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Chapter 719

Soon, Brother Pao came with a knife and was quite surprised to see Dustin Zhou also here.

“Master Tiger, are you looking for me?” Brother Pao nodded at Dustin Zhou, and said softly while looking at Master Tiger.

He had just received a notice from Lord Tiger, asking him to bring a knife.

Although I don’t know what Tiger Lord is looking for, but now that Dustin Zhou is here, Brother Pao still has a little guess in his heart.

In particular, Brother Pao had a lot of contact with Dustin Zhou before, and he knew a little bit about Dustin Zhou’s abilities.

“Well, I came to you to help Brother Dustin Zhou a few hours. To be specific, you can just listen to Brother Dustin Zhou’s arrangements and go with the knife.” Master Tiger waved his hand and said in a deep voice.

“Yes.” Brother Pao didn’t even ask what was going on, so he agreed directly.

“Mr. Zhou, we met again.” Brother Pao looked at Dustin Zhou, stretched out his hand, and held Dustin Zhou tightly.

“Yeah, I never thought that Brother Pao turned out to be a master of martial arts.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, and there was nothing to conceal. He directly told Brother Pao what he had just said to Lord Tiger.

If Dustin Zhou didn’t know Xu You and the others, it would be excusable to be more confident.

But now, Lord Tiger has told Dustin Zhou about Xu You’s origins. If he is overconfident at this time and doesn’t explain everything clearly, it will not be called self-confidence, but arrogance.

And people who are often arrogant will pay a heavy price.

Dustin Zhou knew the seriousness of this incident, since the other party came from a hidden world

Family, then there must be a lot of means, and the strength is unpredictable.

Therefore, the so-called heavy price is probably a living human life.

Dustin Zhou still couldn’t regard life as nothing, so he had to be cautious.

When Dustin Zhou finished speaking, Brother Pao was silent for a moment.

“Don’t worry, since Lord Tiger has ordered, I will definitely protect Mr. Zhou’s safety.” Brother Pao said with a smile, as if he didn’t mind what Dustin Zhou said.

Dustin Zhou was silent, after knowing that Brother Pao was also a martial master, he was no longer surprised by Brother Pao’s reaction.

If a martial master doesn’t even have this confidence, then this martial master is too watery.

“Well, now that everything is arranged, Brother Dustin Zhou is also a rare opportunity to come to my brilliant hotel. Today, no matter what, I have to let my brother pick up the dust for you, and I wish you victory.” Tiger Lord laughed and said directly. He took Dustin Zhou and walked to the banquet hall.

…… After eating and drinking, Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan left the Brilliant Hotel first.

As for Brother Pao and Xiaodao, as well as the dozens of brothers promised by Lord Tiger, all await Dustin Zhou’s arrangement.

In these two days, Dustin Zhou couldn’t really do nothing.

At the very least, some necessary arrangements still need to be done.

The day before New Year’s Eve.

Dustin Zhou directly made arrangements to let Brother Pao and Xiaodao lead people down in Putuo District.

And their main goal is the last remaining sales store.

Dustin Zhou also transferred the situation and information of this last sales store from the company.

The owner of this last sales shop, whose surname is Ren, is called Ren Feng, which is really a character.

According to the company’s information, there is also some information comparison of Brother Pao.

When Ren Feng was young, he was a bastard in the East China Sea. He was very skilled. By daring to fight and fight, his reputation and status in this area of ​​the East China Sea were getting higher and higher.

Later, due to some policy reasons, Ren Feng retired and settled in Putuo District.

And he also bought a lot of properties with the savings he saved during his turmoil.

Apart from other things, there are not many people who have a whole commercial building in Putuo District.

And Ren Feng is one.

Hengfeng Building.

Located on the east side of Putuo District in the East China Sea, it is only a few kilometers away from the East China Sea. The location is excellent and it is adjacent to the commercial area.

And this is the building owned by Ren Feng.

Dustin Zhou and his party came to the Hengfeng Plaza in front of the Hengfeng Building. Looking at the towering Hengfeng Building, they sighed slightly.


Dustin Zhou could only sigh in his heart.

This Hengfeng Building is 88 stories high and 286 meters tall. It is the fifth tallest building in Donghai City.


However, the funds needed to build such a building are not hundreds of millions, but tens of millions can be solved.

According to some public information, the construction cost of Hengfeng Building is as high as 40 billion yuan, which is equivalent to several well-known companies.

Ren Feng is the largest shareholder of Hengfeng Building.

“That will be the last sales store.” Dustin Zhou pointed to a store on the first floor of Hengfeng Building.

The store has a large area, nearly 500 square meters, and is considered Mingyang’s largest sales store in the East China Sea.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know why Ren Feng wanted to open such a large sales shop in such a good place on the first floor of Hengfeng Building, and he insisted on cooperating with Mingyang Company.

However, Enderia Shen never said, Dustin Zhou did not ask too much. As long as there is no harm, it can also bring profits and publicity to the company, he naturally cannot ask for it.

“Yes, that’s the only remaining sales shop. Brother Yang, Mr. Chen’s news is that Xu You and others have actually been in contact with Ren Feng, but they seem to be rejected by Ren Feng.” Niu Chuan said affirmatively. And he told the truth about the last sales store.

This is not only for Dustin Zhou to know, but also for Brother Pao and the others.

“It is reasonable to say that Ren Feng owns such a building, and even opened such a large store to open a sales store, how can he appreciate the price Xu You and the others paid.” Dustin Zhou nodded, looked around, Then he walked directly to Hengfeng Building.

Now that there is an arrangement, it is natural to follow the arrangement.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know when Xu You and others would come into contact with Ren Feng again, or when he would take tough measures again, but he knew that if he had Ren Feng’s cooperation, even if he was facing the hidden family, He also has a certain degree of confidence.

There are very few people in Hengfeng Building at this time.

One day, it will be New Year’s Eve, and major companies have basically closed their holidays.

Only some of the company’s personnel on duty are still busy at this moment.

On the first floor of the Hengfeng Building, a team of security guards were patrolling, with almost no gaps, and even Dustin Zhou admired the strong security capabilities.

“Who are you?” Seeing Dustin Zhou and his party walk into the building, the patrol security guard immediately walked over and asked from a distance.

Chapter 720

After all, when working as a security guard in the Hengfeng Building, although it is not possible to write down the appearance of all the people working in the building, at the very least, people in each company must know a few more or less.

However, Dustin Zhou and his party, there are a lot of people, there are more than 20, but one by one, look at these security guards.

Come, they are very strange.

This makes the security guards not vigilant.

As a famous building in the East China Sea, Hengfeng Building has a huge goal and can easily become a target for criminals.

The duty of these security guards is to choke everything in the cradle.

“Stop, who are you?” The security team leader Luo Rui looked serious, and stared sharply at the leader Dustin Zhou, Niu Chuan, Brother Pao and Xiaodao.

Among them, Dustin Zhou and Brother Pao looked like real principals to Luo Rui, while Niu Chuan and Xiaodao were more like bodyguards.

Enthusiastically, Luo Rui could feel the strong momentum coming from Niu Chuan and the knife body.

Especially the small knife, which is almost like a sharp blade with a sharp edge, which can hurt people at any time.

For a while, the members of the entire security team separated, but they faintly surrounded Dustin Zhou and others.

“We are here to find Mr. Ren Fengren.” “This is Mr. Zhou, who is our famous company. Some important things need to be discussed with Mr. Ren Feng.” Niu Chuan took the lead to introduce.

He also knew why they came this time, so in order to avoid some conflicts, Niu Chuan’s tone was very calm, and he also tightened his momentum as much as possible.

“People from the famous company? Ask us for Ren Dong? Do you have an appointment? If there is no appointment, it is impossible to see our Ren Dong.” Luo Rui looked at Dustin Zhou, looked up and down, and said in a deep voice.

Although Niu Chuan said that just now, this does not eliminate everyone’s suspicion.

After all, even if someone who is famous for a company comes to meet their Ren Dong according to an appointment, it is impossible to bring more than 20 people at once.

Is this a meeting or a group fight?

“Mr. Zhou, I have Mr. Ren’s number here. Would you like to call it now?” Brother Pao whispered.

They came here today to do business, not to conflict with others.

What’s more, if there is a conflict here, if Ren Feng is annoyed by any chance, he will directly abandon the sales shop in a rage. That is not a good thing for Dustin Zhou and Mingyang.

“Well, then I will trouble you.” Dustin Zhou nodded slightly and agreed.

And Luo Rui on the side noticed that these people weren’t messing around, his expression was slightly relaxed, and when he heard that these people actually had Ren Dong’s phone number and wanted to call Ren Dong, he immediately relaxed in his heart.

Brother Pao also directly called Ren Feng.

Dustin Zhou didn’t feel surprised that Brother Pao could have Ren Feng’s call.

When Ren Feng was young, he was mixed up in society, as did Brother Pao and Lord Tiger, and their status in society is very high.

In this case, it is normal for them to know each other.

Soon, a middle-aged man

It appeared in the lobby on the first floor.

The man looked around, saw Luo Rui at the door, and naturally saw Dustin Zhou and his party, and immediately trot over to meet him.

“Is it Brother Pao? I am Dong Ren’s secretary Luo Hai. Dong Ren is in a meeting. Let me take you upstairs first. After the meeting is over, I will come to you.” Luo Hai looked at Brother Pao. His face was full of respect, and Dustin Zhou, who was on the side, was directly ignored by him.

Dustin Zhou was not annoyed. After all, when Brother Pao called just now, he just said that he had something to see Ren Feng and discussed with Ren Feng, and he spoke to Ren Feng in the name of Lord Tiger.

“Okay, this is President Zhou of the famous company. In fact, this time, he has something to talk to old man.” Brother Pao nodded and introduced Dustin Zhou to Luo Hai. After all, the leading figure this time is Dustin Zhou, without him, there would be no need for them to meet Ren Feng.

“It turned out to be President Zhou, please.” Luo Hai’s etiquette is well done.

At least in Dustin Zhou’s view, there are hardly any flaws, taking care of everyone in every aspect.

Nodding secretly in his heart, a secretary who can do this is enough to see Ren Feng’s personality.

The Hengfeng Building has a total of 88 floors, and Ren Feng’s office, located on the fourteenth floor, is said to be the age of Ren Feng when he wandered the rivers and lakes.

When the group came to the fourteenth floor, there were several security checks just as Dustin Zhou saw it.

Fortunately, Luo Hai brought them up personally, otherwise it would take them to come up by themselves, not knowing how long it would take.

“You all go down first, I’ll go with Mr. Zhou.” When he reached the fourteenth floor, Brother Pao waved at the people he had brought, and let them go down first.

After all, so many people are just here to take care of the surveillance, there is no need to meet Ren Feng, besides, there are so many of them crowded together, it is really a bit unclear.

And Luo Hai immediately arranged for people to take these people down for a living.

Dustin Zhou, Niu Chuan, Brother Pao, and Xiaodao had been waiting in the guest room for nearly half an hour before Ren Feng ended the meeting.

“It’s really hard work for the distinguished guests to come here.” Suddenly, a full of breath sounded outside the door. Then, the door was opened, and a gray-haired old man walked in step by step, his eyes on the faces of Dustin Zhou. After looking at it for a moment, he smiled and walked in.

Dustin Zhou looked over, his eyes narrowed immediately.

Ren Feng looked like a little old man in his fifties. He was not tall, with gray hair and a lot of wrinkles on his face. Dustin Zhou thought he was an ordinary little old man if he didn’t know his identity.

However, what Ren Feng showed was definitely not what an ordinary old man had.

Not just look sturdy

His body is full of vitality, sprinting in a dragon’s pace, and his eyes are as sharp as eagle eyes.

However, under this, Dustin Zhou also saw a trace of fatigue flashing through Ren Feng’s eyes.

Although I don’t know why he was exhausted, just thinking about it, he had waited for nearly half an hour here before Ren Feng ended the meeting, not to mention that Ren Feng was already in the meeting before they came.

Such a long meeting is definitely not a simple matter for the consumption and burden of Ren Feng.

“Old Ren.” Dustin Zhou and several people stood up and greeted Ren Feng. In any case, Ren Feng was considered their elder, and there was no problem with respect.

“Are you Dustin Zhou?” Old Ren nodded his head and his eyes fell directly on Dustin Zhou.

“I know you.” At first, Dustin Zhou thought that Mr. Ren was asking about his identity and was about to introduce himself, but the next second, Mr. Ren’s words surprised Dustin Zhou.

I know you.

The four words are simple, but the meaning is not simple.

This time, it was Dustin Zhou’s turn to wonder.

Chapter 721

Not only Dustin Zhou, other people, such as Brother Pao, and Luo Hai, all looked at Ren Feng and Dustin Zhou in surprise.

Just now Ren Feng said that he knew Dustin Zhou, and he didn’t hide it, so he said it so generously, and there was a smile on his face, it seemed that he was very close to others.

Brother Pao only has a general understanding of Ren Feng’s character. In the past, only Master Hu had a lot of contact with Ren Feng, Brother Pao was just a little brother.

Therefore, although Ren Feng said something like this to Dustin Zhou, he felt a little strange, but it was not incomprehensible.

Not to mention that Dustin Zhou is a shareholder of Mingyang Company and the person in charge of two latest projects. He also has a lot of contacts in Donghai City.

Just in front of them, Xu You’s group looked at Ren Feng’s last well-known company’s sales store. Although Ren Feng rejected Xu You and them, it is impossible to know the people or things of the famous company.

So, Dustin Zhou, as a well-known company, Ren Feng knew him, it was only natural.

Brother Pao didn’t have any doubts, and Luo Hai, who was looking at Dustin Zhou, was shocked.

Others don’t know much about Ren Feng’s personalities, but Luo Hai, on the one hand, as Ren Feng’s secretary, has been with Ren Feng for many years. Today, he has been around for more than 20 years.

Moreover, Luo Hai is Ren Feng’s nephew.

Under such circumstances, Luo Hai knows Ren Feng’s character very well.

Not to mention that Dustin Zhou is just an executive of the famous company, even if he is a child of the Donghai first-class family, in the eyes of Ren Feng, it is not enough, of course.

, If it is the contemporary patriarchs of those first-class families, it is a different matter.

In the past few decades, Luo Hai has never seen anyone. It is worthy of Ren Feng to speak like this, showing such a close meaning.

This Dustin Zhou, is there any secret and identity unknown?

Luo Hai didn’t know and couldn’t guess.

But he knew that since Ren Feng had shown such a sense of closeness, his nephew and secretary would naturally have to stay close to Dustin Zhou.

Thinking of this, the soft light on Luo Hai’s face became more and more, and the look at Dustin Zhou became more and more kind.

Dustin Zhou froze in place, looking at Ren Feng’s gaze, not as if he was saying good things to deceive himself.

Does he really know himself, or has he investigated himself?

Countless thoughts flashed in Dustin Zhou’s mind for a moment.

However, Dustin Zhou knew that before that, he had nothing to do with Ren Feng or Hengfeng Building.

Even the sales shop on the first floor of the Hengfeng Building was handled by someone from the commerce department of the company. He didn’t even ask.

However, leaving aside other things, the kindness that Ren Feng has shown now is a good thing for Dustin Zhou.

At the very least, dealing with Xu You’s group seems to be able to unite with Ren Feng.

“I didn’t expect Elder Ren to know me, but it made the younger generation a little flattered.” However, no matter if Ren’s words are true or false, or just a surface, but after all, he showed kindness, so Dustin Zhou would naturally not have any arrogance. Thoughts.

When others respect him, he should respect others.

You give me face, I naturally give you face, the principle of communication between people is nothing more than this.

“Hehe, Dustin Zhou, young man, not bad.” Ren Feng looked at Dustin Zhou with satisfaction. He was very satisfied with his performance just now, and the smile on his face was also richer.

“Sit down.” He said softly, and Ren Feng sat directly on the sofa by himself.

Of course, for everyone present, Ren Feng is not only the oldest one, but also the oldest in seniority, and his current achievements are also the greatest. Sitting in the position of honor, naturally no one has any opinions.

And Dustin Zhou, Brother Pao and others also took their seats.

“How is that kid Ahu now?” After everyone was seated, Ren Feng did not directly talk about Dustin Zhou and Mingyang’s company. Instead, he looked at Brother Pao and asked about Lord Tiger with a smile.

From Ren Feng’s address to Tiger Lord, Dustin Zhou could also catch a glimpse.

With Lord Tiger’s current status in the East China Sea, Ren Feng can call him Ahu at will. This is clearly the name of the superiors to the inferior.

It can be seen from this, what kind of status was Ren Feng in the East China Sea.

Although Dustin Zhou has not experienced it, he can

Imagine it.

In that reckless era, people like Ren Feng and Hu Ye were not just for the time being.

“Master Tiger is very good. Now he doesn’t care much about the affairs of the rivers and lakes. With some of our brothers, life is pretty good now.” Brother Pao said with a smile, still respecting Ren Feng.

“Uh, that’s good.” Ren Feng seemed to just ask casually. After listening to Brother Pao, he withdrew his gaze and officially fell on Dustin Zhou’s face.

“I already know your intentions, but I don’t know what you or the famous company have any plans.” Ren Feng looked at Dustin Zhou, his face was no longer as relaxed as it was at the beginning, but there was a hint of it. dignified.

In this private room, Ren Feng has the highest position and status.

His words, any sentence, can have a big impact on everyone.

And when his expression became solemn, the temperature in the entire private room even rose several degrees, an invisible pressure swept the entire private room instantly.

And this momentum, Ren Feng is not aimed at anyone.

Dustin Zhou’s eyes tightened. He is not an ordinary person. He has more information about the origins of Xu You and those people from Brother Pao.

It was a group of people from the Hidden Family in the East China Sea, much more powerful and terrifying than the first-class families like the Sun Family, the Su Family, and the Ding Family.

Although Xu You’s group had only contacted Ren Feng once, Dustin Zhou also guessed from the expression and tone of Ren Feng just now that Ren Feng absolutely knew the details of Xu You’s group.

Otherwise, even a member of the first-class family would not pose any threat to Ren Feng, nor would he be so solemn.

“I want to come to Mr. Ren to know the origins of those people. Although it is tricky, it is not impossible to deal with it.” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice. At this time, he really didn’t have a good way to deal with it, but he knew that everyone on his side , There is a momentum in my heart.

It is precisely because of such a momentum that he can calmly face those people like Xu You.

So he can’t say anything frustrating, otherwise, the momentum of the people on his side will fall, and it will not be that simple to deal with Xu You’s group.

“Oh? Do you have a way? What way? I want to hear it.” Ren Feng heard Dustin Zhou say this, with an unexpected look on his face. Looking at Dustin Zhou, his eyes became more curious.

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