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Chapter 515

When Enderia Shen and Mira Xie heard this, they immediately looked over and found that several people were familiar, but they couldn’t tell who they were.

“Hey, isn’t that Niu Chuan? Why is he in the crowd?” Suddenly, Enderia Shen exclaimed, pointing at a man in the crowd and shouting, his face was full of shock.

And looking in the direction Enderia Shen was pointing, Mira Xie, Jiang Yan, and Ling sister also saw Niu Chuan.

Suddenly, I was very surprised.

“No wonder you didn’t see Niu Chuan, and thought he hadn’t come down at the hotel. Unexpectedly, you were arranged into the crowd. If this is the case, then, those familiar people, shouldn’t you find them for help?” Enderia Shen seemed to understand Dustin Zhou’s arrangement, nodded again and again, and said suddenly.

“They are all Zhang’s nursing homes. I just borrowed them to use them. What’s more, we are also cooperating with Zhang’s on this branch project. They have this responsibility and obligation to provide assistance.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile. No more concealment, he told all his arrangements.

It turned out that Dustin Zhou had already made arrangements for the first time the Christmas Eve activities were scheduled.

Call Mr. Zhang Taiyan, find some Zhangjia Nursing Homes, and under the leadership of Niu Chuan, escort the Christmas Eve activities.

In fact, Dustin Zhou did not expect Chen Xin to perform on stage.

After all, the person Wang Wei suggested before was Kong Hui, and Dustin Zhou didn’t know what kind of person Kong Hui was.

From Wang Wei’s mouth, Dustin Zhou also knew that Kong Hui had a certain reputation in Liushi, so in order to prevent accidents, Dustin Zhou took precautions.

In the end, I didn’t expect that things went beyond everyone’s expectations. It turned out that Chen Xin would perform on stage. However, in this case, Niu Chuan and Zhangjia Nursing Home would be more able to play their role in maintaining the stability of the crowd.

Once anyone changes and wants to crowd towards the stage, they will be held down by Niu Chuan or Zhang’s nursing home.

As Dustin Zhou said all his arrangements, not only Enderia Shen, Mira Xie, Jiang Yan, and Ling sister understood, but Ye Fang and others also understood.

At this time, these ten

Several people looked at Dustin Zhou with awe and admiration at the same time.

They didn’t expect that Dustin Zhou could think so much, and take preventive measures in advance.

And this is something they did not expect.

When I thought of what accidents would happen if Dustin Zhou hadn’t taken precautions in advance, then the consequences would be hard to imagine.

In short, these leaders are held accountable, responsible and responsible for the aftermath.

Major rules may directly affect the normal opening of the Liushi branch.

In that case, their contributions during this period, as well as all the previous investments, will be instantly wiped out.

“Hiss!” Everyone immediately took in air-conditioning, and their hearts shuddered.

In the next second, everyone cast a grateful look at Dustin Zhou.

Without Dustin Zhou’s advance arrangements, it would be almost impossible to say that there would be no accidents based on the current situation.

Just what they saw could cause turmoil, and there were several people.

And these people suddenly became quiet after a while.

At this time, everyone still didn’t understand, it was the credit of Niu Chuan and Zhangjia Nursing Institute.

Otherwise, the consequences will be disastrous.

“Don’t worry, there will be no surprises tonight, and Chen Xin’s stage feel is very good, and the effect is beyond my expectations.” Dustin Zhou naturally saw all the reactions of everyone, Dustin Zhou smiled lightly, and did not He didn’t directly boast and sell, but looked back at Chen Xin on the stage.

The current situation is undoubtedly a relatively successful event for them.

But for Chen Xin, it may have just begun.

Because at this initial stage, she was just singing alone, without any difficulty.

And then, Chen Xin needs to do some pre-designed activities so that the audience can interact. The prizes are naturally the cosmetics of the famous company, and each set is of great value.

… However, Chen Xin’s stage expressiveness and control have greatly exceeded Dustin Zhou’s expectations.

During the whole activity, after three hours, Chen Xin hardly stopped, only a few stalls in the middle, Chen Xin took a few sips of water backstage.

After all, long-term rap puts great pressure on the voice.

In the personal performance session, Chen Xin is not only comfortable, but even in the interactive session, Chen Xin is also very experienced, and every process is almost perfect.

Especially in the first interactive session, when the audience pulled three sets of cosmetics from well-known companies with a value of more than 3000, it directly pushed the atmosphere of the scene to a climax.

… For three hours, in Chen Xin’s soft words, the Christmas Eve event came to an end.

However, the crowd onlookers did not directly


Even those who did activities and won prizes did not leave directly.

They all looked at Chen Xin and yelled loudly for Chen Xin to sing one more song at the end.

The excitement of the crowd infected Chen Xin, Chen Xin naturally did not refuse, and finally sang a song, and then dragged his tired body to the background.

When the audience saw Chen Xin leave, the enthusiasm on each face had not completely subsided, and they were still wandering in the sausage, hoping to meet Chen Xin by chance.

At this time, Chen Xin, who walked to the backstage, immediately collapsed on the chair, and her whole body looked sluggish and exhausted.

“Are you okay?” Enderia Shen took a cup of hot tea, walked to Chen Xin, handed the hot tea to Chen Xin’s hand, and then walked behind Chen Xin, stretched out his hand on her shoulder and started to knead it gently.

Without Chen Xin’s own words, everyone can feel that a Christmas Eve event, three hours later, is definitely not an easy task.

Especially, for a thin girl like Chen Xin, whether it is physical strength or spiritual, it is a huge pressure.

Chen Xin took a sip of hot tea and exhaled for a long time. Then he nodded to Dustin Zhou with a smile, as if to confess his task.

“Let’s take a break, you did a good job just now, it’s definitely this


Dustin Zhou said with a smile, stretched out a thumb, and then gently rubbed Chen Xin’s head. While Chen Xin squinted his eyes slightly, humming softly as he enjoyed it, and it looked like a great achievement. Satisfied and comforting kitty. And when Chen Xin opened her eyes again, there was something tired in her eyes, and they looked very bright, as if Dustin Zhou’s affirmation was more important to her than anything else, and could even sweep her away. “Big Brother Dustin Zhou, I’m not that tired, I just feel a bit dry in my throat.”

“Chen Xin said with a smile, the two big dimples on her face are very obvious, and they look really good. “However, I didn’t expect that there will be so many people today. I am still worried about what accidents will happen. I have seen several I wanted to rush to the stage, but was stopped in the middle.

“Chen Xin suddenly thought of something, patted her chest lightly, and said with some fear. Who will come to

Chapter 516

“At this moment, Niu Chuan, who had already done the protection work, walked in slowly, ready to report to Dustin Zhou the completion of his mission. “Ah, it’s Brother Niu Chuan.

“However, Chen Xin recognized Niu Chuan instantly. At this time, Niu Chuan wore a hip-hop hat on his head and a large down jacket. His entire face was almost shrunk on both sides of his clothes. If you don’t look at it seriously, it’s true. I can’t see it… And Chen Xin had seen Niu Chuan before, but because she was a little far away from Niu Chuan on the stage, she didn’t recognize it for a while. But now Niu Chuan walked backstage, Chen Xin couldn’t recognize it. Suddenly, Chen Xin now understands all the changes below the stage. Looking at Dustin Zhou with big eyes, full of stars, there is a sense of joy and happiness of being protected. Look, brother Dustin Zhou is really worried about me. Yes, and let Brother Niu Chuan protect me from the crowd. Chen Xin has such a thought in his heart at this time, very simple. “Pump, okay, Xiao Xinxin, don’t keep complimenting your brother Dustin Zhou, you behaved like this today Okay, how should I reward you?

“Enderia Shen released his hand and said with a smile. He looked at Chen Xin and Dustin Zhou before confirming that nothing happened between the two, and he was relieved immediately. Chen Xin was young and versatile, plus having Asher Chen’s existence, in comparison, is still satisfying for Dustin Zhou’s attraction. If Dustin Zhou has any thoughts on Chen Xin, he can fully understand it. However, Enderia Shen observed and found that Dustin Zhou only regarded Chen Xin as a younger sister. I immediately relax. As long as there is no other feelings, then everyone is easy to talk, and they are all sisters. “Sister Shen, don’t praise me anymore.

Yes, I just helped a little bit.

Chen Xin was said by Enderia Shen. She looked so shy and immediately lowered her head. In fact, the corners of her mouth were slightly raised and she was filled with joy. Being able to be recognized by Enderia Shen shows that she is not a dispensable person. It’s not someone who can’t help Dustin Zhou’s brother. “Well, the Christmas Eve event is over perfectly. Now the remaining problem is tomorrow’s opening ceremony. If it’s not possible, I think the performance can be cancelled. After all, it is not necessary, and I think it’s enough for tonight’s activities.

Dustin Zhou said with a smile, clapping his hands, attracting everyone’s eyes. And his remarks also made many people think deeply. Indeed, tonight’s Christmas Eve event was perfect, they could hardly find it. What are the shortcomings. However, the opening ceremony tomorrow is more important than Christmas Eve activities tonight. Whether it is for famous companies or their partners, it is a link that cannot be missed. Previously, this part of the performance was already set up. Originally, it was intended to let the ambassador Jiang Yan perform, sing a song or dance a dance. After all, there are still a few people here who know Jiang Yan’s true identity. In their opinion, since Jiang Yan has become the ambassador of the famous company, it is naturally an obligation to perform when the Liushi branch opens, and there will be no problem. However, Dustin Zhou said Jiang Yan could not attend the opening ceremony tomorrow , So that everyone’s arrangements and plans have been disrupted once. Now, Kong Hui is also directly rejected by Dustin Zhou, and everyone’s plan is disrupted by Dustin Zhou again. “Zhou, if the performance is cancelled, then the whole opening ceremony will be a little empty. , Not warm enough.

“Ye Fang hesitated for a while, and stood up and said. Now that Wang Wei is not there, she, the second shareholder, naturally wants to help the partner speak. Although she had made a small report with Dustin Zhou before, in the end, she still partnered with a group of people People’s interests are the same. “Well, in this case, I can find someone to help.

“Hearing Ye Fang said this, Dustin Zhou was actually a little confused, because he didn’t seem to let Jiang Yan come forward. After all, Jiang Yan had just walked out of the horns, and his emotions were not necessarily stable. Once he was performing , Jiang Yan came up, it is likely to have an accident. However, at this time, Dustin Zhou suddenly thought of Rocket Girl. Rocket Girl had concerts in Changsha before, and then held several concerts in Hunan Province. According to the current schedule , They should still be in Hunan province. If you can, you can ask them to come and help. Of course, this is normal

For business activities, Dustin Zhou will not be less rewarded.

“Who?” At this time, Enderia Shen obviously also thought of something, looking at Dustin Zhou, looking a little solemn.

“Su Xiaomeng and the others should still be in Hunan Province now. I will call to ask questions later. I will calculate according to the normal business process and there should be no problem.” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice.

In fact, he didn’t want to disturb Rocket Girl, but at the moment, Rocket Girl’s effect is obviously better.

However, Dustin Zhou was actually a little worried.

In Changsha before, Rocket Girl was attacked and kidnapped by a few gangsters.

At that time, if it were not for himself and Niu Chuan, then the three little ones would have been succeeded by the gangster and encountered danger.

So after that, the Rocket Girls and their entire team became very careful, and they were extremely secretive when going out.

“Rocket girl?” Ye Fang suddenly exclaimed.

She didn’t expect that when Dustin Zhou spoke, she wanted to find Rocket Girl to help.

And Ye Fang suddenly thought at this time that Dustin Zhou did have a very good relationship with Rocket Girl.

When they were in Donghai before, they were very familiar with each other. In Hunan Province, they met several times.

And if there is a Rocket Girl performance at the opening ceremony tomorrow, the heat will be very high and it will definitely cause a sensation. In that case, the publicity effect will be very good.

“Zhou, if it is a Rocket Girl, it is naturally very good.

If they can come, according to the normal commercial activities, we are willing to double.

“Ye Fang stretched out two fingers, very determined, without a trace of hesitation. The other partners only hesitated for a moment. Seeing that Ye Fang was so determined, they did not object. “Dustin Zhou, it’s better to let me come.”

Suddenly, Jiang Yan walked out and looked at Dustin Zhou with apologetics. After listening to so much, Jiang Yan also heard about the cause and effect, and fully understood in her heart. It was Dustin Zhou who was worried about herself and refused to let herself come forward. Just in case of accidents. However, Jiang Yan felt that since she was the ambassador of the famous company and signed the contract, she needed to do it in accordance with the conditions agreed in the contract. And since everyone had planned before, tomorrow’s opening ceremony will be required She, the ambassador, appeared to perform. It stands to reason that she should not refuse.

Chapter 517

“I know you are worried about me, but I am much better now and there will be no problems.

Jiang Yan said softly. “No!

“However, in the next second, Dustin Zhou did not speak yet. Sister Ling was the first to stand up and express her opposition. She even pulled Jiang Yan behind her and glared at Dustin Zhou. “Little Yan’er, you haven’t yet. You are completely recovered and absolutely cannot come forward. Think about it, what would you do if they suddenly appeared in trouble tomorrow?

I can’t let you get excited anymore.

“Sister Ling’s voice is low and determined, and there is no doubt about it. Ye Fang and others didn’t see Sister Ling, and didn’t know who she was. They dared to speak to Jiang Yan like this, even to be Jiang Yan’s master. But, soon They realized that this sister Erling looks like this, in this state, she should be Jiang Yan’s agent. After all, with Jiang Yan’s beauty, whether it is a model, an actor or a star, it is normal to have an agent. Things. “Sister Ling, but I…” Jiang Yan wanted to refute, but Sister Ling didn’t give her a chance at all. “Dustin Zhou, tell me, can Jiang Yan come forward tomorrow?

Sister Ling refused to let Jiang Yan speak, but glared at Dustin Zhou and threatened directly. “Uh, it’s better not to come forward. Anyway, I found the Rocket Girl and I can deal with tomorrow’s situation well, Jiang Yan. , You can take a good rest.

Dustin Zhou said with a smile and gave Jiang Yan a firm look. At the same time, Dustin Zhou looked at Sister Ling again, smiled, his eyes moved, and continued to communicate with Sister Ling with their eyes. After all, they were in the hotel room just now. , But the eyes were in contact for a long time. When Dustin Zhou said this, Jiang Yan didn’t speak any more, but fell silent. Dustin Zhou and Ling sister saw this, thinking Jiang Yan had acquiesced, and they were relieved.

They are really worried that if Jiang Yan attends the opening ceremony tomorrow, the Jiang family will come forward and make trouble, it is likely that Jiang Yan will fall into that horn again.

For the first time, with the help and enlightenment of Enderia Shen, Jiang Yan walked out easily.

However, the second time, no one dared to guarantee that Jiang Yan would come out easily.

Even Enderia Shen is not sure of this.

“Well, tonight’s event was very successful, everyone quickly go back to rest and get ready for tomorrow’s opening ceremony.” Dustin Zhou clapped his hands and greeted everyone to go back and rest.

After all, the Christmas Eve event has ended, and it is too late now, and tomorrow there will be the most important opening ceremony, so a proper rest is necessary.

With Dustin Zhou’s words, everyone soon left one after another and returned to the hotel to rest.

The small stage also allows some less important staff to dismantle, leaving space for the opening ceremony tomorrow.

… No words for a night.

Dustin Zhou woke up very early the next day.

After returning to the hotel last night, he dialed the number of Rocket Girl’s agent Yang Jie and asked about the latest situation of the three little boys. At the same time, he also said his own, and asked about the little ones who had no time.

Dustin Zhou was very excited by the answer Yang Jie gave.

It turned out that Rocket Girls happened to have a concert in Xiangtan next door to Liushi these days, but yesterday happened to be the last concert. After the end, they will prepare to return to the capital.

After hearing about Dustin Zhou, Sister Yang also decided directly, and tomorrow will rush to Liushi with the three little ones.

As for Dustin Zhou’s commercial price, Sister Yang did not deny it.

After all, these staff members rely on Rocket Girl’s business activities for their meals.

The more rewards the other party gives, the more money they can earn.

What’s more, with Dustin Zhou’s relationship with the three little ones, Sister Yang wanted to refuse, but couldn’t refuse.

Dustin Zhou had the final say in his heart, if according to the time and itinerary mentioned by Sister Yang, they should have reached Liushi by now, and it is estimated that they are almost at the exit of the expressway.

After getting up to clean up, Dustin Zhou went to the parking garage, chose a car at random, and was ready to pick up three small ones.

After all, after picking up sister Ling and Jiang Yan before passing by, Dustin Zhou also had some concerns about the security of Liushi after the group of gangsters encountered at the exit of the expressway.

What’s more, the Rocket Girl Sanxiao is only a personal friend to help this time, and there is no big fanfare. Almost no one knows that they will appear in Liushi.

If they encounter a gangster again, they are likely to be in danger.

Dustin Zhou didn’t want to make the three small only frightened, so he went to pick them up to prevent accidents.

…… At the same time, Liushi First People’s Medical

In the hospital, the VIP ward, Kong Huizheng looked at the group of people standing in front of him with a grim expression.

These people are all gangsters in Liushi whom Kong Hui knows. They usually dominate in Liushi. Kong Hui helps them solve any difficult problems they encounter.

But just yesterday, this group of people was dragging a car indoors and was directly caught by the police.

Kong Hui also took a lot of effort to get them out.

And when he thought of what Dustin Zhou did to him yesterday, Kong Hui became angry and had nowhere to vent.

He can’t wait to bring someone directly to Dustin Zhou, give Dustin Zhou a severe lesson, and even abolish Dustin Zhou directly to relieve his hatred.

Thinking of his grandchildren of the Confucian family, his status in the Confucian family is extraordinary. In Liushi, not many people dare to disobey him.

However, in order to do his classmates a favor, his grandson of the Confucian family was beaten.

If this is spread, it will definitely make people laugh.

“Haozi, have you listened to me clearly? I want you to find the one with the surname Zhou, and then leave his hands and feet alone. If you dare to hit me, I will make him a useless person forever!” Kong Hui Very coldly said.

And Haozi in Kong Hui’s mouth, at this moment, patted his chest angrily to make sure.

“Don’t worry, Brother Hui, the boss of a small cosmetics company is nothing at all. If the brothers join together, they will definitely abolish him and give you revenge. You really have a dog’s eye. You dare to be on your head. Groundbreaking.” Hiroko patted her chest to make sure, and the person beside him

Several gangsters also promised together.

After all, they can mix up in Liushi, and a large part of them need to rely on Kong Hui’s help.

But at this time, when Brother Hao thought that he saw two big beauties yesterday, he got in a kid’s modern car, and he was let to catch him. Did he drag him to more than three hundred in the city? He still couldn’t catch up.

Not only that, but my brothers and myself were taken away by the police for tea.

Had it not been for Kong Hui’s help, they were still suffering in the situation.

“Hmph, let’s get rid of Dustin Zhou who dared to provoke Brother Hui first, and then go to find that kid to get revenge.” After making repeated guarantees with Kong Hui, Brother Hao took a group of brothers and went directly to the hotel.

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