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Chapter 836

Not only the audience, but even the eight security guards looked at Dustin Zhou and one in amazement. hand

Cai Dingtou has been scrapped.

Their brains were even a little down, and they didn’t know what happened just now. Why Cai Dingtou screamed at Dustin Zhou with a fist, and it seemed that one of his hands had been abolished.

“What’s the situation? Did you see clearly just now?” “I don’t know, I saw that man banged Cai Dingtou’s fist, and then Cai Dingtou screamed and it became like this.” “Is that person so powerful that even Cai Dingtou is not an opponent?” “If that’s the case, then Cai Dingtou and the others have kicked the iron plate this time. It’s really happy!” … Everyone immediately applauded.

And the eight security guards saw Cai Dingtou’s miserable appearance, and felt a little frustrated. They didn’t know if they should continue to act.

For a time, the eight security guards confronted Dustin Zhou here, neither dispersing nor daring to take the initiative to attack.

“Haha, it’s really useless. Just your people, dare to form cliques here for personal gain?” Dustin Zhou sneered when he saw that the other party didn’t dare to step forward and attacked.

Bang bang bang!

With just a few fists and kicks, Dustin Zhou effortlessly put all eight security guards on the ground, and even the total time spent was only two minutes.

During this period, the eight security guards did not even touch the corners of Dustin Zhou’s clothes, and they were all laid down by Dustin Zhou.


The lobby on the first floor was rarely quiet, and no one spoke, only Cai Dingtou and the eight security guards kept screaming.

“This…” “Oh my god, what did I see?” “Is that man a martial arts master? I didn’t even see clearly when he shot just now!” “It’s great, this group of people finally got retribution! “I have been blackmailed by them for tens of thousands before. Actually, it doesn’t take me much time to deal with the business by myself.” “Good fight!” … Soon, the crowd around the audience reacted and cheered one by one. Dustin Zhou continued to applaud, and uttered disdainful noises at Cai Dingtou and the eight security guards. Some people even spit on them. Even some of the sundries in their hands continued to hit them. .

“Oh, don’t hit it, we know it’s wrong, don’t hit it.” “My hand is useless, take me to the hospital quickly.” “Boy, you’re done, dare to hit our Cai family, you just wait. Let’s take revenge on our Cai family’s madness.” “Boy, don’t run away if you have a kind. People in our Cai family will get news right away. Wait until they come over. Just wait!” … Cai Dingtou Even with those security guards, they did not forget to threaten Dustin Zhou.

“Yeah, boy, you should leave now, what do you want to do?

No matter what the business, it’s better for someone else to handle it, otherwise you won’t be able to bear the Cai family’s revenge.

“Yes, I remember a young man clashed with this Cai Dingtou before, and was beaten to death by the Cai family.”

“I see, this Cai family, I’m afraid they will send someone over in ten minutes. Many of the Cai family’s eyeliners are here, and the Cai family must already know what happened here.”

“… Suddenly, many people began to persuade Dustin Zhou to leave here, so as not to be retaliated by the Cai family. Dustin Zhou smiled softly, and slightly chewed at the crowd, but did not leave. Cai’s house is a second-rate only. Family, don’t say that the Cai family is a top second-rate family, not even a first-class family, even if the Cai family is a first-class family, Dustin Zhou will not be afraid. “Haha, Cai family?

Then Cai family Cai Xiong, I can play, and how many people will I be afraid of?

“Dustin Zhou sneered. Then Cai Xiong, if you only talk about each other’s strength, Dustin Zhou may not be Cai Xiong’s opponent. But when he was in the Mountain Mist Club before, Dustin Zhou used Asher Chen’s face to ridicule Cai. Xiong. In addition, after such a period of time has passed, Dustin Zhou has also practiced well. Today is different from the past. Even if Cai Xiong appears here again and the two fight each other, the result is still unknown. “What!

“However, Dustin Zhou’s remarks shocked everyone again. Even the Cai family and Cai Xiong have played? Is this a joke? There are so many people present, many people do not know who Cai Xiong is. But everyone who has heard of it, Cai Dingtou and the security guards, they all looked at Dustin Zhou as if they had seen them before, and were very suspicious of what Dustin Zhou said just now. Who is this young man? Say such arrogant words. So Cai Xiong, the third generation young master of the Cai family, can ordinary people be able to fight? Cai Dingtou doesn’t know what other people’s feelings are. But Cai Dingtou knows, Cai Xiong is half of it. Many months ago, I was indeed beaten, and it was in the Mountain Mist Clubhouse. In front of so many people, he was severely taught by one person. It also led to Asher Chen from the Mountain Mist Clubhouse. Xiong was injured. Cai Dingtou also saw Cai Xiong go home injured with his own eyes and inquired from some nursing homes. Suddenly, Cai Ding’s head was thinking of something, and he looked at Dustin Zhou with a shocked look and screamed. “You are Dustin Zhou!

“Only Dustin Zhou would say if he had beaten Cai Xiong, and Cai Dingtou knew that the person who injured Cai Xiong was named Dustin Zhou, and his age was very close to the person in front of him. “Haha, Now that you know, don’t get out!

Dustin Zhou glanced at Cai Dingtou and said coldly, knowing that he

There is no interest at all in his name.

God knows where Cai Dingtou knew his name.

However, after finishing the lesson for these people, Dustin Zhou still felt very happy in his heart.

However, Dustin Zhou was a little dissatisfied.

The security guards of Cai Dingtou and Cai’s family are doing evil here. It seems that it is not a day or two. Dustin Zhou does not believe that the staff here are indifferent.

But now, the fact is that Cai Dingtou is here, like a fish in the water, and he is treacherous with these security guards, and no one comes out to manage it.

In this case, there are only two possibilities.

One is that the staff here has been bought by Cai Dingtou, and they concealed it together.

The other is that Zhou Weitian also knew about it, but he didn’t bother to pay attention to it at all, letting Cai Dingtou do evil here.

But no matter what the possibility is, Dustin Zhou is very bad for the first sense of this Sainty Wharf.

At least, compared with the Tiandi Financial Building, this Shuntian Wharf gave Dustin Zhou a very poor impression.

“What’s the matter? Who is making trouble here?” At this moment, a deep and strong voice sounded. Then, an entrance spread out from the crowd, and a middle-aged man walked away with several people in staff costumes. Come in.

The middle-aged man frowned while watching the miserable Cai Dingtou and the security guards who fell on the ground and screamed constantly.

“What’s going on? Cai Dingtou, what the hell are you doing again!”

Chapter 837

Seeing the people coming, many onlookers scattered, and some even left directly. Obviously, they realized that something might happen here and it would affect them.

When Cai Ding first saw the visitor, they were still screaming. The next second, they all shut up immediately. Obviously, they also had a great fear of the visitor and did not dare to do anything to provoke them. Things.

Seeing that the people in Cai Dingtou no longer screamed, the brows of the visitors were slightly relieved, and they turned to look at the three of Dustin Zhou.

“You…” The visitor was about to scold him, but when he saw Asher Chen, he was obviously taken aback.

“Asher Chen? Why are you here?” The visitor seemed very surprised, but he obviously knew Asher Chen, and immediately chuckled, the expression on his face was no longer as serious and solemn as before, but as if he had met an old friend with enthusiasm. He took two steps forward and came directly to Asher Chen.

And Asher Chen didn’t seem to be surprised when he saw each other.

“Old Xue, you are still here. Are you planning to be here for the rest of your life?” Asher Chen joked with a smile.

“Old Chen, what are you guys?” Old Xue glanced at the three of Asher Chen, then glanced at Cai Dingtou and the others, with a serious expression on his face.


“Cai Dingtou didn’t do anything to you?” Old Xue said in a deep voice.

“No, but not long-eyed, but we have already taught them.” Asher Chen said dismissively.

“That’s good.” Old Xue Chang sighed and quickly took Asher Chen’s arm, leading Dustin Zhou and Sun Lian, and walked to the inner office together.

As for Cai Dingtou, they could only watch Dustin Zhou leave.

“Damn it, what should we do? Did we just get beaten by him for nothing?” “That kid has a bit of skill, Cai Dingtou, you know that person, why did he beat Master Cai Xiong too?” Probably, we have never heard of this, and, after he beat Master Cai Xiong, how could he be in good condition and nothing happened?” … The security guards obviously couldn’t swallow this breath, and they were very angry and aggrieved. Just want to find the place.

“Am I going to lie to you? Master Cai Xiong was beaten. Do you think he would let others know about it?” Cai Dingtou said fiercely. He didn’t expect that a person he met randomly would turn out to be Cai The person Xiong beat, and it seems that the one behind Dustin Zhou

A person, and old Xue here is also a little affectionate.

However, Cai Dingtou was never a person who would suffer. He was beaten by Dustin Zhou today. He already hates Dustin Zhouji. Even if there is no way to trouble Dustin Zhou in a short period of time, he will still help Cai Xiong. Use the energy of the Cai family to clean up Dustin Zhou’s.

But this is something to do.

… Dustin Zhou walked in with Old Xue and came to his office.

Several people sat down.

Before Asher Chen spoke, Old Xue took the lead.

“Old Chen, do you think it’s strange that Cai Dingtou is obviously a black sheep, why don’t I drive him out and let him do evil here?” Old Xue looked lonely and looked very weak, especially to mention By the time Cai Dingtou, Lao Xue’s eyes were full of resentment, but more often, it was a kind of weakness and decadence.

And this also made Dustin Zhou puzzled.

Just now, Asher Chen introduced his relationship with Lao Xue.

This old Xue, whose full name is Xue Donglai, is Asher Chen’s university classmate and a friend Asher Chen met in Donghai more than ten years ago. The relationship between the two is very good, and they can be regarded as like-minded friends.

However, after all, Asher Chen came from the Chen family in the capital. Although not a top family, the Chen family is also a second-rate family in the capital. Although it is not so prominent in the capital, it is comparable to the first-class families in other places.

And Asher Chen was born in the Chen family, and he was destined to see and get more things and opportunities.

But Xue Donglai is different. He is just an ordinary person and comes from an ordinary family. There are countless such families in the country.

So Xue Donglai’s starting point is very low, and he has very few opportunities.

Fortunately, Xue Donglai’s abilities are good. In many respects, he is even more foresighted and forward-looking than Asher Chen, who comes from the Chen family.

After the two graduated from college, Asher Chen returned to the Chen family and followed the route planned by the family. However, afterwards, Asher Chen left the Chen family and came to the East China Sea because of the incident with Sun Lian. This was more than ten years.

After Xue Donglai graduated, he stayed in the capital and also joined the Zhou family in the capital.

In the first few years, Xue Donglai’s performance was very good, and he was praised by many colleagues.

And he was also in the eyes of the Zhou family’s senior leaders and gave him many opportunities.

However, Zhou’s family is a big family after all, and Xue Donglai’s business is the Zhou family’s family business. In a big project that Xue Donglai presided over, it was originally a big project he negotiated, and it was enough to bring that company to life. There were billions of dollars in profits, but in the end it was directly replaced by a junior from the Zhou family.

Although there are many people in the company complaining about Xue Donglai, everyone is an adult and we all know that this society is like this.

Xue Donglai’s colleagues, and even the leaders, turned a blind eye to this matter for their own interests.

The Zhou family young man who replaced Xue Donglai’s achievements, in order to prevent Xue Donglai from making things worse, or to eliminate this problem, he transferred Xue Donglai from his original company and directly transferred to the Donghai Sainty Wharf.

“I have suffered such a loss before, and the Cai Dingtou is from the Cai family in the East China Sea. Although he is not a person from the main line, he is a branch person, and the relationship between the Cai family and Zhou Weitian is pretty good, so I For their behavior, I just open one eye and close one eye.” Xue Donglai said helplessly, his words were full of loneliness.

Just like a hero, in his twilight years, although he is very dissatisfied with some things, he has long lost that ambition and courage.

Dustin Zhou listened quietly to the side, listening to Xue Dong talking about his past and experiences over the years.

And Xue Donglai did not shy away from Dustin Zhou and Sun Lian. After all, they came with Asher Chen, and Xue Donglai had 100% trust in Asher Chen.

… Quiet!

When Xue Dong finished speaking, the office was extremely quiet.

Dustin Zhou was a little surprised. He didn’t expect that this middle-aged man’s experience would be so turbulent.

Moreover, this Xue Donglai has the strength, otherwise he would not be born as a commoner, just like Asher Chen in the university relationship. The relationship between the two has been so good for more than ten years, and he will not be before. The company has developed so well that a certain young man from Zhou’s family wanted to pick his peaches. In order to prevent future troubles, he was transferred to the East China Sea and stayed away from Beijing.

Chapter 838

And this came to the East China Sea for eight full years.

And Xue Donglai is now used to Donghai, and he has already made preparations. When facing some powerful people, he is not as conceited as before, but is very wise not to head-on with each other.

Because a young man in Zhou’s family could easily pick the peaches of the multi-billion-profit project he had finally talked about and drove him to the East China Sea.

Then, another powerful person will also use his power to make Xue Donglai even more helpless.

Although Cai Dingtou is not a powerful person, he comes from a powerful family.

And this is what Xue Donglai was afraid of.

Fortunately, no matter how mischievous Cai Dingtou was, he would be more disciplined. He would only act as an agent for business projects, and would not really do anything to people.

This also made Xue Donglai feel a little better.

“Old Xue, I really didn’t expect that in the past ten years, you

After so many experiences, that little boy from the Zhou family is really disgusting!

After hearing what Xue Donglai said, Asher Chen was immediately furious. He and Xue Donglai are college classmates. The relationship between the two is very good. They can almost be said to be able to wear the same pair of pants. When he graduated from college before, Asher Chen originally wanted to use it. The family resources also arranged for Xue Donglai. But because of the incident with Sun Lian, Asher Chen suddenly came to Donghai, and he did not care about Xue Donglai. When he wanted to contact Xue Donglai later, he no longer contacted him. The courage of the other party. “Oh, let’s not say this. Even if you say it, I can’t do anything about it. Even if you know it, it won’t help.

“Xue Donglai smiled bitterly. After so many years, he naturally knew the identity of Asher Chen and knew that he was from the Chen family in Beijing. Although the Chen family is not as large as the Zhou family, it is already unimaginable for Xue Donglai. He is a big family with compelling power and is definitely not something he can provoke. But even so, the Chen family is like a little brother in front of the Zhou family. Even if he tells the Zhou family young man who replaced him at that time, Asher Chen does it. No more, it will make him feel pressured. “Okay, let’s not talk about these things. Are you here today? Is there anything wrong?

Xue Donglai said with a smile. He was very self-aware and didn’t ask Asher Chen why he hadn’t contacted him for more than ten years. In middle age, Xue Donglai has understood many things, and he will not be as impulsive as when he was young. Xue Donglai did not say anything. Naturally, Asher Chen would not ask too much. After all, the experience of Xue Donglai for so many years is something that Asher Chen has not experienced, and he does not know what Xue Donglai has endured. “Well, we have something to come here. Is Zhou Weitian here?

“Asher Chen nodded, and said his purpose. “We have something to discuss with Mr. Zhou.”

Xue Donglai looked at Asher Chen, and then at Sun Lian and Dustin Zhou. He was very surprised. He did not expect that Asher Chen came to the Shuntian Wharf today to find his father Zhou Weitian. But Xue Donglai did not know Sun Lian and Dustin Zhou. Yes, but he didn’t ask much, he just thought that Sun Lian and Dustin Zhou were Asher Chen’s family members. However, Asher Chen wanted to find his father Zhou Weitian, but it made Xue Donglai a little bit embarrassed. “To be honest, if you come earlier, maybe it will To see Jay Chou, Jay Chou’s rule is that he will not see guests after six o’clock.

Xue Donglai said in a deep voice, looking at Asher Chen with apologetic eyes. Dustin Zhou heard it and looked at the time immediately, and sure enough, it was already past six o’clock, and it was almost half past six. If according to what Xue Donglai said, now Dustin Zhou Great

Lord God might really not see guests anymore.

However, Dustin Zhou is not so worried. They are not ordinary people, and it is not that difficult to see Mr. Zhou Weitian.

“If Mr. Zhou Weitian were here, we might be able to see him.” Dustin Zhou said suddenly.

Originally, he was listening to Asher Chen and Xue Donglai recounting the past, and never interrupted.

But now, Xue Donglai obviously treats them as ordinary people. If he is wasting his tongue and time here, then the variables are too great, which is not what Dustin Zhou wants to see.

So Dustin Zhou spoke up.

“This is?” Xue Donglai heard Dustin Zhou’s words with a big tone, and suddenly felt a little unhappy in his heart.

He only thought Dustin Zhou was Asher Chen

The younger generation, now actually interrupted in front of him forcibly, and listening to his tone, it seemed that Zhou Weitian had to see them.

Such a person who doesn’t know what is good or bad made Xue Donglai’s face a little unsightly.

But in front of Asher Chen, Xue Donglai still behaved very appropriately. He did not immediately attack, but said in a deep voice.

“It’s not that I don’t let you see Jay Chou, and you will not see guests after six o’clock. This is a rule that Jay Chou personally set. It has been a full five years.” “Old Chen, don’t think I am not helping you. I’m disturbing Jay Chou now, so Jay Chou blames him, but I can’t afford it. If I don’t get it, I will be sent to the place where the birds don’t lay eggs for the rest of my life.” Xue Donglai said in a sentimental tone. , It seemed that as long as he disturbed Zhou Weitian, his fate would be very miserable.

And when Xue Donglai said that, Asher Chen didn’t say much for a while, just looked at Dustin Zhou, and let Dustin Zhou make up his mind under his eyes.

After all, in any case, Xue Donglai is Asher Chen’s old friend for more than ten years, and Asher Chen still feels a little sorry for his old friend. Now that he sees again after more than ten years, Asher Chen does not want Xue Donglai to fall into it because of him. Dilemma.

What’s more, even if they don’t see Old Man Zhou Weitian today, they can come back tomorrow without much time wasted.

Dustin Zhou slightly moved his jaw, naturally feeling Asher Chen’s embarrassment.

In fact, he didn’t want Xue Donglai to fall into a difficult situation, but seeing his father Zhou Weitian, this is what Dustin Zhou must do today.

It is true that they are coming tomorrow and it is not too much to eat.

But time is always the biggest change, and no one knows whether the time they are delaying here and what the Xu family is doing, will they have sent someone to find Dustin Zhou.

Therefore, in order to prevent accidents, Dustin Zhou must meet Zhou Weitian today.

As for Xue Donglai’s worries, in Dustin Zhou’s view, it is nothing at all.

A big man, since you have the ability, why do you always hang on a tree of Zhou’s company.

A capable person will not be buried in vain wherever he goes.

There is no place to stay here.

Dustin Zhou didn’t believe that a huge country without a place and company for Xue Donglai to re-establish a foothold would not have Bole who appreciate Xue Donglai’s ability.

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