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Chapter 704

“Xu You, what do you want to do? Is it possible that we can’t negotiate. Do you want to use strong?

“Chen Sanqiang endured the anger in his heart and said coldly. Right now, although there are more people on their side than Xu You, and there is also Chen Chong. However, Chen San knew that since Xu You dared to follow him, then He must have confidence. And when Chen San didn’t know the details of the other party, naturally he could not do it. At the moment, the only reason for Xu You to track him was the previous failed negotiation. And after Chen San finished speaking, other people also reacted. “I didn’t expect them to be so shameless that the negotiation failed, and they wanted to do it.

“Yeah, Sanye, if you speak, we must fight them to the end.”

“That’s right, San Ye, you saved my life in the first place. Today, as long as you say something, I will fight them.”

“Let’s protect the third master Shou together and prevent their conspiracy from succeeding!”

“… Suddenly, many people shouted, and there was a stance that both sides were dead. And hearing these words, Chen San’s confidence was also a little more. Although, he was also puzzled, he was close to him. Twenty people, why did I just hear only seven or eight people talking, but at this moment, there is not so much time for him to think about these things. “Brother, if you really do something, I will escort him later.” You leave, as long as you leave here, they dare not do anything to you again.

“Alihu said in a low voice beside Chen San. He is also a little flustered now, he is different from Chen San. Chen San has always been used to prestige here in Putuo District, and he is naturally accustomed to being high above others. Sensitive. But Ali is different. He doesn’t have any great skills himself, but he is better at being careful. At this moment, Ali clearly feels that the atmosphere between the two sides is a little bit wrong. First of all, the other side is domineering, as if opening up. The sharp blade is average, and it is possible to slash directly at them at any time. However, the people on Chen San’s side, although the slogans were shouted loudly just now, Ali did not feel any fighting intention from them. On the contrary, Ah From the faces of these people, Li saw the meaning of timidity and retreat. With this alone, once the two sides played against each other, then the victory and defeat could be separated. Not to mention, Ali looked at the other eleven people, His expression was extremely solemn. He could feel that almost every one of the eleven opponents was stronger than Chen Chong. Even the leader Xu You made Ali’s heart tremble even more. This is real. The horror is a kind of coercion that Xu You put on Ali when he stood there. Therefore, Ali was already thinking badly in his heart. First of all, he wanted to protect Chen San. “No need, it’s okay, we

With so many brothers, besides, with Chen Chong in, can you still be afraid of them eleven?

“However, Chen San didn’t care about Ali’s persuasion at all, waved his hand casually, and said calmly. In fact, Chen San was also a little flustered in his heart, and wanted to follow Ali’s words, once the two sides fought against each other, he would quickly evacuate. However, Chen San knew that it was a critical moment. If he showed a little discouragement, he would lose without a fight and his morale would be low. Besides, Chen San still had a trace of confidence in Chen Chong in his heart, he thought. It depends on how Chen Chong will respond. “Brother, Ali is right. The people opposite are very strong. I am afraid I am not an opponent.

“As if feeling Chen San’s gaze, Chen Chong whispered, and quickly set up a defensive posture. Chen Chong’s voice was put very low. He was worried that other people might hear them and they would scare away. Chen Chong almost twisted both eyebrows. It became a line. He looked at Xu You and the group in front of him, and forcibly suppressed the surprise in his heart. Compared with Ali, Chen Chong could feel the strength of the other party better. The other ten people were also fine, although Chen Chong felt it. Chen Chong felt a little bit of pressure, but Chen Chong was able to cope with it. However, the only Xu You made Chen Chong unable to see the depth, and his heart was filled with fear. Hearing Chen Chong saying this, Chen San suddenly became a little panicked, and he was calm just now. , Almost disappeared in an instant. And everyone was very clear about Chen San’s emotional changes. Almost at the moment when Chen San’s heart trembled, the younger brothers behind him began to retreat. They were away from Chen Chong. Some distance, I didn’t hear what he just said. However, judging from the panic that flashed on Chen San’s face just now, what Chen Chong said just now, I am afraid it is not a good thing. “Xu You, what do you want to do?

If one negotiation fails, we can still have the next negotiation. Are you really planning to do something here? You are not afraid that I will not negotiate with you and tell your real purpose to the famous company?

Chen San gritted his teeth, he thought maybe he could still struggle for the last time. “Next negotiation?”

Tell the people of Mingyang Company my true purpose?

Xu You smiled, with a faint sarcasm on his face. He suddenly looked at Chen San, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly. “Let me tell you the truth, without the next negotiation, then naturally you will not be able to tell me the truth.” The purpose is to tell the people of Mingyang Company.

After Xu You finished speaking, he lifted his right hand slightly and waved to Chen San’s side. Suddenly, the ten people behind Xu You rushed forward at an extremely fast speed. They came almost in an instant. Arrived in front of Chen Chong. On Chen San’s side, as soon as the opponent rushed over, several younger brothers fled directly.


And Chen San didn’t even expect that Xu You would make a move without saying a word.

Even from Xu You’s words just now, Chen San actually heard a little bit of different information.

Xu You wants to kill!

“Chen Chong, stop them!” Chen San was panicked at the moment.

He never thought that Xu You would actually have the idea of ​​killing himself.

Isn’t he afraid of things being revealed?

“Ali, let’s go quickly.” Seeing Chen Chong temporarily stop those people, Chen San couldn’t take into account that much anymore, so he turned around and was about to run away.

However, at the moment Chen San turned around, he felt as if he had been pulled by someone, his whole body was unstable, he staggered forward directly and fell to the ground.

“You!” Chen San was shocked and angry, and pointed at Ali with a trembling right hand.

Just now, when Chen San turned around and was about to escape, Ali actually pulled him from the side, causing him to fall directly to the ground.

And at this moment, where did Ali still look worried about Chen San just now, and his face was clearly full of sarcasm.

“You betrayed me!” Chen San didn’t understand at this moment.

Ali actually chose to betray himself.

Chapter 705

However, Chen San didn’t notice any signs.

Several times before, it was Ali persuading himself to go home. Just now, he was still thinking that if he listened to Ali at the beginning and go home early, this would not happen.

“Hehe, brother-in-law, how can I betray you.” Ali said softly.

“Alright, Chen Chong, stop.” Ali did not look at Chen San. At this moment, Chen San was already a sheep to be slaughtered, and there was no possibility of escape at all.

Afterwards, Ali looked at Chen Chong who was fighting with Xu You’s people and said with a smile.

But as Ali’s voice fell, Chen Chong, who had been fighting with Xu You just now, suddenly stopped. At the same time, Xu You’s people stopped immediately.

It’s as if the two sides didn’t fight each other at all, standing in place, but both sides looked at Chen San.

Xu You’s people are all sneered.

As for Chen Chong, his face was slow and expressionless, and his gaze at Chen San was also unclear, as if he had no problem at all when he followed Ali’s words at this time.

Chen San was stunned.

At this moment, all the hopes in his heart were gone.

Chen San didn’t expect that, just now, he was still shouting desperately, trying to fight the other side, and those little brothers who were going to work for themselves, at this moment, it was enough to run them all.

Now, even the two people he trusts most, Ali and Chen Chong, betrayed themselves one after another.

“Why?” Chen San gritted his teeth and looked at Ali, his eyes almost

There can be fire.

“Haha, why? Chen San, do you really think of yourself as San Ye?” Ali smiled, walked to Chen San, stretched out his hand, and slapped Chen San gently on his face.

“You forgot how you treated my elder sister? You have today, it’s all retribution!” Ali grinned, raised his hand suddenly, slapped Chen San’s face severely.

At this time, Ali had a sense of endless joy in his heart.

He had indeed followed Chen San sincerely before.

At first, Ali thought, by doing everything with Chen San’s side, Chen San would be able to treat his sister better.

But what Ali didn’t expect, Chen San not only didn’t treat his sister better, but instead became more vigorous, often fisting at her sister, and not allowing her to speak out.

Had it not been for Ali once found bruises on his sister’s body, he would have been kept in the dark.

At that time, Ali felt endless resentment against Chen San in his heart. In front of his sister, he vowed that one day he would retaliate.

After waiting so long, Ali finally waited for an opportunity.

In fact, Xu You found him before the third negotiation today, and his purpose was naturally to lure him and let him lie down.

Almost without any hesitation, Ali agreed.

“Haha, Boss Chen, I didn’t expect you to be such a person. It seems that your sales shop, in your hands, is nothing but a pearl of ignorance.” Xu You walked over at this time and stood in front of Chen San. , Condescending, aloof, with a faint smile on his face, both are announcing the fact that he is the winner and Chen San is the loser.

“Xu You, you will definitely not end well!” Chen San, still very spine at this time, snarled at Xu You.

“Hehe, I hope that in a while, you will still have such a backbone, you can rest assured, when you are gone, your wife can inherit your sales store, then, presumably, the transaction between us will be very easy.” Xu You smiled lightly, then turned and left.

Two people immediately walked out behind him, carrying Chen San, and about to walk into the darkness.

At this time, Chen San was finally scared.

He knew that Xu You was someone who dared to start, and he would definitely not just scare him.

“Xu You, I am willing, I am willing to negotiate with you, just as you

Asked to come, I agreed to all, and spared me.

Chen San kept begging for mercy, shaking his whole body. When he thought that he might be dead today, all the reservedness and face in Chen San’s heart were gone. At this time, don’t say that you just promised Xu You’s conditions, even if you let Chen The three sales outlets are given to Xu You free of charge, and Chen San will probably agree immediately. “Haha, boss Chen, at this time, you still talk to me about terms, as long as you are away, your sales outlet, I don’t want to get it. , How to get it, and why should you pay such a price?

Xu You stopped, turned around to look at Chen San, and said lightly. Indeed, as long as Chen San is not there, his wife will inherit everything he has. After that time, Xu You can naturally be smaller. The price of getting the sales shop. “I don’t need money, no money, nothing, as long as you let me go.

“At this time, Chen San had no choice at all. No matter what Xu You said, he had to react, and then he could not object at all. Xu You said that he could get a sales outlet at a lower price, so what about Chen San? Don’t even give it to Xu You. “For nothing, haha, I’m thinking, but I’m not such a shameless person after all. After all, I’m always upright, even if I get your sales store, I want it. Use dignified methods.

Xu You squinted and looked at Chen San, thinking about many things in his heart. And what else would Chen San say at this time. “Everything depends on Xu Ye’s idea. I will do whatever Xu Ye wants me to do.

What conditions Xu Ye said, I promised what conditions.

Chen San hurriedly said. And Xu You didn’t speak for a while, just squinted and looked at Chen San. From a moment ago, he was thinking about things. It is true that you should solve Chen San and let his wife inherit everything, and then Xu You will get a sales outlet from the other party. Naturally, it is the best way, and at the same time, it is also the most time-saving and labor-saving. However, if you want to deal with people like Chen San, even Xu You will not be able to stay away. A trace. Although Chen San’s reputation in the outside world is not very good, he is still a character at any rate, and many eyes are on him. Especially the bosses of several other sales stores in Putuo District, I am afraid that he is watching Chen San at this moment. How would you deal with Xu You? If Chen San suddenly disappeared or died at this time. Then, among other things, those people would be the first to doubt themselves, and at the same time the trust between the two parties would be cracked. What’s more, Chen San 3. If you really die, unless the body is destroyed, someone will find some clues. At that time, what Xu You needs to face will become complicated. So, right now,

Chen San’s statement is not without possibility.

Chapter 706

“Yeah.” Xu You quickly made a decision in his heart.

It is true that if you insist on letting Chen San disappear from this world, it is not impossible, but it will be more troublesome to deal with many subsequent things.

Even if it was Xu You, sometimes he was unwilling to face some existence.

And if you do what Chen San said, all these troubles will be solved.

Moreover, Xu You is not worried about Chen Sanhui going back.

Since I can

Subduing Chen San once, then you can subduing Chen San a second time, a third time… So, unless Chen San can find a real backer and can compete with him, otherwise… Xu You’s mouth raised slightly, showing a touch of confidence Smile.

Being able to compete with yourself… It’s not that Xu You look down on Chen San, but that Xu You has such confidence.

In the huge Donghai City, there are naturally some hidden dragons and crouching tigers. They are naturally able to compete with Xu You, and even some of them are extremely powerful. Even Xu You is not an opponent.

However, such a person is not that Xu You despise Chen San, such a person, even if Xu You visits in person, he must do his best.

As for Chen San, it was impossible to meet those people, let alone to ask them to compete with him.

As for the others, in Xu You’s opinion, the smelly fish and shrimps are not worth mentioning.

Signaling to put down Chen San, Xu You slowly walked back, standing in front of Chen San, condescending and indifferent.

“A person who knows the current affairs is a junjie. I always like those who know how to advance and retreat. Remember what you say, one day, I only give you one day to deal with everything properly. I don’t want to expose any flaws and cause others to doubt, listen. Do you need to understand me?” Xu You said coldly, staring at Chen San with a pair of eyes, as if Xu You would immediately change his mind whenever Chen San had a slight hesitation.

“Yes, yes, yes, Master Xu, I will do it, I will deal with it immediately, I will deal with it immediately…” However, at this time, Chen San, how dare he have any other thoughts.

Even his own life is between Xu You’s thoughts. At this time, he is still unruly, and honestly does things according to Xu You’s intentions, and even thinks about getting some moths. That is simply disgusting. Not fast enough, I hate myself for living too long.

“Okay, go, Chen Chong, Ali, you follow Boss Chen to deal with it. I believe you will not let me down.” Xu You nodded and agreed with Chen San’s words, but he also let Ali and Chen Chong followed Chen San.

This is not necessarily to monitor Chen San. Xu You did this, but it also meant to test Ali and Chen Chong.

Although Ali and Chen Chong had already been bought by themselves before, the performance of the two of them today is enough to show their loyalty to Xu You.

However, loyalty is often just not enough for the price of betrayal.

Just like before, are they not loyal to Chen San?

Must be faithful.

However, such loyalty, under the temptation of Xu You’s interests, collapsed instantly.

Therefore, Xu You knows that expecting the true loyalty of others to himself is simply a whimsical thing.

And if this time, Ali

And Chen Chong can complete the task well, so Xu You doesn’t mind introducing them into his organization.

Think of it as a reward for both of them.

After speaking, Xu You left with ten people.

Soon, in the snowy night, there were only three people left, looking so out of place under the dim street lamp light.

Ali and Chen Chong had no expressions on their faces. Even though there are only two of them and Chen San here, they have no meaning at all, just staring at Chen San lightly.

However, Chen San had to be embarrassed a lot.

Seeing Xu You disappearing back, Chen San heaved a sigh of relief.

Thinking of the scene just now, if not for shamelessly begging for mercy, and willing to give up all the benefits of the sales shop, give it to Xu You.

Then, it is very likely that his life is gone.

After Chen San felt scared for a while, his eyes slowly moved upward, falling on the faces of Ali and Chen Chong.

Suddenly, an anger burst from Chen San’s heart.

If it weren’t for Ali and Chen Chong, how could he be taken down by Xu You’s people so easily today, and, just now, kneeling down and begging for mercy so facelessly, losing all the benefits of the sales shop.

All this is the fault of Ali and Chen Chong!

“You two, it’s really shameless. I never thought that you two would betray me.” Chen San almost gritted his teeth and said this. Now everything is done, and Chen San also knows that the facts cannot be changed, he said. Nothing worked, but seeing Ali and Chen Chong, Chen San still couldn’t suppress the anger in his heart.

“It’s useless to say more. You only have one day. If you can’t handle everything well within tomorrow, I don’t think Master Xu will be so compassionate again.” Ali brushed his sleeves and glanced. Chen San glanced at him and said lightly. He didn’t even pay attention to what he said just now, as if he was listening to a dog barking.

“Hmph, you don’t need to say more.” Chen San heard the words, and he felt a tingling pain in his heart, but he couldn’t help it. He had already used everything in the store to get his life back. He didn’t want to anger Xu You again.

In that case, Chen Sanke wouldn’t have another sales store, and he could get his life back again.

Therefore, Chen San was very acquainted and didn’t talk to Ali and Chen Chong any more. Moreover, Chen San knew that it was useless to talk to them both, and it would not benefit him at all.

The most important thing now is to hurry up and handle the business of the sales store.

… Few people know what happened to Chen San.

However, many people around who knew him suddenly discovered that Chen San had transferred the sales store of Mingyang Company.

And the speed was so fast that everyone was surprised.

After handling everything, Chen San also breathed a sigh of relief.

After seeing Xu You’s satisfied face, Chen San knew that his fate was saved.

“Very well, Boss Chen deserves to be a person who knows current affairs. Don’t worry, I will not treat you badly. I will still give you some conditions that should be given to you.” Xu You smiled lightly, as if he was an extremely benevolent person. People have done the same to Chen San.

After hearing Xu You’s words, Chen San’s mouth twitched slightly.

The words are so nice, if it weren’t for threatening oneself with his own life, how could this sales shop fall into Xu You’s hands.

What’s more, these conditions given by Xu You are much less than those given to the other seven stores.

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