mingyang wanted to cooperate with Donghai Cosmetics Company to research new cosmetics spread like wildfire.

As a result, the entire Donghai cosmetics company went crazy!

Yes, all crazy!

Although the well-known companies were well-known before, after all, there is no sign of being dominant.

However, just relying on a whitening and anti-aging factor whitening mask, it developed rapidly.

And the speed of development is not as step-by-step as other companies.

Rather, it was like riding on a rocket and rushing into outer space at once, leaving all companies far behind.

The most important thing is that in this process, several companies that have cooperated with famous companies have also developed greatly.

Meizi Beauty Company has established its second position in the East China Sea in one fell swoop.

And Mira Xie’s Yueji beauty makeup has come back to life from the brink of bankruptcy, not only that, but also surpassed the scale of the previous peak.

Who is not jealous of such benefits?

However, they had no contact with Mingyang before, nor did they have the right to cooperate, and they could only watch a lot of money flow into the pockets of those companies.

But right now, Mingyang Company has to make new moves!

Moreover, it is also a joint venture with all the cosmetics companies in Donghai City. Just thinking about it, you know that the scale is definitely not small.

With reference to the whitening and anti-aging factor mask, all cosmetic companies agree that this will again be a profitable business.

Numerous inquiries about cooperation were sent to the Ministry of Commerce of the famous company, which caught the entire Ministry of Commerce by surprise.

Because they themselves don’t know that Mingyang has this cooperation.

…… At the time when the Ministry of Commerce of Mingyang Company was in desperation, Dustin Zhou was serious about the industrial planning of the Su family.

That day, after reaching a preliminary cooperation intention with Zhang Wei and Professor Shao Zekai, Dustin Zhou made a vague proposal, letting out a bit of wind and making the whole East China Sea lively.

Seeing this, Zhang Wei did a good job.

It’s just that it really needs to be implemented, and the specific regulations still need to be carefully considered.

Rubbing his sour eyebrows, Dustin Zhou felt a little tired.

Tomorrow is the last day, he must quickly complete the Su family’s industrial planning and get it to the Su family.

Just looking at the list of Su family properties in front of him, Dustin Zhou had a headache for a while.

At present, the Su family’s industries are all over the East China Sea, but most of them are emerging industries of the last century.

In the last century, these industries may be blue ocean fields, which can make a lot of profits, and they are also industries that many people flock to.

But now, these are all obsolete, and even if there is some leeway, they are just sunset industries.

Only a small amount of industry distribution made Dustin Zhou’s eyes shine, but that was all.

The important thing is that the few highlights are not unique to the Su family, but they are mixed into other people.

For the company, the right is to invest in shares, and there is not much right to speak.

Dustin Zhou lightly raised his right hand, placed his palm on the table, and tapped it lightly.

“Boom, boom, boom.” The crisp percussion sounded slowly.

Dustin Zhou also gradually entered contemplation.

In the past, every time he fell into contemplation, he was thinking about something big, and when the contemplation was over, he would start to implement it.

It’s like the whitening factor project before.

Time passed by minute by minute, half an hour passed in the blink of an eye.

Dustin Zhou, who had been closing his eyes in contemplation, suddenly opened his eyes, and his eyes flashed brightly.

He has already thought of how to plan the Su family’s industry!

Without any hesitation, Dustin Zhou directly took out paper and pen and wrote and painted on it.

After a while, the entire paper was filled.

“That’s it, it’s only in this way, so that the Su family can be tightly tied up with me. After returning to the Zhou family in the future, the backing will be more solid!” Dustin Zhou looked at the content written on the paper and nodded repeatedly, very satisfied.

After feeling that there was nothing wrong, Dustin Zhou got up, called Shang Niu Chuan together, and prepared to go to Su’s house.

“What? Going out?” Dustin Zhou just opened the office door and ran into Enderia Shen head-on.

Enderia Shen put his hands on his chest, his eyes were full, and he looked at Dustin Zhou with a chuckle, his eyes flickering, full of curiosity.

Dustin Zhou’s heart throbbed, and he felt nervous for no reason. He always felt that he had done something bad. He was caught by Enderia Shen, and his eyes never dared to look at Enderia Shen.

“Why don’t you dare to look at me? Did you do something bad and want to hide from me?” Enderia Shen chuckled, staring at Dustin Zhou narrowly for a while, then moved away, and then went straight past Dustin Zhou and walked in. office.

Dustin Zhou had no choice but to return to the office with him.

He didn’t know what happened to Enderia Shen suddenly looking for him, and he didn’t have a notice in advance, so now his heart was up and down.

But after thinking about it, Dustin Zhou thought he had done nothing bad recently, and his mind settled down.

“How could I do bad things? You don’t know me, you are always kind.” Dustin Zhou calmed down and smiled lightly.

“Oh? Really? Then why suddenly, many people call my cell phone and want to find you?” Enderia Shen smiled and took out his cell phone, still on the table, smiling.

“Uh…” Dustin Zhou was speechless for a while, and didn’t know what was going on.

“It doesn’t matter to me?” Dustin Zhou frowned slightly.

He didn’t own a mobile phone, and it was also announced on the company’s website. If someone finds himself on business, he can make a call.

If it were a private matter, it would be even more impossible to call Enderia Shen.

“I heard that you are going to unite all the cosmetic companies in the East China Sea


Why don’t I know about this?

“This is questioning! But Dustin Zhou glanced at Enderia Shen. Although she was questioning, no matter whether it was her tone or expression, she didn’t mean to blame at all. On the contrary, she was just pure curiosity. Dustin Zhou had a heartbreak and knew herself. After all, I overlooked a point. That is the famous company, Enderia Shen is the president after all, and his boss. Before I was self-righteous, thinking that I could decide by one word, now it seems that I still have to converge a little. Otherwise, even if Enderia Shen does not have that. The meaning of blaming the questioning will not be ignored by other shareholders. “It was the matter the day before yesterday. This matter has not been completed yet, so I did not intend to tell you. I am preparing to wait for success and I am telling you.

Dustin Zhou directly admitted. So Dustin Zhou then said the cooperation intention reached with Professor Zhang Wei and Professor Shao Zekai. “…That’s it. Now our famous company seems to be a dominant company with very good benefits, but it is in crisis. Still a lot!

“The biggest crisis among them is the dominance of one family!”

There is a faint sadness between Dustin Zhou’s eyebrows and eyes. This is not a pretense, but Dustin Zhou really thinks so. Before that, he was also very confident and believed that the development of Mingyang company was very smooth, prosperous, and the future is immeasurable. But in What happened in the laboratory of Tunghai University made Dustin Zhou realize that it is not a good thing to dominate one family!

Chapter 196

Come to Su’s house again!

In the process of communicating with Zhang Wei, Dustin Zhou also realized that the entire cosmetics industry in the East China Sea, because of the dominance of the famous company, has a vague tendency to exclude the famous company.

Imagine that the grades of the students in a class were good or bad, but the difference between the first and last students was only a dozen points, and everyone was above the passing line.

In this way, everyone is in peace and harmony.

Suddenly, there was a person who made rapid progress, surpassing the first place in one fell swoop, and even left the first place far behind. The score could even differ by a few tenths from the last.

The last one has just passed, but the first one is full marks!

With such a huge gap, even if everyone else and the last one pass, it seems that the results are very ugly.

As a result, everyone unconsciously formed a small group and excluded the first place.

Dustin Zhou thought about it later. It seemed that something like this had indeed happened when he went to school before.

A student who usually doesn’t show up in the mountains, suddenly his grades are soaring, and no one can bear it in a short time.

After Dustin Zhou explained this question to Enderia Shen, Enderia Shen was also stunned.

Since I was a child, I lived under the aura of the Shen family until my mother passed away and my father brought the woman into the house, and then he became independent.

But before that, Enderia Shen had always had excellent school grades.

Although Dustin Zhou said it sincerely, Enderia Shen felt that he had not experienced that kind of rejection.

“It’s not that you didn’t pass by, but that the Shen family gave you too much bonus!” “Like, now there is a domestic super family endorsing the famous company, and it is backed by the famous company. Other cosmetics companies also Will not reject us, and even flatter us, because we can help them speak in front of that super family.” Dustin Zhouyu said earnestly.

He felt that what he said was straightforward enough that even a person who graduated from elementary school could understand it. There is no reason why the first high-achieving student like Enderia Shen would not understand it.

The only explanation is that she is acting stupid!

Dustin Zhou glanced at Enderia Shen suddenly and found that he quickly retracted his smile, and his eyes immediately turned from a smile into doubt.

I don’t understand, I’m just pretending to be stupid!

This damn woman!

Dustin Zhou thought viciously in his heart, but his face was straight.

“I’m telling you this, not because of other reasons, but because the famous company needs to make some concessions!” “The whitening and anti-aging factor mask is our biggest reliance now. Naturally, we can’t give up. Then we need other projects. Make a concession, and what I am doing now is this, I think, those people beat you

The phone call to me should be related to this matter!

Dustin Zhou said seriously. Mingyang is not only a company of Enderia Shen and other shareholders, but also Dustin Zhou’s company. After all, he has 20% of the shares in Mingyang, and he will not be willing to have a big problem in Mingyang and break out. Confusion. “Okay, I see, I know you are for the company!


Enderia Shen said with a smile, stretched out his hand and pressed Dustin Zhou to make him sit down and talk. After Dustin Zhou was seated, Enderia Shen smiled again. “So are you going out to discuss cooperation with them now?”


Dustin Zhou denied it! The smile on Enderia Shen’s face instantly disappeared, he blinked deeply, and looked at Dustin Zhou suspiciously. “I’m going to Su’s house.”

Dustin Zhou didn’t want to hide Enderia Shen. The next time the province was discovered by her, she drew questions. “Su family?”

Which Su family?

Enderia Shen’s eyes condensed slightly, and he glanced at the Su family deeply. “Hehe, this woman, who knows which Su family it is, but still asks knowingly, is really boring.

Dustin Zhou sighed helplessly in his heart, knowing that Enderia Shen was asking knowingly, but he couldn’t help but say. “It’s the Su family you think about!”

“Last time, there were some contradictions within the Su family. I helped them resolve the contradictions, and they asked me for some more things. It just happened to be resolved today.

Dustin Zhou did not hesitate and said it directly. However, he did not say anything about the Su family’s industrial planning. After all, this involved the Su family’s secrets. Without the Su family’s consent, he would not make claims without permission. The gap affects the possibility of future cooperation. “Otherwise, I will follow along and have a look?

“Enderia Shen’s eyes rolled, Dustin Zhou was trying to stop, but she was the first to say it. “This…I know you want to go with it.”

Dustin Zhou sighed helplessly, looked at the time, and some more, after thinking about it, he nodded and agreed. “You can go, but you’d better not talk nonsense, and if they ask about the famous company, you too Don’t say, everything has me!

Dustin Zhou said with a smile, “Yes.

“Enderia Shen nodded deeply, full of joy. He didn’t dare to look at Dustin Zhou head-on. Some felt guilty of conscience, but more, it was a touch of joy after a woman succeeded. … Half an hour later, Dustin Zhou, Enderia Shen, Niu Chuan The three of them came to the Su’s house. Because they had contacted Su Wei before, as soon as they got outside the Su’s garden, Dustin Zhou saw Su Wei greet him with joy. “Big brother, you are finally here!

“Uh, Master, you are here too, which is great!”

At first, Su Wei just thought Dustin Zhou would come, but he didn’t expect Niu Chuan to come with him, and he was overjoyed.

People, he will definitely teach Guiqiu Niu Chuan a few moves directly.

“Take us to see your father.” Dustin Zhou said.

Su Wei didn’t dare to neglect, put away his excitement, and took a few people along the way to Su Shiming.

Compared to seeing Su Shiming several times before, Dustin Zhou saw Su Shiming this time and found that he had changed significantly.

how to say?

If you have to make an obvious change, then you are confident!

Yes, confident!

Dustin Zhou nodded slightly in his heart, feeling that it should indeed be the case.

Because of Su Shiqin’s involvement and entanglement, Su Shiming has been in a bad mood.

On the one hand, Su Shiming was shocked and chilled by the fact that the younger sister, whose blood was thicker than water, suddenly united with everyone to seize her position as the head of the house.

On the other hand, the profits of various industries of the Su family are currently decreasing, and Su Shiming is worried about the future of the Su family.

But now this is no longer a problem.

Su Shiqin has completely failed, and there is no possibility of seizing power again.

With Dustin Zhou in the Su family’s industrial income, Su Shiming was full of expectations.

As such, he was in a very good mood these three days, and he rarely slept well.

Now that I heard the news of Dustin Zhou’s arrival, I was even more excited.

Previously, Dustin Zhou said that the Su family’s current industrial plan should be planned within three days. Now that the time is just right for three days, Dustin Zhou has come over. Obviously, the industrial plan has produced results.

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