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Chapter 1148

From the perspective of the three major families, the Zhou family’s delisting can already be confirmed.

Don’t care if Zhou’s family is willing or not.

People are so much better than you, and it’s only out of politeness to ask you. Is it possible that you really dare to answer a no-word!

After answering no, people may directly take the action personally, and your family will be ruined!

Is there any point in struggling?

“Brother Zhou, it’s not that the old brother is not righteous, but this matter, in essence

It’s your family affair, so I think we won’t follow along.

Patriarch Xuanyuan said first. The other three Patriarchs also followed. As they said, they even stepped aside and left Zhou Hengtian in isolation. Only Zhou Feng was with Zhou Hengtian. But obviously, Zhou Feng didn’t care about such things, he was still shouting loudly, “Brother Yang is mighty!

Brother Yang is domineering!

Kill the Zhou family!

I’ve seen Zhou’s family a long time ago!

“Xiaofeng, you are the son of the Zhou family anyway!”

“Zhou Hengtian’s face twitched and said. What is this called? There is clearly another person on his side, but he keeps on supporting the other party! “The Zhou family’s son is awkward, then Big Brother Dustin Zhou is still my brother.

“Zhou Feng said nonchalantly, “After our Zhou family is dissolved, I will go to a position under Dustin Zhou’s eldest brother. When that happens, I will still belong to the Zhou family.

“It’s just a change of the person in charge of the house. Anyway, I think the Zhou family’s authority is also very unpleasant.”

“Do you mean it’s not pleasing to my eyes?”

Zhou Hengtian smiled bitterly and covered his eyes. As the Patriarch, he is naturally a real powerist. “Almost.

“Zhou Feng shrugged his shoulders and shouted at Dustin Zhou again, “Brother Yang, come on!”

Dustin Zhou ignored Zhou Feng, because he also felt that this bean paste was a bit too speechless. He looked at Zhou Hengtian directly, “What do you think?”

“Is it your Zhou family who took the initiative to disband?”

Or let me do it myself!

“The Patriarch of the Zhou family standing in front of him is Dustin Zhou’s father, a powerful and powerful man. But at this moment, Dustin Zhou doesn’t have the slightest feeling in his eyes. It is this man who abandoned his mother. When he was young, he was still alive. When he was unable to protect his mother, Dustin Zhou clearly remembered how hard his mother suffered. This man is unforgivable. The Zhou family is unforgivable! Zhou Hengtian sighed silently, “Yang Er, it is impossible for the Zhou family to disband.

“Actually, I have some guesses about your thoughts.”

“In fact, I also have a lot of explanations to tell you. I hope you can give me a chance to explain.

“Zhou Hengtian does seem to have some unspeakable concealment. Even Dustin Zhou has noticed it a long time ago. When Zhou Hengtian first saw him, he seemed to want to say something, but he never said it. Now I want to say it? It’s too late! Dustin Zhou snorted coldly, “Do you think I still care about the reason back then?

“No matter what your reasons are, or what difficulties you have, for my mother, the harm you caused to her is real, right?

“I didn’t want your Zhou family to be destroyed directly.

It’s just asking you to disband. Is this request too much?

“In the future, there will be no Zhou family in the imperial capital, only the Zhou Group. Do you have any objections?”

” “Have!

“Zhou Hengtian still said stubbornly, “Yang Er, what happened back then was not my fault…” “Who do you call Yang Er!”

“A flash of anger and impatience flashed in Dustin Zhou’s eyes. At this time, the man in front of him remembered that he was close to himself? Just now, he even ordered the three emperors of warriors to do it with him! What a shame! The behavior made Dustin Zhou feel sick, and the name Yang Er called by the other party also made Dustin Zhou sound harsh. His figure flashed and suddenly appeared in front of Zhou Hengtian, and then he punched Zhou Hengtian in the stomach. Go up. Even though Dustin Zhou had left his hand in this punch, Zhou Hengtian still squirted out a mouthful of blood. He lay on Dustin Zhou’s shoulder in pain and coughed twice, “Yang…Zhou, Dustin Zhou.

“It’s Mr. Zhou.”

Dustin Zhou said coldly. “Mr. Zhou.

“Zhou Hengtian reluctantly chose to compromise, “Give me a chance and let me explain.

“Sorry, no chance.”

A sneer crossed the corner of Dustin Zhou’s mouth, “I will let you go back now. Three days later, I will take my mother to receive everything from Zhou’s family.”

“At that time, I hope you have disbanded. If I find that someone is stubbornly resisting, I don’t guarantee that I will do something like blood on the Zhou family.”

Dustin Zhou was a little irritable, so he refused Zhou Hengtian’s explanation. He was too lazy to listen, and he was not in the mood to listen. Now he came out to explain? Why did you go? What was this guy doing when he and his mother were suffering? So he beat him roughly. After breaking Zhou Hengtian, he was not allowed to make any explanation, and he threw him to Zhou Feng. “Take him back, and by the way, tell the Zhou family what I said.

“In three days, I will take my mother back to Zhou’s house.”

Dustin Zhou said lightly. “Brother Yang, I’m waiting for you!”

“Zhou Feng gave Dustin Zhou a thumbs up, then carried Zhou Hengtian and left. The patriarchs of the other three families didn’t even dare to show up. After getting Dustin Zhou’s permission, they took the three warriors with shame. The emperor left. This group of people came back and forth, and within half an hour, they left in a desperate manner. This stunned the passers-by outside. “Hey, what happened?

If I remember correctly, this group of people has just entered for half an hour. I haven’t finished this cup of coffee yet!

“Under the roadside tent, several passers-by drinking coffee whispered. “The one being carried is the patriarch of the Zhou family, right?”

Isn’t the Zhou family the head of the four big families?

“Look at the patriarchs of the other three families

, His complexion is not good, what is going on with the Zhou Group this time?

Isn’t it the Zhou family’s property?

Why did the patriarchs of the four major families come out so desperately?

“Hey, who told you this Zhou Group is the Zhou family’s property?”

Let me tell you, this Zhou Group is actually a foreign industry, and there were conflicts with the four big families two days ago.

“I see this situation, there is a high probability that the patriarchs of the four big families came to avenge themselves, but they were kicked out.

“The well-informed person explained. “Why did the patriarchs of the four big families be driven out for revenge?”

What role is the Zhou Group this time?

“I don’t know, but this imperial capital, I am afraid it will change.

“Everyone shook their heads and sighed. These things are very far away from them. But even so, the news spread throughout the imperial capital overnight.

Chapter 1149

Zhou Family and the four major families The matter was handled cleanly and quickly, and it was almost unbelievable. But in fact, this is justified. Because Dustin Zhou’s realm is already too high. The emperor’s ultimate, shoulder-to-shoulder than the existence of the king of the fairy, even if it is young In the world, Dustin Zhou’s opponent is only the King of the Immortal Master. Moreover, the King of the Immortal Master is not a complete human being. It is the product of the intrusion of the spiritual wisdom by the Heavenly Dao. In other words, the current Dustin Zhou can say It is the most powerful existence in human beings. Regardless of what the Zhou family is, the first family in the east, the four families can be combined in the imperial capital, the emperor’s footsteps for a hundred years, it seems to be very bluffing. But all this is in the emperor Dustin Zhou In front of the extreme, in front of the strongest human beings, it is like a play for the family. He handles the business of the four major families, just as the chairman of Ali’s father handles a small restaurant in the county, and how much energy consumption costs. Time? The two parties are not a heavyweight at all! So for Dustin Zhou, he didn’t take the four big families at all. Even if he defeated them easily, Dustin Zhou’s heart did not fluctuate at all, and he did not want to celebrate, or What to show off. He has only one idea now, and that is to take his mother and Mira Xie quickly. Three days later, he will take his current family members to Zhou’s house in the name of Dustin Zhou. And, replace Zhou’s house. The Zhou family will still exist, but it is no longer the Zhou family that the world is familiar with. In the future, the Zhou family will only have three simple members, and perhaps new members will be added in the future, but for now, there are only three people. Last week’s group. Once the Zhou family that abandoned them, now the two levels reversed, they were abandoned by Dustin Zhou. A person, abandon a family. When you are strong enough, you can

Make it happen.

Dustin Zhou went to the East China Sea on this side, and on the other side, the Zhou family in the imperial capital, at this time the entire family was plunged into a solemn atmosphere.

“Are you sure there is no way? No matter how strong Dustin Zhou is, he is just a person. How can we be defeated by one person if we are a magnificent Zhou family?” For a long time, the elder said.

This is the highest meeting of the family.

The number of people attending the meeting was very small, three in the Presbyterian Church, three Emperors of Warriors, Zhou Hengtian and Zhou Feng, totaling eight.

These eight people basically represent the most core and senior members of the Zhou family.

At this time, the secret that the four big families were slammed by the Zhou clique had spread throughout the entire imperial capital.

However, the Zhou family’s senior management never stood up and gave a clear answer, as if nothing happened.

The people under Zhou’s family also thought those were false news.

They are still living in their dreams, thinking that the Zhou family is undefeated.

When a disciple of Zhou’s family heard news of Zhou’s defeat from others, he immediately used cruel methods to force others to shut up.

In this regard, Zhou’s senior management still acquiesced.

On the surface, it seems that nothing happened, but if someone is careful, you will find that the Zhou family has entered a weird state.

The people below are crazy, but the upper level keeps silent.

It’s not that they remain silent, but they really haven’t figured out a way.

When Zhou Hengtian and Zhou Feng came back and explained the situation to the elders, the elders did not believe them at first.

Are you kidding me, how could there be such a powerful person in this world?

Without moving, can the three emperors of warriors kneel down directly for him?

Those who have this kind of ability can’t become immortals!

But they couldn’t help but believe it, because the two martial arts emperors sent by the Zhou family also proved, “Perhaps he is not a fairy master.” “But his strength is definitely far beyond the scope of the martial emperor, I will achieve Since the Emperor of Warrior, I have never encountered such a powerful existence.” “In this world, no one has ever given me such coercion.” “Don’t say that I am not his opponent at all, even if I have the ability. Rebellion, but when facing him, I can’t raise any resistance at all.” “Although I am a noble warrior emperor, in front of him, I have become a civilian with nothing, and he , Is the emperor above!” The description of Dustin Zhou by the two martial emperors was surprisingly consistent.

This completely shocked the presbytery. They invited the third emperor of warriors out of the Zhou family. Once the three emperors of warriors met and communicated, they concluded that Dustin Zhou might have broken through the emperor’s extreme!

The emperor’s ultimate!

Eternal wizards, only one outstanding talent can be produced in a thousand years

, His weight is much heavier than the immortal master.

At this time, all the roads of the Zhou family were completely cut off.

At the beginning, the elders thought Dustin Zhou was a fairy teacher.

If it is a fairy master, then they are not completely helpless.

Hidden families like the Xu family can have the remnant soul of the immortal master to lay the guardian formation, and the Zhou family naturally has such a trump card.

They sent enough immortal masters to the small world. If Dustin Zhou was just a simple immortal master, then they could communicate with the small world and use the rules of the small world to capture Dustin Zhou back.

Or directly invite a fairy master who can communicate with the lower realms to deal with Dustin Zhou.

In other words, as the first family in the East and one of the top families in the secular world, the Zhou family’s combat power on the bright side is the three emperors of warriors.

But considering their background, their limits can actually be comparable to a fairy master.

This is also the reason why the Zhou family is so arrogant. Even after knowing that Dustin Zhou was promoted to the emperor of warriors, he didn’t put Dustin Zhou in his eyes at all, and he didn’t even bother to win.

A family comparable to a fairy master, although it is still very rare as the emperor of warriors, the emperor of warriors is not enough to make them take it seriously, put down their body to win.

Since Dustin Zhou chose to stand on the opposite side of them, then they would just get rid of Dustin Zhou.

But they never expected that Dustin Zhou’s strength would far surpass the emperor of warriors, and even surpass the immortal master, reaching the ultimate strength of the emperor!

This caused the Zhou family to fall into despair.

They have held such grand summits three times in a day.

But there is still no discussion about the result.

The Zhou family disbanded?

That’s impossible, none of them will be willing.

But what can we do if we don’t dissolve?

“Even if it is the emperor’s ultimate, you may not be able to hang the immortal master just after being promoted!” said the second elder, “Now that we can only fight to the death, contact the small world.” “Do our best. , Try to mobilize two immortal masters, our Zhou family’s thousand-year foundation, can’t we just give up like this, right?”

Chapter 1150

The Zhou family is undoubtedly a famous family, the top richest family.

And for these giants, what is the most important thing?

It is the face, the inheritance, and the foundation.

For these things, they can sacrifice the interests of someone in the clan, or even their lives.

In other words, it is not that simple to disband the Zhou family.

Even if they knew that Dustin Zhou was extremely powerful, it was far from what they could contend.

But the family didn’t, let alone they could not accept it.

They would rather fight a fish to die, because the family is disbanded, for these people, there is nothing too much to kill them.

Big difference.

“In any case, the Zhou family cannot be disbanded.” “Everything Dustin Zhou wants, we can satisfy him,” the elder looked at Zhou Hengtian, “We can apologize to him, we can give him a rectification, and we can do everything he wants. You can give it to him and let him return to the Zhou family.” “But if he insists on disbanding our Zhou family, then we can only fight to the death.” Zhou Hengtian nodded helplessly, “I will try to negotiate with him once. , Told him that there was actually a big reason for driving them out of the Zhou family.” “If he is unwilling to forgive the Zhou family, I am willing to resist all his anger by myself, and try to keep him from spreading. Zhou Family.” By the way, what Zhou Hengtian has always wanted to explain to Dustin Zhou is that Dustin Zhou and Zhou Mu were driven out of Zhou’s family.

This is simple to say, nothing more than Zhou Hengtian is the most outstanding family heir, but unfortunately, if he wants to truly inherit the position of Patriarch, he can only marry a woman from the Xuanyuan family.

This is the meaning of the entire family, and also the meaning of the four major families.

No one can resist this order, including Zhou Hengtian of course.

So out of desperation, he drove away Zhou Mu and Dustin Zhou and married his current wife.

But in fact, he never forgot Dustin Zhou.

That’s why he gave Dustin Zhou 20 million to let Dustin Zhou grow up slowly.

If Dustin Zhou is really excellent, then Zhou Hengtian will persuade the Zhou family’s presbytery to let Dustin Zhou return to the Zhou family.

However, Dustin Zhou’s excellence far exceeded his expectations. In only three years, Dustin Zhou had no longer needed him to match the bridge, and he grew up alone into a powerful existence that can fight against the Zhou family.

Of course, at the beginning, the Zhou family only thought that Dustin Zhou was an ordinary martial master. Although he was good enough, they hadn’t really put Dustin Zhou in their eyes.

This is why Zhou Hengtian would say that after seeing Dustin Zhou.

When Zhou Hengtian brought the three emperors of warriors to see Dustin Zhou, he did not act on Dustin Zhou the first time, but asked Dustin Zhou to consider whether he could withstand the pressure of the three emperors of warriors.

At that time, he actually wanted to show Dustin Zhou the powerful strength of the Zhou family, forcing Dustin Zhou to bow his head.

As long as Dustin Zhou bows his head, then he can come back to persuade Zhou’s family and accept Dustin Zhou.

When Dustin Zhou replied clearly that the three emperors of warriors could do it, Zhou Hengtian gave up the explanation and asked Dustin Zhou to directly touch the three emperors of warriors.

At that time, the result he thought was also the result he most hoped for. Dustin Zhou was defeated in the end, but he was able to make two moves under the hands of the three martial emperors.

As a result of this, Dustin Zhou was able to realize that he could not be

The anti-Zhou family, and the Zhou family, also recognized Dustin Zhou’s excellence.

The best of both worlds, Dustin Zhou was finally able to return to Zhou’s family convinced, and Zhou’s family also had sufficient reasons to accept Dustin Zhou.

But what I never expected was that Dustin Zhou was too strong, let alone the three martial emperors fighting against Dustin Zhou, they never met Dustin Zhou at all.

He knelt down as soon as he had a face-to-face encounter.

That’s why it led to this embarrassing situation. The initiative is no longer with them.

It’s not that they accept or not accept Dustin Zhou in their mood, but Dustin Zhou’s in their mood to let their Zhou family go!

“I believe that Yang Er will not destroy the entire Zhou family, even if he intends to do so, Ling Er will not agree.” Zhou Hengtian said with a wry smile.

Ling’er, Dustin Zhou’s mother.

Zhou Hengtian believed that Dustin Zhou’s mother was a kind woman, and she would definitely not watch Dustin Zhou destroy the Zhou family.

On the other side, Dustin Zhou returned to the East China Sea and met his mother.

Mother is making a pair of flat shoes in the living room.

She made these shoes for herself.

It’s not that Dustin Zhou didn’t want to wear her shoes, but Zhou Mu felt that her own shoes were not worthy of Dustin Zhou, so she simply refused to make them for Dustin Zhou.

As for herself, she is also idle every day, so she often makes clothes and shoes for herself.

It was also to save Dustin Zhou money…Although she knew that Dustin Zhou wouldn’t be short of this small amount of money, she just couldn’t stay idle.

Dustin Zhou saw this scene in front of him, his eyes were a little bit sad.

A mother who has worked hard for most of her life, such a kind and hardworking woman, why hasn’t she enjoyed any blessings for most of her life?

Why do you have to endure such pain when you are young?

He sat quietly across from his mother, just watching so quietly, without speaking for a long time.

After half a day, Zhou’s mother couldn’t bear it anymore. “What are you looking at? How come you are so free today? You don’t have to work?” “Mom, you are suffering.” Dustin Zhou did not answer Zhou’s question, but said sincerely. One sentence.

He really felt that his mother was suffering.

“Huh? You brat, what’s the matter today?” “Your mother, isn’t this good? I don’t have to work now. You support me every day. What’s wrong with me.” “What is your problem? What irritated you?” Zhou Mu looked at Dustin Zhou with a kind look in her doting, and said with a small smile.

“I will support you in the future, Mom, I say you have suffered, not that you have suffered now, but that you have suffered before.” Dustin Zhou hugged his mother from behind, “but those things are all over. “It’s okay, you are indeed a little abnormal today. Come and tell mom what’s the matter?” Zhou Mu asked Dustin Zhou.

He opened his hands and said.

Dustin Zhou stared at his mother for a while, then suddenly said, “Mom, do you hate my dad?” Zhou’s mother’s movements suddenly stopped.

After a long time, she raised her head and looked at Dustin Zhou with reddish eyes, “Have you seen him?” Dustin Zhou nodded.

Mother Zhou was silent again.

In front of Dustin Zhou, she never mentioned the name Zhou Hengtian.

This is her eternal pain, but she feels that all this has nothing to do with Dustin Zhou, and there is no need for Dustin Zhou to bear all this.

So she shook her head, “Silly boy, it’s all over, what do I hate him for.”

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