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Table of Contents

Chapter 1001

The woman slowly walked towards Dustin Zhou, “Official man, this time, you can be regarded as losing to me.” She smiled lightly, and stretched out a finger to draw circles on Dustin Zhou’s body, “I don’t know. Will officials regret it a little?” “If you regret, you can choose to refute me at any time. Don’t forget, as long as you kill me, you can leave. No one in this world knows about your kindness and revenge.” The woman seemed to want to confuse Dustin Zhou.

As long as she was killed, Dustin Zhou would not have to take any risks.

No one in the world knew what Dustin Zhou did.

If you don’t kill, Dustin Zhou must be happy with her for a while.

In the process of happiness, she will absorb Dustin Zhou’s true spirit.

This is a very dangerous signal. It can absorb your true qi in the process of happiness. This thing sounds like the legendary vixen in the past. When your true qi is sucked out, your life is also Just lost.

So, how would Dustin Zhou choose?

Dustin Zhou was silent for a while.

“Sorry, if this is the way you draw true qi, then I am afraid I can’t promise you.” “To put it bluntly, I don’t kill you because I don’t want to destroy my Dao Xin. I can’t do things like gratitude and revenge.” Not doing something happy with you is also because this is my principle, because I already have a wife and I have someone I love, so I won’t have a relationship with you easily.” Dustin Zhou said very directly, “I know I owe you a life, and I will repay you, such as ruining this formation.” “But this condition, I will never promise you.” The woman was taken aback, and the hand that circled Dustin Zhou stopped. Come down.

She raised her head and stared at Dustin Zhou with an incredible gaze for a long time, “Are you a f*cking old lady?” “My pants are all off you

Tell me no?

“Women of course didn’t really take off their pants. This is an adjective that means that women have confessed their true colors, but Dustin Zhou rejected her. If that is the case, women want to do something, but It’s even harder. “Sorry, I know I can’t help you,” Dustin Zhou said lightly, “If you think I owe you this life, then I can pay you back now.

“I will burn all my life to attack this formation. As long as this formation is broken, you will be free, right?

“You nonsense, my old lady is the product of this formation. If you really destroy the formation, then I will suffer as well!”

You are grace and revenge!

“The woman snarled angrily. She never expected that things had developed so far, and Dustin Zhou would still be able to reject him. Didn’t it mean that the emperor of warriors was very stubborn? She saved his life and wanted him Isn’t it very easy to save one’s life? This woman’s thinking is of course the transmission from the formation to her. In the woman’s memory, the emperor of warriors who came to this formation will basically be defeated by this. The so-called beauty grace is probably what it means. It is very difficult for you to charm a warrior emperor directly with your appearance or figure, because someone who can become a warrior emperor is very firm in heart. You tell him to let him kill. Even if you can pass the level by yourself, most of the emperor of warriors will not pay attention to you, because the special people still disdain to use this method to pass the level. So in this level, in fact, most of the emperor of warriors, in the beginning The choice is the same as Dustin Zhou, relying on his pride and passion to break the door by force. Of course, Shimen has never been forcibly opened by force. Therefore, when things developed to this place, everyone fell into a deadlock. After falling into a deadlock, the choice difference of each warrior emperor came out. Some people directly compromised and chose to kill this woman. This group of people belong to people with insufficient Taoism, although they are also very domineering and very domineering. Confidence, but once you encounter a predicament, you will immediately turn into a demon and fulfill yourself desperately. Others choose to deal with women. Of course, these people are not because of the beauty of women, but because of the beauty of women. Because they want to follow their own Taoism. Although they know that dealing with women is dangerous to lose their lives, but when there is no other choice, they would rather risk death than kill an innocent woman. . There is another part, probably like Dustin Zhou, even if they fall into a deadlock, they still smash that stone gate. There seems to be nothing in their eyes that is dead.


The stone gate could bear all their strength without any damage, but they still looked for this path.

This kind of person is actually the most troublesome for women, because the meaning of her existence is to use herself to defeat men.

It’s good to destroy the man’s Dao heart.

It doesn’t matter if you draw the true spirit of men directly, in short, those men must be defeated by her.

But people like Dustin Zhou ignored her at all, and there was no chance of losing to her, so it was the most troublesome.

But fortunately, for all these thousands of years, a woman has also summed up a set of methods to deal with Dustin Zhou’s true warrior emperor, and that is to become his benefactor.

For a person like this kind of habit to be really bullsh*t, as long as he can save his life and become his benefactor, then basically all the next things are up to him.

Therefore, when Dustin Zhou told the woman that she had become his creditor, the woman directly exposed her true face.

Because she believed that even if she said directly “I want you to die”, Dustin Zhou would agree without hesitation.

You can even agree to let him die. Is there any difficulty in making him happy with himself?

The emperor of warriors who was as stubborn as Dustin Zhou in the past was finally defeated by this trick.

So the woman thinks that Dustin Zhou can’t run away either.

But Dustin Zhou refused!

The first person without precedent!

Can you refuse this too?

Why are you?

Don’t you want to pay back?

Do you want to listen to my request?

I just make you and me happy for an hour or two. Is this too much?

Am I not pretty enough?

Suddenly, the woman’s heart turned up thousands of words that she wanted to vomit, but she didn’t know how to say it.

Finally, she found the point of Dustin Zhou’s words, “Wait, you said the reason you don’t want to be happy with me is because you have a wife?” The woman asked in shock.

Is this why Dustin Zhou rejected her?

He is the emperor of warriors, how could he reject her for this reason?

Could it be said that the emperor of warriors has only one wife?

Chapter 1002

The emperor of warriors, what a respectable status!

Although the strong are proud and have their own bottom line, no one can force them to do what they want.

But for this reason, the strong are generally not so conservative in their treatment of women.

After all, after reaching the emperor of warrior level, there will always be a lot of girls upside down. Although the emperor of warrior is firm in his heart, he is still the emperor of mortals after all, and he is also a mortal after all.

Like normal people, they have thoughts about beautiful women. At this time, as a strong person, they are less likely to suppress their thoughts.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, a warrior emperor will not have only one woman, let alone be devoted to a woman.

It is for this reason that women have never considered that there will be problems in this link.

Obviously she and Dustin Zhou have had cause and effect, and Dustin Zhou has promised her many things, and is even willing to sacrifice his life for her.

But Dustin Zhou absolutely disagreed with letting her draw the true spirit.

This makes women a little depressed.

“I don’t care. If you want to repay me, you must let me draw the true qi, otherwise you will owe me all your life.” The woman threatened.

“Sorry, I do feel guilty, but it is impossible for you to draw true qi.” “I will return you in my own way, such as destroying this formation.” Dustin Zhou looked calm. But the zhenqi in his body gradually boiled.

Originally, he was supposed to die because the woman in front of him saved him, so in theory, his current life was picked up.

I owe this woman too.

But he couldn’t agree to the woman’s condition, so he had decided secretly, from now on, to stop his life.

Destroy this formation.

Not only for myself, but also for this woman.

With the next punch, he will cost his own life, not to burn his life, but to burn all of his own and throw the final punch.

As for the result, it doesn’t matter.

Anyway, after hitting this punch, even if he could successfully destroy the formation, he would not exist in the world.

Everything is just for a clear conscience.

Dustin Zhou’s body gradually glowed with blood red light, which was a precursor to burning his own life, a bit similar to the dead door in the Eight Door Dunjia.

The woman’s face changed slightly, and she said in an imploring tone, “No, don’t!” “Don’t do this, I beg you, if you really want to repay me, don’t make this choice!” Kill me, but don’t bet your own life!” The woman pleaded, but Dustin Zhou couldn’t hear it anymore.

Burning your own life will definitely give your body

Bring a great burden.

His current vision and hearing are gradually disappearing, including smell and touch.

When he arrived, he simply lost his consciousness, and the whole person turned into an energy body.

This was his last punch, Dustin Zhou let out a heart-piercing roar, and the whole person turned into a blood-red light and slammed into Shimen.

Dustin Zhou and Shimen made a loud noise, the red light gradually faded, and all energy fluctuations disappeared.

But the stone gate is still intact.

Dustin Zhou on the ground was completely dark. This was the result of hyperthermia and burning. Now he has completely lost his vital signs.

The woman was stunned and looked at Dustin Zhou blankly.

For a long time, she smiled bitterly and muttered to herself, “So, is this the way to crack the second level?” “Congratulations, young man, I hope you can go on and pass this test thoroughly and achieve real The emperor of mortals.” The woman’s voice became weaker and weaker, and with the voice, her body became weaker and weaker, and finally disappeared completely in this room.

Dustin Zhou was still lying quietly on the ground, but the stone gate in front of him suddenly opened.

The surrounding zhenqi that was visible to the naked eye poured into Dustin Zhou’s body, repairing his almost burnt body.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t know these things, because he completely lost consciousness.

I don’t know how long it took, Dustin Zhou’s body twitched.

Accompanying the twitching of the body is the awakening of consciousness.

He was a bit strange. The movements of his body were transmitted to the brain by the nervous system, so Dustin Zhou, who had no consciousness at all, suddenly received a signal from the outside world.

What did you smoke?

He seems to be able to control something.

Is it your own body?

Where is he?

Can I control my body after I die?

Or is it actually a spirit body?

He worked hard to explore the source of the nervous system just now, and then found the existence of his own body. Then, he could completely control his body.

He opened his eyes hard first and looked around.

What is this stuff?

Why is this place so familiar?

Dustin Zhou opened his eyes blankly, his consciousness became clearer and clearer, and finally he was able to lift his head and take a look.

It was only at this sight that he realized that his body was almost restored.

The energy to repair the body comes from this formation.

It was the formation that saved him.

Dustin Zhou was silent for a while, and gradually understood what had happened.

He was indeed dead once.

It’s like Maitkai in Naruto, who lost his life because he opened the dead door.

But it was already dead

The lost Metkai was rescued by Naruto who possessed the power of six yang powers.

My situation is probably similar to that.

Moreover, the stone door in front was also opened, and the woman disappeared in the stone cave. Dustin Zhou understood that he had cleared the customs.

There even appeared a jade slip beside him, with a very simple line of small characters on it, “Congratulations to the official for being the first to pass this test.”


This test has been established for a thousand years. Is he the first to pass this test?

It doesn’t seem strange to say that the test of this level turned out to be put to death and reborn.

Just let you die once with the determination to die to pass.

For most people, since I have the consciousness of death, why not fight with that woman!

This is not about killing that woman.

For the Emperor of Warriors, there are many people who are willing to die in order to protect their Dao Heart. This situation is not surprising, so there are not many Emperors of Warriors who really choose to kill that woman.

However, for a warrior emperor, they will never give up any hope.

The situation is dead, so why don’t they struggle one last time?

That is to allow women to absorb their own anger.

Chapter 1003

Promise a woman’s condition and allow a woman to absorb her own anger, what if she can’t hollow herself out?

When the stone gate opens, he still has room to push the woman away, so that should be a means of clearance.

According to normal people’s thinking, they would definitely think so.

Therefore, so far, no one has chosen a situation like Dustin Zhou.

And Dustin Zhou’s choice is precisely the real way to pass this test.

Dustin Zhou was silent for a while, letting the zhenqi in the formation mend his body, he was thinking.

Thinking about whether he was worthy of that woman.

Although this hurdle is over, for Dustin Zhou, the woman saved him, but he didn’t save the woman. As a result, is he betraying the woman?

After all, he originally had a way to keep her alive.

But soon he was relieved again.

That woman is just a program.

She deliberately caused cause and effect with herself, and then used this as an excuse to coerce herself.

To put it bluntly, everything is a trap, it is the trap that this woman wants to kill herself.

That being the case, Dustin Zhou doesn’t need to feel guilty.

He didn’t take any action against the woman at all, even with the mentality of saving her, but when he woke up, the woman was gone.

In fact, the real reason is that Dustin Zhou broke through the level test, and the formation turned the woman into energy.

To put it simply, no matter what the fake Dustin Zhou and the women behind them say, how much they behave like human beings, but that is just superficial. In fact, they are just set by the formation. There is no emotion in the program.

If Dustin Zhou had long wanted to understand this, then he could kill the woman directly without a slight psychological burden.

But now, it was too late to say anything, Dustin Zhou lay on the ground, took a deep breath, and completely left the woman behind.

Now is not the time to relax, but there is still a level behind!

Dustin Zhou sat up, quietly looking at the Shimen in front of him.

The stone door has been opened, and Dustin Zhou can clearly see what the next room will look like through the stone door.

It’s a bit big, it looks very magnificent.

But he didn’t see anyone inside. The room was quiet, as if it were just an empty room.

But judging from the first two levels, Dustin Zhou knew that the third test would definitely not be so easy.

This first level almost killed him, and the second level simply killed him once. Who knows what will happen in the third level!

Dustin Zhou tempered his mentality, recovered from his injuries, and made sure that his whole body’s condition reached

At the peak, he lifted his foot and walked towards the third room.

The third room is really big.

Across a stone gate and a passage, Dustin Zhou didn’t really feel how big the room was.

But when he came to this room, Dustin Zhou could see clearly.

Can’t see the edge at a glance.

It’s not that you really can’t see the opposite side, but that the distance from the wall on this side to the wall on the other side is about a thousand meters, and it seems that the wall on the opposite side is already very blurred.

It can be imagined that the straight-line distance of the outer runway of a playground is only one hundred meters.

This open space, about the size of ten football fields, can see the opposite side, but it looks very blurred.

The second feeling is height. The distance between the top of this underground secret room is about tens of meters, and it also gives people a feeling of not seeing the edge.

Just take this piece of space as an example, it is already full of magnificence, ordinary people staying in such a place, their legs tremble and want to kneel down and worship something.

No matter what, it’s over if you kneel down and worship. If you don’t worship something in such a place, it is very insecure!

But Dustin Zhou is the emperor of warriors after all. Although this kind of place is magnificent, it doesn’t make him fluctuate much.

What really made Dustin Zhou care about was the high platform in the middle of the open space.

Coming out of the passage, extending in front of Dustin Zhou was a path paved with stone bricks.

This path is probably more than 200 meters long, but at the end of the path, there is a long stairway.

Dustin Zhou roughly estimated that this should be a 999 steps with a height of tens of meters and a width of tens of meters.

It can be imagined how small Dustin Zhouxian is in front of this level of architecture.

And on that step, there is also an old stone seat… or it is more appropriate to call that seat as a throne.

Whoever can sit on that kind of thing must be a king!

Dustin Zhou’s eyes narrowed, because he found that there was really a person sitting on the throne.

An old man in his seventies, with a snow-white beard and wearing a very gorgeous Hanfu.

The temperament of the real fairy wind Dao bone, this old man seems to be somewhat similar to Xu Shengsheng, but in terms of temperament, the difference between the two sides is more than one hundred thousand colors, Xu Shengsheng’s temperament is not comparable to this old man. !

It seems that the old man is his opponent and the final level of this emperor’s test.

Without thinking about it, Dustin Zhou walked directly to that step.

He walked and thought, this old man

What is the ability?

Judging from the first two levels, this test is very interesting. The strength of the opponent does not necessarily give you suffocating pressure, but their abilities are very dangerous.

Even a very determined person, as long as there is a slight fluctuation in his heart, he may lose his life at any time, which is very dangerous.

What about this old man?

Dustin Zhou thought to himself that after the first two tests, he already understood the rules of this test.

This time, no matter what the old man said, selling miserably or getting close to himself, he would ignore it, because he would never treat him as a human!

My heart shouldn’t be bewitched anymore, so this level should be a little simpler, Dustin Zhou thought.

He walked very slowly. He walked for about three minutes before he had just stepped onto the 300th step.

At this moment, the old man sitting on the throne suddenly spoke to him.

“Are you the little doll who can pass the second level test?” The old man looked down at Dustin Zhou condescendingly, frowning as if he was very dissatisfied and said, “So weak? How did you pass the first two tests? No? Will it be cheating?”

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