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Chapter 779

Tiger Lord’s name! Those old immortals knew that they did not dare to chew their tongues outside at all. Once they angered the Xu family, the consequences were not something they could bear. “Back then, the Xu family was a hidden family with a strong strength, and there were more than one in the family. Thirty martial arts masters look down upon the East China Sea, but more than ten years ago, due to power struggles within the family, the Xu family broke into internal struggles, divided into two lines, fought against each other, and lost both.

“But even if both lose and lose, there are advantages and disadvantages. The one who was in the superior position at that time inherited the position of the head of the Xu family is now the Xu family, while the weaker side left the Xu family and disappeared. go into hiding.

“Others, even people in the Xu family, think that those people have left the East China Sea, but in fact they are still in the East China Sea, accumulating strength in the dark, looking for an opportunity to retake the Xu family.

“I don’t know if I am right, Mr. Xu Zonghu.”

Dustin Zhou said slowly, speaking to the last sentence, especially when he said the real name of Lord Tiger, his face was full of relief, but a dignified look flashed through his eyes. Because he still didn’t know the Lord Tiger so well, All the things I understand are heard from the past, or I heard from the Lord Tiger during the process of getting along with the Lord Tiger.

Go to make some impressions.

It can be said that all Dustin Zhou’s impressions of Lord Tiger are basically created by Lord Tiger deliberately and wanted Dustin Zhou to see.

As soon as Xu Zonghu said the three words, Master Tiger’s pupils shrank instantly, his heart suddenly tightened, and he stood up with a bang, even the chair was kicked over.

And Brother Pao, who was on the sofa, wanted to stand up for the first time, but was pushed back by Zhou Feng.

Two martial masters, neither of them can suppress each other, but as long as the other is still there, they will not be able to step forward to interfere with Dustin Zhou and Tiger Lord.

“What do you mean?” After Tiger Lord stood up, he suddenly realized that he had overreacted.

He just suddenly heard Dustin Zhou say the name Xu Zonghu, and he reacted subconsciously.

But thinking about it now, Dustin Zhou has no direct evidence to prove it, and the name Xu Zonghu has disappeared many years ago, and no one is using it.

Master Tiger slowly sat down again and looked at Dustin Zhou. Although his face was still as relaxed and comfortable as before, and there was even a hint of doubt, the solemnity and confusion in his eyes could not be concealed.

Dustin Zhou had a rough guess in his mind about Tiger’s reaction.

In fact, Hu Ye said so now, but he was sure Dustin Zhou had no evidence.

However, Dustin Zhou has never paid attention to evidence in his work.

Moreover, when he said the three words Xu Zonghu just now, whether it was the reaction of Lord Tiger or Brother Pao, they all explained that they knew the three words Xu Zonghu. Not only that, but I am afraid they are also one of the two in their hearts. Taboo.

Suddenly hearing the three words Xu Zonghu from others and from Dustin Zhou’s mouth is undoubtedly a shocking thing for Hu Ye and Pao.

“Lord Tiger, it’s this time, why bother to conceal it? Besides, you and I are not enemies. On the contrary, we now have common enemies. The so-called enemies of enemies are friends. Presumably, Lord Tiger is also waiting for an opportunity, and now Isn’t it a good opportunity?” “Also, Lord Tiger, others may not know your name, but for me, it’s not a difficult task.” Dustin Zhou leaned back, leaned on the chair, and watched quietly. To Tiger Lord.

In fact, when Dustin Zhou said this, he was almost in a showdown, and he also clarified some of the current interests so that Lord Tiger could make a choice.

Don’t look at Dustin Zhou looking so relaxed and casual now, but in fact, Dustin Zhou’s heart is more nervous than anyone else, more surprised than anyone, shocked more than anyone.

When he learned from Shui Bingyue that a person he knew was the one in the Xu family’s failed line, he was still guessing who it was.

However, when Shui Bingyue really told him who it was, Dustin Zhou was shocked.

Tiger Lord!


Wrong, the name Shui Bingyue whispered in Dustin Zhou’s ear at that time was the name of Master Tiger, or Xu Zonghu was more correct.

In Dustin Zhou’s impression, Hu Ye was an old Donghai native. He started to work hard in Donghai ten years ago, and he and Ren Feng are almost the same age.

At that time, the name Tiger Lord outside had always been Tiger Lord, and it had never changed in more than ten years, so that many people only knew that he was called Tiger Lord, but didn’t even know his real name.

In Dustin Zhou’s view, Master Tiger has been in the East China Sea for more than ten years, and it is impossible to get involved with the Xu family.

However, when Shui Bingyue told him the matter, Dustin Zhou suddenly realized.

However, speaking out and speaking out, it still depends on the decision of Lord Tiger.

If he agrees to cooperate, then everything is easy to handle, otherwise, the relationship between the two will probably end here.

Suddenly, silence fell in the office.

Several people, none of them spoke.

Brother Pao and Zhou Feng sat calmly, but everyone was staring at each other, guarding against a sudden move.

And Dustin Zhou leaned quietly on the chair, analyzing the possibility of some tiger masters agreeing to cooperate.

First of all, Hu Ye himself and the Xu family have a very big hatred. This hatred will not be downplayed because the two lines are born in the Xu family. On the contrary, the more so, the greater the hatred.

Secondly, the strength of Lord Tiger’s line is probably not as good as before.

Although Hu Ye was very famous in the East China Sea, and he was rich in wealth, compared with the Xu family of the hermit family, it was completely on the ground and the other in the sky.

The Xu family waved their hands casually, I am afraid that more oily residue leaked out than that of Lord Tiger.

Under such circumstances, no matter what it is, the resources of Lord Tiger are definitely not as many as those of the Xu family leader.

This means that in the past ten years or so, the Xu family’s main line may have reborn several martial masters, or the previously injured martial masters have recovered completely.

However, in this line of Lord Tiger, it is possible that no martial master has been born in the past ten years, and the injured martial masters of the year may still have dark diseases on their bodies, and even some people may not be able to survive them. The soul has returned to the west a long time ago.

Therefore, now that the Tiger family wants to fight with people in the Xu family’s line, it is impossible to rely on them alone, and they must find someone to cooperate.

However, looking at the entire East China Sea, to be able to reach a cooperation with the Tiger Lord, not only does not fear the Xu family, but also has a certain strength, only Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou this time, Dustin Zhou already had a rough idea in his heart, and Lord Tiger would not refuse directly.

In the entire office, only Lord Tiger was writhing in his heart at this moment.

He did not expect that Zhou

Yang actually knew so much.

Chapter 780

You know, your identity has been hidden very well, and this is the result of all the efforts of people in their line.

There are definitely no more than three people who know about Donghai.

And those three people are all the older generation, absolutely impossible to be Dustin Zhou.

Could it be that who told Dustin Zhou about this?


Just a moment of doubt in his heart, Tiger Lord immediately ruled it out.

Because this is simply impossible.

Although the few old immortals knew something that happened that year, they didn’t dare to talk about them casually.

You know, even if the Tigers and the others lose to the Xu family’s main line, they are defeated and fled, but the strength in their hands is more than enough to flatten and push a first-class family.

No one would do such a dangerous thing regardless of the safety of the family.

So, who would tell Dustin Zhou?

Master Tiger didn’t know, nor could he think of it.

But one thing he can think of is that there must be a super powerful force behind Dustin Zhou.

Otherwise, such a thing would be impossible to know with Dustin Zhou’s current status.

Moreover, Dustin Zhou came to look for himself this time, with a confident look, and a martial master was still behind him.

This is the second martial artist besides that Niu Chuan.

You know, even the tiger’s body and the martial artist’s master on the bright side, there is only Brother Pao.

However, there are two people around Dustin Zhou, and the implications can be understood by just thinking about it.

Hu Ye now has two choices.

One is to choose to cooperate with Dustin Zhou, so they have a great ability to overcome the Xu family’s main line. In this way, Dustin Zhou has resolved the crisis, and they return to the Xu family and become the Xu family’s main line.

The other is refusing to cooperate with Dustin Zhou. The relationship between the two is like a stranger. Even Tiger Lord has concerns because Dustin Zhou knows his true identity.

…… As time passed by, none of the four had the intention to speak first.

“Dustin Zhou…” After a long time, it was Tiger Lord who spoke first, but when he spoke, his voice became hoarse, as if he was full of exhaustion.

“Master Tiger, I don’t know if you think about it?” Dustin Zhou smiled faintly, and he saw the change in the expression on Master Tiger’s face just now.

Dustin Zhou knew that Lord Tiger must have gone through a very complicated and difficult psychological battle just now, otherwise he would still be fighting in his heart at this time and would not speak.

“Although I don’t know how you know my identity, what you said really touched me…” Master Tiger said with difficulty. Halfway through the conversation, the conversation changed.

“However, such a major event can’t be done by me alone

Enough to make the decision, I need to discuss with others, you come back in three days, I will give you an answer.

“After speaking, Lord Tiger seemed to have lost his whole strength, and his whole person became light and light. He lay directly on the chair, unable to lift a little strength, softly. “Okay!”

Then I will come again in three days!

“Hearing this, Dustin Zhou was determined! Although Lord Tiger said that he could not do this by himself, he needed to go back and discuss it with others. But Dustin Zhou knew that if Lord Tiger said so, it means that he already agreed with him. According to his own proposal, after he goes back, he will discuss with other people in accordance with the decision he made at the moment. The big thing can be done! Now that he gets such a sentence from Lord Tiger, then Dustin Zhou has no need to stay here anymore. After a little greeting, the master took Zhou Feng and left the Brilliant Hotel directly. After Dustin Zhou and Zhou Feng left, in the office, Master Tiger and Brother Pao looked at each other, and both saw a hint of helplessness and shock in each other’s eyes. “Master Tiger, how did Dustin Zhou know?

Brother Pao suppressed the shock in his heart, walked to Lord Tiger, and asked in a condensed voice. In fact, Brother Pao is also a member of the Xu family, and, in terms of seniority, he is still Lord Tiger’s cousin. Dustin Zhou was shocked when he knew the true identity of Lord Tiger. You know, when he was in contact with Dustin Zhou before, Brother Pao was the person who had the most contact with Dustin Zhou, and he didn’t notice Dustin Zhou at all. However, today Dustin Zhou Pao’s sudden arrival, saying that, really shocked Brother Pao cruelly. “I don’t know, but there are no more than three people in Donghai who know about this, and all of them are immortal. They wouldn’t tell anyone about this casually…” After a moment of indifference, Lord Tiger continued: “This Dustin Zhou, there must be a powerful force behind him. I always thought he was only the famous company, Su Jiahe. Asher Chen of the Mountain Mist Club is related, but now it seems that these are just blindfolds on the surface, and we don’t even know the real power behind the scenes.

“Hey! Brother Pao only felt that the shock in his heart became stronger. Originally, if it was related to Dustin Zhou, the famous company and the Su family were nothing to Tiger Lord, and there was no need to be afraid. There is a Mountain Mist clubhouse Asher Chen needs Tiger Lord a little bit fear. And the relationship between Asher Chen and Dustin Zhou, even a discerning person can see the affiliation between the two parties. And Tiger Tiger has always thought that the Mountain Mist clubhouse is behind. Dustin Zhou, but now it seems that the truth is far from what Tiger Master thought at the beginning. “Then Tiger Master, do we really want to cooperate with him?

Dustin Zhou’s current strength is only two martial masters

, Even if we were to be added, it was impossible to be the opponent of the Xu family’s main line.

“Brother Pao’s face was a bit solemn. Just now there was Zhou Feng, and Brother Pao was inconvenient to say a lot of things, but now, he can freely express the doubts and worries in his heart. You know, although Dustin Zhou is mysterious, it is now shown. The strength of is only two martial masters. This is far from enough for the tiger master line. Although, after separating from the Xu family, they lack a lot of resources, some of the martial masters who were injured before They have not fully recovered, but they have recovered seven or eighty-eight. However, in the past ten years, only one of them has been promoted to the realm of the martial master. And this is what their line can I have done it to the maximum. Without resources, everything is empty. “Well, my idea is to cooperate. Although Dustin Zhou is only showing two martial masters now, don’t forget that there was only one Niuchuan by his side before, and it was still that way. Young, even looking at our Xu family when it was at its peak, it was also one of the best.

“One, two, not necessarily three or four… I will discuss with the family, you go down and make some preparations, summon our forces in the East China Sea back then, let them listen to orders at any time.

” “Yes!

Chapter 781

At the Brilliant Hotel, what Huye and Brother Pao would say, Dustin Zhou didn’t know. After leaving the hotel, he went straight back to his villa in Lvjingwan City. At present. In terms of what he was able to do, he has already done it, and the rest, you need to see how Lord Tiger and the main line of Xu will react. Time is fast, and three days have passed in a blink of an eye. It was the Lantern Festival, but Su Xiaomeng had to leave the East China Sea and return to the capital. Since New Year’s Eve, Su Xiaomeng has actually been resting for nearly half a month, and the company also sent a notice to let her return as soon as possible , To prepare for some activities this year. “Woo, brother Dustin Zhou, I am leaving.

Su Xiaomeng was holding Dustin Zhou’s arm with a face full of reluctance, pursing a small mouth, looking at Dustin Zhou with eyesight, wanting Dustin Zhou to say something nice. Dustin Zhou looked at Su Xiaomeng selling cute, but also a little helpless. Su Xiao Before and after, she stayed at home for a total of more than ten days, and she was about to go back to work. Besides, after all, she was still a star, living at home for a long time, it was easy to be discovered by interested people, and then spread outside, arousing public attention. And investigation. At that time, even Dustin Zhou will be put in the public’s field of vision. This is something Dustin Zhou does not want to see. “Well, you have been at home for such a long time. It is time to go back to work, no

But the other two must not die in a hurry?

Besides, if you are back in the capital now, it is not impossible to come back, and I will also take the time to visit you in the capital.

Dustin Zhou said softly and comforted. Su Xiaomeng said last night that their Rocket Girl’s activity schedule for the past six months has no activities in the East China Sea. As for six months later, it depends on the company’s arrangements. So Su Xiaomeng is talented. Will be so reluctant. “Okay, girl, you go back now, we can still call from the capital, video, auntie will miss you, then if you miss your brother Dustin Zhou, then tell auntie, auntie let this The brat is going to see you.

“Mother Zhou touched Su Xiaomeng’s head and said with a chuckle, her eyes filled with exclamation. For Su Xiaomeng, this weird little girl, Zhou Mu actually liked it very much, giving her a feeling of being a mother. But after all, the two are not related by blood, and this girl is still a big star, living in the family, although the atmosphere is very good, but there are always a lot of inconveniences. Now Su Xiaomeng is going to return to the capital, but for the two of them, Better. “Well, Brother Dustin Zhou, you must come to see me.

Su Xiaomeng nodded, wiped the tears from his face, and then cheered up again. Driving along the way, Dustin Zhou personally sent Su Xiaomeng on the plane, and then slowly returned to Lvjingwan City. These days, the atmosphere of the Spring Festival It has slowly passed. Except for the following Lantern Festival, most people have already returned to work and have started intense and important work. Dustin Zhou returned to Lvjingwan City and shut himself in his room, thinking about picking up What happened here. There is no news from Lord Tiger. Although Dustin Zhou has great hope in his heart and Lord Tiger will agree, it has been several days. There is still any news over there, for Dustin Zhou. That said, there are still some worries and sufferings. It is true that Lord Tiger is not very old, forty or fifty years old, is in his prime, full of ambition, and may be very excited about Dustin Zhou’s suggestions. However, Lord Tiger does not represent it. The thoughts of everyone in his line. After the previous changes in the Xu family’s internal struggle, there must be some old guys who feel great pressure and worry about the strength between the two sides. In addition, Dustin Zhou’s strength is now showing. Not bad, but it is limited after all. For these big bosses who were once the Xu family of the hermit family, it may not be worth mentioning. In such a vague situation, let them give it a go and start a fight with the Xu family once again. Undoubtedly, it is a very risky thing. However, Dustin Zhou can’t put all his hopes on Lord Tiger. In addition to uniting with Lord Tiger, he needs to find other ways. Su Family. Since Su Wei returned from Hunan Province After that, just stay

In the home, wherever you go.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to go out, but that he really can’t.

At this time, the atmosphere of the Su family was also very solemn.

In the lobby, Patriarch Su Shiming sits high, and there are a few elders in their sixties sitting below them, all in high spirits. If you don’t look at the wrinkles on their faces and the white hair on their heads, they think they are all. Lad.

Su Wei sat at the bottom with his head down, sulking.

He has been wanting to go out these days to find Niu Chuan and Dustin Zhou. After all, his original intention of making friends with Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan was to learn Kung Fu.

Although Niu Chuan had taught him some basic moves for a while in Hunan Province, for Su Wei, who had tasted a bit of sweetness, he was obviously a little eager to move in his heart and was not satisfied with a few moves.

However, every time he wanted to go out, he would be stopped by someone. The other party would not care if he was Su Shiming’s son or the future heir of the Su family.

And Su Wei slightly raised his eyes to look at the people in the lobby at this moment, and his heart was a little solemn.

He used to be a dude, but after following Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan, Su Wei decided to be a good person and a qualified son of a big family. So during the period in Hunan, he calmed down and studied. Many things, including Dustin Zhou’s methods of dealing with people in Hunan Province.

At this moment, although everyone in the lobby did not speak, Su Wei could feel the solemn atmosphere.

In fact, Su Wei only discovered two days ago that it seems that since he returned to the East China Sea, the atmosphere at home has been something wrong.

Originally thriving, because of Dustin Zhou’s cooperation, many industries in the Su family have undergone changes, and the situation is good. Everyone in the family is also full of confidence and often smiles.

But since returning home, Su Wei suddenly found that everyone in the family, whether it is some elders or some subordinates, seemed to have a trace of sadness on their faces.

And now, seeing the elderly people sitting high in the lobby, Su Wei can know that something is wrong even if he doesn’t know the specific situation.

These elders are very important to the Su family. They are the most critical factor for the Su family to become a first-class family in the East China Sea.

Because, many of these old men are martial masters, and the rest are infinitely close to the martial masters, and their strength is comparable to the existence of half-step martial masters.

Su Wei had seen a lot before, but not many times.

Most of these are the worship of the family, enjoy the worship of the Su family, provide a martial arts resource, and they provide protection for the Su family.

This is a cooperative relationship.

“Patriarch, this is the situation now. My suggestion is the same as before. Try not to get involved in this matter, otherwise, the Su family may face a disaster.


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