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Chapter 620

Soothing Ding Junfeng and the others, letting them wait for their news, Shen Hai directly left Liushi Beauty and walked towards the Liushi branch opposite.

The situation here is considered to have been controlled, and what to do next depends on Ye Fang’s arrangement.

What Shen Hai has to do now is to follow Ye Fang and show his attitude.

At this moment, in the office on the second floor of Liushi Beauty Makeup, Ding Junfeng and several people looked through the window and saw Shen Hai striding towards the Liushi branch opposite, and smiles suddenly appeared on their faces.

Whether Shen Hai or other people contacted Ye Fang, they didn’t care so much.

Even Ding Junfeng didn’t really care that much in his heart.

As long as everything is really like what Shen Hai just said, and they express their attitude now, they can

Enough for a chance to choose again.

This, for them, is enough.

Because they have seen Dustin Zhou and the power of the famous company.

Even if Kong Hui and others are not Dustin Zhou’s opponents, just the opposite Liushi branch, after opening in such a short time, the business quickly surpassed Liushi Beauty.

Even, no matter what promotional activities Liushi Beauty makes, it always seems to be inferior to the Liushi branch.

And this also made Ding Junfeng and others realize that the success of the famous company is based on his reason. It is not like them that can be successful by randomly pulling a team.

At this moment, Shen Hai walked into Liushi Beauty, and the store manager of the Liushi branch, who had been waiting for a long time, guided Shen Hai to Ye Fang’s office.

“You’re here.” Ye Fangduan sat on the chair and looked at Shen Hai, who slowly walked over, with a calm and warm smile on his face. It seemed to make people feel warm.

“Mr. Ye, I have taken care of the matter. Except for Wang Wei, everyone else is willing to support Mr. Zhou again.” Shen Hai said in a deep voice. He didn’t know if he did it in line with Ye Fang’s original intention.

However, Ye Fang said before that Wang Wei should not be allowed to leave Hunan Province and return to the East China Sea.

As for the specific methods, Ye Fang did not explain, but Shen Hai was not a mediocre person, he naturally knew what to do to make Wang Wei painful.

That is to let him experience the feeling of being rebellious.

This time, all the partners re-opted to support Dustin Zhou, and his Wang Wei instantly became a lonely man.

Just thinking about this kind of taste, Shen Hai felt a turmoil in his mind, and he obviously couldn’t bear the pain and suffering.

“Well, that’s good. Wang Wei chose to betray Mr. Zhou at the beginning, so he should have such awareness. At this time, it is not that simple to leave Hunan Province and return to the East China Sea.” Ye Fang’s tone was cold, his eyes condensed slightly. Live, exuding an irresistible chill.

Shen Hai’s heart suddenly became cold, and he felt that the choice he made at this time was the right one. Otherwise, if he chooses to continue with Wang Wei, he really dare not imagine the consequences.

“Next, Shen Hai, you can prepare, go to Changsha to see Mr. Zhou, and then you can prepare to return to the East China Sea.” Ye Fang said lightly, which can be regarded as completely comforting Shen Hai’s heart.

He did this because he didn’t want to be liquidated by Dustin Zhou and Mingyang after returning to the East China Sea.

Now all this is just a means and a way for him to make up for it.

After receiving a promise from Ye Fang, Shen Hai was overjoyed, his face was full of joy, his brows were raised directly, and his good mood was unobstructed.

“Okay, thank you, Mr. Ye.” Shen Hai

Quickly thanked him, and after saying goodbye to Ye Fang, he quickly returned to Liushi Beauty. He wanted to tell everyone the news, so that everyone could feel at ease and not be so panicked.

Seeing Shen Hai leaving behind, Ye Fang smiled indifferently.

For Shen Hai and the others, Ye Fang didn’t actually have much hatred in his heart. Everyone had different goals and naturally adopted different methods.

But this is understandable, and she can’t hate Shen Hai because of this.

And she asked Shen Hai to do this now, just to punish Wang Wei a little bit.

After thinking about it, Ye Fang decided to tell Dustin Zhou about the incident. After all, Ye Fang was doing things under the name of Dustin Zhou from the beginning. If he didn’t tell Dustin Zhou, it was a bit unreasonable.

Soon, Dustin Zhou from Changsha received a call from Ye Fang.

After listening to what Ye Fang said, Dustin Zhou was also a little dumbfounded.

For Wang Wei, he naturally doesn’t care. An ant-like existence is worthy of the attention and attention of an eagle that has soared for nine days?

That is impossible.

Therefore, after Kong Hui and Jiang Feng took the initiative to apologize, Dustin Zhou didn’t plan to do anything. At the moment, packing up and returning to the East China Sea is the top priority.

However, since Ye Fang did this, Dustin Zhou naturally wouldn’t criticize him too much. He just smiled lightly and said softly that he knew.

After hanging up the phone, Dustin Zhou stood by the window and thought for a while, and found that the matter in Hunan Province has temporarily come to an end.

Regardless of whether Kong Hui and Jiang Feng really apologize, they won’t look for trouble in the future, but for a short time, they won’t take any action casually.

And Mingyang’s branch projects are also being launched.

During this period of time, Wang Dalu and Zhou Hao have opened their branches.

The cities they chose were far away from Changsha, most of which were close to two provinces, so the radiation range should be wider.

Dustin Zhou didn’t show up to their opening ceremony much, but Enderia Shen, as the president of the famous company, went to each newly opened branch as a guest and performed the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The first phase of the branch project had all ended a year ago.

The rest, as the second batch, have all been reviewed in the near future and will be opened one after another after the year.

After coming out for nearly half a year, Dustin Zhou now really wants to return to the East China Sea.

“Brother Yang, all the tickets have been booked, tomorrow morning at ten o’clock.” Niu Chuan strode in and said with a smile.

When things in Hunan Province are over, he will naturally return to the East China Sea with Dustin Zhou.

The few people who used to get along with each other when they were security guards are still well-known for the company’s headquarters. This time when they went back, they just got together and had a good meal.

For them, Niu Chuan also has an idea, but this idea needs to be further improved.

Later, Dustin Zhou’s approval is needed.

“Well, good, let me know that there is nothing going on here in Hunan Province, and you can return to the East China Sea at any time.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, obviously in a good mood.

Indeed, if you are away from home and can go back during the Chinese New Year, no matter who it is, you will be in a good mood.

Niu Chuan responded and left the room to inform the others. As for when they chose to return to the East China Sea, it was their own business and had nothing to do with Dustin Zhou.

Chapter 621

And Dustin Zhou did not stay in the room anymore, walked out of the room door, turned around and came to Mira Xie’s room.

At this time, in Mira Xie’s room, except for herself, Enderia Shen, Chen Xin, and Sun Lian were all present.

Dustin Zhou came in, seeing so many people, his eyes were surprised.

Others are fortunate to say that, after all, everyone came from the East China Sea together. This time we return to the East China Sea, so we can naturally go along.

It’s Sun Lian. She is the person in charge of Fashion Capital in Hunan Province. She is not in Hunan Province during the Chinese New Year. Should she return to the East China Sea with everyone?

She seemed to have noticed Dustin Zhou’s surprised eyes, and Sun Lian smiled and said softly.

“This time, I took it as a holiday for myself and went out to play. I haven’t been to the East China Sea for a long time. This time, you and you will go to the East China Sea to have a look.” Sun Lian explained, It doesn’t sound like any problems.

Ordinary company employees still have annual leave, not to mention the existence of a boss like Sun Lian, who wants to take annual leave, it is not easy, simple.

However, after carefully savoring Sun Lian’s words, Dustin Zhou also found something wrong.

The country is so big, Donghai is not a tourist city.

Sun Lian’s words are obviously far-fetched.

Coupled with some unclear entanglements between Sun Lian and Asher Chen, Dustin Zhou had to think, not much.

After all, this is entirely possible.

At that time, Sun Lian went to the East China Sea. Could Asher Chen still avoid seeing him?

Even if Asher Chen avoided seeing him, after so many days, Sun Lian had a good relationship with Chen Xin.

Even in Dustin Zhou’s view, Sun Lian and Chen Xin are already like a mother-daughter relationship.

Under such circumstances, Sun Lian herself was deliberate, coupled with Chen Xin’s assists anytime and anywhere.

Dustin Zhou could already think that Sun Lian’s victory over Asher Chen was no longer a problem. It could even be said that it was only a matter of time.

Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but want to laugh when he thought that Asher Chen could be forced into this way by a woman.

“Are you all packed? Tomorrow we will return to the East China Sea.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, strode directly into the room, and sat down beside Mira Xie, not taking himself as an outsider at all, and at the same time it seemed like this room. There are all women, and there is no difference between him being such a casual man.

However, for Dustin Zhou, everyone is used to it.

What’s more, although Dustin Zhou didn’t interact much with Mira Xie, none of the people present knew about their relationship.

“It’s already packed, Dustin Zhou, there won’t be any problems here in Hunan Province, right?” Enderia Shen was the first to respond, smiling and putting the clothes in his hands in the suitcase.

However, Dustin Zhou just glanced casually on the clothes in Enderia Shen’s hands, and immediately his heart pounded.

He never expected that Enderia Shen was still packing his clothes at this time.

Moreover, after she came in, she was still like no one else.

If it were ordinary clothes, that was all, but Dustin Zhou would have thought that Enderia Shen would be so evasive and tidy up his underwear in front of so many people.

If this is seen by other men, isn’t it a big loss?

Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but complain. This Enderia Shen didn’t know the rules at all, and didn’t know how to be dignified. In front of him, there would be such a nervous side, it was incredible.

However, Dustin Zhou did not expect that he was the only one.

In this hotel, except that he would break into this room without saying hello, it is impossible for anyone else to break in like this.

Even the hotel owner Zhou Shaohua would not easily enter the room.

“Hehe, I didn’t expect Mira’s clothes to be so many that I can’t finish it all at once. I didn’t want to help.” As if seeing Dustin Zhou’s embarrassment, Enderia Shen said with a smile. After finishing the underwear in his hand, He stopped packing, closed the suitcase and sat down

Come down.

At this time, Dustin Zhou reacted.

This is Mira Xie’s room, and it is impossible for Enderia Shen to pack his clothes here.

Especially underwear.

So, what she just packed was Mira Xie’s underwear?

At the thought of this, Dustin Zhou felt more blood rushing to his brain.

Mira Xie should have such sexy underwear, which was beyond Dustin Zhou’s expectation.

However, at this time, especially in front of so many people, Dustin Zhou would not ask for trouble and ask such privacy questions.

At the very least, I have to return to the East China Sea. When two people are alone, ask again.

“Well, it’s okay, don’t worry, Ye Fang will be responsible for the matters here. During this time, Ye Fang will take care of the operation problems of the first-phase branch. We will return to the East China Sea with peace of mind and have a good time. New year.” Dustin Zhou said indifferently.

They left Hunan Province and returned to the East China Sea.

But this does not mean that all of them will leave Hunan Province and return to the East China Sea.

Among them, Ye Fang has clearly stated that she will not return to the East China Sea. She will spend the New Year in Hunan Province to deal with what may happen, and also to help those newly opened first-phase branches.

Among them, Wang Dalu, Zhou Hao and others will not leave Hunan Province during the Spring Festival. Their branch has just opened and just started. There are still many things to deal with. Naturally, it is impossible to leave the forehead.

“Well, in this case, then I can rest assured.” Enderia Shen seemed to breathe a sigh of relief, lightly patted his chest, shaking, as if he was really worried about the situation in Hunan Province.

Dustin Zhou turned his head without showing a trace, looked away, not looking at Enderia Shen.

This woman is really too fairy, every move is full of endless temptation in front of her.

This is also fortunate for Dustin Zhou’s tenacity, otherwise it would be easy for Enderia Shen to find a gap, which would affect his mind and make mistakes.

One day passed quickly.

The next day, early in the morning, everyone packed up and set off for the airport.

Before leaving the hotel, Dustin Zhou also bid farewell to Zhou Shaohua, and also asked Zhou Shaohua. If there is any problem in Xiang Province, I hope he can give a little help.

Zhou Shaohua did not directly agree, but also did not directly refuse.

This attitude was expected by Dustin Zhou, but he knew that this did not mean that Zhou Shaohua would really be indifferent to his request.

In any case, the two of them are still relatives, and in the future, Dustin Zhou will definitely enter the Zhou family.

So it can almost be guessed that nothing happens best, but once it happens, Zhou Shaohua will never ignore it.

At least, before Dustin Zhou returns to Hunan Province, he will hold the bureau.

Face, so that the situation will not collapse so quickly.

Chapter 622

Donghai International Airport.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, Dustin Zhou and his party got off the plane, looked at the familiar airport, the familiar sky, and the familiar dialects around them. They looked at each other and smiled knowingly.

After nearly half a year, they finally returned to the East China Sea.

Many people returned to the East China Sea this time.

In addition to Dustin Zhou, Mira Xie, Enderia Shen, Asher Chen’s family, Su Wei and others, several others also came back with them.

“Zhou, we will go back first. When the Spring Festival comes, we will definitely come to visit you.” Several people came to Dustin Zhou together and said respectfully.

The day before returning to the East China Sea, they suddenly learned of Wang Wei’s fate.

The people who had betrayed Dustin Zhou with Wang Wei before, such as Ding Junfeng and others, betrayed Wang Wei once again and stood on Dustin Zhou’s side again, and Wang Wei ended up with a lonely family.

This result shocked many people.

This is Dustin Zhou’s method. Killing is invisible, and it doesn’t give the opponent a chance to come back. The pressure on the opponent can’t breathe.

“Well, you can go back.” Dustin Zhou nodded slightly without saying much.

These people followed back to the East China Sea, all because they wanted to participate in the construction of the second batch of the branch project, but none of the plans were approved.

This time I came back to the East China Sea, I just wanted to prepare again, and then I would go to Hunan again in the next year.

For this, Dustin Zhou had no idea to refuse.

They can’t do the second batch, so naturally they can seek the third batch.

This is a good thing for him and for the famous company.

“Boss, I’m going home too. For nearly half a year since I came out, my dad has been urging me and he won’t go with you.” Su Wei touched his head and said with a smile.

Following his gaze, Dustin Zhou and the others also saw that outside the airport, a long convoy was already waiting.

In Hunan Province, Su Wei may be nothing and no dignity.

But back to the East China Sea, everything is different.

The Su family is one of the few large families in the East China Sea, and the current head of the Su family is Su Wei’s father.

As a veritable young master of the Su family, Su Wei’s position is naturally extraordinary as heir to the future Patriarch.

A team came to greet him. In Dustin Zhou’s opinion, even some of the specifications were small, and the Su family could have made it a little bigger.

However, this was all arranged by Su Shiming, the head of the Su family, and Dustin Zhou would not say anything.

“Okay, you go, if you have anything, you can come to me directly,” Dustin Zhou smiled and waved, his attitude towards Su Wei is naturally different from that of others.

Su Wei is the eldest of the Su family, supported by the owner Su Shiming

In the future, it can be a powerful boost for Dustin Zhou to return to the Zhou family.

And now is the time to step up the relationship between the two parties.

Soon, everyone left a lot.

Dustin Zhou looked at Asher Chen’s family.

Asher Chen, Chen Xin’s father and daughter, and Sun Lian, a total of three people.

They were standing aside, and it seemed that all three of them were very quiet, without saying a word.

But Dustin Zhou knew that they must have a lot to say now, especially Asher Chen and Sun Lian, the two met again after more than ten years. I am afraid that even if they want to say something, they can’t finish talking.

“President Chen, should you go back to the Mountain Mist Club with Mr. Sun first?” Dustin Zhou asked tentatively.

“Alright, I’m tired after flying for a day. It’s good to go back and have a rest.” Before Asher Chen spoke, Sun Lian nodded again and again, and said with an affair, as if they really had been sitting for a day. Airplane, I feel extremely sleepy.

“Otherwise, Chen Xin…” Dustin Zhou continued, trying to take Chen Xin away.

In this way, there will be no obstacles when Sun Lian wants to happen to Asher Chen.

“No, Xinxin is here. I also have a lot to tell her.” But this time, Asher Chen waved his hand and refused.

Dustin Zhou immediately kept silent. His father had already spoken. If he no longer knew what was good or bad, he insisted on taking Chen Xin away, the consequences would be unpredictable.

Now that Asher Chen has spoken, Dustin Zhou naturally wouldn’t say anything.

Soon, Asher Chen and the three left directly.

At this moment, there were only Dustin Zhou, Mira Xie, Enderia Shen, and Niu Chuan in the airport.

“How about it, shall we return to the company directly now?” Enderia Shen looked at Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie, and said with a light smile.

According to normal circumstances, everyone should go straight home now.

However, thinking of Dustin Zhou’s special situation, Enderia Shen felt a little flustered in his heart, and he blurted out with a flash of inspiration.

After speaking, he realized that he was like this, and he wanted to cover it up. Enderia Shen’s face blushed and he wanted to explain.

However, when it came to his lips, Enderia Shen still held back, and did not explain much. After all, to their level, some words and some explanations, once they were said, they wanted to cover up.

Dustin Zhou hesitated, in fact, he wanted to go home first.

Of course, it was not Mira Xie’s home, but the house in the south of the city where Zhou’s mother was.

After Dustin Zhou had money, he also bought a small villa for Zhou’s mother in the south of the city, and also hired an aunt, a carer, to take care of her mother.

I have been in Hunan Province for such a long time. Although I have called during the period, Dustin Zhou always feels a little bit indifferent to his mother.

When he comes back now, he naturally wants to go back the first time and talk to his mother


Moreover, Dustin Zhou could also feel the look in Enderia Shen’s expectant eyes.

Such a look is very dangerous at this time.

Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou immediately made a decision in his heart.

“I won’t go back to the company. The Spring Festival will be celebrated in a few days anyway. I have nothing to do when I go to the company. I will go to the company again after the year.” Dustin Zhou said softly, not daring to speak out. For fear of causing dissatisfaction with Enderia Shen.

“Oh, okay.” Hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, Enderia Shen’s eyes darkened and her expression was a little depressed, but she soon recovered and smiled again.

“Yeah.” Perceiving the loneliness in Enderia Shen’s tone, Dustin Zhou’s heart was also tense, but he was not suitable to say many things.

“Or Sister Shen will go home with me, and we will go to the company tomorrow.” At this moment, Mira Xie directly took Enderia Shen’s arm and said softly, with a smile on his face, looking very sincere.

“Really, that’s great, I still think there is nowhere to go.” When Enderia Shen heard it, he was overjoyed, and responded with a smile, quietly glancing at Dustin Zhou, full of pride.

Dustin Zhou was helpless, he did not expect Mira Xie to say that.

Doesn’t Mira Xie know that doing this is completely to lead a wolf into the room?

Doesn’t she know that Enderia Shen has a bad heart for herself?

Dustin Zhou clutched the bear’s excuse and felt distressed in his chest.

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