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Table of Contents

Chapter 380

(1) Just curious about Dustin Zhou?

After Sun Lian casually finished speaking, Wu raised her teacup and sipped it, while Chen Li, Ding Tao, and some other members of the small family all looked at her in surprise.

Even if some people don’t know Sun Lian’s specific identity and status, they can see that she can be a woman like Chen Li and Ding Tao.

The family patriarch sits on an equal footing, knowing in her heart that her identity is absolutely extraordinary.

But at this time, Sun Lian said that she stayed, but she was also curious about Dustin Zhou.

If this is changed to anyone, I am afraid it will be hard to believe.

You know, Fashion Capital had no intersection with Dustin Zhou before.

It was also the first time Sun Lian saw Dustin Zhou.

When I saw Dustin Zhou for the first time, I was so curious that I did not hesitate to disagree with Huang Sanli, the Zhao family, and the Liu family, and also supported Dustin Zhou’s views just now.

If you say this, who will believe it, you must think that what you say is just opening your eyes and telling lies.

In case someone who has an admiration for Sun Lian or someone who has a desire for fashion capital is cruel, it is very likely that the nonsense person will be beaten up to show a lesson.

Such things have not happened before.

Because of this, everyone felt surprised.

“Mr. Sun, I was joking, I remember, this is the first time you saw Dustin Zhou? You only returned to Hunan last week. Even if you have some understanding, I am afraid it is only very one-sided.” Chen Li’s mouth twitched slightly. , Concealing his shock well, then said softly.

He wanted to relax his words so as to ease the surprised atmosphere of everyone just now.

But who is Sun Lian?

She is a unique person in the Fashion Capital Division of Hunan Province. She has a strong personality and strong means. In many cases, things that many people think can’t be done can be done quickly by Sun Lian.

Therefore, even in the entire fashion capital system, Sun Lian can be ranked, even a very important person under the Zhou family in Beijing.

Of course, everyone present, including Chen Li and Ding Tao, did not know the relationship between Sun Lian and the Zhou family.

However, they knew about the struggle between Fashion Capital and the Yu family, and the entire Hunan Province also knew about it.

Even the powerful Yu family, the top five families, couldn’t shake the fashion capital. At that moment, everyone looked at fashion capital with admiration. Since then, there is no one who dares to think carefully.

It is precisely because of this that Chen Li was a little shocked when Sun Lian said so frankly and was only curious about Dustin Zhou.

Others also looked at Sun Lian, wanting to see if she had any other reasons.

“Although I don’t know much about Dustin Zhou, judging from the few things I have learned, he is not a person who can speak loudly or even deliberately.” Sun Lian smiled lightly.

“Biru, the people who abolished the Jiang family, faced the Jiang family, neither humble nor overbearing, and made a big fuss at the Jiang family dinner. Even the Jiang family could not help him.” “I also heard that he has a relationship with the Zhang family. Very good?” Chen Li nodded when Sun Lian asked.

He knew about this, and the Chen family was able to

It was Dustin Zhou that reached a connection and cooperation intention with the Zhang family.

Otherwise, with his position as Chen Li, I am afraid that he cannot speak to Zhang Jiajia’s claim to Tai Yan.

After all, Zhang Taiyan is two generations higher than Chen Li.

“The relationship is good. As far as I know, there is a Zhang Jie from the Zhang family who is a college classmate with Dustin Zhou.” Chen Li said slowly.

But for some things, he just got a rough idea, and it was a bit difficult to dig in.

What’s more, his home game is in Changsha, and he has no influence on Donghai.

“However, other than that, the people around Dustin Zhou are also pretty good.” Chen Li said with a smile, and suddenly the group of people around Dustin Zhou flashed through his mind, each with unique personalities, but they were not unpleasant.

“Huh? How to say?” At this moment, Sun Lian was a little curious.

She had only heard about some things between Dustin Zhou and the various forces in Hunan Province, but she didn’t know much about the people and forces around Dustin Zhou.

All she knows is that the company behind Dustin Zhou is Donghai Mingyang, a company that has exploded recently. She has heard of it from the person in charge of the Donghai branch of Fashion Capital.

Other than that, Sun Lian knew nothing.

Seeing that Sun Lian was interested, Chen Li felt relieved.

Although the relationship between him and Dustin Zhou is not very deep, Dustin Zhou came here today to remind him that he has to bear this love.

If Dustin Zhou’s impression in Sun Lian’s heart can be strengthened, it might be a benefit to Dustin Zhou.

“Mr. Sun and Dustin Zhou are from the East China Sea. They are now working in Mingyang and are in charge of two projects. Each of these two projects is unique and explosive.” “As far as I know, these two This project, every month, can occasionally bring a total of nearly 5 billion in sales to Mingyang.” Chen Li said slowly.

In fact, when he said this, he felt very emotional.

What project can bring so much sales to a company in such a short time?

Chen Li had never seen it before anyway.

But this does not prevent Chen Li from knowing the power of this.

After taking a sip of tea, Chen Li continued.

“In addition, I also heard that Dustin Zhou has basically integrated the cosmetics industry in the East China Sea. The famous company is the East China Sea cosmetics industry and the undeserved king.” “Moreover, the media industry in the East China Sea is also driven by him. An industry association has been established, and an industry fund.” “As for some of Dustin Zhou’s contacts, I don’t know much, but it is said that he has a good relationship with professors at Tunghai University, as well as a chief editor of the largest media company in East China.” Suddenly, Chen Li seemed to think of something and said repeatedly.

“By the way, Dustin Zhou came to Hunan this time,

Okay, there seems to be a child of the Su family in the East Sea, and he seems to be the only son of the Su family head. I think he is also very respectful in front of Dustin Zhou.

“There is another person, who usually looks indifferent, but I heard people say that it is the boss of a private club called Mountain Mist in the East China Sea, who is very influential in the East China Sea, whether it is white or black.

“Speaking of this, Chen Li stopped. He had already said everything he knew about Dustin Zhou, as for the rest, he didn’t understand. And the reason why he wants to say so much, in addition to giving back to Dustin Zhou, I also want to leave a good impression in front of Sun Lian. After all, fashion capital is strong, even if they are the Chen family, they may not be able to find fashion capital in the future. However, Sun Lian is in silence at this moment. At the beginning of what Chen Li said, she was also listening carefully, but she was silent in her heart, and didn’t think it was so remarkable. Even if it was the two popular projects of Mingyang Company, or the only son of the Su family, in her heart , But that’s all. Your Su family is strong in the East China Sea, but can it be compared with the Zhou family? As for the two projects of the famous company, the Zhou family can almost all be crushed by any industry. However, Chen Li finally said Yes, the owner of the Mountain Mist Private Club made Sun Lian’s eyes flash and his expression changed.

Chapter 381

Mountain Mist Club, Donghai, the boss. These key pieces of information are scattered. It might not be a big deal. But together, Sun Lian had to fluctuate in her heart. Is it really him? Sun Lian could not confirm, but was very excited. If it was really him, then why would he be with Dustin Zhou? Dustin Zhou, surname Zhou… Suddenly, Sun Lian stopped in mid-air with her teacup hand, her whole person seemed to be stunned, her eyes flashed brightly. And this scene fell in the eyes of Chen Li, Ding Tao and others. , But it’s a bit inexplicable. Just now, it’s okay. After Chen Li finished speaking, Sun Lian remained motionless, as if someone had performed a fixation technique? Chen Li and Ding Tao looked at each other, both from each other’s eyes. I saw a trace of confusion. But now, in the front hall, only the two of them have the highest status. If you want to inquire, they are also asking. “Mr. Sun?

Mr. Sun…” Chen Li yelled softly, yelling several times in succession, to no avail. Sun Lian was still motionless just now, as if she had become a stone statue. “Old Chen, what’s the matter?

Ding Tao’s expression froze, and there was a hint of surprise in his eyes, but he soon calmed down. He didn’t know the situation or the reason for Sun Lian’s appearance. But he knew one thing. If Sun Lian had an accident here, then he

All of us present cannot escape.

Even, because this is the front hall of the Chen family, the Chen family is likely to suffer revenge and suppression from the fashion capital behind Sun Lian.

When I thought that even the Yu family had suffered a loss in the hands of fashion capital, and did not dare to speak up again, let alone the Chen family.

Thinking of this, not only Ding Tao, but even Chen Li panicked.

He was a little dumbfounded, and his face was much ugly.

Originally, the Chen family wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to get rid of the Jiang family’s control in one fell swoop. The matter has not been completely resolved. Fashion capital Sun Lian had an accident in the Chen family, which made others think.

“Mr. Sun? Are you okay? Would you like to call a doctor?” Chen Li couldn’t sit still anymore, got up directly, walked in front of Sun Lian, stretched out his hand and waved in front of Sun Lian, his voice trembling.

If the Chen family is ruined in his hands, then he is the sinner of the Chen family, and there will be no way to see the ancestors of the Chen family in the future.

Chen Li didn’t want such a rebellious thing to happen to him, and he was still wronged.

“Ah? What’s the matter?” At this moment, Sun Lian woke up suddenly, her body trembled suddenly, and she quickly raised her eyes to look at Chen Li who was standing in front of her and waving her hands constantly, with a silly look.

“Chen Patriarch, are you?” Sun Lian asked in a deep voice, with a hint of displeasure on her face.

She is a woman, she hates someone standing so close in front of her, and seeing Chen Li’s movements, she is clearly doing what she wants to do.

“Oh, Mr. Sun, you are finally awake, great…” Chen Li was also taken aback by Sun Lian. When she saw Sun Lian wake up, a big rock in his heart finally fell.

At this time, how could he care about the unhappiness on Sun Lian’s face.

As long as Sun Lian didn’t have an accident in Chen’s house, he would burn incense.


Born in myself, and still wronged.

“Ah? What’s the matter?” At this moment, Sun Lian woke up suddenly, her body trembled suddenly, and she quickly raised her eyes to look at Chen Li who was standing in front of her and waving her hands constantly, with a silly look.

“Chen Patriarch, are you?” Sun Lian asked in a deep voice, with a hint of displeasure on her face.

She is a woman, she hates someone standing so close in front of her, and seeing Chen Li’s movements, she is clearly doing what she wants to do.

“Oh, Mr. Sun, you are finally awake, great…” Chen Li was also taken aback by Sun Lian. When she saw Sun Lian wake up, a big rock in his heart finally fell.

At this time, how could he care about the unhappiness on Sun Lian’s face.

As long as Sun Lian didn’t have an accident in Chen’s house, he would burn incense.


Born in myself, and still wronged.

“Ah? What’s the matter?” At this moment, Sun Lian woke up suddenly, her body trembled suddenly, and she quickly raised her eyes to look at Chen Li who was standing in front of her and waving her hands constantly, with a silly look.

“Chen Patriarch, are you?” Sun Lian asked in a deep voice, with a hint of displeasure on her face.

She is a woman, she hates someone standing so close in front of her, and seeing Chen Li’s movements, she is clearly doing what she wants to do.

“Oh, Mr. Sun, you are finally awake, great…” Chen Li was also taken aback by Sun Lian. When she saw Sun Lian wake up, a big rock in his heart finally fell.

At this time, how could he care about the unhappiness on Sun Lian’s face.

As long as Sun Lian didn’t have an accident in Chen’s house, he would burn incense.


What happened just now?

“At this moment, it was Sun Lian’s turn to look down at herself in surprise, and there was nothing unusual. However, the strangeness of the people around could not be hidden from her eyes. Just a casual look, she saw it, and almost everyone looked at it. There was a trace of worry and anxiety in his eyes. “Mr. Sun, don’t you remember what happened just now?

Chen Li returned to his seat and calmed down. Seeing that Sun Lian didn’t look like a fake, he told what had happened just now. Especially Sun Lian seemed to have suffered a fixation technique, and said nothing. After listening to Chen Li’s words, Sun Lian realized that the unhappiness on her face disappeared instantly, and she quickly returned to her indifference. “That’s it, I was thinking about something just now. Worried.

Sun Lian pursed her red lips and said faintly, as if nothing happened just now. And everyone was not stunned, one by one, like old fried dough sticks, nodding in response. “Patriarch Chen, Patriarch Ding, some I need to go back and confirm the matter. This is my goodbye. But what Dustin Zhou said just now, I think it is necessary to think about it. Anyway, there will be no loss. If you have any needs, fashion capital can provide a certain amount. support.

Sun Lian got up, thought for a while, and then left. She was fine here, and the Jiang family would not help but think of her. But an idea in her mind has been lingering in her heart, making her After hesitating for a while, he still said something. After that, Sun Lian left without looking back. The rest of the people looked at each other, not knowing what happened to Sun Lian, and how did Chen Li say to Dustin Zhou? After the introduction, there has been such a big change. Is there anything in Dustin Zhou that everyone hasn’t noticed? Impossible, if there is, after so many days, hasn’t anyone in the whole Hunan noticed it? The realistic thoughts swayed out, and Chen Li’s expression instantly became solemn. “Everyone, since you choose to stay here, it means that you are standing with our Chen and Ding families…” Next, Chen Li said again. I emphatically said some things, especially uniting together to face the upcoming suppression of the Jiang family. … Regardless of the situation in the Chen family, after Sun Lian left the Chen family, she immediately drove back to Fashion Capital. Send me all the information about Dustin Zhou in Xiang Province, and then go and collect all the information about Dustin Zhou in the East China Sea, it is all!

In the car, Sun Lian looked very serious. If anyone who knew her saw it, he would look like a ghost. Because in the eyes of others, Sun Lian has never

As serious as it is now, it seems that something big has happened.

After powerfully ordering the secretary to collect all the information of Dustin Zhou, Sun Lian’s eyes flickered, and she turned the front of the car quickly and drove directly to the Double Happiness Hotel.

Although she was not very familiar with all Dustin Zhou’s actions in Hunan Province, just listening to what Chen Li said made her aware of many things.

So, now, she needs to go to the Double Happiness Hotel to find Zhou Shaohua and ask to confirm some things.

The car drove very quickly, and Sun Lian arrived at the Double Happiness Hotel in about twenty minutes.

After thinking about it, she still took out the phone and got through to Zhou Shaohua.

“Hey, Mr. Zhou, this is Sun Lian.” … At this time in the hotel, Dustin Zhou was arranging everyone to take the next move.

Now, Mingyang’s flagship store has established a firm foothold in Changsha, and looking at the posture, it has developed very well.

Then, Dustin Zhou must prepare to make such branches bloom throughout Hunan Province.

However, if all of them were made by the famous company, it would be suspected of eating alone.

Even if the products in the branch store have other companies’ products, the products of the famous company will still occupy the bulk.

“Do you have any ideas, I can let you join the branch of Mingyang, and you can open stores in other parts of Hunan Province.”

Chapter 382

At this time, in the room, Dustin Zhou was sitting on the sofa, quietly watching the restless people standing in the room.

Today he didn’t call many people, except for Niu Chuan by his side, even Enderia Shen, Mira Xie, and Asher Chen were not here.

At this time, all the people in the room who seemed embarrassed were representatives of various cosmetic companies in the East China Sea.

They are all companies that Dustin Zhou has reached cooperation with Mingyang in the project of establishing a new plant in Donghai.

Because there was a happy cooperation before, so this time, Dustin Zhou figured out a way to get them together.

After all, these people are still very reliable.

However, when Dustin Zhou said his thoughts, everyone was silent.

Even Wang Dalu, Zhou Hao, who had always been very active, and even Wang Dalu, who wanted to make a big splash at the beginning, seemed to be stunned at this moment.

“What’s the matter? One by one so dull? Don’t want to do it?” Dustin Zhou’s expression moved slightly and asked softly.

He wasn’t forcing them to make choices and decisions, but seeing that everyone was silent, even Wang Dalu and Zhou Hao did not express their stance. After all, he was a little disappointed.

According to Dustin Zhou’s idea, taking out the franchise rights of Mingyang Company in Hunan Province and allowing these people to open branches in various places in Hunan Province, not only can the speed be guaranteed, but also each is independent and very convenient for management.

It is not impossible to let Mingyang have a branch or a branch in Hunan Province, and the final effect is even better than having others join in.

However, in fact, the account is not calculated this way.

How big is the entire Hunan Province?

The overall strength of the East China Sea is much stronger than the entire Hunan Province.

However, Mingyang cannot fully cover the East China Sea, and must rely on the stores and sales points of many small companies and agents.

What’s more, the area of ​​Hunan Province is many times larger than that of the East China Sea.

It is almost impossible for a company to be fully developed in Hunan Province by relying solely on Mingyang.

But now for Dustin Zhou, time is the most precious thing.

He wants to return to the Zhou family with the momentum, he can’t wait until ten or eight years later, right?

That way, let alone what unpredictable things will happen to the Zhou family.

Even he himself, I am afraid that he has a large force. At that time, it is hard to say whether or not to return to the Zhou family.

But now, let these small companies do the task of opening a branch in Hunan Province, and there is no problem at all.

The strength of these small companies is not very good, but the victory lies in the number.

Dustin Zhou just greeted him casually, and at this moment, representatives from nearly thirty companies came over.

There are still many small companies that simply don’t have the strength to go to other provinces to open up markets, so they never come.

However, among these companies, there are companies like Zhou Hao’s slightly more powerful son, and Wang Dalu’s Time Beauty Makeup, which has developed rapidly.

They can open a branch separately and occupy a city’s market.

As for those with weaker strengths, even if they can’t open a branch on their own, several of them can work together to open a branch.

At that time, Dustin Zhou only needs to assign an instructor from Mingyang Company to guide him, and everything will be fine.

In this way, it would take ten or eight years for the famous company to do it alone, but now I am afraid it can do it in one or two years.

Everyone looked at me and I looked at you, looking at each other, they didn’t know what to say.

“Zhou, it’s not that we are unwilling, but we are worried that we can’t do well and cause trouble to the famous company’s signs.” Zhou Hao is the most active person. He is flexible when he sees it, and he laughs softly. The crowd resolved a siege.

Otherwise, with over 30 of them, facing Dustin Zhou’s question, none of them spoke out. What does this mean?

Look down on Dustin Zhou, or look down on the famous company?

Don’t want to mix up anymore?

As for Zhou Hao’s words, it seemed as if they opened the conversation box for everyone, and everyone began to express their concerns.

“Yes, Mr. Zhou, we are all small companies. There is a small sales company in the three-acre land in the East China Sea.

Point, even if it’s not bad, if you open a branch separately, I’m afraid it will be messed up.

“Yes, Mr. Zhou, you can still think of us for such a good thing. To be honest, we are very touched, but in reality, it is not allowed.

“Even if we open a branch, we don’t have much experience in management, and it is easy to have problems. When the time comes, it will be difficult to take care of the situation here.

“… Everyone babbled and spoke out their worries. Dustin Zhou listened silently, without interrupting. He knew that these people had their own plans and worries. These were all normal things. He wouldn’t blame them for this. On the contrary, everyone can say it directly, believing him Dustin Zhou. This makes Dustin Zhou feel better, at least it won’t benefit others, but the other party doesn’t want such a weird idea. “Zhou, in fact, we are all united together, it is not impossible to open a branch in Hunan Province, but, like Zhou Hao and their company, the strength is stronger, naturally there is no problem, but we are very reluctant.

“Wang Dalu, who has been silent for a long time, spoke slowly at this time, with a firm face and a calm expression. “Zhou, I wonder if it is possible to divide the grades according to the size of a branch, so that everyone can choose the grade that can be done well. It is really impossible. , Everyone can cooperate.

“Moreover, Mr. Zhou, even if we have opened the branch, there are many details, such as the distribution of goods, and management of these aspects. Can Mingyang provide support?

After Wang Dalu finished speaking, he looked at Dustin Zhou with anticipation. These thoughts were something he had just thought of. They were a bit rudimentary, but they were not very mature yet. If Dustin Zhou agreed, he could go back and think about it again and confirm this idea. Dustin Zhou’s eyes lit up and looked at Wang Dalu in surprise. What he said just now coincided with his own thoughts. And he himself, but he didn’t mention this idea with anyone. But Wang Dalu figured it out alone. This idea is really good. “Huh?

Yes, Mr. Wang is right. If this is the case, maybe we can try it.

“Yes, Mr. Zhou, we think Mr. Wang’s words make sense. If you can send someone to guide us, we won’t be at a loss.

“If there is Zhou Zong’s guidance, our company will have no problem opening two branches.”

“… For a while, everyone said one after another, and their faces swept away from the previous embarrassment and became excited. The corners of Dustin Zhou’s mouth raised slightly, and he was very relieved. He took a serious look at Wang Dalu and looked from his face. When it comes to perseverance and self-confidence, Dustin Zhou may have to take a good look and analyze it when such an expression appears on other people’s faces. But it appears

On Wang Dalu’s face, Dustin Zhou’s heart was very calm.

After all, all the previous signs, whether it was the last gleam of vitality for Wang Dalu Fighting Company, to the development of the company, are enough to show that he is not a simple person.

“Yes, you can go back and think about it, and discuss with each other. I will list the cities in Hunan where you need to open branches. Then, you can discuss the results and leave them to me.”

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