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Chapter 524

After Dustin Zhou finished speaking, he looked at everyone with a faint smile.

And everyone looked at Dustin Zhou, dumbfounded.

Liu Fusheng felt anxious. This group of gangsters came to Dustin Zhou for trouble, and they didn’t know what Dustin Zhou looked like. As long as Dustin Zhou pretended not to know, they would naturally not think of him.

But now, Dustin Zhou actually directly stated his identity. Isn’t this giving away his head for nothing?

But just for a moment, this idea dissipated in Liu Fusheng’s mind.

Is Dustin Zhou afraid that someone will trouble him?

Not afraid.

Even Xue Manzi couldn’t make a move in Dustin Zhou’s hands. Who else in the entire Liu City could threaten Dustin Zhou?

At least, Liu Fusheng couldn’t think of it.

I am afraid that even people ranked above Xue Manzi in strength can’t do it.

For an instant, Liu Fusheng breathed a sigh of relief.

Dustin Zhou is a person who has been taken care of by the leader. If he is injured in the hotel, then he, the security captain, as the first responsible person, naturally cannot shirk responsibility.

In addition, one of their security team was defeated by this group of gangsters, and it even lost the face of the hotel.

However, at this time, Brother Hao, Lao Ding, Xue Manzi, and others, were trembling.

It was just a coincidence that they confronted Dustin Zhou because of the drag racing incident yesterday.

And this incident could have been big or small, it was all within the thought of Brother Hao.

However, due to Lao Ding’s intimidation, Brother Hao suddenly thought of those two beauties, so he raised an evil thought towards Zhou.

However, what makes them unpredictable is that this person who is racing with them is so powerful.

Even Xue Manzi couldn’t make a move in his hands, so he lost

Coming down.

And now, this person says he is Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou?

The purpose of their visit to the hotel this time is not to trouble Dustin Zhou, to destroy Dustin Zhou and to vent his anger to Kong Hui.

However, if this person is really Dustin Zhou, then how could they abolish Dustin Zhou and vent their anger to Kong Hui.

“Hehe, gentleman, don’t scare us anymore. We are looking for Dustin Zhou, the boss of an ordinary cosmetics company. How could it be you? Hehe.” Brother Hao had a flexible head and suddenly thought that this might be the opposite. This strong man thinks he is upset and wants to take a lesson.

Especially, the noise they made at the hotel this time was not small.

Several guests have already got off the elevator, seeing the mess in the lobby, and seeing their fierce gangsters, scared to the spot, afraid to move.

What’s more, in Kong Hui’s mouth, Dustin Zhou, but the boss of an ordinary cosmetics company, could not be skilled and so strong that even Xue Manzi was not an opponent.

This must be false.

Hearing what Brother Hao said, Lao Ding, Xue Manzi, and the other gangsters suddenly felt relieved.

That’s right.

Kong Hui clearly said that Dustin Zhou is just the boss of an ordinary cosmetics company, how could an ordinary person be so strong.

If this person is really Dustin Zhou they are looking for trouble, then they have no confidence in dealing with Dustin Zhou.

This is simply an impossible task.

And Kong Hui would not give them this task.

“Haha, this gentleman, I had no eyes and bumped into you just now. I must have admitted the wrong person. It was not you who dragged with me yesterday. I didn’t wear glasses, so I can’t see people clearly. Haha… “Lao Ding rolled his eyes and quickly continued to knock his head a few times, his eyes became blurred instantly, as if he really couldn’t see things clearly.

Brother Hao and Xue Manzi gave a thumbs up in their hearts.

At the critical moment, Old Ding is still reliable.

This person is obviously not something they can handle. Since they can’t fight, they have to continue to apologize and ask for forgiveness.

With this hand, Lao Ding pretended that he couldn’t see things clearly, so he recognized the wrong person, which is even more reasonable.

Suddenly, Brother Hao and Manzi Xue looked at Dustin Zhou, looking forward to them.

At this point, you should be satisfied to understand it.

It’s not that we really want to have trouble with you, but that we see the wrong person, really see the wrong person.

“Haha, it’s a good performance.” However, this trick may be successful against other people, even if it is not successful, at least it can eliminate some of the opponent’s anger.

It’s just a pity that this time, Brother Hao and the others are facing Dustin Zhou.

Watching the clumsy acting skills of Brother Hao, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but raise his mouth slightly, as did his eyes.

A hint of chill flashed.

He clearly heard this Xue Manzi threaten the security guard just now, wanting to ask him which room he lives in.

And this group of people didn’t even know what they looked like, so a large group came to the door, saying that there was no one behind them, Dustin Zhou didn’t believe it.

And Dustin Zhou quickly thought of many possibilities in his mind.

This group of people seems to be from Liushi, and they also have a certain influence in Liushi.

Then, the people who can drive them must also be Liushi people.

And Dustin Zhou consciously did not offend anyone in Liushi.

Except… At this point, Dustin Zhou’s mind suddenly became clear.

Kong Hui!

If Dustin Zhou had offended anyone in Liushi, then Kong Hui must be one and the only one.

Moreover, the news from Wang Wei before seemed that Kong Hui was from Liushi, and he was also from Liushi Kong’s family, and he had a lot of energy in Liushi.

If it were him, it was entirely possible that he could provoke this group of gangsters.

Moreover, if it was Kong Hui, everything was explained, because according to Dustin Zhou’s guess, that Kong Hui probably didn’t know his strength and influence, so he dared to have such a vicious mind about himself.

If you change to another person, I am afraid that Kong Hui would have succeeded.

Unfortunately, this time, Kong Hui met him Dustin Zhou.

“However, unfortunately, I am indeed the Dustin Zhou you are looking for. I just don’t know what you are looking for. I think I didn’t know you before, so you came to the door so aggressively. Someone asked you to trouble me?” Dustin Zhou looked at Brother Hao with a smile, without anger, an invisible momentum slowly dissipated from him and filled the hall.

At this moment, not only Hao Brother, Old Ding, Xue Manzi, those who faced Dustin Zhou directly, even those gangsters, security guards, and even a few guests who got off the elevator and were stunned by the scene before them, they also felt it. Dustin Zhou became very scary.

It seems that in the next second, Dustin Zhou will be able to tear the entire hall to pieces.

Hiss… Brother Hao shuddered suddenly, even more frightened in his heart.

Is this person really Dustin Zhou… “Ding Dong.” At this moment, the elevator door opened again Enderia Shen, and Ye Fang walked out together.

Seeing the scene before them, the two suddenly opened their mouths slightly, surprised.

When they saw Dustin Zhou standing in the crowd, they immediately felt relieved and smiled again on their faces.

Chapter 525

“Dustin Zhou.” “Zhou Zhou.” Enderia Shen and Ye Fang walked towards Dustin Zhou slowly.

And this voice awakened everyone.

Brother Hao, Old Ding, Xue Man

Zi looked at Enderia Shen and Ye Fang instantly.

Brother Hao’s eyes were even faintly red, with a trace of fierceness hidden in it.

What did he hear?

Dustin Zhou, Mr. Zhou?

Combined with the information he received from Kong Hui, the identity of the person in front of him was ready to be revealed.

It really is Dustin Zhou!


Brother Hao took a cold breath in his heart, and subconsciously staggered back two steps. After stabilizing his figure, his gaze at Dustin Zhou became extremely jealous.

This person turned out to be Dustin Zhou!

Dustin Zhou has such a strong skill!

But, all this, why didn’t Kong Hui tell himself?

Brother Hao thought a lot of thoughts, and thought of many things in an instant.

Especially when Enderia Shen and Ye Fang appeared, and seeing Enderia Shen’s face, Brother Hao felt a little familiar, as if they had seen them somewhere.

Just when Brother Hao was stunned, while remembering.

Enderia Shen and Ye Fang walked to Dustin Zhou.

“Dustin Zhou, what’s the situation? You didn’t come out to do this early in the morning, did you?” Enderia Shen’s brows moved slightly, and he looked at the people lying on the ground around him, his eyes full of jokes.

He naturally knew that it was impossible for this group of people to pose any threat to Dustin Zhou, but he saw this scene when he got off the elevator early in the morning. I am afraid that people with a strong heart would also be curious.

Especially this has something to do with Dustin Zhou.

Didn’t you see a person kneeling in front of Dustin Zhou, lowering his head, almost close to the ground?

“Hehe, it’s okay, but I have encountered some interesting things and I want to ask. By the way, why are you guys coming down so early, so you don’t want to sleep for a while?” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, and then asked the two of them. .

After all, now that the time is full, it is less than seven o’clock.

According to the opening time of the Liushi branch at 10 am, there are still three hours left.

From the hotel to the Liushi branch, it only takes a few minutes.

“Mr. Zhou, the agent from Rocket Girl just called and said that they were almost at the exit of the expressway and wanted to ask if anyone was going here, so Mr. Shen and I went down and prepared to go personally. Pick them up.” Ye Fang said with a smile, but her gaze looked at Dustin Zhou, but it was faintly bright.

Ye Fang didn’t expect that he would go to bed together, and when he got off the elevator, he would see this exciting scene in front of him.

This scene seems to have been seen in the East China Sea, but it was not so exciting. Among them, Dustin Zhou was not seen.

And now it seems that this Zhou President, his skills seem to be very strong.

“Oh, look at me, I forgot the time. I checked with Sister Yang before, and said that about half an hour has passed. Now ten minutes have passed. I haven’t set off yet, but don’t worry, wait for me to take care of the things here. After processing, we will go there together.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

Instructed Enderia Shen and Ye Fang to avoid a little bit, so as not to wait for any bloody scenes to stimulate them.

After that, Dustin Zhou walked to Brother Hao, and Brother Hao was completely confirmed at this time. The person in front of him was Dustin Zhou who Kong Hui asked him to deal with.

At this moment, Brother Hao felt aggrieved.

Okay, you Kong Hui, let Master do things for you, but you don’t even know who your opponent is. At this point, you and your brothers hit the muzzle. Whether you can go back safely and intact, maybe.

Brother Hao scolded Kong Hui in his heart.

Although Kong Hui used the Kong family’s influence in Liushi, he had a lot of energy, even if his brother Hao had to give Kong Hui three points.

However, once the two sides tear their skin apart, then Brother Hao is not afraid of Kong Hui.

Could the Kong family really declare war with his brother Hao for Kong Hui alone?

Brother Hao doesn’t believe it, after all, he himself has his own backing.

“How? Now believe that I am the Dustin Zhou you are looking for, right? Now you can talk about who made you trouble me? Brother Hao?” Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

And this last Brother Hao was even more shocked, and he quickly became careful.

“Hehe, Mr. Zhou, you laughed. We didn’t mean to trouble you. We just heard that the Liushi branch of the famous company opened today, so I want to congratulate you.” Brother Hao said, he took it from his pocket. Take out an envelope and hand it to Dustin Zhou.

“Mr. Zhou, this is a small gift I prepared, please don’t dislike it.” Although Brother Hao was smiling, he was complaining again and again in his heart.

In this envelope, there is a check with a denomination of one million.

This was given to him by Kong Hui before he left, and it was a reward for making trouble with Dustin Zhou this time.

Brother Hao was happily, so he just picked up a lesson, and one million will be paid, but he never expected that this million would fall directly into the hands of others before he saw the real money.

Moreover, it was delivered by himself.

This damn Kong Hui, when I go back, if you don’t give me an explanation, even if you are from the Kong family, I will definitely let you know why the flower is so red!

At this moment, Brother Hao had already made a decision in his heart.

“Oh? Congratulations?” Dustin Zhou raised his brows, and he took the envelope directly and opened it to take a look.

When I saw it was a check with a million denominations, my face was a little strange.

This million, for Dustin Zhou, is of course nothing.

However, if this million is regarded as a gift, especially the famous company, or him, who doesn’t know this Hao brother, and there is no intersection, it seems a lot.

However, since it is a gift, there is no reason to go back.

So Dustin Zhou did not refuse, straight

The subordinate who smiled, turned around and handed it to Enderia Shen.

Just now, Enderia Shen heard what Brother Hao said, and when he got the envelope, he opened it directly.

“One million?” Enderia Shen was still a little surprised when he saw the one million envelope.

He didn’t expect that this group of gangsters did not look very good, embarrassed, stupid, and even shot a million.

However, this sentence fell in the ears of others, especially those bullies, security guards, and some guests around, but it shocked them.

One by one looked at Enderia Shen and the check in her hand, showing shock and greed.

, This is one million, everyone present here has one million net worth, not many.

But now, this million, just so plain, as a gift, directly sent out.

In an instant, many people’s eyes fell on Dustin Zhou, Enderia Shen and Ye Fang.

They don’t pay attention to those gangsters anymore, after all, these gangsters don’t dare to move.

But they wanted to know, Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen, exactly who Ye Fang was sacred, even letting others sell one million as a gift.

Chapter 526

“Who is this? It’s so powerful. If someone else wants to give it away, I don’t know. But just now it seemed that these two beautiful women called him Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou.” “Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou? I don’t know. Ah, what about you guys?” “I haven’t heard of it, but is there any company in Liushi that is going to open recently?” “By the way, isn’t the Liushi branch of the famous company opened today? Are these people the people of the famous company? “Yes, I’m afraid that only people who celebrate the company will let people give away one million as gifts?” “Then these people should be the people who celebrate the company?” … And this Millions to the end of the cheque gift, naturally aroused speculation about the identities of Dustin Zhou.

Soon, everyone guessed Dustin Zhou’s identity.

Suddenly, one after another looked over, full of joy and surprise.

They didn’t expect to see a famous company here in the hotel, and this person is so powerful.

In an instant, Dustin Zhou could even hear the heartbeats of many people around him speeding up.

With a sigh in his heart, Dustin Zhou was also very helpless.

However, the most important thing right now is to ask the person behind it.

“Hehe, although this one million is not bad, but I don’t take it seriously. I only ask you one sentence, who made you come over?” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly, and then suddenly looked at Brother Hao. , His eyes were sharp, like a knife blade, hanging in front of Brother Hao.

It seems that as long as Brother Hao doesn’t explain honestly, these blades will fall directly.

Brother Hao was shaking in his heart and couldn’t help it anymore.

“I said, I said

It was Kong Hui, who let us come, he said, as long as we abolish Dustin Zhou, it will give us great benefits.

“At this time, Brother Hao didn’t care so much, so he could only tell the whole story of what Kong Hui had ordered him. After all, even Xue Manzi was not Dustin Zhou’s opponent, and he was naturally not Dustin Zhou’s opponent. These people, Together, I’m afraid they won’t be enough for Dustin Zhou’s double punches. Besides, when encountering such hard stubble, Brother Hao didn’t want to cause trouble again, so he simply recruited Kong Hui. “Kong Hui, is it really him?

“Dustin Zhou thought to himself that he had guessed that Kong Hui had instigated these people from the beginning, but because there was no evidence, it was not easy to make a direct judgment. But now, since Brother Hao has spoken out who instigated them, Dustin Zhou is not There are too many other things to think about. It doesn’t matter if Brother Hao is telling the truth or not, and it doesn’t matter if the person behind it is Kong Hui. Since there is only one person in Liushi, Kong Hui who contradicts himself, then this account will be counted. Kong Hui’s head is ready. After making up his mind, Dustin Zhou has also become a lot easier. “Haha, yes, since that is the case, are you still looking for trouble with me now?

Dustin Zhou said with a smile. “Don’t dare, don’t dare, we don’t dare.”

Brother Hao quickly waved his hand to deny. Just kidding, trouble with Dustin Zhou? If Dustin Zhou doesn’t trouble them, Brother Hao is already burning up the incense, so how dare he go to Dustin Zhou’s trouble. What’s more, they are not Dustin Zhou at all. ‘S opponents want to find trouble, but they can’t do anything at all. “Since you don’t want to trouble me, what are you doing here?

Get out of here!

Dustin Zhou yelled, his face suddenly showing anger. Brother Hao and others were shocked, and quickly got up and were about to run out. “Right, go back and tell that Kong Hui, I will find him, and make a deal with him. Once the account is settled, let him wait for me.

Seeing these gangsters running outside, they were about to leave the hotel, Dustin Zhou shouted again, and then stopped. He let the gangsters talk to Kong Hui, it was just a trick to disturb the other side’s mind. After all, this Dustin Zhou doesn’t know if the group of gangsters will bring their words to Kong Hui. However, Dustin Zhou knows that this group of gangsters may not have one heart. Someone will tell Kong Hui their words. In this case, it is enough. When Brother Hao and all these people left, the hall that had been silent all the time burst into noise. Many guests were frightened by this group of gangsters just now, and now they come back to their senses, their complexions are red, and they are a little bit embarrassed and angry. As the security captain, Liu Fusheng can only let the security guards clean up the hall as soon as possible. “Mr. Zhou, please forgive you for the inconvenience.

“Liu Fusheng came cautiously

In front of Dustin Zhou, he bowed and said, his tone was very sincere.

In the scene just now, he naturally saw everything in his eyes and was shocked in his heart.

He did not expect that Dustin Zhou, the boss of a cosmetics company, would have such a powerful skill.

Even Xue Manzi, ranked top ten in Liushi, was not Dustin Zhou’s opponent.

Fortunately, he was still worried before that if the group of Brother Hao found Dustin Zhou, it would be harmful to Dustin Zhou.

Now imagine that Liu Fusheng only feels a bit dry and blush.

Think of myself as a security captain, facing the harassment of gangsters, he was so invincible. If this spreads out, it will not only damage Liu Fusheng’s reputation, but also the reputation of this Liushi hotel, which will cause a lot of damage. Because of today’s incident, guests are worried about the safety of the hotel.

“It’s okay, the opponent is really good at it. It’s normal that you are not an opponent. Besides, I’m fine, you don’t have to blame yourself.” Dustin Zhou waved and said casually.

“Mr. Zhou, I…” Liu Fusheng wanted to say something.

But Dustin Zhou did interrupt him directly.

“I still have things right now. Time is a bit tight, so I won’t tell you more. You don’t have to blame yourself. I will tell your boss about this matter today. You don’t have to worry.” “Let’s go.” , Dustin Zhou, Enderia Shen and Ye Fang came out together.

Liu Fusheng looked at the back of the three with a complicated expression.

But when he thought of Dustin Zhou’s just now, Liu Fusheng’s face looked a little better.

Since Dustin Zhou said he would explain today’s situation to his boss, the boss should not blame him.

Feeling relaxed a lot, Liu Fusheng also joined the security team cleaning the hall.

After all, as a security captain, this demonstration role still needs to be played.

… Dustin Zhou, Enderia Shen, and Ye Fang set off together, and Dustin Zhou, as the driver, drove the car in an instant when time was too late.

In addition, it is still early, and the traffic flow to the entrance and exit of the road is not large, so there is no danger along the way.

At 7:30, Dustin Zhou and the three people had already arrived at the highway entrance.

When the three got out of the car, they saw two cars slowly approaching the entrance and exit.

Dustin Zhou’s eyes were sharp, and he saw Sister Yang sitting on the first car co-pilot.

“Okay, the time is just right, they are here. Let’s go over.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, and walked straight forward.

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