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Chapters 1043

Dustin Zhou will never forget what kind of life he has lived with his mother over the years.

Before receiving the 20 million from the family, he was like a dog in front of his son-in-law, and went through untold hardships every day to collect such a small amount of medical expenses for his mother.

But the behemoth Zhou family ignored this kind of thing.

Don’t they have any responsibility?

Dustin Zhou recalled his childhood, when his mother took him alone, he didn’t even have the courage to talk to others, because other children would bully him, saying that he was a child without a father.

My childhood was not happy at all!

Just as Dustin Zhou fell into memory, a doorbell rang outside the villa.

Dustin Zhou woke up from his memories. When he hadn’t figured out who it was, suddenly there was a sound of smashing the iron gate, accompanied by a rough voice, saying, “Dustin Zhou, is this Dustin Zhou’s house? Open the door!” “Who is so arrogant?” Dustin Zhou was a little surprised.

Now in Donghai City, anyone dares to talk to him like this?

It’s not that Dustin Zhou feels that he is boastful and inviolable, but that he has some identity now, so he can’t be bullied!

It’s fine to be bullied when he was a child. Now that he has worked hard for so long and has achieved considerable achievements and status, do he still have to swallow his anger as before?

Dustin Zhou frowned and walked out. After opening the iron door, he saw a strange and somewhat familiar face.

“Who are you?” Dustin Zhou asked.

That strange and a little familiar

The man was also slightly taken aback, staring at Dustin Zhou for a while.

Then he showed a rather smug smile, “Haha, Dustin Zhou!” “Hey you really are you kid, kid, you grow up, I almost can’t recognize you!” “Who are you?” Dustin Zhou still didn’t. Recognizing the other party, he said uncomfortably.

“I, Liu Qingchao! Why? Boy, now I’m a big student, so I don’t recognize how young I was when I was young, right?” Liu Qingchao arrogantly pushed Dustin Zhou, “Are you not such a loyal person? “Liu Qingchao…” Dustin Zhou’s brows slowed down, and he nodded slightly, “Oh, it’s you, what are you doing?” Dustin Zhou opened the iron gate to let him in, then turned and walked forward. Go, ask while walking.

He really knew Liu Qingchao.

It is his childhood, and he has been bullying him since he was a child.

With the current situation of Dustin Zhou, it would not be a vengeance, but he still has no good feelings for this kind of guy.

Just for the sake of acquaintance, let him walk into the villa.

But Liu Qingchao didn’t realize it at all. After entering the villa, he began to look around, and his mouth kept making surprised voices, “Huo, good fellow, it’s so luxurious!” “This big villa, this big The yard, it seems that the rumors are true! Your kid really got mixed up!” “I didn’t expect that the bird like your kid back then will be able to live in a villa one day, tusk tusk.” “Just luck. “Dustin Zhou was too lazy to care about him, and after taking him into the villa, he asked again, “Let’s talk, what are you doing?” “What do you tell me to do? Dustin Zhou, that’s not enough for you, we two are too young, I Can’t I come to play with you if I’m fine? Look at you like that. After I walked in and asked me how many times did I come here?” “Why? Want to chase someone out? You really don’t recognize people after you get mixed up? Liu Qingchao said to Dustin Zhou with an unhappy expression.

For this situation, Dustin Zhou was also a little speechless.


We were really young, and we did play together when we were young.

However, you and I are not friends, we are never the same.

What if you don’t recognize people?

What can I do if I just don’t want to recognize you?

Dustin Zhou didn’t say these words, because up to now, this Liu Qingchao still didn’t provoke him. He just didn’t like Liu Qingchao, and he wouldn’t be driven away as soon as he was let in.

At this time, Mother Zhou also walked out in the wheelchair, “Yo, is this Qing Chao? Why are you here?” Mother Zhou heard the conversation between the two in the bedroom and knew the identity of the person who came.

Liu Qingchao looked up and saw Zhou’s mother slightly stunned, “Widow Zhou… Zhou, Aunt Zhou, Huh, why are you paralyzed?” Liu Qing

Chao has never called Zhou’s mother aunt.

When Dustin Zhou was young, they were all called Zhou Widows.

This time, Aunt Zhou was also very difficult.

Both Dustin Zhou and Zhou Mu could hear the disrespect in Liu Qingchao’s tone.

Zhou Mu’s face changed slightly, and she said perfunctorily, “Hehe, it’s just a bad health. She had a slight illness in the past two years.” And Dustin Zhou’s face was bruised.

If this Liu Qingchao is here as a guest, although he is not very welcome, he will not rush people directly.

But if this kid has this attitude.

Then Dustin Zhou would not be too polite.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” “If you don’t say anything, get out now!” Dustin Zhou said mercilessly.

Zhou Mu didn’t plead for Liu Qingchao, but just watched her blankly.

Liu Qingchao was taken aback by Dustin Zhou’s expression, but he quickly calmed down, “Oh, what are you doing so fiercely!” “This is really a big deal, so I look down on people, right, OK, Dustin Zhou, I can see who you are.” “I’ll tell you what I’m here for today. My brothers in my hometown and I plan to do business in partnership, and now I almost start capital in hand.” “I heard. You are a big adult, and it seems that you are worth several billions, so come here to get some money from you. It’s not too much.” Liu Qingchao lay on the sofa carelessly, and said to Dustin Zhou with the attitude of an old man, “Give me 100 million. I turn my head and leave now. Who wants to come to your house? It’s great to live in a villa!” “You give me 100 million, and I will buy a set later!” Dustin Zhou looked at this guy dumbfounded.

Dustin Zhou thought he had been well-informed since such a long time.

What kind of person has he not seen?

What kind of wind and waves have he not seen?

He even witnessed the decline of a super family like the Xu family. How many people are involved in this?

Dustin Zhou didn’t dare to say that he had experienced all the various forms in this world, but he could see through some of the human nature.

But for this Liu Qingchao, this one’s own hair, Dustin Zhou has never discovered that the other party is such a shameless person!

The level of this shamelessness is really far beyond my imagination!

Are those human words that he just said?

Is that something a begging person can say?

In other words, is that something a person can say?

Chapter 1044

I live in a villa is nothing great, I will give you 100 million, you can also buy the same villa… This may not sound like a big problem, but why should I give you the money!

This is simply a robber’s logic with no brain at all!

In fact, Dustin Zhou will understand after thinking about it, for

Why can Liu Qingchao say such brazen words in front of him?

Because Liu Qingchao is used to it.

When he was young, he treated himself the same way.

It’s just that Dustin Zhou was not so rich when he was a child. Even if he bullied Dustin Zhou, he couldn’t grab much from Dustin Zhou… To put it bluntly, it was because Dustin Zhou was too weak at that time. Even if he was bullied, everyone would feel that Of course, even Dustin Zhou himself would think so.

So when he was young, although he felt wronged every time he was bullied, it was not unacceptable because he was used to it.

But now Dustin Zhou is no longer what he used to be, so why should he be crumpled?

It has been a long time since no one dared to make such a shameless request to him, so Dustin Zhou was shocked.

It’s a bit ironic to say that Liu Qingchao is still the same Liu Qingchao before, and only Dustin Zhou has changed.

However, this change is taken for granted. Who wants to be bullied for a lifetime?

Dustin Zhou’s fate can be said to be very poor, and his childhood situation can actually be described as miserable, but even so, he still has not given up any hope.

For example, when the Zhou family came to him, they asked him to either return to the Zhou family with 20 million, ten times the profit in two years, or directly inherit 100 million, but after taking this 100 million, It has nothing to do with the Zhou family anymore.

At that time, Dustin Zhou chose to take 20 million without hesitation.

Nothing else, it’s just that he feels that he shouldn’t have lived so badly all his life.

Is fate unfair to you?

Then resist him!

How can the golden scales be in the pool, once the wind and cloud change the dragon!

In the past, Dustin Zhou just lacked an opportunity, but after having that opportunity from the Zhou family, he has become completely different from before.

So facing Liu Qingchao’s request, Dustin Zhou showed a mocking smile.

He was mocking himself and also mocking Liu Qingchao.

The mockery of Liu Qingchao’s face can be so kind.

Taunting yourself, even now, there are still people who dare to make such excessive demands in front of them!

It seems that it is time to show your changes.

“What did you just say?” Dustin Zhou looked at Liu Qingchao with a faint smile, “You said, I live in a villa is nothing great at all. If I give you 100 million, you can also buy a set?” “Yes, you Dare to say that one hundred million can’t buy a villa?” Liu Qingchao didn’t seem to realize the meaning of Dustin Zhou’s words, and said arrogantly, “Am I wrong? As long as you dare to give me one hundred million, I can buy a set immediately. It’s exactly the same as yours, even better than yours!” “No, you are not wrong,” Dustin Zhou shook his head and said with a smile, “I just think you are a fool

Batch, why should I give you 100 million?

“If I don’t give it to you, are you just a dead trash and can’t buy anything?”

Dustin Zhou mocked it mercilessly. Liu Qingchao’s eyes widened when he heard this sentence. Dustin Zhou dared to scold him! Although Dustin Zhou said basically the truth, as long as Dustin Zhou didn’t give him money, he It’s just a dead garbage that can’t afford anything… But how can Dustin Zhou not give it to him? They are so young! Back then, he bullied Dustin Zhou for so long, and Dustin Zhou could take all three dollars with him, one point Not for Dustin Zhou! Now Dustin Zhou is so rich, worth tens of billions, is it inappropriate to give him 100 million? The more he thinks about it, the more he feels that his ideas make sense. Dustin Zhou is too much! Why don’t you give it to me!

You are so rich, giving me a hundred million will not affect your life!

“Dustin Zhou, don’t go too far!”

I think we have grown up since we were young, so we are here to care about your money!

Otherwise, I can’t even bird you!

“Liu Qingchao exclaimed in anger. Dustin Zhou who said this wanted to applaud him. “Really?”

You are in charge of me asking for money because we are a teenager.

Dustin Zhou smiled and nodded. Suddenly he turned his head and slapped it up. “Yes, that’s right, I just won’t give you money, not only I won’t give you, I will beat you!”

“Dustin Zhou grabbed his collar and sneered, “Don’t be angry, I just beat you because we were small, otherwise, I won’t be able to kill you!”

” “you you!

“Liu Qingchao was so angry that he couldn’t speak. It wasn’t until this time that he vaguely realized what was wrong. Originally thought that Dustin Zhou had the virtues, and he came to ask for money in person. Dustin Zhou should be Pi Dian Pi Dian. It’s right to give him both hands. But now, Dustin Zhou directly gave him two slaps! These two slaps made him sober a lot. It seems that Dustin Zhou is no longer the kid who would nod and bow before he said anything. Now Dustin Zhou seems to have dared to resist him. This made him a little frightened, and at the same time, a little unhappy. You Dustin Zhou is just a weak person! Before, I didn’t even have the qualifications to be a dogleg, but now, I dare to beat me! You must let Dustin Zhou know how good he is! “Okay, Dustin Zhou, you have already dared to turn your face with me, right? Don’t regret it, just wait for me!

“Liu Qingchao put down a vicious remark, and planned to stray. What else can he do without straying? Now Dustin Zhou no longer puts him in his eyes, and even beats him at every turn… In fact, he also considered the present. Just beat Dustin Zhou, but when he tried to do it just now, Dustin Zhou had one hand

He pressed his shoulders, and he couldn’t move.

So he understands that even if it is hands-on, he is not Dustin Zhou’s opponent at all, and now there is only one option for bugging!

Liu Qingchao walked into the courtyard, but Dustin Zhou’s voice came from behind, “Stop.” “Huh?” Liu Qingchao turned around, thinking Dustin Zhou regretted it, “Huh, kid, be scared!” “I’ll tell you. Now it’s too late to regret it. Now as long as you are willing to give me 200 million, I can treat it as nothing happened!” Tsk tsk, once I changed hands, I made an extra 100 million. It was just two slaps, and there was no money. It’s so hard to make money, Liu Qingchao thought triumphantly.

Before he recovered from his dream, he received another slap on his face, “Who told you I regret it?” Dustin Zhou looked at him with an idiotic expression on his face and said.

Chapter 1045

“Who told you I was scared again?” Dustin Zhou slapped another backhand.

“I called you to stop, I just thought that I just beat you too lightly, do you understand?” “Do you think this is where you want to come and leave? Before I agree, you can only get beaten. , There is no other choice.” After speaking, Dustin Zhou lifted his foot and kicked him to the wall.

The strength of this foot was extremely strong, using about one percent of Dustin Zhou’s strength, Liu Qingchao directly flew out, hitting the wall hard and spit out a mouthful of blood.

After he got up from the ground, he looked at Dustin Zhou with disbelief, “Dustin Zhou, what do you want!” “I’m leaving now, why are you hitting me!” “Beat you? Beat you.” Do you need a reason?” Dustin Zhou sneered, looking at the ugly face, raising his hand and slapped it up again.

He remembered that when he was young, Liu Qingchao and his friends bullied himself like this.

They joked about themselves, saying that their mother was a widow. When they were completely angry, they gambled around with gloomy faces, and then slapped themselves viciously.

After crying and getting angry, they laughed and laughed so innocently… Naive!

Dustin Zhou recalled their smiles at that time, and he felt a surge of depressed blood in his heart.

Dustin Zhou stood alone with blood and tears, staring at the small hairs in front of him with hostile eyes.

And those small hairs have evil smiles on their faces, like demons from hell, laughing while throwing stones at Dustin Zhou. When Dustin Zhou walks over to someone, they will also throw stones in other directions. There was a burst of abuse.

Turns out, is this feeling?

Dustin Zhou had basically forgotten all these things, because

His current situation is too big to remember these little things anymore.

But this time Liu Qingchao’s provocation made him recall these things.

If you want to mind… Actually Dustin Zhou didn’t mind too much, but he always felt that he should teach these ugly people a little lesson.

Dustin Zhou sneered and held up Liu Qingchao’s chin, looked directly into his eyes and said, “Come on, tell me how you feel now.” “Is it cool?” “I’m cool, you uncle!” Liu Qingchao finally couldn’t help it, Dustin Zhou in front of him , The existence that was trampled under his feet and insulted at will, now he is provoked one after another!

This makes him really unacceptable!

In any case, we must resist!

He stood up abruptly and threw directly at Dustin Zhou.

But before he got close to Dustin Zhou, he was slapped again.

What a joke, Dustin Zhou is now the emperor of warriors!

Even the martial master can’t exist close to him at will, what kind of thing is this Liu Qingchao?

If it hadn’t been for Dustin Zhou’s deliberate restraint, this guy would have been beaten to death!

After slapped, Dustin Zhou walked over and stepped on his head, and said coldly, “What? You want to hit me?” “Come on, hit me! You stand up and hit me!” Dustin Zhou said in his voice. Full of provocation.

On the other hand, Liu Qingchao was lying on the ground and stepped on his head, unable to move at all.

This feeling almost broke him, and it was a deception!

“You have something to make me stand up!” Liu Qingchao struggled and roared.

“Hehe, let’s not say that I have seeds or not, but I just don’t want you to stand up, what can you do?” Dustin Zhou was a little speechless, how does he feel that Liu Qingchao’s thinking is like a child?

It’s exactly the same as the performance of a kid in a fight.

Dustin Zhou kicked his stomach fiercely again. With this kick, Liu Qingchao curled up in pain with his stomach, his body rolled into a shrimp.

“Come on, now I let you go, stand up and hit me!” “Dustin Zhou! Dustin Zhou! I’m never ending with you!” Liu Qingchao growled in pain.

“It’s not over, so what do you want?” Dustin Zhou thought for a while, and pulled out one of his arms holding his stomach with his feet.

Then he stepped on the ground hard, and the sound of bone cracking suddenly came.

Liu Qingchao screamed again like a pig.

“Noisy,” Dustin Zhou said coldly, “If you call again, believe it or not, I will step on your other arm?” One sentence actually made Liu Qingchao really calm down, and didn’t dare to make any noise. Looking at Dustin Zhou with a panic expression.

“What do you look at? Have you taken it?” Dustin Zhou asked.

Liu Qingchao nodded repeatedly, dripping cold sweat from his forehead.

This one

Dustin Zhou is too scary!

That terrifying aura, as well as the cruel means of doing what it said, seemed like a tyrant’s behavior, was this really Dustin Zhou, who he bullied at the time?

No, it doesn’t matter whether this Dustin Zhou is the previous Dustin Zhou or not, because Liu Qingchao understands that if he doesn’t run now, he will stay here forever.

Looking at Dustin Zhou’s indifferent eyes now, he suddenly felt that if Dustin Zhou was willing, he might really kill him easily!

So, regardless of whether Dustin Zhou has become like this or a different person, running quickly is the most important thing!

No matter what Dustin Zhou said, he nodded repeatedly, endured the painful wounds on his body and the pain of broken arm without crying or making trouble, and even got up and knocked Dustin Zhou a few times.

“I took it, Brother Dustin Zhou, you spared me. I was really wrong. I shouldn’t be so arrogant!” Liu Qingchao said in fear, “I was wrong when I was young. I shouldn’t bully you like that.” You shouldn’t think you’re still a bully right now. I’m wrong. Just let me as a fart!” Liu Qingchao cried as he talked. Sometimes people are so strange. When you encounter something When there is fear or grievance, if you don’t speak and just think in your heart, you may not cry.

But as long as you speak, your emotions will get out of control, and you will probably cry directly.

Liu Qingchao was like this, thinking of Dustin Zhou’s horror, and now he spoke again, and finally cried.

Seeing such a big man kneeling in front of him and crying bitterly, Dustin Zhou felt sick.

Brother, what are you crying? Can’t you afford to play?

If you were crying now, wouldn’t it be nice not to be so mad?

Since you have done something wrong, you have to pay the price. What if you start crying when you pay the price?

I despised this behavior in my heart, but Dustin Zhou was too lazy to care about him, so he drove him out.

What else can we do?

Can’t really put him to death.

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